The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1954 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 8, 1954
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAT, NOVEMBER 8, 1954 Debate Continues As UN Studies New Atomic Resolution UNITED NATIONS, N. V. (AP) — France kept the debate on President Eisenhower's atoms-far-peace program rolling in the U. N .Assembly today as delegates studied a new seven-power resolution designed to make the program effective. ABOUT THE ATOM - Lt.- Gen. Leslie R. Groves, who directed the U. S. atom program during ' its formative years, said the loss of American atom gecrets to. Russia through espionage was unavoidable. He said the strictest security precautions failed to prevent the leakage of »me iiomlc information. Evangelist Is 36 . DALLAS 1*1 — Evangelist Billy Graham marked his 36th birthday yesterday by preaching at Dallas First Baptist Church. He preached against "covetousness . . . the root of all sins." Before his sermon, he receives a Bible for a birthday present from pastor W. A. Criswell on behalf of the congregation. DR. L B.SHAW Chiropodist— Foot Specialist Will Be At Walls Hospital NOV. 11 For Appointment CALL 3-4406 The resolution was put Into the Assembly hopper over the weekend by the United States and six other countries already negotiating set up an International atomic energy fluency. They are Britain, 'anad'a, Belgium, France, Australla and South Africa. There was no indication when the Soviet Union would reply to Invitations to Join the agency, extended by President Elsenhower, Secretary of State Dulles and U.N. Delegate Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. Delegates expect Andrei Vlshin- sky, Soviet deputy foreign minister, to demand Red China's Inclusion In the list of countries Invited to send scientists to an International congress on the peaceful use of atomic energy. The resolution calls for the U. N. to summon the scientific congress before August 1955. Withdrawn The resolution provides that delegates to the congress would come from members of the U.. N. and the specialized agencies, the latter Including some Iron Curtain countries not members of the U.N This aroused some speculation that It might open a door to Rec China, which in 19S1 was voted membership In the Universal Postal Union, the only specialized agency to which the Chinese Reels have gained admittance. When reporters pointed this out to the U. 8. delegation, Saturday night, the resolution was withdrawn hastily for a check but later was reinstated. A U. S. spokesman said there was not clear record the Red Chinese were still members of the postal union, and that anyway the United States would nevei let them be Invited to the congress. In Bern, Switzerland, officials o: the postal union stild today thai the Chinese Nationalist government, Is the recognized representative of China In the agency. These sources said Red China's admission to the union was for Its 101 meeting only. The other section of the U. S atomic resolution would give the U. N. Assembly's endorsement to the International atomic energy agency the United States wants to set up, with or without .the Bus slans. It also would link It will the U. N. In a status similar to that of the specialized agencies. ANNUAL SHOCK New England, In an area con> sldered to be generally unsusccptl ble to earthquakes, has felt ar average of one fairly severe shock every year since colonial times. WOMEN How Are You to Know Whether or Not You Are Alcoholic? From our own experience as participating alcoholics we can recall certain characteristic actions and attitudes (hat you may recognize as part of your own drinking pattern. For ex-ample:we frequently drank and got drunk when we didn't want to, we lied to ourselves and made excuses (o others for our drinking, we promised ourselves and sometimes (hose close to us that we would not take a drink, or that we would drink like ladies, and suddenly, for no good reason at all, we found ourselves as drunk as before. Some of us found that we had to drink in the morning to quiet our nerves and get started on our day's chores. Many of us fell down disgracefully on responsibilities to our families, our employers or both. We often diverted housekeeping money, or money we had budgeted for clothes and necessities to buy whiskey or wine or beer or other alcoholic beverage. Most of us tried to conceal the extent of our drinking and resorted to clobarale deception to hide bottles. Whether we realize it or not at the time we were drinking, all of us had come to depend on alcohol to n degree that the non-alcoholic—the woman who can take it or leave it alone—can never visualize. Only you can tell whether your dependence on alcohol has reached the point where you can classify yourself as an alcoholic. If you are an alcoholic, your drinking problem will become progressively worse with the passing of time. You may even be able to stop drinking for a limited period of time, as many of us were able to do before we came into AA, but inevitably, if you are an alcoholic, you will drink again, with less control each time. If you have a drinking problem and would like to do something about it write or contact ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Bex 873 Blyrheville, Ark. Closed Meetings Tuesday Nights at 8 p. m. Open Meetings Friday Nights at 8 p. m. CLUB ROOM at 410 E. MAIN CAKUTMERSVII.LE QUEEN — ^hc 1954 Ca- ruUlersvlIle High School Tigers' football homecoming queen shown In front center Is Linda Taylor. Her court Is (loll to right) Sue Chris Mcrhle, freshman attendant; Linda Hopke, sophomore attendant; Carolyn Bookout, senior attendant; and Virginia Ann White, junior attendant. Life Savings Lost on Way To Safe Place CLEVELAND (/Pi— Whlle-hMrert J times Cranncy, (M, decided yesterday it wns