Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 15, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1895
Page 3
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Those who have the most : have it, as a rule, because they save the most. They're more economical. These people buy Pearline. Proof— in all stores of the better class throughout the land, you'll find the sales of Pearline far in the lead. Now, these economical people wouldn't use Pearline for their washing and cleaning, if they didn't find it to be just what we say— the most economical in every way. Would they ? Tecldlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell you " this is as good as" or " the same as T'carline." IT'S l-'ALSK-I'carlinc is never peddled. ABSENT SINCE SATURDAY. it Back Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game, .sii our own Poultry an-1 tlmrefoiv havo:cvurythin-j fresh. A Jf BEN DRUG STORE NOTICE FARMERS. io ixtablt'. WIM™. IVok Uower on wlilou they hiivo been itllowed u [liitotit. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PEWS IX J-TkTltA FINK. I-'I.XK ASn I'.IIOAD POINTS TO SUIT ALL I!AM)S, THE MOST PEEPECT OP PENS. KHOJS-JSti & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers, C»i:j l>ro:ul\i':iy. WANTED! HEAL ESTATE. Wamuil. Cli > IP Untt:« -s for 3.ilo, Wiuit-it l.i>ts -in I Ao.r->s ''\irS.ilo, W.'mtiHl SiiiiUI l'';tnu.i Kur Snlo. W!in:fil Btisln,'S- Hlo^'Ks l r or S;iln. WtuiCt'il to KXJII:HIW J'ariiis foi- City Property. Wiintt'il \[,<roh LiiiliJ > .u Tr nlo tor Farms. ADtKti'o.S .11. .«- iJ n. E. TRUAX, M. D. i;Sp«;lia iit.U>ntloii Klvon to A'oso, LtiiiSi Liver aniiCtironlu DUifisi's. HLOnluo iiucl ISoMilnnco ovt>r State Xntlonnl Bank. H«iw I" '•> 1- " '"•• - l " ' I'- m -' ll!ld 7 to S p> lu- All Kills pri'inptli iittpmled. __ OH, F. M. BOZSR'3 DENTAL PARLORS. Lo^ansport, Ind. DAILY JOURNAL FK1DAY MORNING, FKB. 15. Gus Hotzacrof thePan Handle car shops contemplates moving on his farm near Denver, Miami county, about Murch 1st. The Journal has a few birdseye views of Logaaspori loft. They can be had In pasteboard tubas for mailing or presorvullon for fifty conts. S. M. Clo.«on has a few hundred dollars private local funds, also East- era monev in any amouni to loan on mortgage security. Office No.- 319 Pear blreot. We are firm and honest In our statement that nothing equals Brant's Balsam for cure of all coughs, colds, throat oCjluog troubles, as tho many letters w^httvo on file help to prove. A recent one from. W, E. Rumpol, Columbia, Mich., says: "I caught & levoro cold oa my lungs last winter »nd tried several Other remedies) which did me no good, until my lunga got in a very bad shape 11 (opiates always hurt the lungs), "but two bottles of Brant'a Balaam cured me. I felt bet. tcr before had used half Get Brant's of Ben Fi«her, vf gl.t A Hollunil The people of New Holland, Ohio, have boon ffroatly surprised rocsntly by tho almost woudorful euro ot a young d.ttiffhtor of Mr. Jobn Orahood, wbo for ft lonjj _llvie hud been tilllicred with flta or oviioptlo convulsions. Tho aflllotloQ Sjje'tned more dreadful bo. ouuse of the'natural brlahtness ot tbo child. Dolors ai.fl olhor tQeuicine8 failed to effect any lasilag beneflt and cure seemed hopelesn until u s-implo bottle o( DC. Wboolar's Nervo Vital- izer wua providentially banded Mr. O.