The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 25, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 25, 1935
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Served by the United Press TTHEVILEE COURIE ' THE DOMINANT NEWSPAnrn OTJ MrtDttipii ^-n «r,r,... ...Z^r ^"^"•^•—^ VOL. XXXI—NO. 26(3 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND HOME EDITION BlythPVllte Courier Blylnevllte Herald 'Blyllievllle Dolly News Mississippi Valley leader BLYTIIRVI).I,R,; ARKANSAS, FRIDAY.'JANUARY 26, 193& -./.? . '.•,-,'. j ,;,., '—- 1 ' '.'— ^^— : , .___oi^ubr!; gyir'ISS FIVE CENTS ^i^RaiiwrE mm STORES Arkansas Is Lislecl States Showing Business Prospects M Disease k New .._..,..., in MississipiJi Flood Area T MARKS. MISS., .1,111. an, (ui>)- D.i(iger.s fj oil), flood-WiUei-s Kfacii- i-d In Ihe Cnldwnlpr river: basin lodny bill, nu cnldr-nile of pneti- monln (Ipvi'lonoft 1 ,-: AS Ihc retain heiiHh dopactm'erilj'rha.stenfid a-s.ui'4 y-'lo doleniiliicfmedical needs, ; Tiiice deaths from pneumonia lu ihejafeuwero-reprirU'cl to tho state 'h'eSlth .'dr-ptiHrnml. Many have conlraeed."influenza and colds from cxpo5iire;diie;;lo wct : clothtpB, lack ol sufticii:nt : clothing, nnd crowded conditions. It flOIL{ month Writing Expert Aids Hauptmahn fBesI BV KOfiKIt W. IMIiSO.V [ BADSON PARK, Pla., Jan. "'25— The highllBht of 1934' ,wa^ the recovery on tho farin. 'As a rcsul: of the drought, the" American farmer finds himself better: off today than at any -time since 1930. The farm income of' the country, for , 1934 totalled approximately '»8,MO,OOO.OflO compared with $8,2*0,000.000 in 1933-an increase 6f : .nbout thirty per cent foi- the year. The Improved financial i position of the farmer- today Is. one of ..the most promising factors hi the business outlook, for 1935. -We cannot have prosperity ' in the' (nctory wltliout prosperity on the farm!- — , - . Farmer (feid Spotlight in 193i A., year ago ith'j agrlcutairal problem was one of our major issues.- 1034 opened with record supplies .of.some, and large excesses of practically..aJ), farm products. Due to - the 1934 .drought these supplies, in most cases.'ware entirely wiped out niid-even shortages In certain commodities : ds- velonert. Tho result has been "dollar" wheat and correspondingly sharp gains in most other fa.lii products' prices—the average -advance being twenty-nine £er cent for the year. Hence, tlie farm picture today lias changed entirely. Tlie former Is once again feellri I Am .a Caipentei" Is His Answer to His ! awyer's Question. Vot^$4,880,000.000 Ap- .propi-ialion Without Attaching -WASHINGTON. -Jan, , 24—Reunited home Democrats last night sent tho $4.380,000,000 work and relief bill 10 the senate, where, a new nnd srohbaru contest apparently .awaited it. The vote was .328 16 m. Plans were made in the senate o seek action on the measure next week after disposing of the World Court issue. Some members' of both parties there, however, are plnmiin;; curlailmciit of the brond Mowers the measure. Brants l're'sl» dent Roosevelt. •--"•• Spurred by the president'in a •pecial message, house Democratic esacvs realigned their-forces arid •'created more than 30 efforts to tie th; president's hands. : With the e.xceiiilon of O no mln- pocket than at any time since the depression began. ' : While livestock and grain farm- eJV.hRve felt tha improvement „ most, . nearly all farmers .