The Public Advertiser from London, Greater London, England on February 18, 1766 · Page 4
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The Public Advertiser from London, Greater London, England · Page 4

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1766
Page 4
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SHIP * - e w & Dial, February rO. R EGAIN* the Ct:ty, Gill's, for Rotterdam $ and J-f.-tt. O.irrW, from Maryland. Wind Ea'ft. . pL -n -^jK---, ,M. 13. Arrived the Increafe, Jugg, r 'oi 'y, I'iake. and Barntiaple, Williams, iron* Wales j Gid'c. Ro»im, and Intent,Peck, from Falmouth. Vi* r ~!kftope Gutter, from a Ciuize, is arrived at Penzance; . Falmouth, Fib. 13. Arrived the John and Elizabeth, Gibbs, from Milfoid j and William, Ackling, from Neath. Plymouth, Fib. 14. Came in the dare and Sufan nah , :—, trmn Dublin for Yarmouth. The George Cutter, Cladcn, from Ireland, is arrived at Plymouth j and the Dolphin Dutch Man of War, is failed from thence for Amflerdam. Cown, Feb. 15. Came in the Mighiel, Yii'elmuden Fcokclcs, from the Straits, for Rotterdam. Southampton, Feb. 15. Arrived the Silky, Chevalier, and fanny, 'ourneau, from Jerfey. Saile'd the Woods, Kirklrttf, for Whitehaven j -Phoenix, Guillett, for Jer­ fey ; and Friendfhip, Afh, for Carolina. Fool, Feb. 15. Arrived the Blefling, Jones, from Tenby j Fly, Buta'I, from Exetr; and Neptune, Harding, from Falmouth. Sailed" the Tree Bounty, Phpprjd, for Wateifo:d ; and Deborah, W hidden, for ••Dii'r'fihouth. Gravrf:,.d, Ft'. 16. .Palled by the Queen Cbailo t, Heavers, Portland, Kendall, Irom Jamaica 5 Nep. tune, Stsvenfv/n, from Domniica ; Jans, Dobbin, and Fearl, Tucker, from the Granadoes; Wil'iam and Mary7 Afnbutn, from Barbadoe»; St. Cuthbert, Fof- ter, and, Bei wick, Curling, from Carolina ; Ilth'am, Coxen, from Barcelona; Thornton, — —, fiom Trimley ; Kennedy, Lajjton, Taylor and lnduiiry, Curling, from Maryland j Favourite, Butler, fiom Alicarit; Philadelphia Packet, Powdl, from Phila- telphia; and Boiion i'acket, Ma.ihall, from Boilon. The D fpatoh, Sears, frcm Denia, Glory, Habeijam, from Quebeck, and Good Intent,, frcm 'Malaga, aie arrived at Plymouth. '1 he Forrefter. Cartridge; /u ?rn Malaga, at Cowes. John, Brown, irom Cadiz at Pool. Charming PcNy, Parser, from Havre, at Southhampton. "Rachel, Fleming, from Leghorn, in the Downs. Hellen, ClinlUe, Neptune, Blackiord, Alexander jmd Ann, Tower,and Friendfhip, Daw, from London^ Hawk, Meyer, from Carolina; Tartar, Gihant, from New-England j and Wm. Power, from Newfoundland, at Lifbon. PORT of LONDON, Feb. , 7 , i 7 «6. Caajiing Ships entered Inivardt. From Whitehaven. Ulive-branch, Jolin Powe. Exon. Casfar, Thomas Duffield • Friends Goodwill, Thomas Badcock. Lyme. William, David May. Lymington. Salilbury, Edmund Elmes j Fanny, James Gillingham. Liverpool. Fiiendlhip, Thomas Davifon ; Port, Ifjac Mitchelr. Mjlford. Wjndfor, John Tutton. Wells. Succefs, Jonathan Wanler. Fowey. Frederick. Nicholas Venters. Barmouth. Gather ne and Elenot, Henry Vincent. Plymouth'. Wil'iam and Elizabeth, Abraham Bant»ft j Mary, John Jarvis. Clay. Providence, John Taylor. Yarmouth. Endeavour, John Briftow $ Edward and Mary, Edw. Bunnifs. Carmarthen, rriends Goodwill, Geo. Jones. Dartmouth. Endeavour, Jofias