The Public Advertiser from London, Greater London, England on December 12, 1777 · Page 3
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The Public Advertiser from London, Greater London, England · Page 3

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1777
Page 3
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ranciaff,,*hen the .Tv^te of, fee $4fi* have a natural Claim on the? Snpej&rities of the Rich, The Rigours of Winter are hard to be iuitained by the Son of Peauryv; but the Child*of Benevolence has it happily in his Power to abate the Severity of the Seafon, and warm his own Heart, while he makes- the Heart* of his poor Neighbour* rejoice. A Correspondent cautions ali Perfons frequenting the Theatres, to take-no more Money out with them than what they want for the Occafion ; on Monday Evening a Gentleman loft his Purfe, containing a considerable Sum, in the Crowd, as he was attempting to get in at one of the Pit Doors it Drury-Lane Theatre. The Manufacturers in the Blanket way were never fuller of Bulinefs than atpr*fent ;,and- the ereat Demand for Woollen Goods ha* raifea the Price of Wool Since the American War upwards of Ten per Cent, above the ufual Price. We are told that the Sing of Pruffia has declared that he will not permit a Jingle Man to be raifed in his Dominions to ServS againft America. A Correfpondent ofcferves, Ait die American War would foon be at an End, if one other European Sovereign would make the fame Declaration. Yefterdayin Negate Market Country Provisions fold as follow:—Beef zs. 4A . to 25. ©8d. Mutton zs. 2d. to 2s. 6d. Veal p. obd. to js.6d. Pork zs. lod. tojs. 4d. per Stone: Butter is. 6d. tots, iod» the Lump: Eggs 9s. totis. oXthe Hundred ; Barn Door Fowls is, 2d. to is. 6d. each. AUTHENTIC INTELLIGENCE from AMERICA. ALBANY, OS. tg, 1777. 'SIR, * I have thePleafure to fend your Honetir- * able Council the inclofed Copy of aConven- * tion, by which Lieutenant General Bur* goyne Surrendered himfelf and his whole * Army on the 17th Infiant into my Hands. * They arc now upon their March towards ' Bofton. Generals Glover and Whipple, * with a proper Guard of Militia, efcort them, ' and are to provide all fuch neceflary Articles * as may be wanted on the March. I amfo * extremely bufy in pufhing the Army for* ward to.flop the cruel Career of General * Vanghan up Hudfon's River, that I have * only Time to acquaint you, that my Friend * General Lincoln s Leg is in a fair Way of ' doing well, and to teftify with what Re' fpeft I am your much obliged and moil obc- * dient humble Servant, HORATIO GATES. * To the Hon. the Pre' fident of theCoun- * cil of the State of ' Maffachufetts Bay.* ARTICLES of CONVENTION mode between Lieutenant General BURGOYNE and Major General I GATES. ARTICLE I. THE Troops under Lieutenant General Burgoyne are to inarch out of their Camp Wiethe Honours of War, and the Artillery of'the Intrenchraents, to the Verge of *ihe 'River where the old Fort flood j where the Arms and Artillery are to be left. ThoArms to be piled by Word of Command from their ©wn Officers. II. A free Paffage to be granted to die Army Under Lieutenant General Jtargoyne to Great Britain, upon condition of not Serving again in North America during die prefent Conteft; and the Port of Bofton to be affigned for the Entry of Transports, to receive the Troops, whenever