The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1935
Page 5
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^ . I THURSDAY,- JANUARY : 24,;»35- Only Best Jumpers Permitted to _ Participate in English Classic By II. i,. I'KRCV United 1'rfss Staff Correspondent LONDON. (UP)—The umwunHy rmnll entry of CO horses for the Graral National Steeplechase, to lie run al Llvcrjxiol. March 29, Is due lo new regulations which permit only the l;est Jumiiers to com- lislc. Actually ih c entry is 13 below lust year, anil sis below the record Held of DG In .1029, vvlieii tlicrc were , 121 entries. Experience has Kliown that about halt the entries BO lo the post, so It may be expected that around 30, the same number BS Jail,year, will be trtielcr starter's orders two months hence. The chief |X>lnl about the entries Is that some 50 owners have fell it, worth while to put up the entrance fee of approximately $60 knowing that they would Jiavc to compete with Miss Dorothy ragel's Golden Miller, which won last' year in record lime. Since it could not be that. they arc willing to spend $50 just to see tt'hat weight t h'e hniiriicapper would give their entries, it must be assumed that most of them-think they have a chance if only Golden Miller is allotted top weight of 175 pounds — which Is almost a certainty. Carrying several pounds less, ant! with a bit of luck at the jumps, al least Jialf a dozen of the entries are conceded a sporting chance of beating "The Miller." With (he weights announced Jan «. the Held will begin to dwindle lo manageable size. At least 20 are not expected to answer the first acceptance Jan 29 when a fnrthci $250 is clue, anil the probable starters will be knouu with the final .•iccciilaiicc. March 10, when still another ?2(JO must be paid. No owners is likely lo hand-over a total of $500 unless he considers he has a good • clmnco. and intends lo run Ins entry i ne re is hide doubt that they will be banking on tv.-o tilings. Firstly, |he big possibility that t'OIrtcn Mij] ei . C8nnot , carri such n load as 175 pounds iround the 4 mile course; and secondh th/u only tti-o Iioi-scv in nearls a hundred years have won the cross country blue ribbon tiucf jn sue Ab-cd-Kiider BLYTHEjVjlUS (ARK.) COURIER , , siwf, Tt> A fVti IS A REIiKH 6O (Htt SIEVB HflMAS,,, 1#£. BLKK UHLM, if CM -Tf(All. ,.,,,„, ••; Ey Harry Graysoal NEW YOEK, Jan. 24.—'Ilierc is .10 que-sllou :-tl|'iit"'lhc .panic is on in two or three cities but bast ball is a hardy game,, and. I :hayc an idea (liat both.the .National, arid American Leagues will.survive for few. years- more. Merging llicm ''. into one. loop, of 12 bi pulurto 10 chub's would be :oo complicated and lca\e the cir cult too unwleldly Th" old National League found its U teams unmanageable m the frisky 90s A post-season series between the miners of the Eastern and Western diusions hardly would replnce the world series, i tremendous money Belter. Theic Is talk of switching a ranchisc whenever it is mealed that in o\uur is suffering from cession—namely Ab-cd-Kudcv in thefts 1850 and 1851 ind The Colonel in %',. 