The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on December 15, 1868 · Page 4
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 4

Louisville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 15, 1868
Page 4
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IKBTOU, TOt UT, MC 15, Hi. ArrtTil u4 ttalig at Malls. nMN. 4 O te Ml -iar AMI HI Eaters Mall .. 01 Loab toall.. lad. Atelrago... aaa.. xasaph.e I MUwi hub ' Frank, Ul. way Met...... Lo... ileru hwn It. k. Ml. Loeb A crab r- Lout. u4 Crs Mailbael MeiW Loub. A Malltal Malla Cvs tr . wto-re. in ev. ew Alb. awl Je lU'WII Bit teava. ivs. - T"kYL a. e API iMlllll M1. Ct Allan... I rm.Ur. c-rtaa-l U'w a. U:WU IUI. ttuu 11 A I tr Sum 1 USt Udt HA Um I irrlval aa Dr-wrtire -af Train. Baahvlllw ftatlraad. Arrive, rtraert. paavrne tad Meaha Man p. a. r a. a. Pastille aad MeapBto iiM. B a a. " W r. B. Craa Orchaid k.iDrea !:) a. m. ; A a. Baibiss ACBOtiiaiioalia 14. a. LBP. B. let slag lea a4 rvwahfevt Railroad. Itraa. .... ........ Hot a. a. tea a. a. rBiasva i a. a. mp.i sw a. a. wur.a. Arrtvs. THE CITY. AaMarf rah Fmraarr. Ttrarv Chi Mere a-aa commlt-ed fc J" '" day l.t officer Harmon, on chart gixudl under talee pietevx-'O. rt. - - I mm, b err Daw "j . "' . " n-ron. tod will b.te Bit by loeOnt of Jan uary. 1 TM iK-afcaaa- Pair. tv L. . lnr yuuus wia ot m. rraue Hwk ami and the young gentleaxea of Um Male Bkvk Irkool, will rtett the Fair at Maaonle aaaaaa. nr ta beaHK of the f. Vincent Orphan A-yium, al boob uvtlay. Death ef aa Pal able lady. T1m venerable and excellent wile of William (or familiarly Billy") Citwa, keeper of tbe rim ttrert pollr atanos, died yesterday, alter a 'BtrtneM of Ibrae arara' daratlo. 'bewaaaladr of rirat b-nT.jknaa aaa) eajoyed Um krre of all who anew beff. TW feMc4uk.ward nrfcaaa. AU the natMl ifi.proTfMni-nu and rfnalra bav. lac nrra nade apnn tbla fine pciinn. it will be ones to tbe ft-bolara at tbe -UMlai bour tbt doto- lor. Wg brad ararrely aaaur tbe publle that the Board of T maltha ban renwdled eavrT known AVfprt, and tbat the -bvatlnc appurte-nanm of the bulldlnc are sow all that could ba desired. - A Maatahe AhaM Hear. Walker. In the aketrk of tbe life of th ruerrtlla Torrell, aubnaaed Inrurrertly atated that Here. Walker, who waa killed by Terrell, waa araerrUla. Walker waa never a memiU.' an,t waa rlrared by tbe eoarta of tbe rbmrre of niiir- th BUI family. Tbe reporter who wre I the akrtrh la queathm wua blraac If anarqualnted with Walker'a bIMory, and waa alatnfonnfd. rBOM THE WRECKS.: city i VTtriti. Tbe Mirtw Uva Klrer Shrc. Identification of Bodies. No Traces Yet tf VilUui Garvin. rva.w.aaily. ISia.W.dailr 1 a. a., dally aafl laa. I I v a dailr. kisr. a, - Mr.a,tilr I3 a. a, - Moa. I aay aad ftu Oa aalarday a waaa araiaa aa at lata r.auiar at. ua iaa. oaiiy aa- tmm j . lyaraa tha Mm af th raOraaa, aaa a. aapaltad ay natlag thaar trtmM . A. Tata. C antral !w Ajant, LaatarUl. and m rHw rallraad. Tha aapar will aa lanmbii at t1 at per awath. lalhaf a OaaVknawa Batehrr. Daniel Baker, an of the oldest butrkera la tbta eJtr, died at na o'elort aundaT eaeninr. ar hta oa KentUfky atreet, between iarkaoa M Bajanxk. Tbe funeral will take plaee tbla afteraoaa at two o'rinrk. and will be attended by kuwe aaaabar of butrbera and ardmra of iMbrriile aad yvinlty. derrvra will be held at tka ekarrk oa the comer of Clay and Market TNEJICWS. Gold cloned fat New York al 135 a RtuDora war cnmal la Near York yam-teraar af raailaw niMniHaj kacaaua Baglaad aadiBsCaMrdi A lr at Yamvoatli, !(, reatenlar do am af a J. UUM, Talaad at hM Wt Ball aa rkaekanaH The ieaVraoavllle Railroad Company have hnt aawad runnlns aa axtra trata ta Cincinnati, kaarnaf kara at r. arrrnnctheia at w a'caek,maaipletlaw?lbraaodalt1il'ana. Tha two atker tralaa laara at t:li a. a. and r. aaa htinoKiia. Betarnlna. a train learea cinetnnad I at adB r. a, arrlylnt kera at II P. a. Tkeae areaiat tralnawlll ka kotk aopalar aad coayeal- araaika aaaar Ma aaa aaaaaaa aw aattaaa, Darid Prk Ml frown tha Peoria aad Varaaw P.llraai arMkra. at Poorla, oa BaaaBT anav. ana waa alaanai atally killaa. Mr. Wa. Batler, a well known and klfblt of thta dly, who dMdjU au Jo- yesterday, la hla taat will ba- asaaahad aa tneorpkanaof W. Tlaeaafa Aaylum all a worMlp aaeeta. A aaa lotd watrk and a ralaabaa rtnc. aa tuaaalkail. will aa ranted oa artkaaearatof tha UUM tnaaal oaaa ai tha a. Tiaeajatt orphan!' Pair now la ariniiat at tha Baaaalr Teatptr. aa Wednesday areatag Ban. Dr. D. W. Tandell. wbolefl tbla lily on Pntur- day (or tbe erene of the areat enaainual draaalar, to htentiry a body auppuanl to be that of William tiarrln. ha returned home, and report that aa yet no trasea of Mr. Garvin hare been llaovrre4. The body ttipoaeed to he bit prored to be that of aomeother ylrtim. All the tetk In the apper Jaw of the prnn found were eonad and In thflr place, while Mr. Garrta waa known to have no teeth In the upperkur. al lien the boat on which Dr. TandeU and a number of other, went up bwaed the abore thev were rurteoolr reeetvtjd by tnpc rarter, auptrlnu'ndtal of the line, and hla aaen. and every faiilitv ptiaaihi waa aivra them In the proaerutlon of their aad mtaalon. The bodies renulnlnc tor MentlDration are muted aloojralde wb other In neat, aialn cwf-flna. on the nvvr bank, and arv la a remarkable atate of pmai nation. They hav mucb the ap pearance of mommlea, and b liuc frozen by the tntenav cold, do not decay. Were they petnfled. ihvy rould banlly be better preserved.. Hartl are arrlvlnc hoarly to Identlry their men 1a.. but many sro away with ataklda hearts, fur the rbarred and dk0rnred foruatw bear tmle resna-blano- to tbe forms of life. There la no r locator on tbe oodles. Tbe traaof euaaeand thearmtof aihert, are burned oa. and pan. ot the bodlea and hrada are burned away. The tones, of all the corp-ee protrude from rha BMmtha,aad the dlatoned features are rhaatly aad Ixed. Thr body of Mr.Pplia'ltan.of tbla city, waa recoff niaed from bta rrat sua. He was a very lanre man, and wekykad XT. poaads. Tbe unuarwniere are away at tha wrack, with buata and men, matins mvssUcaUoos, awl aa. let aothlnt haa appeared to show that th 11an.1i l waa caused by the criminal arwiect of any Tbe ntarbt n which U ocrarred waa very dark. and H ta orllrvad that tb wnM blew th amoka to aa to temporarily obacare th ttawal BaTha) of on of the ai tmera. aad that, UavreJora, the baau dkt aot aaa sack other la am t anas) rasraltstOB. Tha Mallboat rompanT hat Aon evamhtat ta Its power to rtatuie tbe bodies of the lost ta thear rrmnls. acaxilBa fur stnaa-oelaj aad tor crrwa drag Um river. lnirta tha eoM weather, dras-aint! haa ai eaaai-lly bea snspeadsd. th oaad irons fti mint tot haadt of th mea eaaared la the work. Tbe Mallboat Company will at one itmaawais tbe building of new boats is take lbs place of tha America and the ratted states, aad wiu la every way restore th line as rta pemev conditio. Tha lee lint at am vtncd toward tbweampeaysesme lo be gradually giving plane ea h tear liberal eratlaieat. aa tha facta ar betag developed; had ware all at fuliy known, w doubt aot they will he entirely exonerated from kUune. tVror a Ckrutnu gtft buy one of thoae aeau. tuul rhrnmo pMuna at ruck A Lis-Iter' a, 75 rourtk tweet. Twrm. The elegant drv goods rtoroa of the Irto. Kinarlu A Havdoa were literally tl yesterday with la-llea. Tbla It wlnt to tbe fact that tkeae merchant have oa head a verv lanre and magnificent atock of area gooda and aujcv notion for rbrbttmat prevents, all of which they are erllliw ai tuck low rates that no one trarr. without purchasing. Thai I. as tal of ar. Mob, hut a genuine truth, which, tbongk mamrt. oas. a aevrrtheiras tree. The skeptical, upoa vieiting tbe store of thve mitlemrn. wiu be euovtaced that we spaak truth. THE COU11TH, KOanVM OA lT Of 1ITIIIA kporv-d eipressly tor th Umuviii Coarwr-ioamal, by DANIEL JAVn. ArtoknT at Law. rAirkrowT, Kr. rkasunkT. December It, MA. ranuB pittmb. rmtrber Ta. Bord et ux Lsuunrilkr rkanerrr: an rated. Pnarp's artmlatatrator vs. Tmrinr' adajinta-traur. Barree: aftrBwdoa ongtaal and reversed ncrnea-epp-el. TavK A New kv va. Turner. Madtana: afllraaed. Turner va. Tatkar A Vaw. Madtwun; reerd. Hdea. Ac. va. Alhsa a atlmllilainiasr. sr. Met-atfe; teveraed. wttry va. Tuws of I.iaxTtoa. Metcalfe; rv tveiiaonwesith. Kr comptua. va. ewataa at aL, Mrkmlfr; aminird. Partly va. Frame. Ac Monroe; B-'Var va. Blair. Adair. Tewnienn va. rwvute-. Hart; Gardner et ai. vs. rrsd-tnek et aU Bart; trewraiaa et al. vs. Pare ta al- uiil; tinetaa'a blnilntetrator. Ac- va. PV tens A'-fllnttHi; uliltte.l e bre-fa. Irtg re. wyatt. Biaie sin, are iavw ni.