General Howe Shall fo order. Should, any Cartel take place, by which the Army under Lieutenant General Burgoyne, cr any Part of it, may be exchanged, the foregoing Article to be void, as far as fuch Exchange Shall be made. IV. The Army under Lieutdnant General Burgoyne is to march to Maffachufetts Bay, by the eaiieft, moft expeditious, and convenient Route ; and to be quartered in, near, or as convenient as poffible to Bofton, that the March of the Troops may not be delayed when Tranfports arrive to receive them. V. The Troops to be Supplied on the March, and during their being in Quarters, •with Provisions, by Gene al Gates'sA>rdets, at the fame Rate 01 Rations as the Troops of his ovsn Army ; and, if poffible, the Officers Horfes and Cattle are to be fupplied with Forage at the ufual Rates, VI. All Officers are to retain their Carriages, but Horfes and other Cattle, and no Baggage to be molefted or fearched ; Lieutenant General Burgoyne giving his Honour there are no public Stores fecreted therein. Major General Gates Will of courfe take the neceSfary Meafures for the due Performance of this Article. Should any Carriages be wanting during the March for the Transportation of" Officers Baggage, they are, if poffible, to be fupplied by the Country at the ufual Rates. VII. Upon the March, and during the Time the Army Shall remain in Quarters, in . the Maffachufetts Bay, the Officers are net, as far as Circumftances will admit, to be fepa- rated from their Men. The Officers are to be quartered according to Rank, and are not to be hindered from affemblingtheir Men from Roll-Calling, and other Purpofes of Regularity. •', All Corps whatever of General Burgoyne's Army, whether eompofedof Sailors, Batteau- men, Artificers, Drivers, Independent Gompa- S 'es and Followers of the Army of whatever luntty, Shall be included in the full eft SenSfe and uxmqft Extent of the above Articles, and comprehended in every Kefpedt as Britifh , Subject. IX. All Canadians and Perfons belonging to * the Canadian Eltabjifhment, consisting of Sailors, Batteauraen, Artificers, Drivers,' and Independent Companies, and many other Fol- Jowersof the Army who come under no particular Defcriptioni are'to be permirted to*re-~ turn there: They "are to be condufted imme- • diately by the Shortest Route to the firft British, Poll on Lake George; are to be fupplied with .. .IftdLft &me pmnir fa.&e. other Troops, and. are to be bound by th* fame Condition of not ferving during the prefent ConteSl in North America. X. Pafljoorts are to be immediately granted for three Officers, not exceeding- the Rank of Captains, who Shall be appointed by Lieutenant General Burgoyne, to carry Difpatches to Sir WilHam Howe, SirgGuy Carleton, and to Great Britain, by way of New York. And Major General Gates engages the Public Faith, that thofe Difpatches Shall not be opened. Thefe Officers are to fet out immediately after receiving their Difpatches, and are to travel by the Shorteft'Routas, ,and in the moft expeditious Manner. XI. During the Stay of the. Troops in the MaSTachufetts Bay, the Officers are to be admitted on Parok,-and are to be allowed to wear their Side Arms. XII. Should the Army under Lieutenant General Burgoyne find it neceffary to fend for their Cloathing and other Baggage to Canada, they are to be permitted to do it in the moft