1¥ccilt 5<>ars Blltl nior i860 and ma Pocthljn won twice \ mi M "wukp^ were the sites usu Grove, Cochrane, Simmons, Barn- slittv. Klein, or Biutcll with which to bail iUself out, it must dig up a Wriglcy, Rupperl, Croslcy, u young Tom Yawkcy, or a Bradley. The sale of Fred Frankhousc might liavc kept the dogs out of Braves Field for some time. ' Speaking of the National League's predicament In Boston, why doesn't President Ford Frick get in touch with Lou Went*, the Oklahoma oil man, who was so eaeer to pay a million or so for the St. Louis Cardinals and their /firtns? .Yawkcy, of the Kcd Sox, nml entZj of the Braves! They'd make 'the battle of Bunker" Hill look like a pillow fight. Plans for Two Dam Projects Go Forward HUNTINGTON. W. Va. (UP)— Work on construction of the Ohio River dam nt'Koysctl,' bclo\y Gallipolis, -Ohio, will be started soon. Three; hundred" men will be .ployed on the l° re '.Major . John F, ally but now Montjeal syndicate., make tlio most .... , It ilso has been suggested that another Nev, York outfit might sell operate in the borough of . project. Conkliu. dislricl i succession in IBIS i, 1( j 1919 Ihe first "occasion n is a .substitute race i[ GaUict In addition onlj foui horses otoisler, Manifesto JPrn \i and "" '• "" — Pocthlyn, have won cairjuic sucli' Qveeub W!lh DetrolU a weight as 17, pounds .season it was urged that Oie „„ who aie nkeh to l ton \ ot>ilc cenler ^ rewarded ftftU "Mij 10 con ti n , 1() || S hanbil! In dtscu5£lng^ the uiovuiu < clubs those \ohmleefjng to solve' the problems of (larassed mag | mtcs o\dilook one important point Tnat Is the territorial agreement To duto ||io Bo-slon Nationals Engineer; Harry Pokras and W. P. Wynn senioi Liiginecrs^ )ia\c been conferring ivitli Brig. Gcu. George Pillibifry in Washington on .the .proposed ?13,OCO,000 flam on the Bluest'one River, near Hiriton. W Va Caruthersvilie Beats $$S$Wfl Seuiinble, Boys Wjn 33 to JJ ; Bulldogs Giri 8 Team Iviumplis •""»• a< ' - wmn|)cd the High bpy, ^3 lo 11 'Ititiday ,,l,U( at Osccola. Fnmk 6«nddis, Soiti- Inole Conch, hurt his te« m playlin a bpnutlful Rniiie. Led by Ed OWs- f"li»ll, Innky guard, who hit tliu basket for it ponds, tho Osceola learn look the lead from (lie llrsl iimi »-as never In rimmer. Jn U| 0 last quarter couch Sanders ran In an entire llne.up of second -string men (vho kept Increasing thp lead, Wilson » strong (flrls 1 te»m play- .iili"./^, 1 s "" lc lo <!ef««t -Osceoln tir is J5 lo 15. Tlw scoro s aocs not indicate l|io fierceness of this . The Osccola team look the Jnn March Muy July :>cl Jcc —- —~ cmi of the third nuarter. Wilson seored liciivlly in Uic lasl period. Wntls. Wilson forward scored '20 [wluls. Tlie line-ups were- ' (Boys) Osccoln - scurnvvs. 1; Pate 2; Chlscnhall, II; OWhain l; • raj'ior, 9; Wiijlit, 4- nimiiKy Medley, 2; Duller, "AJTCS. Jncka! Wllson-Easlcy. 1; shaw, 2; Blaho, 2; Lynch, 1; Woodsidc, 5; Dnrton, Miillms. I'Rslcy, Strcntcr (Olrls) Osccoln-Nlckols, S; liui- Joue, Wiiglit, 2; tloweti, Klrkpal- rck, 0; Jacks, Ci'omer, Brlckey, Hucknby, Addlson. Wilson—Speck, Marlinilale, 4; Carpenter, 9; V. . Ms, Klsmirtcr. Slieatcr, R. Wll- W J !) T T • n"" S| Ml> ""' WlHls ' 2 °: Murphy. Wardcli learns Twice B f»«iw. Tlie Sciulnoles will play siiaw- OABUTHEKSViuLB, Mo, Jnn n f to >' s nll 'l 8'rls here Friday 23.