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THAT FRESHMAN BANQUET. ALMOST A JAIL DELIVERY. For Rent. a number nf I have Rev.W.M. Slaughter, good houses Tho Bvcnina; Scntlnd 7 which I will, rent desirable Exactly Right Under Difficulties -Ths Feast at the Wel Has Our Thanks.

G. I r. Myers, who has latclr opened a bakery at No. 222 North Pitt street, has our best thanks for a set-up of fine cream puffs, which we 7 OF Writes of the WEST VIRQINIA. Benefits Received From Or.

lingtonTroublesome "Sophs." tenants. c. M.s Liggett. Also severs houses for sale. mch26-dtf CRAIG SHERK ATTEMPTS TO BREAK JAIL BUT- HIS SCHEMES WERE DISCOVERED.

I Miles' Restorative Nervine. if ltv An Hour's Have Set More Work Might Him Free. Hot 'Sick Enough for. the Bed or Well Enough 1 Preparing for Easter. A chorus choir practiced music last evening in the First Presbyterian church, which is to be given on the evening of Easter Sabbath.

The music Is very pretty and it will be quite' an event. another charge POLICEMAN was a much needed individual last evening about 10 o'clock in the vicinity of the Hotel Wellington. The fact is, several were necessary to preserve order, and all cause of the fact that the Freshman For the Table," Craig gagainst mulatto frill prisoner in. the 1 onnnU iall. It 13 top- A Minister's Wife Aptly Describes a Well Known Condition and Horn take tickets at cat prices.

12ilyd 7.7; iTells How It "WasOvercome. i'f vw that of "attempt to break SATURDAY' EVENING, APRIL 9, 1897 I ft RELIGIOUS. i 7 1 il 1 jail," and it's due fact that ko fco tbe made an Sherk To Draft Resolutions. In chapel services at Dickinson this morning, committees were appointed from the several classes of the college, to draft suitable resolutions on the death of the janitor of the college, Henry Spradley. Service lu Various Cuurcuen of Carlisle Sunday ana Iur- ins tbe Week.

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Rov. A. N. Hair- to escape effort R. MILES' Restorative Nervine Is fronci Fort Goodyear.

THIS IS TBI STORY! Friday morning about 5:30 William D1 particularly adapted po the restoration of health broken down by hard Cleland, runner of the jail, ana wuu There are thousands of people in all walks of particularly, at this season, who are "not exactly. right" and yet are not sick, for whom a single bottle of Hoodrs.Sarsaparilla would do a world of good, as it has done for others. and professional men as well as the bnsy housewife are especially susceptible to this debilitated feeling. It is the peculiar combination of the best tonic, anti-bilious, diuretic and alterative agents of the vegetable kingdom, carefully and scientifically combined, which enables Hood's Sar-saparilla to reach simple as well as serious ailments when other medicines fail. Read Mrs.

Hunt's letter: a I. Hood Lowell, Mass. "Dear Sirs: I trust that the publication of my testimonial may serve to introduce Hood's Saraaparilla to many who mental work. Rev. W.

M. Slaughter of New Haven, W. writes: "I suffered with extreme nervousness, dizziness, dull and nervous headaches and sleeplessness. My heart came to troubling me, I was short of breath from the least exertion, and suffered much Additional Mail Accommodation. A letter box has been placed at the C.

V. R. R. station in Carlisle for the accommodation of persons wishing to post letters to go out on mail trainon which there are mail agents. The pDstofflce sho be used for all letters pain in my left side.

'luw. If. results. With the approach of spring he has had an indescribable feeling of ill health. sick enough for the bed or well enough for the In a few words, He Became Run Down each year from constant mental and physical actios.

Hood's Sarsaparilla has relieved and invigorated him In every instance. Last month we purchased four bottles of the medicine. I took two of the bottles, being weak, Without Appetite and vigor. After I had used half a bottle of Hood's I realized quite an Improvement and soon felt quite comfortable. I gained so much that I recommended Hood's Sarsaparilla to my nearest neighbor, who has had malarial She.

has also taken the medicine and its effect upon her for good was almost magic. She has now prevailed upon her husband to take it to build him up. I have also given Hood's Sarsaparilla to my two little girls, one nearly 3 years old, who is not strong, consequently languid, and the other, 15 years old, for pimples which indicate bad blood and disfigure her complexion. Both have been helped by Hood's Sarsaparilla which I am glad heartily to recommend." Mrs. G.