convenient Manner, and the Ineceffary Pair- ports grafted for that Purpofe. XTIL Thefe Articles are to be mutually Signed and exchanged To-morrow Morning .at Nine o'Cloeki ana the Troops under Lieutenant Genera] Burgoyne are to march out of their. Intrenehments at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon* (Signed) J. BURGOYNE: Camp at Saratoga, Oct. 16,1777. In confequence of the foregoing Convene tion at Saratoga the 17th of-Oflober, 1777, the following Numbers laid down their Arms, and furrendered to General Gates, viz. Britifh Troops - • - 2442 Branfwick-tnd other GermanTroops 2198 Canadian*, Volunteers, &e. Tefleruaj 1100 12 i S7S2 5ick and Wounded left in the BritiSh Camp when Gen. Burgoyne began his Ratreat, — — 528 Befides the above, there were killed, wounded, taken, and deferted, of BritiSh, German, and Canadian Troops under General Burgoyne, betwen the 6th of July, and 16th of October, — — 2933 In all 9213 Account cf Brmfs Or&nanc*, &c. delivered up to t General Gates on thtxftbof Q Sober* Viz. 2 — 24 Pounders — 12 ditto — 6 ditto Royal Howitzers Brafs Mortars 4 5 2 — 3 ditto — cfinch — 8 inch _ & the Authofa 8f CoriSuk LIS T* of pftixps (3 m L,D«^lt,. 7 Pa tea of 1060I. jto, 153*9 PMUI of 100I. j, jj*4» »sfi« jaaoi »4SS* Prim of 50I. .v » •> 48577 3*5** -465°^ 347»l $783 *'7«3 3*M6 -*9*79 PitlCKS of *ol. ftg99 4«iot 469*7 ?i88g ijoja 10788 7335 2*401 120*6 1*131 49357 4<>773 7447 16577 27093: 28173 48707 3989 16616 2645 • 5660 35229 14*67 23999 13031 45584 13683 3^091 31074 35 All of brafs, befides thofe taken at Bennington. Stands of Arms complete, 7000. Befides the military Cheft, large Quantities of Ordnance Stores, Cloathing for 7000 Provincials, Tents, Ukc. Sec. By thelaft Accounts from America, received by * Packet arrived in France, watearn, that General Gates had tfetumed to Albany, on the 19th of October, and was pufhing forward his Army (confiftiog of 12,000 Men) with all poffible Speed to attack the BritiSh Troops under General Vaughan, on the North Rivera General Potnam was advancing up that River, in their Rear, with 5000 Men, fo that it was Scarce poffible they could efcape a Difafter fi- milar to that of General Burgoyne. Generals Gates and PttQiam. after having overcome General Vaughan's Troops, were immediately to join General Washington, (whofe Army, by various Reinforcements, had been increafed to 25,coo Men, and was laying Siege to Philadelphia f) «nd it was not-doobted, but after the intended Junction, they would retake the City, and compel General Howe's Army to furrender. Among the Novelties in Agitation for the prefent Winter, a Subfcription is fet on foot among the Nobility to open a Houfe during theRanelagh Seafon for their Accommodation after the Amufements of that polite Place are over; and as fuch a Plan muft be very acceptable to the Frequenters of Ranelagh, we do not wonder to hear that it is countenanced by all the Circles of Diftinftion. The Bifhop of London has collated the Rev. Henry Whitfield, D. D. to the Vicarage of Bedfonte, Middlefex, void by the Death of the Rev. Mr. Gibfon, the late Incumbent. Yefterday was married atMary-le-bon Church John Stewajt,. E% one of the Council of Commerce, and Judge Advocate General of Bengal, to MiSs Johanna Maria Murray, Daughter of William Murray, Efq; of the ISland of Jamaica. Wednesday Night laft