The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1935
Page 6
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Mis Promises Lure Millions fo Banner nf Louisiana's. KingKsh BV RODNEY WASHINGTON.—Ilie Huey f.oiii menace-lias become, a very real oni In tiro NCR' Df«l family, i Twice', lately, the cabinet iUel Jias discussed uilli the Hlmas seriousness Huey's anticipated 1931 ( presidential candidacy. Rooseve! •and- his advisers nrc wondering what to do about'It. This is Ihb way they talked—and the way other Insiders arc talking Hue), heading a third party— which he already has Biarlcc through his "Share our Wcallh' societies'and their reported 3,100,000 ihembers — might poll better than 10.000,000 votes. He might eas ily capture other southern slate tlian Louisiana, Including Arknn aas, -Mississippi; and Texas. .The Republicans will have a can- dldati. If he fa n stroiif one and the Nsw Deal has brought no spec- iaci:lnr icsurferice of prosperity, he: protably can at least, hold the O. o. P. proportion of the-1934 vote, which totaled, about 13.000,000 as ngai'rl -.nine 17.000.000 Dcniocratli! ballots (In 1932 Roo^iel^. polled 21 millions, Meaner in pal Menace No one "Upposes Ifury mild be dec-led next jear nut It Is all too ob\!oi 5, according lo New Dealers fn their agitated private huddles that hts vote would cut far inori> heavily Into the Democratic 'tr, ng Hi thin the Republican -Irnigth If a third parly had lal"n 5000000 votes away from thr Democrat-; In the hst election and none from Ijic- Republicans, the a. O P would havo mopned up A presidential y>te splii Direc wa;s might pKd the Kmgfisli se\enl stile, ouLsld- Ihe soiilh Such a result would be due,- soup for H Loeg ]j e ), a i cs rjooscielt •.uth a undent haired \hich lie uares not express publicly and lih private references lo tlie president are. unprintable Hucys friends point out that 1940 isnt a long way on for a young man like their hero They admit he needs a large campaign fund BM wealth anfl.Ncv, Dealers might * * * S»utors Are Jittery An amusing v ~ Kt incident m the recent history ol the dignified Sen n ; c Torclfrn Ifclatfons committee will sliou joil hpn tho Huey specter Breads into nil sorts or plnce, here Up came Ihe question of confirming appomlment of •> rn, nor dl ,,i 0 mat for a South American post He lift ° m' ^ orker alld 1L swmed hnt neither Ihe While House nor 'n!f«i liS De P ar(mcllL l>n«l con Milted either of (he Uo New Yorl senators Cop-Knd and Wagner So (lie committee, solncwhnt IH- (tgnant, passed a icsolutlon pro vidiiv Ihil no name should ba re- ITnM ""l-ofcominlilcc unless a Mialor from th e appointees slate had ten asked about it ""'•-1 fen rhmlites laler the com- t •i. gent from Louisiana ^ ,,, erv hodv knote, Roosevelt doesn t an* Petal unrtjronan, lo office milel ' 1 '"*? 