The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1935 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1935
Page 8
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rAGE EKr Kidnap Witnesses Arrive ConiDlvoIler's Office nnc. Fad Finding Tribunal Are Under Attack iiY TED II. MALOY Hulled Press Staff C'on 'LVTTt.-E ROCK, Ail:., .laii. 21 (UP)—Two stale liepaHmc-nis arc under leajslutlve fire. Tlicy nre the t'omp'rollo."-'* off ICK nml the Fuel l r i"'ilng Tribunal, ' Uilb have been Introduced lo abolish boih (he offices. Before Ihe B/ilit is over Cov. J. M. r-Ml- rell may go before a Joint session of boih houses ot Ihe legislature lo defend • ihe (lew.utmcnts which he Is 1: now n lo favor. • Sen. J. W. Livingston of Camden, former OuachlUi county judge, was ihe lirsl to lire at Comptroller Giltfin Smilh. He Introduced n bill that would Inke away the revenue on which the comptroller's ofOce operates. Rep J. B. Smith of Randolph county was more dtrccl. lie offered a bill that would nbolblr the cimo 1 roller's office and the audi- torial dcoartmcnt nnd vest In'Ihc .state auditor th" rowers now licld b" Comptroller Smith. The iitlack on tile Fact Finding Tribunal came from Senators A>'- mll Taylor of Clnrksvillc nnd Ellis Fagim of Little Rock. They would abolish that department and plaei? iis duties In the corporation commission. Officials Dislike Biullh Comptroller Snillli has been relentless In checking records or Near ||n> K slate and county officials. Some brother Isa liqvc resented his action nml last „,„',.....'„.', summer there were many rcporUs """ long lilp from' Cieruiiiny lo t\i-m tlicli- llonl]|1 | C | ly ln (|m undhcrijli nrasnin Sin Ic Welfare Dopnvlrncnl Pt'oposod hy I.imr/ue's Kxeailive Socretai'v HV RI.MUI! W. I.OWFIJ Dnlldl t'res* Staff {'nm'snomlr-m .IRFPETiSON /IITY, Mo,, Ja;i •1A '.urj —-"Want, distress', evc-n ilots" fnce Missouri if the leeLsln- liue does nM. lake Immediate slein Jo \ttn\ih\K frderal r'ellr-r assist- diiee nrier Pr-hi-nary, ncronlliiK 10 Miss C'firol Rdtes, executive secre. tary of llm Missouri Wi-lrnre f.criRiin. „ thnt '•action hy ihc legislature durliiR the ne\t few weeks relative lo unemployment | Killer will he epoch making." MIw j liati-s stiid two thins;; WITO nere.ssury: ' J. A.'.siimption by tlie slate of a reasonable Iliuinclal responsibility for unemployment relief. 2. [.eglslnllon lo- place public relief and other state welfare activities on a stable basis ivilh on on>nn!2ni!oii adapted lo modern, t'lilclent, iu)d etpnojiiical .service. A committee headed by l)r w W, Burke and (Yof. m\\ph Fudis of Washington University and Itavriiel Alt, St. Louis attorney i.s I prcpiirliiB two bills for Introduc- '(<on In the legislature. One crc- jalra the proposed tsUle dcprut- iiii-iit. The other provides county or district welfare units. H is tlie opinion of. welfare jlea-iiic workers Hint great, economy could be. effected by forming districts from /,'everal counties for welfare purposes, nii'd the bill now in process of fonniilatlon coiitaliw provisions to allow this to 1« clone. It also mnkcs IL'ixxssible for conn _Aimee Honoivd in Ministry Jubilee t'KuRSD..