The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1931
Page 3
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APRIL 15, 1931 (ARK.y COTTIER NEWS PAGE TRUE*. Holdup Foiled by Bank Employes' Heroism 'Continued (rorn paw one) the council by Mayor Reed before the council voted. They were: J. F. Leiui. A. G. Hall, H. B. Proctor. Norman F. Moore. After l;cnti was selected Mr. Hall told the mayor j that a mistake had bien made in i submitting liis name as he had wllidrawn I is bid when Informed | that UK council lnl,?nded reducing the auditor's salary to $30 per nvnth. Mnvor fieeil agreed the mistake had been made. Referring to the engineering Oe- pmtment. Mayor Reed said thai no il.pointrnents were forthcoming, nn agreement to let the deuartirant remain as in the past being In effect for the present, but that a definite decision in regard to the department would be announced in the near future J. T. Craig is oilv englneT or commissioner and Leonard Taylor., arsls'.onl commissioner. Salaries Ueduccd Salaries rf . appointive offices were slashed by the council last night, ranging from small cuts in one or two ofli'vs lo 20 per cent cuts In others for an average reduction of about 15 per c»nt in salaries. The motion to reduce sal- ailes, embodvln" a schedule work- fd cut at the Informal session Monday night, was passed unani- mcuslv. The Ea'iry cut per month for the aopointivc offices, not including the reduced payments to the firemen (who are paid per ii r -.?> wax estimated at S255 per mcnlh. The reductions announced: ool- ice chief, SiM to $150: two policemen (holdovor from first two years) S130 to $110; three new policemen. $90; fire truck drivers: $13n to $125: street commissioner, $125 to 3120: assistant, street com- missioiYT, !110 to SM; health doctor. $50 to $40: city auditor, $40 to 30. Fir.2 chief from eight dollars for all alarms to eight dollars per fife where water is used and five _ Heroism of Claude Owen, upp'r ri 3 ht, an assistant csshkr, foiled an attempl to hold up the First Na tional Bank of Southern Maryland at Upper Marlboro, Md. Opening fire on three bandits as the entered the bank, he killed cue and wounded another. The screams of Louise Armstrong, lower rigl a clerk, aroused persons in the neighborhood and led to a police chase in which the two bandits wl escaped from the bank were captured. The band! ;' car is shown above, abandoned In a ditch net Brown's Station, Ml, alter it had teen stopped by bullets. News of the Blytheville Schools English CotUi^e Is Planned for a\e\v,Riisti<! Tun Work will begin tomorrow on thci P ?w Husilc Tun, to be erected by] S K. llul-wll, on tlv; west side of U iehwny ci between Main and' "limit streets. | 'Die English collage style struc :t<'. to cost $4300, will be unlqui (Continued from Paije 1) Hoover speak over the radio yesterday us a purl, of the observance ol Tus- kcgw Institute, nt Tnskegee. Aln., j n rndio Imvlng bron Installed cs- r for. Mils occasion. .? I'mtee, Jcnnucs stipeivls- for the and Cotton Plots to Demonstrate Fertilizer Stlllmnn No. 55 ... npiH-nranre. Gray rubbb sioiu's Clear Lake No. 4 rought from Imbodon, Ark., ore j Blyllievllle No, 5 o tc laid by an experienced stone '• Ocsncll No. 0 ... ii'.mn. ] Hulfman No. 7 . The 45 by 24 foot structure will! N ™' Harmony No. B . f pinci-d In il-e center of nil 150 An "orel No. 0 v 150 fool lot, which lias been • Miulto No - lr> i'r.dsc.ipcd by J. Louis Cherry. lie "°>' llltm No. 17 - HI be in charge of more work of Ynrkro Nu - 20 Ills kind lo be done after the' B 0 * Elder No. '22 ... g Is compiled. | D*" No. 2'J iires of the Interior will be ! j: ""'"V™"' ?