-tibood and from the uao of it and only two full bowos of tbo remedy, t-bo younsr girl has bt-oa oomplotely curod o( thoullliclioii wfaloh threatened to blight hor Ufa. Fortunately there are. but few ca^os of epileptic fits, but wo venture tusuy that half the people who road this wou'd feel liKe new bolngs after a thorough use of Dr. Wneo'.or'd Nerve Viuiliuer; it Is a norve food, roitoriug uei'vo force oa tho mate, principle that food restores physlc.il vi^or und muscle. If yours is a case of shattered nerves, frequent hsadacbe perhaps norvously crocs, troubled with sleep, lossness, a tired feolinff in the .rnorn- ias, debllittited, all worn-out feellnjr, promptly use this great remedy, for U will euro you, and also ward off the more serious sickness or breaking down which your symptoms indlialo. It, is warranted sure to relievo and c.ire nerve troubles as represented. For salt} by Bon Fisbcr, Druggist. Viimtuli-! Ijlno KxrUrxloxH. On February 12, March o, April 2 and SO, 1S95, homsi seekers excursion tickets will be on sale as very cheap rates to virlous points in tho South and Southwest. For rates, limit stopover prlvllffos. etc , apply to J. C. EDGKWOKTII, Apt., Logansport, led. A WtMKUiiE Announced. George R Vuile, elerk at tha Pan Handle • piece work" room aod Miss Flora Snydor, daughter of tho postmaster at Desolation, will be married at noun Wednesday at the home of the bride's parents, Tho couple will reside at the corner of North and Thirteenth street in the Kidd property. What !« the Work of tlte K.tdneyn!? To remove from the blood Us impurities. The products of cell wastes which have been burned up in sustaining life and giving strength to the system. Evory particla of blood in tho body poes through the kidneys every three minutes, and if these organs are unablo to perform their work fully, sooner or later the system Is poisoned. Therefore, ''San Jak;i is tbo indicated blood reme/y. »rrous Debility. Every person having nervous debility, organic weakness, or falling memory, i8 entitled to^iympathy of every honest pert on, and should have ex. tended medical aid such as la found In ••SanJak." Sold by Ben Fisher, druggitt. LOCOMOTIVE TESTS ATPCRD0E. Purdue University at Lafayette Is attaining a national reputation on iccount of Its mechanical department and was recently visited by a number of railroad master mschanlcs and heads of motive po-.ver department.! to witness a locomotive test. Tha greit locomotive manufaotur. iog establishments, recognizing th* importance of tho work which Purdua i« doing here, have been very generous to the university. Not long ago the Baldwin people prec-ented to tbe university a fine set of compound loco, motive engines. These hud been built expressly for a company in South America for mountain climbing, but tho company for come re-.HOa failed to take them. Ju=t now master mecban* ic= arc- In doubt about tbe vi-.lueof compound engines for rullroad uso :ind tbo tests of Prof. . Go=s will bo of importanc3 in deciding the question. Ho has .decigce;! a unique friction b.-akd to receive und registrar the powi-r of ibe engines. Tbe big Scuenec'.Hdy which passed through tho flro bus been repaired, and sut in a building by itself where it will be safe in tbo future. There Prof. Goes has designed a complicated testing Rjjpn.rK.tus, which is acmlrabio in i!s perfection. Tho big drivers rua on a aeooiid set of wheels below them, and tneso iu turn run on bearings instead of ruth. Tno power of tho engine is tosled in two ways; Drsi by a frijtion brake on tbe ends of cho ohafis of the soooad pair of wheels, und second, by an immense set, of springs set in a Heavy iron frame and masonry, to which the engine is hitched. This latter is connected by oil pressure with scales which aru so delicate that when Prof. Goss, ufter the work was completed, pushed on the