luitleyj Dartmouth, Jo. Larnacra'e. Aldbpr-ough. Meanwell, Richard Bedden. Sandwich. Two Brothers, John Deveifon ; Hopewell, Richard Grant. Leign. John and Sam. Tho. Vandvord. Maldon. Mary and Thomas, Tho. Harrod. Pool. Jchn atid.Elenor, Thomas Scott. "Weymouth. Minerva, Abraham Thou); Wey- •m6uth, Thomas ArMrews ; Thomas and Anne, Wm. Crofsman. IpfWich. J-anny and Betty, Richd. Rudder; Ha. zard, John Stace ; Speedwell, Rob. Manning. Harwich. Friends Delight,'1 ho. Norman. Fevermam. Canterbury, John Edenden ; Feverfham, Andrew Lucas j Kent, Sam. Lightfoot j Three Brothers, Jarvis Lovell;' Endeavour, Tho. Eafon ; * Rob. and Elizabeth, 1 ho. Holmes. Milton. Sittingbourn, Thomas Budds j Adventure, Richard GatluTe. COLLIERS. From Blythnook. Fanny, Rob. Holburn. Sunderland. Provi tnce, James Peacock. Cleared Outwards. For Borowftonefs. Glafgow, Walter Duncan. Exon. William, Peter Lealf. IpfwLh. John and Jane, Edward Pattifon j Ralph and Jane, Dan. Vince j Suky and Hachel, James taxier, ^Idboroxgh. Robert and Sufan, W«L, Richardfon. ,Mikon. WheatfEe'af, Samuel Olb. S~C D *r ' .'A _ N D. Edinburgh, Ftb.1%. On Sun Bay Night laft, a Byre belonging to a Firmer in Tomberg, in ..the Parifli of" Monyniulk, took Fire, occasioned by (ome burning Afhes laid dos^n hard by it, which were ijlowri by a high Wind among the" Thatch. The Flames fpread to the Stable, and thence to the JJweJJmg-houfe; fcoth which were inlbntiy conmmed. AjHorfe «nd levei al Cows perifhed in the Fhmes. By . the timely Afliltance of the Neiglibours, the re!t of the Village was faved. COUNTRY NEWS. I'.-, frl, Fib. \'y Monday lall was married, at r" ' .aics's Cinircli,- Mr. John brefley, Jun. •\v, \>- Q^^cii-iquarc, to Mils Jonea> its ... was married, at St. Mary RedclifF- ch, Mr. Co^k, on Temple-backs, to Mrs. Pa..;-sr, VVid .nv of the late Mr. Parker, Mall. jn'.ker, on RL -dcJiff-hill. Tii'.i;i"day lalt was married, at All Saints 'Church, Mr. Jof. Cantle, Attorney, to Mifs Jenkins/, Daughter of Mr-.-Thomas Jenkins, Cooper, in Baldwin-ilrcet.- Saturday lali died, at his Houfq in Orchard- ftreet, Stephtn Nafh, Efqj ibine Vears fince an eminent Woollen-draper. ffor-iuicb, Feb. 15. On Monday la ft was married at St. Peter 's of Mancrofi, Mr. Richard Foriler, Merchant in London, to Mifs Ward, Daughter of Mr. William Ward, an eminent Merchant in this City. OnTuefday lall the Rev. Mr. William Williams was instituted to the Reclory of Winterton with the Chapel of Ealt Somerton, in Norfolk, on the Prefaitation of Mr. Engle Knights. On Monday lift died at Northwalftam is Norfolk, Mr. John Withets, Sen. a Tradef- man in good Repute for Integrity, Diligence, j and Punctuality. On Wednefday died the Rev. Mr. Bunting, of Eait Dereham, in Norfolk. On Wednefday died of a Mortification in his Toe, at Trowfe near .Norwich, Mr. John Rumsby, formerly a.coafiderable Farmer and Grazier at Armeringhall in Norfolk, but having acquired a handfome Fortune had retired from Bunnefs. On Saturday laft in the Afternoon, William Woodgate and-Robert Shearman, went from the Bell at Hellefden to moot Conies, on jump-, ing over a Hedge the Gun, which. Woodgate carried, went off by Accident, and lhot Shearman on the.ouifide of the Hip on the right Side | of