-..Y, fcji".U.R1 i.5St3 and ably. Gtirely it will not 'fell lo seize the opportunity," she said. News Junior ninginholmcr 1ms return- i?d to school following a week's ab•*!,«•• hr-famr- of |>W father's acel- Mlss Norma Holt, iracher In the 3ra B (f City school. lr. at home film lias lir-cn unable lo rcoeh her school become of HIP WIUer Mta Nina Hiiek&bn and Mli? .Jewell Lewis weiv Sunday dinner guesus of Miss Violn Bennett Miss Sylvia lluckaba spent aat- sey. ... L R. niiigliiHelmc-r, scriouslv In- Juud in an nceldpiit, Is said 'lo be . . i | \ycalliprmau TwisJid Seasoni; " DKLAKK, Ore. (UP)-Old Mnn Weather twisted his seasons as •.tiRwberrlcs ripened, nnd ,jinri- ^olds, snapdragons and violets Mnomrd in L. .Smith's •jaixlen. ties to turn over their welfare In- Pisch „,, pictured above On ta ck fi round w iu, rtUt,^ Ml^ «™ Shm, critics Under Ihc pi e-nudlt inw all . ...... veuclmi paid through the audit- lnDll!f y-inuml In his possession, (ram (he witness stand at Ills trlrd hi or's office first BO to the cbmp- Plemliiglon, N. J. [roller for his.scrutiny. Dining ihc _— -1 ' fiscal vear entisd last Juno 30 the n • m ~~ complrollcr saved the State $9,82-1 remiSCOt Icachers Will on piinters' claims, Ihe comptroii- •'• b'enninl Teport shows. ' Tlieve were $75,311 worth' of claims submitted or,which $G5,3BU Meet at Caruthersville Experiments May Save rlllllK .. con.solldiited state welfare' department, on a legal bus!.-, riiihei than with the present relief administration's unofficial 'status. It Is also the hope .'of the'wel- fare league thnt development of work relief will soon rcplnce «l- With colorful pageantry, Almee ijemple Mepberson celebrated corn- pletlon of 25 years in the ministry, Aiigote Temple worker.,- parading Uirmigh Los Angeles streets in her honor. Shown here on the principal ftoni, wh | ch catrlcs (ll( , Pom .. S(|liarc Cl0spcl fiRO me ^ rluht, iwr«. Robert,, Smith, daughter of , Ihc Angelus -T« m ,)ie a<le,-;. M, s . M cP herM1I , !11H , Rlleta Craw(ord ^^ mm> ' j of Broadway," now one of (lie chief lieutenants at tlie temple. Ofl ' ' — ——-— .',,.,, ""d upheaval would be iinnvnlrln Helief cannot, lie slopiied In a hie ' 1 "" liL " u ' lp - sltigle week however," she said, "rhc leelslalurc has an oppor- ntliig out thin imiMcdlnlc want lunily to serve the people '^[fake Thedtord's "Tbe federal administration hns >lliulness. , ,• .., /proved market Dr. Lottis Lehrflekl. of Phlladel- ducts; for " tnst«B(l • of auditing the old in- ' business sessio' voices nov- nH rcvilsltlons 1 tor' ^-.Mlw 'ae'nevieve. Turk, of Kmu'ns pilntinR lust go to flic comptroll- Cjly.-wlio is chairman of tlic Mis- , ct's office where an expert printer 5°url - Teachers Retirement. p imd Phla ' General Hospllal, vv)i n Is Relief must be continued tliroWh fifiures how .much the fiimplleB commiUeD, will, sjicak. The mnln conducting experiments ' expressed the wlnlcr, iwssibly carried on ihonW coal. .- address will be rielli-erod by Dr. Merl l " c theory of checking the discarc lli'roiiRlt next wluter ^fi•'s fi : it"s Printing '. Is Involved , i runty, - director of personnel and bs ' Protection n(!(iliis| Inrectloii at Insisted, iiltlion(;li -she ivcoijiilze''' ' I ! ond °f Uw extra-cun-ioiilnv dlvl- 'J 10 wurce— the mother. He said that it would be unwise to provide' i sion of steuhrjns rnllpor rwiii,..v.i.. the thcoivvill revoluti Columbia ' • • State Auditor .Charley Parker, to i -"-"w wt i^ic u.\c tthora Hie duties of the comptroll- i sl on of Steuhcms er would uc given under the house [ Mo. . . . .