Mr. Brucely of St. Albans going to his Inn in Smithfield, was knockeof down in Giltfpur-ftreet by two Ruffians, who robbed him of upwards of thirty Guineas. Yefterday Morning early (bme Villains broke into the Shop of Mr. Stork, Linen-draper at Holbourn-Bridge, and carried off valuable Linens to the Amount of above 500I. Drury-Lane Theatre. To-morrow (not afted thefe two Years) The' Rehearfal; Bayes (for the 1 lit Time) by Mr, Henderfoa. The Mafque of Comus, which hast been for fome Time preparing, will Shortly be performed (for the firflE Time) at this Theatre m two Ads, with additional Mufic from Handel, and new Scenery, Dreffes, Dances and Decorations. The principal Characters by Mr. Webfter, Mt. Banqifter, and Mr.; TendUcci j Mrs.' Baddeley^Mrs. WA&c&xu Mife Walpolei Mrs. Collet Mifs Collet, .'Fields and 'Mrs;Robinfohi ;v Covent-Garden Theatre. The new Tragedy called Percy, which was •performed laft Night, for the 2d Time, was 3687 475 6 S 123*4 36288 400813426 16961 44876 24604 25942 4459 ,13920 45794 37146 173«1 33687 14671 47216 •35560 >9774 49060 34454 1442 16260 3S75* 17620 2671 if 1082 1,663 3 6l 94 49248 17044 •694 49«4S 30022 43733 26073 39289 250 34S** 33765 3.5091 31036 30108 24322 39S?« 11758 49858 S«37 31446 499S* 72037 *4*34 18487 44188 36468 24179 19619 25229 164C7 19636 5098 458.28 43540 49687 3'a<>s H873 3307a 34934 22055 20482 20212 »272 5 46844' 485OI. 4574* 23389 336" 3S87* 14131 3402 19156 17123 2206} 376rt 18624 2087 J 4 i 6 8ti 9829 4292 41575 16945 37156 23717 40862 »47>3 140 41294 10619 10454 11674 37322 31403 »5 r 37 22280 2653 559 10788 47J98 14490 45*47 3**3§ 3S>64 7730 rw88 8947 "443 37*61 -36108 388t2 .47864 32848 |ut6 7430 12413 33*24 4»7«7 474|j »3'5S 3573^ 45349 12180 24383 3 jo S3 g 04 6 ^ %<t7 36912 147^0 ^3527 8516 47661 . 18420 38239- 10906-3765141924. 41462 34*39 6856 49800 39726 464SI 43840 9178 38623 21759 544° 4515 16470 1865 itaio 3*98o, 27112 6065 49187 35108 4*473 * 94* 9402 45374 4325c 14586 49898 34039 6379 13311 21924 13792 »77«>4 48705 16094 377PJ 41*70 24669 437«6 287} *9736 13319 3945* 3 t P9 99 t 5J64 44871 28^05 24630 258i-» S463 6 «»54S 18875 28888 46590 >4446 27397 168801381241124 16838 42565 39151 3*043 44058 41360 393»j 34703 iij^ I42 ai 31091 ,35271 .7401494684*59* 8164 114,6 4 oi 3*026 44341 24376 48293 6630 38604 36181 22860 16178 13538 35479 45909 38704 26930 20579 13308 17240 41047 2446 39 8 7 3830 121 *4554 7H7 3«°4 16039 28686 *3493 23212 10608 7177 49561 32016 24036 22250 31405 43905 13807 44942 1371614443 4185 1648 49730 2,869 49867 14296 12166 44353 38875 47046 46138 5530 >«9** 9955 34*94 3*«3« 3S»86 19840 15792 iij68 41300 37515 J5*9 »3946 8934 11668 '4*54 *~43r 3778018*9715477 20994 21081 40463 48618 21762 499»o 4«jr46 46528 4765 26357 11049 3*9«>6 35163 4132 5720 4568 36152 9400 43408 15336 359*8 46151 3*o*3 48535 2886 31539 »9®3 3*87« 4 *796 4448 *|5S7 J4J40 *I4 «7 44659 *«I74 16389 25279 2151 14024 40447 354*5 4 »7i 48416 59 *511071 47539 35 68 3 4oi66 43757 6010 4*493 1948 49166 15088 43165 10692 39062 23625.soon 49x42 19102 26107 303*44363631571 20792 .24682 43154 3065* ,6601 J7052 19393 10401 17929 13137 40769 "458 26965 774 19-94 41341 3#i6 4**89 4778* 44060 IO |44 335 8 5 433*6 11831 3324 39863 20041 24699 3350 387.81 433** 4*97* »5 8 87 4H»o 5750 4«4S 36017 46387 15744 19587 7544 4°74« 16096 1604* 4277a 19365 137, 17146^8187 41691 39849 6*65 29129 793818124 * 8 575 3**1 20419 26275 *»°37 High w »nr this Day at London- Bridge at 1 Mini afur Twelve in thr Morning { and at 18 Min. after Twelve at Noon. The Tide will fetvt DOWN the River till near Eight in the Morning; try till after Twelve at NoflB } and DOthe reft of iheDay. •ask Stock, 126 4. India ditto 163 J. toath-fe* ditto, •» 3 per Cent. Old South* lea Ann.