1 pnomlecl ot Hwev exclaimed facnalor fcu °° mmlu « '<»k another l "" l " tnio " sl >' abrogated the rnle * * • Promises Lure Millions , other popular leaders-demagogs if taJU^rV" 10 have tecn «t»*tat larg^lollo^nr »ith astonishing The combined millions of the!' Mans of the serious thinkers Square Deal Drill Is Challenge to Huey Uiidfi (Mill to Mid dMaloistilp i,, uiiU.u.a, Hits tlirom- r,| uaion IKm.v mt-mbm of n,n «, , A.ocintion is ma^l fo, , n ,,,,ary drii, G,c,y nyh,*, prejarin, Vor Sa ,o• ^ ,™ uiB. Similar groups drilled in many ollir-r cities, In llie inset is Kiw-st, J. ORDER •'„.,?;::•. "•" "iJERY COtIRT, OrflCKASAWBA • .D IST RIC T, KAHS I An. IPPl COuri T Y ' AR H. B. Wllfnfcttff, r-ialr,!ifF Jlo. ifiTfi 'v2. Fjina V/elkhknlt&i', D?fsn;ism ''.'""' Mfetuiant, Edna Wfllen- .uri, u w>iTte4 lo a'pnear wltliln ..ility ilsj'.s fn. i hi- r/mrf, named lr. in? camion lifreoi' nnd ou«wfr the ^I'omplalrit r,f t\in filolnlffl, if. f! this ICtii day nf ,1/111, 1935. II;.M. ORAIO. clerk. Ally. Ad iijtem. 17-2-1-31-? WEEKLY SUNDAY BCHOOli 's Denial 'Ml: Mart 14:27-31, 54, ec-72 137 Krh.-r/l FHMH for J a/!j y !f HV witf. F. ffii,HOY, it. ,j. Tdilor of ,4i!van<v Pfif-r's denial of ,/ ,„ „ of lol- -..^. °m,i...i s ,u,,p s an.™ in many otlir-r cities, in llie inset is Kiw-st, j. lionreeoib, piesklent nf ihc Sm^LI^ t)"! recruit. TIH> growl,,* [hroat against hM 'n.le brought Lima o u, m,m ,wn.,mn«lnii, lo to en. Ilir-.demand that thr, ],>sHalure l.e called lo .erx-al nil dictatorial ... . . la vs. Dressing for Dinner Refers to Salads oi<ni:i; IN TIIK CrRNCRRY COUHV CHIOKASAWfjA DISTRT o T MISSISSIPPI COUNT? AniCAN- SAS. , ' !nrnaret Mflglolo, plaintiff, vs. No. fiuafi i<eo MaHlloio,, Defendant. The defendant ' t/? 0 Magliolo is warned lo appear within thirty days n the court named In the caption Hereof and answer the coinplalnl of the plaintiff Margaret Magliolo. Dated this 23 day of January, 1935 II. M. CBAlOt Clerk By Elizabeth noddy, n. c ficno Bradley, Atty ail Ltiem. . 24-31-7-14 IVAtt'NlNf! OItl)i:it j 1C ',.,,, 1 ,:. I . G ... P/IANCKRV COURT had left loy,' .IpZtK. ||fnib: a/id foreiiiosl li niul In all I.hl»ijs'i 0 was often as Inexpllcabl? as Ih?, daredevil acts-of .Kelt-expos- lire In thr most, dangerous clrciim/ sts.ncf=. one may recall li^' tfsttir.ony of a /pah. who was dfco- iate.1 for a psillriilsr act r,f hero-' Kiii )jr- hod a.', a mfttlfr of All pentanw w)ifn he . realized : w i,at he had uone; yet -at the morn-n ' he fcrolv tenesm fh P . «(„,« ' cnl H ' U a Tondt-ifnl s torv t- )-- VJ > .,;,, 7,,'jJ m ncrlptum, toaiis?. f 'i this rneam; thai any man h to a giT-al rmotlonal , emn- intloii, and nn Imnctuoiis man particularly, may lie carried awjiy nes;, how )tvt lo clanger? 'How. nuieh zealously dionld ' </:a wa(ch, ««! iinegjoncc anil In KeeHno ^ """'any. may ue carried away fir, foremost place ii/nong the dlsebl"= ' " nlc!l l>v ' ia " 10 " io '" c 'itnry tejupta- HP had follniwd (lie ,\fas(p,."-flVr " 0 " as ' JJMI """"^tary Imptike to- thr> arrest and hn,| B0 .i(. even , vn ™ srtrnn s'lWlrnh' act. " Ih'' arrest and hnd tone even \, side Din court, whore he'was sitll warming himself by the lire' wh for and IN WAHWNfl ORDKIi. fllf. CHANCERY COUHT OIIIOKASAWBA DI.STR) r T MISSISSIPPI COUNTV,, AliKAN- o AS Claude Johnson, philiidlf, vs. No. SfiflO Hurton Ht«,slc Johnson, Dsfc-ndnnl Ihc delenhnt Burton Hessie Joiinson ts waihed lo appear within •Wrt\ daj | n the court named in Ihe caption hereof and answer the comphmt o f the: plaintlfl Claude Johnson Dated this 23 day ol January, 1935 H. M. CKAIG, Clerk' By Elizabeth Roddy, D. o icnc Bradley, Ally, ad Lifcm. 