The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1953
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 1953 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN U. S. Intervention Is Not Solution To Communist Menace in Guatemala EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's the second of two on-the-spot reports on a tiny but dangerous spot in Latin America, where President Eisenhower's brother is currently stumping our southern neighbors on a fact-finding tour. Correspondent Daniel James, who is managing editor of New Leader magazine, waited until he returned to New York to write his dispatches to avoid interference. By DANIEL JAMES *&, NBA Special Correspondent NEW YORK — (NBA) — Both in America and in Guatemala, there is talk by anti-Communists of U.S. intervention in the Bed-ripe affairs of the little Central American country. But an one-the-spot look at the situation indicates such a move would only create "anti-imperialist" sentiment, arouse sympathy for "little Guatemala" outside the country and thus feed Communist designs. President Eisenhower has dispatched his brother, Milton, on a fact-finding mission to Latin America. His first step might well be Guatemala. But he can do more than gather facts. He can recommend a policy. Had there been a clear and forthright policy in Washington before this, Guatemala would not now be a Bed time bomb. Total open Communist member- chip in Guatemala is 536, organiz- rd as ahe "Guatemalan Labor Party" to circumvent a constitutional prohibition against foreign parties. But secret Communists and fellow travelers run to many times that number, and infest the major parties to the point of dominating them. * • * These parties — Partv of Revolutionary Action (PAR). Party V nf National Renovation (PRN) p nd Party of the Guatemalan Revolution (PRG^ — are the main ?tay of the government. The follow every twist of the Red Line. Their leaders go to "peace" conferences in Vienna and Peking, sign petitions to -free the Rosen- bergs, send North Korea wishes for victory, employ Marxist slo- pans and phraseology, and hobnob openly with foreign and domestic known Communist. Through the PAR, .PRN. and PRO, the Communist dominate the 53-man Congress, although only four deputies are listed as Communists. No measure Inimical to ed interests can pass this legislature. Avowed five. The righ-water mark of Communist came on March 14, when! the Guatemalan Congress became the only legislative body outside the Iron Curtain to stop its proceedings for a minute in silent memory to Jocsph Stalin. To make certain no anti-Communism is officially expressed outside Congress, the Reds have acquired control of government press and radio organs. , The government's "Diaro de Saenz. The semi-official "Nuestro Diaro," the equivalent of a Guate- Communist-edited. Both papers rrialan "Daily Worker," is also are government-subsidized. The government radio, TGW, is op- I erated by a Communist. Carlos Alvarado Jerez. Nor is the foreign service free of Red tentacles. At this moment, one Red member of it. Alfredo . . U.S.A.'S EISENHOWER; president's brother looked . . . Chocanoi is first secretar In Guatemala's Washington Embassy. Chocanoe not long ago, was declared persona, non grata by Nicaragua after a suitcase full of Communist literature was found his possession. Three other Guatemalan diplomats have recently been expelled, for similar reasons, from Columbia, Prance and Panama. But Guatemalan Communism does not fight with political and an interview with tht Communist party's general, secretary Jose Manuel Portuny, I saw an open revolver on a shelf beside him. I can reveal here for the first time that the Red-controlled labor unions had a cache, as late as three years ago. of u to 7,000 rifles. Many of the peasants In Red cells are armed. In February, four armed Communist, one a Czech, were caught in an attempt to assassinate El Salvalor's Foreign M'nisrpr, Robert Canessa, spearhead of the effort to form a cen- tra American anti-Red front. Salvadorean president Oscar Osorio was forced to close the border with Guatemala, last October, to thwart a coup organied by Guatemalan Communist. Fortunately, the Communist do not control Guatemala's armed forces. But President Arbenz does, and as long as the army is loyal to him it will protect Comunism. It j proved that on March 28 when it quelled a revolt against the gov-' . . . GUATEMALA'S ARBENZ: as long as the army is loyal . . . ernment's pro-Communist policie which broke out 100 miles from Guatemala City, the capital. If the army won't act agains Communism, the onlp hope of pre venting out right Red dominatio of Guatemala lies with moderate inside government ranks. They are in a position to clea the Communists out of the nom inally non-Communist govern ment parties, the government, an other vital areas. The question is whether the will realie in time that the Com munist goal is to make Guatemal a Soviet satelite. 4-17-i Restrictions Placed on Use Of Arkansas' Gamma Globulin LITTLE ROCKW—You will have to be under 30 years of age or be pregnant to get shots of the new polio In Arkansas. The restrictions on use of the State Gets New Cars and Cash In Trade 'Deal' LITTLE KOCK (fp) — The state o Arkansas yesterday had three mor new cars plus $150 as the resul of the second new for old swap within three weeks. McRae Sanatorium, The Confed erate Home and The Negro Boy Industrial School each have one o the 1953 vehicles and $150. In re turn each agency handed over om used 1952 car to the Spivey Chev rolet Co., of Benton. State Purchasing Agent E. A Walker announced the deal terdfly. First of the "new cars plus cash for old" deals was made between Bailey Chevrolet Co., o! Cabot »nd the State Highway Commission. The state traded 75 late mode used cars in fhat arrangement, am agreed to swap off the news cars they received for another set of new vehicles in July. Walker said the latest transaction was completed after he received some "fantastic" offers from five different dealers. He called foi bids on the three institutions'* cars 10 days ago. There are only 27 incorporated towns in Alaska. 