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The Sentineli
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
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The Evening Sentinel, Carlisle, Monday, October 10, 195S FOUR Armed Germany Calculated Risk By CHARLES M. MCCANN, United Press Staff Correspondent liever in an army run on democra Gilt? turning iutttttrl A PollHrally Independent Newspaper, Devoted To Serving The Best Interests Of The. Community A. DOUGLAS THOMPSON FOSTER A. CHARLTON Advertising Manager VVTLBAR HALBERT.

Managing Editor PAUL R. GERHARDT Circulation Manager JOSEPH V. THOMPSON Business Manager FREDERICK Commercial Bible Verse for Today: "Thanks be to GoJ that givcth us the victory through Christ csus our Lord." I Corinthians 15:57. i- CL0Se tic lines. Foreign Minister Heinrich von Brentano, 51.

was an outspoken anti-Nazi. A bachelor, a lawyer, full of nervous energy, he was one of those arrested after the bomb plot. Vice Chancellor Franz Bluecher is one of four free democratic party men in Adenauer's coalition cabinet. He risked being thrown out of his party last February because he backed Adenauer in urging that Saarlanders vote for Europeanized status in the plebiscite to be held Oct. 23.

The other members of the ne council are, Franz Josef Strauss, minister without portfolio: Gerhard Schroeder, interior minister; Dr. Ludwig Erhard, economics minister, and Fritz Schaeffer, finance minister. All are safe men. emerald set in its forehead; fourteen lavishly furnished apartments; and a trunk containing 20-odd millions in United States and Argentine currency. From Peron's point of view, this is a pity.

Though he must have something stashed away in foreign banks for this kind of rainy day, he could have cut a wider swathe with those millions and those 600 suits. From the point of view of the people of Argentina, it is a fine thing that their ruler left these mementoes of his not entirely dedicated past. It is a fine thing, not only because the money and jewels will now become the property of the state, but because it shows up Peron as a calculating mountebank who bled the people while he pretended to bleed for them. Chancellor Konrad Adenauer certainly is doing all he can to make sure that the West German army will he kept under democratic control. In deciding to arm the federal republic, the United States and its Allies admittedly took a calculated risk.

The danger that Germany would start to build up a new war machine was less than the danger 1hat Russia might decide to start a war. But every move that Adenauer has made has been encouraging. Traditional Prussian goose-stepping and iron discipline have been Every officer of the rank of colonel and upward in the new army is being rigidly screened to keep out men of the war lord type and former supporters of Adolf Hitler. Screening By Board The screening is being done by a special appointments board, made up of military men and civilians, including members of Parliament. All appointments to senior rank must be approved by the cabinet.

In his latest move, Adenauer has set up an eight-man civilian defense council to wield supreme authority in matters of both military and civil defense, including appropriations. Adenauer himself, who has the complete trust of the is chairman of the council. His seven aides are senior cabinet ministers. All of Ihem have excellent records. Like Adenauer they are working for full European political and economic cooperation.

All have a background of anti-Nazism and anti-militarism. Some of them Were arrested on suspicion of complicity in the 1944 bomb plot which nearly ended Hitler's life. For instance, the key man on ihe defense council is Defense Minister Theodor Blank, Short, stocky, hot-tempered, given to using strong language, he is 54. Was Saar Labor Leader When Hitler got in power in 1933 he was a local labor leader in the industrial Saar. The Nazis at once frew him out.

He went to college to study engineering. He was drafted into the army in 1939 and served six years. He was promoted to first lieutenant in the field for gallantry in action. In the army, Blank grew to detest Prussian militarism. He is a firm be AUTUMN TIME The Autumn days have come again With cloudless skies of azure blu.

And sun-kissed breath from moun tain heights Of flowers mid rosaries of dew. The gorgeousness of bush and tre Like flaming torch illume the lan Twould seem some Master Hani had touched The woods and hills with fierj brand. The gold and crimson leafleti dance In rainbow showers o'er ripplini streams Like tiny boats sent out to sea A-freight with many fairy dreams The purple mists that crown th hill With filmy veil enhance the view The Autumn days have comi again. Farewell to Summer and to you. HELEN HALL BUCHER "Highland Terrace" Boiling Springs, Pa.