-d and rule arain appelisnl to give bnad iuf custs, returoabU oatke railing of Ibeeauae. NrLn. AT., v. aasaeii. suair; aaTeeaaeat Bled IWWe Uivlieaueuja to the erierueav-st of Bo. k Haven for sale, n to a beauufal honp swad and txhVadld botlnest property, baying the of a large arcttoa of country directly tributary to It, which this year having produced a fair grain and hog crop, and of tobacco the beat ever before made, holde the cheerful promise of a tare trade for neit year. Well -Unproved teal estate Is bow the best security, and at tbla enmhtnea aviod borne aad business houar-a, with a enmpeie monoly of all trade and busine cummoa to a populoua mi r town. B ta a eajaae at Invest rarer, met with, and epperlally au. aa this M la the Beat ci,e11ltoB In all n in i la and the laMiw.,rti ii l . . t.. m b . . . . I bbmI Bbieal dlemaaaed agreed. of land and Its a.lvaatagea of location and poa- I Uft ..uj, ,nrrrv: am 1..H ih aad w.ra-ll"n. whtch will alwav. InDuence aad procure a I tne ordrr aa-alast nnn-restdeal aupeilee. and rl trade, and of annual lorreaae by virtue of I mnle and raruth appotated auoraeva to det-wd. the urge Itrtennr farma bring eubdlvld! and I rrynr. as-lgnee, ta. amllh, A-- hvary; -M- ""1 "rcaiag up hy new art- I wm aw:nrd u aa utor- ",r. . I aevl-lsw of Ikla court. i h Ltae Je liena Bwtlttnat hv n hinii ma .wnuuua-aiaia. r..n.. c.nKr.., h, a. ,. A t mrd Pe B A. Tiatea Wmm. I Jauxa. M- ror aipellee. aau I. .w. t T me Ilrtor of the taartar loerasl I In Boar Issue of thH aanratag 1 lad aa article bcwled. "Ianlc la Vaoot," rreaa wkbrb M would appear Kcnetary and Commercial Orrvrt or tw Uarwrrrug roraxaajoraaaA-l M.. anal tvaaoMt, Dec. It. iaa. ( The aeBaand tor emrveary t ipwrtsd amve aad la etreaa of tbe aW-'ltr of the banks aad uaaaHui IsavitwUons. and the rate of rani at raw- t to k per orat. Bat akllr the BMnary maraet p, feporteo suiagea. saw ta raws af aai i i awe Bvually aioreusBt. M at Bevertaearss trm, kw evrv rradoitcal N may appear, that li.lllaiaai BSine eaterpnses are leal allghtlt htronteae leajred ar embarrass .. This a.ita. .mtiiiwa f awiaetary aadmaiaaiiibM aaaire r---b great ere-lit ur 'he pradi aia aad raatP whfhwee. ssiraeatiy dbxlBgwaah saw awe) arse atm, aad wa ira has ta near pav net a tower sf atrraa-tk ware panica nave awrnt ever th naBtrr. The New Trk awary mark ta asnia bardea. rns. nnd kndrrv aara the Jmmal tM t-emee ri e, are enabard ts otlsia the Nu trm rate of itreeat Par call Inaa on the nrwt class uf 4ork collaleraia; watw upon taovernnieBi aeramtrs thrve are paraitvely aw new triaiiin at tn a are . V Myd SacJL f r-f .... Ni-w-l ..a. at ... Naaeal awa. r-ara.. NleMJ tC T'J paaa of kreta kr Paab dLnwH.vllie.... Mrrrfcaat- 4 'MV eU ta a leer-waUw t IS.pwa task . . V. A aatr' ik .mi l.aeM! Palbt 1V f Wr leaVltit a ai haaa twldi ee u ur ti a L.vCa laa.1. kitk W.ra laa e aa Iewaa laa ( baa. Ga t k Lara Ma t, far a a . n Je w A lad- a. k. Lai a a. - Cvtv Pw arreet Wftpie.tai ast .. I Se W.-y . I nthai - I ieaa nut j. a. vTr ' a t ai t le,rlir aaa e i B B 4 H ae tramw mmm ltt k. k. . I A 4-v w "V ' ... at w.av a.a s l-r - J , aa a , lit ! ...t VTW tar 1 cV e d. t n- aarh I aval ft 1 - - r-ea,,.. . !rv' - was. ' u.a " - l - B Baaa a t k-... ". " - . " .kavsanal.-. . " .- Vi, , U-T. tmT till. ip.tzj'' - 7--j""- r; ?: !-ztt?zi rr --.t-.-jir'-3 iV , I. -. ww -r-a a, n a..-. a.,e f - - - we. .al kra arav aaam w la. waa bast BB at e-e , 1 -' a . !" " . r 1 i paaaa. bat kra-at ,. a -aawT SX S f aa. w4 w. a. wa saa.i. taat.t aMeab-w w as l-a-eim-vi. Tt Z at. - ! ttoatvill Pw ra .. - . c-tlW . eaan i i srsj at Br BBBnJ Aawag mkwa, a. a- t a tTbTi T 1.--r.i t:--b-w- - bu vVZTttp TTTZ1Z2L Bri.vw Vaaawa -aa at I Aawaaaa. aaaetaay VaI "TZ. VtTZ tTlZjSZ b.'. traa,y.tta.waia. 't, ta. atta osewet n aa.Mr VTbaia aT aTl. l - attl at I are taaraa btaaarw I toptdw . : -a. v . . rr - IW4V ee t. l t. k k aai , I erw.B lee Br a taya a. vt aar axn aiat ra fv h aw a.-.. s-e S e s. "a-.bTLT 1 1. "- T law I e m "W t sea. oaiypnaw keakaat TP. Pt amount r.jf.l. a-l Jiaao. Irjrttett-d the Pent. resale-r. aaa ASA n;. etwdlna tbe am above c uftbepel'llr the. tSMrtint, ttMl.w.1. by tbe pavi the avtt With V.VA I - ' I I f!TrV.- l 7.. 1, r-a'7T, - . wi n aw e a- . a m i v a. i a, a I - . . r. ? - T 'mm - I a. - a wren, ww wattava ar... 1 . w-a . a.-, aeae. ra- . aa mt I '- "- 11 '' wss aaa, paws da ass aiara aiar ta ta.ia pat-r. aat I i.itt.LetrM. " '."l." ' '" V. ':" a -e I a. a : - , -- waw a.. m m awa. I ataavaaaa. . m awwaimaiwaetwtsted owuideihe I JJ ; M .... . --. I -..,, .-. II t-ajl bv aa bta,aaw at I eTrTl7-. a""" s ft a as. I Nasttki n. , iaaB J,,a.a.ww1K. .tB-- ... . : !t - II a n -!-. I i.'.--., br- -- Btp-I'VBl.-.w, Deeemt-r hs. ran. tv I aeafaa ,m.. ...,l rvm ar. ii. awd She aw-r. I ' - e V- a. -- I - - TT Z. --? -- b o( la ltittnwri.a.ll.t.attt-ela, - . I - 2 L . . I . , ZZ, T w 1 T - M m, I " I'" " . I t f ' " ' . ss inrrrvw a a:-td. is .nam ka I tl rL " JT - !: - I as ai b. a.aa-taaataama.baba.1 . a, "TLTIT; . ' T I ("Ca s- e . . , . l-ar. the aU, lrB tmeh ta tbetrtw.ra. 1 t w. t." fmmm, we. ttw.. M . S I . . . . I Ve i a. at WSe I ' 'a- r " 1 - t r al.U:altktKlrf V.iw, ws, s ad I ,"7" . . . . I -TTi-'w-T' .V. ' I , , . 'T. ? a".- -. . "T 4K.I.Sttaalia-r-aa.d-lla.ia: I ....l.r, w .w I ' V ! " T 'IT. . TT TT. I " " ba-ha- I '' . tT.a - "i "'r"' rcparV.. M WIU be ea I kaat tar nkceav I UabvtUtal ia.vita.ii a baaa t l hi a a I " ! ' r" . baTSbea.bwS get I " " I be a i a aaa. awr.. . a aaa a e a iMb-drldltto Bbtk.a. eawpUMa.k I It. xZLVZ B kTJll Vw. " I" I " --- I tajasrbwej m Wb-. I A . rnowta of kaat tear, to Brarli la I I arf N it a a-s a,id a-wis I vpivts- tea ts amee sewasad abd t prte b- I " aak ba a I " ' " '" tfcr dlgrreatv being aa Brbwe el I l - tbaabeiaaewa a Patnak batbaad ea I taw i I aa waatk as armaa. aaas Aa at I f w. - I r. " T " r- - . - The Increase lb btrth caetw was reiaw-l I w. - ... I arws. I t St aaa UaUt 1 iTTVe a . . t TTwr a. A .krir prwsrtp--a, -tLvi.7zttrsrs??A , - r-. -r- r. i uajsry. I ana ta-sraaarea an am brbwe tbraa. l aagtvra b tpe t r. B. I l anas aa an a aa- I - ai w.u ai aa - - - - - I a,aat, kesssPBtiatb.saaab I " t ' . "r- m - s - aes- tu. aar- l mm: rats mea wiu awt ae tovat ib wabarmintag ta. I owted: I ria . . a. - - reeaed twaawrMi htap as aereaw bp W I arlT day. A majtal at at the hew Tort I tj 1. .: .. ij . , I niMla r .a, a-av a a, ta I STZ L. mlmTS-TZ TT.7. I ' . - . a aT" C-l that th gre wa. the feral! of the fBrancea I 1 " . ! ' - I V.m a,a" i-I Zl 7Z I -""-- p.i.bwrwaeatti. I - - - - - t VT . " I .l,:r, .7..: la IsUlce totveplL 1 Blaat dray the autcvaest- . Jrromlht BrajTClrrwJtCwurl. and best read aa tbe ct-awaailts ml ap-wt par- at as C"aT! i . aV aT, TTt prt-e. ess Bran, aad rwaave B-a TTZTt TT TTt ,s TVi V awtw -' '' im7m?Ti w waZ-T mZ atag near the tub, But fro. r ta tbe tZfZZZJTZ:.: ""T " ej ,1; . r.' 7 .'-TMT taJ-T b- rjlTt T"t f dV a-a-wUTl iHi- . W here Ike petBJoa shew, wedlm But mt allua i d caBy to that a ton ibii I tasstban eaa be essds a.(seatat- av, a ."" T"" " ..' '" 1 ,N aae. w .- a a ea. a a """ nirre- ra Ik aadgaaewt M to a cb-tvsl aateactsVaa. be- . -. - - awaawwawaaa. tie. a m a e b.we a-a wf Uk f"La araet teaaTeZa aaa H b ebaa ft ' ' ' awaewt awa - i a a aVtare the farnace waa pwt ap I showed the easV!heJwdrwBt eaa be aasaadbd by tb T"" T. . .T.fTT' . -awaa aja .s.llta b-a, v-m TZL? Z-T Zw. V w. at aaa m i TTL . . - . treat ts Mr. rallaban. th hrk-kmysT. who pro- record, aad a ap.i al eaa as aat.Tisiasd toe tnie bear rsat ntart aakaa aaat t. wut n as, at ae a. Tbe wee i.aana t. wwh I istiral weatVr-- rtawtUtwW.aMnavawktab,', a.wa a .t tea i 1 1 fas . ."-ar a.-a . d" aonaced R perfectly atfe. rorr-ttoa saUl aaaUuw Is lbs oasn astow lor that ""towevwaaaaiy eaassl. Aa th wewmbts m eattvw- eeveral tVajraes warsaer oass kaat wee, taaara- skaa seat. tb. aaa- at aa.. w-w-. the - - " 4 T I . 1 bare put ap the aaaar narssce ts ether balls- P"T-... - IP la -evvvaOa, tbe II tillM cbwaaw bta tor mm das aasraawba, whether bwapsea. sg "T- LTs7b. bkaT7toaZ. IT rVi. -- "5 mmTm TCT at. llZZm-iZ , - , - , - Itoa. A farabt. resalrvs aaan atbvauo. thaa a a. del-ase, th. owt -Ul Brvawamt that ha w r T!. TT'. ?'