The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1935
Page 3
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1111 (Continued From mee one.) forced to suspend nt the end of IhLi month unless some slop Is Ink- Mi lo Indieato the legislature !n- Iwids to provide mlditfonn) money for school [jitrp&Wi Thf PEJIA will grant nn-additional $1,000,000 In school aid, ho f.M. lo tide the schools over the next few niontlis If tills If-glslntiire pa«:os measures designed Id provide adequate funds in the fnturp. )jo .said Ilin .wlioolM Uial wIll.beTorced to elosa if emergency federal aid Is withdrawn are attended by 100,000 pupils and employ auoul 1,500 Icacharj. Faean OfTers Bank Hill Senator Pagan of Pulaskl county introduced a Mil to prohibit' banks in cllles with more than 5,000 popil- lotlori from engaging riiretlly or indirectly in the real esiatei Insurance, rental'or investment brokerage business; TJie bill provides thai utter Au- K»st 1, 'I935,:it would l« unlawful for banks or persons, firms or cor- ' j;oratloi« allillatPd n'llli any bank . to engaue in Ihe above businesses, or to treceive any dividends, profits or dlsco\ints rrom any liersbn or rtrm engaged In such businesses. The Beflato Committee on'-Levce and tlraliiagft Dlstrlols . yesterday approved two Mils—S. IJ.'l (Shaver), U> provide-an aiimml tiudiv for the St. Francb Levee District.'ii'nd S. B. 104 (Gregg), lo make avall- nble. water (roin Arkansas'streams for l(Tl{.;n(lorr pitrposfs. •. • Homes Sought for Four Little Girls Potir little sisters, whose motlier recently died, nre seeking jjerma- neiit Jjomc-.'i. Tlicli- neex'arc from B to 14.years., Mrs. jphn II. Long, prolmtoti officer, would like to place these children at once as their plight is pitiful and they need some one lo tin kind to them as v.'cl) as to shelter awl feed them. • i Mosley Baby Dies Billy Mack \foslcy, two-months- old son of Mr. and Mrs. o. H. MO.V fey, died at o o'clock last night at the family home in the aosnell community. His death was attributed to pneumonia. •Funeral services were held this afternoon., -a 2 o'clock at the family hoine. Interment,' was made at North -Sawlm cemetery. The L.'O. M° ss -.Undertaking.. company. \vas in of. ftmer.i! nrrangements. Whisky, Cigarets Subsidize College Paper ,-/-.oii"n- versltys-iiewspaper.ithe.-Buchtelite. K a ;siibsidized publication: uf the whisky iinii'.clgnr<jp.iiiteros&! (iia Hev..- : 'pcorBo-r.\y; Kneppcv, - Akron minister, ..charged before:' 'the. 'Akron ;Mlnlstorial^/vssocliUlen> •>'=:.? H. . E. . SiiTm1ioiis;"pre's[dcriC" of the university; s-aempliadcnlly denied the ..clivgtSs,.A l "ir legitimate advertising-is subsidy,- -Iheii- it - is trae We Jiavo .-.carried, j itVcigaret -qdver- tiseineut ?.lii ; L th6 Burhtelito. for- a lotigr .time. ..'l <lo.ntii"knp'w..,w]iy he should J : innke niiy stalement nboiit- ; 'tlic jwhlskj' 1 inlercsls." We have ' never car_rlert''a whisky nd- verltseiiiehtr.lC & The" privilege ol ministers' tiS" say anything r 'they' : please, .but ; they should > have the facts," Simmons said. Clean Out . t « 'S Mil,, ;« Ki&i, T «b« incre - B i d<1 « r »«»«««« . «n li « N . S nu.s, viMMifull, hr So^^.h," '•"n >'««<! Mr »r <r 40 «wj Si? ot ! :| 3nrj- mftrrnt nnJ will h,!p to ,;.!i'* J ' »« nulck relief tlduey tube, " b out lfl = 15 rallos of ' , Bui (tom't tai ;r in^»ll«l "Hdn, j.