The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 15, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1948
Page 2
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6LYTHEYH.LR (ARX.) COURIER KEWS l«l to Paris Control Plan Is Rejected KT.&SHIKGIW, T*t I* Fint Royal C*ttp(« Hare Made SMC* TK«Jr Marriage | ^2£?,f : ~j!',,.^™ 5 "a*u£f pScii^ IWk P. ». OU&CK SATURDAY, MAY 14, 1948 ' B 7' O., r.r.C. . J OranmiSBicC] 'jrtik^Ms/lf S?^SSf ' ! «£y^ .^^S-f^'^M^W j no tiajir gj-si raih trjui«i; Bn\«^ .***r u ^;.V*' J '^ : . : ; : ;*/';!', *^fj c f'\ *'*r f 'j itope'-jibeir iafcm&f« lies jfwta- : *^.t'„./."',',"; L "V'''. 1 °"'p'^ .!,t'"%••••'i 1 Wa-iiup. !:» l»j-i}er titittinj.. WoS ? of i K O ^-.Vj^'^- »• c:';'.»c c/ t^, Tr", r;T£*L* itil'aiid ctr M Gi.'e."^^ ^'^'''.^.^ .-,, v -i, , ' ~" J s/.oi-o in ?—''.--_*'.' ttticv o? vht r>w,:5 CitL'th. I'M I'-m. CITIJKCH Or GOD fwrti^f ty.i'il'G^iMr. i^i j.voM«5trf '•'•'-'•'^-"J i.y.'if.Vit.v.i v> fcliv. :-'a4 izaaCtSfisit!)' in the rj«; J ;S i-j/iliJ j 5 '"'! Kit:«-».*. '12*4 safe*** 'r' J ;fc - Er;-.i-j; •.£.-«* Government /ccepfs tlid -&l>r iltJiG&olrif t&WJt [-^ij^id r* t 11 i r> f t As-pjjJJj- *nd -*md w •»;•:* «-/«•* Challenge of Refusal «-- To Co/feet Wage Taxes t-jeffif. oil tfa« !rs:.'j tret vh'.r: ,,~; !v ,--J* ,.«V<v7~' yVi'fj'r" "mini of iKfcr to fcr; ?»d v.;;i -,-!»:! v,-;!h :°"'*"-^ ? '' h '' 1 ' }4 '"",' : '' n ;,,';, ! ' i ' t " d - ~' J i ptoi in<i white ,-„«* on h*r hit. '^ ; "''•'"'--^ ! ilW " * M * PJiilil* -K'f.f- tb» unlleinn (/J the . ' ;n " 1 ' 1 ' ' ! '"' ' J - 15 k^ f_Ti«. I ^4t. Sernct. I p.3L FfLL GOSPEL TABLKNArU, Wc-jjiiij- V,'o;ti<p. H e^n. Ycnjc? Ptoplt. (jti, p.n,, rvfEJaf VTortMj>, 7 SS pjn ISRAEL Di. Alftr.4 \1«r, r»k Burjtiii- Sfih»], 36:M ».ja. AcwmbJy, 30:90 iJn. -.-BEnra v-ill -n-jihaa by lb»- ipply ID vhe « KtvfcDutt of t-" rf Sill* ol Sti.t !ur i pfcj-tt:i K> Bta t*ti ml .t 21C E. fw Li«».r JCritict i, FIE.6T CHUSTIJIX CHL'BCH E^r- Lcnu If. S Eurjfity Scteol S:4& ! Tlrf uabtj-Kpncd ,3.1 •« (Jitl he 1» Ja- bt«i- £ff ,, !fu i] on ,.i, f p ; Y . T; . : i i-i,jM-n c! o( couj mor- ;ise s StiiiL-ibfc L>. SM EE.SI Mti-i Si. 'L'r',:^..-^^ ^ ^.^".y .^ i *w>«nte. -^^, wu - n A " is for paTrai 10 hf is- ol Cimrtfces". 30-50 Jualw CboU. 5.M pa, L. Church G. TABCB.VACIX Sfriioe. ?:« t aj Wcrthip, 7:2'j p m. Rtri-s.t. V,'».i.iesdEj . 1:30 pjn uilt FIRST U-TTHERAX CHURCH Ktr. Robert Jn-jt-r, p»Ft*r Sv.n3t3r SrhocJ. !0;K> EJD. MlTSir.f Woiliup, ]!:00 ijn. T-uei-isj- AQU!I Bibit Cliis, 7: Wy 3{-d hLi been revo'cta -u-itb- tirfc Itn ptti; fcnd t^Bt the [it-.Q lits never bf*n tson- \iolsiJ2e ihc IfcTii c.J vhis b&d EUO i*ora to before 14 clay C'J \i£y, 15^5 niz.nbi'Ji Miian, NoUrr Public. a «?::fcs 4-25-50. NOTICE -Vr'Ucf is hereby pii .'lied by law ipp!y :o £lGBEr Of RtVET.'Jf'l C! -•./kgnsss Jor « pfnn-t i sas n-ine EI reiiJ ft ihe Stile o! STUDEBAKER'. . . tfct "New LooJt" in Motor Cars/ • First In Style! • First In Vision! • First by far with a Post War Car! Guarantred U*«d Can and Trucks $*« Cfcamb/m Safes Co. for Compftt* CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Yowi- Friendly Studebeker R.R. & Ash SM. Pho«« 2195 F1KST CHL-KCH i'l, pis lor !