- "" . JT?,-,r'?'t' '.' ? . a a-aaw- -nevaaa taatwe a. -- -- -. - av -r-lT . raiTTTe- ZZSTw '-tTUXi "TjrS atovc. aad otarkt to be uadea- the rxamtrol ef a tha "Joha Law" .ai I. aajBiy laiim laiaat waa weewssibea bpaasmawer- artrvap. aad a Bar III IB arat. was ra ee-etat, wai-s va st pa i aa ve ;rw wsv f- ta-a at a t . a at t- -a v Bawe.a.aB.iaa aral n.inni tn-Ti - TTtTn Where tamaan. to arrerb-t to the aweraT. abht argwabaaav wsj aat he eatoeasd. epwra, The awsa gia at a a. tb . am t tig hew -wswaatamltaB h.ak Bat wi i a. mm. , lZm. assa-e.awa.ww j- r - . . . TTt. ,i Tt-lavTlk Ubhwcatd by a .nasi sack risen a payaawsm twa waly be reswavd at a. iba-vabaat towl aav.eBVca mwrnttwawa APT-W. w a a, p-Bx. -aMM tTt V"trlT J iTr "i "tl UnvvtxITrer rAsaT t J HAUL Ul pe--. Wh -vt-dT to Pawad r aty aa baat bad gvakh aawthk Th mrw Twrk waatwsrh as- ?Tr .. -.".. . -T Tl-TeaU. a am -, e-ava- b a Z - aT- rTi-l .". t-TJ ajcnrvtbaa. tear, as. s s. a. J. BtABB. mmmmm9mmm ... a aawsaad ai list ka aba th bill g the Whs, sawaaa WIU sasaaasa aa - - . - - . . - swaaav wspeaap Cat a at fat as to pre I aa 1 Lis b a is aeea bar a as .. tet anwV "ass i I aaa a i , a w a mmmmm , - iini rT r LVlTVrThji? -....rJTmm.mmmTTmt I"-" .' tT r-s eaa. a. a a. a , n. ai gT-t a. a eesm I w a. ITtji a-jaaat, a b . -he. -Tb a . . . a "T5 1 ' r. . . rl 1 " '.' - "f etratetaa east aad swAina asaea avwa, rh aaalhaaer. twre a aad aaawkaaa. Bk rawag. wbaaw arte. At tow I a awd a II at aaa . eeea. aaa a aaah, u. baas raw Mat ,,. , , p s. -a it.ews.aa. a7 as. a s THE IIYU BItAtTU. 7. -?'"" " "'-- Awar waa eaba, vk. axavcwvw. aara Bast wd krbra..y7I.Vvw. ttB.iaV.aa Af ta bwd- twCSwbatb. ZZZ. b a-h. a. . s-! 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T-r aJ .wtry La L maaVTa sa aaa. s ' ' ."" .- g. ittnaw - a . aw. a. . - ThtotBwa.pfwBgwthi ssasAWtagt. aavvaary. aad we art waByerawd hwaeatoaasi . irkisf Be. p it i .sf a tar. atshuat Th. awartea a easst, araa bjatea. T - - -'-- V- - - . ' L. ": TTl.TL! !.: by Uary acaloM Uraa aawsa. aad l.ww mt I was bvalbtwaaaws lltta laggaa hto mesas ae laws-, at rawarS aa Bap.. nag aba a. man a aat aba, a araa ansrte to araBwag at BW pw gabaa aaaaa is. yebe. .W,. a. to aa. , aT1 , - - ielHirSc --2 ida7Si.-a - CRAIW DCALXilS. " the Civil Pea ebsatty aaa alba, that a was taaaws- aakracAa. aWerytjawf wjaw to abas haw apart. - - - '?' "-!- sTatoTt-Twwrvewaa-sadyrt .iwagl BAXTTBar BAgajrT. "'' baab.aa. swietlns of th. ofltcera aa) tea-ben I tbeawxt pew- law. ns ). w.t aaeeMd I wttbasl sbrvswag hto aasea. by tb. I "JZllrr-:wZ I b:i.'b.s.-aa I a..s,. ,. a ! g a a- ..aa. a aa - to-.. eV-.lh. wliaMTvT-rv. .Vr tJzl .mmT to-- 1-71-.!" ------- 1 1 IT H MUUaUl t UL I A. Miller was called ts the I an lesa be had esmeeed from awd eaavtn ajww ta I " waal aaeaaat k awaa. Bwas. I ! "-""... ,T7i7r n , I Z.T. TT. . . . . . I - ' I Aeatst aat Miaou WMaaeot.kad aecra 1 lag l thajait. Jha laaasg. I J'.T2lS71t2mT--lTT I teT r-.--t, . paTS. " "" I tofwrmrraav ! hstnasa aiplalaed the hbtot sf th 1 Y'T" 1.'J !r.". .T? I newaws ' I war aa tBaUse bw aaw aa araai pel. . I a I tbe-pg gewuexaea W I r'T cSe. I m .1-, sT..'..'. I "TT T-t-p-W b, C-mrmm. I " - -fal: I ". V fat3 Ptlttl, todraaBtwaml)toaadre-. ,"-"-JL I TrW.v.7aavrab. w. I r.bbabaadai Ta. .7 1 ' lllr-. A.aavar.Caasael w. I -T.TT.. J??- T. '!.'- I attp to rertee. tb eawaawr af BVs rati. I Ctorvww taaaa-The aaaraa. ba. kw vwcvebbt I TnnATX AhB Ithhaaw wrm-m twav w I a, a r . rf I en 1 1 at BPJ pit ABB) IB II anurJrraaV JL Webaar aad Jaate ft. I sad pay a atteaaoa therea. if any of th I .' TrT TT."?' " I 177,.- "- " - Z7r. . - I lb paw, I C. pa bag CM at I -, a aV -T fa . t i I aaBaaawaBwsgAwaaab I apeewdexanaetetsa satho I ?tr' T " T" .' ' " I l It .... ... r. to I ts tew t I ! aaws aJEB Baai at Aaat I rted Ih followtas I they sbsaid be maaiaatert, sias th sown aaaid tbs rm iisaai, at aa ana-av tttita il at I - I !!"' " ' I . . . . . awatrVartiita I hawdkelar..a.ya: . I aa taxarday. Btaatard gwads tta toa Urn. I la I r. bdw. B. . a ISswA -Ma I at aa i to i . i l i umasi I I w.x.aa-a-x-aB coarIore . ."f1- u..'" ? " r I There have already bae. awatoas. ktvawaoai bww. Mat Awrwsta. Mr, Lswvwsew. Ut.n Paw- I tolLpawAwg f . I AMUIIMIITL " irsulu thTTtatllt!- I tow toTu torthar ptwcaxliagea sack I , rttadtoiiim aad the tot arvxoa hw aeuk-d 1 pssaal a. xtn aaesrvsy A. Iliac. Itsran paasa I !rPaaa- Z Z I ,r T,,m 'ymTm m"m,f aaattBI I AaUIIHIRTI. b-wsp-S I ctrb I s"rj: ' ' J nailtima Of av ITi-a-aa. mZTZ I E2swb5ab7 ?! t,T I -- atgb. W.wav gf,n Bwaawretrba, I "c - . - - - to I aaw-.-Sa. I I IT I I toSpTrZ th. I a-rtr7LbtT aCaaJi",aa7t ton rwnrna taato. BVtte: waa. tot Bew Bar. I ?Tr? - - - I L' ra-Ttaa'ard' LrlaTaT I "l?LJ7l" P " ' -s court betsw sboaiM reiwae to bdiaoge agaiBwi aim. I raker be thaa ast- aay bar strhuwi tasa. I aa r. tb-. pnwa. gi a rally arm. lean bh I . T. "TT" I ii it . T - IT - rrT. i- -tariiCJ tbrkv-.g-ri liri-toewt-. Bbia-, T--, a. awe h-- aS-w-Xm'S-a ' i?2ora I -wd a. bp B saawae B.jiti n a. I of the war-, theee wfiae ana tail, i Piatbi ta I paw thrawd to resaared bt II per Asses bw aa I viaibi B-Waaa wraa.ew.erwr PM a waaa I 7f" aa-a. I "-' "" - - " ' i ". l.- , rjaxrkal I or revwoaatiua. bow what a a a at aaa. wast ba- I tower, tnkar tint a j i am i an titol I to waa. a a . aw . (rromlhsOUoClrrwaCown. I 'TZiTT''' -- ." chaaWT U," --- "" I titt . lawa-e aa. aaasaaacvwe.s era pweasg I o. - SJrxK :-TZ I . WtsdAawiaaaa-riiBiaw' m-f. .-ap tow, d- .T ImZ I .-J Ma awaa. I r'a I :'rr' "'JT'rJr . "l"rr. i ,"L "!rrT- I w-ladr-tewB-aa.-laxiaf wttraat I m.,-..m. a-awevs. b I BVabTT. 7.V....V abaaaw.. .. - I pa. rrv wea-m. I ttxe-i a ka seesaws, aaat prttws aassje asm Al al I aa-a bsasb AwB aad tows.. I fe?aa savxrh -ZT' 1. I rail, era-fa Lreeraal by talL L0 pa ml I ball Pa. at a. as a ae taat . 1 dassV-Baaswawp are Bet I awat. to Aat Ijaa bwaea. tajd; wad by saeat sVAal I - I , a- i P-wtrw- I aatew acattaw latBtto wf wbaa.att I t m4 Tf TmtVimX. I 'wT. aJX r a-aba IT"--: ' V ir. TlaZ. S,T I Aad. I TW ate aaa bSt ba-vaa. m Braa. I r"- lbs lasatry's I raovaaiiaaa Purk raaed arm at ta aa the I and paea-v bate agsai aaiaawd paw. Be- I .' . I iaBpaiaBBWti ar.b I spat aad Am At Bar J.aaary. Usa-Ab-at taat I twtaaa t. aa. aa sain t-sax. mmm aaa. aeaw I aaa. , aw t -a ae i . - t i . . - - I - . . -. . . Bta Sit ml I aavsWS 1 B LaVt a t W . , I - -a r- ewa I aa.. a-as . e, Beaa ea pee BassB assaabbl. taat- I abbas as tor weee SS BsBsawai Beat Vara I ea .eTPiw la aa a a tot tea a- We I I awa. I arfc. p , li i a mmmmmi asp aaa taawaas ' "" " w.atjta t mm t tM m ait. Wall ttreet wba Mngtrjarably Arltaled ar th BBIaaaUoa that the aaprwmt TV Kew York Tumea tart Uxal a trhema to aa Past to have the tea aa whtoky aaaia raxaed t e rw AM kara, aad cesxrwpai batag eateuyi l.pappen a. IT. T. nioloa,wlvo robbed Wbl Thrfo Af IBUM to baaada. tbat Jaaasry, waa rwosaUy csptsrid at tad aakaa at BaHtto, B. T. lur trial. Tb rrporlod troaablat ea lag FaraTata I Vaar Artbrtoe, The hyfles eraaaestad with the Masonic BTldowa- aaaf Orpaaaa Boaa. XxeortailOB deem m to aty that tbe toUowlag articles. wRh a aumber of filler bat valuable owes, will be at Mrs. w. A. laaBkal'a a Mr during the fair tab) week, which Two a tree -at nea value. AaU; owe eaa are, 1. uae cataa weak service value, Ast oa a heeler A Wiltoa sawing -axachlae value. tx. THE LATE 10. TEIIELL Why He Dofled the Cray and Donned the Blue. Boo. It tlluiaici Pierce wag TeatcrtiaT pe-toeebbt Bayer sf Bevrbarvport, Haam-he matray. The BVaxrda sf Aide, wen aad Oswaaxoa Caaara era Marly a. Bally dtvldat, psutlcally. - Ta taow Ib hboat two feet tacen at Oa- wsga, B. T. A arala arrtvedrthere aw Aaaday watrk kad kara twemty-twe hoar etark ta the aaw, la imi.agwi rawiilnlag oa beard all Bight. ' RfdAwBS of the Xaynrmlrr etextioa at Bestow from all ward, awl tha Tblid rive wa anil t, piaaurrat, sad yriiial tbcsaibrat, t-a, aad awaaau, aepsniicsa, i.iaa. The eia.k WUI easst ahartlnT by hboat Uui plarallty. Important arw drnpatchca, prapam at Bavaas tor tha bww York beea aa. (i hi t by the rahsa aathwrtuta. nam tkkl t.HM mhwved lbs. th I llllBOBBbt biabd ban waa asm Baponaal itfmm The nnrtda tyaieiue Court has ren dered stdgmtal af swab tjovwraor uiimt, toetia llag hit eattta af bit oave at I lialtaial Maimata. prsbahllny to that lbs rasa WUI he totea to Ih. Causd Ataut bapreaje Caan. The New York Triboae aart editoHailT that B to one tdea tally advised towm Washlag-toa taat lbs Auprim. fwwrt is preuy eprtaia ta adjadsw the legal west r act aarwatUtutioBat, tad thaa thete wlU Brsbahlp b bat aa dhwea. at tha eaan i The Kew Tort TVmet dcnlca the ra-psctsd Ibery ntolln la the Araata pun kin mowsy. tad say. thai T Jtuam were aent treat tha SMy ts Baeaa tost At retocred tea, bevrag beaaaratfroail aalna war ta aeyateat at lb Bumlia miiitt baaas. Twe Baaa, atmarl Tahaadge aad Rrp-y were air.wtid tot Oaeilaa 1 ea Aabdav lor nyillng tw eetes of th. eahwof HVtoA, from Bwwaa, Wbltmir. A lit- at Bew Tork. a the eta uaat. aad wr tokea la that dtp yaaiitoy antlBA to clerk of charged with m nailing Owlagl. the eoatlsurd III seas sf the raarH- . Boa. T. B. Cochran. aCali at the Cluan If Caan art araaewhat la aula aao. Marshal Wel- t miili aly two talet yesterday, la the cast of J. G BtBrt. caks va, 0jrg f . Browa, thine, a aerea of bind la Jegeraoa county re asM ta G. f. Browa for fU Al and to t ef Joha Pea