locomotive with his thumb, tbe amouni of pressure wat indicated on the scales. The apparatus is so arranged that the drawing power of tho locomotive, its speed and the revolutions of the drivers can be known at once. The plant hits attracted wide attention among railroad men. It has been adopted by the master mechanics' association of the United States, for testing, and also by two of tbe leading railroads.' These latter will run their now engines into the Purdue shops to have Item tested. WKDXESDAV NIGHT'S "NVKECKS. Shortly after 1 o'clock Wednesday evening tbe first seciion of Pao Handle freight train No. 79 collided with the rear end of tbe westbound "pick up" at Gas City, derailing several cars of tbelattor. The siove in tbe caboose was thrown over and set lire to tbe car.- Before any sissisttinco could be rendered tbe Ciboose and the preceding car were wrapped ia-Q.imea and were entirely destroyed. The engine of tho through freight No. 78 beyond being scorched by the lire was not damaged to any extent. The crews of both trains escaped uninjured. Tbo accident Is said to bo due to the absence of a flagman stationed at tbe proper distance. Passenger train No. 10 was delayed for several hours on account of tbe blockade. Before the wreck was entirely cleared up tho wreck train was called to Mier where tbe third section of train 79' bad got several cars oft the track, en account of a broken rail. It took Foreman Hetzoer and his force but a short tlrao to arrange this matter acd. the train continued towards its destination. A PECULIAR DAMAGE SOIT. John L Barter, & farmer living SO'utt of AndertOn, bough; a very peculiar six thousand dollar suit for damages against the Pan Handle railway company in the Madison circuit court Wednesday. In H he sets• forth that he was ai Middletown last fall and bocame intoxicated. Returning homo he went to sleep and his horee stopped on tho Pan Handle tracks while crossing. The horse evidently went to sleop, too. for the midnight Chicago express hit it center and sent it into the graat Hereafter, Tae buggy was broken to splinters and by a miracle Barter escaped with no more injuries than a broken leg. Tne $6.000 will satisfy him. His suit is based oa the ground that tho night was moonlight and the engineer should have seen him. This is the first time on record that a man has made affidavit in Indiana in. a case like this that he was drunk and that the accident waa greatly due to his condition. Anxioni Inquiries Are B*iBR Made For Barney Illiumel, • Well JHLnan'n German Citizen. g?JAnxLoua inquiries are being made on the South Side for Barney Himmel, a well known German citizen who h&b not baen seen or heard from by his relatives since Saturday at 6 o'clock p. m., when he was seen near Gustavo Rock's saloon. The fait of Mr. Hlm- meFs disappearance was not made public until yesterday but for many days his relatives and friends have been uneasy. They are as yet unable to account for bis prolonged absence. When last seen it, is ka"-wn he had lils quarterly allowance of pension monev, about $30 oo his p'jrsoa. M.-. Hicnmel was formerly the keeper 01 tbe fir=t toll friteoa', o! tii« cily on the Burlington pike. 1-jJkid IO Ilt'i.!. A large number of ibe friends and neighbors of the Ian; Mrs J. B Winters attended tee tune: nl services at the residenco on Kighth street n.i 10 o'clock a. m. yc-s'.m'cUy. AH that was rajrtal of the bolovtd Christian -Oman w.13 coflcigned to tbe las: ro.-i.injr place in Rls Hope cemetc-rj. Trie lluv. T. S. Freeman spcka ftfidiiifrly of the laojeut'ju sister and r.ddreiisjd words of comfort and condolence to the bereaved husb.ind tr.d children. He paid.