The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1935
Page 2
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BLYTHEVIIXE, (ARK.) COURIER' NEWS'." CrC •*>< iai Calendar '*?, FRIDAY'S EVENTS •Mrs. B. A. Lynch and Mrs. r>f, o;~Usrey having tildge luncheon fo£' Mrs. , Brooks, Flowers, of Birmingham, Ala. Pra>er pieeting ot F)rst Fresby- leffen church meeting with Mrs. H.<»O. Holder, 2:30 p.ip. Thespian Club Has A Meeting Pjans were made for presenting a 'play in a mceti)ig of the Thespian Dramnllc club last evening at^thc F(rst, Mclhodlsl chnrcli Jvfrs, Wilson Henry k sponsor of Hie group of ioung people. . -' • * : » \\ r o'roan's Club to Form Garden Club •Aigarden department of the Wo- nja'n's club will be formed at a .meeting'- of ''the 'Woman's' club Friday ^afternoon, al, the home of Uio president, Mrs S 8. Sternbcre, 2-ai) o'clock • Any. one' interested in flowers, Whether 01 not they aic now members of the club, arc iinitcd tg^jolii (ho group which will begin; active-. work Immediately, Jewish Aid lo Meet ,The Jewish Ladles Aid meeting will meet Ihlh evening for the irfeeting scheduled « week ngo Jt J$ be at (no home of Mis S. Joseph • with Mrs. 0. E, Coulter nteb hostess, beginning at 8 o'clock. ;~, ' • « » lias Guests Jt Club • •Mis Paul Hucklns, who icccntly ifiqved here fiom Little Rock, nnrt B{is. Baker Wilson were guests of %fe- W. J. Pollaid when she was, also hoslffs lo the Wednesday Bridge club ^Lunch was served Jn the dining room at a table arranged with an Italian cover rind yellow Acadla in a; low bowl. ..In the bridge gumis Mis. clur- ence Vollmer won the piiw. Armorcl Girl Scouts Ha^c JIcelniE .^Members of the Qlil Scout troop of Annorcl met ut the home of trie lieutenant, Mil Chprles Orlg- ger Jr, Wednesday afternoon. ••Plans were made foi studying the second class nwnuiil. In the social lioui refreshments of hot chocolate and cake vvcic P. E. O. Has Fonndors Way Program Wedn^iUj- Members of the K i, o. chap. tcr observed Founders Day with a program al the home of Mrs. 0. . S. Stevens Wednesday afternoon. * Mrs. Stevens,- tho, leader, «»s assisted by Mrs W. M Williams m discussing Hie theme and h/ Air., I'aul u Tlpton, who song a tolo ' Refreshmenli vveie served in tho iocja) hour. Last evening members of tho chaptei anil a number of guests attended an illustrated lecture at the home of Mrs J. A- Leech The lecture and pictures were of Yellowstone Park where the national P. B. o. convention Is to be held this summer. Mlib jMollle Lamb, of the Union Pacific Railroad, gave the lecture. Solution to Previous Contract Problem,. UY WM. E, MrKENNF.Y Secrciury, American Bridge League You would think 11, would he almost impossible : liiBt, at ths end of 100 hands, tv,-o teams should win exactly, tho same number of matches. But that's what, happened at thc recent national . championship tournament of the American Bridge LUiguo in the match point, tcam-of- four cvenl. The two tying teams had to play 32 boards to break the tie and thc chamrJonshlp wns won by the Terrace Club team ol Npw York, members of which were B, rtabinovvlte H. Dlnkelsplel, Junior M. Seller, and L. Ynegcr. They defeated the team of Ted Ughlner, Jimmy Maler, Sherman Stern, and Jean Mntlheys, all of New ..York, by a score of W.'i lo His watches. •'• 0»e of the strongest .