The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 20, 1937
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BUTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI830UIU VOL. XXXIV—NO., 28 Blj'tlievtlle Courier Blylhevllle Herald Blythcvllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader LLK, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 1037 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ', PREDICTS DEFICIT NEXT YEAR Pension Ruling Stirs New Deal Supreme Court Will Vole| Five to Four — but Which Way WASHINGTON, April 20.—Government attorneys and private attorneys are confident that the Supreme Court will take its first Social Security net decision . by n vntc of 5 to 4. They arc not sure, however, what the decision will lie. The answer to Hint, affecting about 18,000.000 persons now covered by . unemployment Insurance laws, ' .seems to rest with Justice Owen Josephus Roberts. The other Justices, it is gathered from their argument by counsel, arc split along familiar lines —willi Hughes, Brandeis, Stone and Cardozo appearing to favor the federal-state unemployment Insurance system set up by 'the net, and ^the conservative quai- tet of McUeynolds, Butler, Sutherland and Van Devnnter In opposition. If this Is correct, Roberts again will be In an all-p'owerful position—a one-man balance of power,' making vilal interpretations of Move to bring the social security program before'the'Supremc Court was speeded by the ministration after the U. S. Governor Cuts Arson to On Term e Year LITTLE ROCK. April 20. tut>)- Oov. carl E. Bailey by proclama- tln today cut Ihe two-year prison term given John Henry Dorrls by the Hot Springs circuit court to one year. The governor's action came nftcr attorneys for Dorrls called his attention to the fact that the defendant entered a plea of guilty to arson charges with the understanding that he wns to receive a minimum sentence but through an error a two-year sentence was given him. Dorris was convicted on December 3. 1936, and was received at the Tucker prison farm the following day. As a result of the governor's action Dorrls becomes eligible for parole after ten months. [Girl Violinist Hammer Victim Declare Need (or Program Thf an Instructs Prosecutor Bruce Ivy to File Complaint at Marion L-ITTLE ROCK, Ark.— Paul D. Pcacher. .town marshal of Earle, Criltenden county, adverse ruling was written by minimum wage act and again in ________ „ .._. _____ „..,„., the opinions upholding the Wag- Republican Judge Scott Wilson ner labor and Washington state • 67, top photo, and concurred in minimum wage acts. j by Republican Judge James M, There are signs that the re-| Morion, Jr., 67, lower right sensibility is beginning- to wear- - The y held the act violates state on Roberts and high officials are j "SMs. The dissenting opinion suggesting in private conversation was 'hat ol Democratic Judge '• r, r « lhat he, the youngest of the nine, George, H. Bingham,: 72.. lower : Prosecutor usti '-" ' ' !«osccuior . the left. justices, may be the first of present, bench to retire. •He-looks older and more care-S r -"i - ''Throughout' recent '.^argu- inen'U'oh'the Alabama unempioy- nient insurance law and"; validity I of tiie federal unemployment in-1 surance tax, Roberts, seldom If ever looked at government coun- • icl. He asked no questions | The rest of the court, however, ] . was demonstrating that'll func- Mailer Mnrp Spvinnu TKan t.ons much like a group of elderly T , , C f elIOUS lnan gentlemen who : violently disagree Unbalanced Budget with each other. The 'backstairs c YUT- c i •• ' Ecsslp is that the four unyielding pays ' Utilities opeaker conservatives arc especially bitter jtl instituted by Attorney General Jack Holt yesterday. Notified by Prosecuting Attor ney Bruce Ivy of Osceola, Mississippi county, that Pcacher still is "de law" as, town marshal at Eiu-le, the attorney general's of- formal complaint to Ivy, charging that Peacher is ineligible ,to , hold office because of his' comiction on peonage charges,-.with. Instructions that. filed' immediate!) nl Crittenden 'Circuit Court at Marion. . .-..