Hunt, ioi West 31st Street, N. Y. City. I Fell Dead at Harrisburg. Patriot tij A William E.

Ross was attacked by a hemorrhage at the Lafayette Hall rescue mission yesterday afternoon about 3 o'clock and died in a short time. 4. 1 Ross was working in the mission "shelter house' and had just finished mopping he' floor when he fell.tSev eral men saw him fall and as ttiey raised im blpoJbegan to pour from his nose and'mouth7; 7 On his left arm were the initials and a letter addressed to E. Ross, Carlisle," was found in a meets the cuts takes tickets 12jlyd Items from the Indian School Helper. Master LeRoy Steyick paid bis last respects to the Helper office yesterday morntng.

and his mamma, Mrs. Guy LeRoy Stevick, left for their home in Denver, Colorado, last night after a very enjoyable visit of a few weeks at the school as guests of Captain and Mrs Pratt, whose daughter Mrs. Stevick is '-7. Captain and Mrs: Pratt, Miss Shaff-nerrMis9 Erickson and Miss Forster attended the Williamson commencement exercises last week and returned greatly impressed with the excellency of the teaching at that, great trade school near Philadelphia." Miss Bonifant, of Macon, Virginia, the new civil service appointee, has reported for duty, and Mhs Weitzel, who has served us most skillfully, faithfully and acceptably for years, and about whom so much has been said, has been retired, Great are the workings of civil service. Miss Cutter's new Spaulding shines with expectancy of soon being able to carry its owner hither and yon.

Mr. Kemp's boys under his instruction have put up a fine set of gold mounted harness, hand made, for the Nashville Exposition. that are in time for mailing. Letters deposited in this box are not taken to the Carlisle postofflce but are collected 3 Medicine and physicians gave me no relief. I procured Dr.

Miles' Restorative Nervine, New Heart Cure and Nerve and Liver Pills, and I am sure no words of com IS? Restores by the agents on the following need physical improvement, and lead rains: 7 ON WEEK DAYS 5 8 :34, 10 :52 a. and 4 :28, 6 :14 them to give it a trial. My husband, HI IIIMIIHMIIIIMMItHI Itll mendation as to the results can be too strong. I sleep well, the dizziness and confused feeling have disappeared, my heart troubles ma bo more and I feel perfectly well." Dr. Miles' Remedies are sold by all druggists under a positive guarantee, first benefits or money refunded.

Book on Heart and Nerves sent free to all applicants. DR. MILES MEDICAL Elkhart. Ind. and 12:00 midnight.

Letters for local delivery will bedelayedif placed in the no letters will be taken from Rey. Granrilla Hunt K-HH 6 pn Sundays. has access to the corridor walkea irom the first to the second story of the jail. When walking around the iron gallery, and in front of Sherk's cell, he discovered that the bar that receives the bolt wai filed entirely off, and that Sherk was free to go where he pleased in the corridor. As soon as Cleland discovered it, he look suspiciously at Sherk, and before he could say a word, Sherk said 4 'Well, I guess there's another charge against attempted to break He was calm and did not appear to be in the least excited over the discovery of his plans.

It was discovered on further Investigation that he had MADE A LADDER. With his "bunk-board" he had constructed a ladder on which he standing it against the wall at the north semi-circular window. Here he attempted to file the bars, at least so many of them as would admit of his escape. WITH HIS BLANKET he made a rope and certainly intended to climb of out the window, down the rope, to the yard, and with the probable assistance of outside parties.make his escape. At all events his attempt was failed and he remains a prisoner, confined in what is known as cell." SHERK'S TOOLS.

But one tool could be found in his is a corpulent man weighing 230 pounds. He has taken Hood's Sarsaparilla every spring fox the last eight years with good Ministerial Union. An adjourned meeting of the Minis Washington Released. terial Union will be held in the Y. M.

Frederick Washington, colored, who hsd been awaiting trial at court, for assaulting Sullivan the law student A. parlors on next Monday morning rty, pastor. Preaching at 11 a and 7:30 pm by the pastor. Morning subject "The Cup that my Father Bath Glvan (-hall I Not rlnlc It." Evening subject "They Forsoolf All and Followed nim, They All Forsook Him and Fled," Volunteer Bible class at 10 a. m.

Babbath school at a. to. Christian Endeavor at 6:80 Prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:30 SECOND PRESBYTERIAN Rev. George Norcross, D. pastor.

Preaching at 11 a. ra. and 7:30 by the pastor. 1 At the request of the W. O.