-points of this winning (com Is Us defensive play, yaege-r Elves a good example of defensive play in Ipduy's hand. The Play Ho sal In thc South. His part- Specialties Will "Entertain Guests i: At Birthday Ball • ^Detailed arrangements for the President's Ball at the city auditorium next Wednesday evening arc -being made by the locjl coni- headed by Mayor Cecil . ..Dance pupils of Miss Margaret • Moffitt, who has students iroui mchvllle, Monettc, Manila, \YI1- £oa, Joiner Osteola, L\i\ora, Stecic and Dljlheville, will give a floor stipw at S.30 o'clock, as tlic opening' feature of ihe dance, and again at Intermission In addition to; those numbers, Sainmy Lazarov and his 12 plete oichcslra and two cnterlaineis will give a number of specialty acts during (he . Tne check 100111 servlto vull te free nnd ihe committee will be responsible lor all maps left tlictc- ' r[t >e ti^ct sale Is piogrcsstng nicely despite tho fovcic weather. The committee, headed by w J h n n ~" chl wl " mcet at l!lc c 'ly nail Friday mornuvg, lo o'clotk, to S^Snf'fi"!. I 0r com P Jcll »e the sale o 600 tickets by early uexl week 'Leaders in civic affa i rs t Leachville, Monrtic and ManUa »ere to be Appointed today to h ' e f n >ox lwlls Wlilto he -ball is held licic the affmr h U P« f" thc 5raallcr lOTn " in L S h1ckBsa " t * d " l «(!t and thc cofnmlttc.e hopes to sell al least 100 tickets in these .Scad Courier r* e?s Want Ads PoisonedJCidneys ,/blop Getting Up Klghls - TO harmlessly, iliish poisons and "W ,fV°» kidneys and concct Ir- rteltoH ofbladdcr so that jou can stop I'geUins up mghti" ge t a 35 ccnt'packagc or Gold Medjl ?faar- lem Oil Capsules and Uike.ns directed Other symptoms of kidney aM-bladder Weaknesses are scant, buitung or smarting passage—back-~ e>es. -Adv.3 i Defense. Is Important Part of Successful Contract Play A K 3 S 3 2 A J 10 7 6 V 8 6 5 4 8 2 + AQ107 Duplicate—All vul. West North East 2 V Pnsa Pass South Pass fass I'aes Openloj loaij — 4 E. Services Held at Holland for Worl^War Veteran HOLLAND, Mo,--Thq.lxxly of Leo Utiey, 38, of St. Louis, wun brought to Hpilurid for .burial Saturday In tnc CoJemnn/ceJnctciy, He was nn ex-solcllor,, born in Pcnitscot county MM'for the past four years has been In -the veterans' hospital in st. Louis,- He Is survived by his wife and. one son, p. j., his mother, Mrs. Nancy Utlcy, who lives west of llol- )ai|rf, aiiel three brothers, \Vil|, of Memphis, Arthur, O t CurutherEvlilc, and Scott, of Holland. James B Smith Undertaking company, ot st Louis, was in charge. * •» • Mr. and Mrs. Kcsscl Booker, of week end visit with Mr. Booker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Snm Booker Miss Pauline Neal, of Yavbro = rad»a(e of the local hisli school left Saturday [o enroll in Drauduvs Business college, Memphis, where snc will lake a nine months' scc- retarial course. ,lr. and Mrs. Cecil Hiicispcth, of niHiersvllle, and Mrs. Hoyd Smith, of steelc, were dinner E ucste Sunday !