Defense Above Budget The Administration at Washington may be functioning smoothly as a team as various members of it have said, but the recent exchange between Secretary of Treasury Humphrey and Secretary of Defense Wilson shows that'lhere are some differences of opinion at least. It is not strange that there should be differences of opinion; the business of functioning smoothly can be overplayed. The Treasury head referred to the pos- JJST UK6 ARTHUR GODFREY i Haines Trial And Verdict Judge W. Clarence Sheely, Gettysburg, and all the officials connected with the Haines murder case and trial are to be highly commended. By some of the public, the life sentence was accepted as fitting.

Others thought that the death penalty only was sufficient for a man who apparently in cold blood shot four people, one of them the brilliant young lawyer John D. Faller Jr. Judge Sheely, too, indicated from what he told the slayer that he believed the death penalty could have been exacted, citing the fact that the Commonwealth's evidence justified execution and told Haines, "You are very However, the jury, after weighing all the evidence, ordered the murderer imprisoned for life, perhaps on the basis that no person of sound mind could have committed such a tragic act. It is certain that the jury deliberated and made the decision it believed right, and its verdict must be accepted as fair and just. Only so long as the verdicts of juries are accepted as fair and just can the jury system continue to function as the laws and courts demand.

The Haines case does bring to mind again, nevertheless, the need for revision of the laws governing sentences of slayers found guilty of premeditated or wilful murder (first degree), and whether capital punishment is, in many cases, sufficient punishment. Will Haines spend the rest of his life in prison? Could it not be that he will live long enough to gain release? More and more frequently the newspapers carry stories on releases granted by the Board of Pardons. To us, the releasing of slayers simply because they have been model prisoners and or because they have served many years of their life terms, is a miscarriage of justice. Some condemned murderers walk defiant to the electric chair and die without a qualm. That, too, might be termed a miscarriage of justice.

Death is too easy a way out. Capital punishment might be unnecessary and the murder rate might drop, if the laws were changed so that murderers would have to spend the rest of their natural lives behind bars with no chance of release. Portraits U.N.E.S.C.O. Dispute Splits Legion By CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY LOOKKNBILL FUNERAL Funeral services for Pius W. Lookenbill, 1627 Regina Street, Harrisburg, who died on Wednesday, were held on Friday in the Lut z-Hoff man Funeral Home.

Rev. Robert W. Roschv officiated. Burial was in Mt. Holly Springs PROMISE ME, TOO By JAMES J.

METCALFE Dear fine vnu nnvu nhvavs WASHINGTON, Oct. (CQ) of highly controversial topics, both A major policy split within the domestic and foreign. Slblllty Of a balanced budget and hinted keep The promises I make nation's largest veterans organiza Segregation Is Issue Seasonal expert Car or horn repairs 4 o.n.n... that it could be -achieved it the Defense R. example, the tor your heloved sake The fireworks, but officials hope ihe inn anH ite auJiiiarv Department would pare a billion dollars words I whisper to your heart schism will not sap the group's lon' if 8 and Fiht So or SO from its spending.

The Defense De- jJtiKl'Jf "heart PliHCaI divided over the issue" partment came back at this by saying ThaT'T 'The hroup in question is Ihe stitSaW that it does not intend to change its poli- Through weeks and months, and American Legion, and the internal members has been challenged in Hps and that pvph if thP Treasurv referred the years The thoughts dispute concerns the Legion of- the national body. Last May, resol- cies, ana inai even II ine 1 leasury reierrea that I have spoken Have linked ficial censure of the United Na- utions were adopted by the execu- only to savings through increased econ- a chain of promises That never lions Educational. Scientific, and tive unit of Forty and Eight re. nmv in nneratinn it would not hp nnssihle rRu bep" broken P''zation Top Legion- commending withdrawal from the omy in operation li wouia noi De possiDie nope that you Will always naires admit the fight could shake Legion. to save anything like billions.

wear for roe Yes, even in that Legion solidarity. Conflict also is known to exist Militarv ctnpndinff is evnerted to rnn- of timeless memory They hope, however, to settle over proposals, offered by several military spenuing exptueu 10 ton And in return the only thing the dispute within top policy eche- state Legion units, to place the tinue at the $34 billion level Where it was I want to ask of you Is Ions, before it spills over to set group on record in favor of pulling nlar-Pd at the hreinnintr of the fiscal vear nromise the nk and file squabbling. the U. S. out of the UN.