his Sack, about five Inches and a Half deep. Shearman languilli«d till Three o'Clock on Monday Morning. The Coroner's Inquelt brought in their Verdift Accidental Death. Yeilerday Se'nnighfat Lynn Market, Nor-, folk, there was abundance of-horned Cattle, Calves, Sjieep, Lambs, &c. fold very reafbn- ably, and nioft cf them were drove oft* for the London Markets. Ipfwkb, Feb. 14.. On Monday laft the Rev. Mr. Cobbold was married to Mifs Ruft of Stowinarketj and on Tuefday Mr7~RlclTard Rout of that Place, Merchant, married to Mils Cobbold of this Town. Laft Friday died at Colchefter, Jeremiah Daniel, Efqj . • • A few Days fince the Houfe of Mr. Chilton of Covehith was broke open, whilll the Family were at Church, and robbed of twenry- four Pounds. In the Evening eighteen Pounds were found in a Difh by the Door, and fome Perfons were taken up on Sufpicion; but nothing appearing againrt them, they were dif- c'larged. Yeilerday Nightingale" Boggis was committed to our Gaol for receiving four Pounds fourteen Shillings and Three Pence of Robert Jarrald, under Colour and Pretence that the faid Jarrald had committed an Offence againft a certain penal Law. We hear from Yarmouth that on Friday Morning in a Gale of Wind at N. W. the Jane and Elizabeth of Whitby, l.uiihen isoTons, John Tiewfirr, Mafter, drore on the Beach to the Southward of Yarmouth Bar, but is iince got off without much Damage. To tii Printer of the Public Advertifer. SIR, B Y inferting the following youil oblige a Correfpondent and humble Servant. R«ro Pulgus rcSittn vidtt. I N this happy Ifle, where each Individual enjoys the ineftimable Privilege of.thinking and determining for himfelf in all Cafes, eccJc- fialtical as well as civil, where the Prefs is open to receive the Effufions of every Brain ; it is not to be wondered. at, that the epidemical CacoethesJEcribendi fhould rage v»tth fuch un- intermitted Violence. A certain Noble L—d, ftamp'd with the invidious Title of Favourite, has long furnifhed the Town with ample Matter for Debate , Grub-ftreet has already emptied its whole Rage upon him, and the Infection feems to be lpreading amongft all Ranks of People. That Impatience of'Contfoul, and Contempt of Slavery, the boafttd Charafterif- tickof this Nation, naturally point but to the Sons of Liberty the Conduft of thofe Perfons to whofe-Rule they are fubjecled, as/ a fit Object for their Examination. Whoever fails in condefcending to .conciliate their. Affeftioris by mbmitting his Defigns to their InfpecKon,. in order to'receive their Advice and Approbation, draws upon him the Fury of a People, whofe Rights they conceive he has fo flagrantly vio- hted. Every A&ton of his private Life, as well as his Management of public Affairs, will be fubjedted to the ftriftelt Examination. Amongft fo many Inquifitors, all of them Parries corcern'd, 'tis a hundred to one that all the Powers of Truth, or any Degree of Evidence, will be effectual enough to fecure him from Conviction. • Facilis defcenjus Avertti - £<• Non-re'voeare Gradum. No Change of Conduct can have Power to redeem a. Character when Infamy is once fixed upon it. Every fubfequent Action will be viewed through the Medium of Partiality and Prejudice. At fuch a Period,' when the Floodgates of Calumny are.thrown open, and the impetuous Torrent .bears down all before it, 'tis impoflible to erect any Barrier to withftand its Eruptions. Prudence advifes a Retreat at fuch a Juncture. This was the Cafe with the Noble L— d who has been the conftant Butt of every ignorant factious Scribbler, who whether they have been influenced by Prejudice, or deceived by falfe Reprefentations into Credulity, deferve a thorough Refutation!