—The Carulhci-sville hoop teams , 8ll(| !U1(I ntfl working hard with won their first double bill- hero l>cs of showing thu way to Jast night, ([creating u,e Warn^ii sll " m "'' v teams. The girl's game wns 23-8, iind Hie boys' (jnme 18-0. Clilt- woocl, Canithcrsvlllc forward, wits high scorer of girls' unine witli 20 points, and Nelson Creech, guard on Ihe local team, with 1 points, wus Uio. liigli scorer of (lie boys' game. Both local teams took-an early lead, and.wcre never. In trou- . - .,-• blc - ' Tuesday night. The girls K amc was Ihe fastest the local girls'have played (tils year and they won by n score of 21 to 19. .-. J, .«.• '" lc ^°J' S game was fnst Ijijt-tlie K. Ashcr, 4; Wardcli . Wal 'dcirboys -led .through most of Ciabtrec, i, Shepnrd, " 1e 'ontckt, finally whining, 20'to The lineui>s: ^ Hoys . Cariilhcrsvillc (18)—D J. Nlckcns, Creed), 5,. '9»—ClaiK a, Bmllson, Msthis 3 Substitutions: Canitliersvillc,' . Nickens Robinson. 3, Steele Cagers Divide Two With Deering Teams STEEIjj r 'Mo.—Tlic Steclc baskijl, ball teams divided honors with" the Deering tennis on ,lhc local cowl H , Creech, 3, R. Ashcr, Mcdling, Matthews Waidcll, Stofile. CaiulhciSMlle Cook. J, Tranb (23) -Tistadl, Coibctl Lcdbct- lei Tajloi, Waidell <8)-Hams, b, Bracy, 2 Shcpaid, Spidcll, Clark, Canithcrsville - Cryslcr, Substitutions; Clntwood 20 Wardcli—Hogan, Seogg Comlci News Want~Ads Pays 18 ... Tlie liiie-up. 1 !: • stcclc <Blfts), Moore, 11: Kay l <>. Tajloi. Ycager, Copelaiid, Ciir- n, Writht, McDaiilel. and. Lndd DcciiiiB (girls), z..; - McCliirf, I'D; Watson, l; 'L. McClurg, ciirry, Pnlmei, Collins, Scott. 8; Grogiin Stcelc (boys) Ale.xandey, Fred, 1; Alcxandci , Prank,, 8; ipji'derlck.' : 1 • Patterson, 3; Fu.n'dt-rlnirli;? i ; Fun- derbui k, 1 ; : Buhis, '•;!;' Frankcs Deering (boys) Garrett, 5; stover 8, Mitchell, 7; Fairlcss, 5; Mur- Pliy, J. '• -' . ,,« !„ if """ 11 " ; "ivf. M> to Hi,, jiosl on Marth 30 Mdes ttolrleir Millci s c M .•soiingc's Forbra These two ire only past whines entered I oron winning in 1933 Colored Cincy Football Star Won't Transfer London -on , colored .tar Unhmilv of t-IUCllJDolj foollttll [lljJCI ttlll t , »mi into £a|(rji|opc 01 Jfontreal permission fjrjsl yould have to be ob- ! lalticd from the International League. Ihe c|a([on woujd Ajnerican Asso to apiiro\e'be- forc a b] 0 tlnie array could be installed in - »min in schnol then d"sinti; liorls to (lie conlraij his Mrs. Ada C.ant said licie "Those Cinciijiiali folks l mc No Place to Go 1'ccn iiHglHy fiue^o Lunni ,a,d I Ne,thei Baltlmoic ^KUM.-,- Oanl, and I wonldnt Itilnk'nor Montical is a major Icasuc II,n trn r\,«, «IK^. ..i.. «1,^ J fvwQu^ Ricli as Balliiuoic baseball tradition i\as made by the ongnnl or Jetting him go omt ollicj pj itc even if he, wanted to. One report hid been Hut (he University of Miclnt,in Ind won 'jvcr Hit- ImsVv fo-mu ^Jiulu I > lugli.whoul footbjll jjlajer who in 1D32 and 153d was praclicnllj », leant by himself Anothn had i.fen that Uic Unlvmlly of I'itis- biireh wns intfrcslcd in him. i Oriole- UK M(y minor Courier News Want Ads 'Pays Dopester clubs u rcnl Here s tho fellow who probably Knows Inore about doping of r»c» horses