And Le- piacea at tne Dcginmng or trie nscai year, You also will he trUP, At issue is M.cMpi gionnaires are finding it hard to Doctor bill $20 tonooo No endorsers needed. Easy-to-meet requirements. Up to 24 months to repay, Phone or stop in today for fast, one-day, friendly service! one-day service agree how much aid the Rovers even tne DUCIget IS not Daiancea. It IS -opyriRm, new enterprises, pny Report" on UNESCO. Pre- pared by a special Legion committee directed by Ray Murphy, for OUSEHOLD FINANCE Loam (thovm t(4)0 maJt Av ment should give veterans as a general pension.

Top Legion officials emphasize that such policy splits are nothing mer national commander from Iowa, the stiirlv dismisses as "utter HOUSEHOLD CONSUMER DISCOUNT CO. appealing to most taxpayers to bring about a balanced budget, but they appreciate the fact that it is not wise to try to do it through reduced national defense. So far as Congress has expressed itself, it has stood for even greater appropriations to national defense than the Administration 25 Years Ago From the Sentinel of Oct. 8 and 9, 19.10 More than Ihree hundred women from Pennsylvania, Dela ly without foundation" charges new. They point to the cleavage in that UNESCO is communistic.

the 1920's over the veterans bo- This opinion conflicts with the mis, as well as internal friction Legion's official stand that Com- early in world war II over the munists "are nsinf itnksco 1o military draft and the lease of corrupt the minds of our child-- destroyers to Britain. 12 North Hanover 2nd Floor, Above Grant's Phone: Carlisle 3100 Harrisburg office: 329 Market 2nd across from Pomeroy't Phone: 4-7993 Loans made It residents oj nearby towns ware, Georgia and Maine will be rnr, The dispute has been Rim- Strength Of Ieeion Carlisle in nexi weeK to aueno has recommended. mering ever since the Murphy Re- nrsnite snlits. tne Lerion If higher receipts from taxes, View Maids of Pennsylvania" eTnStad suggested Scortfnjte SS of the continued high level of production, PSX1? $by. should brine about a balanced budcet.

that J22 tp lLSCO. Instead, the it is officia1y -non-politi- T.piTinn Ihe "Murnhv i-- 1111 IMIIIIIIIV I'l II I 1 I I I I I pt un cal." parties and candidates are ii i t-. i 1 wouia oe mosi acceptaoie. economies an tee to study unesco. Pitched scoreless ball for seven in- No mnn vvna) tion the Le- along the line would help.

To pare na 4U. eion takes on UNESCO at its an- eager to win its approval. And the importance of Legion pressure in shaping legislation is taken for granted in Washington. With claimed membership of ran ma (Na nrrin ic a vital fae. The board of school directors mini in Miami rv-i in.

tional defense just now, for purely budget of Lower Allen i Township has com- i3i debate will continue. balancing purposes, would be too OPEN MONDAYS AND FRIDAYS UNTIL 9:00 P. M. AoMOoy pletert plans for the erection or significance Of Debate a graae scnooi near sniremans- The Murphy Report brings into fof' jn' romrTn7ni)v and national low n. a huif nnrtrm ni intor.

Nearly one hundred Red Men national policy within the Legion, of Carlisle, attended the annual Tno sroup-s statKi on foreign af- life. Few Legionnaires believe the group's strength will be quickly or easily jeopardized by policy splits. At the same time, however, they concede, that bitter internal debates mav affect future Legion The political candidate who i lairs nas iouowen a somewnai zig- WOUia Wa Tribe, No. 198. at Landisburg zalJ rnurse over the vears.

Lecinn- nrrmie nno mnro l-mur nf cWn in fh cemetery on Sunday. naires opposed II. S. participation ihnnntf hAQirtni-ntiThi Peron's Mementoes Juan D. Peron, like most dictators, claimed loudly and often that he loved the people above all else and worked night and day for their welfare.