high time hfi put his Ufa savings Into ft safe place. So he stuffed $1,105 Into Ills wallet, went to a church find asked the pastor to put the money In a safe deposit box for him. But the pastor told him to Inkc it to a bank. Belli unfamiliar with banks, Crnnney did not know they were closed on the sabbath. He went to a bus stop in (rout, of a closed res- Launint to wait lor a ride downtown. He tells what hnpcned after that: "Well. I took out me pipe. And so's I could Unlit It, I put me wallet on the window ledge. I lit me pipe, then—swoosh — along comes me bus. I put out me pipe, I grab me cane and I get aboard the bus "I sit down, and I look out the window. Then all of a sudden it dawns on me—me wallet!" By the Lime he could get off that bus imd get another one back to thf. restaurant, his wallet was gone. antf geth FORMS always demand World's largest Seller at IDt SAVE MORE ON LARGER SIZES DO-IT-YOURSELF Jus) tack on one of Warp's Window Ma- tarials . . . Keep out Cold, Wind, Rain, Snow. Trill porch watsnclottd Injuit 2 houn for only Jll.30-.oiny con- v»rl*d back le a tcritn perch ntxl iumm*r. Same Porch-Later! |, Cost Only *II55 MAKE 1OVV COST STORM DOORS, STORM WINDOWS & PORCH ENCLOSURES with one of ^^ Top Quality WINDOW MATERIALS For Poultry, Hog Houic and Barn Windows, too! Lets in Sunshine Vitamin "D Dispenser at your local dealer. Be sure it's branded "Warp's". LASTIGLASS Warp's Top Quality Reds May Want Formosa For EconomicWealth Detpitt Piping's Claims of Mere Political Interest By FRED HAMPSON TAIPEH, Formosa, «]—Peiping's demand that Formosa tie "returned" to Rnd China is usually ascribed to political motives. But a visit to this Island after 18 months away makes a reporter >"«mter whether the Communists don't also have their eyes on its economic wealth. Formosa has become a pretty rich prize to « nation which is tightening Us belt. Four years ago. the Island was a rundown operation. Its railroads were junk. Its roads were dilapidated. It5 factories, mostly idle, still were unre- paired from the war. Its electrical grid was a mess. Its trade balance was adverse, and getting worse. Then Uncle Si aid In here. Today are new. Roads are a good network and either new or resurfaced. Factories are running and harnessed to the production of consumer goods that lessen Imports. For example, the aluminum plant at Koahslung, instead of shipping Ingots to Japan as before, now turns tnem over to local fabricators who turn out aluminum goods. Key Industries are slowly building up export margins. The power jrld is rebuilt and enlarged, feed- Ing new industrial. Oil exploration Is promising. Crop methods have been Improved and more food is available for export on less acreage. Formosa is within two years of self-sufficiency in cotton textile production.. ^ormosa thus offers quite a prize for Peiping, whose industrial efforts, concentrated on heavy Industry, aren't gijing very well. Bald Heads Probe Barber* DARIEN, Conn. HI — The Bald Head Club of America yesterday named a committee to Investigate fees charged by barbers. Members attending the biennial meeting here said barbers should charge by the hair — not by the head. Sam began to pour i roday the railroads FARM LANDS and FARM LOANS We offer you the following list of farm lands in Stoddard County, Missouri at these amazing low prices. These are all good cotton, corn, and livestock farms— nothing cheap except the price. You will be convinced when you see these high class places. It will pay you to call and gee us before you buy elsewhere. ADVANCE No. No. No. No. No. No. 560 160 160 138 400 160 No. 7 400 A $70.00 per acre 140.00 per acre 150.00 per acre 100.00 per acre 110.00 per acre Castor River land $95.00 per acre Near Gray Ridge $125.00 per acre W. M. Burns, Realtor Blytheville, Ark. Ph. 3-3361 AMERICAN UNITED LIFE ANNOUNCES A life insurance policy THE $25,000 EXECUTIVE SPECIAL Designed to meet the demand on the part of business and professional men for a large amount of life insurance at minimum premiums. Sold as a Vi unit minimum ($12,500), the resulting economies are passed on to you. Low initial premiums; low net payments; low net costs. Ratable! Available at low special rates to those who are not standard health or occupational risks. Offered by a company that is big enough to be big, with assets in excess of $100 million dollars, insurance in force in excess of $550 million dollars. AOI AT 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 ANNUAL FREMIUM for $ 434.75 498.50 583.25 692.00 832.00 1014.75 1257.25 ANNUAL PREMIUM p.r $17.39 19.94 23.33 27.68 33.28 40.59 50.29 M YEAH AVERAGE ANNUAL NET PAYMENT $13.26 15.39 18.21 21.78 26.38 32.45 40.64 10 YEAR AVERAGE ANNUAL NET COST (r\«mlifmi Uli DMchnrfi*, $ .88** .67** .09 1.47 3.82 7.64 13.66 irogo relurn In :tn of coit. 'Illuitratloni art bated on current dividend ical« and are not guoronl««i or eitlmaloi ef dividend action In future yean. You are cordially Invlttd to investigate this opportunity for low net paymtnl and low net coit lifa insurance by writing to either addrest below. Your Inquiry will receive prompt and friendly handling and entails no obligation to buy. You owe it to yourself to know the full details about American United Life's $25,000 fXECUTIVE SPECIAL POLICY. AMERICAN UNITED LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Fall Creak Parkway at Meridian • Indianapolis, Indiana UNITED LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 211 North Broadway, Room 202 Blytheville, Arkansai J. A. Bryant, Agency Manager D. E. Hampton, Genera! Agent W. A. Ellzey, District Manager Arlecnc Owen, District Manager J. L. Thompson, Jr., District Manager R. C. Mosley, District Manager Fred Smith, District Manager Glen A. Mr-fool, Special Agent

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