T. U. of Oar-lisle. Dr Nercross will preach to-morrow at 11am on "The Christian Sabbath a Divine Institution." Sunday school at 1:30 a. m.

Christian Endeavor meeting at 0:15. Lecture and prayer meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. ST. JOHN'S Alexander McMillan.

Rector. Palm Sunday. Holy communion 8 at a m. Sunday school 9:30 a. m.

Service and sermon at 11 to. Even song and sermon at 7.80 m. COaiNQ BOLT WIIK. Holy communion daily except Good Friday at 7 warn. Dally erti song at 4.30 m.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30 pm. Also on Good Friday the "Three Hours Service" at 12 m. METHODIST EPISCOPAL Re W. M. Crysinxer, D.D., pastor.

Preaching 'at 11 'a. ra. and 7.30 p. by the faster. Sunday schoel at 9:30 a.

Epworth League snrvlce at 7:00 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening 7:30. REFORMED Rev. Miles O.

Noll, paltor. Preaching at 11 am and at 7.30 pm by the pastor. Babbath school at 9.4 a. m. Praise service at 6:16 Sunday evening.

Wednesday evening service at 7.30. Catechetical class Friday 7 p. m. Normal class at Friday evening. Confirmation at the morning service, Palm Sunday, Service each evening during Passion week at 7:30.

THE FIRST UNITED EVANGELICAL CHURCH. Rev. M. F- Fosselman, pastor. Preaching at 11 a.

m. and 7:30 p. m. by the pastor. Sunday school at 9:30 a.

m. Junior Leaxue of Christian Endeavor unday evening at 6:00. Keystone League of Christian Endeavor 6:30. Prayermeetlng Wednesday evening at 7.33, FIRST LUTHERAN. Rev.

H. B. Wile, pas- Preaching at 11 a and 7.30 by the pastor. Sunday school at 1:00 p. O.

E. meeting at 6:30 p. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7 30. Services every evening during' the week except Saturday at 7.30 p.


Stock, pastor. Preparatory services and infant baptism at 11 m. wrnnchlnff n. 7:30 bv the Dastor. IIMWU Tj was yesterday released from jail on at 11 o'clock.

The special object of this meeting is to accomplish a proper reorganization of the Cumberland class of Dickinson college banqueted at the Wellington and the Sophomores were determined, as usual, to do all in theiT power to prevent it. President Reed warned the latter class to in no way interfere, but judging from their actions last night they certainly disobeyed. UP IN arms. Before starting for the hotel about armed themselves with bed-slats, with which to protect themselves in case of a "scrap" the It is said one of them carried a- "loaded cane" (whatever that means) and others were prepared for battle. didn't get- him.

Toast Master Kline rented a room at the Wellington and stayed there from morn till night. So he was safe and the Sophs must try to capture another. PLANS FOILED. They picked on Freshman Bafey and when he came from supper.he was tobe captured on the street, hustled into a carriage, which was in readiness and taken away, but as fate would have it four professors came along at the time which completely spoiled it all. AN ALTERCATION.

Not until about 10 o'clock did the Sophs seriously interfere and when they did, the police were on hand. For some reason or other the "freshies'! came out of the dining room, and needless to say, they were immediately seized, but it was unfortunate for two "Sophs" that any "seizing" was done. THEIR HEADS CUT. In the altercation of the crowd was cub on the head with a bed-slat and Hoover of the freshman class struck Sophomore Dougherty on the head inflicting a deep but not serious wound. He was taken to the police-headquarters where Chief Sheaf er dressed his wounds.

'FRESHIE'S' VICTORY. It is conceded that the Freshmen came off victorious, for not a man was secreted away and the "Sophs" received the worst injury in the battle. THE BANQUET. The banquet was an elaborate affair: and the spread was excellent. The programme of toasts was the following Toastmaster Edward Cline.

The class M. Hoke Guttshall. Piano sole Grace G. Vale. The sophs Weldon Brubaker.

The faculty Burton S. Bown. Music Quartette, Harry Robert G. Crossley, 7. Milnor Dorey bail.

County Bible society. It is no credit A cheap and comfortable Bed Spring is the Jones" manufactured by J. to the pastors and churches of Carlisle that this cause of Bible distribution has been neglected for several years. Heckman, N. Pitt street, Carlisle.

Student Leaves Town. Leon Chamberlain, of Ocean Grove, Collections for the Bible cause are taken in some of our churches, but the general canvs of the community ha3 been neglected for some time. It Sold by all druggists. Price $1 six for $5. Prepared only by C.

