The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 7, 1956
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH T, 195« BLrTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGEPTVB In New York Survey: People Who Like Ike Are Ignoring HuilaballooOver His Heart Attack EDITOR'S NOTE — This is the first in a series of articles by AP's national political reporter* who arc iiirveying the situation In the light of President Eisenhower's decision to seek a second term. By JAMES DEVLIN NEW YORK (AP) — The people who "Like Ike" apepar to be placidly ignoring the hullabaloo over his health and running mate. That is one of the chief impres- dozen persons who said they In. sions gained by this reporter in a lampllng of public opinion in New York state — talks with both political leaders and, the man in the street Democrats believe their argument that President Eisenhower's heart attack makes him a part- time executive will have its ef- • feet by election day. "*— Also, they believe they have a vulnerable target in controversial Vice President Nixon if he should run again with Eisenhower. But at this stage, the Eisenhower adherents do not seem to be swayed on these issues. May Increase Plurality Republican State Chairman L. Judson Morhouse says Eisenhower even may increase the 850,000 plurality that netted him the state's 45 electoral votes in 1952. On the other side, Democratic State Chairman Michael Prendergast predicts the state will go Democratic as it did in 1954 when Democrat Averell Harriman was elected governor by 12,000 votes. This reporter, toured the 150-mile area between New York City and Albany. New York and Albany are Democratic centers; the area between is heavily Republican. Democrats say they are confident the Eisenhower administra- toln's handling of foreign policy in the Middle East, such as the shipment oi' tanks to Saudi Arabia, will cut into his vote in New York City, where there is much support for Israel. On the other hand, Negroes report a Republican trend In normally Democratic Harlem on the segregation issue. A group of Pullman porters m Grand Central Terminal said segregation is the burning Question in Harlem, home of hundreds of thousands of Negroes. They predicted » substantial GOP vote there. "That's all you hear," said one. "Talk to anybody and you'll find are doing that's the feeling. "The Republicans more for us than' the Democrats. Warren (Earl Warren, chief justice ol the United States) is a Republican. Some Democrats speak out against segregation but you never see them disown the other Democrats who are segregationists." Democratic attacks on Nixon and even some aversion to him within the GOP, appear to puzzle the average Republican who is interviewed. "He always Ess been Johnny-on- the-spot io help Ike," said a Hud. son businessman. "He's been a hard-working vice president." He expressed belief that talk of dropping Nixon from the ticket stemmed from a high-level battle for the second spot rather than in »ny rank-and-file revolt. The Albany Times-Union Inquiring photographer quoted half a . NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE Notice is given that the undersigned, administrator of the estate of Plna Klllabrew. Deceased, will, between the hours of 9:00 o'clock in the forenoon and 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon on the March, 1956, offer 24th day of for sale, for , , cash, to the highest and best bidder, subject to the lien of a mortgage held by Blytheville- Federal Savings & Loan Association, tl-e following described real estate situated in the City of Blytheville, Arkansas: — The east 50 feet of the west 200 feet of Lot No. 40 according to replat of the Pride and Gateway Subdivisions in the . City of Blytheville, Arkansas; which property is also sometimes described as Lot No. 15 in Block "D" according to sec• ond. replat of said Pride and Gateway Subdivisions, which second replat is of record, in plat book No. 1, at page 172 of .the records of this district and county. This sale is made pursuant to the order of the Probate Court for tne Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, entered on February 27, 1956, wherein the unoersigned administrator was directed to sell this property for the payment of debts of said estate. Dated this 28th day of February, 1956. JAMES TERRY, Administrator. James M. Gardner, Attorney for Administrator. 2/29-3/7-14 $100.00 IFOR YOUR OLD STOVI (In Working Condition) ON ANY FtLt SIZE Florence Goi Range I Hubbard & Son) nltnre Phone 3-' tended to vote for Eisenhower, and,none registered any objection to Nixon. On Eisenhower's health, a New York City Democrat said the public was getting only one side of the picture — emphasis on his activities 'but little on the rest periods his doctors ordered. "Every time Ike swings at a golf ball you see a picture oi him in the papers," he said. "But 5'ou never see a picture of him taking his two-hour nap." A HudsonJVaJley filling station operator, an Eisenhower supporter last time and this time, put it this way: "Ike knows best how he feels and what he can do If he feels he can carry on, that's good enough for the people around here." A tour along the Hudson Valley, where fruit and produce growers already are trimming their apple trees for spring, reveals little if any change in its traditional Republican outlook. The Midwest farm issues do not hit home among these men, except possibly in reverse. They are buyers and consumers of Midwest wheat. A worker at General Electric's huge Schenectady plant, employing some 33,000 men, said he believed there was increased senti- among his co-workers of a emocratic adminis- ment favor tration. "Sure, there >s prosperity," he said. "But who gets the profits? The big corporations. A lot of us think Ike hadn't ought to run and that there ought to be a Roosevelt- type administration, one more favorable to labor." Another GE worker, a Repub. lican, insisted Eisenhower had strong support among the men. Political leaders generally expect Harriman to announce for the 'Democratic presidential 'nomination after the current legislative session ends the latter part of this month. His backers contend he would have the best chance of any em- ocrat to carry the state. 