la ta va. tb LtuavtU k rkaaieal Baksry Oompaay. atxty teat af tl tiaatl aa tha ttaikatil comer of Green aad rtovd wrests, tor saw dollar, to t. C. JohastoB. H a i KEfirr ciimi n ns nsTin 4s IEL1TEI II imELF. AcrtA-iaiTY or geji. jobs a. JBO"UaAK. ty wa. sold merely la ordag to perfect the tula. A Wampaal Baa af Msve. Let twa day algbt a aaattsr af tha aseead av BtBtry. while aadar the ataaaaot mt hiear, Bv vaded th prrmlsr of a Oenaaa Uvtng on east W alast street, aad, drawing akalfe, thnalSBed to make mraee meal of the wonky landlord. The tirrmaa, eetalag a run, atade after th aol tier, threateahtg to teoot; but, oa coming ap, Inst ted of ahootlng, knocked klm down with the heavy barret af the gun, alter which the Gersxaa called par the pot lew, whs placed the bombastic maa-of-war aader arrest. - Traterday he was lnd $U la UwClty roan, and required to rive a gooO-be- havtor bond of Amu lor twelve moathe. Th "Tbomaa Khxf, aecond AHaln hi ArtiBBii appear tobe rettrnj A. Thacatiteat la the regioa weere - Btaae aad ar aritvbbf at Mempbtt dally. Bvea the Badtral arena hi UuK Bock aeserta that the I by The following named sotdlera aad es-aoMler. arvtred at lbs Lootovtlle Hotel yeabwrdap, aa lister way to the miutarf reunion at falcago: Cot. Loras B. Boota, B. C. Urwersl Joha M. Oliver, Pol. Case. Waabburne, and Charlea B. Bheltoa, from Artassas ; Dr. W. r. anarling. Hon. W. r. Hm.ii. Boa. T. B. Stanley. Major w. J. Oolbura, Lleat. J. a. MrNalr. capt. H. U. Thomas, aad (wpt. Joka Bnhm. of the Army of tbe Cuai berlaad, Maakvlll. Many otocra passed through the dtp wit labut stopping. . Mr. H. P. radahaw, of the Ira of Bradiatw, Pegdea A Ce- affcbltecta. departed tor Europe oa iday. He will epend a while vtolung hit pa- teato asd frlsbda la Calaad.aad thence make a pit apart trip to the OohtlBeau. A man timit Jaate Greer, ear. th New AU baay Ledger, who came ta the rely ra company wHh Haw Bsao aad Mm Thompton. af Aeyaeoar, Aaturday evealag, waa tatea auddealy 111 at th fitaamiiilil Hotel that sight, aad came aeardy-tog. H bad all lbs aymptoa. of being potaoaed. bet kad rales Bothlng excev. oyatrra. and had ta-keaadrtokaf llaaorat leraaoar beftxraalanlag. Tbe pbrwrtaaaatilil that he had absB Am while highly excited, aad .Oder sack elrcuav-atsaer they have the egret af potsoa. Greer to owe of the Btrwi baada at tb Beao ptaes, had, bearing the Ben of the lynching of tha Beaoa. keraav kbrkly eictted, tad wklle la tkU rmme af wind partook of tbe oyatrra. He araa about aa Banday. aad acoompaaledth tail Lata of the Beao. to Utetr dcatlnatloB. The tollownxg exwamunlrntioa has beea headed 10 aa by a geaUentaa who coavrraed with the ao-lortoua Id. Terrell aborlly sefewe heeled le the LoutavUleClty BoapttaL Prom maabwr ike wntar haa employed the Isxurtaxge of the Atraaat d, and we give B he- w hat B a worth t rat armnn'i ttukhipua. thortly after Terrure entry rats the boaptial of UM ctty, I netted klm. I found klm In n ptuabl condition ha leg paralysed, kla bowel almost st a dead lock, ant) hla arm. not marh thicker than willow-wand. Indeed, hto eat If .lebaa teemed eiheuatcd. Hto mind alone wet unlm- Cured. About every tea or Afteen mantel be d what he called a shock of the nerves In hit tplne. Dunng these paroxvams he woatd he rolled together like a balL and moaa plbaoualy with pain. He oftea etprewad to axe bta desire trial death would come quickly to relieve him fruea such agoalxlng torture. i BB gtOAT. The hug time I taw him be felly related to me the cause why he bad doged la gray aad duaaed tbe bine. It wa at followi: He tor at vll e. ta Tenncasee. I ta Geo. Morgaa. rnmraand. We were aeon ef , At a called of the Sunday brbool , Mr. chair aad Charles r. tary. The steer lag. a albate to .brother. Lewis B. OB potated aeotktalttee oruUona. tig: D. L.M r. Bta. ley, Goptlt Avery. The committee reported In the hlatory of dl tad oa avore appalUng aeanrexMing ib ita rc or-br'.rta' oJaa, I alrab TaaVtheceof. and ..lea. .? 'Hm?iL'f' ?mTT'T I eta. kw uae errtw la Harrwoa am mZJZTZl ita. ..jTTTTljTltAZiZZ I theappeltoat shoaM waive hto rlghl b tbe lust were ataay ot ta ben mt koaass. aod th loved end respected of ao-clety. Wives and kusbanda, parent, aad ehlldrea, kindred bad frlenda, ellker band a watery arav or were burned to rtnder. by the leaatag Among loose taat aertsaew bo err Ira red to hto Dually aad rrtrarls thaa eompaaloa and assnt-mle Lewis k. Johnson. Aa aua, ae was gentle, tnoogatrai, Bfir-aarf-n trine, ana nnax, awa ae parwat who returned ancerer l than he. A. a rranatsxa yoeng mas a ber of Paint Jokn'a Auaday achoet, be vs. MeHesry. ortbtoa rttxjTtaxB Btory. BuihlBl ioktoduileaattaaplLaad,waea be became an otTker of the echool, a ae sar- aasara nta ra aeeonoa ts ita best interests, or was more ruaotual aad attentive to hla duties. A a BBBiBta Hbxa, ie arm with be waa long cosset led eatweaxed btm as owe of the gret young Bars la thkaclty. and loved htm a. a brother. At a mtaaltui af aoctety he was ad-mlrrd and cbertobed by all for hto great parity of character, lategrtty and Bpnghtaeat, geotoJ aad gentle sptni, ptsuhed aad reined eanag.abd the Bbbte eaalltlr wkta-b taake a voang axaa truly a ( arlstlsa gwallrw.a; aad aateag hto lalt-mate frtrada ke waa etaxed oa wKk a b adore whick, la their aorrew aad tiroBiimnnt. to both touching aad beautiful, la rta.t tt to the t ory of eo geoa aaa pure a A l Fact of mad betoaglng to Thomas was lened I bntlawrd aasa. aaas suiibr - oa sad sold aader rlecatma. aad bought by M I who Bv ea uae va Haarv. prtreetreedlaa by a wasll asm the I ry. he m rmalil tbst they amount at the eleratxua. but aat avore Ihea half I mere vwra of raaarttyl Mate as the purb . r ut tae the value of the X at. end. there beta an rwdtwap-Uoa. the legal tut. was cue rayed to him aa pur- aarrv. lajBtet taxrated tbe htnd aader aa eieearorr ssle is him by Tsowaaa a a-w dev. beAwe the oats of the JwtigmeBt, aad a lamve.auee ef the legal title executed after the levy of tbs axec.Uoa.aat saving taxes McHenrv bniasbl IhU acrtoa ef ehargutf fraud, aad rh eaan adjadgal ta au mvtw. The met. tra. words -slae, eflea heard already to the Tr 1 1 11 st propeny last if koam to ts be pre -rved, wbkatv atw. tae railway uve tar ita. Pwna gnats. Auxaka pwr- aad pure a young axaa, talk. tbe very bloom of early manlvwd. a. the oeeala and central Kentucky to press Borate. He waa I lower to hipped by the aatlmely frosu we. the tnavructed to lake alto whatever etoe he could find which would be of evtdeat use to as. 1 wa at 111 with the command at the ammo plae whea he returned. I happened by tome mischance to get n look at tbe a la urea. 1 rccxarnlatd. by tbs marks, quite a quantity of hsrw. beef cattle, work oxen, bogs, sad fc.rwex., which had beea the protwny of good and true ttouUtera mea Itt-Inr near my owb bsane aad ta th rmaw-rtste a.ltkltiwlag rouatlea, every Inch of which nlmost I knew. I toll awfully had at into. My dander got ap. I hunted np the officer who bad Imiatawid ta property. He btHonged to the ordnance depart- meuu l iota aim waai ar aaa aone mat ae Bad taken the stock and aubabxnee of trkvatat laatead of leaving them aad coming down only oa Tea-sees, of wkom there were enough, and more thaa enough, where he bad beea to have harried them of tea time the quantity he kad brougkt in. 1 told htm la aueh a eoaatry at ke kad beea operating In be needed not to hsve lakes so much from s (tout or ra maa as s tune porter or gobbler. He cursed me aad I curbed him. Rreat- nally he put hto head oa or Bear a pistol sad bowtr-tntfe hs had. I at one shet at htm with my revolver. He dtod Instaatiy. I wat thea placed satoer arrest. I ws court-martialed. I wa italaaeid to be shot. The ezeewtton was to neve taken place on a Prtday. There were Ire or alt aaore to have died at the tame ante; two of lb m were Teakee preacaera. eivaaid of betag autre or ef tUapaurtlag hacUkteao to our sae-ktilra. Gea. Morgaa frrt nwfal had about myaelfand two mere of our bnva. He did all he could with General Braes. The omenta and mea all BeU- Uooed lor us, but you might aa well pray to rcy inaa 1 committee appotated by the othcert and teachera ov toe aenaay srwoex, awg wave nuiowrag -esott Hrsotved, That ta uae i son. we, the omcer. sad school. Sate mm that kla devotkm to hto or othcer, from hla earllc hto asxas and mt foe-seed. That w eaer parent and temlly war taetr bareaveaxea. tor worth aad genua wit of oa slL Krsoterd. That a copy aent to hto nareul. to hta pubtxabere ef tbs Ootrntaa-Jornsat crat, wita a reqeta i trred hy the aerrrtary Bu relay arhool proceedings. .aptniBiiy taamittea. A. rM Tbst the bsdamtiat abow that th Bala hy Ta fraud uieat. eeaefU I a sbei i reaair to eollrrtXvM. by tt to Hlegal sales, the owner raa H haa beea flea aad PtuatlH