—— »ew ditto, 73 I a 74 J. I per Cent. Bank Ann. Redae'd, 74 £. •i «a Confbl. (hut. I pet C». i-?»6,— m Ditto 1751 721. ln*« Jlrtm--— 3 |j3erCt. i 74 8,—— 4 per Cent. Lonfol. Ann, 76 i. - 4 pet Ct. 1777, 86|a|, Million BMIIL. .. . Royal Aouranee>— London ditto-w— < India Bonds, 4». a J». Difc; Wavy end ViaualHnf BUli 3 § a I per Ct. Dife. 3 per Ct. £xchequu-BUl« •— Sifc. Lent Ann.—— Short Annuities,— Tickets 22I. ios< a 15s. 2 13s. Scrip 92 J. .again xeceivef|£y a numerous and brilliant Au. (dignce, with the n maul*. v -*- moft distinguished and univer- W^platifeV It will be repeated thfe .^vtning TRINITY HOUSE, London, Dec. 6, 1777. N OTICE is hereby given, that the two Buoys of Happijburgb Gatt, nvbicb were taken up in September laft, at the Requefl and for t$e Convenience of the Merchants and others concerned in the Herring Fijhery,'are now replaced, for the Service of the Coal and Eaft Country Trades, with thefame Maris and Bearings as before. IN A V Y - O f e 1 C E r Dec. 5, 1777. T HE principal Officers and CommtJ/ibners of bis Majejiys Navy give Notice, that on Tuefday the l%d Inf. they will be ready to treat with fuch Perfons as are willing to fupply a Quantity of Ted- low, for his Majefifs Service. - -- ii-n^'Office of Ordnance, Tower, Dec. 10. T HE Principal Officers of the Ordnance give Notice, that they are ready to treat fir a iarge Number of Bayonets for bis Majeffs*Servite j and that fuch Perfons as are willing to contraB for thefame are defired to fend their.PropofalsinWriting, addreffied to" the faid Principal Officers, (under Cover to their Secretary) Jpecijying the loweft Price and the Number they will engage to deliver Monthly. South-Sea Houfe, Dec. 6, 1777. T HE Court of DirecJors of the South-Sea Company give Notice, That the Transfer Books oj New South-Sea Annuities will be fbut on Saturday the zoth Infant, at Two o'clock, and opened on Tburfday the zzd of January next. That the Transfer Books of Three per Cent. Annuities, 1751, will be fbut on Thurfdqy the i8r6 Infant, at Two o'clock, and openid on Tburfiay the \^th of January next. That the Transfer Books of the Capital Stock will be fbut on Friday the igfb Infant, at Two o'clock, and opened-on Wednefday tbe+tb of February next. And that the Warrants fir the,Half-year's Dividend on the. Capital Stock, and the Half-year's Inttrefi on the New Smb-Sea Annuities>; both><due tie ithof January next, will be paid on Saturday the' Jtlof February following; on which DayX of Payment the Transfer Books of New Soutb*SeaJht~ ntdties will be fbut. . T HE SPECIFIC for . the infallibjelpre- fention of a CERTAIN DISORDER, «m- tfnueito be fold at No> 4« PhilpotLaae, Fenehureh- Street, at Half a Guinea* Botfiej^vritri IHftJtiant.! ; t3> To^preventAdiateratw^the^tei^^tttfls Gtntlenwn willbMeaW to««#UlQCta« W' reltl C w TJ R 8 ft IT*. - I VtH » Vfew to, prontbte ^Ittoaal, . % _ Pfetf tojthe PraeWce of fuch Woral Virtue* at are effential: to the good Order and.HaMJnfft of, Society,, a.