• • ••_ • bill, vas employed by the Arkan-,^ pffleers of the Pemlscot , Comitv sfts Printing- -and Lithographing Teachers association are .Mrs. R-.E company piloV to taking ''- office Jonakln, Decring, president, Inu'd January 16 Parker also wna state Snpt. f[. B. Mnslerson Havtl sec pilntmg clerk from 1025. to 1929. , rcrary. ' 'One ;of the Parker's' employes Is ; ,. — — -- . Mrs Walter Guy whose husbnncl c is sales ninanger of llic Arkansas Experts Will Stlldv Punting and Lithographing coin- ' :pa«y. Guy wus brought to Little Rock from Memphis lo accept (he . _ job as sales manager for tlie OTTAWA, Ont. (UP)— Canada's tinting company, . I (earned men of science are nlan As a mcniaor of 11 grand Jury nlns to delve deep into the invs ' . - •••- .•••-••?*••• * •%. "Niivi iimi- n. MUIIH.I ut: mnviai: LU \)i IJvluG tic theory will revolutionize cxLst- laree groui>s of people with free ing methods., (food and dolliing' for a long per- Seals' Stomachs How Calotabs Help Nature To Throw Off a Bad Cold Mllllqns have 'found in calotnbs n :nost vnluoblo aid intlie tmitmenl third or fifth night if needed. How do Calotabs help Nature throw oft a cold? First, Cnlotnbs are tliorou^h and tic' >m u nii..ikvx;i r/i n R'* I " U jui^ '.inb lu ucivc oesp into the mv=j ^ mos- iorou^h and tic- more tlmn n year ago Quy worked terlea of n seal's stomach n'nvl P' mt:>bl<1 of all Intestinal '«!itnliinnls, Oil state nrlntinp Invpsdonltnn suminnr In n»r< -...: ,, .. ""'' '"US Clean 1 }!]!'! tll« intc-stilll'l tl'CCt of ac next on slate printing Investigation, summer to nnd out If they ''ni/> Nothing e\er came ol Ihc Invest!- eating Pacific Coast "Usher men out gallon. • i "f a living. President R. H. Relisamen of Research worl-ers attached t n the Arkansas Printing and Ulho- the Doinltilon Department of graphing company was generally fisheries will insect the stomach^ conceded ns .Parker'.s supporters ol hundreds of seals cnuUiretl nT duilng the campaign last summer, the coast of British' Columliin in Rcbsaiuen Is a former certiried May nnd Ju, 10 lu , xt i u an e Tort pnblic accountant who became. to establish whether the raniriiv president of the printing company ' 'ncreaslug seal herd make fornvx aftci reiving as the company's Into sock-eye salmon scliook ri ,auditor. ,jhi(t their niinual migration r,- on j OppoEition to Chairman P. A. southern waters off Ihc coi,t nJ Lasley- of the Fact Finding Tri- California to Arctic waters Th. bunal has Increased with each re- ! Brlllsh Columbia Blolazlcai ' RnVr!"i port of reduces rates made by : "nd the • Department of Ulility companies through his Investigations. An estimated suing of $400,000 annually has come to electric consumers in Arkansas' during the',.: — " J "="'«'«J, Ala. CUP)— oc- pait yew through ihc Tribunal's ,, , <oy Cohen, author, was sc- activities the second annual re- . , „ ' " ' ° «'ioosc the four mast pert of the Tribunal showed. „ H L ° r Alab «»>« Collccc .Next action, will be against rates 1 '"" Inc ' r Wc'uros will nnom the and telephone rates. Lasiey has In- J M ° , T<1 «l«ialn. the school's dlcated. . , -innuai. The same day the bill to abolish thd Tribunal was introduced In the senate Tom Compton, Prescott manager ot the Arkansas Natural Gas Corporation, was seen at the desk of Sonalor Fagon. , 1 }!]!'