7'alks wtih Democrats in Albany disclosed considerable feeling that former Gov. Thomas E. Dewey will wind up as the Republican vice presidential candidate despite indications of considerable GOP support for Nixon. "He's a shrewd fellow," one Democrat said. "He says he through with politics. But can he really stay out of it?" Some .Republicans discounted Dewey as a -possibility on the ground that his running with Eisenhower would alienate the Taft elements in 'the GOP. Man Leaves $260,000 to Wife- He Deserted After Wedding RIVERHEAD, N. Y. W) — A Brooklyn housewife whose first husband walked out on her after two weeks of married life 38 years ago has inherited $260,000 from his estate. Mrs. Myra Richman Duck, 53 had never heard from the husband since the marriage. She mistakenly believed she had divorced him nearly 20 years ago. The husband, Helge Nelson of Huntington, N. Y., and Miami Eeach, Fla., died at the Florida resort last year at 62. He left an estate estimated at $650,000 but no will. Agreement on Mrs. Duck's share of his estate was reached in Surrogate's Court here. Mrs. Duck married Nelson when she was 15 and he was 17. Then King the Lion Has Got to Go LOS ANGELES (#•) — King the lion must leave town within 15 days. The animal regulation commission so ordered after neighbors objected to the 4-month old animal and officials at the nearby Los Angeles orphans home Said they would rather the lion were elsewhere. On Feb. 14 the commission refused King's owner, John Shinners, a permit to keep the animal but said it might reconsider if the lion were confined to a cage. Shinners, 25, a service station attendant, now has a cage but the commission's executive officer, A. B. Stephenson, reported the enclosure is occupied by paint cans and not by King. Hope Returns HOLLYWOOD (^ — Bob Hope is home from three months of globe trotting. When his wife and four children met him at International Airport last night, he was wearing a monocle, hornburg hat and cane. But the family was prepared. All of them had monocles, too. The comedian said he plans to spend son*- afternoons in the sun to regain his lost tan. "I did a lot of sun dodging in Europe's bad weather," he explained. • Our messenger will call for your prescriptions and deliver the compounded medicines —no extra charge. You're assured prompt, precise compounding and fair prices. Woods Drug Store Phone POplor ' 3-4507 he left. Nearly 20 years later she wanted to marry Frank L. Duck. She hired a lawyer to get a desertion'divorce from her long-departed husband in the event he was still alive. The lawyer, she told Surrogate Edgar Hazelton, informed her later that he had gotten a divorce decree. She Went ahead and married Duck. Nelson, meanwhile, was amassing a fortune as a partner in a Brooklyn meal products factory. At the time of his death, his common-law wife Dorothy Compisi filed in Surrogate's Court here for a widow's share of the estate. A search for possible survivors was launched. It turned up Mrs. Duck. The lawyer, it developed, had misinformed her and had never gotten a divorce decree after all. She was still Nelson's legal wife. Under the agreement, Mrs. Duck is to inherit 40 per cent of the estate. The other 60 per cent goes to Nelson's sister, a half-sister and a half-brother. Dorothy Compisi got nothing. RED CROSS Contributors Following is a listing of recent contributors to the Red Cross fund drive as released by the chapter office in Blytheville: $60 Phillips Motor Company 40 Kendall Berry 35 B. A. Lynch, Dr. I. R. Johnson, R. C. Parr & Sons, C. S. Lemons, C. M. Smart Furniture, General Insurance Agency, Terry Abstract & Realty, Mississippi County Lumber Co. 30 Hughes Clothing Co., Mead Clothing Co., City Electric. 25 Berry's Ladies Toggery, Franklin Press, Reid & Burge, Simmons Metal Works, Jimmy Edwards Furniture, Rice-Stix Garment Factory, Fred Fleeman, Morse <t Kirshner, G. E. Keck, Frank C. Douglas, Marion Williams Ins. Agency, Etchieson Cotton Co., Chester Caldwell, E. F. Still, Delta Implement Co., Floyd A. White, Blytheville Federal Savings & Loan Assn., Adams Appliance Co. 20 Dr. Jack Webb, Farr & Allen Const. Co. 17 Morris-Wilson Ins. Agency. 15 Evans & Johnson, J. W. Meyer, C. W. Afflick, Barney's Drugs, Mrs. G. G. Caudill, Kemp Whisenhunt, W. T. Barnett. 12 Hudson Clothiers. 10 Alvin Hardy Furniture, Charles Crigger,-Stewart's Liquor Store, M. L. Hughes. Ulrich Moore, Raymond Zachry, McHaney & Sons, Paul D. Foster Co. 5 Drs. Nies & Hies, J. M. Jontz, Pickard's Grocery, Gateway Store, Mays Super Market, H. G. Partlow, Phillip's Liquor Store, Johnson Blocks, James Cable, W. B. Nicholson, Russell K. Marr, Thompson Jewelers, H. H. Houchins, Schmuck's Jewelry, Pa't O'Bryant. 