^arc bet- iex-ott^ toda •• ' ' nii; mnncr is once again feeling " "•" ""- excepiion'oi one mtn- -happy for he has more! cash in liis or amendment,- only'tnose 1 agreed nn^« t .>,;•„ -. ..... ....... ...... upon in the previous' compromise with the insurgents went Into die iiir-asuve. The- house' approved a Itmp «uin of $4,880,000.000 'for the President to dispense at ills'.Vlis- creiifln _ tehycaiu'now.' andsmne 30, In a • flnnl effort to send the measure back to (he appropriations committee -for revamping, trie' Republicans lost. 303 to.'100. ' , ".' Services This Afternoon for iit%JVebb Child Richard r ,;c*se~ : Webb, son of Mr': and Mrs. Jesse H.'Webb'. dleVl tins' morning. 10:20 o'clock at tlie Ho' tel-Noble. Funeral j^vlcra 'win U e . . tt^ today than •• H'fyeat ago' The drought kilted off thousands of dairy cattle and created a shortage of feed, thus cutting into milk supply. nah-y p^ CC j. . to (.ate . have been less .sensitive to the .:• drought -' .tfiaiv. ,,feed' prices. Hence,, in. simie casV the advance • in the .latter-; has '-more tliah off- Set .better .returns for; milk; butler -and ; cheese. Consumption, however,, is .increasing and ' prices I are creeping- uip^arcl. As! time 8°fi> on the..inaladjus(mei)(s' will be; Ironed oul; v Hlghsr prices have nlso Influenced: UieV-pbuUrr picture (UP)—Bruno ..Richard Hatiptnniin swore this afternoon tint he u ccived the "third device frmi New York police when in. was aiie.sted in coiinectlon with ; tiie Lindbergh kidnaping civ FEIAIINGTO^', N. J, Jan .25 (UP)—Bruno Richard Hiiuptmann today sooffed at tlu> 1 Indtjorgh kidnap ladder nnd disowned 11, as the product of his handicraft. The Bronx carpenter, defending himself on (lie witness stand from tlie charge of murdering Charles A. Lindbergh jr., met thc powerful iivray of exhibits the government has traced to liis door! with disdain and, ai, limes, a strangely forced levity. . " "f am n carpenter," was Ins response to Edward J. Rellly's question whether he built tlie ladder by which the kidnaper mounted to the nursery window of the Lindbergh home. FOV the rest he 'contented litai- ;elf with a- denial, one by one, of the evc-nl.s In which the stole claims he was a leading figure. .He not only derided, the workmanship' ol the kidnap ladder but disowned the ransom .-notes.,;/ "No. no, no," came from his.lips In .answer to c.vcry question concerning his association, with the murder; . conducted S ,b,ant, a ,,y.r|,S^r s ', SSSTti Ihf c«3?&. "^ «£^£'±> ii".,» ?&? w^f^r^ Southern cotton growers are also feeling • much better.' Prfe „, the last year have averaged 42 per cent above 1033. The fly in (he ointnient-ln the cotton situation is ..tlie..'sharp drop in exports.: Cotton has been our ' biggest export Item-, for i years, if we: continue to follow the -AAA curtailment 'policy we may eventually nnd ourselves producing (or - home consumption only. This would alter |h e entire economic lire of thc South The fame comments apply with less force lo tlie inlddlewest and its big farm export Items such as wheat and hogs. For (lie time being, however, .control- is bolstcrm» coUon prices. ' . . . But prosperity for tlie farmer is not measured in price increases alone. .U is the gain In his "real" buying power ,whlch brings back "good times". "Real" buying power