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Buffalo Courier Express from Buffalo, New York • 3

Buffalo, New York
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-T S. Gaveraaaeat Mm Agent. the MOENIKG EXPRESS three o'clock and six o'clock trains from Buffalo brought reinf jroement of aome 2rS? df bwk from transports at Tu- -A i 1 j. the Brie Cos sty Boar defSuperv bora. i WmaiuT.

Oak, A tIl )Br1 4 Hinuiit to kwnimnt Jliiut ol i pnma. a UMir rfmt imiiarUeulM fr-ta ffc. 7 g-10 Loaw. 1(M0 LoJ. Mr.

Bpauldlng Uucbiea. mut declared inadmiaaible. and 200 more "Minute men," who were received tOOAL ASP MISCELLANEOUS BY THE WESTSJtaC U-IOB UIR. a definite anawarnn the nolnt waa tio oontlnaea to moalve. snbaertpUana to tha at tha IMpot and eoortail up twa But -EDUCXIdl! HI PEICES demanded.

by 1 Oecman Planlpotentlav PEOPLE- POPULAR LOANS at tba OtBce It o. 3 Bmw-Da BaUdlns. ear. Mt- ..7 i rD Blu- any in ne rounded foro. of rebels at kiUed 45.

irfnlodtns a XmLn guaoimoaraand Thfei- tou' horses) killed. LZrXT Major BlOrFALO, MONDAY, OCT. 11, fW th drmrnmtrmtioo- waa reserved for the nu ot ttam Bnmm id tii anty Tfiorr. In rarjil to ppro) nauot achh.crgujwaic bouuif National 8p-uldlng's Ex- WT I venfng." Unknown to tha good people of pnrp. 1 aind eteneea ojfjCJT JO AT, 'JLSfJf -JflGHT.

FKAJICU. The Bourse is dulL fientes dosed at 65f The Hew 1 -U Ohtte MU(M aWeai Balavi-, tha Ba-aloala-a, brought 606 ensflge; and will Redeem the old 7-30 tre ury notea doe in August and October, or r0IKirj w.u nvnMn.iMi 'ft rTL -jr lam pa "wtUt them; determined not Filler National Bab sr. Mantrnt, Tin th Irrk. itt thu BtMMI SrawSn orM1 80c, a decline of 1.kv 8PAW. The Times asys that mercantile advices 1.J nr tire auuim as nnrtn in favnrn a rM.

SH ERLl All BARNES, ii t'i -UFFAfca, Aag- Sd ltl Saturday lTiglit's Eeport' only to rejoice with, their friends 'I by day. have them exchanged for bonds of '81. AH loans are made at the lowest rates, and os meeauot or nrrnneuu on One. pJ4 la tbe lxa aad eharf th to the ruad. BsArrss.

put also to light their steps by night by a confirm tbeataueuiant that the new Spanish Cabinet dtatlre to nes.itlate a complete ad- Mr SfLOWlnar State currency taken at par. Subscriptions to this popular invtrn-nt now bolug received by the rt 1B-tlaaat Bank and DMigntd repository la OKNEKAL BANKS TO ISSUE AN AI KM. UK fiIUiin of tt HLMtm I Wa Vnrb "Ptllp the arUUeryT Ofraoet i'torea aa-a datS.rathr,7i?J h5 Cot hlW to uum pia-a iu. ialt? "tani beyond Wood. ratrar.wb.

was I w. rV-'0' Watehes. brlns-iSS-k SetiTna tSL" Prsd ooasldarabTe In o. tOo Viniii Street, Oraad Torek-ligKt procanrian. Immediately afteranppar.Marahai Trow StdL, ai ttli my ml Aarll.

Mat, i a-t to sSDrad Tbe 10-40 bondaauboori bed or two weeks wrmm ana nw ut iu opoa euoa. ao Av mm ago, ar now being delivered, baring the Jnatmen of tbe elaiuia of areditora, and have notified them oi th taot. -'f- ding Italian jotirnals indorse the new this bridge funned bis torch bearers at the de ri-s tbDr OrKavta.ana rmvidiar asm. ta w1 act. for tbaeiwnalon Uxrvuf ta tbeanrrnJonunUra la tit th (at (lectins la Oeld.

aara O-OB-IOUS RESULT THE- gold coupon attached for six Months, In or uM Mata. 07 rWMttau4 raapaetM pot, where tbe lamps wera stored, and the IX IN- i terest doe the first or September. Jitmnmv. 1 hat Baant of SsDerranrs nt r.rim Jfouui of the Tree-ury, 7 to tbe pvople," it would seen. nnnoMj 16 at ti.

O. BPAULptSrG, aoarstiom) nndinrMkea minisnyiaaTMl applaua Its rrsnKnesa. Tba rumors of a new 703,000,000 loan are unrOundeOU Anther polittoal metlng' was held at IIAEEEEtltiOOTi eouofv aoaooptiooan wniensppuas to (Jiuane aaa ty. tn wiatloft tol (Uunaaas doue to atxx-p and laotl hr lmr. and Ibai thcmnia law aa aibrt-aajd ba oarnbr i7arXfe" R.uiur A district bavsconatmu.

jnXfe ES MY AT DALTpX. i 1 PrealcWtt. tempt to add anything to Induce the prompt snout cotin irf brilliant Una of light moved 0 fine order up tha streets, aoooiupanled by tha band. Following tbaMKlnta Ataa" eWtfae Yonng Wide Awake Club eat Ie Boy. eon-potMkl ftt atxty boya, wearing bandaame Zouave uniforms, each beariag" a and largest effort of wfy lwL true- Mr 1 inrnn nrm imw rnr antTUT la aflraitaii t-rr.

Mcjt a wo tsiCmw of the hi Haiifrn Bored tat ha Imjut.d Ui.tA. mw a-'t 4 TBLKIA VTIBC WTOCK OF 1 OKXi "BKKBHAN. Cle03E9 HOOD'S I be rUwl citizen, i 'f WiMiovV Captain OUlnxer, oC the U. S. on u.semlt.-" -t-A Tha Iruitanfthaae raids sr alsrnanmtHa rsTeattla sn ne and mule, atid rery ruuob raluabiaaumii' tnolndliur bales til cuUaa and a (raat auubsr ol uuiur.

ed rernilt. Ji IJeit. BW.orths spartai Soonta. arrtead mat alabt Jfom the Yjclnlty ef Joaeph. ott tbe waatl W'urtxf one Major, two Caputlns, aav- I Da via tarn manprm, Mr.

the fi.lloartna 1 A waa passed axpssaVitng the convictioa that the. Franoo-Itaiian Conren-tkn WKs aaign rf great progre, mud of the rea'trrooUou of ltly. The Convent inn was also eonaldered tbe Prompted, by deal re to give to such Btibaoribera tbe whole bwnaht of tb revenue eoiter Winalow, baa aent to Capt. ftraolrv. TbaS tb Clerk of cl laMl MMim toreb.

Tha little fellows made a aplendul Wm. McKay, of the City of Cleveland the Dry Carpets, Etc. at two buadr.d and Artr doUan lor road and hrtocw tnartKian tnr th town of (t and laad. aad rhan I-n, tbe First National Bank will, until following graceful testimonial of fafa noble l'. ly 1, sppearanea and ware loudly cheered everywhere, I vv -t further notice, allow on all subscription present mean.s of realising tne tionai prograinine, which could not be aooom- r.

rluui oOrrtHI lha kwlat eerrlQee in rescuing crew of tbe lost rr -i Jfsrw Yoke, Oct. 1R. Uttjtaat. Tbat Uar of tbia Board baaothnr aed tn TtVEXXlTrFirjB Tha Batavis Wide Awake turned out draw an orfla in otvorer tbe Tnaiauror of steamer. The berotsm of Capt.

McKay mad a through Jt, whether large or small, the7 Jovrtrnrtieet to which It The Cdramert-tera Wasblngton special I plIshedoutofRome; York IiMtttu.a tnr tba Daaf and iwi, a in foroa, bearing number of tranaparan- asya that tien. Bsnks WiU soon address to 1 aemonatraviun uaa i- drad aa ekbty Ioms. lor a poroao rvtmbamln TO- I--V taken Place against the French troons In would brentitled, lis 1 of one per oenL ciea, with appropriate device and mottoes. and his comrade on this occasion Is not surpsased by anything on record, and the act could only bava been -prompted by mat in iwiajo war cMaaina; aarnnsa tnriiTaant IroraUita eoanty, and that said amoontrja cbarfed to Tl vviin impurraat omoiai ana prlrsw lera In tranmrt from fbo emna-M laalaalppl moot to th rnbal also. It batt isaiTVap.

ef Urn ZZV fttoT V1uws the WSt her Basis tot vt W' b.Uica. other la KatelleToanry snd ileaaed fc.r prllmVoraT Tbi aaFneeveolna (OerrlHaa p4ulnd tbe iiurn In Bran? eenborr, Aaat aialit taauerrUtae Kred uponiba Bafdal own tram I ssUea frout lbs luaoUon. The a-uard rel aas4 rlllaladarr i fc ,,1 on the amount subscribed, or receive State Main atreet, at tbla time, preeented an ap aoll-tf bis (ellow a bratr-rv of his effictal oondnct ta. "Xouiaiana. refuting the aspersions cast vupeu bim in eouaection thero- Wltb.