bdlwdaed bv tat. cert, that a sberir. aals ef more aat thaa the rra a. Tb-re la a so) M warre p-ata rbt, I hrrhtad UHc fa Jaat wtere dally areaa ai num.! bard to get, where aaar to m. ciy raltwav frasda Sad helse. to wrfead tlatea, whew l wagveae ran, a wb Avmi tortweyesra, whtrh rebeuaap il , I sa tbst GOTevasaeat uatitii and rsewes may pakst I sf ib. Btare wawas saw . mr tas i a. V. eaa ta ta Bex x ban lla-Bwe a .wttta. teaeU Aawraad 1 a,r. p a toa. wa. B n a ajaa. I . T- ' aaa asaa-aa-a ta. awt nn i ana ea I Laser- b r,r. t is . taat tw, at ., , at I P. bw. '. Ae vow my, whea tbs very t.n. af the aauxoa b a laa; whea a. aeretl tasa I Sea. af Ma. paaast law. bra la a wa ata. I F-Ta r. dr . . -, mn, mmm ah. In. lag to tbe saaeba ef ana ee I b - - - w.ei, , a wsbat; Bat takj to Ra. awad. I baa. ad aw pa aa kaaa . aaaar. I 1. ..'Ta, t d aar extrtegsad glaalf at 1 aaw I P-- bavs.t 1 " ' fcaa sini tuns nnna - i nloTempla TmiwiT Avati rtxiir IB aJTB ' aw Vir-e rs . wv a BtlaBabbi aaaABfi. TKAMKOATft. ' - The tbrrnal trnasder of tbe Atlantic And Srsal Watera railway k laa rsoarol of the tne awmpaay, wat made at kteadnue. Pa. yaabai say. Messrs. GeaM aad Blddle ruprm wtsl Ih art. ap m toktog t ii.ii ia ia. L. D. Backap A few dayg AjOBkBIBAB ikttfl WBt BJQnd war hnihera, Ta- wtth a ballet hole la tbe ram- ad aaat the atatl w bad tb barrel of erraettbe tt tt brlbrvrd to be lb body ef aa eat geatlemaa Joha McdxeUea, who brB hto koax Bt lAT r lata, and kad aeveri I af ahtos. ft to suppeaed to have ant FALSE PIETERSES. The Treahlea at a Haop.akirt aaaa- . taatatwra tyt ago we aoted th arrest of H. ft. af tbto aty, apoa tbe grave eharge of eeetlalBy y wuse ai kaaara astkart worn rrant Wlllltmana JiB.r axadry craHtaaasace. th cat WB. BdlBdlcatcd brRtre Jaatlees Msthxck and It appeared tbst Marchaad had sent on toWtehtafioa aa BppltrBtte. tor a pateal Par waa. ktad of a ewp- Oa sfrjoxlaT Bicht tf bmH wcc a pxxrty at atevae took turn.. Ita ef the sirtlim of Moody A ttlchoaa, aaa Martaa, Pa- aad earned oa A large parttoa of tb gosdt enatolneg the thkrvei were dtoeov.rsd. aad tevart I xaplat at eaptar Ihtim, hai war Arad spas bp aa aaswrr from tho propet aourc eaattag aim pataat for the m vent toe. Vf rcprTBratsutta aad - a fall i lb utility af WUIkams edvsnced the sum af tU handred dol- bard eseh. to tbe raves Uve auuTcaaaa. Very ssoa lb I salts parts aakaowa. B had aot applied tor palest, tad til tome two Atoatks sab av I InaaraaJ eiplen. H may he added thai he has flint stone a. ask mercy from taeaeral knurr. aw General Morgan oftea. H bsaetlab could only look al me, a a wat apuarhlut. from rexa-Uon and Borrow. w e were to be aaw a isaiasi sw a many. I msde bp my mind to gtaad the thiag. What eln eould I do. 1 could aot help mysstf Uuwtal haadsaad test and aeeurely guarded by a strong detail of sad, mournful. Bad mourning comrades, from sxy owb rrglaxeot, who. motot.sed eye nd htaaky voice, but too plainly told of Ike ago ny they eadurr wnue meraanicwiiy p isnmrag tbe rouUne of orovost gusnl duty la had areend our prison. tm Thursday artenaoon. about Basset. I obterw- ed a roeiBKMtou among tbr jruxrtl. They stood to tneir arms, tacea Bona warvxa. saa aeatomsrawta. These ehortly returned. AH retc sled, by the nebt esnk. oa the rua. They had aot beea aone away mlautea .1. a party of hlue-elrde, ea the doubkt quick, from a ataUoa aooat a tae mllea aorta, aaxrrouaoew ase jsxt. 1 ory wNUxreu wjr seller. Taey aaa a maa to kaork og oar Irons, sad then mounted at oa kad horses, which they bad with them. They missed all military prtaowera, and -turned all to escape wiu them. I did Bet require argumeat to otmvlaoe aaa I ah bald go ts a htwjthtor q eerier. My two oomraaloas were nhw xoore realy M leave tbss reanals, I wai too anxtsua to get off to pay any atlenttoe to what I I a a . eta.A . .. i A t t A a tearhrr. aflhto --- I of tha estsbttabed Aortrtne do ant aaX. sack I frauded when paper datkxrs were am laewed: I '' Bhe. I II tl .T t! i .LT- Vx mZ-m r ri I mt m..T - - ' artrraparabl. loafisd I - meas-aniy votd. hot sola voidable et the I will act lae drolor claw be raasai I Bttt l syvtA-Baww4naj pw tha tal IvBtokawsa. I fl M I 1 I -.7- T- V -CeaC I T i Baaa daiiee. whether ae papU 1 owaer. option, tt- mxrat isereenee werveaa ps at we retara to spart pay- I awd Batay Axaa beaa. Baraa bar bw praa. : 11 B I a ley f - tww.r se-a taw i. ,, a-asx saar-l a r taw. earn Pa xeea. eayeara. hat salaarad I aveadaace or by hto ndact kmnim. I aentaf aarfcaal hsatw to a very lad rry I a a eawaeaaw. - - - I I i I I aaaaTTwaa a a . a. .1-1 w' -aaa awm ww as-a oarhoarta. mm-mmna I frost aurcessfully argiag w, asxartmlry a say I la tb- aeeabeuf the bswdbeAAaw. who wake aa I " - ' ". '. r. . " I ' 1 I Ctowjai aa- w a lew I , t , a ea e Pas baa. ba. ea wr to hto I "l lateral mode, la tka cess aaore ihaa a year I raon to saw last tbs iimii are aot t, d. a I g aaraiiy 1 air. Baaa. .a a 1 1 p a. n i n end I ay Awm. e ra . rvan gtrr I paaa'faa.TBa . a... a TjaJlq. lass I taa-ia p hv - -1 r . aacereal TsyTBipxthbwTla 1 etop-ed Bom the date of the wue le that of the loag at taey auger ate-Wil7 to hta. Ibstowtotbe tdxke s wr. bswwght K a to tor, bsbr.aer. prat, uab. a Kw l-w Baa j "V. lr u T, Tl I -Jre i am MCto e ar. tae comxaoa prop- I ZZZSZ KbxLT re-e rbwr'thTTtoTrT VLTLJtl: LZm I 1.- - to IZZ " V'.t'b-a-atb,a . , ,V -. T tea, a. Pt ..A. of thea resolattowa ba I f1 ! t aoeey aea aaa srreptea tsa saw will so. Be rrwaa. uaa ike rv-a rtaw-a aty I 1 . . . T . I T J aana A aa .. r It W in P-w I f--aw. a aa a ae ewe-. . - - r i "l - - r aaou Mr, uahy. Iotas I bbena-a oeeti aa an anaiaaia a aa aateestiwa 1 Be aaiab mis power aaa pwteel srttaess I ' "w w wr t laewvaw. rwad atw... aaa tbat bra xst I J-r , . , a I v. I t aa -.1 . ta-Jm-aaaL ma? Demo- I bbV leaeal wta. ,tJ. XJ,r.ll. I '" " " rwrTVW. r.waa-rl- I beiaa. M l w a. wtth tawry bat Ml. ... I aaibto. tawww A xa U kaaa . rs4 tea I ' -- ; 1 I . a Wa . - mt to t g. apoa the record of our I ? lh raaw Taaajsa eve, heesm. a pan,, sor I w-tu aptnnen.. to the bail, tf .twaa. raa. I aatarws. AIM haadt martut aeaawm i. Tt- tease eat I a . nan tea at I ta.twm .a a bv a-am a. ON etiaer aeov law tpeiaw -tat twe mmm emg aa wna tarar preasraies. ilea, new bang I . , 1 baaxe taxtv ava. teem I r aaa eaoetoa Btwa be awawsag Baa swat eewab I , - - I rj.rr;jsn,!! . . - -- - - . . I Kr....1:. - GI iir I pnitM sFtout aeompbviedeia if hb pjiVia- mixjm Z ZmiZml mmm. . aa bnk daanwa I Aar estm ml lbrtsuxaa. stweh I ltUmipt VtU TtmUnK. -- --'. -aa w- - . 7 " ' " , r.'BaLPT. I eluding tbe esecuttons nnd retams thwwaa. did eneiiar ev-tern lof lusa. wl uvauiw a watrk there are aae tow b-al m . taal swp- I Tbe -ana. ba-osv rltbaat as aa-w I its i ta.i - i a .ii - a. aaBaaw-Beaaa r-w I. t. 6U. B. WEBdTra. I ike.ppellaal either demurer esatroven tbs le- mewl of free trade, shall we hare e ra tea law anas - - aaw - -- I a i i n - i i. Tl jl i l ' aa to i an. ae I i .. a - - - - aa - - . 1 ' B-sVlRT " I ilttt lbeale.wibrn-Bda-tBateioa. lur hebesty and enltgai aw .st, a- ba ax ai.a blysf k-km. Akaat Iat an. wa I " ,7T 7. rsT ' - ' - mm m " . J oa a n p a , tva-ay P Belair; the rcast of I The ran thai lb. pwe aax4 ay Ike aaaell was sndetx ryt tka aa at. Iwwap w. astd to-ssy at prwwa paaavag B s Bag m BV pap eeexiaa as we aaees aaaxaaae. mi wabeeeam ap. m llt mmltimm mmmmmm a ae. aa yabii i arta. I i'lt.tti Jbsw axiaoolTT-io. I sot fun, caswas ears lax. oaa aot par a lavau- wbewtd use tstse-imnkiag af aar kaaa-d toad- awwad. Medtom Aradst are eetttag ai awawt twa I "-"-' "1 " '-. I I I a, I aaa- .a, a m w aa- -.- - ..iC jaa "LTT.T TT-L ? JMPtOMmttqiT. -wa--bre.--2B - , "TTZZZ.-. wba-at-mt, WthpaAirat rha-e-xym I kw Bbrv-r a rwd to. nito-to . I b,.e. I KT aw ; -"7 . it a-T" m i 2 I Z-T-Tl-'m. T ZJ.. zr2r,i I btAs , 7- "1 "s baXTuTrrrr.?i !.-! r." r!Tr - vj - 1 izrr-r-..;.-.: :r.:: c z.z : i l-.-' - i-a-.-.i.-. i v--m- i-. - SrgoeeVa.-. "-"T" T " Tl - I !rTJ"- iZlil tTlil 'v-, y-xt,B aim W mmm, tmm m -w- Tae BallXawaui bat. mm a aa etdr ta- mmmmm I bMux-eaawa. saw. a . a.r. nwessa-nwga i 1. j -T" -n .aai I l - -- - , . - . I t ' ' 1 i beware pra-tdlB fur a r saaaisq -f ap p, I see ka acttv t awsa m lit. to tike. I " ' - ' br-Z rrrTai:- ts.l a I T f mma- xm - I ray B g B.i 1. awad At ill. JBaeuwaa are e ee-euna I I " maw Wvea ai n n a Bel I Watt a b a.