The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky on October 9, 1900 · Page 9
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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky · Page 9

Louisville, Kentucky
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Tuesday, October 9, 1900
Page 9
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r The following .wills were probated Vrwrferday. r. . X rc:"f;- , t Charles Hecht August Hecht, Claud A. Flynn and Ma ode M. Flynn receiv 15 each; reatda of the estate- goes to "William L. Hecht. laollne J. Hecht and lean Hecht Schleicher. William. - 1 v Hecht and Ed. Schleicher are named - executor. .- Lout rabel Harriet Fabel. Louisa Panel and Emilia Seebold each receire (3.S90. Tbo residue le left to testatrix's .children. Looks Fabel was appointed sdmlmtstraUlx. " "-VV . V ' f ' Can Ha Be ExtraAtedf " , , Is a misdemeanor an extraditable of-- fenee? Thl question presented Itself . yesterday to Judge Buckley. In the ease - of Joha-McKlnney. colored, who escaped from the workhouse In Nashville. His . off ens wa plain aaault. An officer la here to take the man back. Mr. A. J. Speckert argued the ease for the prisoner. Judge Buckley rather, favored his . f View of the case, but gave Mr. Kohn till this morning to preeent autbotitiea for extradition for misdemeanor. ' J-'. Judgment by Default ' -"- ABDUCTION visarded Asjainst 3lrs. Am i brose B. VnHer. y HUSBAND i WANTS THE BOY. $USIHESS 7XXX WO "LOVGT EX. ;. ' crsE xudoe tojsxy's jxt- ' :-' ; ' . sobs. ' ' GRAND ' JURY INDICTMENTS; ' - :V r if . r -- Ambros B. Waller yesterday entered uk divorce from Virginia- Waller on th alleged kfoaad.of abandonment. They were married April II. 1891- They -three children. . tbe'eMcst of Vtoom. a hoy nine year of age. baa lived with M father.' Mr. Waller state that dor. 'in the past week he carried the bojr . Co jee bis mother, leaving Wro trm porarily In her custody, and that gb Abducted the boy and carried Ma td -v distant part of the country and re xnaee to return him. Waller ask for the ; custody of all t be children; ' hot especially ask for . the oldest. Waller Uvea- near Pleaarrr Ridge Park and his wife near Middletown. V Orand Jury Indictments. The grand Jury yesterday presented the foUowtnc indictments: Petty ' Larceny Walter . Dlckerson., charged with stealing clothing, proper ty of Simon Stavltxkv, . - Assault Oeorge Bogie, etiarged with aauM!r.g Etnma Douglass. Assault and Battery MareeUna CooJf. charged with assaulting Alice Fmlih. "Orand Larceny Ed . Fisher, charged with stealing- pramblns; fittings, ptop-rty of George It. Keen. Malicious Catting With Intent to Kill James Lawson. charged with cuttlrg R. W. Seanlonr Charles William-. Charged with cutting; Pearl .Washing, ton. - - House-breakinc Jesse Harris and Louts Southern, charged- with breaking into the store of John Olgea and steal-Ins; $2.80. The charges of house-breaking against Whalen Burch and grand laraeay again Lloyd Bell were dismissed. ' All Ol-ren Sentence. The following cases were disposed of yesterday In the Criminal Division: Tom Hays, colored, stealing $1.75 from WnBam Whitworth: two years tn the penitentiary. Jamea Cruteher, colored, plead guilty to shooting at Charles Trabue, and he . was given four, month In the work, tiouse. - Julius Pitt-nan, stealing a horse, the property of Silas Hagerman: two years in the penitentiary. " Lola Field, colored, plead guilty to stealing HO from A. Pnlmenos. and being under fifteen years of age. was sent to the Hour of Refuge.' ; Dennis Jones, colored, stealing -.a watch.' the property of Uly Uam; three month in the workhouse. Two Wills yrobated. ' Judgment by default was given In the. " Common Plea division In favor