A lot of the people saw through this pose. Some of them determined to do something about it. That is why Peron is now a fugitive ex-president of Argentina. Indeed, he shifted so rapidly from president to fugitive that he left a number of personal items behind. Six hundred suits, for example; a heap of jewelry, including a golden elephant with a fabulous in the League of Nations and back- in ine league 01 canons mnrnincr nnlrl nnt nnW cot n)oniA in nf.

Z4 'i, nolicv. The outcome of these "u7 v.t...i P(1 fhP Hn(krr treaty-powers a- fhv afi(1 emM influence fice but he would be a Cinch for any hall d.fnfHrncra jndmrnt. hut they endorsed the simc a 1 rsnai r'liin 1 1 1 1 am to of fame as well. Mrs. liaipil IjOOcnarleS, IMrS.

r.rnnnr. an TnrW Margaret Krall and Mrs. Reed UNKSCO "is not atheistic or addressed the Civic Club cmmunistc (or) favorable Famous Fables in ine social room 01 wcm vonege toward world government," the Down Per Month Everybody has the right to be stupid Murphy Report held, and urged acceptance of UNKSCO and the Rv E. E. EDGAR if they wish to, but many persons abuse the privilege beyond all reason.

I as facts of life The Report Whrn Ucnry Ford therefore was considered a boot his museum of Americana, for internationalist elements in hf, trjp(, to arouse interest of the Legion. hj Thnmas Kdison in the As some see the Report, how- Factograms About half of all the auto industry employes in the United States work in Michigan. BUYS A BRAND NEW '56 ever, its significance goes bevond Other Viewpoints Edison, however, did not share the field of foreign policy. They Ford's interest in things past or his enthusiasm for antiques.

During the year of 18J7. the wonder if it is indicative of further THE C. AM) ALCRRtA A TOAST TO T1IK nontiFRS Jrwiii "asic policy spins witnin me or rsn resolved without violence. France can maintain that there of The thing which ought to inte- Since Hecate and the Furies soon motor rest Americans "bout the vote on 's no international conflict in Al- MA I. VMIO 1 nave no nme 10 mini Ac'wdmg to this viewpoint, the IfXS in.3 SStiST 'with" Eanuatton is I have no time to think experi Algeria in the General Assembly PPria- Algeria Is a part of fjnith higher than seventh, we" are tne Lmted Nations is not so ranee ine leasiinai can DC said Rad tnat tnp Dodgers In Utah, a condemned prisoner S.

population growing so rapid mutn the lact that France's feel- 'n is inai mere are appar- won tnp World Series. They are. is given his choice of being hang- 1.V that their lobbv groups must in- ings have been hurt as that the entry a great number of Algerian after aMi our faVonte enemies ed or facine a firing squad. evitably devote more attention to United States voted with France who do not care for the arrange- whom we woud nate to S)e ll)se such non-veteran policy matters on the losing ide. ment and that ranee recognizes And onp more rt.hark in the post- The lowest elevation in the as UNF.SCO.

They maintain that Carlisle. rounded lwil Dally 1881 One might think Imm the fust sentiments ny Keeping reason test with the American United States is Death Valley at official legion positions must be (KH) troops there. Unless the con- acup winners might have indue- 25 feet below sea level. thrashed out on a widening range flirt is publicly aired and debated, thom ,0 man fo off PtthlishM by Th Crlil Sntinel, tne. ITid 1.

Thompson, Fraa. violence is almost bound to con SCOH'S SCRAP BOOK tinue. Under Ihe circumstances, By R. J. SCOn France is making that the issue up for vote was to take Algeria sway from France and give the country to the people to whom it actually belongs, the Algerians.

But nothing of the sort was pro-rKtsed. The whole question was then it is perfectly proper for the hasehall and drink deep of the Waters of Forgetfulness. So we raise to Campanella, Reese, Snider, Hodges, Amoros. I'odres and fhnli nrwia1e a merrier frt issue. .11 'Oh French investment in N'Ort Af- simply whether or not to discuss rira, is substantial.