The speolal aay that fjen. Banks will speak two tbrew tames durinir lbs Currency ai par, Rrrrd tn the Oommlttaa ea ttarinfi pearance, the pictureequenees and vivacity hearts ss warm as they are brave. Capt. rPT3T-- PBRJ: CENT. Lees than-Former Trices.

-ar m. ei: Rome. Heditioua oriea were raised, but order was quietly retordt and the leader wra i ''L The Turin Offlolal Oaaetta publishes the Sroaramme of tbe new ministry. 1 be new abinet-aofjerrUi the convention recently Hfr Tma nfTerefl tne wvnonri. of which will long be remembered by thoae Hoy.

M. made fewer than three tripe' to the Com; HriJrri Tnt the Clerk nt thfa llnara anthneterft Rally Hound the Vlg, Rally Once Again 1 1 who bebe'd iV The' atreets waa almost tn raJa tha to of two tinadred and fl't dv.llara lor canvass, snd thett'rettur'n, to New Orleans. road and brwee rmranaaa. tne town nr Ton blocked up with enthoaiaatlo throngs of wreck In hie frail little boat, tbe see, running mountains high. He.

seemed determined either to rescue those whose lives and ermrs th amto atd town. Adopted. tpwu jwm irum nuiv ish. supatstea wim ranre jor ne evamuauon At th OPERA HliLSB, MM.XDAV JCVJGU Ma, POPTTfTV of which been purer a-d Mr fVrwe- otrererl trie Killowlne I Tbat tne Clark nt tbla Board mlaa tha anaa loyal people of all ages. Many of the prcimlnant, aioraa were handsomely 1U I.

jifpw oasii Oct 1 Tba erasrorra.po,Kle from tbaarruiea bafora Wchtrroa.a, saya: hniwrauit raooaaobWQr bw. fSajaJr? of one tbuiwa'-d dollars fbr roail aoxl lrtrt purpoaea. were so imperiUd, or go-down bimself be Or. at tx Ms Pf Cent, tn fioM. pected Acconnts from the army of the Potomac rootinue to represe-1 tbat all isqoiet along the line, with tbe exception of occasional in tn to a of uhoch, auu coanjv taa aaaaa ta eata -aVN MA 8KETS, wbjclj Uu) boa oSaring Less thin Cost of ImporttIoa of the Pontifical territory bv the French, as also the transfer of the capital to another louality and oomponsatlnn to Turin.

Is waa asserted at Pari that tbe rati firm-Uoa had been delayed 4 and 'would twtiv take plao after the trassfey of the capital of Ttalv to Florence. Innoioated, and above ali, ebon forth tbe monater triangular algn neath the yawning wavea -t ct.srvaxAiiD, OoC 9. 18M." On mottoa of Vt plamb. rat erred to I ha Commlttaa anHthraotiiedlanr they osmanpon and drnvalntl rehai plefeeji. snd combined ta tha or ViS bvtnwn r-nd t-rinlAs nsa ta.

tia. ea Woada and RrWtram. 1 A few thonsarvl B.20 Sis Per Cent. Gold Capt. Win.

McKay, btaamboat City of la front of tha Unloa Headquarter, on Nr Wrndt mrenal llw MtoaHar! aVagftaaL bat tha (Herk of tbla Board raw an order ThejT hfad TrH SFOtlta jk, bn-- Jtoew mj- hvrM-iisi-inffakii-iniak-- aTTji 1 Bearing Bond, can he a cured at the Na song rtaVh soay he ciereianar'" confronWKU Tiod TtrmTdama prssntna tional Bank, No. 4 gpanldlog's Exchange, Deaf J)r For myself, and In behalf of rn ravor of the frvemeer the Poo of ttis town of Aldnn. Ibrtba sum of two hand red and fir jr dollars, tnr teaji orarT relief of tha aoor of7 aatd and M. Drouyn Ue rHnys in a despatch ei plaina tbe reasons why France deaireei the HBW OHOIOR FHEIVCH BfFRmOXl 1 Formar or ca I so. which biased tba names of tha Union candidates, Lincoln, Johnson, Fenton and Alvord, over the mottoes, "Our Army and Secretary resvnderi; and other prominent person ma have Waafalngton for the army tha Potomsnj The remains of Chief Justice Tanev were aooomoanled to tbe Railroad train 'bwlar the other person, tea In number, whom cbraa tba mum tbe town A Men.

at small premium, if applied for It job rescued xrom t' daoeer we were in Tin; was an iniiortat dtWnTelf. These work had fb bunt sin- th hotti or iSTLTwrz.n.ra pfrosi CHOICB5 FaCH MKIUlTOKjBa Tbe aoeetal ordaiof tba dav betns Uia slectlon of a while on the pllee of tbe breakwater be Former It fa. Navy Grant, Bherman and Farragnt," -S fram tba ra- committee of son qnaltnathn.tbaaaans was tajcesi op by the Board. Mr Nloe aomlnated aa anemhera of the eVaiallxaHon tween CCA C. R.

K. depot and btokeier's by lrealdnt Lincoln andsaveral membert VuUtm Wsa Meeting; td OcU Vt pier, to wnicn we eocaoea from tne wreck rvtramittae trom tb North ttwns, Messrsi By and we Peea CKOICK FRXNCK Former prlne ft m). pleaea EBFBKaB CleOTTtB, ..1 4i tnecarmeur ne eiy wUl aotra be eon racnstion of Rome. Heaavs the occupation of Rome oonatitutea an act of Intervention, contrary to tbe fuudaoe.jitM principles of Freneh public law and is difficult to jus-tifv Inasmuch ah tbe lendlns of armed eon-rwrt 'o rHMmont wwr tor free Italy from frrrelgn Intervention. The oonaeqaenoa of this stats vsf ibinsre places two soverelcnties of the steam tug WIbsIow." I rive to yon no.

-i Mr Soonher nominated af aaaea We'rh and Andrews and "No ArmlsticS with Traitors in Aim." This algn has been named "tha snow plow" by tha Copperheads, and the Union men have accepted tha designation. Aa If our most sincere thanks, and Request that Former prirw 00i i i At tan lion la called to the nolle for a Union Maaa Meeting la tbia city on tbe 22d tmm the famth lm I i TJwrsmy openMon ha ft1floafna. hat deemlns It tmpracuosbla to tsks them with tha rre at hts dlspoanl and hsrlnR saUataonrrUy aooompUshed sis dealaa rotumed to camp Aa aoon aa hl tr-iope to withdraw tha Va-bsls as.ned nut and attacked, mtt they wars ievarX iissa, their dssd sa wpi a4toklr it-vi the MrYwmr namtnated Btecklnr. your Doait-a crew may ne informed that we pleot KM PBKrW LOTHH, sj, veyea to -frederick, Md Tt interment. Haufa Oct.

15Af We had a fearful gale here all davyeeier-day, tree were -felo wd down In every dl- and the telegraph wires were broken. i iei irirDiv inaeotea to mem ror tne en act ct r. Former prfc tt 00. to be sddressed by Oovsrnor Bropgh, Ooveraor Andrew and Colonel Jacques, son and Haldna frmn tba cttv. i On motion of Mr unar tha Board proceeded to bal-lot ir oifh Commluaa.

MeamCarajr and lUcbardsoa I actln aa Tellers. i ive aid you renaerea us. 1 take tbla 00- faratato lace on the aame territorv. frennant. 10C pieces XMPttXrJS CLOTHS.

to perfect the auocess of tha moving and stationery Illumination, as tha evening It ia aeldom ao strong a combination of Tba reaull waa aa Mlowar Former prlcw at a. 81XONV TA. XlfCXABe. portunity to aay that we eatimate highly I the genetrona aplrit that prompted you to drag yoar "yawl" more than a quarter of see wore on, the full moon came majeatlcally Aftwtn rr wait ftltrwr to ratnrn' dr40-r loss In killed, wouadad end irna wStoua tpu. The enainr surrarad to an rental extent Jr Wbolarambernrvntaaeaat Weaara Wocklna.

aUeaon RaJdna. T.W. Ina. talented and eloquent speakers la presented sailing ud tha heavens, easting a flood of Wrtrh and A adrewa bavtna nenelred an votaa. tbav ly gives rise so.

aerious iltlotilfiea, and in conveniences arise from the different practice, points of view. Our sonacienoe obliges Us too often to give advice which the court ef Rome-belUve Itself bound, tn decline. In witnessing acta at varience with our social conditions and maxims Ofletrislation. at 'any public meeting, and we bona or uuwt uirongn ue moo, iq too storm, at A trt(oa of th ar -y of we I'otomao stso haavth. So to'lrp wera deelaeed rin'r elected aa ancb OommltteeA On DlLtiOB af Mr Madaan.

Board alkmniat nntd i Former prto TSav ta ptecas FOIC DJJ CHVXB. Tarmr prio (1 oa. casta faocra Former prto acs, tjiAiiiuM, 1,1, Gov. Morton telegraph here aa follows We have 8 members, of. Congress, being a jraia of 4.