- ru. you up In 15 ininulcs r»lur« may scriouSi ^ i itelicHe tliwB. ™ B ^ . . . the old wltabl" in "dfM" or hablt-fomi 'ft DOAN-S prtl.S ,, *" *' am '" '"."ntntsof (his 711 '"»"' W.I.S '»'«« no jot; FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INStJBANCB DIPT. They'll Battle for Bridge'Crown Fifhflflj Solsn CONCORD, N. H. (UP) -The New Hampshire House of Kepn- ventatlvfs has fi fighting member. He is F.ittiol: <PiusyJ Joseph a&tMiey.-o| Mimolirslr-r, Pntsy formerly wno chilinr.m of Ilic New r? gland -tf-Ur-rwr-telit chnmnlon- Courier News Want Ails 6et the jump on " COLDS " "All 'tilt-so years I Imv-j been itehlni; to gel liny liamts on you," replied Ely CiflbB'mon, hrldisc wizard, in acceptlnu llio challenge of his rjvnl, P. Hill sii,,s, to.., "figut (,, n nnlsh" nl, the In-ldgc table. So the Iwo niftstcrs settle the cmcallnn of siiproinncjr in.n mnr.i- ihon 'bsitUe in u Now Yorl: club in lute February ov March. ' White Hen Plie.isjinl Seen SOOTH OHAHLESTON, O. (U)>) -A pure wliilo li;n phensnnl, one of Ihc hircsl of gainc birds, was reported Men at close range neni here by Iliree persons, Dow. winlw liiul you "run-down" — n vU-lim of ilie first fold thai (•(HUM iiUinjc 1 ! If so, lluire'x nn easy way (o romhnt. (Ms d wicliei-mls nil- ni<'lit. Dmlil ii|i your fesistatico now — Wllll McKKSSONVt VITAMIN C'ONCKNiiu'i'i: TAUIRTS 01-' Con l,w:u Oil.. These templing cliocolule-coalcil ((iljlels liriiiK you nu :ilnnulnnct> of vitamins A ami 1). A licjps you resist Infection. II furnishes Ihy (.-xtrji "sunshine" your liotly cntvos in winter. Each tablet liriiujs you all the vitamins in one- teaspoonful of U. H. P. X. (vi-viscil 1fl:M) Cotl l.ivcv Oil. in KiUliU'mi it provides the iiecilcil iniiiernls, lak-uim nml phosphorus. Tiikc six diMels (tally and gel the jump on colds this year. At nil Rood ilniK stores. One ilollnr per boltleof 1CI) tablets, lie-in lij;htinK colds tlui vilamin way today with M(iKi:ssoN's VITAMIN CONCEN- TKATK TABLETS . END SPECIALS Creomulsion $1.13 Householii Thermometer 15c Electric Heat Pad $1.49 Ipana Toatii Paste 39c , .Crazy Crystals 60c-$l Wampoles Ext. Cod f.ivor Oil 89c Elizabeth Arden Tooth Paste or 3 for $1 rcmo Uuimne Drakes Glessco 44c Mineral Oil, pint 3Dc Cardm 7§c Black Draught 19c Pepsodent Tnnlh ]>ns(e 39c Antiseptic . Super I) Cod Liver Oil $L5«. size $1.29 Usize :-79c flcsize. . 39c Perles . $125 VI CK S Atifiscufic : fln'rgle and Moiilh Wiish 29c Perfection Facial Tissues 500 for 39c, 181 for Groves Chill Tonic 39c Veg. Com. . 99c Fletclters Castoria 34c Paimolive Sqapj 4 for 15c. Dental Sod. Perborate Ic Electric Stove: : : ; -/89c: ..EVFBSHABPS New Pencil Shews Then " CUP THIS COUPON Man ; 0!dat40,gets New Youth Quick New Oyster Tonic "Ijiin (.iilr-inbut / felt lite rO. 