The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1937
Page 3
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MONDAY, APRIL 19, 1937 BLYTOEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE JHREB Dinner Bell Rewards Sisters' Cleanup *v!avs Pictur Soap and water follow the play period at the Dionne nursery just children's hands get dirty. Cccile looks up as the camera clicks, soap, with Nurse O'Shaughnesscy sec-ing lo tt that as lliey do in every home where) Yvonne, too, looks up as she finishes Ihe job. Notice the Individual and Dial's Yvonne reaching for the I towels and wash-cloths, hanging In n ucat row nl lie;- sidi>> one set Job's done well. j for each of the little girls. the Seeing Through Their Toppers Puoils Named lo Represent . Blytheville irt District Competition Preliminaries arc beine comnlet- eO for the annual literary met of northeast Arkansas Junior high schools to he held here Friday and Saturday when the ten largest sends in District 4 will participate David Boone will represent BU- tnevllle In. the declamation contest. Bill Chamblln won second and Jack .Chamblln and Jnmes Pounds .tied for third honors. Mildred Mulr won the reading contest wllh Maxine Reid, second I Other contestants were: Margaret' Holland. Olive Wahl, Peggy Biirt nnd Evelyn Shlbley. In girl's'i'ojce. Peggy Jean Hill i won first and Bobbie Ann Purvis. I second, :witl> Wanda Fisher. Jean Baxter, Nannie Mae Craig. Vlreiijh Ha.yncs, Billy. Nelson. Hone Whit-, worth and. Josephine Shlbley 'as' other,contestants! - ". . .' ..KHerrnaii Posey won the contest fprrboj's voice with George Hubbard'In: second place. ',' ' :In : thc:piano'contest. June Work- rnari..won;first" and Sallie Mathis, second.'-'. ! ".'.." . '. Sa.ra Lou McCUtciien was selected to represent the school in oral composition.:-. ••'•'• .'•Lyriette ;Tucker was selected In the aIgebro. contest,. : Bill Morse and Maxine Reid tied for.honors in • geography and are having .another test to decide the winner. : . . ! :,Vera. 'Elizabeth Goodrich was chosen:for the written composition contest.- '•"-.-..: •.-...'• '• Vera. Elizabeth Goodrich, Pearl- dine Ellis and Mary Lynn Jackson are competing for the American history contest, with the contestant to be chosen later. -Hunter Sims won the spelling contest with Mary Babcock, second. Lynelle Smart nnd Elmer Ross Smith also entered this contest. Members of the cast for the one- act play will be announced later. Drying her hands, Yvonne suddenly breaks Into (lie brnudesl of broud grins. And there's n good reason 1'or that. UKI. Ijecuuse— Just al thnt moment, Nurse Noel wns striking clilme.s Hint serve notice In Hie nursery Ihrit noon, nml dinner's ready! the Finds Her Sleeping Companion Was Her 12-Year-Old Son hotel where he had registered] under a fictitious name. 1 Benjamin Knight.' district nl- j iorney. said Major BOjjgs would 1 be charged with first degree murder. Sanford Smith. Hoggs' attorney, .said he svbuld plead llic unwritten law. That Pattern of Yours Drunks in Court Pulillc drnnkcnncss cases held the attention of nninlcl]ml court this morning. Drunkenness cases were (llspos- SANTA CRUZ. Cal, Apr. In <U[ecl of ns follows: P)—Mrs. Sally Boggs.- 37, tiled today from a bullet wound Inflicted by her husband, Mnj. Allen D. Boggs, when lie suspected her of beins; unfnilhfiil. Major Boggs told nolice tint I'arly Saturday he failed his wife lo' the home ol a friend. She was asleep. The other twin lied was occupied. After he Tired he discovered the occupant of the other bed was his 12-year-old Mep-.son, Danny Renenr. Omer Reece, $10 fine; Butch McCall. $10 fine, previous msucn- sion lifted;-Louis White. $10 Hue;' Gaston t Payne, $10 fine; G. Curler. $10 Tine; Nowell Clifford, continued; Clurence Gamer, $10 fine suspended; Lillic Oliver forfeit. The Editor's Letter Box Mark Glihss. forfeit; forfeit; Harry Oliver, Horse Sel Jum|> Record TENTERF1ELD, Australia IUP) —The world's high jumping horse BOSBS, retired army officer and | record hns been broken liere by polo player, told police ho tried Lookput, a gray gelding. The 19 shoot hlimelf when he real- tetl hiii mistake. Oner bullet horse cleared 8 feet. 3 Indies. Tiie previous' record, held jointly !