The lower House of tbe XiSfrut-latare is decidedly; Union." 1 he Benato is a tie, or, probably Domocratlo by 1 or 2 My majority 4s not less than 20,000 and the t.roepeot is tbat it WJU be a few tbouaand more. Noiliou returns of. the silvery light on tha thousands of faces that greeted her appearance with mranignu, on tne 7Ui to- tne point where it waa so safely launched and so Union frlenda throughout the city, and in the country town, will at once organize -amwiwwo-. fW I. Itta a swtlonabla teabim vnnniir.

Oct. 1 looks of admiration. e.eivm,n, niu RttV)na tea bid tha lokn luat nueued. thera r.Jl i th aklllrullv managed wben brought to our relief. It was my Intention to hsve msde iii-iritai doaaa rid OtOV for the purpose of attending In foroe.

Hoard met pttranant to adjo-wnmant. Mlnnta of lat meettna read and anrtroTed. Mr. Allan oraaented tha rennrtaf PC Hvaraaea. lata e.

iwai niltn- at .41 Ml we tskewithdifiottMy the responsibility of Meetings ware bold during the evening aonawv i "7.w"" varlwai parUof the prtoe ti eiti'iiSS na Pprl-i our to you in a personal interview, but as circumstances did not pefmtt me to have that plea are, I take (J BAUD VntOM MAMM BETING AT a policy ws cannot approye, -t 'rj'C' v--at A portion of a large powder mill tn the home vote' haver ye- reached tbe office of ika. af T.A- a In EUlcott and Concert Ilali. Both rooms ware filled, and hundreds were unable to ftiirma In raganl to Staa roceired by him. Batened toarcpnnta. i Mr.

Welch praaerited tha report ef Jonatbaa Bascall, Sorront Rewwed Z.ZZ 'wretsryot uis HATAVfA. tbla way of conveying our appreciation of HIGH DRESS SILKS lit annum or t. reteraonrgexpioaea, xiUinK obtain admission, Geo. Wright, pre 6 and woundMr. more than 60 neonlsw and lumfiiN Delecatlon frent Batfalo -Mm.

Mr. Plnmhonrered the follnwlrwi Jraoerf. -That the Tuamli ai of tha Oainta he lannaar aided at Concert Hall. -After a song from Thel87tbNew York Reel men arrived qtsutnruif urn amonnt oi aillceet Trek-Light Pieeeaaiea tne- Inestimable aaaiatanoe you gave to us, believing it will be more acceptable to you than If offered in a more formal mode. With the beat wishes for your hspplnees ed to renort to thla Board ttie amount repaired hv him rotary took soma hours bafhrs ooralua to a frvelualon.

h-huvlrii raaorved Uia rltiht to decline al" bldaaoCli hte Ontnlon. advadtaaeraia to ik.M..... Merrimack and Oecbeee Prints, bere this afternoon and were quartered at Ceneee Aroieetl. and his pfedecanwra. for tax on d'r.

and tba mount "The ftlngera of tbe Union," Hon, C. Woodman, of Boston, waa Introduced, and wniru ban oeeo drawn from aald tuna. Adopted Mr. I. von oreaented tha netltloa of Matilda Fairmaa Haturdny, Oct.

15th, will long be remetn- delivered a powerful and eloquent address. BLEACHED ARD BROWN COUOSS Bombay, Sept. Mri Lawrsnoe, nephew of the Viceroy, waa kUled'bj the falling of a bridge. -rw Caix-ctta, Sept. 7.

Exchange 21 Id. It isstatad Bar that th mmtarfalisra. R. Millar and James Norri. arread at Port Jervis Now YorkrhSva ssT 0i th sum of (our too Nlltea uf lha lAmlelke Ir i a itrrssa oauery.

CHATTABOoaA, Major Gen, Fobofisld arrived here to-day and assumed the general direction of affairs here. Hon. Moses Tsgaart was Chairman of to he reliever', from an erroneous tax. i Renrred tith Committee on ei ronoouii taratl n. On motion of Mr.

Spooocr, Board adjourned stQ Ttaarsd.y, IS auu proaperuy, 1 am, Very si neeraly yours, DOUGLAS OrtlNOER, U. H. Kevesue Cutter Service. Wred with pride and 'gratification try thfl loyal men of truaty old tianeaea County tb tbouaanda of tnalr Union frieuda from the EUlcott Hall meeting. A.

M. Clapp I fa fa Damaak and Irish spoke first, snd wss succeeded by Hon. local fVorrcEa Burt Van Horn, who proved himself tbla city, Ienaatert Wende, Aldan, Prem broke, and other plaoea, who met with fhem just the men the people of Niagara, Or Nbw Books. H. Hawks.

10 East Ben- i mar-Let xor uotton supies irregular; Ia tost Cork, BbbuB Oct, 4. The Pruaaian Minister who attended the Conference at Prague, to effect an arrangement between Austria, and Prussia, with respent to Zolloerein, has been received by tbe Minister of Finance, and will not probably return to Prague. St. PBT-ettsnrrno. fVnV A.

at Batavia. in maaa, to damonatrata their "snjn ro Ts-ovaoa. Or u. Taeiitda-Wneel ataamar Klla wa run Into yestardsV aser Bran; oaa, en Wis James Klvar. by taernpallei Charles Thomaa, and had har starboard andbe -houaaoarrled away, besides Bustalnlns other dant nsaT f-r.

ff "U.r -'ntof. Wba tr arrive at P.lfi froas City rsoonnotsnsnea on the north Tor aardtw? mllos and a half tn wards luchtnond, aad reuirnad WtlhontloM. trsSV met BinalL E1 -01 leans, Wyoming, and Geneeee Oo untie Uriom Mxraxo at Obano Iaid-The Union men of Grand Island rallied in foroe Saturday afternoon, at Mr. John Nice' Delegationa from thla city, and Black Hook were present, an 1 also a large sca atraat, ha recet vd Th Ooeaa Waifs, a story af ad The enemy are reported in force at Hal-ton. CoL Johnson of the 44th U.S.' colored regiment, wss making a da-terniiaed defence at Cbattanoofra, which is strongly fortified and supplied with troops to xnake a protracted and successful defence, Oen.

Bherman is close on Gen. Hood's rear, and undoubtedly will xnake it a hornets neat fox him. St. Lorji. Oct.

The rear uruard of Gen Frine left Rmna. fidelity to Liberty and Union, and their de want In Congress. 1 V- A larsre imnromntu meet In 2 In front of the termination to put only ongoard, In tbla Cloth and Casslmcres, PAISLEY AKD' BROCHA SHAWLS Tltioal hour, man true to the great priridf Eagle Hotel, waa addressed by Charles one from Totrawadda, although, uniortu- venture by Land and Sea. Br Captain Mayna Bald. 1 vol.

la mo. I'tO'trataaV Frlos fa M. Bayard, Tay- Formt kt Blue and fioM; St Walfwood: tla author ofBssy -'ha Isdla-maa' Daughter," Mortey Sc. Aapslsof tt llsh ata ra. By Doraa.

Klecaatly 'prtntad oa- laid tinted paper. Tola. to. Fries ft to; and a Idy'a StOW. i I natalw iKa latter did not arrive nntll aftar The betrothal of tne Crown PrineeofRus 1 tn r.in1r talarata and Ila of our Government, aniHiif xorabla in their determination to ntlerjy crnab tbla cauaeleaa rebellion and tta devlllab inatlga- 1 1 tne apeaaing wss over, naving oean ae- vllle tba niicbt.

befora- laat. PLATE others from the towns, managed to pack 1 WOOLEN oolysomssllKhtaklrmlshtBitooknlsos. T' "i ST Or'swns. tITh latter brlnsa sdvlres Of th stfc7 The. reports on.

S.Uboth aipedltlon to Mtrio-'rWa, cpntl-med. Our, foa In killed and jrnaaa Bar tova btr. talned by an accident to tha tug they bad chartered, 8. 3. Holley, Esq.landJ.

P. In the enviable political record of BLANKETS AND TLAH1TELS themselves away In seventeen oars, and started for home. Tbe train reached here about midnight, and the hundreds of "tired Oeneae County, that day will be at down Boabd of Stjfbbvisobs. Notice is bere- Vermont, sod lieutenant K. A Far, sl'sl'n'cav sia with the Princess Dagmar, of Denmark, has been officially announced here.

A salute of 100 guns waa fired In honor of the expected battle between Mace ana Cob um did not come Off. Itlras. according to Coburn'S nomination on Priday. to lake place between Oold'a aross Station and Casbel, but the representatives of the men disarreed Tester br siren that all persons hsvtof e'atrn asal osl th aa a white. one indeed, and oppoaita it will Uoyt Chamberlain' were the speaker, and it la hardly necessary to say, did the Union cause full; Justice.

eirr, eno an ira, ami usaerat AKhbeth's lat eheak bone broken snd left arm rrtiottired tn two plaossl Tho rpertlLk, ssnt hy Uanerat Dana from Bolinay. he written, 'ButTalo was with ua then, Oonaty atast present their btlls on or before October Vth loatsot, or th hum will not audited at this aa- but more than satisfied Unionists, betook themselves to their beds to dream of the warda LexiuRton. Our cavalry under Gen. Sanborn Is said to have been repulsed at Fisgah, Cooper county, on Wednesday, but since are reported at Hedalia on the Pacific a- Ureat excitement exists ii Kansas and the militia hsve been called out to repel tbe invasion of rebel. Budge Frijrtnan and SO German were killed at Lafayette, a German settlement, on tbe 10th by the rebels- under Pool, Todd and TbUku 1 itrr-i fjrr.