°- 2 * e stone fireplace at each end'if ,, jj ~ "' of the long room, flunked wllli'.?" "°j£ ™,' n . "" rive tracts of cotton and corn 10.450 11.945 72 I IVITL> nmmsccl yesterday- for dem- 1,298,150 mjoiistrnllan of fertilizer by J. E. 51.5 1-5.3 10,300 3.275 1D.8M 29 124,250 24.8 24.625 2i 1 41.250 34.S 15.955 Crllz, comity audit, and T. H. the country up to and ln=lud!aj x 1848, but stops there with 20 feet'' left. Many discussions have faMM* had In recent years us to win 1 , should go In thj vacant space, but no action of any kind has. bi::> Liken. The space should constantly remain open, says the Ohio senior, who Is clmlrman ol the Jclnl ODi'n- inlltec on the Library which h.u Jurisdiction over all art works in the capltol, ns a reminder to trios; who see it that the history of th>-' country Is not yet completed. Europe has fifteen rc(gn!n? mm- arclis anrl fourteen presidents. 45.050 23.4 of the American Cynnamld 9.8 | company, of Little llock. 'ilu- one tiiul acre tracts arc all In the vicinity of Manila wlu'rc records of the cotton and corn grown there will b: kept for future vcfcruiccs. 1103 « 3C| ... iuj ....... " tlic center and ladle? rest room oiul men's lounging room at encli B.450 14.BM 4,200 6,375 24 <> 03.5 11.1 70 Reese No. 33 Promised Land Club Beautifies Church Lawn Ekrcn No. 33 Iloolhs and tables will also Number Nine No. 34 be nn attraction to the Interior. Djugherly No. 37 An eld fashioned barbecue pit, as iifeit by Mr. Ifalscll since entering ll:e "pig" business, will be at the back of the building. Parking -paces for cars will be arranged n 2 24.000 ' 4S 5 20,050•«" lo ' ''''pmlsc.1 3800 270 chinch Mdnday 55.4 39.4 No More Gas In Stomach and Rowels If you wish lo Ve permancn'ly r.'llevcd of gns In stomach an;l bowels, tnke Daalmann's Oas Tab- 1 " No 40 N 4 ° ' Moon No. 47 171,075 27.1 lo]l75 40 .'i;"; 011 ^" 01 ', ''n,!! i Icls ' «'l.lcli are prepared csiwc'arr i.ami met at inc. fo| . .„<,„,,„.,, Bns „„,, „„ ,„, bnd clfects resulting from r_E\? prex—• sure. for an around ih, building. U. S. bran- H|ck|lm|1 No 4R kc No. 49 's Spur No. BO between Memphis and St- sen Is architect, nnd Ben White Is £,',,"! ••"iii'nctor for the new building, ''", '. ' which wll be the most modern of 5™*"* 10.025 8,025 63 I Rocky No. 54 all uny Cr>loman on lawns and gardens, l-'iow- crs nnd trees were set out on the i ' thmcli lawn. A picnic was sewed. 1 " 1 " I' 11 o' lllc stomach will dlsap-' • The nest mcclhij of tlv clubl!*" 1 ": «'«» anxious, mrvcus v.lll be Monday, April 20. with Mrs. wil1 ' llclu ' 1 Pa'PUntlon will va-,i5hi- C. F. Tucker as hostess !" [1<1 J' 01 ' wl " a 8 nl11 be able to Uk2. r. deep breath without, disnomror'. I That, drowsy, sleepy feellnj after 182 :r£SS Ul'gCS Space [dinner will b2 replaced by a Ues.ia.- ro 6 for entertainment. Bloating will cense. Your/limbs, arms and flng- ' ers will no longer (eel cold aud . 28.8 62.0' lary, 1999, President Roosevelt created a temporary Negro School newspaper sensation by covering D8 miles en horseback between dny- llBhl and dark. He made use of three horses in his 17 hours of rid- Students of th2 Armorcl negro about It. La/u/e School The P. T. A. ladies of I.iim school are still serving hot lunch ill u v> licit; via in 10 ujvu UI*IL* .. • - | - dollars per false alarm or chemical to the school children. firr;. Assistant chief and other firemen, from five dollars for water Mr. Mills, who works for the Fns- co railroad company, spake to the ! . to wear when caring