•• Notified at his 1 home at- Earle "of. the attorney general's' action, I Peacher said that, he didn't know I whether he would fight the ouster jbr not: • I "That's just the work of a bunch of .so-called political friends," he said. "I think it started right here In Crittenden county-" , - Lven Stronger Outlawed AAA WASHINGTON, April 20 (Ulf) —Administration farm ofllclalshave advised congress a five-point pro^ gram, embracing control features more stringent than the outlawed AAA, Ls necessary if price jmrlty and farm .prosperity are lo be achieved. ' j The outline of proposed agricultural policy was presented by AAA Administrator H. a. Tolley in tcs-- tifylng before a house appropriations sub-committee in connection with the agriculture appropriations bill for the 1938 fiscal.year Tolley declared thai farm in'- comc' had not yet reached mrltv levels and that stronger legislation was needed to achieve this goal Tolley conceded that seveial paili of tho proposed program were of doubtful constitutionality in view rr the supreme court AAA dccl- Flvc-I'olnl 'Program ' The program: 1—Lonris to ' farmers on croi>s similar to the old corn loans by the Commodity Credit Corporation. • • -.' i 2.—Adjustment of production ' ™ llc3n through payment .of subsidies to farmers on' a percentage of acrcr a»e withdrawn from cultivation basis, under control of the secretary of agriculture. • 3.—A production control nro^rain giving farmers allotments and Im- One Dead, Two Badly Hurt in Cycle Crash MWITT, Ark., Apr. 20 (Ul') — Miss Jo Kiia pi-Ice, 33-ycnr-old KlcnOHinphcr, died today til 7 A. M. from Injuries sulfered lute lust night when a motorcycle on which she and two male companions were riding left Ihe hlgli- vtay u| "Demi Man's Corner," five miles norIh of here. Miss Price's companions 'on Urn motorcycle, who suircrcd serious injuries that physicians said might prove fatal, were James 'hicrlac, 24, of Clarendon, and Harry Jones. 20, of Dcwltt. The injured persons lay In a tro.ulslde dllch for 30 mlnules I before a passing motorist discovered their plight and brought them here for medical attention. posing heavy taxes on production above the quotas, allowed. ",^ 4.—Continuation- and expansion of present powers for the removal of farm surpluses 5—Federal crop Insurance The at. Hughes, Roberts and Stone; at- ' HOT SPRINGS,. Ark., Apr. 20 Hughes and Roberts because they (UP)—Delegates to the . Arkansas have joined the liberal justices utilities' convention here today in recent decisions: and at Stone were told that unemployment coii- liecausc he gave the court's critics stilutes the nation's gravest prob- two memorable phrases to quote 'em. enthusiastically—"personal eco- : ;"The unemployment situation is nomic predilections" in the New a greater problem .to the nation's York minimum wage case.'and "a leaders than the :unbalanced bud- tortured construction of the Con- get that the government is now stitution" in the AAA The operating- on;" said Charles W apparent attitude of Justice Me-, Kellog, president of the Edison Reynolds toward the unempioy-' Electric Institution of New York nient insurance law :-..,!--.-.. i^«n~~ —:.:_!__j .... when he asked: "Well, didn't we get alonj without this for ISO years?" And Justice Butler at one time asked Assistant Attorney.-General Robert H. Jackson: "Are you inviting us lo consider this on the basis that there is no limit on the power that can be (Continued on Page 5) 5—Federal crop Insurance The n t iii-in senate aheady has passed « blk 'J 1 VL H U i for h^iiBiic^ cri-vheaP — -V / j If (Jf}*- Secictarj of Agiiculiiire Hem-jlt'l- 'ILllll" '** k'-Afct'.*** * *.j Tanin Lcc- lova, 25, above, was found dying iri a New York studio near Times Square, her skull broken with a claw hummer, police took into custody for questioning Mischn Ross, the girl's booking agent and manager. Miss Lec- lova, whose real name was Julia Nusenbaum, was formerly engaged to floss and had told relatives that he wns annoying her. Manila Man Injured in Collision Sunday MANILA. Ark. — Raymond McMasters,' employee of H. M. Fleeman, - was severely injured Sunday night when the car he was driving collided with another just east of Lenchville. Occupants of A' Wallace told the. ; committee that agriculture > would -continue as , a national -problem until the farmer's share-of the national Income increases from the present H per, cent to 13 or 14 per cent —the average for the past 50 years. Provision should also bo made for commodity loans, he said, "but with production control in Ihe background so -that the government will left holding the sack in such a way that t"i» whole ' hing would be destroyed." Appropriation Approved WASHINGTON, Apr. 20 (UPl— The house appropriations committee today approved , a $927,308,648 agriculture department appropriation bill for the 1938 fiscal year- fllS- Alabama Woman's fortune Wins Forgiveness For Her BIRMINGHAM, A[la.