-A touctiing tribute to the excellent qualities of tbe cecoa-od. There were many beautiful II iral offorinffs. Two l.lvcs Suvcil. Mrs. Phrobo Tcouias of Jaac'ion City, III., was told by hor doctors one had consumption aud th a iheru WMH no hope for her, bus two bottles l)i- Kind's Ns;v Discovery oomple'-uly cured her rind ?ha says it saviv.l b.-r life, Mr.Thos. Eggers, 139 1'o-ida St., San Francifco, suffered f.-otn >* dreadful cold, approiiobing conjuaip tioo, tried without rcsjlt everytiiifp else, then boupbr, one boiUo of Dr. King's New Discovery .and ID t-vo weeks was cured. Ho is naiurally thankful. It is such results, ot .vbich these are samples, that provo tho wonderful offlcacy of this mcdicit.o in coughs and colds. Free trial bottles at B.' F. Keeping's drug store, Regular size 50c. and l?l. BronK'vt Her«s lor Itnriul. Tbe body of Mrs. H. J. Park?, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Goo. J Sftj- derofloOl Spear street, reached, this city last nigh', from Ch cago and was taken to tbs Snydor home. Mrs. Parks died at Chicago Wednesday night. She was 27 years old. The lima for tbe funeral ha* noi been fixed. tfTATII OF OHIO. ClTV OIT^TOLEDO, I ^ LUCAS Cou.s'rv. ) ' Vn\yK .1. CHUNKY in ikes oath 'that; 1m Is tho sfinlor purtner o:' tin) lir.u ot K. .I.-.OHESKY Jc CD.. do!:inb:i.sliu)ss in t'.i.' ultv of Tola.l', Ouuntj. ;unl Suite ulurfsalil, un.i that Mild ilrm will _'!«)' tlio FiiiiiOLUN'fc; lU.N'DitHJ DJLiLUlifiir; ei,i.:ll and evflryc.isooCliifcirrli tlm'. isinnot bo cured Dy tlie u.so 01 H.U.L'S OATAIIKII CI'KK. FliANK J. CHENEY. Sworn "to betoro meTaiiJ .-uusac'und J,ln Jmy presmice, tills (itu diu or Oeceinboc. ,A. J). .!>>*. j TKAL ' f ' Notary 'public. Hull's Ciitarrli Cars Is ;tii'.ten Intornnlly und iictsd rect:y on ttid blood nn 1 mucous surr;icos ol ttio system, S mtlortcstliiioiiliils f'ren. K .1. 011E •(rJX.it.CO., Tolodo.;0, V druggists, ,7i3c. RUBBER AND GUTTA PERCHA. Though of Kcccnt Introduction Are C**d tor Any Number of Purporo.. At present it seems as if we couldn't possibly get oc without India rubber nnd g-utta percha. Though both are of comparatively recent introduction, the number of purposes to which they are applied is so immense that tho world without them would at least be very different m some respects, Without those two substances submarine or.blca would be ultuost impossible, telegraphy would assume many unlike modifications, goloshes would not exist, waterproofs and tniicldntoshcs would be a beautiful dream, a^l a rubberlcss world u hideous reality. Elastic, in tlie £cnsc in which woman uses the word, would never have boon evolved, tobacco ponchos would still be of silk or lealher, combs would be of horn,'and buttons, paper knives, penholders and pipes much dearer than at prosenU As for machinery, where would it be without, india rubber cinctures and tubes and cups and valves and buffers? \Vhere would engineering be without. UK; endless rainnte applications of iho yhistio {rum? Vi'here would surgery bo without, tho innumerable Uevioes, tha syringes ;::id squirts, the belts nnd b:i ml; 1 .'^cs of which iiulia rubber forms the snie :n:d. as it ssvni.s to us no\v, in- ui.sjvnxiMo 'O.-.MS? rauvy n-.r.lin;;: out I'hvs wi:ho:it, the invaluciblo lioso; fani-Y u h']-ri:ii* maanfae'iOi-io-s without liu' Inevitable ;.re:irii!£. The bi;-yeli.-,t. would ::>!.ss hi* i>nou<r.;M':'_- tires; thi-art- ist would miss his ever handy eraser. tlTyit is porhp.i'w not surprising thnt P. iie::;iicv:'.!ic; admini.'-Iratiuii should lire;:lt ik.'