for their presented at the assembly period ' chickens Monday by Ihe pupils of 4B grade ! The children in the first grade We are glad to Imve al lour ab- res-ret very much that Sallie Math- sent pupils back. John Llliolt Misho is who has been absait the past »'s was absent because of illness, Is three weeks because of scarlet fever able to be tack now. still unable to return to school. | The 6B pupils arc very sorry to j In a series cf tests in subtrac- • lose one of their class members. Pal! fires to four dollars, three dollars I children of Lange school last w*sk. (ion given the 3B class. Baneita ! O'Brien. Pat has moved lo Mis- for chemical fires or false alarm to j He made an excellent talk on safety. Lucas°made the highest grade. ' 'souri, but he said he would return two dollars. |ln his talk he told t'ne children iu; ; The ch'ldren in the A an:! 3B • to Sudbury school next September. .T. J. Mahan spoke to the conn- to play on the railroad trank ar.t 1 ' gl . a(les ar g ^^ tt - e ighed and given i T" 10 6n P"? 1 ' 5 Rrc vor V busy na-.v examination by the ell in the interest, of j'ie library association, asking that Ihe city place the library on its budget for a monthly sum. No action was taken on the proposal at the meeting but, the council and Mayor Reed indicted that $50 a month for the support of thi library would be placed on the budget if citv iin- rrices permitted. Action will be taken on "the matter 1 at a later. mcct{ii7. Ross Beams, city treasurer, informed the council that banks were unable to offer him depository tonds for city funds. Personal liability bonds were sugeested for the treasurer but tr.3 matter was not definitely settled pending further investigation. ; Names New Board Mayor Reed anounced the appointment of a Board of Public Affairs consisting of Fred Warren, cashier of the Farmers Bank and Trust company, and John Snyder, caishler of the First National Bank, to' serve with the chief executive ori th- toard. Tne Board ot Health, named by the mayor, is composed of the following: Dr. I. R. Johnson, nf. P. D. Smith, Dr. A. M. Washburn, Aldermen Lunsford and Divis. Committee appointments within th'e council were named by the not to ever c hmb under cars on Practicing a play which they win .he tracx. He siiowen tne can^.-r 01 Coll ,,[y Health Unit Blve for tneur Monday monnni! as- this by telling of many accidents, Th( , „ , n - Mlss o ,,ti aw - s . sembly program. The name of the that had happened this way. I r(X)m enjoyed tnelr Enster , llm , pluy is "Strawberry Red. 1 The pupils of Lange were wMjh- cvell though it did rain, ed and measured last week. The health contest is moving j' Some tim? ngo we rent penman- along fine, most everyone in t!i? ship papers to the Creimer Pen- roam is 100 per cent in keeping the I manship com'pany to b? graried health rules each day. The., fourth i Those In the fourth grade who met 'grades won lost week.. .. ... the standard were: Mar-iaret VcU I V.'e are all locking forward with Round-Up of Pre-School Children The sumiri?r round-up of physical inspections or children cnterliv jn Mississippi county today. will bc , in Imogens Hawkins. Naomi Alexaii- much pleasure to the Art exhibit | <;.i ln _j" der. Eiouise Parks, Addie Jlas Wil- l1 -'- ---'• '"' —' ' son, Eddye Evelyn Turner, Binnie .- -.