The Public Advertiser from London,  on May 21, 1778 · Page 4
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The Public Advertiser from London, · Page 4

London, England
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1778
Page 4
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Deal, May 19. SAWE down »nd failed-the "riendmip, Fred, for .J Philade'phia. • 'a^e down and remain with -he' „ tips a?+>efore the, Montjpue, Waterier, Sinirfeton, Ni- cMKon. Endtavpur, Pennel, and Sofannah, Soarrow, fqt Portf(pr>ttirf» } Villa-nova, Harvey,, for Halifax 1 *hd Swift Wfrtt Wind W. - * SeufbinpOm Waft}'. *ni>ed the Eliiaheth, Stur- f*U t from Plymouth. Sailed the'Spehpenborgh; Peters, for Embdenj and So<annab, Le Patourel, for Guernfer. . . - .- The Eliia. Smith, from Bantry, is arrived at Cork. Commerce, AUifon, fom Hondura , at ditto. Juno, R'>om, Irqm Cork,-at Buftol. • * Britannia Yacht, Shaw, fiom ditto, at ditto. • Campden, Wright, from Oporo, at Lynn. PORT of LONDON, May 20, 177S. Coafling Shift and Ptffth Entered Inwards, _from Berwick. Expedition, John Downey. •Whitby. Commerce, John Aire. Ipfwich; Suceefs, Robert Brown ; Acton; Thomas ' Martin -BoAon. Elisabeth,Thomas Hubbert. .-. Wells. Exchange, George Jickling. Harwich. . Sooftefl, James/H*wes. 1 H^in -'B. Piieods Goodwd, &oyktt Breed. Sandwich. Two -Brother 's., Thomas Hart. Ma Won profperous, |bhh Perry, R'octwiTer Good intent, Thomas Manelark ; Sac- cefs, Henry Payne. COLLIERS. Frow Newcaltte. Mary, George Bell; Albion, Stephen <3r>harr> L William, Nathan Wood ; Thomas and Ann, Mewburn Holburn. Cttarid Outwa r di. -For NeweafWe. Minerva. Chriftopher Jubb | • Ann, fohn^etie; George, William Bone. Hull. Unity, Rich«d Gibhon, . Boflon. Friend 's Goodwi!, Jonathan Calrer, Woedbridge, ' FrienrtQlipj (oho Moore. Ex'n. Adv^ntuie, William N^hols. Queenbbrbugh. Sheernefs Packet, Thomas May, Aheideen, Phoerii>c, John Laveock. Rochtfter. Providence. Richa>"l Pawne To m i»U Li) t>y A U CT.i ON, • By Order of the Ae'uninidrator, fome Time in June, A L L the genuine, nrit and valuable Houfehold Furniture, Plate, Linen, China, Linen Pictures, Prints, Books, Wines and other Liquors, Fixtures, and other Kffectj, belonging to the late Honourable "and Right Reverend* the Lord Bifhap of EXETER, at the Palace at Exeter, in the County of Devon. Catalogues of which will be delivered at the Place of Sale, the Inns adjacent, and in the City of Exeter fome Time before the Days of Viewing. For SALE by the CANDLE, At the New York CofTee-houfe in Sweething's Alley, near the Royal Exchange, This Day at Five o 'clock, in the Afternoon precifely, O NE Hundred and Seventy-five Lots of CHINA WARE. To be feen This sad-the following Days, from Nine o'clock in tke Mornwg to Three in the Afternoon until the Time of Sale at the Warehoafe, Ne. 7, in Jerufalem-court, Gracechurch-ftreet. . Catalogues may be Had at the Place of Sale, and of Mr. Charles Gaftinean and Son, Brokers, No. 4, Swan-alley, Coieman-dreet. To be SOLD by Priv te Contract, A N'eligible-Freehold Eflate, fi uate on Bromley Common, in the County of Kent, at an agreeable Diftance from theTunbridge Road, 12 Miles from London, and two from Bromley : Confiding of a good and convenient Dwelling-houfe, with large commodious Offices, a double Coach- . hoofe, and Stabling for 12 Horfes; a large Barn, firainery, and other ufeful Buildings in the Farmyard; a Pleafure Groand, Orchard* Drying Ground and Kitchen Garden, with about po Acres of rich Arable, Meadow and Pafture Ground in good Heart arid Condition, 71 Acres whereof are in a Ring • Fence r and inclofed with new high Oak