- (UP)—If the light bums brighter tonight at the home of J. S. Williams. It was indicated Kellog criticized the government ,, .. " - -• a 5143,402,143 Increase over the the other car were not hurt, Both same measure last year but S5 cars were demolished. Mr. Me- -------- * ' | sharply for Its drive against thn 'electric Industry and charged it with encouraging a continuous ' Masters was cut about the head, face and shoulders. flow of propaganda power companies. against the U T€LL New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 20. (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low close 1323 1339 1319 1331 1320 1339 1298 1316 1292 1307 . 1295 1309 Radish Shipping Season Gets Underway at Manila MANILA, Ark.—Manila's spring ndustry has started. Workers be;an Monday to pull radishes to ship. Packing sheds and cars arc Jan Mar. 1311 1314 1289 1283 1287 1290 1335 1311 1304 1306 1310 Services Held Sunday for Mrs. Eva Baker ready for a large, business and for i,, FllnctI ' al services were held Sun- the next few weeks many win be „ ? atternon for Mrs. Eva May- employed in the harvesting of the „"' 64 ,' 1 ^ llo> , dicd Satu «lay aft- 300 acres of radishes that were ? rnoon at the home of her daugh- planted. Wind" Manila. A "bumper | te L Mr 4' Ar ° h Lm dscy. crop, is expected. ' Tlll! ' Rev Mr """""" We all know that nature is; pretty thorough in her work, but one of her best points i.s not makin' things too perfect. For instance, nobody's face is jest alike on both sides. I suppose a face that's absolutely perfect would be right pretty at first glance, but I imagine you'd get pretty tired lookin' at it. I had one uncle that might have been a wonderful writer if lie hadn't tried to be too particular about slickin' to facts. That's my Uncle Wadsworth Dickens Iiink. He wrote a book one time and gave it to me to look over. I noticed there was quite a few blank pages in the book and I asked him what the meanln' of 'em was was and he says "Well the hero and the heroine had an argument on page 8 and from there on to page 24 the pages are blank unlil they started Fpcakin' again," . ...... Spots closed steady at 1397. up 12. 7 ; New, Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 20 (UP) —Cotton came back for gains of 12 to 15 points . today on the strength of President Roosevelt's budget message despite other un! favorable influences. Mny July Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. open high 1312 1323 1313 1328 1294 1312 1302 1317 1303 1319 1306 1322 low _c]ose 1300 1321 1302 1326 1286 1310 1294 1316 1303 1319 1308 1322 078,407 belwo budget estimates.' The h:'.l ; appropriates funds for the agricultural adjustment administration " soil conservation, weather bureau, highway aid, and dozens of other actlvllies^ will be because the spirit of forgiveness has ended a hatred -21 years old. Twenty-one years ago Mrs. William)! let her seven-year-old daughter, Maurine. go swimmln with another girl. Maurine was drowned. Mrs. Williams' hatred of the :irl in whose care she had given Remaining Appointments May Be Announced by Mayor Williams •,;.: _U least two major-appointments under the new administration of Mayor Marlon Williams remain lo be made when Ihe city council meets at 1:30 o'clock lonlght In special session at the city hall. Whether Mayor Williams will definitely make appointments, subject to confirmation of the council, tonight remains to he seen There has been considerable discussion among members of the city's official family and backers ot various applicants and some form of compromise on . appointees ' appears likely, III Ihe meantime, Joe Carncv, city engineer under Cecil Shane's administration, continues as acting engineer. ',.''.' : . The other inajor, office to be filled s that of city health officer to succeed the.late Dr. Max O. Usrcy. ..Other' appointments are relative- y minor -and most of them, ore made by departmental heads but even these con give the city dads nany a political headache with 'rlends of various applicants lirg- ng their appointment. Mayor Williams' announcement at his Inauguration last'week that he would not disturb the police and fire departments was expected. So far as knwn no olllclal appointment of an engineer 'or caretaker for the city hall has been made. The caretaker who served the past, feu months under the Shane, administration has continued in that ca- Withdraws Support of Tenancy Bill WASHINGTON, Apr. 20 (Ul 1 ) — President Hoasevell, In his drive In keep down government expenditures, hns withdrawn administration support ,of " the Jones- Bankhcad farm tenancy bill, congressional leaders said today. The measure, calling for S!