- a ... «... ... , . . Jackson. Margie Nierstheimer, Mary picture for our room. We hsvs had , „ J/'l""^! ^'"U™, ".S Lelia Ro'jerkcn. Ruth Elizabeth an interest;: Smith. Pauline Norinun. >fadDliiie room the i Uljl ILTkfMI. >VC HOC HJU i ting language game in 01:1- " al!n S wlth , tllc Parent-Tea last week, the name cf it a "°- !tlt! °" s , '" . c ™^'" n _ B ._' thre story bcoks. They h?.ve come and the pupils are enjoy:n? them Tnc 5A P u P lls nave not nad a sin- very much. " B'e lardy this month. The second grade bovs an'l girls ,-, ,, ,, , . are having a very intcreslinT health {.MlOUriJ &CflOOl study. Every morning we h^ve a story from a story book, "The | The SB Reading club had an in- Brownies Health Book." They are trying to put in practice the lessons learned from the rtorlcs. teresting program April 3. Sp'.endld reports were made by Arthur Patterson, Margaret Wil- Mrs- N. B. Menard, of this city, is state chairman of the summer round-up. The pre-schcol clinic is being held at Shawnee today. Tuesday the clinic will be at .Dsceola, Wed- j ncsday at Kclrer and here the following Wednesday, April 29. The 2A room is very glad to have litms. Pat O'Brien and Nina Wil__ _ _., .... UsrcV Jackson back in school alter j son. These programs are carried ou' mayor with each a'ferrnan named a three weeks illness. Billie Wald- [ on the same plan that the radi- as chairman of cne committee and. rup was out of school on Friday on programs are using. Edward Dav[i each committee eonsisling of one [ account of illness, but he Is back made a splendid Imitation micro a'dcrman from each ward. Finance To'm W. Jack?nn, Ross Hughes, E. F,: Jackscn; streets and alleys Dr. H: S Davis. L. G. Thompson. J. E. Lunsford; buildings L. G. Thompson, Tom W.Jackson. E. R. Jackson light and water E. R. Jackson, again today. 'phone for the use of the students. L.'G. Thompson. Dr. H. S. Davis; j also tell Ordinance J. E- Lunsford. Ross games. D.: Hughes. Dr. H. S. Davis and J. E. Lunsford- RrEs Hughes, Dr. H. S. Davis and E. R. Jackson were named to a committee to examine claims and bills. The 3rd grade is making a class I Winnie Jewel Harwell has b?er room magazine. The name of Ihe made a member of the 6B roan magazine is the Spotlight. They are art. committee. This committee i'. telling about the work t':ey are go- doing splendid work. Ing to cover during the month oi [ The 4A room Is planning a na- April in this magazine. Thsy will: ture hike scon. about Ihcir sonjs and I The 5A room is sorry to fcav Ruth Starts and Sue Ramey abssn. The 3rd grade children mad! CTS- ' this week on account of sickness, kets of spring Bowers to decDr.iiej The 5A room is glad to have Ev- their room with. ' erett Craig enter our school. Ev Wednesday Is P. T. A. day nnd • frett came from Jonestoro. we arc so anxious to have the imst | The 5A grade is enjoying an e:;mothers out. .\vc want to use fut. tensive study of the Panama Cana. dollar to help buy cur pictures. Ws "'Is week. want you to visit our room before ' Those who visited with the 3A time to go to the meeting. We are g rad e this week are Mrs lilack- going to have some of the wark H 'ell, Mrs. Patrick and Miss Mil- we have done during the year on dred Lucy. exhibit for you. I Vcst^r Smith jr., has returned tc The 4A and 5B girls nrc winnhiT school after several weeks absence in the health rubs contest nearly on account of scarlet fever. Meetings of boys and girls SK'every week. It seems Ihe'toys Jus'. | Pauline Massey has been absent libs and Women's Home Demon-1 cannot remember to clean up every several days this week because o! fatten clubs are bolng held in morning. I the severe illness of her little bro- Uiis Mae Glajnor from Sndbu<-y "ier. has transferred to om 4A class. I The 3B grade welcomes two na Doris Bogss left last Friday. S^e-! members, Irene