PaliBg; together with an unlimited Right of Common. The Dwelling-houfe confidsof a Hall, a Brcakfad-room ,' Dining-parlour, Drawing-room, a Kitchen, Servants Hall, and other fuitable Offices; with good Cellars, "five Bed-chambers, and three Garrets* The Outbuildings (lately erected) are large and well adapted, Confiding of a Brewhoufe, Waflihoufe, Laundry, Dairy, &c. with three very good Lodging -rooms . ever. The Kitchen Garden, containing np wards of eric Acre of-rich Ground, is inclofed with a high Biick Wall, is well cropped, and flocked with a ~Variety of the choiceft Fruit Trees. The Houfe is fituated in a good Neighbourhood. The whole Pre- Biiies are in com pleat Repair, and fit for the Reception of a Gentleman's Family. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Cope, at Bridget], near Bexley, in Kent; or at his Houfe in the Broad SancTuary, Weftroinder; where Tickets *iay be had for viewing the Premifes. npo be LETT or SOLD, at Eaft-Ham, on JL a Grvvel Soil, one Mile out of the great tflex Road, beyond the Five-mile Stone, a Houfe with a Hall and tlvee Room* on the Ground-Floor, four Bedchambers and four good Rooms in the Attick Story, Stabling for-five Hoi fee, Brew-hoafe, Wafh-houfe, Dairy, and other Ccnvtnie cies, with a good Garden and Or h-rd. Toprevent Tio«ble. the Rent it 40I. p> the Landlord; clear of all Taxes, and for a fuitable -Tenant Money will be laid out for its Improvement on reafonable Terms. Enquire the Prerr.ifes, or at No. 108, Cheap- fide^^ T O be LE r F on Leafe, a fpacious and con venient Houfe, ficuated on .the^Sou h fide of Great Get rge ft eet, Wellminfter } «?>n (ifting of ele gattt Rooms on the F rft and ^ec-nd Floors, and every re^uifite O ^li e below Stairs j it is fit for a. large Fa- "ntily, and may be entered on jm-s ediately. Enquire for Particular oi Mr. watfon, in Bridge, fheet, Weflminller. T O it LETT, at the Upper End of Sackviile ftreet, Piccadilly, A Houfe, genteelly fitiecT Bp ; corififting of two goedfized Rooms, and a fmall cne adjoining on a Floor, a back Stone Stair-cafe to the Top of the He ufe, with large Offices below, M iih Kitchen, Laundry and Walh-houfe detached. The Premifes are very airy, having a full View down the Street; have been painted and white- walhed within a few Months, and are in compleit good Repair. For further Particulars enquiie of Mr. Lee, Hatter and Hofier, oppofitc the Mews Gate, in Cockfpur 1 ftreet. V-tf O be LETT, ;ad entered upon imme- JL diately, A Manfion-houfe, called Blake Hall, aorrfpleatly furniftied, with Coach-houfes, Stabling, v and all convenient Offices, fit for a large Family, • with a very.goodGarden, and a Field of four Acres thereto adjoining. If'more Land Qwuld be wanted a Tenant may be accommodated therewith. The Premifes are fttuated'about 13 Miles from London, two frt*m Ongar, and fix from Epping, in Effcx. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Garth, Up- Jwlftercr, in Serle-ftreet, Lincoln's-iria-ficlds. ; to be s at ft fcr A t>crt<5N, : " By Metfrs.. CHRISTtlS and ANSELL,, ; „ ' At their Great Ro.omj vera «ua>Herland HoBle, ins Pall r mall, This;Day at Twelve o 'CIb'ckj ByOrderoftheExecutprs,- . T HE elegsn.t and valuable. JEWELS, Trinkets, a fine-toned upright Harpficfiord, • &c. of ^ ' . ." A LADY of FASHION, $ccetfei'.. . AmongfTtKe Jewels are a Pair of BriHidnt Ear- rines very large and perfeftfy fine, a fuperlative Brilliant-Bow of fibgular Beauty aridElegance^the fined "WaterT a Brilliant Necklace unconimonrylarge and clear } three large Knots compofed of Dtamonoft of an uncommon Siie, Beauty and Per/eclion ; and a remaikable-finb Pair of Pearl Bracelets. To be viewed to the Sale; and Catalogues had at the Bank Cojle-houfe, and in Pall-rbaH. } To be S Ot D by A U CT I O N t ' By ,lV5efr .