t R. H. ' Hlgglna. Jr In kls suit against 8canlan A Co.. Ed Bosnian and James Ryan, on a note tor $10,000. The answer of Ed Scanlan stated that on-October a, ige. he had Bled In the Federal Court m petition asking to be adjudged a bank-,Tupt, and that he had named Higglrs as one of his creditors and scheduled his debt. Judge Fields' Judgment was only as to Ryan. Business Will Hot Exenss Jurors. Bnalneee excuses from jurors will not 'hereafter bo accepted by Judge Toney. When the' name of Jurors were called yesterday In the Law and Equity dlvl-alon. a number gave business excuse for not serving. Judge Toney refused to so- cept them, and eald: "I will not accept business excuse; We want business men. as Jurors, and if they are excused, our Juries cwill be issad ef tramp." . - - ' HoTrwr To Appoint Curator, i ' Judge Gregory, yesterday refused to 4 great the motion of the contestants of the trni of E.: tt' Btandiford. Jr.. for the appointment of a curator of the estate which was bequeathed solely to his wife. Lillian Godfrey - Btandiford, Bh 1 the executrix.- : - Judge Gregory held that under a de eislon of the Court of Appeals a County Judge did not . have the power to appoint a curator. ... ,w , i Will TsJcs 9,000. 1 When U M. pain, deceased, married Margla C. Prentice he entered Into a contract with her by which he agreed to give her a one-twelfth interest In certtlR relate, She has egreed to accept tS.000 In lieu of this, and yrsterdsy the 'Louisville Trust Corapsny. eiecutor of -Tstne, filed a petition asking the court's advice, ta the premises. i.. . - . V - ' ." ' -':. . Court Pars faphs. -The se of Charles Carter, charged with killing Uk. Carter, was assign, ed for trial on Ottober J&. - '. s 1 Henry Vogt, ae assignee of the .Phoenix Brewing Company, sued Louis A. Mehler on a not for $ll.2& - : Ai attachment was issued la the nit of John Arbegust as Inst John Hubert to enforce a lien on personal property for $25.80. i An attachment wS Irsued' ln the suit f Henry Rneibe"ger against Kate Hart tare for tlfrf, alleged to be due for the rent of a farm. '-. L Walter Htldetrand was struck by a milk .wagon owned by M. Ochener. Hla arm was broken, and othjr l.-Jarie . were received. He attributes the accident to the negligence of the driver, and yesterday, through hit father, Geotge Hildebr and, snd entered suit against Oclwner tat $j.00u. . ; . . City Co art pockst. .- Disorderly Conduct Laura Jacob. Jlyr-He Rubin son. aisud . iioUinsd. Corena Wa:d, i'daate Redmond, J:e Red men J, iieorre Kvdmond, Jr.; d:!--nis'd. tj. W. O. t rUt; Ot loLer S. W. T. TclJctt. Rus-aU uklieri; Oiolir U. Xaura Ki t lams. O, W.'Cdy- (Viator M. WUlUm Ricru. CharW dark; October 11 Lowry Iji-eflfld, Joe Cohn, Ueers Bcbmiit. John H.rrls, (JIm:sd. Joe Blair; tV. Matt Ttiomas; Ml Iaoib Wagner: October 11 Albert Csmpbcli;. MX J. II. Olimere; Oe toour IK Jim Creel;10. - William Blaaeh-ter; - fia. . Fann'.e Clark; and I1.C09 for twelve fnontha. - . , Ptaorderly Coedoct and Drankennees Andrew Johnson; U). James Kali; Oc toher W. Pa-l Wagner; Octob r 13. - rrinkenne!s John Gowryv Si. ' .Baourtty Warrant Dudley CotlloK; amended to etrderfy eoniu4: U9 and tUQ tot six monthr. Oesrge Rhodes; Oe-tober 11. Oarfteld Buter. WiUad Hall. Jtmi BollinKer; HUd away. Georxs Rhodes; October 11. W. H. Smith, Jim Farrls; October M. MaitHous Aaaaalt with Intent to Kilt-Bent Ksnnsdy; October S. Jom Ray; Oc-teber li .- .