is calculated' by ' comparing the prices of farm products' with the -prices of the goods which the farm-I cr must buy. Last year finished goods' prices taricred off after their sharp jump in 1933. On thc other "and, farm prices rose spectacular- re, o- flc.atmg. The remains will be in-' (erred in a vault at Elmwood cemetery within a short time. . The baby, who was almost four months old, became ill about two weeks n E o 'and -his condition became critical about a week ago ' . "«..v ,1 »*rc*w UKU '"- (-""uiii^ion. in nnnffinr- vf when meningitis developed from a PO'Von its six yea • inm t/at on streptoccccic infection. He was re- * scores 'of- gas and • elccwrdom" mnwri In n nil,, i „•!_! . , ^rtisl . . - """ tiLcim, LUHI- IlijIO 111 IT Si ON Word Liner Mohawk Sinks FollowiniJ "(Collision Off Jersey Coasl. NEW YOliK, Jnh. 25 (UI J }''^ weary band of 117 frost bitten iCalles 111; Flies to -U.S.' Hospital President of the Handwriting «ui\ivcrs of the „. ... Moliawk landed: In New York i 16- ilav wlilln c:oiisl : ni.nrd boats-find airplanes raised,':a'lalnl houri ' . of Wins at leasf a • few of the 41 \c\3citt \vho w?Ye>missing, -'At least u dozen were known lo have been ; last. Fifty-four crube passengers''an'd . \10 of' the ciev, slniBgled to rftcK life boals or leaped Into Ihc sen beside the C01K Acts of heroism, tales of calmness and eificlcncy of the ship's ofllcers and suffering of the res- cunl in zero temjieuitiirm wora leporlcd hy Ihe survivoi-s of the Molunvk. which cank before mhl- rlslil nfle'r being i-lppcd apart !!i collisloti with tho froiRhtcr Talisman. ' : 1 lie steal ing gear uavc way when the Mohawk was 'traveling it Hill speed between H and 10 . ,. • ,, *- *'•' "' b (l ii "ijc wa.s nc *^l^ £ Ma >'.™ 'I'?'?'*** voted do«, Experts'' Assoclntlon p! Europe, i knots "nd the a'celdcnl was nn " - ! avoidable." Oeoi-ge Clancy, ivalch on the low <if tlie reported. The Talisman, not seriously Frnn Brannlicli Zaonclolh of. VVneruburs. Cennnnv. will ba'ri. witness. Cor Rruno ilauptmoriu his FlemlnRioii. N.'J., trial GoUusive Bidding on Navy Program Charged, -WASHINGTON, -inn. is'iup)-' An American Federation. of Labor executive before the senate .munitions : committee that- eastern shipbuilding, companies submitted "collusive bids" on 21 w-aishipj in-the .navy's 19S3 cbn- struclion program.. - Tlie witness was John p. prey preslden't of the A: F. of Ij mr-tal trades, department. "•• • in ma fieniineion. N. J.. trial. "" •i»ii*nmn. not seriously Sbe Is.shown here oiudylng ihe jdamngcd, stood by .while the S. original ransom notes. •' •- s - Al"onqulii, the S. S. Union, - t'.ie Const Guard cutters Oliamplaln nnd Icarus and oilier craft rescued survivors who took to Hfclmts as the Mohawk,' filling rapidly """• ' ' with water, turned on her r>nd sank beneath 1 them. , . , . <^.;*-!* >':-4* dnthef ; of Nesro Baridit . U. S. Inquiry Ordered WASHINGTON, Jnil. 25 <UP>A; federal Inquiry into, the stnk- Inr'-nf' rhe"-''--• .today by Joseph B. chief of the 'commerce 'Hold-Up Lbol. w/M n : • I ; vcavcl \ clli(?f of the 'commerce Wlth;KecetVinC' • department's bureau _of navigation I h I "'"' •- lcn "" ;0 ' 1( -.Inspection service. Suggests U. S. License for Holding Companies •. WASHINGTON.' Jan. 15 mpi^.' Fedcrel licensing of Blani • utllliv Soldinj-companies to protect j J, P'tblic. frpiii alleged