>0,- OCO.OOO for loans to tenant farmers to help them buy land, has been reported, favorably by the liome agriculture '. committee. House loaders. 11 wns learned today. were seeking some maneuver to keep the bill from, a vole In view, of tho White House stand. Tlie president, at the While House budget conference last night, according to congressional Informants, told house . and . senate lenders that perhaps $10,000.000 could be appropriated for the program. "'nils would do no good at all," said one leader today. ' •"roinises Evciy Ffforl |(o Bring Federal Budget Into Balance bill, . In addition also would to the require $50.000,000, first . year appropriations - of $75,- OCO.OCO for rehabilitation loans to farmers and $10.000,000 for pur- clmsb of sub-marginal lands. This latter phnse, it was reported, wns acceptable to the president. her she across you again, yi minutes to get out- S231 Satisfies Customer ANGOLA. Ind. (UP)—During a Saturday rush, the manager of a local shoe store put away S231 In a pair of four-buckle arctics. An extra clerk sold them! The customer is satisfied, but has not returned. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Apr. 20 (UP>Wali Street interpreted the President's special relief budget spech I The Rev. Mr. Huffman of Hayti, Mo., officiated at the services, held at rthe Lindscy home, and Interment was made at Elm wood cemetery. Pallbearers were Jake Alley. John Buchanan, W; C. Lcggett, Tom Jackson, Henry Lutes aud^Mr' Sykes. Mrs. Baker, who has been In ill health for a long time, Is survived by 'two daughters, Mrs. Lindsey I and Mrs. Raymond smith. Her husband, the late William G. Uaker, daughter was so declared, "If I bitter ever pacity. Jack Pln'lcy Robinson, clectsd that run of have IS my way. firm- Spots closed steady at 1363. up 13. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., April 20. (UP)-Hogs, 9.000. Top, 1035. 170-230 Ittt.. 10.15-10.30 HO-1GO Ibs.. 7.25-10.15. Bulk sows. 9.40-9 65 Cattle, 2.800. Steers, 9.25-11.00. Slaughter steers, 7.00-1450. Mixed yearlings and heifers. 7.509.50. Slaughter heifers, 6.75-11.25. Beef cows. 5,50-7,00. Cullers and low cutlers, 4.00-ft.OO favorably today and stocks d in nearly all sections. 1 A T and T 108 1-2 Anaconda Copper 55 3-4 Bethlehem , Steel -.. 911-8 Chrysler 117 3-8 Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric General Motors International Harvester McKesson-Robbins Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard < Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp j St Louis-San Francisco _ _ . | Simmons Bed 50 1-4 50 1-4 58 10 1-2 for many years an employe of the Frisco railroad, died about a year "?o. The Cobb Funeral Home was in charge of funeral arrangements. Edgar Hutton House Near Manila Burns MANILA, Ark.—The farm home of Edgar Hutton, one-half mile east of Manila, was completely 59 1-4 destroyed by fire Sunday morning. 1A " " " The Arc was started when an oil stove exploded. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mllllgan, who occupied the house, lost all their household possess- Icns. Mrs. Mllllgan and one child If you don't, I'll kill you." Thus began n 21-year hatred that ended only this week. It ended because the girl she hated —a thin and haggard woman by now—had a child of her own who needed help. Tills is the story 1 : Maurine was a frail child.. She was afraid of the dark. It was necessary for Mr. and Mrs. Williams to keen a light burning In the hall of their home so that It would never be entirely dark in the lilllc girl's room. After Maurinc's death, tho Williams continued lo burn the light at night, as a memorial to their dead child. But lonlght, that light burns brighter. Mrs.. Williams met the girl she hated the other day. She had a small baby In her arms, as thin and pale as the haggard mother. The mother asked Mrs. Williams for enough money lo give her baby n treatment to prevent its death from malnutrition. She told how her two other children had taken away by