BtTiM0Bit.0ct. And ao imleed alio waa-repreaontad by a ry. reached Kay etman samat raianmif tot rot arx a nisiupsr of bora-j and mules and aeveral urWin rleleirntliMi wblcli waa aimaaa meating of Union triumphs to come. Art. The Utlca Herald, speaking of the Kirk land Fair In that County, rnakea the Daalsrciloa of the Beard.

i. I ml By order of tba i- I ORO F. BUKIR. Clark. SaT All 01 ty paper cpfnnUlXit.

oolo-iot tUolf. In number, in spirit, in character, and Anothar ftf edl' loa sunt by 0 na, altar kail tba rebeia at Woodrtlle on the lh oaptiir kuna SoWoars, sat laen, and killln ao, Ottr ken waa iTonal ACavHlry scpedlltnu umlwOen. Lee.oai.InreiK 1 I nil Iti. klh will, B.1 I I I in reaulU the.Maaa Meeting at BaUvla waa following oompUmentary mention i In the morning nearly tliouaand of the day about the eelection of a referee, and those acting fhrJVIace stated that they would return to England that evening. Coburn'e agout declares that This man a at S-aVl Tn trio aei rlnrlmnnt tfioea wna mt "Union Minute Men," of the varioua Thb Cheapest Flaoe in Buflalo to buy a perfect iriumpu- oi wnicn our onei i good painting exhibited aa a cabinet piece lADIStf CLOTH Lace and Embroideries, I I i f(- HOSIKRY AND QlrOVES, And illl Other Goods MUCH HELOW GOLD VALUE.

f-toakinc at F. Asern', W7 Mala Toons account' td ves no adequate conception. It was anxious for a flirht, and would appear at the proper bour at The ring alde. Maoe The latest foount- uo on the Constitution iUncknev. rubulprovoiit llaralial General of Ihs district' an-V OouHldsraDI.

alorea and soiuiunliion, I At last sootitiiitMi Las Was B1ilss east hreiilitoin movlns A Baonunnlx out from storsansia under Tvl, Cnppy w.s., with three rasliuents or afaa's Aasoclatloa Bulidlns ectotf demonstrated what Western New York vote is as follows: Fof the Oonatitntlna sent in by Mrs. Pfpf. North, entitled North In he foreground the olvirized traps of the) trout catcher are admirably contrasted with tbe wild surrounding orMooae Lake, and the distant blue of nronoses to do at the Polls on the 8th of 11,917, against the Constitution 12,829. i.Ths nearativa vote Include manv MUuiaterl ma. Mokky and time saved by going direct to P.

Ahsrn's. whar you eta cat th moat ntahloaa- nrarioiMi tasta wim i reoei osvairy. November, and, although tbe Copperheads will undoubtedly 'attempt to belittle it, they ya if mm -ran tin. lie anilll, joritles which may be reduced. The atf- hsdbeatDudCBi i i.

ociotf Thtt-UMu i- .1, iihvo juaon ooiuiic psBHmsnweretak I i tne Aulronaa-clcs. gem came from tne cannot deceive themselves as to the result Camfaisbt BAoaan, for both parti en, at A foroe onrter dii. erthsaith Iowa. blcnnV SHmmaport, Monran Ferry, on the A wh afal A. l.L to which it points.

nrmattve vote includes 071 soldiers votea In Marvland. There la no report of the vote of the soldiers with the Army of the Potomac or with Gcru Sherman Tbe reault la atill doubtful. roheia hnvs been drtrso beyond YUlnw Bav.n The wholesalvby tb tboosand. at i oe ItAHSTJafrJ Oraat Variety Ktora. imuuhi ysi suriveu iu Aiuuuou yesterday morning from Dublin and corroborate tbe report tbat the intended fight is entirely 'off for the Ddbdrhx, Oct.

6th 3:15 P. -Cobnrn has and acodmpanled bybis friend, paced the field intended for the fight, ktnidst tremendous shouts from su Immense; multitude assembled. He looked exceedingly well, and was in first rate spbrlts. --i, It e-fpeoted be will 'claim1 the stakes, owing totthe non appearance of Maoe. lvsd I ai learner Kmlly BHeuder, from Yt at Bw Orleans.

i Pjlicpabb ion thh KsoisTy. On Tues- eaael or Augustus Ko kweii, nr liuUalo, (an artist well known to Utica Waltoniaus,) wbrt in addition to his success with portraits; has now an enviable celebrity aa a painter of trout and places where trout are fi 'Hi i Mabvik vs. Mabviw. The oase of Geo. i Advtom Anas aiBBaans aWaa -r.

in Noticb. A Pplendid Free Lunch will be day next tne various noarus win organise, of the ataiunerlks Iarla, bound frOnif Bs(dad served np every mornlns. tmm it to A. a. at He, wase in ne.

and SHlSllHi! BAEJTJES, nlsd tjlh the i in. rrom i Mat ioatatit, at Nsw OrTea. reiiort tb marines vet thera and i I Frsnoh Mai aslreet, back Of tb Fruit Mlura, VmmUM LUrtCH. rjravtia i We. tm ash istitst.

in each election district, at the usual polling places, by the appointment of a Chairman, after which citizens ean.reeord their names, and thus save trouble on election day. 2Q5 MAIN STaKtUT. so. FOR5IG? N1SWS P1JR STEAMER I -r? L. Marvin atvl wife against Le Orattd Marvin and others, whiob, ba been on trial in the Circuit Court this city, ibr the past three day, respecting the validity of the will of their mother, Sarah In Marvin, was When a district polled, at, tbe last gefieral 1)1 Ft HFRt a.

Dr. Trask'a Msgdetic nt wUl eertalnlrjirerent, relhrra aad ears th ter-rlbt malady htnaed early. 'Apply frseiy to th throat ttfOOKFO- rsrABTSTR 1794:. a at an. election, more than four hundred votes, the FKRFJtTUAU A FEARFUL RAILROAp ACCIDENT.

i In-pector are allowed to alt an extra day, determined on Saturday about noon, by the Cot tlpe purpose of completing the list. INSURANCE CO. verdict of the jury, in substance, declaring COatatSSCtAL, 1 Oct. 4th. A.

M. Cotton s'Sa yesterday were 4 000 bales, in-ludlni- 1 000 bales to speculators anri fexjiorter. Jisrkel was dolliand unchanged Breadslufi's quiet and steady yesterday, at unchanged prices. To-day's market is not yet ProvlsSoos Market waa fnaotive. Beet duU.

Bacon steady. Lard quiet. dull and prices easier. i'rodur Ashea very dull at 29 0d to 80 for not. 1 Suaar ad oofro, rm aalaa.

troleum ulet. Crude 1J. Refined 2s fjd Ixindoi Markett --Bresilstuffs dull, with FROM THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. t. i 1 lie UUty OI tue inttpecnor-1 taao mw OF that the will was executed under restraint lx shfpsof war lay orr the liar.

An expedltliia op IlY- wentwlthln su mlloa ttf IS atsmoraa but rtiurn- oil sncnttn of the towtiesa of tia wauv and not driven tMU'lt by, tjorttnwi' bnacaor lylns: too. low to ooaut ud tbe ha namertae'river'iV'-f' llontlnned reiiia hd prerented the French troons though It 'wps rs-ported tliatoavMlry w.rn within two i days tUarrh of astaniorajr wmuinf Ion tssis ry to ei pp. Jt was reportedthatOirUnashsil suns hsarlhs' on BrirWns- vl ie and thFaoa4 to bstobard Uiat cite If the Tsasnsr molested lilm. tub uropa of oulalsn Br short, dally, rains having demased tlient. If Further salliering of sotton fn Trourabs IHarrKH sl-moat IiuimnnIIiIsv and tlie teW nl ant era of sweat WIU aardry sualto enough ar their home MiiMuinptlon4 itsy.Xlce, potiuu-a and our are In Vf limited lald.

ThsstAMiMltrwarrom btmUon MtMM fAn Btnicipausi, -y, '-r i s-riffH rift mah-h ts tak placS Jn this Tneailay, the with lnl. between Herd an and or -ktw James, the rMenrated tarcot, rtris maker orTuits Th. former la to use ttiirlnsUeid tins niitkat poll list of the preceding election, and get ADVICES FROM THE WEST! AND NORTH AMERICA, nearly a. possible the entire voting and undue inn oenca of the principal fenjant. SOUTH-WEST.