I. Hood Lowell, Mass. It is the One True Blood Purifier. a student of Dickinson went home this morning on account of ill health. It is hoped he will soon return in good GROCERS SOLILOQUY.

suggested that at least one layman health. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. from each of our churches meet with the pastors to assist in the reorganiza- IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF At Martinsburg. The Dickinson College Concert URMAN 2PERC, cell or on his person, and that was a f-lnch file, very fine, with which he ion of this work. (Signed; Geo.

Norcross, President- Wall Paper. compoced of the male quartette and Austin E. Armstrong, elocutionist, ATTORNEY-AT-L AW, 5 W. MAIM OnrllMlo. tm.

gave a concert at Martinsburg last HENRY SPRADLEY DEAD. Window Shades, Oil Cloths, night before a large audience. E. RICE, filed the three-quarter inch solid iron bar. William Cleland says Sherk mu st certainly have been at the work several nights, while others are of the opinion that the work could have been done in less than an honr.

HIS LETTERS. Sherk received letters quite frequently from Jennie Barnitz, and also from his wife, Mary Sherk, of Ship- he Old College Janitor Passed Away Last Evening. The college community as well as rtrop a postal to me and I will, call at your home with samples and Low Rates for E's. The railroads havo named the low rate of 167.75 for the round trip from Harrisburg to San Francisco for the C. E.

Convention. ATTORN F.Y-AT.I.AW, II9W, IIIsll St Real estate and in mrance. Collections a give estimates of the wall paper put on or for the wall paper alone. the town residents were startled this morning to hear of the death of Henry Spradley, the venerable janitor of Dick specialty, ust received 5000 rolls of the NEATEST and PRETTIEST designs of WA1.U PArEUvfrom 4cup. Remnants at special cut prices.

inson College, which occurred at 9 :45 Services every evening during the week at pensburg, both of whom figured con Wool Wanted. The old story They threw samples about town Loaded me up with goods At less price than the genuine Said could make more money I. bit and got bit. Mast work off the stock To get my money out, It grinds tho' To tell an old customer The imitation ts "just as good" Drives them away sometimes. About 403 Cereal Coffees Have sprung up all over To imitate the original Postum Cereal Food Coffee.

Every man out of a job Thinks he can make it Just brown some Rye or Barley And there you are A "Cereal Coffee" as good as Postum" Make pretty package Sample the town Load up the grocer And drive on. A fortune for every fool In feur days. People find out All that kind of rubbish Tastes flat and unpalatable 1 1 took over a year Of scientific experiment To perfect Postum 1 The only original palatable -i Pure Cereal Coffee In existence. ast night. He had been ill for twelve WINDOW SHADES, all new, 7.30 m.

Suaday school at 2:00 p. m. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 D. spicuously in the recent trial of Dave Highest cash price paid for wool. Call any color, mounted.

15 cents up. Barnitz. These letters led Sheriff on Charles Berg, 22 N. Hanover street Prayermeetlng Wednesday evening at 7:30 Latest designs of fringe and lace for a7-itwatT4tw Goodyear to believe that weeks past and toward the end suffered, intense pain, being afflicted with rheumatism of the nerves. He is survived by a wife and same.

Blind holders, 8c and 10c each. There is a Class ol People Who are Injured by tbe use of coffee. Recently there has been placed in all the grocery stores a new preparation called GRAIN-O, made of pure grains, that takes the place of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives it without distress, and but few can tell it from coffee. It does not cost over ST.


His Name is Prince No More. About 5 o'clock last evening, as the Ganss, rector. Mass at 8 a. m. every morning.

Sunday Low mass at 8 o'clock. High mass at 10:30 a. m. Hundav nr-honl n. m.

Mrs. Bowman' and Shirley at Sherk in his efforts to break jail. They were afterward read by the sheriff, FLOOR OIL, CLOTHS, 20c trolley car was coming up Pomfret per square yard and up. Patterns 1, hOjine and William New York when Sherk told that his wife brought Vespers, sermon and benediction at 7:00 it, it ana yds. square, beautiful de signs and cheap.

street, and when in front of the residence of Mr. John Zitzer, a yellow dog him the file, which is not generally p. xn. Dmii. niRUONS.

city. He was in his 68th year and was qUjite active until confined to his bed. i as much. Children may drink it with great benefit. 15 cents and 25 cents per package.