24-31-7-W ! llmt mny [llii. Hulls nnil \e"i , lb.iv combiner!. I Mosl tinlwilanl lonlilbutlon- to Ul ^^\ Serilcc Slitf Writer Tlie nriny of pnlate (nnlill/m Plielitc tluhiB sitluls suj; I j, i endless thnl a is Inrd lo be-(Ihc Jvc tint silncls nic ttic culinni \ u ^ Look ThioUh 'anj^V/'doo^book bWmla ctf'llicrr ^onderftu'na'on ul joull linniHUnlcly notice v,hal ftlvt i.ftt characlei lo «m "." 11 1 n nHMrtnnl n nn^ vnln.l >»>,. «u^ ^ ,.,.._,.. 3 lr - of 111 salid rsicc-m n nnlnnwrtant place silntl had i (he scheme of thing!, durinc randmolhfi s girlhood One in iv hbiary diled 1883 mole"; men coinUlna(!on Vary Seasonings i dinnoi salad Trench nsinlH is nioic desirable on of ^ad ciuy ulce Undel'the ^ "L o n U" .JT Ml ^Wnt"^ 1 , " S r 1 "!'" ,' 1 °" 15 ' nmi " 10r " '"<I»^. And f yo -oy^ itint .salads, lo be in per- -'•-.--- •• - cctlon, shplild be fresh gathcr- ^, and put Into salted cold watt', which will remove nil Insects, -el them stand for halt-an hour, nd then drain them thoroughly." onou s. The Only One Dressing mention change Ihe rasonings In French dressing, it never becomes monot- - vegetable snlad can be served with nny-cut of. meal and nil fowl or fish. Careful nrrnngcment enhances ed of ro- d h^.-m.-sh-ihem li«.'Sg £SS, ^.u^T^ ^^en^aTter 1 ii^afTvour' ff"!, 0 " ™ A i" ate ™ ° r chicory and eia - "r ^Zi ssr-tt^s-«ai'S s? ^ ^^ sprin - reparation. Tills is nsuolly done,drop huge ripe olives I table." Forlunalely Long ln Germany Roosevelt started , n the ground (hot progress has- been «fy ^r But the potentialities h ' thk goiernmeut nrc cx- private ftars of fascism May Swinj Townsendilts "Wandlne 'land of In politic,, It to conibine f ,- nd, whose old aee pensions Bchtmc becomes dally i niore paWul CaplQ Hill headache the "Huey Long j| Uer6 " , ould d • rtlop Into a nightmare elthZ ^ S ! ". tlK conf ldence ol either the senator or the doctor, I 2 n H» Bd ' cl that tho Jtogflsh , ? w « M ">? To *W«« dubs. But youldnt be at all surprised, ,R«4 Courier W»nt Adi. Ihc' snlnd pioneers dared lo venture far afield from -hte simple recipe anil the dress- dressing. W " h NCW New Kngland Dr*ssInR Three-fourths teaspoon salt, COMXSISRIONKR'S SALE No. &5S8 In pursuance to a decretal order daled January .1, 1935 nml entered in Chancery Record No. ll al Page .571 for Hie Chtckaswba District of Mississippi (Jounty, Arkansas, wherein R. B. O'Malley, Superintendent of the. Insurance Depariinenl of the Slate of Missouri, In charge ot Continental Life Insurance company, was plaintiff and Rosa Kosenlhal. ft al-. were dcfendanls, the under- slencd n-ill offer for sale to (lie best, mid highest Milder at Ihe fronl door of Ihe Court. House In Hie City of Blythevllle, Arkansas on ihc ictli day of l-'ebmnry, 1933, Ihe following described real cslalc lo-wlt: lot Eight 18) In Block Three 0, of Dlythc Addition to the City of Blythevllle, together with nil Improvements thereon, in Mississippi Countv, Arkansas. Terms of Sale: Upon n-credit of three months, purchaser lo give bond'with approved security and a lien to be retained on the prop- firty sold. - * Witness my litmd and seal of saiii Court this 24lh dny of January, . „ , H. M. CRAIG, '•"•'•I* commissioner. spoon ciiuj po\dei"l tablespoons ohu oil ) i iblespoons vinegar 1 tiibliipoon inincod EH en pepper Chill oil and \mejtnr Mi\ sail, peiipci und currv |X)\\der Add i megai ami he-it m oil slov,li lient until dif.sln 0 