—This Ihall be the Subject ef fome other Paper. P ANTOPH2 LUS. This Dayitpu^lifbea, Price I s. 6d~ Dedicated, toBRICE FISHER, Efy The Third Edition of A Dificrcarion on the Properties and Efficacy of tho^LISBON DIET DRINK,, in the Cure of the Venereal Difeafe and Scurvy ; by which the Intention of a Salivation is effefrually'an- fweted from an Enlargement of the Secretion, without Confinement or Injury to theConfiitutton. To which is now added, An Appendix, with a fuccinft Account" of fuch Cafes as.have been fuccefsfully Treated by aCourfe of that Medicine. Together with Rcfle&ions on the liberal Ufe of Mercury, and ti.e Manner of its Action on the Solids and Fluids. By J. LEAKE, M.D. ; And Member of the Corporation of Surgeons irt London. Printed for R. and J. Dodfley in Pall mall; C.Hen- dcrfon, under the Royal Exchange j and Z. Stuart, in Pater-noller Row, Two illiterate Quack Advertifements having appear'd relative to fumcthing called L.sbon Diet Drink, Leake's PilUfora certain Diforder, &c. The Aui nor ©f the above Dllfcrtati .n thinks h neceflary to inform the Public, he has not the leall Concern with either the one or the other. 7his Day is pullifhed, Price 2t. jfawed. T HE Morality of the Ealt ; .trx- trafled from theKotan of MOHAMMIDJ di- gelted under Alphapetical Heads : Wiih .an Intro- duc>'< n and Occafio al Remarks. P intidfor W. Vicoll, in St Paul^Church yard. This Day is pnblifhed. In one Volume in|T'»elves, Price 2s. 6d. T HE HARM ON Y of the, EVANGELISTS; or, The fourGofpels ccn- ne^led into one rrgular Hiftorical Series. r fey WIL L1AM GREENWOOD, D.D. : ' Rector of Solyliull and Vicar of St. Nicholas in . Warwick. Search "fheScriptures. ' " John v. 39. Which are aBle to make thee wife unco Salvation, through Faith which i» in Jefus Chrift. a^Tim. iii. j?. Printed for J. Rivington, ar-tke Bible and Clown in St. Paul's Charch-yard. ^ This Day is publifhed, In One Volume, Oflavo, F OURTEEN Sermons, preached on the following Occafions 5 1. An Aft Sermon. z. The 30th of,January. 3. The Death 01 Queen Carolina. 4. Eafter Monday. 5. The 23th of May. 6. The Propagation of the Gofpel. 7.1 he Meeting of the Charity-Schaols. 8. On t»s Earthquake. 9. A Farewel Sermon, to. The London lio'ipiial. if. The Religious Societies.. 12. Irifh Chariry-Srhcols. 13. The 5th of Novemter. 14. The King's Acceflion. By THOMAS SECKEK, LL. D. Now Lord Archbifliop of Canterbury. Printed for John Rivington, at the'Bible and Crown, irt St. Paul's Church yard. •This Day is puhlifhed, In twoVoumes, Price 6.