- - - . - Abae of Family James Hiltes; Oc bei 11. . Kegfeet of Chlldrea Bird McMahoa; tC-tohr It. . ' - . .. Mahem Dan Ryan; October 1 " . Orand Larceny Jim Farrls. W. H SmHhi October 10. Petit Larceny John Psrrlsh; October IL ' Bhoot:ng at Without Woundlsg-rOeorge 'Gam Oetober W. - MallciouaCatrtng Loo:a Kins;; amended to. tfiaordarly conduct. &. Mary Origs by; October M. r , - Escape From Workhouee William Mo Carkle; sent back to workhouse. Conrt of Appasis Decisions. Railroad Failure t Keep- Track to Repair injury to Traveler on Street-Groves vs. ljoutevitle Railway C. Te be reported.) Filed Ortober-4. Appeal from Jeffereoa Clrcatt Court. Law and Eqnliy dtvtsion. Opinion of the court by Judge Guffy, reversing. - It Is the duty of a street railroad company to keep its track from becoming an hKtruction to public travel, and It can not escape ttahttrty for It tartar to do so by showing- that the - obstruction was caused by the weartna; away r natural sinking; of the street trsew the rafts. - Preyor. O'Neal A Fryer, Davis Davis for appellant. Fahrleigh. fkrao A Eagles. Kohn. Baird A Spindie for appellee. Bin of Exceptions Filing Out ef Ttme . Kentucky Land and Immigration Co va Reynolds, etc. e t be teporteo.; ruea. October i. Appeal from Le Circuit Conrt. Opinion of the court by Jodge Hebson. affirming. Where time t Ale a bfll ef except tone was green until the second day et tha Au-irust special term, which began on (he first Monday tn Aoimst, a bill of axeep-tions tendered and filed August U can not be considered. O. W. Gonrley. W. J. Hard rick for ap pellant; White Roberts for appellees.. - Judicial Bales-' Reservation ef Right to Set Aside Bale Inadequacy of Price.- Darren vs. Bradford's Administrator, etc (Not to be reported Fued October t. Appeal from Kenton Csoult Court. Opinion of the court by Judg Burnam. at. Where land was sold under decree for a aivtsion of the proceeds amonc heirs. reservation In the decree of the Pght to et aside th sal for inadequacy ef sV was valid, and th purchaser can not complain that the Chancellor set aside the sate en that groano.- M. M. Durreu for appellant: Harvey My era. IL L. Harbeeon for appellees. ,r Fraudulent Conveyances Limitation of Action. McGehe vs. Cox., etc Kot to be reported.) Filed Oetober a. Appeal from Christian Circuit Court. Opinion of the court mr Judas Hobson. reversuut. Where th existence of a deed executed by a debtor to hla wife with Intent to defraud hla creditors was not discovered by a creditor until seven years after its execution, an action to set asias tne aeea brought by him soon after such discovery was not barred by the five years' statute ef limit at tone, th deed not having seen recorded h th proper county and there being nothing to put anyone on notice that the title was claimed by the wife. Harry Ferguson, W. R. Howell for appellant: Breathitt A Fowler for appet- leea., . -.. ,, ; Prusirtste Right to Certificate without Examination. Kentucky Board ef Phar macv va. LonUerv (To be reported.) Filed October i. Apoeal from Franklin, Circuit Court. Opinion of the conrt by Juris Hoheon. aRlrmlns. Under Ky.' 8t-. See. Mi eae' who baa hA a much as 0v years' experts ace in the preparation of phystclanal prescrip tions k entitled to the certificate of reels- tared nharmaetst without examination. without regard to the town In which he has had such experience, ae the provision of the section ae to town of less than LOS mhabkanta applies to another class of applicants. , T. L Edeien for appellaat: James An. drew Bcott lor appellee. Reneflt Societiee Death of Beneficiary Named. O-Nral vs. O'Neal; ONsal s Ad- mhsiatrmtor vs. 0KeL-4Te be reported.) Filed October S. Appeal from Marion Clr. cult Court. Opinion ef the court by Judge Burnam, revet sing. Where a asember of a benefit society took out a benefit certificate payable to he married again and died childless, leaving M second wtfe surviving him. but without having named another bee flciarv. the' widow Is entitled te the bene. St fund, under a previeion of the charter securing