tluckeii!, ami add ii«.p|ier aeuc in n separate bowl im eneh per-on to help him- *:olf. i'lirsnips lire a \CEClablc that can' be served nidi nnj kind 01 cut of men. fish or fqwl. bill they often are overlooked in our eagerness lo plonse wilh the unusual I think you n-111 n«d this rcclpo tor parsnip i-rltlers unusual enough lo satisfy anybody. I'arsnlp Frlllers KOIII- or five medium sized par- snlps, ] tablespoon flour, 1 egg, j per, halves of walnut meats or pecan meats or slices of Brazil i mils. , ,;,„ j Wash parsnips' and boil until 'lender. Drain and scrape off skin. Mash well. Add salt, pepper, Hour ^cnkcs with n nut meal in ^ lm . jPry n golden brown in butler In i a frying pan and serve cnrnlshed ' with parsley. Nome Reassigns Lois To Those Burned Out NOMK. Alaska (UP) — Nome properly OWIKK were receiving new titles to ihelr land loday, after having .surrendered It lo a nuslc? following (he disastrous Scplembcr lire. | was necessary for the laying out of new streets, sewers and business and residential districts. Property owners turned over Ihclr mics without protest, and later were assigned comparable Iracts us close os practical to former locutions.' Site of Ihe new federal lnuiclin» lias been laid out. Coiisiriiclioii! will slarl. In (he .spriiiK. Alma niclmrdwm, I'lalnli/f vn. No. . r i88!) - \ff-rvlii Hlehardsoti. Dsfendanl. Tlie. dfifendanL Mervln Hlehnnl- ls warned 'lo appear winnn ipear wn thirty days III Ihe. court named In f-apllon lioi-eof nnil a i vwpr ' t j le plninlifr Alma - complaint of the Klc-lmrd.'son. . . Oil' ' Hih >3 dn> of Juiuiiiry. 1915 H M CHATC!, olerk Hj RJbabeth Roddy, f), c Or-nn nradtey, Atty a<| utem. '' Ihe Na^arene. . If Peter had bsan overcome by 'ear, if be had wished in any w < lo dissociate hirn^if with the Mis ter, why should he have rai/W'l iw court nt all? He wol , M natll ' r f. ly have .sought some way of cscaiv. niul safety, but liere we find him i i the very 1 front of circu;nsmnc«s where he.Is likely-to*|j e r<-eo»ni>nri und ucciisc'd. " ° "otvcaii TO account for thi.-,-.sud- most ?T '"' Wh ' ch lls "™ l ™s nollijng* ^Td'oXuiT'j^Jr ,'^ problem ., WMS difficult, for lhos° who approach it Oll!y from X auiuljulni, of theory M'ltfiout much know cd(j« of actual |»y J: hoiogy I>cc'laily of tlin ]>sycJioIoijv of PC-llioiiB und iniense men like Peter But when on fi considers the inci-' dent i,, t ], B n gll i of „„ (|u ; " ol hnniini history. l) 1P matter'i^ ,\ n i shown expr-rlrnces'lm ,„„„ Ix-en cajwWe or Ih Have on O lhe what sce.utd Ilk .- ,, I- cowardice. Apparenlly one of feais n, at deeply I*,*} ilK ? ° gft am! honor durin n, 0 - •WARNING OKDER :N THE CHANCERY' COURT CHICKASAWBA D1 S T It I c T MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. AHKAN- t> A S. _ . '•' J. Thomas. Plaintiff vs.. No. 5891 Qcul-ih S riiomns, ^Defendant 1 e defendant ueiilah s. Tliomas is warned to ippear within thirty 'toys in (,] C cunrL naiiied in tlic ciplion licieof mid answer the complin^ 01 Ihe'uHnlntiif i- j iliouns .'••••. l)it,-il Um 'i d-ij..qf,.January, 1M5. H M Oinig. clerk !).) J lljjjjpth RmWy D C One Bradley LitcJn :N-si-7-i-i ect lie - ,.