.vn ;i'.l round in \]:K more he- norUiiit fu'.K'tions 01' ^r.vrrr.r.ioMt, liu. i! is r.'iliri'r ^'nirt'ro th::',. it. cr.vr.iot. even C.;-:TC!Il. s;:inips are the wni-it of their k'uul. T!:ev are no'l. up to the standard in color and won't stick. This is what :i i;:i',.iu:i 'ret:; which admits to power Micli an i:nl)i:cilo u::d at tlie Kimu time Mich a l:::;iiliuuii p:.ri.y. It- ou^'hl to be I'.inr.eu in tlie frum nrabic of its unsuc- YEARS OF INTENSE PAIN. J>r. J. JET. ITctta, druggist and phyrf- Clan, Humboldt, Kob., who suffered with heart disease for four years, trying every, remedy and all treatments known to Urn- self and fellow-practitioners; twllcvos that heart disease Is curable. Ue writes: "I wish to tell what, your valuable medicine has done for me. For four yearsIhoA heart disease of the very worst kind. SOY* cral physicians I consulted, said It WM Rheumatism of the Heart. It was almost un» endurable: with shortness of breath, palpitations, sovoro palus, unablo to sleep, especially on tho left sido. No pen can <Jo- scribo my suffor- hips, particularly lns; tho last tha of those four weary years. 1 fi-'Jly tried Cure, DR. J. H. WATTS, Dr. Aisles' New I and was surprised at Uio result. It put now llfu inio and ic.ic!o a now mnn of mo. I have not liasi n. sysJiptom of troi:W« slnco :'.nd ] am sa.iislioi! your medicine lias cured me for 1 have iiov.' 0:1 joyed, since taking U Tlirce Years cf Splendid Health. I rni;:bt.ndi1 I'.itvt- I ;-.m :i druc;:istar.il havo sold and reooiinr.i-TiiV.l yuur Heart Ouro, for 1 ]c:>ov.- \v!;:ivii. l.-.s Oune for mo autl only \visl: J roi:Ms:.::j v.i'i'ci^ii'ly my suITor- !I.;:',LL-.". .".ml :;-.o ;;o.\l lior.i'.HI mv,v oryoy. Your NCTV;:IO :i:n! oilier ri'nii'iJics :ilso 1.1-..-.'. i-fn.ciii'n." J. li. Vt'ATTS. -•unK'Wllere todry.—X. V. Tribune. "An'je'niKi," said the youth, hotly, as he c.-leivd the p;r.-lor, "il remains for you to «iy wliethor our miUur.l friendship nhali continue or be ended here at once." ••\Vhal is the matter?" asked the bt-a-tiful jjirl. opening her lovely dark blue orbs to '.heir widest extent,. ••You:- father lias just called mo a, Ijlabtcd idiot." ••And you wnnt me 1-° apologize frtr him?" ••I do." "Then I cheerfully do It. Father la alioTotlior too frank, and I have often twkfhim lh;i!,».:ven tho truth shouldn't always bo !ipo!tfn."—N. V. 1'rcss. •.'•-. f», >™ : ;)>t, ° r . P, ric ? iijr.l Co.. . p I .-, i . Restores KeaZth LI <r or transfers or r«il i>*t«tc In Qw« coontT ri'ii-irtwi l).v Frank H. Wliipernmn, atistract*r at titles, convB)-:uu-«r .inJ notary nubile, ln«uninc* :uiil loan ajiMit, titles to r*il -estntu exiimlne* ami ili'fwi vi> til If s piTfcct^d. Money to loan M I lowi'st rates. Ollloe 205 Kourlh strict direct^ I oii)>osit«llMJ Court House tsiuranes, Lo.smspon I Indiana. Jlnry U-inVy :o Cliaf. K. H iM pt lot CO H i) Wrst 11'U'tn -..,., H 10*0 I /.itck *. brlit 10 Cliiis. K H:iU- lot« sui.d (IHllOl !* IjUllllS' 3'.l ••• fuu ' M;i'-y WHslilmrn to Ci o. B^ .Mcj'oinus 1 ti wiiMiburn's -Ojto Kcysil Ct-n- ^ soooa its l.itfl i o (i w«s' LoKan HI1J lot 33 Snsiin Tliom.'is u«!