thin &ny other authority In the couatrj. He It H. j' An. Midler, of ths run-colics fcurHa tf the Treasury Department, thovru here Jurt'twfora he lilked to slato racing comialtslcutrs at .Miami, Fifc tie«5 «iirn (He laic Jail. I}U)ino conipinallons failed to vary (ho lu- tcrimliotial League JIag. Tlicy 'mil- ally low-roped Uic licld, yet Duiui liad lo develop and peddliv droves, Benliej-b;. Earnshuw's, Boleys,' .Bishops. and Porters to make a BO 'of Tlie .Motitrcal clu|>. has" UectarcU no record-hrcufcuig dividends tlnre Us returii to. the Inleriiatioiial,' iil- tHougli it doc!, business in a fine paik in (he cenlci of more llian a million iwolc ha!> bcrn considtrcd a major league location, und voted down One readily can imagine the pro- icst that ^oiild be Jtlcd by the Jomi, torcci of tlir tf cw y or( , dlld Bropklvu Nitionals and the Ncn York Amcncaas if it was proposed flint another club intch camp ,il Long WHIIC! C|lj Wsnk Nariii vy'U 'ell Uic bo\s rccpnstrucllng the major' leagues 0(i paper riiid incnU|ly tl)al Oi.'' Irojl it, no place for n-jtcond club to light The rpclrpit club wat badly 1 bcni. tuunclally'a jcar am * t - • T»o So]ulj.j|]i It. may be Ij-iio Hint no National league entry bliowcd a prolll in 1W; fhJt Uic 'fat LoOi^jjr ran UUo the reel fo; ihc fin i caniiwljn, and Hiit Now York Cotton NEW YOIJK~Jfi». 21 (W) - Coltou c)o.«efl.' Alfiiiy. '' open high low close Jtn U« m» Uf3 ijfy I2M (252 1343 MM !'W 1251 1362 1255 stcaily ol I2«o, New Orle&n* Vottort • NEW ORLEANS, Jon, 21 Cotlou closed Bt«ady, bjitn iilgli low dose -~ — -- — 1J351) 1?50 1350 1215 1J5Q U55 1255 1260 IJ55 1207 1251 1352 1258 «(«« iiijii IC.\Y o o»e •.. May 84 5-» 85 l.g 8i 84 3-4 • July 80 1,2 M 3.4 u 7. 8 81) fa B Afiw«|iri Farmer Uies GrwdfMjjer'j Farm Tool* SHERIDAN, McTIuP. - Ppilo- nickciibflujh lives on the simo arm which lib «uu<uaiiiei cui- tly«t«d «iiti ho tills his soil with oxen as his grnndfrahiT did. The far»i ha? hoi, bfon modern- d In any puniwr. Ho uses Uio same Implfnieiit* ^|il4 • 'Krnnd(«tli«r i|»W. ;.Th,e, (arm retains Us spinning w)ieel, Rntltiue Ubhcs Bin! chnngcd. 1255 1«5 1255 1?55 ciwwl steady at 1J6D, iin- ' Closing Stock Prices Haynes Men's Shop WILL CONTINUE UNTIL ALL STOCK IS SOLD TO THE BARE WALLS! rcbuili} ^_ , Inlrodtiaton, of /jifglit. In the MMioiui certainly Indication of prcsperlly Yet the' Natioiia), and loops are not likely, to apart Ui'Uis lm)uw(»te<l Atajor league bUebal)* \ eloped • In'to !. & • h'ucltf tei and a rl'cli; liian'f iplay't|i|h \Vlren tu'roMtfitMl'eiii'lic Society Brand, Capps and Lord J8aitimpr^ Suits.,. Bostonian and Vitality Shoes ..... All Good'.u|i' damaged Merchandise, MUST (GQ! frofits fofgottoi! MEN'S SHOP A. T. anil T. Aiiacontjn Beth, steel Chrysler •.. Coca Cola ... Qen. Am. Tank den. Electric Gen. Motors ..., Inlcr. Harvester . " McKcsson-Robblns Montgomery. Ward New York Central Packard . : . , Phllllrxs r'ot. ,...'.'. Radio Corp. St. L. S.-f. ....'. '.'.', aim m oils Beds Standard of N. J. ','. Texas Co.;. ....... " ''' 104 3-8 10 7.8 31 37 1-1 ,. 1 3-8 173 l-'l ''2J'3-4 31 3-8 . 41 . 8 1-4 . W 1-2 . 18 1-B . A 3-4 1 U 5-8 .. -5 1-4 , U. 3. Steel Zonltc . 0 1-0 . « . 20 110 . 37 J-4 .. 