Try it. Ask for and Cha, A. Shambaugh. Dnrlnr the winter months a series of Fresh groceries, excellent coffee. believed.

attempted to cross the track in front "Les petits chevaux, et les petits Deceased was one or our most honora good butter, ham, bologna, apples, etc. of the car. "Prince" was too slow and THE WOMEN ARRESTED. lits." T. Leonard Hoover ble, upright Christian citizens.

He Constable Yost, of isewvllle, went JOHN was a member pf the religious conferences will be given at St. Patrick's church on doctrinal and controver-a subjects. Subject. "Communion Under One or Two Kinds Which JONATHAN WILLIAMS BIDDLE MEMORIAL MISSION. was caught under the wheels.

He was completely decapitated, his head only Church for 50 years and a devoted one. 65 W. NORTH ST. CARLISLE, PA. to Shippensburg last evening and arrested Jennie Barnitz and Mrs.

Sherk it. Ask for GRAIN-O. Thirty years Is a long time to fight so painful a trouble ss piles, but Jacob Mitchell, of Unionville, struggled that long before he tried DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve, which quickly and permanently cured him. It Is equally effective in eczema and remaining by a thread. He was an old (Near High School Building.) Alj the time of his death he was treasurer jot the' church loh West He dog and a great favorite of Mr.

Zitzer's, Bunday BChool at 3 o'clock. George Bridges I Athletics John F3. Jones. i Original poem -Hattie Shelley. y.

Music Chorus. The ladies Fred Blndenbergef. .8 "Liz" David N. Houston. Vocal solo Eugene H- Brock.

The preplets Joseph F. Adams. 7-Our future Joseph L. Guernsey. Music Class.

superintendent, bunday evening service at 7.30 o'clock. Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 7.45. for implication in the Shippensburg and Hewviile robberies. Jennie Barnitz was tried at the last criminal court here but was let go on her own was" of a strictly, sober and industrious disposition and was always a law abid but being somewhat deaf he never knew what struck him. The trail of blood he left drew quite a crowd of spectators.

Motners meeting Friday evening at, i. S. F. WHITMAN SON'S FINE CHOCOLATES everybody to at- A cordial invitation to ing, citizen. His character was one all skin affections.

For sale at Groome's Modern Pharmacy. tend these meetings. which his race can well emulate. recognizance. It is thought that she Rev.

Peter Nichols FIRST U. B.CHUROH AND BON HONS is the party who furnished Sherk with A CITIZEN PROTESTS pastor. Preaching at 11 and 7:30 p. A Lift for 50c. Many people have been cured of SKETCH OF HIS LIFE.

5'Sprad," as he was familiarly called There was a class song written for by the the file and not his wife. in one-half, one, two and five pound the occasion by the class poet entitled The warrants for their arrest were Kidney diseases by taking a 50c. bottle Agaln8tthe Borough Taking Care of Private pastor. -Class meeting at 6:00 m. Sunday school at 9:30 a.

ra. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7:30 was born in Winchester, in 1829," in-slavery. Thirty-four years ago he "Nineteen Hundred." of Foley's Kidney cure. For sale at Graveyards. Groome's Modern Pharmacy.

came to Carlisle and for eight of those Mr. Editor You deserve the thanks issued by Justice Martin, wno also issued the same for the arrest of Craig Sherk for attempted jail breaking. Constable McCoy served the papers on Trv a Jones Bed Spring, manufac GRACE U. B. CHURCH-Rev.

W. J. Houck, years carried on the business of stone tured bv J. Heckman. 153 North Pitt of the community for your protest oozes.

Lowney Fine Chocolates. Mixed candies from 10 to 80c a lb. TOM M. 3IONYER, No. 35 West Main St.

Preaching at 11 a and at 7.30 by the Ladies clean your kid gloves with m29-3wd mason. He enlisted in the late war street, Carlisle. against the action of the town council Sherk and Constable Yost on the Miller's gloveine. It is not a liquid, and served from '64 to the close, and pastor. Junior TP at 6:00 m.

enlor at pm. Sabbath school at 9:30 a. xa. in undertaking to assume the expense When properly made it has The color of Mocha The taste of Java The elements nature uses To rebuild the gray matter In the nerve cells Postum is a Hygienic Pure liquid food Tons of rubbish Are sold to imitate it But if customers would look For red seals on packages and Registered U. S.

trade mark They would secure the genuine. Some good grocers names Get Smirched, when used For "kitties paws" to rake chestnuts For some "just as good" As Postum Cereal Food Coffee. Plain, sober common honesty And genuine goods in stock Is the safe way. It might pay to throw All that imitation away A short sighted grocer wi'l Grind away on tbe counterfeit Until his money is back A keen, clean grocer Will sell only the genuine And keep customers. No need to suffer with rheumatism, women.

leaves no odor and can be used while the glove is on the hand. Sold only is a member of the G. A. R. of Car of keeping a private addition to the old lumbaeo.

neuraleia. cramps or colic. BECAME HYSTERICAL. lisle Post 440. For the past twenty- FIRST CHURCH OF COD Rev.