<l ••••• -^ •• Inhii R. .loliiit-oii to(.i«o. Ouiiii lot -.op rboV Liitlf'tci'l)' P. I* 11 owin pt fot'2 iieo in -m n,Yr:y 10 r.lwood Wilson <•',*• n« 500 70000 1500 OS 500 00 Tuoo oo Al-'urm House JUuracrt. A loss of-'J2,000 vfaa caused by fire Wednesday ai^ht at tbe homo of William Henry, fiust of YouJg America. Tbe loss Is purely covered by insurance. Tne farm httd been recently purchased by Mr. Henry from .Jacob Uaroosa. rt Arulcu Snlvo. Tha beatsalva in tbe world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, eait rheum lever sores, tettsV, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all ekla erup. lions, aad poiitivaly cures piles, or no pay required. It la guaranteed to give parfac; sati»fa,ciiioii or money refunded. Prico 25 ceats per bor. For saio by B. F. Keeelinfr. AShault and Bauery Ciiarsod. Frict Nace nas begun proceedings in 'Squire Higbt's court of tbid city, agatodt Henry DtiMaur of Young America, charging him with • assault and battery. —HE IS HERE- Dr, Chas. Mendenhall. Indian Kaine. Mon-Gos-Yah. The Great Indian Doctor. Bv the reque'st of many friends aurt patients, the Doctor has returned • to Losansport and will remain one woek, und return one day every month for one year. Office at tho Tucker KonMomsr Broaflway and 3d. Sts. Free! Free! Free! The Sick Treated Free at the TUCKER HOUSE! Tlie Doctor announce* to the i_)«0 P !e ol LoKiinsport-tlnt all who apply between now and Febi tlie sp-iROs , ^ . The Doctor wn* t.-ikon w.st whm i. *miai bo; In ISfiO, by his uncle, win was by the Kovernmrat to trade witli t!ie I' lljllins . and sent ///'•rf: r : :/ ~~- ••> V . '-\ ^..'.•'irX /•"/{'<*••?"'/ •^"'-^-V 1 ./yi-"'*^*^ V'..''. v \ ^vV= / r-''' ^ *<?~-~ *^ / / ^'-'i / ^i//''''l?^'"'»^'\ V ^y-^/ / /f ^ )Ij ,'''.'i^l tfj \ . '' ^\ ^ \y //i'lvii;.^;; 3 \ ,<//f'.°;*\i w«i Grain rates from Chicago to the iaabosrd hare dropped from 20 to 17 cents and some roatis are accused of accepting 15 cents. A great rush of Krain is expected In the nest few weeks. Pan Handle fireman Frank Fatter•on is on the tick llit. A »"a»r.or Called. Tiie Ksv, H. A. f e.-utval of Misha- v/aka, who ii siid to be a young 1 mac of extraordinary attainment:), and having a reputation as a pulpit orator, has b«en formally called to tha pulpit of tba Broadway Pre=b3'terian cburcb of this city. Ee will probably accept the invitation. Oh! People. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the true ramedy in Electric Bitters. Tnls medicine does not stimulate and contains no whisky or other intoxicant, but sets as a tonic and alterative. It acw mildly on the stomach and bowels, adding strength and giving -tone to the organs, thereby aiding nature in the performance of Ihe functions. Electric Bittera 13 an excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people ficd It just exactly what thej ne«4. Price 50 cento par bottle "It B. JET Keesllng's drug store. TDe Doctor became a favorlw of the Indian M^ldno M<-R- ^ ]v-is ^rm-tfcfl to del»«! InK^ s^rpts </I th«T medicines, for Ul long years he spent his bast «n«rsto In learnlo, .ne se,-r»s «L Nature's wonde.-ftil remedies conia!>i<M 1:1 Roots, B|rks, Bufls J Berries, Leaves and Plants, : ; Plac'd ih».re by tne Great Creator for tlie Healing of Mankind. ' MiSTELOUS-Tiio Doctor can tell you all your complaints 67 slmp)y ioo^lng at yoa and.,; without asklns any cues'.lons. • '. Consultation Free. In nil dresses o: Men, -ffo.iien and Children. «>n.lerfuJ cares p",rf«ct«a. ' • ' ppr'ec: curesenarant*«cl in a : l eases un1«rem»a. Ca'arrh. Taroit Lnn& WVCT, :<L Young Men and Middle Aged Men. • ••••.':* •-^ Troubled wltn Xerroos Debility, Los« of Menorr, Wesknws of BoJfaad Brrin. IM* ot On?nnlcWe;Sntes,K.<lner and Bladder AJIecUoa or any form or SpMial. JLseiSes,. <an SPeed waiTE-Tbonsands cored at bom« by leaer. Sendaloslt ot roar Hair age. weight, Encl»seasta^pforreplT- andT«» will beK>ldall joorcomplaints byretoromall. Addrosj all letters to DR. CHAS. MENDENHALL. Office Honw^9 a. m. to 8 p. m. Iof»n»p<«t Ind.

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