^£lRJSTIE and ANSELL. ©n ^he'Premrfer, To-morrow iandtheTollowinBDay, T HF,Er.R6 ANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other vjajuable EnaQs, at the Houfe late ijn.the,PQfleflk>n of -. Her Grac&tlwBltTeH'ESS of CHANDOSs Comprehending rich prawirfg-roomSuiti, Hangings in Partv-coh)«red Silk Damask andjlriped Tabret, large Piatcs^ o^Glafs, fine; Godfe Bed,?, excellent Carpets of JVIoore'slSanufaaoiTr, 8cc. &cV. . To he vie*ed to the Sale, which will begin each Day at Twelve o'clock. Catalogues may be had as above, and.-atMeflrs. Chr(flieand An'ieU'it, in Pall-wajl, r To b* SOLD by AUCr IUW, By Meffrs."CHRISTIE and ANSELL, On. the Premifes, 16 morrow at One o'Clock, T * HE elegant, fpacious LEASEHOLD HOUSE, with double Cpach-houfe, Stabling for {even Hories, and fuitable attached and detached Offices, &c. late in the PolTeflion of:' Her Grace the Dutchefs of CHANDOS, Mod defirably. fituate in Curzon-ftreet, May-fair, oppofite the End of Audley-ftteet, commanding a full View over Cheflerfield Gardens. The above Premifes are held for otf Years from Michaelmas 176a, fubjelt to a Ground Rent of 30 Guineas per Annum. To be viewed with Tickets only, which maybe had of Meff. Chriftie and Anfell} and printed Particulars maybe had in Pall-mall. To ht SOL D by A U CTION, By MclT. CHRISTIE and ANSELL, At their Great Room in Pall-mall, oh Wednesday the 3d of June, at One o'clock, A VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, confiding of the Manor of HARTRIDGE, fituate lying and being at CRANBROOK, near MAIDSTONE, in the County of .KENT; Containing S6S Acres more or left, divided into eligible Farms, with fuitaale Farm-houiis, Barns, 8cc. The Manor is of confiderable Extent, and abounds with Game. The Lands are capable of great Improvements at a fmall Expence, and well adapted for the Growth, of Hops. The Wood Land, which contains about* 33 Acres, isTythe free, and in Hand; the Remainder leu unexceptionable Tenants; is diftant from the feveral Market Towns, vh. twelve Miles from Maidftone, IJ from Tunbridge, and 51 from London. - Prinfed Particulars may he ftiortly had. T? In SOLD by AUCTION, By Mcflrs, CHRISTIE and ANSELL, On. the Premifes, on Thurfday the a8th inft. at One o'Clock, by Order of the Executors, In four Lots. Lot i.HpHE diftinguilhed and fuperla- X lively elegant FRE"EHOLD VILLA, with numerous attached and detached Offices, Plea­ fure Ground, difpofed in infinite Tafle; Lawns, noble extenfive Terrace, Kitchen,Garden, furrounded with lofty Walls, cleathed with Fruit Trees of the mod choice Nature, in the higheft State of Perfection; Pinery, Succeflion-houies, rich Meadows, &c. late the Refidence of Sir JOSHUA VAN NECK, Bart, deceased. The Situation is peculiarly elegant, on the Banks of the Thames, in. the Parilh of Putney, Lot i. A compact elegant. Freehold Villa, with every requifite Office, Pleafure Ground, Lawn, Terrace, Kitchen Gardens, rich Meadow, &c. adjoining to Lot one, and poflefiing in Point of Situation all the fingular and uncommon Beauties attendant on the above Premifes, and are now lett on Leaie, which will expire next Spring, to The EARL of GOWER, at the annual Rent of One Hundred and Seventy Pounds. Lot 3 and 4, Are two rich Freehold Meadows, adjoining to the above Ground, &c. No Perfon whatever will be admitted cither to view the Premifes or to the Sale without Tickets, which may be had by fending their Names to MefT. Chriftie and Anfell, Pall-mall. To be SOLD by AUCTION, By