-i a aa a. I . a a w I Alt(rOHALT Taa- aj, to-xr aavwerMdepeMate tbel I The .ba ta-asp 1 1 I to to hbwa. WWh sa I - I a a. . tel . It aa taJtb) 2mVmli -rewry. Btte r ssv ml tae I flail We Lew mt Ike V a ri. sd I." ' . Ilea. wara. aa- a a t- I ..a I C a . i tMa v .. . a it I swswswawswawa -aaa- a- e a I GIO. I J. On Bxotloa of CoL w. the committee wa an HAM L A. M1UJ . ihrtrmaa raxt. r MraotT. i.ettiiary. ITer the Lustoira. t.trto. Jiisiaall an iiaoAt cot jaioB. The taefacteat ralea of tbe aeameant law for the government of pilots when bust, are aeeetiag I each other at algbt la thtea weetber or narrow channete are tne twuat at I exdanla bv colllBtoa. Tbe ptiwat law only require the pUoti of the deaeeadlag asd ascending btsxta, when not leal thaa at hundred yard, from each sthar. to mats sbraato by sowad of whkttle; one eonad bw the rurbt or amrwoard. sad tws t bvrboerd Woe. stesmbosts of ordlBary mated rua tbroagh the avaiar lea mikes per hoar; beare I ta meettag taey a uproars eeca aa t ta raa. of a at Ike la three Bilnutaa. Airamrawt f the MoBBAT. Dee. IL paw. r-rate ar Reo. G. Brumbark rommltled l ksntta of ssblar BdAtnatrstor. Muuoa by J.a G. wtsirrwrtd at ratals seder of quallAcaltoa ef klmsetf a adtolaaa-wtor ef teatlleb Bra-tmer. Oeraaawaa, aa mil to probate aa laetrameal of wntrag. said to pataaeejbvaBd t hy every a was la aattaxal paprr cut dbxrubw tbe Aart. ihtar entire era a Bar lbs etUbrtbaa aT tbe kltbtwt speed, i meet eeea minutes. ay Afteea miles per hour, will u the rate af as axlla la two The law should hs, "atop roar eagia tad the. ae napsrauve OS tae H thou-ll atloi. of boU boata, whea meetuur. to Am nng the engine brlla u "atop." the blow tbetr wbu- Ues. and If the agaalt were rrumtd or mxsai etoea. tbe boat could he rsraedteiety hack. the eaaiBean of both bawt would he al their Brorfcmsr The ruts sgalast Wary aatr, onual aeruntv anwimawrstn atatste. wss dea-berged. ehe h kmerlka aSBddlHoaol aerwrnv ."-"T- r" T.-"T. "T .,c- I basts ear 1 - iZZZLm. mZ.ZTZ.ZZZ 7m ..T I Alio- mlto.iatwM the ear Ml " " ' ". " . 7' . . j-ri- I ratyttsMeeipaaMra that Mleai. all r-B tan fit Xi MX ill . m i """ I the airveal eat. ke eetarIa.wtr-tbre.BU.ooee. "w7... I mi aaa- ala " -nbXa WW IBIS W. .ball hSV. bbb eoSft vrzzzit iTbrrt-ar-r-ai ZZm.. m-mm - I sxllltswef dotaxra. It tea be all Peaked at al per read. B waald add scurry twt-atl-uree mill- I BITTttB to la seas a wtir saw a e.i i 11 axr-s. laaeeo. W we I are abes dv. We .owl. bwx, sad tbs I .eat ra ha nv sat aarata-a. w. I sa Mas BBSS. Aa aaasBsav I w ksa e-a . a to A la.--, - it. Ae. anas, a .aavw tA I 1 m aaah. I Z. aataai t iVaaiT TT a T f-B aT-pgaww) aJtfaja B to-av AJal .. p . V fmaP Bhw-JJ wbxl "m-m M I ttwP-B wrv.,b. f lapajtoaB-. ltll4 t r.r..".ern-tlk eierutor laeiwat, and xeo. i vat. raiiiiaaaaa P. L. Moaby Akada peutlsa tot bxvarh suarleeda. I ""' . Ih-e heeskred tUilleaa. BW Ike re- I "L , r "CaaTaaa I V-toPl- ef wkbw Ha aara as prwvtpas tas I "raw a rLuaw. "Jcu" mmm I yet beea awd., aaw eesM he eaa tare, sr ba I swag a -Venn. - I T'.rw. a. allow par the anal ka of i ta. I Tbs hew IstaAbkv. BAGttfVMI ANB B.W-g-W. hsee as Av MOLUU aBalllata. me aad tor the gospel I ready with wots, Ac- to I posto. TbW woald glv the ptlott time to erwrort I .a rwunty. aay toktuxe af aarnakx, at both basts would ba I tiat. tf rarr qwaltAed a at. alecktng Ibetr speed and wuw as aeslly hsadled, W.tajgood. Sett aad. wad P. P aad tf there wna n baulk totxaawrnea would Bet I Batch a-c. aat Jons Tola aawml. the etftarraaa f canib a tare, baai red 1 st loss would be aearty of aiaake, aad taw bp ta t itty Tbetr poatuon bends of tha ra th rtvwr at algbt, whoa The prtitioa Asktng Oxat taw death artv waeeef Jeter Phillips, th Ttrgtaxt wTta murder- s.tad st laiiMiiiaMial tor Hto, re ar, ooau Aavaa bat tow at BXrwmoad toll, a gallium Bdvteer, A to reAAhxrry vtsued by Bee.A.B. aWcJrxaes. aad as- AP ataiiy twsjtt hint. A dxapaark from CMiotadale, Ht, tart aktly Aaaday moralag Joha wb rial dm lust aatstd sf that tows, wat touad daaat ant t boa wua aw Beat epni eeea. t to kla loath to mystery. Ma wtto Jwsl setstde ef f toaeaatr to ha I Baw haeameto I taBllst Ihsl he c tbenly after tb beard a Mow, aad lee wag oat aaw Ave kteck mea who tareasrwed to ktu hat wkol tomlly. th etreauard aad they P. a KnATwlea, ot JacktonTin-, III., waa tabbed of check tbr tUK tt th L'klo. Work ywrwa ka nirsgo, ta Aatarday. The eaeck wat erawaaa the Third Kauaaaal bask afnirago. waaa ae at etaie ta rskaary Mr. Et sa. kw when aad had drawa the m.aiy. Mr. ewaa. aaaat aw tobsahsmadaa Is lbs robber. Edwtvrd Johttmn. who wat mvtcted Bad aatnaced to the Mksaown tiimnti about Ibrea yean age tar ssastlsg la tbs t.kbai mt the t'sMd state. P.p. em Cempeay sf Amy I aawsa a it r lbs O iiwaii ef keep awt ef bad i aeatly aarattslaa Bilsdwtihiheea wapaay. n havtng bee. that he hat aot sLrVaUy Itixeeeef kw pardoa.aad B be- hg.iqi" I that be was in. isil hi tha rob-b-ry m av, laa toet Asgwatsf lb w n aa I' of ; Ih Is. m. txir.a, hs was tsAea Is Uaet ctty yes-! barday Ban thlrags sad sent buck to tb peal V toaitarp tt seres oat the nmilBlag Iweaty-aax j totaiat af ka ana. A ewalsdtrled, Marchaad wat held at the neaal mm of tut haadred dallbra to sa le JeAwraea OiuwM Oeurt. He gave the required ball Bad wss liberated. JOHI TTLEIi Idttrtare this Evealag bp a Baa ef the Ex-rreil.aal. Th. Board of Trade aa. Invited Pot. Joka Tyler, af Tlrglnkx. whs a bow ta Loenrvllle, to deliver ea of a court of lecture on commerr-, which bar woa very greet and deserved applause la saber rules, ihl earning st TK e'rJock Ib at ou the corner of Mala and Poena street.. Pol. Tyler h. not only gentleman of dlttlbguleh engta. being the eldeat sow of the tote Bi ll, but a man of dtatlegtilthed accoox- plkahmcnu and abilities also. Aa a writer end nt be touches nothing which be does aot Ilium Ins l sad adorn; aad we risk not Tog la urMhung lor kit lecture oa commerce t mode-of Irearmeal whirl will bt st caxce acjtowuiy. asetul, onglasl and entertaining. It It a urdect apoa which the most practical merchant may not lay thai be to tadlgerent to the tnxtrwettoa which la ta be dented from the dxaquwtlon. of cultivated and obeervaal aara of gmlixa. it or a there any eu-aofpxea so atlva to ta aperal.ihwk. of the pottttcol acoaomiet as the most netrr lad aaar fetkf men of bttanma. Oeteaet Tyler hag fone lb root! win a world or learning and travel, and be dettven what he he. to my with the grace and itbortly of on who ha. Ihowght a wvll aa Mudled. He to Indeed s warm-hearted Virginian: but hs to stoo a man of tbs world, and aa acuta ernbr ef Its aat letter. We hope thai Ih roeaM r the Board of Trad .111 ha crowded with btitrae. men. aad parttca- kvny wiia young buvlaest mea, aad eaa assure them la advance that their Unit will aot be nv pent. PROUDLY MQISEw. k M WHalMQ. . Death ef aa Old Haa frata latent per- 1 Al a'etort laxtttaty Bwsaad PslrVrk Disghmy. imp in ted as a dray- i aaa at tb l-lrhea Wmikiaii. ate qone ead-l awary at hla rawliar ee oilimbta tiroM. b. , twwsa Prwiaik md ntteeaih. aad B area ra-a-arad tool he eaat le hto death from pooxevto-leat tw. .. Tb. eoroaet toreauraxed the raws. aad Bawd tasa Dawghwrty gat eery mush twtsrt-rebad aa Tkstvaxay aad did aot retura to his i . biwibwtll abeut t o'clock maay axarnlng. oa , psnrahsg lbs kouss be WHh hto wt bae a t hratotnghcr. Pooa sraaesid. betou atok. lerbar asMI stusaay, bra b was to. far rone ka be Peer tea. ta tat a raws bony asd mea wem m. -hvea. w a gnaws sixes, xw. o-xwtrty tag tbe ef km thaakwrtya said W hsve bee aa hoosx,kn- Iwwnraw aaat la every way apngat pxarhaMy ktad la katoatiir, aa Ibag Ik sawn aavn I I ot Bqwer. ft srat jbkar,btoBvwsdllu.M,iilly Biswlswwi is . net Bo. BBV ba s at s Pasilaaa a. xkae The taqaetiM Baa. a Bo. Oolarabtawreet, h a- Ptaaiwah. ta the my of hwa, aaa ua batv or rsinok ITact A. a. thw, Bsbtoy, Owe- t a, ih . aaettta WtAXtMOXka.a.x.0. I sereawslawd. A reUce CswBtolaslswaeg aad His Ba. rrpaalaa There wat I myttecloua galhenng af anlforaaed miiiiii'tirmn. and prtvntoctaxeat ta th roues 1'naiaiittloa.W ecBoe about eight oteek tost while tat aawttace aat la mate asd axataal admmtloa. toe few awt namhir of them aba. to coxtxvetur the purpose ef their gatl-a. -ai tbe most rtleal Bxactare, aad the wholly BBIsltkalrd wen ta the most puatled etat st axled at to lb deed they had to wita as, Jan. B.W. taxlta. Bst.. broke tke eatet etreka aad bdvasced to the eiqlar of tberw s. la the aaas aad oa behalf of Ih chief, ttemcnsals tad other earen of tbe police the Pol lee comntomuut ii. aad ts hto utter aur-arto prvweeted kwa waa a bUI of axle tor a tee ebeatowt- rrwl aone, aa a of taetr ti l aad appterisiive iwgsra ror sow as as oracer sad aw.itali ta the eemmoa eaterprtae of malatala-bxg the peas aod order and dignity of LouUvtlie the Manor of ns pour scran lastloa- Mr. Peiltb lhra. Is pat aad eloquent lerms, Isuded the anUc force as bow cootrolled, ptoctng aee- osd Ut aone e tne ceaMneat la potataf raapert- sbiltty and Bvithntlaeas sad emrteecv. a. wa. snswered by telooel rati. Lee, on tne nan of ar. rtCT. Is n nappy and appropriate manaer. la auudla to