>W1 MVSl N ° blc Ca ' x:ha '' t Mi-, and Jfrs. c. p. Jenkins mid son, Andrew, oi New Survey, were guesls or Mr. aJicl Mrs. Russell U t. W Sunday, Mr. and Mrs., coldic llii-k< mi noun* (he Mrlh * » dauber o, oiinday, January jx Bill Secoy ixrrivcd Saturday nfohl from MM, m.. v ] Kn hn has I,-,,, mploycd [or Severn! weeks L Mrs. E. 13. Cliitivooa and "daugh- *r, Patsy Ann, of Blylhcville, were .an., and s, g. Hubbfird, of Lcaiih- ™v altendcd l » business here last 1 Saiuford visited her r, Mrs. i'erna Howcll, al rj a k idgc, last week. Claude Edwards returned Salur- -... .... ^™,.,,, IV gc wlu , | |ls - ami-daughters OVC) . u , c wcl , fc *>«J. Ho loll n B! , iu Monday morning for Memphis. Mrs. San.'Booker mid dau E liu,r, Olene, were over night ew ^ o Mrs Booker's sisler, Mrs. j. K wh,? 0 -^; pt Mcm Phis.; Thursday.' y/hllo llverc, ihey, ylsilcd mile _Sajiford, son Mr. and : iu . Ucv. J. L. lHiikslc.iv has-re"" ' ' r ^» Kiwi*!, Ark., where he five days'.mth |,ls <tau B hter I'«mv Thai .fjiiliii 'liclns • monthly . dbcoinforl, llrra '' lo Today's Contract Problem " • Da you Know the wisdom and Die dntiucr of bliciNvliib' hvo Kuil^, when UJG flrsl »hown IB ,1 minor und Hie second Ib u itiaJorV How would you bid Ihe liainls bliov.'n below'? Itcmember lliot lliey arc (wo ricparato linixiD, but In liotli iiiBtnnces, ivluilovor you O|ion. your partner wlli bid two cluba. llniul No. 1 1 K 1 3 t AKJ 8 2 (•7 Holullon In next llimd Ko. 2 t 3 AQ:I 7: ikoj News Mostly. l J ersbtiHL •. ner's opening lead was Hie kint of diamonds. Although Yueuer had only a doiiblclon, he plnyed the deuce, usklmj his purlner not, lo continue diamonds, and hoping (hereby lo gel a club lead. North led tile eight of clubs. When thc deuce mis played from dummy, Yacijcr passed Hie Irick and let West win wilh the king. West made a'nice play of thc ace and queen of hearts. North won the second heart, lead wllh the king mid led the three of clubs. 'Hie nine was plnycd from dummy and Ynegcr played Die Icn, which held, Yaegej- played the clglit of din. inonds, West, played the ten, mid North won the trick with thc jack and returned the uco or diamonds Now Yucger made 3 very line play! lie trumped his partner'.'! good ace or diamonds, to be able lo lead Ihe club. When his ace or dubs held the trick, he continued with the queen mid now. West WHS bound lo lose iinol-hor trick, ir lie trumped In wilh the jack of hearts, 1C would establish Noflli'ii ten or hcurts II he Irimipad Jow, North would over- rump. This fine defense defeated thc contract, two tricks. Naomi, who Jins been dangerously ill with piuiuinonla. Earl Hood, of Memphis, spent, tho past, week wllh hi s aunt, Mrs L B IJayes, ivjid grandmother, Mrs »M A..6harpc._ , • ' ^' ^fr. and Mrs.; Jim lyfarlin, of Cod-' Mrs. Jliii Cohoon° ° r ' """ E. B. smith, local station agent was jiicst of his wife and rurally nt Warden Saturday ami stihttay Onrvin Wikon, who has been ill with pneumonia, Is mum boiler, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Workman ic- Hirncd Sunday from Monroe, Ark where (hey have been Ihe guests of Mr. und Mrs. It. Holdman for » mould. ' Mr and Mrs. John Azibll'and daughter, Mary Joan, moved lo 'IV- ler Thursday. .' , • >K. 11. \«ll»vll 11H4 'ins none v ui>, .u, li. vvtii, mm j»,j|,,y. iuin. UCHUlI'kl IIVUOI, »lto, 1C, I! it'JlVf^ tliul Jlicrt L'lltiyj i\\jn!H rll VM.'1't' 111 1V1VJ1I(J|U.1 "yv'iJlCMIH nu UCUKI ciuy bvinuiuiioii i/ivi iiiui tiUH evening. .me, uviin oiiiuuicnnnn ana son illume, AVJJU IIMH; wvul in iivn «; uiiiuvtua, urc nuw ucjiwr. ' mm w. JWKSUII is iiuviilliiii i\.i^ uuci\3uu iliKiv-n-rc-llv u iuii tiiVk.i'jmj' lit uie jviciii^uifi ivicui oulil, llUbllulll ycsicniay. nis ou itr, JWIH. j. *). j-(cja, itiici ins ory tnu'-iii-iiiw, Tom V\. JiicKauii uviu duvvii ycsicimiy. jic Wj,i .c luru lu-ru tiiu. ludi ui uic wwr. 10. ii visit UL'iure rui-uaiuu lo um cinnail. . • . tin-idoEiii l-'oaicr, Mcmpni »..j. Muvi inrs. uiauuo L. yc«wun Ml', ami ivirs. vv. USVL-II DHI C „,,, " ' ia.^t evciiiiig -tiivc'ii i nuiiuf oi miss CXKIKC uim Mf . \vm rmgion. • Jesse \vcCu, son of Mi iiy 111 at ine noiet iiuuiv. 'v niuy wus uruutm uatic'-iu n'ljui iau OIUI.L-H utcre wl«i iio cium JOi- i-ecoi-wy. -L,K uuoy, %,no 10 , "nodi loin- muiuns "OJH, jini im.,, "tiitis irom a su-upyjiutiib m nun, vvuieii is nut ^wimibioiis I'llS. iviiuuil our«g«t', ivirs. 1, urowncr and toarum n' um , lou , uuiureji 10 ivleuv'n'.K mit uvii,,!, o injiu- uuy ixijnuiiiau aim m uchestni; • • ' <««aj uiossom • Chrisiophtr, vvh lius Been leii'Btupl) op^nuur M \n euiineu to tn. Loins 10 i m>b e- home. • • Uscnr Bailey, who is -visit - UT6& WILH nn 0tui c y " oiueie, 15 UAiuisii-a lo rumiii Home Biituruay or bimnuy bun.i Jiuiuary i u w y nave viautu punu oi uiultomm, Arizona, ^uluruu "' i uiner wctHurn stales, ajli ICO. .'".::•. j' New Liberty News Mr. and Mrs. \ v ~ H . Garner and family spent ll, c week end in Mississippi visitins retiitivcs. P. E. May spent, Thtirsdny at Hastell with his .•,011, ii'ruiiK Mnv, und lamily, Mrs. W. A. Wheat, who has been I. Is Improving. Mrs. Lizzie Whittle, ol Durdettc, ipuil last- week a s gllOsl of Mr. and •Mi> J. M. Aycock and family. Mrs. u. osrratt attended the Home Dsmonslratioii clvib mceltiig «l Uycss colony Thurnttay, vvlicre 'K » day bed and.mnUi' Mrs. I,- L. Benrdcn. of Luxora' Kilt several <i a y s with her mother; Irs. W. A. Wheat, ii-Jio is III. W. A. Hash's burn burned ]as t week with all of [Us Iced except •\ simill tiuniitily of corn, which was saved. Mr. aim Mr,s. ri.. j; Pillow nii- iiouncc thc blrtli of n .son, Janu- Q Ty liO, Hundreds of tubes/each conlain- i« n .separate nerve, make up cnch tooth or ih.- African aard-varki COUGHS Uon't let lliem gel a .strangle lold. Figbi (hem-quickly. Crcomul- sion combines 1 hpljiB in one. Pow- errul- bnl harmless. 