% A Seconc Edition of N S. S E R M O By F. WEBB. Printed for G. Kearfly, in Ludga k-flreet; J. Waher at Charing Crpfs ; and N. Young, at the. Royal Exchange. (It The Author begs the Favour of the Subfcribers to fend for their Book', ^nd pay their Subfcriptions to either of the abovementftned Bookfelle^s. This Dei is publifocd, " In One VblunK^jKc^avo, Price ts. bound, T Wenty-two Sermons on the following Subjects: The Explication and Ptoof of the Divine Goodnefs. The Goodnef* ef God il- luft-attd in Creation, particul.irly in the Frame of Man. In Providence, and in .Redemption. The principal Pioperties of t'te Divine Goodnefs. The Objections drawn from Moral ar.d Nitural Evil, and future Piini/hrhents, anfwered. The Evidences ol a Fu ure State. The Necefllty of Holinefs. The \ roper Temper for enquiring after Eternal Life, and Jefus Chrift the bell Guide to it. By THOMAS AMOR Y. Printed for T. Becket and P. A. D*Hondt, near ' n,ry-flreet> in the S-rand, . This Day publifocd Price 3s. 6d. bound, * Abfolutejy neceffary for all Common-counci!.-men, Con- ftables, and every Perfon that has any Connection with the City of London, in the Trade thereof, T HEL.avysandCuUoin .s, Rights, Liberties, *nd Privileges of the CITY of LONDON : Containing, among a Variety of ukful Particulars, x. The feveral Charters granted to the f.iid City, from William the Conqueror to the prefent Time. 2. The Rights, Duties, and Authorities, of the Magif- trates. 'j. The Laws and Cuftoms of the City, as the fame relate to the PerfonS or Eftates of the Citizens. 4. The Nature, Jurifdi&ion, Practice and Proceedings of tiie'feverai Courts in London j together with the Acts of Parliament concerning the Cities of London and Weft- minter, alphabetically digefted, &c. Sec. Printed ire W t Griffin in- Catharine-ftrect, three Doors frpm the Strand j and R. Withy, at the Dunciad in Comhill.. • • 1 i • This Day is publifhtd, Neatly printed, • Price" 1 s. fewed, in Marble Paper, and Cuts. A New,Introduction to Englifh Grammar, in the fimpleft and eafieft Method poflible; with^ an Appendix containing fome Obfer vations on Education, &c. ufeful for Schools, and intended to facilitate the Knowledge of our -native Tongue, efpecially to thofe vyho are only beginning their Acquaintance with it. . Quidquid praecipuis, efto brevis; ut cito dicta Percipiant animi docileS, teneantque fideles. HOR. By JOHN HOUGHTON, Mafter of a private Grammar-School, at Namptwich, inChelhire. Sold by W.. Cooke, in Pope's-Head Alley, Corn-*, hill, London; by Cotton and Eddowes, in Salop j and by the Author, in Namptwich. This Day is publifhed, Price 1 s. T H E Want of Univerfality no Objection to the Chtiftian Religion. Being the Subflance of a% Difcourfe preached at the Temple Church, the 10th Day of November 1765. By GREGORY SHARPE, LL.D. Mafter of the Temple, Chaplain -in Ordinary to his Majefty, and Fellow of the Royal and Antiquarian Societies. Printed by W. Richardfon and S. Clark ; and fold by G. Hawkins .and-W. Sandby in Fleet-ftreet; T. Longman, in Pater-nofter Row j and J. Dodfl y in Pall- mall Where may be had, by the fame Author, Price ts. The Rife and Fall of the Holy City and Temple of Jerufalem, an Argument in Defence of Chriftianity : Being the Subftance of a Difcourfe preached at the Temple Churchy TI November, 1764. The fecond Edition with Additions. T HE B O SE M, or Oriental BALSAM. This rich Cordial Medicine, compofed of the EiTences .