-p"j:i and Pub!Jc ; -^ort* ChrUtlan P'nesu ar.d ; ol tht Mu.i!';!pa! Co-Jn- i Marnaoe Licenses Tnc- the door of the station, nhtje the prtncttV private Daimler "e was parked. A-s the car t/> the B:l*l»;h embassy. I broke out -Kith little Un- fcory;4.tcfcj, and U fpp^-arcd that frv- er}v*'8r!tiJSh flag in Parij v;as ou! today. T^i* crowd zhouted "long ISvc the prl/icet*" a« the royal couple drr.«: a^ay^ A motorcycle CKort cleared the »'»>' »nd within 15 minutes Eliabeth »nd Philip reached the emb*My >-heie another cheering mulllfudc greeted them. Tliauxancls o{ French police, wpar- lnj.';'th.« red lovmgete of the Lc- gloit^f Honor, lined the royal route %'hlif- ptain clothexrfien mingled cro'A'ds. Officials waU-hcd Yo'jmg People's Metiirs 7'15 pjn Evening WoreMt. 8 TIU B'Jindzy School, 9.V5 i^n. NUMBER CHUKCh - Bowird h. K!ni. 7» Sundiy School, »-<3 *jm ilorning Worship I! i m. TtslKlnt Union. 7 o.m Evening Worship, b pjn Osceolo Churches FIRST CH«rsriA.v CHURCH U R. Klin Jr.. pi.ier BJb^e Schco!. 9.45 B m Momiii5 ^Yorijl:p, 10:50 a.m. EreniRg Sfnice, 7;OS pm. iSidweei Senic*. 7:30 pja. ST. MATTHEWS CHURCH Francis B. McDtvilt, r*stv Mass, &:CKi am_ ; theviiic. . j ., 1 '. a "'^f^ • ''• •' ii ""' ri - , .... alld M1 " ^"^ a - _ „. ^nd Miss Lontw I CHURCH I it NEWS I . *~*~*r*ror*^ *ro.->"*.->;x>i"»r«~»;>'>~*r«r«z»* jCHKISTlAV SCIENCE .SKUVICES i Woman's Ciubhous*. 1410 V. r . Main I "Mortals ami Immortal]" is the subject of the Ici-s^n-scrmon which .11 be read in all Churches and emeralds and sapphires. ng the gold shield of the city',»'Hh silver replicas ol famout Part*! sl K hu -- or eon Rec/s G|t Off Power 7 U.S. Zone SEOUL. May 15. (UP)— The So- vietvpuppet governmeni ol Northern Korea cul off all eleclric power- fo American-occupied Southern KoreA yesterday, causing a nr;-A- hctwccn the United State.s and . tt/'Gen. John Hodge. Amcricin occupation commander. lmmedi?.:e- iy 'put into operation a vast eni?r- gehcj power generating plan. But wiUrmaximum effort U.S Anuy au- Ihoritk-s could only hope to produce ojifernalf to three-ciuarter. 1 ; of the noWcr needed in the American zon*,- Tlie U.S. already has one Sivy pon : cr barge al the Eouthoaster-i poH • city of Pusan. and Korean ut/llly offo:la)s said another American barge at In:hon would ndd to th«?*foutn<?rn Korean power poo! in a shbri time. T>;o ana one half hours after thf -"blackout," power from -he A'orlh still tvas off but Seoul strm cars were being operatert with iiie- scl_'Bt-;.c-rator5 shipped in from Japan lor ju<t iiit! nil emergency. The Lulling oil ol poivcr. which catl«_5d temporary confusion in the Ame'rJ^an C3ccupa(ion Zone, c~mc cxsptly at noon when Southern Ko- )C3)>;r^prU':cntatlve5 failed to arrive iir Northern Pyongkaiiij in answer to ;R .Communist ultimatum. 