mwer nte abuses and flotation- of • "'vaf-wd" .ecurities was-sugoested to tWson ate today-'-by the [ea°n I trade -ommlssioh. •-••'••.' The commission, in another-re- Virile Cnruthers, molher ol Jim X... Orulhrrs. ne»ro banclll fus- pefit- .tnltal. fol'DwIiiT Urn ' n'lviiiU ujjijn'-' Sheriff Clarence H. Wilson neni-lv -wo ,-iveoks-..ago,• wns held. . . ... to the Ab'rll :erand jiirv on n NEW. YORK,, .Ian: 25 Cotton claied. steadv Markets Cotton - of. knowiiich' receiving sfol- fh-propertv foilowinn a hearing b^ffiro Munlclun]'Judge C. A. cun- ninaj>ain ...vestcrdnv. " ' ' -••--.: .Ball tjdnd .wns.'rci nt -SI.(MO. iTer allorncvf; said I hern-wos litlle IKat she would be able to moved lo o city hospital where physicians pronounced him incurable and he was brought back'sev- eral days i SC) . M r . and" Mrs. Webb' recently moved here from Enrle, Ark, . .survived by his par- cuts, his niotSer being the former Miss 'Mary Jane Blackwell. who lived here until she went to Memphis several .years ago. Mr. Webb resided here. until several years - - o— u.,u titciui; tuill- panics, asserted laxity of. state laws and present, reslricttons: under led-, h^L R - 0t , Ules mal =e necessary a' bioad icderal • control pr Dr. W. F. Pitt Heads > Pemiscot Physicians ago. e> in tile last the spread between the price eween e prce H. ™-!! Cr rceelvi! < 1 ond that which nhk. j R ni>rrowf ti consider- nuiS- As a result life "real" 0 "' cording to" AnhuT"N™ron "Pack ll « lo «« >tc~doclor president o e * tbn£ - h » <I in Farm Sales Animals Estabb'sh New Altitude Records WASH!NGTON~(UP) - Amelia Barharl and Jimmy Doollttle r arc not the only fliers who have established nsir.'aii- records recently ac- president of the American nfric'rs ,frm;d loot il-'jlHVVr make more l.linn tx S500 bond. Flr I was• retiu'iird th .the co"nlv lall she .had been held since In ken bv ; hf l r i^Wnti, pnrtod cur bandiL';, in her house. • Thi> ..sixciflc proiwrti' she Is rhaived »'ith receiving from l>er --on.' to be stolen prop- ertv, :l?.,fl;car nrlfo wh'ch nfrir-^rs foi'iid'Yn the kitchen of her home. Other Ptlleles were found hidden in a trunk, nnd Cl«vton, involved. : .in Ilia fhcotin" that re- f'ulteil in .Injnrv ol Sli»riH Wilson pud In a number of robberies nnd alleged attnc'-is on white women ^~s?£S£$ ?[?'- ""-^^ * ^dical^alsociltlon el^ed oS •"" '** '^"^ '° r n ™»"«"™ J, 1 )SL"?;i° r L V y-. p ' K ". HaytJ^ Youth Boasts Of Extra Rib hearjng tcfore (lie April term of court. * ' . , • H f • . --- '*•"•* -*H, JJJt VI*. president; -Diynaiph Pinion, Car-* •-' Div J. B. mien, of this city was- appointed county representa- I It'a tr* t1,_'l_i •. . ' "Vitm CITY, la. (UP . -- doctors. -hn7T 0 dtn 1 ncV 1 "a { { *? • I , 0 , B ' a b "\ ' rfl ° Ilatl moro noon in the arinoiy hall Dr L I ni " Adam Pack claims the' loiii distance -- -:C S lpct ' c ™ >lcr - ^ (lw o"t-Boln!t in^h'*'", f 1 , 1110 U" 1 "^ 1 ^ of nylng' ,-ecord and nlso the, aS'i l>rfisldcnl " . 'erm rib- f A T*?, l ?° record for wild animals. Hd -4ifd I " —~ ,"•'« '"> 3 f,-on, clmrles Retorts, ' • la - U1 - s - R. Frcund, note! Vienna sm-acon who is nt the university '""' ' for special CMC study, anmas.. '-' . • • — he established the records > while I C ' ' • •--,*,. „ transporting three .baby antelope ^UrVIVOrS of First Trip frOm H WVOmincr l-nnoh 'in »^A.r>,_ " *•»,'*• " the 1934 gain in h bpoTv ' he _has cleaned up his ba* bills ?nd Is now buying new merchandise. Department stores and mnl | order housps in farm sections have Wen reporting , ll °™ -« ----n »•*** *-«- - unuy ttlUVJUJX; from a Wyoming ranch to the-Los Angeles Zoo. , He safd that during, the flight, his plane ascended as. high a« 10- COO feet. . - .T .. .