1 Harrison & Harrison. New York City Officials Ponder Anti Noise Program for City NEW YORK Wl—If you're looking for a nice, quiet place to go, this may be it—sometime. Officials are out to shush all unnecessary noise. But they're well aware that's not going to be an easy Job in a. city that just naturally doesn't hanker to be shushed. Roaring subways, clattering garbage cans, the riveter's rat-a-tat- tat, thundering trucks and squealing brakes are as much a part of the big town as the Empire State Building. Still, you never know. The new antinoise campaign started off with a bang . . . er, pardon ... a quiet but dramatic success. In just one week, authorities claimed today, the tamper has all but completely been put on the No. 1 noise maker ol all time: the horn honker. His unnecessary blaring has been Lawyers Fees Cut in Deep . LOS ANGELES W — Lawyers' fees and court costs In the eight years of litigation over the William S Hart estate have reached a total of $378,000. The actor died in 1946. He left his i;/ 2 million dollar ranch in Newhall to Los Angeles County. Harold W. Kennedy, county coun- ael, says that all deductions, including maintenance and taxes, have brought the value of the ranch, to about $890,000. The actor's son, William S. Hart Jr., sued to invalidate the will but Superior Court ruled against him. An appeal is pending. STRAWBERRY PLANTS State Inspected Blakemore $6.00 per thousand Express Collect V. C. HUETER leachville, Ark. Fh. If IN THE CHANCERT COTJRTTOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS C. M. Abbott, Pitt vs. No. 13,122 Beulah Joan Hargett, et al, Dfts. NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Clerk of the said Chancery Court will, on the 20th day of March, 1956, at the South door of the Court House at Blytheville, Mississippi County, Arkansas, between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. offer for sale at public auction, to the highest bidder, upon a credit of tkree <3) months, the following described lauds: The Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (NE>/ 4 SWJ4). and the West Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (W'/ 2 SW'/ 4 SEVi), (totaling 60 acres, more or less), Section Eleven. (11), Township Fifteen (15) North, Range Eleven (11) East, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Said sale is made pursuant to Order of the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba Dictrict of Mississippi County, Arkansas of date February 27, 1956 in partition proceedings. Purchaser at such sale will be required to give note with approved security for the purchase price. Dated this the 28th day of February, 1956. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk. 2/22-29-3/7 cut TO per cent or more Furthermore, even the necessary honking during the past few days has been muted. John J. Hornbiower, No.. 1 target in the noise battle, was given until March 15 to reform. After that, he'll be given a summons. Deputy commerce commissioner Martin Dodge said the antinolse program was launched because New York had become about the noisiest city in creation. "It's not impossible," he said, "but it will take time." He figures it's more a matter of education, showing people how much nicer, healthier and safer things can be with less racket. Derby Tickets Offered LOUISVILLE, Ky. (£>) — Want a pair of hard-to-get reserved seats to the Kentucky Derby May 5? The Derby Parade Committee is offering a pair of tickets to the person suggesting the best name for a. big parade scheduled Derby Week. A name is wanted to convey the idea of a spectacular event in which Louisville, the state of Kentucky, thoroughbred horses and the derby are central themes. The diplomatic term "de facto' means acknowledgment of a state's existence. REVIVAL SERVICES Now In profreis. Where: Pentecostal Assembly, 1815 E. Main Street. Time: 7:45 each evening. Everyone i« invited to attend. Preaching will be done by Her. W. C. Van Bibber with the help of others. Try a Texaco Service Station See or Call Us For a Texaco National Credit Card LET US POWER YOUR FARM We deliver anywhere in Mississippi Count? BOB LOGAN "YOUR TEXACO MAN" BlytheTille Phone 3-3391 Joiner Phone 2421 nrilT • FLASH CAMERAS KtNl • MOVIE CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Mi. 3-3447 h«il-hugging, toe- free fit r complete flexibility Now is the time to find your size in this beautifully fitting selection from the Fit Parade Every pair has Naturalizer's beautiful fit ... complete flexibility . . . soft toes . . . they look good from every angle. ' 5 .. f \r the shoe with the beautiful fit A» Men io AfcCalfe NOTICE OP SCHOOL ELECTION Notice is hereby given that the Annual School Election for the year 1856 will be held In Burdette District No. 35 of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on Saturday, March nth, for the purpose of electing school directors, voting on school taxes and on such other measures as may properly be submitted at said election. The polls will be optn tt 1:00 A.M and will close at 8:30 P.M. »t the following places: Burdett* Planting Company Store. GIVEN THIS 22nd DAY ruary, 1956. Signed: C. F. TOMPKINS, iT-asldent. H. D. JUMPER, Secretary. J/M-39-J/T Four Pretty Arrivals black patent navy blue that just go to shovv. black patent it's o wonderful spring! j navy blue red flam* lorgejt selling brand of fine footwear in ft» worti black patent wedgewood blue FAMILY SHOE STORE 2312=3 fl* product In M> OMvwetion wkotever w* Tfce Amerind Nolto«ol WE RENT • HOSPITAL BEDS ... BABY BEDS • ROLLAWAY BEDS • USED REFRIGERATORS • USED WASHERS WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Main 3-8111

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