- f fpcey Flowers, Aromaffc Balfam;, and nervous Plants of the Indies, hav'ngbeen received ; with univerfal Approbation, is prepared folely under the Care of Dr. INGRAM, in Ahini el fireet, where it may be .had with Directions, and at fiVeral other Parts of the Town, which may be known of the Doftor. . . Note The Chinefe, Arabiaos, &c ufe it in Hearth intercept Difeafes; for it prevents fudd-n Dea'h, Le- charjy, ApopUxy, Palfy, ;nd the fleepy Affection. It cures Difardeis of the Liver, Spleen, nervous Complaints, Hyuerical and Hypochondriacal Difpidcrs, Infirmities of Age, Head-aches, Lownefsof Spirits, Dif- ordeis of the Lungs j and it ha-i'proved itfelf valuable in We'aknefles, and the Ladies Complaints fhi Dajtup*U$V t Price 6J. Ivumbet VI. in Oflavo, 1 Containing three/Sheets of Utter-Prefs, with the i Whole SheetrMapol -Ireland. . 'To be continued Weekly,.of A New and /"Complete. Edition ; of Mr. fcAPr\'*sHrsTo «Y. pi ENGLAND. 1 ranflated and Continued by the Rev .Mr.TlKp A it. Reviled, corrected,.and iHuft'rated with .QO Mcmu- menrs, and HSds of die Kings, and Queens of fewe- ral. illufrfipus Psrfons s Together .wiTh- 73 WhbleJ ^Sheet Maps, Plan*", and Charts, elegantly and accu- "r ^ttly engraved.' , -. •» - fi Printed for the Proprietdf*; and- fold by S. Blaijoo in PatemofteJr ftf >w. ; ., . ^ Of whom mayfcehad,, >i. Rapin's Hifla-y, with Mf?Tmdal?? Contiaua- tiot >,:.CiSrtipletc in 21 Volumes, bouhH for 61. 6s. 'a. Mr. Tindall's Continuation of Mr. Rapin's fiiftory of England, g-Volumes, being the 13th" to>he 2tli Vo lume,-inclufive, bo.und'zl. 14s. •jvj> Any odd' Volume may'be had feparately,:orv .any lingle-Najjgber. .Day'is.publifhed, Numb. VI, 6H) To be continued Weekly, of D R. DODDRIDGE 'S FAMIJLrY EXIOS1TOR..- The Proprietor* propbfe to publi'lb it on tho fel» lowing Coriditi. irs: I. This Wo; k is elegantly printed in Quarto, on a r.ew Letter and good Paper. II. It will becomprifed in One Hundred and Fifty- five Numbers. III. A Number of this Work, cWainihg 24 Pages " of the Uxpoiitor, (ha *l be delivered Weekly, at the Price of Six-pence. IVi All the Copper-Plates (the Engraving- of which, coft above One Thcuiand- I'ounds) (hall be given giat : s 'n the Ccurfe ol the Publication. V. The Firfl Number was publiflied on Saturday the nth of January, and fb will continue Weekly without Interruption. . Printed 'for the Proprietors; and fold by S. Bladoa, in paternol'ter- R'.w. N. B. The Whole may be had together, neady bound in 6 Vols, for 4I. 10s. or a Angle Volume at a Time, fewed,-in Boards. O ESTORATIVE CORDIAL J^. DROPS" *dJ'fcovered by Dr. BECKET, "of Red-lioh-fquare: A new Medicine. It is a Cordial, and that of the higheA Nature. It circulates the Juices, enlivens the Spirits, recreates all the Faculties both of Body and Mind, efficacioufly nourifhes the whole vitssl Syftcm ; dilfipates all Sorts of Weaknefles and Imbecilities, and reftoies Strength and Vigqur to a decayed Conilitnticn. In it's Operation it co-operates with Nature, without forcing the Veflels. And what adds greatly to the Pratfe of this finguJa Medicine, is,That, with great Certainty, it removes the Caufes of Sterility and Barrennefe. The Truth o* it't h?ving this wonderful Effeft, ii confirmed by the recent Informations the Au'hor daily rei-eives.. |J*|i Good Men will not put, a bad Con ft ruction