'Plcnsnnt lo :e. No r.urcolte..Your own drug- KAat is autliorlBed:, 16 refund your money on the'spol : l[ your coush or, cold- is nol relieved by• Crco- inulMon. -. • • ' *->-- < Admitted (o the Blythcville hos nital:- Mifs Hettie Perry, Konnctt Mo.; Mrs. o. R. Crowe, Bragnado cio, ito. Thn government spent- nearly $1, 000,000 rov 5p homca for sirande miners »t Aflhurdalc, the subsist ence homestead project locate near Reed-wllle, w. -Va. "YES I DRINK TEA AT LUNCH TIME!' iping hoi cup of lea si Imirh ijrac — good-bye lo "P.M. fali g uc"--tha your luncl). And be sure ii's ic.r fron India." India Tea,in p.iikjias Jisplayin" tlie tradcm«rk below, is better tea — , price for price and gride tcasnulcoutam *To Ret Rciutln, Inaia Tra, looV fu ilililnJcnutkllcrt: 1 There's won to h CKOQUIGNOLE OIL GUARANTEED WAVES SI Up •-' r None Bcllcr Vingcr Wave - - tSc Barret Beauty Shop Last House oil No. 5lh Caidiil .pvercomis periodic '-natin. 1 AI nine.-!, liwould cramp and reels tad," writes-Mrs. 'M. x. 1 , 01 owariica, s. 'C. "I kilt I needed : jomelhiiis to.Its >ly inotlier had taken Cardui -»>. had lold me about il. it wiped-me. I m,d u a very good ionic as-well- as „: hclp 'J* ^ and nervous condition" Thousands of women lesllfy! Camul ,be^nefite'd r then>' I/ it docs' I not benefit YOU, consult a physic-; i lan ' —Adv.SOPl'Bl' THURSDAY. JANUAY ; COMPARE ALL OUR PJRICES LIBERTY CASH SI'BND YOUR SCKIP HERE Customers Scales in Our Store-^ lt aranteedl6 Ounces to the Pound Specials for Friday, Saturday ^bd Monday NRA Sweet Potatoes Nic ^ Baking size i^ a 2?c COCONUTS Liirge - Good ~"~ ' LETTUCE Firm Heads Kach GRAPE-FRUIT Each CARROTS Wilh Tops Bunch -'-•<, Bunch CORN Excelsior' No. 2 Can *C SNOW DRIFT ti-Lb. Pail Minnesota Cobblers Pound Ruby _Large M-Ox. Dottle lOc Jumho Stalks Each RADISHES PARSNIPS Large Bunch Fresh Pound EfiGPLANT CAULIFLOWER COFFEE Pound 7ic I'oimd -BONES- Pound Silver Tlu-tad, ' i? u ik E*»' ;'."'" •'.' .:Pouhd QC •y:-K. C. Beef * ft Pound liHC LARD Silow Whit<; - Comp pS d 12 c Sllimpslli Baby"flccf UVliR_ BRAINS Pound Pork Pound ISc MACKEREL - fioori K. G. Beef ' Pound i Size Kaeh 7 ^ 2 Fresh Pnu rid Sunny Brook. ^ffcjr' - ^.^-^J.'.^EumnI: ..4»5f .V, RICE Fnncy Blue Rose !• Pound Loose Pound Tie Plf^KI k^l Grcen Bcauf y- Siveet °r 1 *vliltlajt Sweet Mixed. Quart f.T TIWITlf ^Idorf « ^ '•1 HlJO'UIlf 3 Rolls &<& c TRACKERS All Crisp M n 2-Lb. Box i / C il»Mr tANJJiS^^ "IT SURE IS GOOD ;. 1 COFFEE" ; ' ' ;i Large-California Navals l)pzen I/ifjby'ss Can IS c Can SOAP Life Buoy 6c lobby's. Sour or Dill J,ir PICKLES I ' i Large Jar 23c PORK & BEANS Libby's Can 5c KRAUT Libby's No, Can 4 |% XUC UBBYS PEACHES Can - - - LIBBYS PINEAPPLE No. 1 Can No. 2 Can Sc 17c ^. Can .Slukcly's Kiiiesi (Small Can - - - -Ic Large Can - - - (i;/ 2 c fWAITFWP L « l 's Vou Slec i' At N'shi V.y/li/lAllfii Small Size .31c: Lar K c Size Sflc Streak-0-Lean Pound ^IlP.:, s . m ?J> si Z o,..;,.,;-i STEWMEAT K. C. 5 0-0 z. Can 31c ft 1 Fat and Lean Pound SALT RKD IRISH, Pound .. ,. HOTEL BAKERS. p oiwd ,.. 3H 100-Lb" Sack ' Each Special. Graun_ .... You- Wait. Pound DOG FOOD COFFEE Vitlorj- 17c SPAGHETTI 31 c OYSTHJS Or iMACARONl 3 Boxesi Nigger Head Can PEAS lie School Days. Petit Pol's, ' ^ ^ Nn 2 Tan JLOC Campbell's Can Maxwell House Coffee : VITA FKUSH " IL "GOOD TO THE LAST DROF'LD. 5c 31c Package A / C CAKE FLOUR Swan's Down *ja Packiijre 2.9C Premium Large Cake COCOA Baker's DEL MONTE SPECIALS TOMATO SAUCE ~ lie FRDIT FOR SALAD $£• J I. ;v -^i.'-»\ Ijllj^M^Lc^A-', i -\

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