the tuns to tn lamiry t tne os eeased member, to the exclusion ef the father of deceased, wb waa not a mem. ber of his family or dependent upon him for support, snd also to the exclusion of the administrator. It being provided by the charter that In no event shall the fund be liable for any debt or the met her. . - Ben Spalding for Kate O'Xeal : C S. H!H for Henry O'Neal; H. P. Cooper for Bea criMsai. - -- - - - . COTTON MARKETS. Jsw Tstfc. Oct. a-t treat soars took ef the eottoa msrftst thes eaaosd V9 rotate. inrSiawa- aa aevsaoe ef tm .t poiirts, which uw.i isd en the opening sail. The shorts showed a soee Seat ef anssslniss. which wee UiiMssif by the Tsct that BasMs cablse fportet an sdvsaee ef tSflt Si In futures. This. huwew. wse ato-lbutsd not ss aiuch te t ears as te sacs sroaustag Indications rsspoetlnej Swnsne Sraas missus Stilt aasthsr sili In faeear was a tewwat bsilsf thst Well would turn ss a balitsh aieathlr erne resort. Trading m aot perUculsrty sctlrs snd thers wars eeeersl periods ef prooonneea weskaess err to secure pruots. Ws4 street wss a heary buyer of Jseusry sn March cotton,- Tha South wss siae a lares buyer, while Liverpool sold at Ike swain, but tater sous hi aa aedi,l( our market ss easily Influenced by the bvdk-atktts Of low tssjwrrsturs, a eott wsrs Bavin reacoea down into ?-rtiMra new Mexico sad ueiaaocna. ItsceUMs were ahsot aa es pes tea. A bseei wtasd for eottoa eaoes was reportea, Is the sfternooa shorts wsrs- the prrndpsi sapport ef ths warket, whkb closed stesdy at Set advance ef tuoU points. Spot eottoa ruled Anas mlddltns wplaads lt lis; do sal' iisniie. . closed : liuss eutanda llo: de suit lltte: sales M naUa , Ths foilowtns Is ths rsnes of futures ea the New Tors eottoa Bscsaaes Hi- : - MONTH. Vtober. . , .... November. . . lsceakbse. . . . January. . , ... i.aii.jiiie,) vu i we li so Ua ii'.M,i. is hi in n iii ii'i M rM .US ei iv.. iih.ij) s aoruary. , . ..... .H;10.11 IS.lli . t tl II IS 111 s si arch, . . ,.., April.'eeI eeejsya lettfesesett. t-i.M:te.l-)ie.hM.l l.lW.lliW.17,J ii.ei i.i7 le,aa,14. itr. . , June. . July AMfWl. . . r... I S.W........ Uvsrpooi. f-t. a pot eottoa. nodersts boat ness: pnoss nrm; aaiencsa mkKlllns f u-zkL Ths sales of ths day wsrs MQ kales, of watch fcs) were rue speculation sad ssport. sad included .W liMdot Maoeipis Bone. rViurss epeasd auiet. but steed, snd closed firm. - New Orleans, Oct. 1 Cotton Srsa: salss lie) fcses: ordiaary ir, snod srdlnsry c: low BkVlilns tue; sWddiis Vtc; son.1 ml Milne t9c; nM.VIlins fair 41t; esosipss i.hs bsiss; stock Vt.. Oalvsstoa."Vt. . OrXtoa tssd; witddllng Me sales l.ila bsles: neslpte 4.W1: stork lul.I4. esvanans, Oct t ."ia ilv: saiddUag y l-lu: tetelpts t,H balsa) at-fc Il.St Memnhla fx, k ottoa stalr: mldd.lne W,c; r.-rip ; bsies; snipsaeoU I.K1; salsa a.ft; Mr- s Ji St. Leuls. Ort. 1 Onttoa flmt; riddling J9io; saoetmsi.. Sales: stock U.0). - Baefcai. rt . TM:oa lfJy; ssltdllng NVi wet rseatpra 4S ea.ea. srwa m. Nsval 8tortt, Chariestm. Vt. '' t- Tarpestlns Ssked. RostaateaJr and snchsneed. ana: He Savani4S. vi. a Terpenuns Itoaiq aim: U Is up. ana at STo., " forclgii d-rodues. :; . J .'' ' Uvsrpooi, Oct. k Wheat Spct, Ks. f red Waiters wintrr straiy at ts el; N l Narthern snrinc Ann si TVd; No. I a.l'nrnU auiet st to td; fuitires Jul; Trcmnbr U V1; February 4d. Cots Spot, AOMriuas mixed saw Arm at i. ii: do uid ncminal; futurss qui t: Nvvrnitwr ts aa; L'a. mur ei ; j niwy tisd. iUcoa, ctcsr beiliee :t..n si ida 1Kb Siioolders. squars sirwcc si V M Turpsadas epirlu du4 at tht SO. USKU Oil M ? ; 3t. Loum Wool. St. l-ouia. Vex. I. Woo! Uk seisa ef sou smsa sns fihcul ra cg:.:"ecul . -a-'... THE CQTJIUER-JOURXAL. LOUISVILLE, TUESDAY ' MORNING OCTOBER 9. 