oa' the Publication of this excellent Remedy. The Doctor may be confulted either perfonailv or "by. Letter. The Cord'al Drops are fold at Hs Houfe a? above in Bottlis'of One Gu : .nea each, with hi» Name fixed oa them, in his own' Hutd-writing, with Direction*," aid fealed on the Outfiie, with his Coat of Arms ; and fold by J. Dixwell, the Bottom of St.,Martin's Lane, near Charn:g Crofs; and J. Williams, next the. Mitre Ta— err., Fleet-ftreet. By th« KING '•* PatentT^ ~* Fcr England, Scotiaod, Ireland, &c. A Caution ID the PU.BLFC. H E great Demand for Docloi JL WALKER 's Patent jefuiu Dropt, kaviagjif. duce fome Perfons to fell a vile Compofitkm under th« above Name and Title, therefore it it proper ut acqu«i «l the Public in general,, (that each Bottle hfoltd wit& Dr. Walker's Name.) They are tlje moftpkadat infallible Cure for all Weakne.Tei, in -both Seset, eccV* fioned by Straini, Mercurials, £tc. and in all Cifti of» certain Diforder, and havtroo Mercurials in their Co»- joition. To be had at our Warehaufe, the B 'ble andCrowfc the upper End of Fleet-lane, in the Old Bailev, «a4 at Mr, Mac kinder" s, Peruke-maker, in Caftls-ftreec, Oxford-market j alfo atMr.Reai' e, a Pork-fljop,Kinj ftreet, St. James 's ; io Bottles of 5a. or >i. 6d. each, fealed up, with proper Direction* Vtncit Ytritu. I. WES&ELS and Co By the K I N G's PAeiK. T H E great Demand for my original JESUITS DROPS'having induced fomt Perfons to fe'l a vile Composition under the fatneName. The Public are defired to take Notice, that my "tnieori- ginaljefuits Drops are fealed with my.Name oa each Bottle: They cure Weakneflet in either Sex,, from' Strains, the Abufe of Mercurials, £c» arid all Sympt- tomiof a CERTAIN DISORDER, and h«eno Mercury in their Compofition j and are fold by roe, at my Chemift Shop on Ludgate Hill, Londnn, m Bottles at *». or 4s. with a Book of plain' Directions-gr'atis. Ad»iejl gratis, hy RICH. ROCK, M.L. of 47 Years Praftice '., Sold alfo by Mr. Freeman, Confectioner, is Jerjnyn- (treet, near St. James 's -fquate ; Mr. Upton, at th« Green Man and Still, Oxford Road; Mr. Hughs, at the Cordial Warehoufe in Blackman -flreet ^Soutr.waik Mr. Fenn, Grocer, next Door to the Mitre-Eatim Houfejjn Filh -ftreet Hill 5 Mr. Toll, next Doot to ih* Barley* Mdw, WhitechapeJ i Mrs. Meins in Katcl;8 Highway, near Wellclolie Square ; Mr. Overton's, » Barber's Shop,opponte to New Crane Stairs Was. P 'mg. „ ^ ' In la O N G A C R, E, At Mr. BURCHELL's, at the ANODYNE NECK-. - LACE, and at Mr. BO WEN'S, at the South-Gat« of the Royal Exchange, Cornhill, London, Ajefold the Famous \ SUGAR PLUMBS, for WORMS, Twelve-pence a Dozen, or One Plumb foraPenay, Three Dozen for Half a Crown, • LIKEWISE,. A NO D Y N F NECKLACE, Price <s» Single, and Allowance by tb« Dozen to fell-Again, and Alfo the famous Gum-opening Re"7 S3 $ I "|BK*jJ** medy to let out Without Pain, Price onLy Mx -penee, with Dire^ions; Or SIX Parcels for Half a Crown. At the above. Place may be had, the famous and well known Specific Remedy or Bolus, and the great, diuretic, cleanfingand ftrengthening Elixir, Price 5s, each, and the prafiicat Scheme given gratis, which e nable s evety one to be their own Phylkians.

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