-••-- tMvc uncnnal to : iinrlieiilar strain. ic .wmitis cowardice of men days in the court mimed in Ihe caption hereof aiid nn.swcr the complaint of the plainilff j. A. Gwall- uey. ' • Dated this 23 day of Januar>', 1035. II. M. CRAIG, Clerk- By Elizabeth Roddy, D. C Jess? Taylor, Atty. art Lttem. 24-31-1-14 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP THE UNITED STATES OF THE EASTERN" DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS, - JONESUORO DIVISION. . ' - ' In.'lho Mailer, of Jake Rice, Bankrupt NOj 185 Notice is hereby '''given that peti- llon for discharge of the bankrupt has been Tiled, nn.d saiue .will be heard hi,',the United .'slates Cdiiii Room, at-':ikllltc; Rock, 'Arkansas, on the -jlh 1 day'-of March; IB35, at • 10:00 "A. M. 1 •;-'.. ; ' ;"-. SIp.B. REDDING,iCiei'k/ 'By _Bess' Math'cs, D. ,0. pi ay,- ftinl strive in. r-vfiy te^eel lo build up rr-son'es of .-fftllh'arill alrcngth aiid courage against sorii" ruoiiienl thai /nay lie pte^riant v,'|!h disaster for oiir-nouLsi P^I- ,',""• ' i Ftoriimatoly llie momentary I'M icier may have , been overcome i of .denial did not lead lo Peters his ol.uie S '" f '"? ', y T g h^ 3 "' T0 ° ""^ «hen a , „ MILS charge, the mere fact lhal ha.s made such a misstep, it becomes , - «•-• tl*'-i ', ltlk,lr Ulill "e was cold and unco/nfortablc may have Influenced him, for Ihe Inner spirit Is often Influenced by such outward rircmnslance.s. . s :i factor In his life above ivlilch he ' can I of • never again ' rise. shoawl the' finest' ccuragc nd the 'truest sort , , v In a different way ------met the c Afterwards he was overcome with itrief and humility, and sincere re- false step by the love 'and devotion with'which he .served hh Master in after years. ' : ' THIS CURIOUS WORLD PUPP€R. FISH SWELLS Up LIKE A BALLOON WHEN AM ENEMV APPROACHES, THUS MAKING HiMSELF TOO LARGE TO" BE SV/^LLOWED < WHEN IN THIS CONDlJlOll HE FLOATS UPSIDE DOWN ON THE SURFACE. OF THE MOST COMMOM WEEDS tN THE. l\. UIMITEO m,.^ AND WAS PAID *8 f OOO FOR FLVlNG 3 IN TESTING A PIAME 'FOR THE GOVERNMENT, HE DIVED FROM A HEIGHT OF 2O,OOO;PEET TO 4-.OOO peer/ OUH .Vance pieese wis tnid at tho rile of about fO cen s a fool .,„ ,.„ ifst-fllglit of ^ goveunnent plane During Ihe plunge hir air-sp=eti In dicalor biote it 425 miles ptr houi Breeie was tdppd from Jicul to .lool, m order Hut h, b Wcxxl ;e=se!s mijn, not bleak undei tlie strain OI!I)UR IN Tin CII\MCKBY. rnimT CI1ICKASAWB V DI s T H ]" C T MISSISSIPPI COUNTV. AHKAN- oAo. •..','• ' ' J A C»«tlncj pisiinliir.' ' vs: No. 5868 . - ivtitl Elanv nn'cl' Louise Elam ct al- Defendants. • ^ ' u-^'!l! i ( ' L ' rcnc!rinl Paul Ham is Baincd ia a^ipc-ar.': within nlnciy _A_ivmanpliiK ami rc-dlvlslonl^ ncart Courier News w.u.t Ads SALESMAN SAM By Ahum 01JT7H£ YOU _ _ . . . . THKT , HOOPLE''PAMIW, rTREE IS VGQ1FD [BACK "TO Slr^PLE^&l|v\ON t VOU'RE At-WAys'p!6QlNG ' TOR A.PUN^P-HA.N'DLE: VOL) "BOUGHT At A IF VdLiR "RACE HORSE \S TEN ._,..' NOT ENTER HIM 1|\1 ANYTHING , ^-^ .TASTER W L NiOT TEN YEA"p,<S OV AT ,W HE OH.'DA'bH I HAVE TAiTH MIS "RACINS A5ILITY THAN A _ January 24^ Morse firtt demon sorates in. California. HI FA W\TH YOU, . rV\AiOR warm up for contracts SHE NBKOS I>r,ENTYt ' come. To THIWK OF tr HASM'T ft PHONG SHt ft'iK.eo MG. To ORDER- t3<=TTeR. •SEWD Ttuo FOP. HEP, ft 3AIVOF R &e.e.\ uie ouey GOT TUJO JARS IM TllfT. us TO seuJ owe.

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