<Jditlem an ^ropofes ^ojdeiivteA^uiSe o| if jLeAores at Coach -maker* Hall, Softer J ^ne,. Cheapflde, on Sandiy.Everiings .nipon thefcw* wan wWcf Mporfnesin the Morning ar» Chapel in law* e»ret-ftfeet, CaVendifli -filuaTe, .aniprecoded bf the Ufe .of a-Lit6rgy <on' the miiverfti PrinijiJieS of «.eJ ligion^tid Morality.. >-. . • * : ,' J 'i . The firft I^efftrre to be on Sunday next, and the; Service to begin during the *ho!e C^wfe at Seven o > grpckpreoiftIy.- - -f^.-£ s l U--m.^ Public Office, Jaft Smithfield, JDec. td.. B UrglarionSIy broke open on Swndai Night the VouTe of Mrs. Eri^a^, jn W| Street^ Ratdiff Highway, anA the fol^uigThintt- ftolen thereout, viz. a fornhaxeen Gowti dnrnade, * Silk Pink Petticoat, aNeedltrWOrk fringed ditto, » white quitted Staff ditt», a blue Silk Gown, a blacjc ditto, a blue Tabby ditto Unmade, * Bombafeeh Sacque and Petticoat unmade, a brown Poplin 0own, a Parcel of dirty wKwe.sak 4 a drtcnet«co>. loured Silk. Lining for a Gown, a Pai *"of firje HlM? land Sheets, marked AS. E; a fine large Damaw TaWe-cloth, feven (Htt«>^>atnask NapMn«, marked-. A EE; two ditto fewetrtogetlwr, marked A. E E$ a ditto Peacock Pattern, a fine letfh Shift, a Pair of: Cotton Stockings, t wo Table-ip>on«, mar ^ejl 1M M ( a Pair of Tea-tongs, marked AJ5 E ; and OHe old Tea-fpoon. ( If any of the above Things (hovild be oflFerea ftnr. Pawn or Sale, flop thwn and the Patty, or if a/ready, pawned or fold, give Notice to the Sitting M4siftrat«t at, the above Oflfice, and you tfnll teceive Fi*e*Guineas Reward from ths Owner on Ccmviftion ot the Olfender or. Offenders, or in Proportion for the Goods that (hall be gppptd. :u . Public OrBce,'fiow-ftreet, Dee. B ROKE open laft Night the Shop of Mr. Thomas Stock, Linen-draper, at Holbourri- Bridge, and ftnlen a great Qiiantity of all Sorts of fprigged (biped and plain Muflins, Silk Handxen. chiefs, and Pocket ditto; like*ile a jarge'O^iantity of Tarnbour-worked Muflirr Aprons, Brie fprigged and plain Lawns, &c. Whoever will apprehend the Offender otQfeldar* guilty of the above Burglary, and bring hiwor theai; befotc Sir John Fielding, fhali receive a Reward of Twenty Guineas from Mr. Stock, exclufive of the Reward allowed by Aft of parliamentnif the Whale are recovered, or in Proportion for Part/ Public Office,- Bow-ftreet, Dec. MA S TOLEN laft Nigbt from a Houfe in Fleet-market, a Pair of Breeches, the front* black Sat tin, and the back Parts black CalUmanc4|- two Pair of black knit Silk Breeches,* one Pair.« thern wit.h6ur Linings'; t*o Pair of Silver .Salts*: narked IC A; two targe Table-fpOons, t C At four or five Tea-fpoons, ICA; a Silver Pi -ppw* 4 box, I C A; a Pair of Tea-tongs, ICA; a Milk* Jug, IC A; a Punch-ladle, ICA; fevefal Shirts, marked I C; four Suit*of Cloaths, one green, one. brown, one light-coloured, and one Pompadour}, likewife a Box of Rings. If offered to be fold or pawned, ftop thein and tfte . Party, and give Notice to Sir John Fielding, aaoS you (hall receive a Guinea Reward from the Ownert^/' S TOLfc N or ftrayed out of the Ground* of Peter Do ones, Efq; at Tottertdge, Herts, an aged bay Gelding, irHandi high, aUtwfyrOmd^ a Star and Blatt in the Forehead, has loft the Inuda Q^rter of the near Foot before, with a BobtalL, nicked. Whoever will give Notice where the faid HotK may be found IrWll receive One Guinea Seward from Mr. Young, the Bailiff of Coppved HaH, Totteridge ^ Public Office, Bow-ftreet, Dec. p. S TOLEN This Afternoon in Warner- ftreet, Cold-bath-fields, a doufele-cafed Gold Watch, with a Woman's Pinchbeck Chain and Trinkets; a large black Mourning Ring, with Hai* under a Chryftal, inferibed on the Outfide Martha Very, ob. Dec.