5 Dopulstion recorded. The law reoulres that PHILADELPHIA. si Orimx's Clam and nppr part of tneehext.and, onver withabotflaa net. Msantl! Ointment Is also an ofllrtent ranDa-dy for rronp, sor throat and InOatnmaUon of all kind will removt pain and aorapem in a short time, ra lloras and cures tb worst eases, of rhonmattsm by a sear appltcaUona. and fhr aiore bnrns, wonads, aaan.

at aa iafaUlhla ramedy. It abould bo uiw tanoas of crary family whar thera are ehlMran. Sold by all d7uta, i vD. AAWBOJa" 4 Ca, Proprietors, alcsu wvavUi ttrest. Swift A 2rs Medicamentum Root Bl tiers renrre (tbo cans of dyspspala): ss-slnrss an anfaarilad appeal aad act aa a attie csthar-Uc.

etc Compounded by SWIFT UHTXII, 141 and Ksst Seneoa strret, BotTa'o, N. Yr jrarUcqlar attea-Uon paid orders altber in dty or ooantry. aen-ioi Oldct Inscrancn o. In imcrlcir.l the Boards shall meet finally on tbe Tuesday of the week preceding the general election, in their respective districts, for the FROM NEW 1 1 SEVERAI, SUCCESSFUL J. all lovers of the good' things of the earth that frleiJdHlrimm, that successful provider ef refreshments, both of a solid and liquid nature, will serve bp- a sample of the CASH OAFITAL A WD MUX PLUS, QTR1 a downward tendency.

Sugar dull. Cof fee firm. 1 Tea.steady. Elce firm, -i purpose of revising, correcting and com pleting tbe list. Tnls meeting lasts two days, and commence at eight clock in "VVER 70 TEARS SUCCESSFUL BUS if the morning nj lasta till nine tn the even- lug.

1 highly Important tha tbe JVglstry V-r. tsxrxn experince. 1 V' -V HAtrFAk, Oct. 15. Tbe- steamship Hecla left Liverpool on tbe 4th iuntunt, and arrived here at 6 30 yesterday morning.

Ahe has about 500 passengen for MewYork. Owing to the interruption, of fhe' telegraph wlFes, ber news could not be transmitted yesterday. TheTJ. S. corvette Ticondarogs got ashore on Cora Grande, near Iviarxjiliam.

on the t.jrwj faiij slDce onfStiizaf on, tnmojtm, with- Fbkkh ShblTj and Count Oysters, and lams, Just raoelred at Raull't, No. tm Mala street. wxiwiHiwvi favtnr auay aaaaayi ward, rallied at the Opera liouae and tearlng llnga and transparencies, marched, tinder oommand of Marabal H. Trow brlile; and their HI on re to the inulo of the1 Union Cornet Baud down to the Et-change Utreei Depot, where a apeolal train ofslxtstin eouohen awaited tboin, i Ttteae were aoon crowded to overflow log, and a number of enthnalaatio Llnooln itea who could not get In, and were deter-inltitxi to go, clambered on to the roof. Unfortunately ltw impoaalbto to procure more (aim, and at leaat two bundred were unavoidably iufU The trala atarUd at twelve o'clock the Union Gun Mqaad'a radical which wa on board, thnnderlng war the pnaaengera making the Welkin rhn with Nnnga, which were expanded to with cheer by the crowd aaaeuibld to aea them otr.

At and Corfu, a uuiuberwho would not foothold on the platform, or aeata on tha roof. Nina hundred and Misty-eight delegate froui thta city were unnoted in the rare, and Uire were, of oourae, many "over looked. Arrhred aafrly at Batavla, the' Unlort t.llera found alarge crowd aaaemblad to greet them, and the ntfer aatonUhment of the good BtynvIattH, a the immena delegation )Ourod fn.tjj the train, was atnualog to behold. They looked aa if they entertained aerleua douUn of their ability to roaka romn for ao many vUitor. A formal weltHiiha waa (tended by tha Orand Ifarahal Of the day J.

It. Mltcholi, FMt; and hi assistant, and an Informal but ringing one by tbeBatavla Canaonlera. i i 1 The Ward wera formed In numerical order, and libaded by the Cornet Band, marched np atreet, taking the right of tha proopaalon, which numbered, in all, full two thousand Union voter. The train daring tha niorolof brought erowda from varioua places along tha Una of tha road, and the people of Ovneaea turned out by atreete were flllod, and from the wlndowa Innumerable batfdkercblef fluttered a welcome I Tha turn out from Buffalo wa ao onex-pectodly large, that It created noma confusion awl lntorferd with the Intended programme. Aa reanlt tha delegationa from the town got mixed together and It waa iuapoaibt for ne -to cletermlna their order, or roapeotiva size.

Byron, Oak field, Alabama, Ittba and Batarla itself wera atrougly repreaentad. Baaldea tha Bataria LowDOif.Oot. 4. Consols yeeteav day at 88 mm for money. Amertciu 8tocks.Ills,' "Central Rail -road, 48ja49i discount! Erie 41(fti4 I Vr Tbe markets of the 5th were received by tbe Caledonia at Cape Race.

i.Ti a I Albaht, "Oct. I -f nnmed Geo. Gordon, belouKinff in East Albany, la under arrest bere on suspicion of being the murderer of Owen Thompson, the. New Tork cattlr buyer, whrflwas killed and robbed at Weal Albany on the night of the 14th of September. -Oordon bear a bid character and tha iseuu Baesaaand Fruit Mora.

houltl be Carefully attended oral- In some r1lw3r LlBKRAl. BATES for ail tha safr cl a( of to- OWB.TJt-rOB'Arift CXiNTiiTW Tutiirad for" short or tona iwtMta favoraMa tcmis. i wim breecn leadiiia; sttaahma nt, and a new form of animirnnsm. Tha latter, oraoffala heavy tarsat lift ea Ub Klifl. Ulalaooa ysrila.

Mows, for. th oHoRt beiuK rlinpty to last tb fvuMlvo erlia ofths twuguus. T7 aVf.aet OCw is. A riit 0 rlrlii wllh two plnrM of srtl lcry. under JTeWTborrfi-tirt, sitscKfif ttedulta stl ockyss taV.tay snd diora tlie militia out of tbe place.

Af wuftiia minus Fort reitiitteil ths but Unaily aur- reoderetl snd Were par'iled or Shot. The dtlcena Wera re eseit lUiotit purele. Tbe rahr't leo -nljjht unda Ftsilor tore arrived arajtbis i. The rflU youhed the rorcs oSBvaml tjioiuathd I dolts ra worm or ciotliluit, hnuta. siinm, to htirnedl the water st on but (lid other 'lijurr toih yalltosd.

Tn ro-llnt stock wlwsll sent ttf Tlptoo. i 1 rrlc a taportvd BiovitMl on lAxlnKton. I 1 Mill Anderwm ban cut the NgrlU Ml orr! railroad, st Hlabltlll. slssmrap-rrMto hv vslteil fiorn Anderson vs.hnj order rals hU la natitloua names on the pnrpoaw rnTn LT. Y.

If dtnired. oa terma aftba anon. of bringing up, on election day, persons 'o omy snd Mufety to tba Inau'ed. ls WlriooM aad AC MOsty tMmar. In Ma best represent thorn who are not legal voter.

chowder now fatuous in the gustatory annals- of Buffalo, at. his cosy retreat. No. and 7 Arcade Hall. A mere notice of the fact will form the prelude for a rush, ao be In time, Bharp this evening la tlie hour, The Ujhoh MErrt-co this atroo, -The ladies are renpectfully invited, and are urgetl to attend the Union meeting, at the Opera House, thts afternoon; at three o'clock.

The galleries will btset apart for theaC" i Pbat. Peat now appears In the Roches-Ur n-trkets, and is sold in Large qantltiea. It finds a ready sale, burna well, and the people like It niucn. 'it. would sell aa well in every other place, if placed where the nanlM.

and there fat nt. RerrHu IDS ifotn oi A.ngust, nut suatajned no- Injury. The Times, editorially, and in its American eorreepondance by the ateamship Snotia, continue to construe the current of affairs as favorable to Lincoln's re-election. It ssys the capture of Atlanta made Lincoln's election porwible-. which Sheri- OF NORTH AaKBI Whenever a name is found on the list not r.

IVUOJJBINS A Agents, ecu-sm circumstances against him are strong. 1 iTlii I i- VawVnav rt7 ta NO. 4 FBI-K BTiUgT. ctAva Bain Couwtt from tub Draft. ThCKKAJS Tt ltTTCTT TO TWU tH JtKWtM KKT pinu.

Tha Xlia County BoBBtr OoiBtnltteo will pay Five Hundred Pollan County Bounty per man for Uia above Refrlmant, which, with the On Hundred TJ. 8. Boanty, will taake tUx Hoadrad tlvllan for oe rrart ah. Ill hoped tbat every fooddtlrsB wIQ sid. InOUIof op this Raaimant, sow orcanlzed onder old aad expari-aoosd uars, aad save a trom th Impending draft.

it. t. fostkr, CI ltan Brio County Bounty Commlttaa. BaVOn-r papers pteaaa oory. saa-tf lsr this (reason of high nown to the Committee appointed to make the examination, its right to there should be thoroughly investigated.

In no pther way can fraudulent votes be kept oat of the North atlaaourl3 HATS CAPS AND FURS. peHtloit to Port Olbatn captnred T. aillo, Sirmerly llsltad Mtates Senaur. 1 ro Is full, of juu vm of a Uwwatensd sltank on Oolumhus. and reiiiToroem is srs belns ment there.