the gtness of the pita at be Bald B airnrk sua that nothing would tun the recipient so well a lbs Boole horse. It exactly tailed Mr. rw'. Mssisrsx. courage aad dash, and ha waald Ml the proud steed with all th rraceasd k nightly brsnnt af Bayard or Katarrs. Alter Lhx. pleasant errrmoar, the pany edjaarBed to Cmtrley Rider, Ah At. Charlral, whsrs a tpiesdld tvxlm-ttoa was stWsrad by Br. P1aa.aad dtorawMil a hto rrteaeto wtths batslltr sad lae ..airmail that will sevsv k twrt.u.a hy ah panxnpeaxs. Tb wboto evewt wa highly eraanisbaa I tb exeveia. anl B a tne eoexaaoa verdict that Mr. rug dt-potdiloa the rest of tbs toll soya axads of tb maelvea. I Be eMaier iwtaoaer. were all re- Iraeed. The Tank eat al once erarwaxee to town and retrested to Ihetr former station. Looking hark, I could tee Gea. Morgan, eoov hxaad eatet lag and rcoceuptlng their old poata ta and arouad th city; their txg arala Boated frrm tbe court-bowse. W traveled aowly aad rotnfortalily hark, hot a .not had beea And at or by lb Con (rle rale ot rederaU la all ikla advancing, oecupylag or retiring. It aaeaatd n mi sierf to all of u Coaleda and fee. Ihea aad flue. . We leave the reader to Judge the axbobbi I Uuilt coutarnrd Is sack . vara from the Hp f a maa who wa a terror to every quiet aetrbbor-hood where hla prase ace tirtmt kauea a mas wco was a very B aouled from the rtfe-blood of rrratures; s Bxaa who coldly murdered tbe boa-eat htorhamtth Oturktea, wklle hbt levtag daughter, tike an aaxraL. kaeU hctore th itoi ma aad Implored btm to spare her tother, the toawtsls of her life; a maa who, ta hit remor less tad blood ly career, was ties f Is all appesla tor awrcy, and needed not even the dread warning, ef th Almighty; a una whose dally aad almost hourly tood waa rxTBte, and toast of whoa act. have bo parallel ta the cnltadtr of nn such n thing In the shape of la each a tele, eves apoa ha dytag ptttowt Tet, we ay, amy the Lord have merry on hto aotu. A vast aamher of ' the h.bitaa. of the Opera Hous were keenly dlmppoinled at the aon-pro-oixruoa of Bamply-xBUinty last tight- Oa read-In the aptanded card, however, the eager pnbtle will And that thegoaeowB. highly politic, aad that their dlaappotatmgal will be fully etowed tor la tbe pertvrt rendition ot the Bew piece to-nighu AfCAkB. The res rax i a tat of the open Honae toUctt the tBdulgcBce of lbs public for tbetr toll are to produce Humpty-Dtanply last Bight, and deem tt their duty to explain the causes which operated to prevent the rullllmenl ef their published Kavxaea. The esse aiaads amply tbss; Hsmpty-mpty to a ptree ef aura greater xassnlttide Ih.a anything tort icdov. presented 'to tb Loula-VI lie public requiring a greater number of new srenes. SU unxtceeedented varlrty of trtcks. tran-foraxatlooa. mecksntcsl eaVct bad tl I alone tkaa kave ever beaa made ua. of la oar community at any previous oerxod la the blstory of the Louisville Theater, and tome little pn-prauoa was IndlstWBwaht to Ihetr prod actios. Tbe enure strength of lb greet Eibtor A Cubit troupe at well at the whole opera Bowse eompaay. hat beea Ini aasatly oc -fwt.rewlBva WxMu. Gee. I Z. - ". ." .1 " i r 1 .. Vrtt-ea -1 ink Tnt-.aiMe.wteS I I -- """ tWS B. htchsaaa qealiaea at anmlntotrabw el lltiaa I --Tis BleaDeLatel. It ria ita. I "1, Lea a. Burkkuitar aaaHAt tl ta aaxaxiitoiiaiilg I Ba tor tber to net a ef n. H. Buribotoer. I raw ar.m will e awryihrag as aw-, law atixa an arciowrg qsaanau Andrew ate-lgelburg. Th naottoa tor aoaxe Bate atast-iag er Jaa. T. rVa-.arwi tor th Auditor, va. Daxl. MrXlatar'a eaecutur. was srtrwed by Prwak Cusxa. be aad AV wewed from a boat half a axils eg a very deceptive. Pilot hsve to rely axore oa their kaowl- ense of the nrer tbss ea tbetr vxa.a Is knew which svde tbe m-eltng heat well eadeavor to make. Ptswals aorordlngty. At night er I b.i i . u channel, there to no exf-ty la alwusto wttaowt urst wtaaptng the engine.- Two upsrTtolng I sroun on by is bite i lie Basing aad skaattng of the I UAe. the test uafk krl.-r enlenag spon thsdu- ruie. wore iubb aea years ago taey were IB- . Ues ef bW oClre aa btwnt tor the Aedllor. aa rw-tormed af tke aereaaty of tka rale of ewaplag I eetr-d by tb l -Xalaturw. l ata ua aotat lb the eewlrxea befor making slgTisls. bat as for- I ...,a..t ot staat Iwa. aata aaa tb. e. lunately tbey kave eo bar failed to make thto I not being time ke eonrlude the esas. tt wss av change I the ptlott' rules. Hears tkle lemtike I aWhed to Prldey aegu Tbla It the Ira ttae inlaw, of Ilk, fatal agi r Wea boats ehouid by tow I rcoetrUilKaxalltv of law last oath waa ever hraaght be rroaiBitew maa cmrrttw tremw aaag' lues a I betort thto court the lite m paarngerv. Be Bed T. Pepe lept .anting the pbustlC sad Jadre rwvxe aaa jeo. rasrvaaow t s thto i he ptalnllg. Jno. )Jjh I JUrEBwO-l COt BT av CMxtwB r-LSAa. bob. BttriT j. frrrrta, jmoa. B.T.I net of tbe coon. iBLCawatehaf Chrtot. A etraner of the memben of thto chare bar. Ing convened to the beta ax at Ihl. morulag. to take nrxtea a reward Injury caused by the Are day. IrMer T. P. Hsley. th ed to the i hair ead. oa aot tow. a catmmlttee Bbtotated to confer with srehftrrts and obuxle sat t males of th eoat of repairs. Thsrommiueo ronstsuof E. M. Atoaa, Dr. w. ft. aobtaaoa aad ft. H. Mydt-r. on mouoa nt iniennag eammimtw era aa-polutcd to tollett nxoaey to pay tor the ri pairs: Joha T. ftherley, Tvr. gamaei B. Mills, r. sit Miller, Mrs. Jas. H. Owea, D. E. nark. Mr. B. H. Snyder, namuel H. Baker. Mrs. Lena Booker. . Prlrr tub later. Mrs. Dr. W. T. bailor. B. M. axons. Mrs. P. G. Miller, R. H. harder. Mrs. Mary maa try, George L. twallh. Mrs r. A. rramp, r. A.rruaa, Mra.W.H. BartAMloaacw, raxm. M.Bvrasrd. Mra. Gam. L. bails. c H. Bart ley, Mas Paaakt Pavne. The nwnmltleelo wHIctl famtt wtt rtqiwtted to rxwiBtrace their labors al oace, had pay aver to t. M. atone, the TrcawurT of the coegTegslloa. all -ttae "trainee, it ts hoped tbwt the memhers nt th. mtanmratto. and tne friends seserallv will rewpond promptly to the eslla of this commit. 1 Plrtle and Oaratk n pre-el lee. thai the bouse may be aa apeedlly mm puaslbaa I Partoos. Esqa- sad tot. GUI, ut ror wa. On motloa. the lx-l!tvJoclaxl tad Dam era! were reuueeted to publlh ikwe praeedinatv THiw. P. HALir, tkalrxaea. MottuT Motutihe. Dee. li. " I ' Hrary Klrby agarnjl Joka L- Bans. Thto to I eslv I mH av Ssaagea hw Bxxae tmpn-aaabrat. Tae be wss I orf-tMlaal- ta a asewet. atea Oal bearvested ptalnllg oa the rbsrge of stealing wnttot ae Ide- sibxall ws a poll . wis of the my ef Laaxa-vilka. It aoeesra that Ktrbt Irak sway arveral snicie. of propeny daring the aarbt from the sisiMia ktHww la eharge of MartA. who lasreai arttand klrby. I noa eiamiaatloa of thee the nn fwun (irby waa dterhargt-d. rt la cob ten. led by ttrby tbst he lottk tbe artt- lite frosx the etaaoa bouse, wills Mara was asleep, for the purpose ef ptwetag to the tutor that Marts slept w kilo oa duly, aad of having htm 4 .-barred. Ueventrsal, bewevet. proves tbat at the time the antdea were atotea stray. Be wa atw abnul; The evklrare wat heard ka fill aa both stoea. The couhtel then at utred tatrwrUoaa which I bey desired the court to glv Ihe jury, sad tab-mttied them. The court will charge the Vary thto Be B.B. Illllb BO S 1 . ----- I P" ad Waa iwiry bata M tm gkel I . ' - I baaa 1 Mesas, i-b st Ah aa lax I Annie, Av. ka t awl Bit i m I - a a. was mraaet braxi ftU -t-bw.j-A a, , 1 ? ... ZT.- 15 Uta-Sa "Hlf tiTTtte-m era, wvra tarsi ess-e saa gen a - e- - . a- aa - . , ae w seeaewd. rueatli w bawiwa to toad at to ba at I eaw-aa. wmae aw s I law a bt-ye aa I b-e a I t SXa aat -a - It- Pw as) ea at 1 ta . a Va AV-. la ta Iat araa warn aa "a t a ..... . .. I pt . l- I a-xkaaaaa.. . a -. e r r a. .-n kblkbtatate-waBwIVtwa I TZZZ'.'- - tw mm at mra. I am. mj-m e-al: '--- T . iT xTt PrrrBWHfUT PtxMB a a a si. m. a -a I Tr , - - . I wl xwaxg. swat he mta I maa. abbultt w. I r9 . I .Z ' - I at mm . awt a a taws aaa sea I raws itaaxs mawato vs.. a I to lae aa aara a. I ? - --TT . - .' v I r a-e am I Ak AW eaeauaaag Bb Bwab 1 - 1 a.aa-paaiaai-VSla..ab-a. rata-a--a are-as aa.- a. a-aay I , I XrXJlt 11 " CT TH HJaaTX . Aaav I BEAba-ar, toty. ww laa tawapaa. I t tl al kaaa. avwa of I aJ-Z-TtV ., , ., ,ZTTmZlm7!r I aA At AbvAa buB ZmTTmm ImZlTwr. "rmm.-.---. --aTb-i -i .-ri -.r.-, t. mra Mia tw imrata-- TmmlTSllTmtTirmZ. bilei-CZwr 7 . -J sV-3 ImTZJ OoBavsaeoael sbt aaxeer Iwaddla. Th eXbaraw 'JiZ'tt VSJll J 1 ' W ZZZTZ Z-tZ ITZZJLTmZT LZi 1 rlwa M --fZ , .... a.. - ae tna. kaaa. mt -teuracbaa-t aaar-b-xv.