• • Pack said the animals slept on m * • f — 4UI op^cmi CP.SC sniny 10 Antarctic Meet 'l'" erlntctl dcd the delicate opera- • VERMILION, Aita. (UP) —Two'• ^'1° C ° Se WnS Onc of lhr Utm05t veteran explorers, sole sun-Ivors of T,," ." coordl "8 'o plivsicians. an expedition that spent nearly •• Bl ' cw from I-.H.K nniu tne ammais slept on ," "i"=««iv» mai. spent nearly n,, <.„,.,„» burlap antf hay nearly 'the entire lvo S' ci »* '" the Antarctic, have ."rwfi. I c trip. They awoke once.'to drink nl^ e11 reunited here for the first »iic7» n* . bottle of milk. •' - • time in 34-years. rj,/ 01 * lho " . er p fifty per cent sales gains to con ttnuc. All m O i,, iVl that n entire agricultural region will" fev tne most favorabtj sate! porlimitlcs in the next few Such states as Georgia. slppl, the caroiinas, Virginta lahoma Arkansas ant) especially liopefu). the only 10 men |n a small \„ --- — -v*« .when the first British naval exploration expedition headed for Ihe rom the sides of cervical vcrfebra. one above the first dorsal :io ribs generallv be^In. two 'additional ribs grew uu- tiie collar bone and .csme Into with tho main nerves of causing Intense pain. lf> M . > o MADRID (UP)— The . . bother encouraging f catui ,, (n . (Ccnllr-ued on Page - —..„, mills and houses J^Mancha. Iminoi lalizetl by "Don Quixote." 05 national artistic In- FJrp Chief Couldn't Call Men ^ . rei , UV u iuv me smith , , —. ••• MARBLEHEAD, Nfoss. (UP)—lie, Pole 35 years aeo The rlol.t nt i .» «' a Mancha. li !ll£l it "lack 'of discipline"-'men died bcfw^'the iwe l^ ColTa »'« In "Dm i. others called It illness. Fire could reach them P ! IW) "'"'«'ita of natl< Chief John T. Oliver'resigned be-i Thc two vclcraits were reunite,! S( " ra l Zp,! C u-l,?H!!, m , E - ntl0r 'I 10 ' d V tt ; hC " Llcul - Command BreM ir wnr ~^T ' , paitment wouldnt bother lo tell chl stopped off here specially to' PI 7 °- Y ™'--Otii KrslitcnU friend whUc en roule dcmf S^' ^^^ Z j.«.». .. b » v nu ti. u ,( v uutuer w icn fin him when they left town and lie meet, ' „ u ,L— ," , t-«»»i nnu »»^ jucci- mx via inona wnuc en rn couldn't get r them to.anm'cr the from .Britain to Van"o«vct'on . trip- (UP) — opui.;hlgh .low 'close Jan , .1329 1240 1236 1240 1250 1244 1249 '1253 1254 1246 1253 "Mnj- 1250..1255 July ... 1.350 12S5 Oct . 13.13 .1247 Dee 1249 1254 1242 1249 .Spots closed steady at 1205, unchanged. , Triffah NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 25. (UP)_ The cotton .market saw small r!i>- Mousc Rejects 'Resolution WhiVh'AVoti.ld Have Shelved' Issue. j ROCK,' .Ian. 25 (UP)— The cry of^ "(jnrj i-iile" was'lieaul signed hy Clov. J M I'ulrell sccklns' to prevent- InUo- rtuctlon of (i't)ill Hint would abnl- Ish the slakr ^ompiroller's oltice. On' n i-oU'cnll mLn (he resolii- 'lon, Introduced by neps. o. ri, Eleln, of • CralRhOAd county, and Luther Wllkcs. of Phlltlm-counl\ fnllcd, SO 'to, 38. Opponent.'; pf Ihc rcsoUUIoh said t was • tho. first time they had icard ot a movc-ment lo kill a bill before |t had