>y Brilain Scans Child Labor LONDON (UP)—Boys under 18 employed as messengers, helpers pages and ushers should have their hours ,of work regulated by statute. This is the recom- nendatlon of a Home Office de- For centuries folks have been "talking through their- hots". Now men wanting a good look at the coronation of King George VI will be able to see through their hats. The periscope topper was unveiled at the British Industries Fair- in London. A hole in the brim makes it possible to «ee what's reflected in '(he mirror : high overhead. portment committee, which was set up to report on the working hours of young persons in unregulated occupations. Near SO Per Cent Ilise- TOLEDO (UP)—Rents here by the end of the year arc expected to.fc'c up 50 per cent over a year ind a half ago. I HANNA | FUNERAL HOME |J A beautiful and sympathetic >; service- at moderate cost. ij Ambulance Service missed him and theii the gun .himself and Barra Lad. was 8 feet. :nLssed Fire, he said. He fled fromjl 1 " inches, made in Canada in the house and was arrested nt a 1025. -Your life's pattern, we mean. Are you making It yourself? Or will the liny tuberculosis'germ make It for you? 12,000 young Americans between tho oges of IS and 25 will die of tuberculosis this year. Thousands morq will enter sanatoria. Find out about those lunga of youn today. ' ~" UNCOVER TUBERCULOSIS By I: MODERN METHODS ! IP Id (A< ifocfor be your guije :fc Ttu^ t'ntlon 1'i'o^raui (To Iliv editor:) 1 read tm arllcb of the county Anil's In your pi\|ier the otliei 1 tiny, on Ihe reduction progriun nnd he: fccim lo think Unit K thu government rents were paid earlier UHTO would be moi-i! cooperation by tile fanners. 1 for one hnvc talked wllh a goml many farmers nnd it apiiins lliixt (lie rent being delnycd so long Is the groat hold back. But as MIIV as the- farmers drop Ihe program \ve will bs selling live-cent cotton before long. And I believe full co- opcraltcn will bring still 'higher prices foi' coltou—and less work nml more feed anil food. I never received the 193G subsidy until September Ili, 1DM, but It cnme In at n ROOI! time at that, although I am like the rest of Ihe tanners—1 hops to B el the lilliu rent .soon. 1 am rnrmlnij mw new s,'rmm;l or' I would lie oil the' program ngaln. Hut don't think that 1 will plant all cotton—not me. I wiint feed nnd food with the col ton. So rt's ull hold down production and n:iV.t' moiv money and less wtirk. A. C. Clay Miscola, Mo. Snitliiml Yard Tci Ki'iture LONDON (Ul>>—Scotland Ynrd Is to Ijii reduced, but only In weight, Sir Nouiuin Kendal. chief of Hie erlmliml Investigation de- liiUlinL'nl, remarked nbont the l!i'owinii obralty of the C. 1, D.. wllh the: result llmt n pragniin of ARE YOU NERVOUS? Sln.'J. T,. Kllirrnige cl 501 N. WaOmiKl.m St., DallM. 'IVxrn, ..lid 1 "Alltr :,n illnr,, | „.,, letting i ml fine." liny (if unir .l.uiiiml. .. . Consult Dr. IWr'i Omit, V. f Icltfr, Lv-illi.iul (hi'ifr morning setting-up exercises has been clertsi'tl for more tlmn 150 delcctlvi'.s. , i" Birds' eggs liave no uniform shape, 't'lie various typoi nre elliptical, elllpllcal-ovatc, elongate-' ovate, almost spherical, ovate, ml" pyrltonn. Phone 886 or 888 24 Hour Wrecker Service And Garage Work Body ,t Fenders A S]i«'l:illy BARNETT AUTO SALES Now Located at 101 North S«untl . ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER, l SERVICE BUREAU • DON••iPRWAlllIS, I'ronricior k ninni-ii jr Htliuili Typcwrlterii, AilJInj Mnchlnn an* ralc.uliilors—itc;Talrlng—rnrls—Klbtionv N. 1st Phone 58 A OOU6L£ Y£ST£FIDAV.' " " THIRTEEN YEARS in ihe I>H; league. "Kookic" Gi'lirtg 5.ij;ncJ with the Yankees in 1923. liy 1927 he was the American League's MOST VALUABLE PLAYfiR. And won the same honor again in lyjl, iy3i,and 1936. A GREAT FIRST BASEMAN. Lou's prow- t-ss ns n slugger is matched by his play at first base. His record last year was only 6/lOOOihs short of PERFKCT. LOU HOLDS MORE RECORDS than any qthcc man in the game today. Here are a few forany four-game \Vorld Series: most runs batted in (9); most home-runs (.f); most bases on halls (C). lie has scored 100 or more runs for 11 consecutive seasons — ba'ctcd in 100' or more. FREE WASH JOB With each complete Mobil "Sum- merize" job on your car— 10 DAYS ONLY change now to Summer Grade Grease, Oil and Gas for Greater Driving Efficiency— This ad must be clipped and pre. sented to obtain the free wash job. JiMMIE'S DIXIE SERVICE STATION Broadway & Ash THE HOME-RUN KING! Gchrig has an average of 38 home- runs per season. He led the American League with 49 homers in 193'i and again in 193<T. Gehrig's follow-through is shown above. It takes healthy nerves to connect with one, and, as Lou says: "Carr.cb doc'f get on my nerves." C«c T H(tt. l?37. R. J. RrjoJdi Tal.kcTa femur. Wln,lAn-Ft!t<». N. o. • CLEAN-UP MAN for the most sensational slugging aggregation ever known. Pity the pitcher who faces the Yankees'starling lineup. Three heavy hitters to face —then Gchrig steps up to the plate! Lou holds the American League record for runs batted in. He's walked more than any other player today. HERE'S LOU'S FAVORITE BAT and his favorite first baseman's mitt. His bat is especially made. It weighs 37 ounces —is 35 inches long. IIu wears out two mitts a season. YES MABEL. rr'SHisiscv?" GAME WITHOUT BASEBALL'S "IRON-MAN"! When Lou steps out on tho ficld-lic'll be playing his I,8Q9th consecutive game. Injuries never stopped "Iron-Man" Gclirii;. Once he chipped n hone in his foot — yet knocked out a homer, two doubles, and a single next day. Another time, he was knocked out by a"bean ball," yet next day walloped 3 triples in 5 innings. Gehrig's record is proof of his splendid physical K>R A SENSE OF DEEP-^ DOWN CONTENTMENT— JUST GIVE ME CAMELS AFTER A GOOD, MAN- SIZED MEAL.THAT LITTLE PHRASE 'CAMELS SET voo RIGHT'COVERS THE WAY I FEEL, CAM6LS Ser JJE RI6HT- WHETMER I'M EATING, •J WORKINS, OR A ENJOYING UFE .A condition. As Lou says: "AH the years I've been playing, I've been carefu my physical condition. Smoke? I smoke and fnjtiy it. My cigarette is l about Camel." X MARKS THE SPOT where once there was a thick juicy steak smothered in mushrooms —Lou's favorite dish. Gchrig is a big man —6 ft. 1 in. tall—weighs 210 pounds. And he has a big man's appetite. Lou cats what !ie wants and isn't bashful about coding faick for "seconds." Read what he says below. HEflK "JACK OAKIE'S COI.liGE 1 : CAMEIS '., ARE MADE '; FROM FINER MORE i. KFtNSrVE TOBACCOS •' '•.-TUflKISHANOCOMSSIIC.V X -TUMI ANY OIHEB ', POPULAR ' i BRUNO XM AC.! jVk sho in hi! ou'tt way! Catchi 1 mujic! Hollywood CO- inctliim anil singing stars! Tucidarl -8:JOr>mE.S.T.(!>:30p[nT;.D.S.T.), 7:30 pmC.S.T.,6:30pm M.S.T., }:JO pm ]>.&T.,ov« \VABC-CBS. SMOKING CAMELS AT MEALTIA^E ANU AFTER GIVES DIGESTION A HELPING HAND BY SPEEDING UP THE. FLOW OF DIGESTIVE FLUIDS —INCREASING ALKALINITY. EWJOY CAMELS FREELY: THEY'RE MHO-AND DO NOT IRRITATE .THE THROAT 9? fl > t-~\ \<r' ^S^

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