'rhr.n intti osrni;x. I'ctt now vigor nl- Weak Men Lose Out ^ wiiw" J'^jn'•_ K. ITiU(M-V'.:<51 Otrhsrvl Tcrr-ltopltta. X. J. \onMtf (o bo oft!at40or50 VonaliouM l>o youtwt until TO. Tain' OSTHKX* get new youth muck. Hcsalla l>cj;in ovcmlgTit. OSTJtKX wntiliu rfmar^J,] x . oreanio plcT,,rnt louaA in raw oyslrra. Doctors wvy Ihh ftlcnient 13 finirfc^t fit^n-i Envigotr-loV knotvn. Alv* coTit.iir.* special nltxxl-rp^on- t ruling Iron on*l 11 Iriziwipnli atls~!*Ml by Aincrican 1's.ivrrsity I>CK-(or «tio soyj tlicv prnlonj thp primo p[ IHp. A licgin ovcrnigtiL If "*'.iiff r n*fun<!3 nv"*"-* So, Value 51,(M. l b^Uimr, not rlcliBntril i RAZOR BLADES for ; Gem 5 blades in NuVel Sanitary Napkins Campho Lyptus Nose Drops PENCIL' -ire SHARPBNRft'13 Frostilla 2Jc ^ . I SPECIAL this week 79c.J FITCH SHA.MPOO AUTO CLOCKS Whitman Vn'cntinc CANDIES Order Now! inoncy-txx* ifUirunf^ 2 PRICRESS INFORMATION S —for Uiosoaiiiroring troni «( .y.^.ERS. I'OOR niors- i rtON. \CII> liViPri'lHi • SOUR STOMACH. OlSSi: 5 NWS. Hr.A]tTnURN. C<1N- i 'RATION, II.M) JIHt.uJI, .J OUK'TO Excess .vcm.' ' K I Main at Second Y /I/am at Broadway WIGGLY STORE SATURDAY Smoked, Half or Whole Pound 20c Kwh'lc KrisH 1UNDUCSR, I'mind . - . . ;!;)(• UlND-ON, pound - • • • 281' sLzncetex: KZ**L '**tt»amBp lareribs .can :uiil Mealy I'oiiild Cluik'c K. (', Clll'<!(K I'o u nil i'lonly nt Alt'.'il - PoillHl iMoxrcnri Slyle I-Lb. lirick )'oil nil —• ™iwi»jB»»j^a^j»aa»CTBMHMlg >«» I QJr Pound JL%^2^ vKji^^^K.wvmnrK9Dncra Kraut K, (;. Kouml Pound Fresh Hulk Pound Red Snapper, Spanish'Mackerel, Fresh and Cooked Shrimp, lenderta Trout, Crafts and Oysters ^••"»ffiBnteg"qBaanmsHgm»MBmaTB ...... ..^ Vdlinv ...1 l.iis. - - • - Staiiiliinl, No. 2 cu 7 , I'AS'I'K 5-0^.. f Ciln. 2 for <J POTTEJ) MEAT L 5° MKHES^ 1 ^^ SPINAg__^^ 9FOR' i>i)rc C! "' c r;^ .\« In t I A a\ • 11 i i .,. . , ,, "ill <I-LI>. Clnth .niiffwU .Hagd Ql. Jiii- PUP rO'pN • i<)iiy ' ift^ ; rUi LUlUI Tin.Cim ill s^BsaasssiaakJAjit^tfjaKaiJaa rARRdfi^ Fi '° sh K C Will 1WI o } ^^__ V Green, Tops CO Hunch J Oilo 2 Cans 70 Evapornlcil Evapornlcil PC I,b. 0 SABBINES American Cauova C'oimln' Club LKC. 2Vi Can Each 17c C'XYDOl" .L.-1 ^J^^LJ^;:^! lin <"" -^v'. ^rtp^ii^vS •» n.,,,.ii) 5! ^ S!a5 ^^4^M^m«AaiEBagjiK^^ . TC.VJIS .S unil -I for Jtnitlm Prtiil Dozen Country Club, JJ>. - - 2So French,- Lb. Trcsli IfiJSSS t " !> -—— -— ,111,1 r iniiniimiiiii , , ^__ k " XA ft FKB B* '« £3GS2n££ I).'Hox 1 I! Inr I E'YTRAfT Viln ' llil 1A C JC,'Aijl/ii>i ;<-Qz. H:itUe ill PEARS LKC - 2 ^ a. 15 W!BS &t!EANS c ,i 5° .fcwCl 31Jis... 58c ILb. .,':2flc FLOUR Silver Wedding 'iS-Lb. Snck . §1.7-3 2-J-Lb. Sack .. 89c Suited 10-0;:. I '|?0 Kviijiora leil 1AC i-U IJj. ID APMCfflS^OT I'iinciike. C. C. OjTC :i for LtJ SSEC S^Siff'Ai^wic^: U'c. 2Vi din Bncli 3foi r 14° 21-07. "I AC Rot tie lU FMSH BREAD Sr I.RC. 2/ 2 Can 1CU Each JLJ 3-Oz. Size t/TC Each ID \\'c.sco 2-r.h. IJnx Large Itar* Country Club ;J Tn)l or 0 Smal! (,'ann l'\niicy White \i>riS3«SiiSisazs5SS5aiUE33Kffi5an) tounlry dull S AIl Giceu ?:.'. 1 ('an AvoAdalr S!i Can 2-Oz. Can Each .

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