- t"...l. - - wba.?ww-.Ww.b. f" T-'TT.T' TT .T" TT , ? T I --mTmrni ImTTTZ toe revewsw will g. ee Aa yet there to p xxam to to . to C to lar, a At m T f T T'-, '-" --.r - ta a- Uk. MilT xl.i-.awa. bs tvllraibaaa tha the awny m power wiu ra- He. it kit T-niai- - i i - n - i i t .i a 7T , Tur - "TT "Tn--TvT "i '' ' 1,1 brace We arse. Bur. treoee are deaxaaded tm ex- tttAL- ftb. tea .a aaag I. tubiawtwa. aba. be w wear a. aa as aaa have a a saa - a- - ai...wx Le.4-.aJja. Btaaiwa yiap sv a a a mmm mr aat a one toralBBi. ladtoas and overawe Baulk ra watte tog i-bi.i mg m At At p ea mlm ti, pwav hwk a ast-i it. wat a. at i.sai to i aat a i a is , - ' - .wax. totkakbebtettlhecarrlraxewtu I I, a-d laa H a pt pe bad- I to wi ; Lto a tm mmm. w-.a.v. T T.'. m ti aat a esal Atw amt at AVawxt gap MUX 1 1 1 XBa-T" Aew slaggtahry, rasexsl wlB he Aware- areet- O.BViWgAL- to to t -seesak. aad saba mm 1 ' 1 ' 11 -' bsbW. tsa. mm- tw-a. mm aa . heyatshebw . Btoy-.b-hen,tor--en. yaxn pa, r. "-J .to b-ed b-i J---. llTmTmZliZmZm' ,ZZLmJ V. V'mZlT ... . - -, mmTJrZ ImZTrnZZmTrnZmZ lllZt T...rr"'''l -""" -t BvS XTmlH rCl-T- 1, t mml?.tZZ!Lm.?Zml?ZZr -Ztr-7S:r -.-W. p-a-ar-rvT!. aaw. a- - aw- ttSn mUmrim r. WHn lA-g ka r, ,.. a., - fa-M-M tm CaT-a-aw. - - "" rBBBBtafttW- hwtrra etctwawe eswluxa-, dwHaat adtatam, esirv to is I-. p ato mm iww-.h.A, TTl rTjTtjTii t tYnTa ST. a ..- JtZZZTmTtZ' STm a- -r - - , ' torge. kea cast laa tm raagef-wm dl ..aat kttdtoad I to saw eaa. mTTm ". ,. . tea ta w heee-aaV aaaaZ s aa-7 i T mmw-11 -' ' ' ' IJ - ' ' b.ylMtows-aetlr-g. r ANDUOTva axark- to avtapi.ttx- ijTj l "l r i7 " TTi '- -. T". . TTT. J" i: U--- T a saw. The Bew Tork gold Bart el ap. atw avday at . .sa arexblH, bH MrM. a i, "aaaT-Te T alTb-a-Taas ka -a -- t-ttw a a wast I a. ta a-.a sa waa aat tw 1 wis a e IPs basal MH.derrsxedta Wkal. st AP. B. was wesed s es-wes tta m haaltei D a ktoare. .a.aus UUkbbieaas baatax. "a.. es P e esd as sawxsxs Bw . . - - ZZi. a a. - ta, a p. tt, il in I m Um aaialaa ea - "II. s raa 1 1. It ke to. a tea. aw e bw ... pin. ana b U. - b - -a e- T bra -as a a Waet aaa at lasts aa a - . BBdK.r.B. raawewmiaeepsaubiwwava- rABrtrr raarxt we aaw u at. at hir tor ta-. ett-rm bw taw mI. kaw. bw -x. -- ' T .T-r.' ' - - ' '- -- saaW -a alte-b-e as a. atT . tterbaa. Gslt A rw kat-a . tw wkBa, Bed tbb. lAr tor otl .1. A. BM bb-w. swd I. btw abtess wee Ba at Www a a : wss sasaautapawawa ttlxareJ!, tl.LV CXNIM I Ul I. mmm. the mVel WWaty TL tr-JTI t " JITTT T" "- ato aiiat, qoae a pxtxewtr matkeec. rwwawAwe. Vakaa fv a. w a sf saw texts. CATTV1 axtairT A Be a. Vrlwr. ua mmm a sa ad lb swa aa tab . as law tmm saw BASlOtaa aaaa aaa a a I Ik thaw . 141 Utl I ' ' " T T ' " " 1 ' "2 'TT I awd labsabl auab ... I - v--- I . m a aa p. , ., . & v'torL-Tiar-'.-. LTzLzi aip--r - - - U-ttZ-r.TjijS-g S I I. arteuv etat SbBt.e taewatra tie ty- aaarV-Tb- rr P r -- I I IT. " ?" I Bt-t.'.'sbi a . et- a a. Ba 1 as Gold stiver AMbxra bllveT b. sad h" Buret dine al ball dlaxee. The Bew Tork Otaxatrrrisl Balhrtla ef the 11 mytr lat to lav. prtca v p a 1 Mroag la svmpsxat with the tra-btw. of eirhsnee; but qa wtlv thttw was a anew, aw tae prare ell bark Is tab. Amoag the BWela. baakeva there It I aroat toeltBg la goad, laa I ava ewtlHaw-Uoas that tor Ira egrkaage wial for enexe uaxs am rw tick tbr sin Manx. eear. I and attoraeys ef tie paw aad. eya.palhy rth tnv s Ita. la-re to a got at deal I toe of tpecwBvrrve batrag amoag atoli r; abets, rep. I toss. alma, was are "Wbon"sw exi-bas.. . rabre Bew. of lurkey bsrlag ae-l UM Bat ILLS uTt C-NftT. preparltWT Ice grrwt BaabwnUB. a sa w pres-Bl It to tns pontic rw s. a i a. ot- emenloa. we cupved Wnre Monday momtng la rebearalng and preparing tbe It to the subtle atlthatsndln our most PMind It unt wtble to product Ih piece la ami arr atreptarde to eurewivtw, sad wttk-a we were Uaeretore us willing to present to the public We mart xtaaetbty ssv given n Perloraaasce last aicbt, but It miut Inevlmbly ksve been an Imperfect oar, and we preferred, even it greet perual-ary wmflot, le noetpone Ihe production of "Hurnply lHimnty" until thorough prepsratloa enabled is to live one ibal eoeM not tail to secure the public approbellos. Our pstroos may rely alwoluhrly upon the pi.eoai.lloB of -Hurnply Dumpty" to-algLL ' " A. W. Brr.BEB. lessee: A. ft, DurriAXD. Manager. A Tawd Clwaly hta. I Bufat W. Morrow, rhsrgid with the enter of W. c. Che.lh.rn, at Deveville.Todd coaaiy.oa th Bkh day af July awa, wat hedged to Bill bare yesterday, tor -xAvkat-stBS. a wat brought hither rs crenpllsare with sa srder ef the Todd Clralt Court, made en Tuesday, tbe tut last- aad af which the kUowtng to eopyt CmmoeweJih of keatarky vs. Bsroa ay. Mor row, muroer. The conn oerag attaaeci trot a proof and report of the Grand Jury of Todd county, al tha lent made, thai tbe toll of Todd county to Inaecur. N to bow ordered that Bufut W. Morrow, bow confined la axM toll, awaiting na mai unoer aa injaietxaeai war mauwer p. ad log la thto conn, be traaeferred to tbe toll of Jef-tonsxi couatv, aad there be safety kept bv the toilet of Jetv os county until pit etly til -A.rred tber eflom try nn order of thut court. Theftheng-of Todd ootmty M directed to xerute this order, tad It allowed four gwxrdt to Alleaeviiie, Ky. tad two ITom tber le Ututonile, to awnsi klm la w doing. Tbla traaa-frr bring Blade becauae the toll of Todd county I tne -rare, by rraana of the failure of the County Court of Tood county to keep it In the quhJte ctwadttloa. The torn p wallop sad mlleose f tbe sherlgsnd guards anall be paid out at tae county lev t off Todd county. A copy-attest: BEN". T. PCBKINs. C. T. C. C. bob. t- A. csxxu, rsrsTDtsa jrnei. Mobbxt. Dee. li. VWX. Levi I Bleed, petit Ian ay; capsxe baaued for wtt I sura Pearcc. aaa alt aad bettrrr. held bt Ha. Uxxte suinvaa. The. Mrteaxa. rhaa. Matth.wa; druak and dlautdcrly; (, saat hsld la Aaa kw thirty date. Jacob ruber aseanhTng I. Baamsa: dlwharted. A! ben Jack wax, druak aad dteurderly; (1A, and brld in fta tar twelve mouths. Lewa kwllon. axaxe; (A, aad hekt ta 1MB tor at Jas . Martin, autet dl Plora Tea pie, drunk ma a; aa tin it. Jsrok Iktorov, aas dkwhsrs i. bar wry Hlnea, mwpected frlom held In $900 for twelve mouths. Abram bale, dwor. leny easytaet: held la I Law) to keep tbe peace for twelve strath. a a. Gnreu. robbery of iwroiine Wlnlnr : wsrrant aaqitailrd to await vkrtxua of graatl kxry. I ol umbos Talbot, colored, ahootlng Olmeted rxvber.caorrd, with rntmt to kllli cununaed tea data. liamnel Hairht. ttraltng a cow from Aadrew Hoke: held m e- JoBB tmc. aasuiirag mmmr ant. wo. - have bad aay . I' ' I oe the prealam. esase the ton of rentals bsttag advaaeed real, to let.rtte m treiirwiiBg last lent to kill; Parte iiure uf bond; Byre fetenc te the eotumat of the Cor.nt- Joraaal of the TU last. It will he sees that the rates tor ea iva from LouxrrtUe to Kew Tork wen Ixed st Al It for sweoar -aaed and (1 tor ccmpres d couoa per Ita ita. we sre talbrmed thst tl to was charged yesterday. Til. a Ira real more man tne rate lor Tttmpiaaaid rtatxra xTomMempkia. Our atteaulo. has baaa tailed te th nubtoct by nam. who are aaxloaa to aa. no. pray, aad who are opposed ta d-rrtaalaattoaw I agalaal lb trade of Leatonlle. Btoequnllthw ponaat to the freight agent tad the eblpeera that the parjlc should kaew at oace whether wr Sot Ibe spertbed rale, are a rovers the tr. na. . taixoa of eottoa. b the work mt tbe kale csnna BOBOt flwtfkt eawi at leeele thai a must eav mtotsoa oa!; twoorian aay ajieriuroav. eietuaf Oraa. gentlemen, let it taow all sheet n, we wnat the amwg toaataed aot tlgkttxawi apoa Loalsrtll. (Te toe tdltor at tke Coerlersjosraal: I he leave to rail vour Btteatxoa to aa to tbe rwtrasTapb next to the tost In tbe communl-rattos which ant ired In the Ca.rninJ..rBVaL on nuadat. the Lith tnat. aad eigne d -Viator." The words: -Bv taking adraatage of the xwotav galta. id BOUBd by vapor." ehouid read: -By taking advaaiage of the proparattoa of wwjad by water." The worn vapor dot not occur In the wrttlea eoaxmonlcetton. The error a a verv tm-ponsat oae. The Intention of the communication wa to suggest thst tbe etwee Bade In tbe water bv the naovrtaeal of tbe wheel, of Wears bt Je antwraacblns each Other, mold exrtte B aea asuve tsnae placed ta the condiuoa. d-a ertbed b y a. Barrett, so s. to sound SB alarm In the esp-tatB. ewbta of each boat. Please correct the error by publtohrog thw note, aad oblige Toots, reepectfuily, TIATOft. The lettsr-csrnec. y.a.a tty appearrd Iat lew asliorm la to ant xtaxe. BA-iBBlTTtT. rXttton tor vlJnrtlcalloB ta btnkmptry were m yratcrday tied by the following Baaed parties, tit: Jane B. Benrro. from i.iaqi. liar. Bouluiigbowse. from ltukerLUe. Bhastua laubcau. from Lsetavtlle. Adolph Hsnevebtt. from tetauevUle. rtank reeaterer. from lytulavtlle. Jsmes laurhaav. frws Huhleshurg cintv. t.uatatus Lelchhardt, from AVveklnrldge county. 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