1QCQ - ... . . i t i .. - MONETARY. ondsy Erealng. Oct. I. Ths volume of roe-. tine business wse very lsrte sad the deSMRd fo fair. Ranks which hers had s good nw entry roc rands iwpnrt that this hea bees kept set TBS FresUeot ef sns aald hs wse sssspaUs ts turn dowa rnssy thonssa dollars sf comaiereiat sf escetisat enatity stmpiy bscsase he has eat the sioeey icauirea. Others ssld they were ab to sstlsfy sit spplleania. .' New Tork e. enoted st KSyki elexoent.- J i? . The report to-day Is as feU lays slsarins. .., Bslaaae. . : .. The' secwrMy markst snowed little eheng. bat wse batter ths Ust week. The festers was a brisk, demand tor Mew Orleans CRy Railway, bat ths pries has sdvsaosd so rapidly the hctders So not car te sell. New Orleans wss hid dins B for the eonancn snd T for the preferred.. . A local d eea made at B wtrb aast holders eemaneV rncSk Nrawsit4cMliaUurerbiaC!t-S axt sale ef Ksareeky Hestm- pae. Only a few beads stents hands. Sslss we npusl as tsOowst '- " - .-, " ' ' ' txcm U snd N. eoi ateral av..... m. VSm Southern Railway as.... s ft, ftufra llnratMa is.. ..,..... ll S.e UwtrrH e Ral way a..........!' J L afc-vtlle Kal.wsy ss snares M. o. t ity Karway eueat - . -s t shaiss Kentucky HeaOsS Coaasvuiy . 1M And UteresC - .. . - . . . " I The Wser Ortsane papers ef Sunday M bid fur Cup sUHnay prefaced stock and sd 11 bid fee usiinis stock saaV S asked. Te-day New Orleans brokers wired bUIs of 9 to the eonunoa sod Sf tor the preferred. but got nothing There was ales scsas mauirr ssserts front New Tork. Terr Mule stock ,wUt OS traded sa save. aa ahoa an Ss neS ap ha the psoL Tbo pool behla doss te shares, aa will be fa a stroe posttm la ease there is a consolidation sf the New OrUsee ttase. Censanrathun Is still the prevailing tone frem the arast piummut bosses in the street, ss tJ treable. sxsesrtaiatlse sad dlstarblaa fscsors are by ae waana miail. althaash at erssswt aa soa-stdsrsd by the pools -whe have worked ap prices and are heavy hoktera at esenvittes wWch they te sea te ths suhlie. The lorkrt is targs y ssaalasriafsd. and. as ws have ssU. priess may aw sores hisher. but est oil sharp butsse we taasB aenSt .taking ts seder. Osorge T. Wood Ca, ; Some tradtn wse done to New Tork te-day. Us- eludusy some pumbasrs sf U and N. interest essma to be rerrvta fe the nrarkst e sssas n-tsnt. bat e eerldsd opuwvn ts uprvaaid The rally thee attssnoa wen en rumors that a tor- eta banking nrsi wee abeet ts Import U.: st bracuUr rsOy ss the Swat eesJ- dure wees esagy recevsred. The bet rallied at the ekes. The starfcat ralUsd en the eertr part Setr pssSts. Peimxytvanis kt the fsstais ef the market. There Brews 1 ua-tw. U Lyons Oh A RBI This -that we ehait la the tsrrsat year. Fries Utile blsh. Bsaeve CI should have bees Ink." ... The President of one of the tersest Western toads saye: "Steel raSs at t3t sre too hra. bnmn prlos stmakf be Stt, One road wtU issjatre aearty Ma torsv but et tN we wtU not ever half that amoasx.'' , The evsrase eystsst prabsbiy tsade the bank eendltloa eenfrontamg tishter missy rates. - Thm may bring about rsacnoa m prices, but w befrave le baying goad ssocksv OoSd linports wett) rsjieve the sOiaailon.Vtors K bsoante at.all. srloaa Uteat auatchmsa. . - New Tark. The stack msrkst Is hegumr. wMk trsSiri and some riimrs m ilna heaasa Bsulag en the Idea thst can money, as wsfl aa ever sisn'Dn. wHt be dearer. Tradin I atsty S4HTS. rrh meat of she beytatr COOA wrwafrOttVs(f OTeTWa t operaiora. There fct e lares esasttty of eottoa hi Us ea the eaarhrt. This pwepsct will pririat anythlns Hke a ssrtoae break eeewjrlag dn theaterk Ssarket. F, B. Hsntpkitt, Our baere. whe are some sf them very htteTH- gsnt. Insist that the torn downward la trade come. . There ts