24 WAYS TO SAVE DURING OUR GIANT .. . Don't Miss the 1953 Mid-Spring I Value Carnival This and other money-saving offers available only through your SEARS CATALOG ORDER OFFICE fy&dfaa&at&c&ed' CEADC 217 Wl Moin SuotamnuyM* JlHlW Blythtvillt, Ark. More Levee Protection Funds Sought LITTLE ROCK UP) — Pulaski Countians have launched a drive for additional federal levee protection money by showing U. S. Army Engineers how .Arkansas . River banks are caving in and endangering 5,000 acres of (arm land. Murray B. McLeod, president of the Arkansas River Bank Stabilazation Association, told the engineers the 5,000 acres faces flooding if something is not done about the banks. McLeod and members of his Association took the engineers on a towboat trip along the river from Little Rock to impress them with the need for more government money for the work. Four of the worst danger points listed by McLeod are Warring Bend, The Bryan Isgrig place, Brown's Bend and the Estes place. The immediate danger is at Warring Bend, according to E. B. Madden, a member of the Engineers' party making the trip. Madden said recent aerial maps show the river is 380 feet from the' levee there and that caving in of the bank threatens the entire 5,000 acres with being flooded. wonder scrum announced less than a year ago and available only in extremely limited quanties- were revealed Monday by State Health Officer Dr. John T. Herron. The distribution method was worked out by a special committee of the Arkansas Medical Society of which Dr. John Smith of Little Rock was chairman. Dr. Herron said the allocation policy was necessary to assure equitable distribution of the limited amount of the Gamma Globulin available under the department of Defense's distribution system. The Department bases its allocations on the average number of measles and polio cases reported In each state between 1947 and 1951. Dr. Herron said the Glotiblin would be alloted for use in the case of polio only on susceptible persons 30 years of age or younger who are exposed in their households; or for use by pregnant women of any age who are exposed to the disease. For measles the serum will be limited to treatment when the nose or air passages are inflamed or when a member of a household has been exposed to the disease. The Globulin will be alloted only after the requesting physician has sent a signed request giving the total amount desired, and names, weights, ages and address of all persons who are to be treated. 'Jobless' Mayor Takes Office AURORA, 111. f/P) — Paul Egan, who was receiving $27.50 a week unemployment compensation when he was elected mayor of Aurora ;wo weeks ago, yesterday began his lew job — at a salary of $6,000 a year. Egan, father of five children, formerly was publisher of s. weekly [ newspaper and later an advertising j salesman in Aurora, a city of 50,000 persons about 35 miles southwest of Chicago. For Molorlstn To clean the leather on & rumble seat, wipe it off with a rag moistened with a few drops of ammonia and then rub it down well with some leather dressing or home-made preparation of linseed oil and half as much turpentine. JAYNE'SIP.! tablets A/7/f INFORMS (You nuy hjvt flitm ind not know it) Fidgeting, nose-picking and a tormenting rectal itch are often toll- tale signs of Pin-Worma... uely ptrvsltes that medical experts Bay Infest one out of evcrv three pcr- nons examined. Entire families may be victims and not know it. To get rid of Pin-Worms, these pestn must not only be killed, but killed in the large intestine where they live and multiply. That's exactly what Jayne'al'-W tablets do ... and here's how they do it: First— A scientific coating carries the tablets Into the bowels he- fore they dissolve. Th«n~ Jayno'B modern, medically-approved ingredient goes riKhl u. wnrk-feill* Pin-Worma quickly and easily. Don't take chance* with this danE=rci^, h^My contusions condition. At the first ilxn of Pin- Worms, ask your druggist for genuine J»ynB'a P-W Vermifuge... the small, easy-to-Uke tablets per- I /} the small. emsy-to-Uke tablets per- ^ • f«cled by famous Dr. D. Jiyne A 1 • Son, specialists in worm rtmedie* i I for over 100 years. ^^^ m JAYNE U.S. Planes Hit Red Positions In East Korea SEOUL W) — U. S. carrier plants today smashed Communist positions less than a mile ahead of Allied lines in the Heartbreak and Sniper Ridge sector of Eastern Korea. Ground-based U. N. \varplanr-s struck deep into North Korea, at- j tacking a Red airfield and supply lines. Only light patrol coniacls \vere reported along the 155-mile ground front as another group of sick and woundcde prisoners of war were exchanged at Panmunjoni. Congressional Committee Begins Probe of Army's Fancy Overcoats Some mountains grow by nddi- tion, being built up by volcanoes, while others grow by subtraction, when the surrounding plains are cut down by weathering. WASHINGTON UP) — A congressional committee yesterday started publicly trying to find out what happened to 1,400,000 army overcoats reportedly so fancily designed they couldn't be used. The group, a House Government Operations Subcommittee headed by Rep. RIehlman (R-NY;,, called Army supply officers to the capital to explain the case. Riehlman said the Army ordered the coats in 1946 for 50 million dollars from six manufacturers, several of whom he said went broke trying to fill the order, The design, he said, was, so complicated — including a zipper type appendage that served as leggings that the coats couldn't be used. "They were a failure; they were absolutely a dead He;: 1 .," he commented in an interview. After discovering the overcoats were useless, Riehlman said, ths army sent an additional five million dollars to remodel half of them, but they, too, apparently turned out to be unusable. What eventually happeded to the coats, Riehlman said, Is a mystery. THE SHORTENING THAT, HELPS CAKES ACHIEVE EAT APPEA! 'S ALL VEGETABL6 CLEANING HOUSE! ARMSTRONG OUAKER and GOLD SEAL CONGOLEUM Finest Quality Your Choice SO. 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