A large rebel force la at AtaySsld, thrsatep a Cadupah, 4 ballot-bos. There la nodnty more important than this, and it will be fatal to negleotlt-for the Democrata aspect to crowd In thousands of Totes by fAlslfylug these J-ta. "Forewarned, A um um, jm Jim. There ar no flittnts yet of tl. ataanirr atornlutr sptr, 1 era aaxkwa to gat th beat of articles, a such will to people mold' ttain It, fj, 'i XI tl rnrthor la Famitie tb an tboa ef Inferior quality, i eommsDoV to proiiant hooaek nepers the new flrpx of The steamer Orand Oolf hat anlrau hum tbe Oossn Uuaea.

1 I -WasstiroTOaT, Ost i A teller froth the Army of the potoiuA ssys tliekth etismyrxervla tbe uuu oat visUaae to prevent dSaer- jii. ii um nuiM, tffBflTnt nRO ooi uirn am relel cavalry Slipesr Ml have been taassln) On t.medti tl Wua (suppoaod. a raid US nrleft, The Ua mra from Liverpool, and (beiOosan Uueen, from AapenwaU. have arrived bee. i A railroad aorideot, with fearful resulta, occurred onttbe Shore Line Railroad about 11 o'clock this afternoons Tbe train consisted Of sixfpassonger cars containing 275 lck aniwotanded solrtters who were being transferred from tbe U.

8. knight hospital. In this city, to Rood vllle, Msse? The train! an extra on, left this olty at- 8 o'olock. When about our miles east of the Connee ticut river $nd while pasing tbrongh deep rock cut known aa Rocky Ledge, a broken rail threw the entlretrain from the track and dashed the cars into the solid rock ledge od either i One oar in he m-daie 'of tbe train was thrown arid across the track, forming a complete arch some 20 feet high. Tha balance of the train piled in all directions.and three of the ars were smashed, to such an eatent that i woukL be imposalble for a speetator to-Slasoertafn tbe number' tbat wr-re to the trjin, except by counting tbe wheels.

Mln of the unfortunate soldiers dan'a victory baa rendered it, almost cer 4' I In regard to the alledged naval operations on Lake Erie, the Times aays that anything that should exyrur to prolong thts conflict is to be deplored, for "there are signs of its extending to regions it could hardly have been expected to reach, Tbe Southern refugees In Canada have for some time' been unquiet and 'UT A party of these men, by the old stratagem of embarking as passengers, bave seised two American steamers on tbe Lake. It is reported, and we hope it is only a rumor, that two armed Confederate steamers have mad their appearance on the Lake to repeat on those inland waters the exploit of the Alabama onthe ooean. We believe that neither tbe Federal nor tbe British Oovernmeat can by treaty feep any armed vessels on the inland seas. But means must be found of Suppressing this new kind of cruiainjr. The lake) are tinder the joint jurisdiction of the two snd that is not liable to the doubts and limitations whicb applyr to the TlfhnrllT7 Af BB Ft WF Atria tiailAn rn Bias rru.n If hare ona-ed tbolr MLL AMD WfNTKit MrOsy Aysr, (ttioonmlbrs to jfacob evibold) whole-aa and retaU deal era In Droga, OrooarUa, Pal nta.

Oils, No. 17 Main atraet. Their Taaa, OMtsos. A ri are of prints aoallty. aUoellaal Ma at low aa la par lb.

A choice supply of Cotton-Tarn aad Carpet Warp. -1 Off -I' SOI S-tf Hive Syrup and Honey Hyrnp, tonBl-rersanrckaowledtelsth road ueiu Warraita Station. nai i fVl-Ka OF tiUOlia, which ther will Hell CM EAFBS (Ivetserii a Striiur racnptioa. Aw Kxotjrmo- on tii It ax-nr. Tbe railroad excursionist from Philadelphia, to Krle, we learn from tbe were Friday morning Invited, to indulge in an excursion on the lake and bay, on board the Buffalo Mutual Insurance Company'a Tug, the Relief," Capt.

Berrlman, They proceeded to jtbe docket about o'clock, and were received on board the tng by THE na- Anr uihkk UI'Bi 1 Drlllms wsscrrlnr si any new raontlla isv sertvait Tb Stock ooaatits of- (auoon and niuaaetaliuXa 1 at stl noun. i omrrs mwt hat, an styles. MfcNTM I'iPt of all ale Fifttc. The tannery of Mr. John Hutchinson at Williamsville wss, we deatroyed by fire Friday night.

The loes must be quite heavy aa the premises were only partially insured, p( Boabd Wawtkb by a gentleman and wife, of retired habits, for the winter. A family where there are. few or no other boarders, preferred. Neatness, and a good room, with closet; indispensable. Address immediately, with price, JOHN HENbJSflS.qN, Post Office.

Public BorKFAerttsss. Mrs, S. A. Af- Oicnirs AKO BOVS' FSl.T iN'b CXOTH JTAT3. best ami most reliable remedy croup.

uearaeDen COM. aad Coush. alway. prvr-4 anongthchrt. gK' CA quentiy exehsuHed by the oppoalns aravlna.

II i A soldier beloiiaiBKU the BSaIniant baa hastt 1 shot fciFdMwnioiv ivp i- The reports of oor acoots mil to show th. prasenea of sny corderahM body of Ua eseaiy aoith of TuninaM ill- Walter and Whitfield oonntlea hareaadoubtediy i bean soonred by a small body of retail cavalry, which has not been very ffetve In Omtrlylns tha rati- drea at this season of th year. iErery rsmuy saq-t i nMSKKLliAS. RFafr a No TRt vaLXHa BAOB. music from Mehr a band.

After a trip of hers it la ths boos rety tor nseia esseotsouumi ae a-V. i tack MaWrllvh.r.v I ft st an racelleot conrtt medicine Tor all claaaes, aetnr yji oohjsv An ROCK HABTtK SKTH. oa xT- i Mn run ut jcjuskm. vara Afll) A roext. tiioii In piaenlon of A knd out tltua (Suav see Is believed to bsv bee dose.

a Offtecrs M-kadod byre on tlinr way to the front kiava new onlafd prenjar to Join their oooiit ads at I rra. ygr healing to tha Throat sad Lang. Bold try all Uraf-iats. D. Froprtetots ocaf Tii Ftu-s Re paired at the Bhertest Netlce.

irpm tne rnina dead. It is lm- len has justly earned this title, and thousands are thla day rejoicing over a fine head snrav- i fchofteld sent out a Mrnnc rooonnolterlnf party to dny to discover the whereabouts of th rebel co.tta said to be movlo towards the west. 1 CASK PBICE I Pd for'all ktodr of aaesva 4 I Sa VlTCU I SV aaJVJs to all the We roust keep tha war I possible at wr tasien nour to learn tblr names, Ml rv 'enula I '(. of Canada, 'A SPECIAL NOTICES. WO Of the -beak amen: nriar Tt Ka mitrt nrvmn or tne atta eniorea ntrimem tne sarnait away from tbe abores as we do from those of Oreat Britain.

i Mil OCT BBSOTOIJP Dnlton whoaHcaned after Ool Joluiaon'n anrn.odr,r Braaa Band, and the union Cornet. Uiere Parsons, wer InsUnUy killed. Another I rived herh Tbeyav nuroore aeooojtadi The TMily News regards the Victory of EpiitFTio FitsCaw BB Ctjbsd Dt. were, half a dosen drum corps. some three hours during wbk'h they were carried some ten or fifteen miles into the Iske, and saw much to Interest and admire, they returned to the before coming ashoae were addressed by Mr.

Theo. Cuylert of Philadelphia. The Dispatch says It should be men-Uoned that Capt. Berrlman, of the "Relief," kept bis tug in port one day longer than hie business required, for purpose of exhibiting due hospitality tfiJa' patty. His generosity should bo remembered by our citizens." HOI.

C. C. WOODMAK TO SfKAK THIS hope that It miy be gen 'X tnearral r. Thev atare that I hey were on picsct, tortKNt, arnoeked over the ana renoer mar ur ireroaed tn stay and werr canitbt.a jMeaj Rltursnld and the intt-rmealata Points JTa One noticeable feature of the prooeaalon IMvaave. carina this terrlbl asalady, Isrlata an similarly sffllov tu.un wrur rari wm uua oi moat important counts, of the war, and warmly tfusngtses tbe Generalship of Sheridan, It thinks matters look serious, for the Cop ad to call er send lorclnailars of rcfcnnoBs and te- strengthened by Geo echrflld swheinv 1 We neve hothlnt- definite SS to arnC.V straw uintttiidca wm ao badly injured that he ean hardly survlv, or twelve soldiers were tkerlously, and some twenty more.

BllghUy injured. -The dead and wounded were conveyed back to New Haven and returned, tp lUe Uovernment bos- Pltal, (V.i The mora fivrtnnnfa 'wraea' ft.r.l. In rnahla! of numrrou esses cored of bom one to 'shoots. Its Is known irW nnhltlr iauerstes Virginia, as tne federals are tnty-four years standlss davote hi ettentha of hair prod need by her unequalled preparation for restoring, invigorating and beautifying the hair. Her World'a Hair Restorer quickly cleanses the scalp and arrettts the fall the hair, ifj grey, is changed to it paturel color, giving it tba same vitality and luxurious quantity asvin youth.