3:00 p. m. ST. STKI'IIEXS EPISCOPAL CllmiCJI Siilh and W.ilnul Sis. Church School. 9;30 a.m. Morning Worship, 11:00 am. i'ARDHO MF.1HOWST CHURCH 1st. ard, sth Sunanys. Hay »'/. iMtLeiicr. pastor Preaching Services. 7:CO p.m. Sunday School, 10 a.m. Second and 4th Sundays Preaching Services, 11 a.m. Young People. 6:30 pm. 1IAIJ- MOON, ASSEiS«)I,Y OF GO1) Mar(tn lleaRan, acting pastor Sunday School, lo am. CharlM Springer, superintendent. Morning Worship. 11 a.m. Evening Worship. 8 p.m. . '"cdncsc'y prayer mc-ting, 1:30 p.m. LHXY STBCET BAPTIST Sunday SlhocT. i/.'3-J a.m. Morning Worship. 10:H ajn. Training Union «:<5 ajn. Evenirig Worship 1:30 D-m. I FIRST PRESBV1-ER1AN CHURCH i ^ L. T. Lavrence, pxstor j Sunday School. S:45 tjn_ I Morning Worship, !1 a^n. j Young People. 5:03 pm. ! Wednesday ei-enlng sen-ice, 7:30 pjn. ;*oi^:e h hereby givtn t:ist ihe %r.ctj'.^ir.ed -R'ill uithin the lime f:w-(S by ls-a apply to the Conimis- 5i:^fr o! P.c-venues oj tl-e State o. I A-'ttrjis 'or a permit to sell beer 1 EI :-suil tt .17 W. Main, Blytheville, j M^ County. 1 Tat uridersiBEed sUUs that he !s ^ s c--iirx-n of Arkansas, ol gc»d : r;-jor£l character, ihat h« h« never \ bif n con\"icted of a felony or other . : c:in:e involving moral turpitude: ; 'iJjs: no license to if'l beer by the j •urjdfi^cRed has b?en revoked \rt-.h- ! in .'ive resrj lajt past; and that the undersigned has never been ' ro.-.v:::ed oj vioiailns the Saws of th:5 slate, or anv o;hcr state, re- j )2<i.".g lo the iale of alcoholic li- ! £.1 reiiu at !S4 S. Msin,, l*?.cJi«2!e. MissJMippi Ooti.-.iv. ; a mi^en of Artansas. of croa" iroral character. th£t he hsj neve ' t>e::i c-Dnvdcied o! s feioay o^ ftther ' crime invohin? moral "jarpiKJiir; i that no Hume to sell be?.- by the undersigned hss been reroivd »-i'.h- in live.years !ast fasi: and that the undersigned has never been can- i victed of vjolsiing the }s-n-j of this ' state, relating to the sale o! alcoholic liquors. ^ C.' L. & FRANK BARNES j By FtBn); I Subscribed and sworn to before , me this 14 day of May. IP43. Eliiab?th Mason. (SEAbl Notary Public. My Commission expires 4-2S-50. DONALD H. DAY Suoscribed and sworn to before rie this 14 day of K.i.v. 10I-S. \!rs.' Marshall Blackard. SEAL* Notary Pubiic. i ?>iv Commission expires March 9. 1549'. LAKE METHODIST CHURCH KIT U McLesttr pj?tor Every Sunday Preaching Sen'lce 9:30 » m. Sunday School 10-30 a.m. Young People, 6:30 pjn. BAPTIST CHURCH Carl CajllenJan. pistor Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. • Morning Worship. 11:00 ajn. Training Union, 1:3D p.m. Evenin? Worship. 8:CO p.m. "Hiursdaj-, T.3o pm.. Prayer Service. ' or -CHRIST K. W. Stovall, pastor Sunday School 9:30 a.m Worship Service 10:50 a.m Bible Study. B:^5 p.m. Evening Service. 8 p.m. I'llOMISEU l.ANo METHODIST CHURCH tiny I. McLcstcr. pastor I.M. 3rd. jtn auiinnjs. • Prc-acliini; services. 