much te he said foe thm and sslsht heller the argument m Transvaal sainae wilt, wa suppose, ssea open, and it the output kt wsarty as gran expected it wta mean a tan to gold se. what Is the sarne thing, a rise ta eosnmodluee. which will deveioe saala the spscalaUve spirit lly active. N.e Snakt to time would be ta the rwtura. end maeetlma tbs-e would be apaculBttTs boom to ear marhrtn Of tossat ea this hi to the fssara The si action bse to be sot ever Brat end peers to China baa te be more esrtaja. We think, however, the busts ant to s fair e newer to the most tMedlgent t we bear. Oooebody Ok . mcfetyrs A Marshall. In their market letter Sasureay. had the ftxCoarlsa M say tesardlag the The ereat basest which will trade ef the South en the rsalresea this pase frara the hteh pries bain paid for this scsson'e cotton crop vl3 be anpreoedenttd and make that sectioa of the eountrr mors prosperous than ever tie sssnsiete ef (.he, sue beam tost year then say ethse ea record, aa ths amount this years stop WM bring wHI eaessd tost yearn by tUkSeXtta, or equlTaieat te over tsea.MS.t0l u . the s versa srtce ssty Ws per pound, end the ere ss larger than tost year - ' '-. "This week's expotte ef aeUea Mane epprost-mated xa.h hsCes. ar eeelveient ts the vaiae of ever ttxewxte en preeent -prices. . " . Bpsaklag of th L ea N. annual report the Wan Street Jonraul esysl . ' "Ths trsJnJond has torrmssd S$ tons, ee per sent- reebsnlas samp any frslsht In both years. This to sood, hut, nothing temarkab., kicst other large eompatilss ess repert a larser lmsrnvsmeht corn paring prosterUy kh depressiea.. a freisht train mil reveaue et tl.fT Is not la res by any msaaa, : It ta eeastly what Chesapeake ssd Okie esrns'ent ef the lowest rtssa of tietsht hsoird tha seantry. It W mm thaa the smeunt earntd by amet ef the great Westers roads. Southern Railway, with double the mlleasa aad fees -thaa ha:f the density, sarne within aseut to ef Louis. Vine and Nsshvtlle's amount per freight train mile. Ths remrany. la fact, really ea favorably only with TJllnole Central which Brakes a pnsr shue In to thai wuint , it to hard ta avoid tha eonclusioa that UMstavu end Nash ville ts sttU weatlng a sood deal of tram Stlie- age. and that It eould be Improved to thie-ieensrt. Nevsrthelese we euppose stockholders shout grateful far. the tosprevement that, has sade.- (wl.. ft amy be mid. therefore, thst the market Is being belied st pi em at by the more dartes spirits of tbe - speeekttrve worM.. They take blsi ehaneae thaa ths ethers, but turn eutrha. if lbs situation looks like ebaagtag. It Basins safe te bey en en weak spots the leading railroad stocks. Among ths Orsnrs Swrllngtoe appettt the meat favorad. ae having th toraar pceslbilitlss for hv taes advance. It has sood crops In Hs territory this year, end to hound te amhe big aaraings. while there to erware-the speculative lever te work with ef future refunding opwatloua, Ateb. toon end Vnion Paetns etasd foremost amoag the trasseontlnsntala Ws have It on the best aav thonty last If the elaotloa goes nsht Ualee-FaelSc eemmon will sail up to 7a. This comes frasa authority which has never yet named s fut sre prlos for a stock or bond which did sot turn out te be wed below the asurea it finally attained. Frcai ether sources se caa get predle-Uons ef prices for Vaiou PseiSc. far aad away aasva ths Ssurs named, but J is aosd enough now. Atchiao peeferred. aa paying I per seat, and showing the torse surotue it nose ever this dividend and evtllsble for ths commas stock, is ssU:ng very joe. jCBihbsrt all U ' , .'.