authorities lecausc she could not feed them. ''And this one is going too un- ess I can get S25 for the treat- mfnts." she said. Mrs. Williams walked with the mother to a pawnshop, where she told the pawnbroker, "I want $25 for these diamonds." Then she handed the money to the girl she no longer hated. Chicago Wheat for a third term as city treasurer will probably be inducted into of Pice tonight. He declined to entei upon Hie duties of his ofllcc lasl week. Robinson, all reports have it, Is to be given additional duties and a considerable raise from the dollar-a-year salary he has received for two years. City Attorney Hoy Nelson is also lo get a salary increase, according to all Indications. ' City authorities admit that the 'city is without on effective beer permit ordinance since-a recent circuit court test was won by beer dealers. Whether an effort will be made to remedy the situation tonight Is not known. Neutrality Bill Conferee^ Agree on Discrclionarj Policy WASHINGTON, Apr. 20 (UP)— Conferees on neutrality agreed to day; It was reported, on-a bll abahdonlng.'Uhe '"mandatory* "casl and carry" provisions of the sen ate 'moaSJjry, In,. fiiVpV;' oY a :iiibr discretionary policy''.as- crmtnlhe In the house' bill. ,--•> V '• Senator William E. Borah. (Hep Idaho) j said senate . and ho'us conferees had agreed on near! all major points. Although the senate yielded I the demand of the house In re gard to the cash and carry pro visions, the house accepted th senate mandatory provisions out I a wing (raveling on vessels of bcliggercnt nation, Borah said. The house also yielded on th mandatory, provision prolrjbllii American merchant vessels from being armed when carrying goods |.o belligerent ' cou:f'.rles, Borah said. Butler Will Push Sales Tax Collections Here suffered burns as explosion. Damage al close to $2,000. ,-esidt o( the was estimated Standard of Texas Corp U S Steel ... U S Smelling Zonlte ...... N J 68 3-4 Statistics show that 50 per cent G* of the male students of American 112 1-41 colleges and 25 per rent ot the 91 1-2 female students are working their S 3-4 way through school. May July open high low close 1323-4 1351-8 1323-4 1347-8 1203-8 1213-4 1201-4 1211-8 Chicago Corn Guy Butler, revenue department leld man, has been named special field auditor to push sales collections In Mississippi WASHINGTON Aplil 20. (UP) •President Roosevelt sent a spe- ' al message to congress today, c\- tnallng the government ulll have "net deficit, of $418,000,000" : 111 lie 15)37-38 fiscal year. He promised "to use every, means I my command lo eliminate this elicit," The piesldelit's icvlslon of next ' cur's . federal financial situation - ccompanlcd a request for $1,500,00.000 lo finance uncmploj meiit . ellcf during the next fiscal year, vhlcli begins July 1, 1937. • » The $418000.000 deficit the piiM- dent anticipated in 10J7-38 con- rastcd \\lth bungei estimates IIP ent congress In Januaiy in which 10 said' tho ( budget would be In 'Irtual balance except for a statu- ory debt retirement Item of $401615,000. The deficit, the president's uessage showed, will be caused bv new estimates that tin; govctn- nent will receive only ,$8,000,000,000 revenue,'in the next fiscal yeai Will Make 'la\ Survey '* In his January estimates ""Mr, Roosevelt had set anticipated 'revenue for the nckt fiscal year/at $7,- 293,<i07,000 After promising determined effort to economic, President Roosevelt made this 'survey of tax stiuc- ture:" • ' 'It has become apparent tliaf there Is an Immediate need foi a careful survey ot the present tax structure The trcasuiy will be prepared; by November next to prcssnt lo the appiopilata committees of the congress Infoimallon as to such loopholes as may exist In ths present revenue laws and suggestions,, <• for Ihe purpose of proiwslng earlv *~ Iiv.lrie next session 6f the congiesq legislation necessary lo remedy defect?' in the present tax laus" After' setting next year's deficit at $418.000,000, Mr Roosevelt promised "to use every means at my command to eliminate this deficit during the coming fiscal jeai " Will Curull Expenses , He said lie expected "to accomplish this by Inking definite action 1 at the beginning of the next fiscal year: - '• "i.—To withhold from appor-- tlomncnt for expenditure, In so far as possible with due regard to prop-' cr functioning of the executive departments and-agencies, a substantial percentage of the funds avail-' able for that year and "2.