11 n.m. Sundny School every Sunday, 10 a.m. Second pnd Fourth Sundays - Prca:hmg services 7:00 p.m. I.MMA\I;KL n,\p r ns - i CHUUCII rt. ,M. linuston, pastor Sunday School. 10 THI Morning Worship,'11 am Training Union. -1 au. Evcnlng Service. 7-to p.m. W.-t!ncs:U'.y nijht prayer " T p.m WOODLAND CORNER BAPTIST CHURCH Arnold Clayton, pailor Sunday School, 10:00 son. Worship Service. 11:00 a.m. • B. T. U., 7:00 p.m. Evening Worship, 8:00 p.m. Wednesday Prayer Service, 1:CO p.m. - • URST METHODIST CHURCH Kcv. Allen D. Stewart, pistor Church school, 8:45 n.m. Worship Services, 10:50 a.m. Intermediate and Junior Fellowship Program. 6:00 p.m. Senior M. Y. P., 6:30 p.m. Worship Service*, 7-.30 p m. Wednesday choir Practice. 7:30 p.m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH E C. Brown, pastor Sunday School. 9:40 a.m. Morning Worship serv'-e, 10:55! i a.m. :i Youth Fellowship. 5:45 p.m. ij Training Union, 6:30 p.m. i Evening Worship Service, 1:30 i' p.m. (• Wednesday Prayer Service. 1:45 !' p.m. i' AKMOnKI, BAPTIST CHURCH i 1 f Rev. Homer Adklns, pastor " Siimlny School. 10:00 a.m. .Preaching. 11:00 a.m. Training Union. 7:00 p.m. BAPTIST CHURCH Ruisell J. Clubb, p»sl»r Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship, 11:00 ajn. B. T. Union. 6:30 pjri. £^-ening Ss.Tice. 7:30 p.m. Midweek Sen-ice, 7:30 pjn. I NOTICE ' i Notice is hereby siven thai the } undersigned will within the time j fixed by law apply to the Convmis- „ , • - s:oner o: Revenues of the State ot Bl 2" ley and Mable Brawley. Arkansas for a permit to sell beer Thts the 23r <l lla >' ° E April, 1948. ^ ^ v"- HAHVEY MORRIS, Clerk NOTICE In the Oiancerj Court for the Chickasawbi District o! Mississippi County, Arkansas Leo Brawley and Mable Brawley Delcr.daivu James Willis Bowles. ...Defendant WAKNl.NCi ORDER The defendant. James Willis Bowles, is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs, Leo First National Insurance Agency FOR CO.\iPl ETE PROTECTION Phone 2311 115 X. Second Street BILL \V1LSON Anthony Building CHARLES RITTXER ^ CHURCH OP CHRIST O- C. Thompson, pulor Bible School. B:4i ajn. Morning Worship. 10.45 « m. B-,-enlng Service, 7:30 p.m. Sunday School. 9:45 a. m Bible Study, Tuesday and Friday 7:30 p.m. FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Norman tveni, pastor Morning Service, 11 :M a.m. Evening Sen-ice, 7:30 p.m. riRST METHODIST CHI KCH Herschelle Couchma.n, >--tor Sunday Sc-Ml. »:45 a.m. Morning :rvice, -. :00 a.m. Methodist Youth Fellowship, 6:1& p.m. Evening Service. 7:30 p.m. at retail at 134 S. Main, Leachville. Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he U a ciUien o( Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felon.- or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within live years last, past; and that the undersigned has never been By. Betty Peterson, D. C. 4;24-5il-8-15 Dr. W. F. BREWER - , - DENTIST OFFICE^ 209',i \V. MAIN ST. PHONE 2172 Blytheville, Ark. KEYS'MADri For Anything • LOCKS OPENED j and REPAIRED • i For Service Call or Come to • •Bill Godwin's i SPORTING GOODS \ Idg. Phone .1352,' Notice of Filing of Application! 