been heard In committee, flopresenlntlve Wilkcs said the resolution' would not prohibit honring on the measure. Rep. J. K. Smith, of Randolph county, author of tlie measure,, vehemently attacked tho resolution. Cans It Economy Move "It is not an attack an Co;njvt,ro!r ler Orllfln Smith,'' ho sdld, "bill an economy move to save between $35,000 anil $40,000 annually. There has been no'tliln; said about Clrlf- fin Smith but there nnui b c ' a nigccr In the woodpile some, plico or they would not have Irled io kill the bill before It was heard." He criticized Ihe complroller a 1 ! having nc6om'pllshcri little, referring to "two hundred Indictments that were drami nnd not -one ol Ihom stood' up." . " < "This Is thc nrat move to strike dovni thc auditorial department," Representative Wilkcs replied ; ' "Oriifln ^smlth has drlvciv too My rats 49 Hieh- lioles." ' Rep. Bcli Carter," of'Texafka'iiii, lold Ihe house or Its siwiidlng $16,OCO for (lie house joiirnal two vears ago] '- . ' ••.•'_' •; : ; ' • Al, the next prir ( Ung,',|iDon'aa- i vice of Comptroller anitli,' lie' said the .joiirnal.'.cost' only 1 ; ii.sdo. .•.•"•'; Bflleves-Million Saved "I believe,:'.' he • sold, '/Smith' has RE1LJEHS: Suggests Legaliyation <j{' ' Slot Machines H They Can'l Be Abolished. • ' emcrsency IHelit by plnno ilelit' (ion,- I'luiiirco HIIKs Oallea, nbovo, fornier prcsl- ilent o< Mexico, from Mazallait, .Mo.v., 10 l-ns AiiKelee, wlicroilio Is recelviiiK liosiiltal (renluient l"f 11 serious aljilnm.Vm! malady. Ills son and ilireo doruira Cnllcj on ihe'lilp Returns to Fight "Abuses and Oppression of the Plantation System." MEMPHIS, Jim.|25 tUPI^- ,H.J, Rjdjcrs, 1 ; 24-vear-ofd otlsted Socfalisl "pfeRA" insf'riictor.'^went Lirri.E HOCK Jin 26 (UP)--' 'iilc liquor iloips «ero iccoiii- < mended by Cov J M rulrall to" > tlay U the iLghlature chinrcj, th? lirohlblllpn Inws ,' •;.' in a mpiSM^ renii to bolli tiawm' inve\nof Rflld tliere Is t» icnowicsd Dt>mimc»l hi favor of [ 'ulutltuUnp foi olslliif piohlbitlon' laws a oontiol law' 1 Anticipating 1 Unit chiniBB lip dpnoiiueed Urn sys-' tern o( llfehs=rt dcalcra and urgeS 'all sales should lw mnrfc by the* ntate"' il A'&n local Option ' t He / recommended local cpllort l even In the state's Ifqtior store f system, vyheie permitted he &iijt| gestcd '|iot o\m two places In anyJ -rountv rlioulrt bo provided \;lierc 1 nto-vlcanli might be sold' >,i liquoi store.? should operatQ Vie- 1 -wet-n e A M and, 4 I' M, l»o bajes should be in sealed packages of (loin half plnLs'Toj nuaits, no packages should tod' opened within 100 feet of a store ' ind »D self: Blioiilrl be made to! anj Imbltual diunlmrd or minor,-1 The (joieiiior icminded of the 'litre necessity of incieasiug thei jenei-nl iciciue fund 1 to m et eiri- •i-Rcncv tUlet nntl to bU),|,ort tKe, cvcrnl edinatlulnl InnUutlon 1 - Mtjhj 'fa^ Slot . back Into the Marked Tred Section of eastern Arkansas .today, "resolved to • inultjply ''etlgrts to atop '': r ' r system. 1 '' o' plan' ...-a*..,, Umlmi'ntei) ; > by a slif months JjilV sentence and'$500 flno, 'inposed : pii'-lilm 'by n justice of the:'peace ' -•••••-- •- • •v r, li* riot, 'confer-' ,V '. .- ™<1 Hero with .socialist loaders on n,' 1 ' n t.. l '.°-»ip<l;cvl-.!pln.ns lo 'better coiKUltons of sharb on thp .auditorial depart- croppers' ' : • .,'•"'••' .llinl'.-sJiould-.bc.