Some of the May they strut like peacocks until In the United most powerful bankers and bus- -ivj- ik i blem of Algeria, where last month nc J. a Redbirds. cial stake in North Africa. That more than one thousand persons a I i I I ha im.r nullum- I al 1WJ, mmttm mm full iiQ 1or .11 ThL' were Kinen 1 French troops ciastie, beiween tion, too. for the way they won.

and Algerian Na- "'T1' that final and all-imnortant Kntrd aecond-c! mutter Da-rombrr 1, at the Pot Office. Cr-Imle. Ta undr tha Act of Mar 3. tionalist. France traditional They spurned the Yankees big-in- takes the absurd but hS" position nf nations vlilu U.

51. L. the old-timers tell us. as it was 1 OM I i i Msdat A AAA A which control other peoples that which Vnec fica fv men ions in A Klory i IRIS, Corsiss IRIS. rxKiy nusinrss exceiii ranee s.

after another to keep the Yanks from scoring, and to make two runs hie enough to collect the big provisions, we have gotten ourselves into a position where we It persuaded the Steering Committee of the United Nations to re- must vote in the U. N. against tZZo AlfXnZVT 'ven the chsnce of a word which 8Setv mipht French invest- Wee might endanger French invest- We cheerfully acknowledge that tla. Hut the recommendation of IIM IM Sfl ff ,1 JuHo'- mcnts? M0DU8tJ viKjls lia 4M 7 TiUNOS, If IS Int fifeif Hit 1U4 CBMHstHliL SPUP HAMi.m; A Ul AxfiOH v.fil-ft Pjy.ta ah" tA.t ACCuRAcy Cf lilf AcrieH. V- 4, 0f the Yankees were in the nail-game that Is exactly until that glow of assurance Ihe Steering Committee was, for Like it or not Cal mtdtli alt availaklt i iirsi time in rs.

history how nnr Vol(, in triP is going spread over Johnny Podres's face Slv The Ll'n" 'o look to the people of Asia. Afri- the last few of them came to cmoiv. ine As an and African ii. n.n.

Th Kvnln ts ard tif earner In farlifile foh waekday ara-nms at S.V pr week II tw per month. IS SO per mnntha. fintn tf jraar All othpr renln eriea othr lhan bv md-M'ndint carrier or dealer, same a by carrier In Carlisle Bv independent carrier 15c per we'S Hy mall in Cumherland Adama. Dauphin Perry Franklin and Vork ooun-tin hpr carrier wrvlre la not maintained, per month. II 7 per 6 BintilliK.

00 rwr vear All other mall turn aj by carrier in Carlisle All mut paid la tdvnnte will nire notify ui if failuri to receive tliir paper At'lrra iil conimmilcs'ions 10! THf EVKNINQ tfKNTINEt. CarlfiS. Pa Howiand Ifowland. National 1 f-t Mtn Street New York City and 434 North Michigan Avenue. Chicago.

Ft and Puhllnher I894-192I Allun Thnmpson and Vaei Thnmpon 1922-1'Mt Alias Toompaos 1M7-13 lf, together with the na- that day. the Fortunale Isles, haven of the soviet bloc, and. most wll of exKhamnions. where they may fa vL mm iL'ttlllcant v. Ke-erl IJilin imrr.

m-m mis. tvfwf. o4- tr it u'i. wm4 coi.a If.ifOH IRIS, AS AHO inn. r.

mnvp fii I hi rri'n1 iiiiiv iiihi rvrn jw nuns lAiHisi '1Mf rliHAfirt 'ivai MsMAf i a -if!) liKuatiW vft un: tarv the steni'pl mnuic has lis nmiia. mnning margin. Algeria goes on ,1... u. k- ti.inr.

T.V. and Appliance UNt- lfi SO J0IAAM 0M he finri pout jutncipif nno tne pnn- 'iP'f of the U. N. Charter is the Dodgers and their first trip to why huld it pot? "he basic neither strong nor sensible but -s- Louis in Ihe Spring. Then they, principal underlying the United on the contrary weak foolish snd too.

will have to learn that all 242 Arch St. 24 Months To Pay t1o Hint Vl. -fit MOIS'iiHt 11. Kllt ltfll tut. Wt Servict What Vfe Sell IS (dim is the discovery of means in the Inncf fun ir cood thincs have nn end.

Kv wfrh internationai conflict -York GaiserU and Daily St. LotA (Mo.) Post-Dispateh.

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