Anderson from Is moving back to Indlam wh3rc i L'lxora and Carl Anderson fror Cotton Planting Is Discussed by J.111S >1 C(.K cliibs st f alien Mississippi county this Week for s^'c'al di;c:issicns concerning the planting of cotton and corn and "Better Homes" v; 3e k observance. she lived until a few months The Yarbro and BlsckwatOT c''jts will meet Wednesday anrtj Elliotte Aldridge and Thursday the Htghtower and Bur-: Scherer have not missed : Carrol dette clubs will meet when S. D. Carpenter, of Osccola, will accompany Miss Cora loe Coleman. J. E. Critz, agricultural agent in |v« noillvcrn part of the county, will accompany the home demonstration agent to Boynton Friday club at spelling this month Central Ward. Tile 313 grade is very sorry Alice Jce McFall and Lerllne White hav. ! been absent the past week dua t: We arc studying pictures and nrt- Illness. We hope to have them lm:l ists. We study them every yeir. Wo are not. eniering th° County Picture contest because our schos! does not have nil the. grades necessary to of Hope had meetings. A program has been adopted for a subway system In Rome that eventually will include sis under- As a continuation of the "Chick- ground railways serving tte entire ens in School" project Hie 1st grade city. :8'rls are endued In making aprons Central Ward with us soon. TAvo playlets. "The Flower Maidens," and "April's Farcwsll" wen HEADACHES "If I have the headache or feel the need of a purgative, I take Black-Draught; 1 says Mr. Edgar Gamble, of 11-1 Vowlcr Ave.. Hop- klnsvlllc, Ky. "It Is c:isy to Inkc nnd qiitdJ lo ret I eve. I urivJ to have dull hoatUchos. ^ily eyes wouM burn and when J would stoop over I FCC mod to turn Lllml. This Isn't much of Q good feeling Tvhcn one lias to woih, and I bavc Inid lo work hard in my tlmo, beln^ a timber man. This work lakes tne from home n pood deal nml ono never liken lo set sick, especially away from linme. I found tlio best way to avoSJ this was to lake an occnslon-il dose of HEnck-Draught, and. keep Ihe systtjn cleansed." i»* i Tliedford's BUCK-DRAUGHT For CONSTIPATION, INDIGESTION, BILIOUSNESS Gns Tablets prevent gas from Inter torical frieze encircling the rotnn- da of the capltol will remain shy _ , . . luskegee Anniversary 2 the genuine. In the yellow pact? Rcun.. Ohio., has anything to say The frieze deplcls Ihe history ot I Store. SAMPLE FURNITURE thes: Typewriters - - - Adding Machines Repairing — Rebuilding — Rental- 1 ?—Ribbons—Carbon — Adding Machine Rolls Acton Printing Co. Typewriter Dept. Phone 10 Planting Seed For Sale Mis-Del No. 2, @ S50.00 per ton, Dclfos 911, @ S 15.00 per ton. Seed guaranteed pure anil germination lest 98"c. This Mis-Del is one year from breeding station. Staple 1 1-8 inch, thirds itself. The most satisfactory cotton I liavs ever grown. Prices F. 0. B. Grider. Maj. F. P. Jacobs Grider, Ark. 3-PIECE SUITE As pictured above, consisting ot Vanity Dresser. Bed and Niglil Table. This suite is made of beautiful niutc.lied walnut and is extra large in siec. Think of il - - - Tins bean! if ill walnut vanity dresser, poster bed and night table for only $49.75 i Don'l wait until our stock is gone. Wo sold 31 Bedroom Suites the first three days. Think of it, a year like this, and sell P/2 car loads of furniture in three days. We must be selling il cheap. All Kinds of Breakfast Room Suites % SK We just received all kinds of Breakfast Room Suites consisting of 4 chairs and table at You Can't Afford to Miss This HUBBARD FURNITURE CO Blytheville, Ark.

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