Por ladies and children, whose hair requires frequent dressing, the Zylobalsamum, or World'a Hair Dressing, baa no equal. No lady's toilet Is complete without It. Every Druggist has it for sale. ocl3-6t open and Keep open the route wss the presence of a arge number of soldiers." Some of them walked; in front of the Tenth Ward, carrying a beautiful American Flag others, Who wereiunable to march, rode In waaTonav now aoia to eancentrate mere. asWtilF te disease i of the Cerrbro-aplsal Axis, ort WlXfY rt and ib.

the rsnrus it i reported that prepsvraiion were 'Ottr mrnes I'. i Narroos System, and aollcll an 6f hlsj claim to public oosjldanc'. i i their destination-1 One of vum atusa oetaavef so rind tha rock in eucb snd'brtdVesss lij.t tsly bi With ttlu lar.iTrn.i.lL..Xi leva tbm Walton, i Mood army yes- rotisnltcd st hi private taatdenoe. Wo. llj Our readera are already familiar with the a manner that It was night before tbe bodv nrf1l la SCRIP AND IIITERE3T.

XTR ARE NOW PREPARED fO 15- mer lba th 1 Fifty St ADgBTf TUB I "5 COHTIHEflTAL IHS. aTaty 1st, itMl, And s'so te Fay Interest on all otrt tandtn i Snrlp ef presentan at oar offlca. wUl Pnrcbase Anj and ill of pr-AinpoairAST, i Wast tan strsat, aairy rrom a-js. an-u r. exi cept Saturday aoHMnnday.

fl erally known and well understood that Hon. C. C. "Woodman Is to speak this Ster could be extrlcred.tbe care bel ber-tect wreck. Supt.

Calhouu hits ordered be broken cars to fie burned and the road will doubtless be clear by to-morrow. dis communlcaUon yet with OSu Sbeunan. 7ta Tbera was sa abonda or uppl' smlclpat kmofsochaiDOviwetitbytJioMosjs Ma Men Wadman had sTrt'ed sod ratomed tOBUBmaa Of the Ulatrii-t. -v'-ll TherpsreMit months SopflWa on hand, at Jhsorn eer of the army fel thatlUd is makma a movt Thlatfrr np HiminruZ ttrmal election show a m-JS. eicM dectla" omciJ returna sod tl2l iorliy wl The friends ofthe -Measure a siajori) y.

aster, it is thought, waa caused, by a broken rail and.waannB which no human foresight compietea for thengbt between Ooburn and Mace in Ireland, on the 4t it ob-the authorities were nuderstood to be making etforts to prevent it, when a dispute arose concerning the appointment -of a referee, which could not be arranged, and the matter stands over for the final judication of the etake bolder on the Vtb. The papers oonUin graphic details of the great gunpowder explosion at the rnaga-aines of Hsll Son, near Erith. Teq persons were killed and as many wounded. The destruction of property wss very. frwtt.

Tbe Themes em bank men between Irith snd Woolwich, was seriously damaged, but extraordinary exertions by the tsoops at Woolwich, prevented the inundav-tions whiob were threatened, 1 On. the Sd. the 7 rkst marrifest-i oouia nave preventea. I Nbw Yog. Odv 16.

noon at threw o'clock, at tbe Opera House. Our citizens are IT- acquainted with tbe splendid eloqueace of the gentleman, and aince he first vlaited ua two years ego, no politioul orator has been more eager desired. 1 here Is an elevated earneatness and high tone of loellng in bis spefolitH that singularly win ttie hearts of their bear Young Hen's Association is a a LECTURE COURSE 'j '''7 tha Etilre rati and r.fA'T.' JAMES HALL. The, steamshig niton from qrt Royal, At full Btsrkat Rs'ss. a um, srriva nere iHat, nifrnu.

fa nl. flrtv. nvi' tiA wi f.Ani POUJSIJS 4t If ALL, AgetU, aeU-tw-s Pa. 1 sain, street. Ci larTeaton prison, says 20 deaths from yel- a AAdrsa aalMU mfe 1 1 DA.

V. B. Car off. 0. Box ill.

I ecio-is jsf A Phtsiomhiicai. Yibw of ltk- BiAOS Cootalnlai asavly so pses. and Up Bos Fl4ra and Karrarlna of to Anatomy of Um Jturnan Ur hi a stst ef Bcaiui aad Bswase, wUh TrsaUsajsa Farly Krrors, Its Seplorabas Coaaeqaeocaa sposlbe Mtndamt Body, with Uie AaUior's Flan of Trratdent the only ration and lacoessful mods of cos, ss thows by tha report 1 1 rae Ireated. A trnthfnjad-vWer te tbe married. aa4 thea pofllam plstlus La rgo, who antrrlaln dooMsef tbv physk oondloa.

Bent free of potss te any ad'rrat. oa receipt esats, tn stamps or osl tatrrmcy. by sddreaslniDr. LA CBOIX. No.

tl ataidcB Albany, T. Th author may ooasnlled npoa aay of thj di- lip ask a Bat hoe lifts sssar psrsnnsll or HfTflON BALES. low fever are aflv occurrivi In CbaisJeav Ward bannera and transparencies. Tbe Tlrst Ward came out with a new; device which caused much A Jack asa labeled "Cliioago Convention," 1 represented aa looking out of a barn window, at President Lincoln, who slut holding Tilltte Mad, on tha palm of bis hand. Mao flourishes a spade, and the Jackass ssys I want The President replies reminds me of a little story." The proeesaion marched up Main atreet, and countermarched to thai Court llouse Park." Ai It passed under the large flags suspended aero the atreet, rousing cheers were siven, which were heartily respond ed so from street and balon-iy.

A number of tbe private residences were, decorated with the "Stars and 8tripe, and every where tha tuoat cordial iweleotne waa extended. ill Two rousing put door; meetings were ton. Union prtoonert i fcll sen tout of the THE ers. Notwithstanding the unusual hour of Mr 1 Weodma-rs address to-day, we kfiow that tbelloaW Mil be ovejflowingly The followlni aneraftsHv ffiresentei Ing Course or junctures is rented for tha vrral)ls consideration aad city. About 4, rebels are.

In and about Gen. Fostei" iecently msde a tour of, In support vt tta cltuwn of Buffalo: full, if the people are only wen lmormeu 1 r. UOBAlrIA--oe)r, I Ml it HO BB, CARF'fWJJOFAa, JsIO-O- uitoa. At the OUj Auction Soomfr. iVee.

and 7, nt ART.KS a. IRISH, Jr. spectionnf ear roruncanons in rioriaa. Vol. HnlAa.

latelv captured at Camp Mil aa to the hour, and do not in Intake it for an 1. Toaadsy.Bov. 1 Rev. H.CHiPW, 1J. of Kaw York Uty.

riavoloc SC aanaoonted as prearat. a lly, Nov. A8. K. MI HU04.

H. of Kauip-stead Wrove, Ohio, ttabjeca "Bnad ines twam'Bhakas- nnai an'l Mnilnrn Anlnirf' Travelers' Insurance Co. -Jo-'-' ate Tsfaia Sir-set, CAPITAL, 4--t-- i -'lit sew prepartd te immmv wnS atajit itla, at Enterprise, reports- Bell's evenlna- meetings Let thoto who are in BaUaLion. nnaer Major xomca, mai pna- aTatt. Hojr.

Her A.O. IATTRTTC Of formed arf to the fact" take paina lo aIyer- Kewark. N. J. Buhjaa "lb Stua iliaUaadars onerat iituaunMUMj i A lar era side wheel blockade-rnnner was ttMT T3 A rVUuvrnlng, 0190., at i TnLrtaIri- -Prr JAS.

B. AlCOKtL. of til PrrA-bimc Jomrwti. Bubiaci "Th Butaor cf 1 1 hr mall, and mcdlUoe aent to any part of the wort -1 r-jJTl SPlJq 9- DlSTlLLKD DSW FOB THB COMFIXX-nnr I a 4eihtrol toTtet preitw ion frasraot as af on 0'clacS will soid to 10 I Tata-Mws, a. Uitioit rousing Union meeting was held at thla 1 hat-nets, Qeajrceraa.

Bofa A. Tut Uay.Dee. 1-Bv. J3I5rY BMrTH.D,D..f ButTalo. Holi)aa Not announced at prea-nt.

i. ldedar, Ike sa-FI fAXiWH 1.B tLO of Hew Tfirk -Tba burl tin of Beaoty," or "Th suak by our fleet at the entrance of Charleston harbor, i 'Another steamer, trying to run out, was driven back. i The Herald'aTi oorreapondent of tbe istb Army Corps, og the lltb, saya: The rebel foFos in our frost is being rapidly re placed rose an mack tta aonenlna and bean Urylrax aTecta d-sri-Si Improvement. j-nr i Oold eootinued to flow largely Into tbe Rank of England, Inducing tbe belief that the financial pressure wss over. Tbe demand for diaoobnt at the Bank was of the full average character.

On the Stock Exchange short loans were offered at C7 per Nearly all classes of securities advance d. Consols closed firm at the advance to 88it88i for money, and 8i8 -on ao- COUnt. j-- n- The Confederate loan advantsed Jfcd, and la now qnoted at fid. ddKiooal faitnrea include W. T.