MefT. CHRISTIE and ANSELL, At their Great Room in Pall-mall, on Monday the jft «f June, A Valuable LEASEHOLD ESTATE, held on Leaie from King's College, Cambridge ; Confiding of a Manfion-houfe and Manor of Grant Chefter, and divers Lands and Tenements near Cambridge, in the County of Cambridge. The faid Premifes are lett onXeafefor 15 Years from Mi­ chaelmas 1*68, at the annual Rent pf *aol. to ' Meff.. WILLIAM and HENRY HE AD LEY, and are fubject to the. Payment to the College of iol. 1 js. 4d- together with feveral Corn Rents an- nually-j or to the Market Price for the fame. The Eftare may be viewed frith. Leave of the Tenants. .-\ Printed Particulars may be had of Mr. James Day, at ( ambridge; and at the feveral Poft-houfes of Puckridge, Newmarket, Bark way-, Fulmore, Chefter- ford, Hoekerell, Harlow and Epping j and, of Meff. Chriftie and Anfell, Pall-malL ; To be. LETT or SOLD, By Melf. CHRISTIE and ANSELL, With or without the neat Houfehold Furniture; A COMPACT GENTEEL VILLA with Coach-houfe and Stabling tor four Horfes, and every requifite Office, Pleafure Ground and Kitchen Garden, ami rich Meadow adjoining, in the Whole five Acres, pkafantly fituate in the Road leading to Fulham, about three Miles and a Half from Hyde- park Corner. The Premifes are held on Leafe for an unexpired Term of 96 Years, fubject to a moderate Outgoing, are neatly and uniformly fitted up and flniihed, and in excellent Repair; the Pleafure Groand judici- oufly laid out, and planted with the choiceft Shrubs and Evergreens, and the Kitchen Garden inclofed with Wails, claathed with a Variety of Fruit Trees in full.Bearing. To be viewed with Tickets, which may be had by applying to MeiT. Chriftie and Aufell; of whom further Particulars may be .known. By AtelL and A 'lT^litX', v A VaVniWe. FREEHOLD ESTATE f >t FARtfiTAM, in Hampffiire: fconfi/yng of. the Manor of Cams,, and a capital new-built Man r fiqri., elegantly fiqlflhed, and innumerabje Offices, PKafrire "Gfouhdj - s Lawnis, Gardens, - with Green : houfe, „Hot-houfe, Fruit and. Flower^houfes 1 , Do- : mairje' Lands, &c. of -_• • Major General C ARNA G : Together with feveral eligible v Farms fiirrounding the Premifes; the Whole of the&nifdings in ;iub- ftantial and elegant Repair, and the Lands in high' Mannrage; are of the yearly Vajtfe, exclufive of the Manfion, Pleafure Ground, Gardens, &c. of near Nine Hundred Pounds per Annum. Thei<legant Hovllioid Furniture, Live and Dead Stocfe, Farming and Gardening Implements, &c. mav be hqd at a fair Valuation. A Perfon attends, who. will ftrew the Premifes,; and printed Particulars may be. had of Mr. Chriftie in Pall-mall. * . To bo S OLD by private Contradt, By Meff. CHRISTIE and ANSELL, A N elegant VILLA, with Stabling for •fixi Horfes, Standing for two Carriages, with every requifite attached and detached Offices, elegant Pleafure Ground, with a Piece of Water, Shrubbery, &c. Green-houfe, well -conftrufted Pinery and Soccefllon - houfe, Kitchen Garden, walled, planted with the choiceft Fruit Trees : , and^lenti-, fully cropped, with a ricfi Meadow adjoining, in the Whole about 16 Acres,- at X HE O B AL D's, MoftdelightfuHy fituate, within half a Mile of the Turnpike and Road beyond Waltham Crofs, in the County of Herts. '• The Premifes are fitted up in, a remarkable neat and elegant Stile, and potTefs every wilhed-for Convenience requifite for the> Accommodation of a. genteel Family. The whole of the modern and elegant Furniture, adapted to the Houfe, may be had at the Option of the Purchafer, at a fair Valuation. To be viewed with Tickets, which.may be had of Melf. Chriftie and Anfell, in Pall-mall; of whom further Particulars may be known.