E. by Geo. W. Sipe Apothecary, 138 North giaveyard In repair indefinitely in con Dr. Thomas Jflciectnc cm cures an Periodical tickets taken.

Hniu. A. nan tor. nanover street. 18rJyd such troubles, and does it quickly.

While walking to the jail from the Preaching at 11 a and 7.31 m. by the sideration of an utterly Inadequate nresent cavment. This action was STOLEN GOODS FOUND. midnight train Mary Sherk fell in an epileptic fit when in front of 3. Her pastor.

Communion service in the evening. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. TPIOE meetlnc at 6:30 m. without precedent and utterly unwar lx years he has been janitor at the college.

When he first assumed this position he was the only janitor at the college. Many a practical joke has been enjoyed at "Sprads" expense but he took them good naturedly and was man Bosler's residence, and it required ranted. Council have no authority to Praver meeting Wednesday evening at 7:33 -ct-c caded; d- Constable Yost of Newvllle Again Unearths three officers to take her to jail. make such a contract, and any experi A. U.

E. ZION CHURCH West Street Rev Vf J. Holland, pastor. Articles Stolen at Shippensburg and Newville. diture under it would be unlawful Preaching at 11 a.

m. and at 7:30 p. by Pan-Tina! What Is It Certainlv no subsequent council can The greatest cure for Coughs and Colds When Constable Yost of Newville the pastor. Sabbath scheol at m. 8: general class meeting.

The Christian Endeavor at p. m. fall to repudiate the agreement. At Richey's drug store. beloved by the student body and faculty for many years.

His funeral will take place Monday afternoon at 2 :30 o'clock. Services will be held in West street church. arrested Mary Sherk and Jennie A Citizen. Wednesday evening prayer meeting 8 pm. Baturdav 8 n.

m. Jr 0. E. societv. Lace curtains done up at low prices Barnitz at Shippensburg last night, afoadav evanlnx eatertalnmeat by the by Mrs.

Gibson, 57 East South street. Ladies Wanted. he, found more of the goods evidently twelve tribes of Israel In the lecture room of the charcu. stolen from the store3 of Walter 4 Pianos and Organs. 18 makes.

Over 100 in stock to LIST OF LETTERS. Ten intelligent young ladie, easy tidsfet 4 4ttvvf, work, hours 8 to 5, wages d.uo per and G. W. Landis, A. M.

E. OHURCH-Peafret Street-Rev. If lwa na.atar. Newville. He found a solid gold (14 The following list of letters will be weefc.

call tnis evening at atR. R. Todd's erocery. corner Pitt select from at prices and terms rial equalled by local dealers. This will be proved by your calling at our ware- In a letter to the manufacturers Messrs.

Davis Buzard of West Monterey, Pa say: "Chamberlain's cough remedy has cured people that our physicians could do nothing for. We persuaded them to try a bottle of it and Praachlnr at II am by the pastor and sent from the Carlisle, postofflce and South streets. carat) watch in the possession of Jennie Barnitz, supposed to from the to the dead letter office April 21th, 1M by Rev. J. H.

Bell, of Philadelphia. Sunday sehoel at as. nalor U. B. p.

m. Sealer at m. 9100 Reward, 9100. Landis store and a cheap plated watch, 1897. DEATHS.

they now recommend it, as do the rest of us." For sale at 25 and 50 cents per hair brush, clothes brush, the property GENTS. hottie at Horn's drug store. Brvan. Benl. T.

of Walter Bros, in Sherk's house. A The readers -this paper will be CATHARINE NEELEY GARDNER. rooms, which will cost you less than $1.00, and save at least $25 or $50. 5Toecn Bros 307 Market St, Harrisburg, Pa. 1 1 Money to Loan.