-heaVd,' - f- = -Mrs.'-jtilda Siniih.'nailonal head - Siippoiters of - the department! of the . PERA 1 workers •c'dilcatlo ' er ' leaas l ' ln ' shnmo a. member w»n ,, ,, mo ™™< w I- as a. member when these things qre brought of -the , Socialist party. when I was HlL. 110 nrOlllrRPII ',-':' . - . 1 r, !.,„., _ ._, ...m. , .-,«., . .. '' . tliven a job with PERA," Rodgers w t », , -~--. -x -j*;tvt;ii u juu witn fiiKA, itodpcrs Pubic .hearing,on the bill will raid. .'.'The uoverumejit sent 'mr ""'lny nlBht.afa com- to (Is training school at Austin io • •, • - fT"—. _...1 ti ' . • • M meeting..; ; '.Te^.oml- then r I was, one ot Proyosed placing, .of- tho , fact reveal sent Into . Arkansas to mding tribunal in the corpora- 'each workers-classes" tlon commission waaVrepoitcd fa-1 He. said, lie laught "accordlnE vorably by 'the--senate commlttce'lo written instructions of the PERA on public service corporations to- department." „<.._ pagai lp S po llsor i "i wa s fcacliln-; people to read • talnly the Mverrimem Jan March Afay •Inly Oct Dec open out 1S46 1251 1252 1243 « outcome of Ing vole. ; (primers but (vlth"books"o"l'Inter hioh i i M l0 !' "" ntl ° aier bm tliat'esl lo th»m and about their prob high low claw would-Increase the powers of the Inns. One • of my classes wa- irlbunal. was delayed at the re- broken rip because of evictions" quest, ot Senator -A. J. Jolmson of Slar City, Us author. 1249 1245 1254 12SD 1255 1250 __.. 1244 1243 1245b 1554 ^Spots closed steady nt 1507, off 2. Closing Stock Prices Stolen Car Abandoned on Levee Near Hickman ..«.- ".n v. uulu mane commit- q , A , sm1n Jl,, car ' °"' 1 "' d by the ment of a. crime with machine s(n ," clartl o11 company of Louisiana. euns punishable by not less than!', 0 , 1 , 1 w ™, ^°" 1 ° ! "- 10 Il0tllc year, Imnrtsonmen, P^- -^ ^t^SaT'nl™ ^ , . Registration of machine guns in Arkansas Is provided In n bill In•^^ 1251 J (reduced today bv Senator c. I. " " Evnns, of Boonevllle. Tlie bill would niakc commlt- nelj A, T. and T. 104 1.4 Anaconda Copper 103-4 Bethlehem Steel HI 1-4 Chrysler 35 Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank Another sales tax measure mnde Its apoearance, h> thc house yes- 1 3-a terday. It was offered bv .Cum- mlngs of Washington. Tlie . title v**.,Lii<ii siiuviHmi nuiK - ;jo 1-9 of the act would bc "Arkansas General Electric .... 23 7.3 j emergency retail sales tax : law," General Motors 31 5.3: and its purpose would be to pro- International Harvester 41 3-8 v 'de relict for the common schools, abandoned when It became last stuck in a muddy road, It was no: .seriously damaged. Slot mBohlnrr, rUoulrt oithci ks .lUllshcd 01 legalized, he taid -' "If jou cannot find some vayj or devise some' means by Hhlch^ -he law against slot machines can. I bt- enforced thsn you should repeal that law," he said ' II is cm rent rumor that slot! machine op°rators ale paying of- ! Iclah foi protection ' lie dwcrib- ,.il such n condition as ' nojiing ' more demoralizing ' ' f H legalized the slot machines, •liouht to taxed not more tliaiii £500 each, ha recommended -.The messag" alio -\skud rcoilla- tlon nnd contiol of rondhousls I Personal Injury Suit ' Before Circuit Court, Tilal of a personal injmy ac- ilon broUrtil bv M'liJn riover C. W, Gofortli and Floyd D Roblii'on agnijjst Dan Slo' t tell knonn local Implement dcalpF"ind ' Wacksiulth shop o-eratoi of ais North first sticct occupl d cir- I'lt comt here today The plaintiffs aie asking alotSt if $1,600 foi Injuries allegedly' recejved In an accident THeV' •har-e tho collision of two "cars ! occurring at the )n'er«-<-»io n ni' Kentucky and First streets on' 2 was the fntilt of the , defendant H. den e 0 ii (. .,.";' Claude p Cooper Is counie'-'for I 'lie plaintiffs and p c Douglas for tlie defendant A jurj wTi sel»cted qnrUer Jn ' «ie day to trj Clarence Morris', peieonal Injury action a^nst Terry Servk" stnnon but lli= frlil » was dclajcd tlnough agreement of counsel, th» comt orderl fc h*e lur> kept complete but temporarily causing the members from, ienlcc pEiidlng resumption of 1 - ti-lal 3 Bachelors on Relief, Turn Back Surplus Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard g 1-4. homc-stead exemptions, 26 3-4 '" ' ' Caruthersviile Band to Give Concert Monday CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo, - The ^arulhcrevillo Band of 40 pieces, , exemptions, unemploy- - uru "ieisvuie «aiid of 40 pieces, ablcs and free textbooks through l " ldcr thc direction of R.. L. Mor- thc first eight grades. A tax of, r!S| *'"' I' rcsc!lt its'first 1935 nro- thrce per cent on all retail sabs '""" &nA f ° M " 1 - llere n t 8 o'clock rif t niinfMn. v, A».'A..>I , -___. _ . i I AfODnil V rHVIilllo- .Tatinrivit no t» ... Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S. Smelting ........ «• S. Steel .: .......... 37 3-4 Zonlte ............... 4 3 . 8 421-8 Fletcher of Lonote county -in- • J^fr 1? \,« . .„-,."- -;197-8 froduced a bill duri?? the inom-1 Judlth Mny(is Wl " bc KCiaer 109 Ing hour "to e(^ualt^c the salaries: ~ ~ ^t^wo'uTd'Tmvldc a salarj. 0 f! TeXaS fnlwot Holds Mif^i y co u m y : th ° """^ ° r ! Class_on_ Stone WaU ite found little time yes-' AUSTIN, Tex (UF)--Dr L w high low closei'eraay io do anyl'hg but argue Payne, University or Tevas'pnMiSi »» J-« 97 1-2 93 1-8 97 3-8'Over a bill to appropriate J«2863 professor, believes In ustoz Texal' S3 3-8 891-2 881-4 89 3-8 [™rn , Ihe highway, maintenance talmy mldwlnler climate. ' Oliicaoo. Wheat *" Corn nnally wa3 by the First Baptist church. JrUy 7 8 0 1-4 ui-l 8 d (Continued, on his clsss Ihc to wear lo class, toyS wlsh ^' ll!ul llnts DAYTON. Ohio (UP1 -While, housands plead foi more relief, food stuffs Unce Diylon bach- ' elors all on relief, liaie turned back to lellef officials a collection of 543 cans of fruit, vegetables and jams, two large sacks of flour,- 50 wounds of susar, a sack of potatoes salt, peppei and other items "Help jourself we've got too > much to eat,' they said The three—Albert. Ixmg, 64; EU mer Tucker, 60, and Ben Cook, 69 , —live together. They explained i. that they ' had all been accented ! on relief lists and that thev had ' •saved the surplus food and wnnt- ed to turn It back'for Arsons they . thought moie In heed thin thev., < WEATHER ' | ARKANSAS— Partly cloudy- and] warmer tonight. Saturday" cloudy; j irariner in south portion, colder j in iiorthwsst i Memr-iili nnrt Vlcln'tv—Fcir end warmer •-tpn!;ht find, tomorrow^"> PerJv cbul\ Sna-.v M The niinimum tcrnpiraturc -her* ! last night ws 19 Yesterday tlis , i maximum was 22, minimum 8,, clear, according (o Samuel P Norris, ofTlclal ^feather, 'observer, I

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