Brown A Co- oott on snd colonial brokers, of Llv-mrpotX, with estimated liabilities of half a miUion sterling, snd Julius Mendel A Oa, West India merchants of London. So or-tber suapen sions were announced on the 3d. '''I'' Thallaiilitia of Walker. Cofeawortb dt enterprising Prussian Tillage Of' Friday bald In the afternoon one at the canter ef fl nsa Cssirs B-d Bwtosra. MM trwrs.

i taa opon tbsakln.romorlnc fro It pearly fy kl. a ro aaa wora Main and Csmrt atreeta, and the otbejr in HOt.tsWrX orSsrlaa- fracklea aad dswotorafkms. and tan parttnc WaasataBdai Four-horse teams, wiut banners nj-Inz, loaded with Intelligent voters, came in 7. lueeuay, Jan. -irr.

sa" id aad 114. Mn. Sulla-t "O-t and OompfniiatJort." front of the Court House Bon. Muses rat wbtteoese and elearneaa, aMt yoathfnl dot MaAtaraay aadOoW Mrs a tnftufiT. Jan.

HKHHT (ULKH. of Oatncy. soft ma nnalltlnahls by sny other means. Bjy ol Mi SV I tua Vans, rtubjert -Th Bmsjr of JUfa in abakips. by Lee's veteran.

At nrst it wss cora-T ed entirel of impressed material of all av-t byQ. -f. CTXA 1 drurxtats. La a Monday, Jan. lS-JOBJf B.

OOVOtUot WorcaaWr, Ttaggart, presided the iormer, and uon. Lorenzo Kherwood, of Texas made a powerful speech. Hon. Gee. WHght aotedas BTkt.a-.

-ill if BaT Terms Va. fcunjCi Fact and fTrtlon." deseriptions tbat oould be aelzed in Richmond. Tbe prisons even were emptied to defend tba 'JZZ. box JtaTFatTBst ABT AOtJB CtTBBD.On Of BVXRT DIBCRIPTTOjr. Tesrlyp UeltAWBenwtdrprmtnmer FITE tTaaMnc liwnrssoata taa soo af I1TE THOUStVD CKLLAR8, Aral net s-Mentl loss of lit whil traTeUns av aay pubuecoaref aac.

i 1EM DOL-AmS. Becuies a pMlcy tnr Flra Thorr ad Dnllara, and a'ai taranty Bye .1 ara per ntnarmukia aw i issaal lejary asssves from hat arauary li gnat tC A Ci TVFKTCTV-KIVE POIXABg PR KM CM, aerae polV-y for frars and tti par sreear aatloa air ail and every ilaeui iptloo mi aorta mm, srars la. niar Jn. aa naua "in the Oiereaw raa- Butuot-Not aaaouace at pro i a. A-a sjm ieaa nMunff.

nm mrMm.x i of Cpham'l Frrer and Axms Bpeda kt warrant nw.kt r' HI Arm TTMOW at Gen. Lee is Ttept oonstaatty on tne move first north ef ttoearnes, and than aonth ol front all dlrectlootj, A splendid poie waa with an enthufiaaJn which show the determination with which intelligent derma na are everywhere Supporting the Union and Lincoln Able speeches were msde by Julius Hoffman and N. A. Hal-bart, of Buffalo. 'jr--i 1 Clarence is preparing.

tr do her whole duty In this great contest for the, life the -3 saaaaasw at stsaawas aar-- gt rvsaroaaoaf OaUhtaBd Fsrer. Try and Jooa-sosd. Frtoa.n. BaaS post-paid to any, Bddres, by Buffalo. Suuiert Sot annoonoed st Prtwitj li: Tuead.

Fe. 7-JOH a. A bUOTT, ef Wyw UO to ltd Dy AG KITS WAOTJ-O TO JSjLV THa vllXa -Tbs bast cheap soaw tleUad tea. Waara 1lu moamt l.t-n whie as SMrtsafai an be ua. or we mill Aaevw St a Ulb.

J-eteraburtr. ne strain u- tV- i etttiliiniau i vatrara i nauraaya bFJchth ssrar, Fhnadelptla. Fa. of lAverpool, are la ted at front Baraa, oan.1 hro-ranoa aad bar pan Uroo ra aaat free. 1 4rO EUch- essen Tickets Tha rwrn.1 works In front of Fbrtl HarH- I aTTsaVS rl rxri.

re-i ers being Colonel T. II. Oibbs, A. M. Clapp, and Hon.

Burt Van Horn, Manyj ladle graced both meetinga their presence, and the different speeches Were i lUtested to wHh' -larked attention, and loudly aplbsudod by the thousands in attendance. The great'nopnlar fOdcess Of the dsy waa Waa auniaiir ofllilina Ttett sud euaes pa. y-t raat, S4e sonatre ao const noted as to emp4etely en- wtu baSaSMed tf kbav aas all DR. I. Powts's LrFn Ft.rxi ia ii numb, of m- ta tlie iiall.

and rti-twiei A or. no a'naie Ucfeoia will be m-ld. saaatly VWor all who are aaCnnrs; Bra laa- t. rrhaimklnarof ese works. bi- fiiraann Tlcki ffr sale at toe a rerl sad oswCt Toledo.

Til palMl Saaasl ICaerrr. Wis I uaa Dabtuty, tawais of Pcaxa tots! the next movement by this VV my, but it will hard STBAuat CATTi.Bt---A man named. Con nlOHHWT CAlf sitoraa, by tlia Membera of l' Ctiatmiiloa, aad at tna Ubrary licuna of tba tarVwor at rf toec Amur wm assay ww. rrfyrt.

aciU ani ts Cb airman Lectura cymmtttaav raAMarswnthaUen. who reaidea la East aipiii Ut of aaanr, ea, whnaw arta frHn th MM of a annii'fi mine, excanstrs a ay. or ssssiialar amsara. Frtoa. fa.

aent oat pat ss sim, by OCptmsa. SOBtnCis; WeaS, -totlsdeip Fa. i. vanw, wa 4 rr waiwa trout Mem- isflhleved by atghteen of "The Singer of the J.B-Blod- Hamburgh, la andar arrest' bare, charged with Stealing two beeves from Mr. Asa K.

000 rrx of bw2d sayss Tb nsxt sinl-ft -nt "rBfersnos will take place on Tnewdsy -or Wednesday, by whU-A raw the Dsiit ITeni potiwitutrie expect to reoaiv replies td tbe questions addi tssil to thoir govwrnusentsj. Copenbagen telegrams state that tbe qneation of the boundary Una "between 8cbleswigand Jutland still rtnaHtlel. Tbe point in dispute is the small town of In Scbujawig, which Dn- The Vienna Kmsrer Pros- sUt thstln the laat si Ulnar of tbe Confaoa, the Dan-Uh potio to aetU by bitxation the vrius uias oi cx)i tr m. i reart surea obla. l.

i ll.SSaVV at wtsited bath meetings and sang various jt u. Mil a.a Miuw. 3 llUwrll.ti Tr7aiit6d, Trsvett. Itlaallegel tbat he drove 'the Tbe vote of ieObio sou Fo'a KWB- witn st par wsak anipsnsatioai. eaa he baa Sar annam or aay anar aaaa fcnatu Bftaa a ats ruportat Mta rasas.

i i CT. MaBOIOM: Oasta ra F. larS, W. HD -leaaar, Jaa Ix Hoarard. 00.

W. at oora. jafaraal Jawa' 1, -ea asari rurtasrta, i Thea Beikaep Jr. I Waellua a. Irwla, HoWi r.e.M!-.

aWnslnaa a. its grs. JaaKS BiTTSrrI. FrrHd-t, A -I Bottasv Daat.B,Beerery. i b-.

BBiaVA, crsm, ti sssl 1 sal. nOUXlx? II rent. tlntun Lnn Thaandlencas ar-AsTB-BA Ccaxm Rellerl tat taa rotaataa. and a sssul car eflected by UVIIM I "if cattle from their pasture last Wednesday BAIw-A aa la pit-is and orr detached servicev siew i.hia. p-lva- 147 matorltv for the Culon Can AT NOTE'S MII WUKK.K, Wsah-iy er stwat.Jl weasiainy wild over their mumoai enorv, Ire 1 Ml 1.

a th as af "Cra ajma Cvm Van af trs night, brought them to this city and sold Ma ll. C-J and insisted on repltitlon till the yolces of TO REST A good fair taa to twenty years' staadlns yield, at oaten Is as ha- dida-- Ntehes datea to the 9th, give the part io-1 thera for 10O. i PORT A I'laao at tha krw staws Ml 1A.NO PORTE tne alagers nearty cave on prlnaofa pat A i a-s v. ssc Frtoa Ss tfwst pal mmr sailiM. by a.

Tjraaat. St aaa BSshta stress. PBIladeJpriaa, Fa, nlareof CoL Oaband's areaio. rmin Altered and Cut, at P. Ahorn'a LmtircD wnsos, Bvry thing paaaed oft moat amtiafaotprily and sonioualy during tba day.

Tbe aawatuanav Cfu-oalaasssBt araa. mm asaxaaai Js- ft Q.oak Wera. ssr Ma stout..

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