Money to loan In amounts to suit the borrower. Address -w Box 325, Carlisle, Pa. Coper, Will. Emrlck, W. M.

kettle holder was found in a field Kelly, Frank 8. McGinnlss, M. J. Ray, George Pagan. Roiell, Christ.

Bhambaugh, John E. Altoona Mirrer. pleased to leara that there is at least ne dreaded disease that science has hKn able to cure in all its stages and Harmen, F.u. Harris. Jas.

For Sale Cheap. 7 Miss Catharine Neeley Gardner died which C. H. Reddig claimed was stolen from him." At this rate, Constable Jumper, Samuel I. at the residence of her parents, 325 A number of second hand upright pianos of reliable makes, preferable to LADIES.

Yost will recover most of the goods Third avenue, Altoona, that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a Caldwell, Mrs. H. M.

Reed, Miss Anna- stolen by Sherk and Barnitz. 9 :45 a. of heart failure. The de Mannlng.Urs. Barah.

Wagaor, Mrs. Agnes. cneap new ones, cash or time. Yohn 307 Market Harrisburg, Pa. '7 7.

A Nsw Music Store. Advertised April 10th, 1897. ceased was born in Carlisle, Pa. She constitution il treatment. Hall's Catarrh rcure is taken Internally, act- i There I This is JusttheThing.

Office is open from 5:30 a. m. until is survived by her parents, five broth Red Flag Oil for Sprains and Bruises in directly upon the blood and The long felt want of our town Is now supplied and pur people and city can boast of a music store as large as ers and two sisters; Will Harry, 9.00 p. m. I At 11 Kitchey's drug store.

mucous surfaces of the Bystem, there- One cent to be charged on all letters John Ray C. and Albert, Jr of Ty hv destrovlnr the foundation of the di It's Queer How Quick 7 Il any in this part of the state. When Mice. advertised. nortan rone; Mrs.

George Conrad and Mrs M. Heasley, of Pittsburg" The funer Pan-Tina cures Coughs and Colds, 25c, sease, and giving the patient strength hr huildlne un the constitution and we mention the make of pianos and W.H. Peffkr, P. M. At i At 11 liichey's drug store, organs carried in stock you will get assisting nature in doing its work.

The nronrletors have 60 much faith in its Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. al took place from the residence of her parents, yesterday at 2:30 p. m.Services Health and sweet breath secured 25 Silver Plated a 4 Piece Tea Sets Below rianufacturers' Prices. Exhibiced in our west window.

Five patterns to select from. Having purchased at 50 cents in the dollar, the entire remaining stock of a well known manufacturer, we offer these fine tea sets which regularly retail at $12.50 for only $6.00 Per Set. This offer holds good to May 1st only, after which date the regular price will prevaiL P. S. We can also furnish butter dishes and syrup pitchers to match tea set at $175 each.

C. F. REITLINQ, 18 E. fiain St Carlisle Pa. some idea of the high reputation this This is the best medicine In the curative power, that they offer one hundred dollars for any case that it new store has to start with.

Chicker- by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal injector free. For sale were held at the home by Rev. A.

world for all forms of coughs and colds Until the arrival of the McKinley Prosperity the price of all watch, clock and jewelry repair work has been reduced 33 Per cent. You can have inc, Kimball, Braumiller, Whitney fails to cure. Send for list of testi and for consumption. Every bottle is Houghton, of Huntingdon, in the ab at Groome's modern pharmacy- sence of Rev. A.

Woodle, Inter guaranteed. It will cure and not dls appoint. It has no equal for whoop Take Little Quick Steps for ment at Oak Ridge cemetery. monials. Addrese F.

J. Cheney Toledo, O. by druggists, 7fc. lng cough, astama, nay xever, pneu your complexion. monia, bronchitis, la grippe, cold in Hinzey, pianos, Kimball, Mason Hamlin and Stevens organs are to be seen at this new store in great variety.

6ur people need not go to the city to get just what they want in the music line. It can be had at this your watch cleaned for 65c Why not profit by the experience the head and for consuption. It is safe for all ages, pleasant to take of others who have found a permanent Piano Bargain. cure for catarrh in Hood's Sarsapar- Slightly used Steinway Upright and above all a sure cure. It new mainspring in watch 65c; other work in proportion, All work guaranteed for one illa.

is always well to take Dr. new store and honest prices and fair King's New Discovery, as they regu in good condition, latest improved. Yohn 307 Market Harrisburg, Pa. Groome gives tickets with dealing is promised you. late and tone stomach and bowels.