1 for Liquor Permit ij Notice is hereby given ;that the : i undersigned has filed with the Com- (J mis.=ioner of Revenues of the State,i of Arkansas for permit 10 sell and ' Tf\T CLJ/-\n' I OT SHOP; AM, BABY NEEDS! ' FOR 110 S. Second I Closed Wednesday afternoon SANDERS 8e WHEELER ADAPTABLE To Many Industrial, Commercial and Farm Uses TRUSS-CLEAR ... MO WASTED SPACE BUTLE*^ BUILT » Lo* Cost fit >q. It. . Cost Vesi lo buy md mam- lam. » Convenient Suet — 40' *tdth. lenjjth in niultiplex ol 20'. Also 32' IIM! 20' *idllis. lengths in muUioict ol 12'. • SUonR Irussleii constiuc- lion. Full uitiblt sptct. • dieted in dipt insleid ol * f,°dv,l ,1 IUtlI« MfO. COMPANY ... C, A, TANT CONST. CQ. Authorized Dealer for Butler Steel Buildingi General Contracting P. 0. Box 83 Phone 896 Blytheville, Ark. REFRESHING REDUCING INVIGORATING Ric! yourself of that ugly /at, both men and vy-omcn. Feel young ami be young again by sulphur bath and oil massages. Course of 10 for $20. For Appointment Call 2539 1510 Ash Street E. C. Davis VioleMa Morgan . Masseur Masseuse FOR SALE Gel our prices im tested 12 inch to 4S inch concrete culverts. Also concrete building blocks. CALL ON US DIAL 691 W« Deliver and Sell far Less Osceola Tile ond CULVERT CO. We Deliver {'hone 691 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS CAMERAS FOR RENT CD EC I 5x7 Enlargement TrvCC. With Each Rol , BARNEY'S 2006 West Main St. Phont 3647 fO* *£4i MtXCUK? SCMCl tlMHM ill & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Phone 347» Blytherille Ark. 112 W«lnut SK. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Sites 1, S and I Inch Culrtrt Tilt. Sizes 10, 12, n, i 8t 21i - i4i ]t >nd 36 Inch A. H. WEBB Hwj. 61 »( Stltt Lln» Phonf BlythevllI* TH If you're hurrying—we can rebuild your shoes in shortest-time possible by HKA1. \\orkmanship. Of course, close prices, hcsl material. H-flLTCRS QUALITY SHOC SMO M P'l M ST. l.ocal & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Mehorg 401 E. Main Sr. Phones: Day W Night 29S6 GARDEN SEEDS COMPLETE STOCK BULK OR PACKAGE FRESH PLANTS DAILY BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET 130 EAST MAIN ST. i " iiOgden Soy Beans! i: : : i 2': nound bags. Cleaned nna 90T. • J germination test, il.50 bvishel! { ! Highway 61. S'i miles North ol I See Us First EAST END AUTO SALES IM VALUES For That Cor 503 K. Main Phone -1191 *» en-t. j Stcele, Mo. Phone 9F13. i I.. J. R. Whistle "Neuritis Has Kept Me In Torturing Pain" The letter says . . "Stems like the pain just wont let RO." For more Ihnn 50 years doctors hsxve prescribed Ihl* naturnl mlnernl water that tends to neutrnllw. vmln-caunlnB ncldi. Phone or write today • for tree booklet, . CROSSTOWN WHISKEV M^ln unit Olvlnlon niylhevllk, Ark, SHOP r

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