—To Increase tiic~receipts~of D '' ' . »'« ri- tllc tr easury through th3 llquidi- KestaUrant Man, UlCSltlon of assets of certain of the — emergency agencies." , Mr. Roosevelt's special message :onta!ned a plea to congicss to T J. E. Tolliver, Lepanto LEPANTO, Ark. — Jefferson E. Tolltver, 40, succumbed at his home here Sunday, follolng a lengthy Illness. Services will be conducted today from .the First Baptist church with Rev. J. I. Owens, pastor, officiating. Mr. Tolliver came to Lepanlo over 20 years ago and has been engaged in the restaurant business since. | i He Is survived by his wife, three children, Floyd and Ed of Lepanto. and one daughter, Mrs. Opal Taiclet of Scnatli. Mo., and ioin me In a determined effort, to jrlng. about" a balance of actual ncome and outgo for the fiscal year of 1038. Polnsctt counties, it was announced at Little Rock yesterday by D. ' i. Ford, revenue commissioner. Mr. Ford announced the assignment of 20 field auditors to check sales tax payments over Ihe state and predicted an increase of at least $1,000,000 annually in collections would result. "We are going to plug the leaks," he said. "The JK-OJ,;* ore paying the tax and the slate Is going to get it. The law says merchants shall remit two per cent of their gross sales and that is what are going to expect." Asks Cooperation With School Enumerators Taking of the annual enumcra one sister. Miss Memphis. Interment tax t cemetery, and Maggie Tolliver will be at the city - , lion of persons of school age In the Blythevllle school district was started today by Mrs. J. E. Crook, assisted by Mrs. Steve Brooks. Calling attention lo the importance of a complete enumeration Tomorrow Last Day for Cornerstone Suggestions Tomorrow Is the last day for submission of suggestions for an inscription lo be placed on Ihe cornerstone of the new Rlce-Stlx factory building under construction here. John C. McHoney Jr., has provided a granite cornerstone for Ihe building, it is being erected with funds raised by public subscription and the factory committee ot the chamber of commerce is seeking a suitable inscription Tiie person submitting the suggestion accepted will bo given tVo dollars in cash. Address sugges tlons lo the Cornerstone Contcs I Editor. Courier News. May July open m from the standpoint of district finances. W. D. McClurkln. superintendent of schools, asked for the cooperation of all citizens of the district with the enumerators. Each child enumerated, he pointed out, high low close means about $6 in state aid for 1291-2 1267-8 1283-4''lhe district, and It Is therefore Im- it/i li.^ *-«. **v i " .--,- . ...v. uiutiivv, iinu n, 15 ttiercivr 111 1-2 1191-8 1111-8 1181-8 portant that all be counted, Dell and Osceola Cars •„ Collide on Chickasawha Herman Koehler of Dell sustained, a cut on Jhe hand-..and. bruises while other members ot his party sustained minor bruises and shock when, his car collided with another auto occupied by, three Osceola youths at .the intersection of Chtckasawba, -avenue and Ninth street last night. Koehler was driving east on Chickosawba avenue (Highway CO when the other car, driven by Glenn Wheeler, entered the intersection from Ninth street. • Other occupants of Ihc Osceola car were Ralph Gibbons and n youth whoso name was said to ,bc Dyess. Buford Yclverton and two girl', were Koehler's companions. WEATHER Arkansas—Probably showers tonight and Wednesday. Memphis and vicinity—Cloudy, probably thundershowers tonight and Wednesday. Not much channe In temperature. Lowest tonight 64 to 68. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 80, minimum 54, clear, according to Samuel F. Nor- rls, official weather observer, Capitol Closed for Opening Ball Game LITTLE ROCK, April 20. (UP)— Statchouse ofllces were closed,at noon loday as constitutional officials. Including Gov. Carl E. Bailey, took half a day off for tiie opening game of the Southern League baseball season. The proclamation for the half holiday was signed by the governor shortly after 9 a.m. and then recorded by secretary of State C. G. Hall. TJK governor and oilier state officials and tiie mayors of Lltle. Rock and North Little Rock took part In a parade through the business district before going to tiio ball park. • ^ :;. At ths park Governor Bafley pitched the first ball of tne day as the mayors looked .on.

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