We a mi mm mm guarantee perfect satisfaction or re- Lvprv tnrn mnnev Free trial bottles atW. ever tniia 1 nigniiy rianits or. E. Dotehen's Ohio Horses. year.

C. REFIXING, Watchmaker and Jeweler, Antl Diurtnc. On Satiirdav. Anril 17. 1897.

at one F. Horn's drug store. Regular size 50 cents and'li. Public Sals of Household and Kitchen Fur o'clock I will sell for Hafer McCary at the Franklin house, Carlisle, a car May be worth to you more than $100 if you have a child who soils bedding from lncontenence of water during niture, Friday April 16, '97, at 1 o'clock, load of driving and working horses Ont Way to bo Happy IS main Opp. Wellington.

at the residence of the late Mrs, is to attend to the comfort of your sieep. inures 01a ana young alike. this is a lot of exceptionally fine horses and farmers and dealers should not Wetzel, 145 North Hanover street. it arrests the trouble at once. $1.

family. Should one catch a Cold or iO c. Per Quart PARLOR SUIT, BEDROOM SUIT, just to create a slight sensation in the trade, we will f- sell, as long as they last, '96 Koia Dy w. liornand B. F.

Emrlck. Cough, cull on B. F. Emrlck, sole re- All, patent medicines duced at STOVES, CARPETS, CHAIRS, fail to see them. Dandil Hertzler 6apl dAw-ts 7 agent and get atrial bottle of Otto's aruggists, uarusie, Jra.

--v DISHES. TABLES and many other Cure, the great German Remedy, free. AT- Public Sale of Adams Coanly Cwi. articles too numerous to mention. W.

H. Stonesieer, we give it away to prove that we have a sure cure for coughs, colds, asthma, 7 Have You Had the Grip? 7 Auctioneer. If you have, you probably need a re consumption, and all diseases of the! throat and lungs. Large sizes, 50c lagner On Saturday, April 17, 1897, at the Franklin house, Carlisle, 20 head of fresh cows and springers, consisting of Jerseys and. Guernseys and some good fall cows, 2 stock bulls.

These cows Yourself and and 25c. liable medicine like Foley's Honey and Tar to heal your lung3 and stop the Karl's Clover Boot Tea is a sure cure i for headache and nervous diseases $50 CRESCENTS $50 oo At a cash price of 35 00 On INSTALLMENT Of 7 monthly 37 50 Manufacturer's saaranf ee, yr. with each wheel. "aTVi a nrvlH 4a rvrntfanfari nat If. sackinor coutrh incidental to this dis are young and have been selected for Nothing relieves so quickly.

For sale Your Property ease. For sale at Groome's Modern UW Vi 19 WU UA BVVbUf vui at once. One Minute Cough Cure will set you on the road to recovery in a at Groome's modern pharmacy. 'tor. NortU CARLISLE PA, Spring Style hat A.

G. Reefer's. Pharmacy. this market. Bale at 9 o'clock sharp.

Swiokrt MmuncH. minute, it will cure pneumonia, Groome leads in low prices. Nobby neckwear at A. G. Keefer's.

bronchitis, croup and all forms of lung and throat troubles. For sale at by insuring with J. 1. MW- Pomfret In the following Not only acute long troubles, which maw rtrnvA in fCW dSVI. but Old Croup and whooping cough are child Groome Modern Pharmacy.

Unconditional surrender, is the only terms those famous little nills known It should be made a matter of public knowledge that De Witt's Witch Hazel Salve will speedily cure piles of the loosest standing. It Is tbe house- hood's terrors but like pneumonia, cbronlo coughs and throat troubles mv receive immediate relief and be aa DaWitt'a Little Earlv Risers wil Fire, Tornado, Plate Glass, Steam Boiler, CARLISLE CYCU3.CO. (Caufman Harris.) 22 W. MAIN 1 18 MAIN ST. auwimuc eprmKier, mevaior.

iiaDuicv. make with constipation, sick headache bronchitis, and other throat and lung troubles, can be quickly, cured by using One Minute Cough Cure. For sale and stomach troubles or saie an permaaently cured by One Minute Cough cure. For sale at Groome's Modern Pharmacy. Idle, Accident.

Sick Benefits etc Accident TrtI tickets 26c per day. $5000 accidental death, bruises nd SOreS Of all kinds. TUOr 125 00 weekly indemnity. sale at Groome's Modern Pharmacy. Groome's modern pharmacy at Groome's modern pnarmacy..

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