- Thirteen Acres of Meadow adjoining may be alio had. To be SOLD by Prjvate Contraft, By Medrs. CHRISTIE and ANSELL, A SPACIOUS FREEHOLD HOUSE, with Coach-houfes, Stabling, Offices, Plea­ fure Ground, Kitchen-Garden, and three Incfofures of rich Meadow Land immediately adjoining - , in the Whole about it Acres, three Rood and ,18 Perches, late in the Poflelfion of \ The Right Hon. Lady CHARLOTTE EDWIN, deceafed, Defirably fituate near the Road leading from Putney to Richmond, in Surrey. A Perfori attends to lhew the Premifes; and further Particulars known of Med; Chriftie and Anfell, in Pall-mall, To be SOLD,. By Medrs. CHRISTIE and ANSELL, A SMALL NEAT HOUSE, FURNISHED, beautifully fronted with Adam's CompoTrtion; confiding of a Hall, two Parlours, Kitchen and Walb-houfc on the Gr^urid Floor, five Bed-chambers an the firft Fio-cr, Stabling for,eleren Horfes, two Coach-houfes, and two convenient Outbuildings, forming Wings to the Stables; a pleafant Garden, Green-houfe, &c. walled in, and plirited, "The-above Premifes are newly and fubftantially built, fituate in a retire I and pleafant Spot, between Guilford and Bagfnot, in the Pariih of Perbright, in Surrey, 3j Miles from;.London, in an rxcellent Sporting Country. For further Particulars enquire of Med". Chriftie and Anfell, Pall-mall. • " ' T O be LEI T, fURMSHhU, and entered upon immediately, at FlTCHAM, near LEATHERHEAD, in SURREY, 19 Miles from Weftminfter Bridge, A roomy, convenient Houfe, with Coach-houfes, Stabling for 10 Horfes, Barn, Oqthoufes, a good Garden well cropped, and the Walls well cloathed with Fruit Trees; alio.two rich Meadows clofe adjoining, i The Hsnfe is pleafamly fituated on a Lawn, commanding circular Prafpeci* variagated and rich, the Soil healthy and dry, and the Roads remarkably- good. Contains on the Ground Floor a Hall,' three good Parlours, light Clofets, Houfekeeper's Room, Butler's Pantry, detached Offices are an excellent Kitchen, Servants Hall, Pantry, Dairy, Wafhfeoufe, Laundry, Bakehoufe, and every other requifite Out- houfe; the Whole compleated with fuitable .Fittings- up. On the firft Floor are five good Bed-chambers- and Drefiing-rooms, over which are fix Domeftic Apartments, with .Bed-chambers' for Men Servanda in. the detached Offices. The Premifes are plentifully fupplied with Water. ....».."•!• The Tenants may be accommodated with more Land if required. Further Particulars may he known of Meff. Chrif­ tie and Anfell, in Pall-malL To be SOLD oy AUCTION, By Mr. G O O D, On' the Premifes, To-morrow punctually at Eleven o'Clock, T H E genuine Household Furniture, Stock and Implements in Trade, valuable Shop Fixtures, large Iron Biam and Planks, Gop per Scales, Brafs and Iron Weights, a fmall Iron. Cheft, a large Quantity of Paper and Paper Bags, and numerous other Articles of Mr. BENJAMIN BRIDGE WATER, Grocer, at No. 70, Hoibourn Hill. To be viewed This Day, and till the Time of Sale; when Catalogues may be had on the Premifes, and of Mr. Good, No. tar, Fleet-ftreet. "To b* § 6 L P ~b7Xu CTION, By Mr. GOOD, At his Great Room, No. Fleet-ftreet, by Order of the Executor, on Monday next, and the two ~ folldvtfng Daysj- at Eleven o'Clock, ri^iHe valuable and well -chofen Library X of BOOKS of the late Rev. Dr. PEARSON, of Lyridhurft, Hants: Confiding af upwards of 1000 Volumes of a choice Collection of the mod elteemed Authors, in the feveral Branches of ufeful and polite Literature, To be viewed To-morrow, and till the Time of Sale; when had at Garraway's Coffee-houfe, and of Mr. Good. To- be SOLO oy A Ut. V I u is, By Mr. GOOD, At