! tll« intc-stilll'l tl'CCt of uie germ -laden mucus and toxinc.i. Second, Cnlotab.i are diuretic to Ihe kidneys, promoting (lie climlnnlloii of cold poisons from the blood. Thus Calol.ibs scree the double uurpof e b'f' a purgative and diuretic, both of ivhtcli era needed in the treatment of coltls. Calotabs nrc quite economical; onlv twenty-five cc-nls for the family trackage, ten cents for llie trinl j|jj| Our shoe department ••*" has ivhat you want mmm. • .__ J . —<•«*..",X.HL ui mo | j Affairs will ,,lso aid in the lesl. MONTEVAU.O, ° Ala!"ltJP? Read Cour',. a ms Want A(]s ! Suicide Her Divorce NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (UP)— 1 Fritz W. Snygg's lifeless body was' the answer to his wife's plea for a divorce. He was found dead In n eas-flllod bathroom, holding n note which lead: "You want's divorce lieie it Is. I. still lovo you so Ltqul.1 - Talilcls Salve- Nose,Drops , V ftr HEADACHE ,. >* «" for headache .u well M p;!M dua to ft&h cow,. n<™ra! s u, and for tant j, ]nt tl . ha A k , d or tts modidrf for. t Tcbleil. Kc, Btjf, 60c. Csudlnc , cel. c, tjf, c. CAPUPINE CO-LEA-NOR THE SOUTH'S BEST COAL SUPERIOR COAL « MINING CO. Phone 700 Aerotype ESSO it intended {or those who want the utmost In quality and performance. It l s modeled alter IT. S. Army Fight ing Grade Aviation FueL.henct Us name. ^^^^^^ f ' Draught : To Avoid Constipation Blue sta. Tlie itcli ©cnnsf ToptrWnfltch.iasli.lfllc-r.for.i- snothini! Blue Sl^r Oliilinenl whirli contains tested mcilU'lnp tlini ryi.-lt> soaks In <riifci:ly and kills Ihe ii.-l. Monty if 1'lrcl Jnr fr.ilE 1 . RO Last Time Today & NJTB HAT. ]0r • STRIKES TWICE* with V 0 N, . I'Enr H'OI' I' Tf(Kl,.MA KKI-TON, B E N I T0nn, L/UI11A CHICK Cfl \VAi;i'K]{ J'iinimounl I'jclorial I'lirnnioiint Varjfly CA'l'LET'l' ; riday & Saturday f BOBSTEELEin VALL Serial- Carlnon -"Jittery S(|uadron" liiL\i:rnli||ii! ISSO iind iiiiiliih i|inin:fir OVER A NIIUION USERS NOW VOUCH FOR ITS ABILITY TO OUTPERFORM First Day Headaches In ."0 itlinotu You'll find just the right last for your type of foot in out •wide selection of shoe styles, sizes and widths. Come in and try oo a pair of Nuan-Bush Ankle-fashioned Oxford's; See and feel the difference Ankle-fashioning makes R. D. HUGHES & CO. 3 Doors Went of Ritz Theatre How would you like lo have a motor car fuel that assures— .»'.'• • / ' .. "faster iiring":aricl quicker starting than you have ever had before . . peak performance without the cUEtomary "waro-up" even in sub-zero cold ,.,.•..•'. . . greater power than that of any olhor motor car fuel you've ever tried - ' • • . . "anti-knock" BO high it prevents even the slightest "ping" under cniy pull : ''".''.. ' . • v » . . acceleration and get-away that dwarf the swiftest you've heretofore enjoyed • • . . smoothness of operation impervious to every challenge of the road ? Over a million users now vouch lot the fact that Aeiotype ESSO fulfills every one of these conditions. • • They have proved conclusively .. in their own cars.. that it OUTPERFORMS every other motor car fuel on the market. . regard- loss of price. • . • 4 We are willing to stake your future patronage on the ability of Acrotype ESSO to prove the same Ihing to you! • • Fill up with flerotype ESSO today • • lest it . '. and see for yourself how completely it alters the performance of your car. 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