-! STOCKS AND BONDS. (-' v Nsw Tork Stock Exchange. ' New Tork. Oct. L-Money on cell A at at 1HS t Bar esse, tost loaa at t per csat; prune mercantile paper 1854 per cent. Starting ex-cuaass vary weak, with actual buaiasaa. In bankers' bills St I4.tlVw4.M for damand sad at ti.nria for sixty days; posted rates IttlHSl-U aad Kiwe4.M; eoromerclsl bill i.tM,4.Ms. Bilver csrtillfatea t!S6t'-. Bar ailvsr SiWc Mexican drllais Urea. O.v.reaarsl be -da stesdy. gists bonds steady, Raliroed bonds Irrasuiar. , xradiag ea lb stock esc hinge ? xnsis was aa lasn, r imislMl a heassa ttsprtsd very am air bostesm and n b svideat that the merket depends sjmost ssMtrely span prof aiinnt; sperators A triflla measy Surry ta the early afteraosn we euhbfy ended and ths snmS f set him pee- eeneral map- report that A est. tee gehl had bean Messed Bar Issaert. yet Becostrmtit-i sol C Hesadsg. New Tork. Ths bank statement le srves as aa eseuse far a sraskse msrki'. It ssobs ea tnoasrh e Isa weak bad sayai 'Xlsent Nertbern the merket, for steel ran. stall mast worse than it astaaly for searytaiag ws bare a 0 br a rsvfvst ef a eoinuderabls fcsar party, whsse eotlvttiea were scynrevs and pwalstsnu Thele effurta to depress priors were contested by .the speculative holders ef Iceg stock, who were suo-eessfui Ust week la HfUnc prices la spite ef th vanons enfaverahie factors wkteh eevotopse the sttaatlew The smflleUn Soress atwor were rvflerted la feverish sad hregular soe prtese. The marked depieOso or "s Ing yererrse revealej by the Saturday hash ststesaeaf bad the effect et sasetUlBg speculative seraicn. Thess was rnaalass sarlatioa ha- paeshfaatoa ser a eene net en ef money supply sad tha prospers sf rslleC by fasuorta ef fold. ; The oenSrmatloa eecama pretty well sertts. se she day prawrenaed that aye would maee from Leave towards New Terh thst wssk. 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Common to melius saa Used Sa ch-ioe f edss,.... Common le medium feeders..... ChoMa to extra atorh atae-a - eiisamns to maMlmrs ssa-n ate Oood to ohoic atuch helrers... . Common t medium neck heiSa-i lUliS -. Chr-los to methtMa Uuie Chetr veal eslvv .. ... . Milch eowe. t tane-r. hi ilch eoe. meuluae to aaod.. Mao sows, plala aad sommoa Raise Choice tmrttng aa bate to tea in. wj Pair to soad eacklaa. Me to lb.. S re) I tt Goad to antra 1 . l SB lai lbs, . t-w t s Fat sou la. ll u 13 ma. . t t TJ - Fat ahoaa. to te hw Iha IS to Pisa to to to roe. . . S at0 l Roushn te m en lb t tan 4 to Sheep aad Lambs 3oad lnwa ship-.. ping snees. ff t to Ihdllt 1 to 1 la Fair to Boon,... bueka, . . -. Ua l.paanj acaituvsa. pas ksi1. . I e Shiupias tomb. twag I : Eitr BrkHae- e--b.-... -1 t . Pair to rasdium ke.eeer lamb.- f tow to ' Taa-endn . .. J a, (Reeorted eg the traioa Stock Tsrds Crawpany ) ,-XaouUvi.l. 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Reels' 11 IraoluilUat 1W Westvrru snd to Texna; sartat stsady ta strong: buachetar- saock etsoa; We, erne shout maa Iy; Tex aae a shad hiekrei na-uves: best en mi to-day oanonls at to: goed t prune Mm U..ea: poos to medium, et.Oatl Ati: ertecud edrs so at ef-fe).: mixed stackers rreeh at $t.Sutt3.i: cows to. IS.;, beifen KStifr: ansnsns tofltto; bWs etesdy si U. '.; salvsa eieair at IW Texas: reeeipm lo head; best on ssis to-lay 1 carload St U.7S; Texee-fed steers Pi. Ut t" : Tax arras Metre TSwa haUa H.I tilto. Men eel pa as-day . heed, t'a mat i as tt.eja mil metsdi: aaaft ever .; asarket sma-g sad aartiV: top li.II: toiaed and rautceers' KsjAe); fxwd te ehoice heavy ...: reaayh heavy ei-had Ate. iicht to.-1: suib ef rata a to.fw A Saeee Race pes la hand: ikin u ; lambs lv-Ile higher; seed n ceoioa eelhers ei-M S: fair te ebolo stixed tte-trs re, Wesaera sheep I3.4: Teaae sheep skewAlt; native tombs to.AHii.hH Western laavh KJkAJA . . Hsw Tork.- r - . . ' New Tork. Oct. 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