his Great Room, No. r»i, Fleet-ftreet, by Order of- the Executor* on Thurfday next, at. Twelve, T HE rich modern and elegant Wardrobe of Wearing Apparel, exceeding rich. Laces, and other Watches,-Rings, Jewels, Trinkets, &e. of a LADY, deceafed. Likewile the elegant Wearing Apparel of a GENTLEMAN, taken in Execution by the Sheriff of London. i To oe viewed on Tuefday, and till the Time of Sale, when Catalogues may be had. ' : By Mir". SO .M PT'O NT, On the P'remiiesj TTiri and the fohQ *ihj D lysj -x^: at-twelve o'clock, rf HE valuable Leafe of thofs ex,teniiv« X 7 r^emiTcstliwttoufe-and Auftion ROOTJV Np. 4*." Wigraore -flfeeTi -Cayendiih-fquare, now in the Podeftlon "of Mr. William Hawkins, Auflioneer and Upholfterer, retiring from Bufinefs. At the f*a\e Time will be fold all his genuine Houfehold Furnt. tore and valuable Stock in Trade; confiding of a Variety of Upholftery and ..Cabinet \Vurk in Bed- ftea,ds, Comrnodes, Chefts of- Drawers, Wardrobes, Chairs/Tables, Carpets, &c. &c. viewect till the'Sale; when Particular8;and Catalogues may be had ort' the Premises; of Mr, Com'pton, in South Audley Street; No. 5, in South'Atreetj Orofvenor Square.' To Ship, Ligh :er and Boat Builders, Carpenters, &c* T» te * O I, O bj A UCTIO N, By M. , SE ARL-SS, OnMonday the * jtfi Inft. and the following Days, T HE remaining Part of .the Stoofc >V Trade of EDWARD BOWATER, Efq; at his Ship Yard, Woolwich, in Kent : ConfiftirigTof a large Quantity of Wi-U-feafoned and ufeful large and fmall Oak Timbers, ftrait and compafs ditto, n;» and old Knees, thick Stuff of different Thicknefs, Four-inch Eaft Country Crown and 'Bracks- Plank, long Prufua Deals, Elm Timber and Plank, large Fir Timber.and Scantlings, and a large Quantity of othxt Utenfils. ' The" Stock may be viewed till the Time of Sale, (from Eleven to Four) which will begin each Day at Eleven o'Clock* . Catalogues to be had at Batfon's-Cbfr«9-houfe, London; the Ship, Woolwich; and of Mr. Searlas, at Greenwich, in Kent.--: " To be 5 O L D by A U C T I ON," By Mr. S K I N N E R, Gn Monday the 15th of June, and the five following Days, on the Premies, at Eleven o'Clock,' T HE beautifully elegacit and very higlily finifhed Stock ,m Trade, large.and ; valuaMe AlTbrtment of choice unmanufactured Mahogany, Zebra, Sattin, Tulijpartdother Wood, rich Damasks, Tabrays and" Morihes; 'fine* printed* Cotton, and rrriped Manchefters of the ncweft and moftradmired Patterns, Idrg* Glades and Gkandbles in fopeth Frames, richly carved and gilt 5 excellent Carpets, and Abundance, of other valuable Articles.; Alfj the Houfehold Furnit«re, Plate, ILinsn, China and Books; and the extenfive Freehold and Leafehoil Premifes; nioft eligibly fituate in Catherrne-ftrset, Strand, and now in the PoflefEon of Mr.. THOMAS GALE» Cabifiet-maker and Uphorder. The manufacrurerl Stock comprises a-yuncommon Variety of Upholftery. and Cabinet Goods, com­ pofed of exquiiite Materials, fkilfuly difpofed, and finifhed with peculiar and unrivalled Tafte. The Whole executed in the moftfafhionablc and approved Stile by a Series of.unremittedDiligenceand'Atten- tion, at a very great! Expence, and comprehends an Ademblage, highly worthy the Notice of the Public, To be viewed three Days preceding, (Sunday excepted) when printed Particulars and Catalogues may be had on the Premifes, and af Mr. Skinner. Note, The Freehold and Leafehold Premifes will be fold the firft Day,' punctually at One o'clock. To 1* SOLD by AUCTION, ;. i( By Mr. SKI N WE Rt On Tuefday the iffth ftf June, at Garraway's df. fee-houfe, Exchange-alley, Cornhill, at Twlta o'Clock, in 15 Lots, P ART of the