43-8 Chicago Wheat | OW \ close OW cos Hay OB 1-B 07 1-8 [16 1-8 06 0-4 July aa:i-8 es ei 7-8 8 e 5- v Corn |o,w . ntvlienbnugti '. nays (lie older meltiods «( (armiiig are more «o- lomlcnl, Tlicre never Inm been u ;r«clor on Hie ulacc. HrcakliiR own (o work Is n hobby with n|ckcnbaiigh. Ho s(vld llmt oxen iiro btttpr for farm work than hows,. Ho markeU the oxen alter he Una H'alnsd, them (p work. Some of the teams sold (or as much nx MM. Ho Has sold Iciims, lie inld, Milk Planes Forecast By Agricultural Expert ITHACA, N. ,y, (iji')-TnuisiKir- tntloa of milk cargoes by nil-piano in the near future was visualized by II. H, vanity oJ the Department of Agricultural Economics nt Cornell University In n bulletin on the. progress in milk transportation. .. . • "It requires no yrcnlcr strelcti of Uio Imagination to vlsunllso »n airplane carrying milk lo Now York city In Ihe future thaii 11 would have been for the farmers, say in Orange County 90 years ,.v..|*u «yh<.M4 9|WfV W', T . postal • wings'- cert«}e»t«. < Ha ej*nt two-days/of tedious '"•<"• In flnd|»f'tbe-own«r» -—. who h^d ^npt y^t dbscovr 4 she'had lost them. t a reward''"" 1 U ' C 9Wr ' " de ** lv ' "Yes, ma'am," beamed Thomas] lioldlng out his pjdqv ^"^', The fortunate owner fumbled'in her purw, deposited a hatf-dojiw In Thomas' hand. " Nou-i.Wtnt.Slnstls ;. BRIDGEPORT. Conn, (Up)-l Wlicn the city planning commission checked over city map? to clclormtoo «)iat now ifioroughfares were to i» constructed they found S'i 1 miles of htrcclfi that did not exist. • ., Missouri Main Comeotck • BUTLER, Mo. (UP) —MlsSOllVt mules arc coming into dejnanti agntn, helping larmert bridge tp.?if way tuiough. Hie depression. The price is tip to about 4150 a hMd. A icccnt shipment of M went from this section lo Spain. • -» Don't Forget CAUDILL'S AGENCY General Insurance Now Located «t 101 N«rth Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVJCE BUREAU DON EDWABOS, Froprltlor III m«ki»errrtiiUlTyp«wrlt*n, Addlhf M»chln«i«ndC«)ciiIHor» Ift. MICAWBER ' '' - ' •""' 1 H^ ' '.« ,IJ Mill- beautiful budget and lh "My other piece of advice, CopperJ'ield," said Mr. Micawber, * ( you know. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds, aught and six, result misery. The blossom js blighted, the leaf is withered, the God of day goes down upon the dreary scene, and—and in short yoi} are for over floored. As I am!" Take it from Mr. Micawber, or froni any one of thousands who know it for the truth, there's no friend like cash! And there's no way to be so certain of cash as to spend within your'budget. Begin today! Say to yourself—so much will go for food, so much for rent, so much for fuel, so much for charity. Stick within your budget and you'll find'it bountiful enough to leave you something over! One of the best'ways to budget as you go is to read Uic adyevtiset-nents ] n this newspaper. Daily, as in a parade, the good values of the'good stores march before you. Roast beef or cjiops for Sunday dinners,.a specjal style in men's shirts, new drapes for the liv : ing-room .-.. the advertisements w[ll l}olp you choose them all, und often at a, saving! 'if

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