-**, iT7»> and in the Ittfide Zippora Stone, ob. March *o, 1771; a Mourning Ring, m« fctibed Samuel Locke; a ditto, inferibed Elizabeth Broomhead; a ditto, inferibed Robert Stone; a Gel<i Ring, fet wi(h a Cngle Garnet-; a ditto, with a Pofie inftde, ' Continue Content a plain Gold Ring, * Pair of Stone Ear -rings, a Pair of Garnet ditto, a finall Silver Snuff-box, with *$prtoifefhell Top, and other Things. If offered to be pawned or fold flop them and the* Party, and give Notice to Sir John Fielding, and you mail receive Ten Guineas Reward from the Owner, on ConvicVton of-the Offender or Offenders^ . Public Office, Bow-ftreet, N OTICE is hereby given, that in Con­ fequence of Advtrtifemcnts and Deicriptiohs' of atrocious Offenders, who harcetcaned Juftice for Murder, and other_ capital OfTences, in France, "corrftantly and obligingly fait from fhc Lientf-nant* General de la Police/at Paris, to Sir John Fie';diRjs,- an alphabetical Lift of fuch Criminals, with th:if exact Defcriptions, is kept at the above Office, and may at all Times be referred to on the Appearance of any fufpefted Peribn. This Circumftance, when known, it is to be hoped will prevent fuch Miscreants from coming into this Kingdom, or if they de come will be the Meani of their being early de* ttfted, and thereby prerentfd from obtaining any Station of Truft here. And at the faid Office hs#. been kept for many Years an exact Lift and De- fcription of fufpeOed Perfons at large charged with felony, or onSulpicion thereof, which have been communicated from Time to Time by Individuals or Magrftratcs. There is alfo an exact Lift of all the! Offenders that have been tried for many Tears P»ft throughout England, and their Fates; as alfo Books with the Defcriptions of every Species of. ftolea Property diftinflly entered; fo thai by References to thefe Book* (which is done gratis) many Offenders ate daily detected arid much Property ree.wered. And Copies of all Informations taken may be Seat to every Magistrate requiring them ;. for it is front this Communication that the great Benefit arifes to t the Public from this Svftem. The Defcriptton»o£ ' Orfferrders at-latge are conftantly adveidfed : in the " ^Hue and Cry, and ftuck>ip at the Ma Jtet PUee oj* "every^ Corporation in England, arid thePaper icfetf fentto the^fl'wg Magiftrates in the different Coufl* ties.* Thefe.Circumftances rtriflly ^attended to bf the Civil Power,'and all Informations t)waeoHeJ(id irititfent Pofct, b!y being fent to rfie above Odfej muft ha^e *" w^hderrol Effect, not-only -^-i^- venthre Meaftre^ but in the Detection o' i Offenders? for,, as a farther AffiftaoCe t« proper Officerr' are difpatched to .'any land, on Notice being fent from any 1„ the Commitment of fufpec^edr Perfons, lime; by which Means atrocious Offe- have fled from London, ate frequently de P.S. AU I^tm, MefTagesand, ing Informations of Bobberies are otike^aad the Parties rewarded for their 1

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