VALUABLE and ELIGL. BLE FREEHOLD ESTATES belonging to The Right Hon. Lord ONSLOW: , Confiding of the SPACIOUS MANSION and fnlv able Offices, called EMBER CO WRT, with Terrare, Lawn, extenfive and maft beautiful Paddock'^ in. terfperfsd with choice Plantations, nearly encom- paded by a lemarkable fine Quick Hedge, and the Remainder hounded by the River Mole 1 Large and excellent Gardens, with .Pinery and Sacwffiort* houfe; an Orchard, and four Fields of rich Land: The Whole containing upwards of Seventy Aerei, mod beautifully fituated at EMBER, contiguous to Thames Ditton, in the County of Surrey, and op« pofite Hampton Conrt, on a Spot where 1 the diftin- guifhed adjacent Vie^s appear uncommonly delight* ful, and forming a molt defirable Refidence, now _rhe Seat of hi* Grace the ARCSBISHOP of CAN. TERBURY. . ' A commodious Dwelling houfe, with requifite Offices and Gardens, filiate adjoining Wefton Green, in the Poffedion. of Edward.VVUUams, E'fqjtt.moft compact Farm, lett to Itfr. James Stokes, An annual Rettt Charge irif;ng from the capital . Ember Copper MihYand iron Works, tad Various rich lhclofures; containing abotrt Two Hundred qni Sixty Acres, occupied by George Jarvis, Bfqj Mf» Tealing,-and othersi' 1 * To be yiewed 14 Days preceding the Sale; when printed Particulars may be had at the Manfion, where a Perfon will attend to (hew the refpe£ttye Lots; alfa> of Chandler andS^bthprpe, Attornjes, Guildford ; of Mr. Butler, Na. IQ , Southampton Row, Bloomsbury ; at ths Place of Sale, and of Mr. Skinner." ' ; ' Tir be SOL IX by AUCTION* By Mr. S KINNER, Oa Saturd >y the'aroth «f Jane, at the Sun* Inn, at Maidenhead, at TwelvfcVClock, in ifiLots,. A VALUABLS and defirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, fitoateat and»djacen>.tf> Medmepham, near Great Marl rw, in th ^Cbflnr> of BUCKS t Cohliftihg'-of ppwards of FIVE 'HCN- D RED ACRES of MfiAt>QW, PASTURE ARABLE and WO 3D LAND', of a inoft luxuriant Soi^ , lying to fine Afpeds, with fome very pleafiog;Emi­ nences, cbmmandingadmired Profpeets 6ve%a vaft Extent -of delightfuL Country, and all incbfitd .CX", cept twenty-four Acres. Thiee Farms, with fuitable Building?, called.Wood End, Hallowiclt'iv.j »hd Blunt's, comprize Threo Hundred and, fen A^res; the Remainder is the Abby-houfe and Offices, gardens, Lawns, beautiful Meadows, and various; other rich Inclafures,' bordering on the River "Thalnes^ with the Royalty and fole Right of ah'extenfive Fifhery, a Wharf and Ferry, fundry DwelKng* houfes and Cottnges,- Part lett to Tenants at Will, and Patt in Hand; the whole yearly Vaiuft FIVB- HUNDRED and FIFTY POUNDS. :>= • r 1 AI fo, together or in Lots, adapted to the different Lands, the IMPROPRIATE TYTHES of the Pa- rifh, comprizing upwards of Seven Hundred Acres; the PERPETUAL ADVOWSON, and .Right of Prefentation to the Vicarage of Med 'tQenhamj including the Parfonage Houfe, Glebe and Great Tythcs of fhree Hundred and Thirty-three Aeres, with the whole of the fmall Tythes. To be viewed 14 Days preceding the Sale, when printed Particulars may be bad on- the -refpeclive Premifes; alio at the Upper Crown, Mirkw; the Red Lion, Henley; the Place of j44s; tl^erRed Lion, Hounflow ; 3iid .qf Mr, akinner.j Ald«rfg4te- dreet, London, where a Plan «f the Edate miy be teen. LONDON : Printed by H. 5^ WOODFALL, (No. i) the Comer of ivy-Lane, PMerBofter-Row; wnere LETTERS to the Aa'thor (Poft-paid) are received, end ADyERTlSiEU^ <4smNTS of » aodWMC Length trettkea in • Three ShilUngs each.— A OVER TiSEME NTS «xe aUb taken in at Lloyd's Coifec-Honfe^ io L^mhani-SJtrcct

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