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Council Grove Republican from Council Grove, Kansas • Page 4

Council Grove Republican from Council Grove, Kansas • Page 4

Council Grove, Kansas
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PAGE POUR THE COUNCIL GROVE (KANSAS) REPUBLICAN MONDAY. AUGUST 22. 1938 1 Oma Jean Weeks, Sal. 133.30 Irene Buchman, Sal 136.00 GILLESPIE Louise DeHoff, Sal 135.74 Louis Traner, Sal 140.00 i 1 1 qtfi. Calvin C.

Hunter, Sal. 268.62 and Olen Young Sunday a.m. Bonnie nd Barbara Read called on Aster Smith Wednesday. Ben Neumeyer ca.led on Olen Young Sunday a.m. Ben Neumeyer spent Sunday with Mr.

and Mrs. Art Mastin and fami'y. tjarroii wray, mueage prisoner board, expense 347.4' Marie MunRell. mileage Anderson Lumber Parts 1.65 Economy Oil Oil Diesel Fuel 442.64 Burdick Oil Tires 275.44 Henry Clark Motor Parts 80.50 Coons Kohler, Tires Supplies 370.14 McOlintock Motor Parts 425.45 McGrew Tire Service, Tire Repair 61.20 Burgner Bowman Matthews, Saw 3.50 Gibson-MIUer-Sims, Tools 4.70 Rumsey White, Supplies 7.70 Chas. P.

Theel, Solder Funnel 2.30 Western Auto, Enamel, wire and switch box 7.55 Paul Richardson. Labor 3.00 Bernard Service, Gas Parts 726.05 Morris Co. Treasurer, Freight Bill 13.81 expenses 236.09 David H. Heilman, mileage 201.80 A. G.

Dunn, mileage 115.38 Chas. J. Kohler, mileage 94.88 T. W. Kasten, mileage 111.18 E.

V. Nelson. mileage 227.90 Nellie McMichael, Sal 143.90 Drivein Show at Emporia Wednesday evening to celebrate Peggy's birthday. Mr. and Mrs.

Guy Horton and children and Mr. and Mrs. Dean Horton and children were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lew Horton and Leland Thursday evening.

M.r end Mrs. Bill Kealy and a friend of Topeka, Mrs- George Anderson and Miss Mildred Anderson and a neighbor of Emporia called on the Kealy's Sunday eve. Mr. and Mrs. Sid Drummond and Mr.

and Mrs. George McDowel of Ottawa and Mr. and Mrs. John Denison and Scotty and Mr. and Mrs.

Earn Mackenthun cal'ed on Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Harris Sunday afternoon and evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hollar were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. I.

L. Harris Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Anderson and Joyce Ann attended the fair ait Hutchinson several days last week.

Miss LaVerna Hayes called on Miss Yvonne Anderson Saturday morning. 119.47 14.25 5.63 161.50 459.70 60.15 26.65 1.25 4.42 7.70 Mrs. Ester Haney called on Mrs. Preston Thomas Saturday afternoon. Mrs.

Chas Wilkerson spent Sunday with Mrs. Emma Ziegler. Chas. Blosser accompanied Br. and Mrs.

Robert Alexander and family to Allen Wednesday evening. Dale Thomas who has been visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. Preston Thomas will leave for duty in the army Sunday. Mr.

and Mrs. Parry Mallory, tailed Mr. and Mrs. Perry Mallory Friday. Date Thomas took supper with his grandmother Mrs.

Revia Hager Friday evening. Mr. and Mr. Leroy Osborne and sons spent Tuesday evening at the Frank Hebrank home. Mr.

and Mrs. John Denison had for their Friday evening dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. Preston Thomas. Mr.

and Mrs. Henry Sharp, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Boyce and family and Mr. and Mrs.

Robert Alexander and family were among others attending the Fair Thursday TOTAL 5,270.82 GRAND TOTAL $12,102.78 PUBLICATION LIST Road Bridge Fund August 1, 1955 197.54 ..177.46 189.03 221.69 186.20 BIG ISN'T IT? The official Kansas State Fair Grounds at Hutchinson covers a huge area, all of which will be utilized to the fullest, September 18-23. Emmet Blanton, Sal William Boyer, Sal Ralph Bumgarner, Sal. Herbert Campmier, Sal. Norman Diedrich, Sal. Tom Glannon, Sal Austin Hailey, Sal Kenneth Hiegert, Sal.

Ernest Jacobs. Sal OBITUARY William Edwin Wigle, son of Wilian Edward and Elizabeth Sneden Wigle was born May 25, 1893 at Vermillion Kansas in Marshall county. He passed away at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ina Robison, at Wilsey, Kansas, July 31, 1955, at the age of 62 years, 2 months and 6 days. In 1903 he came with his parents to Morris county and spent the rest of his life in the Wilsey community.

He joined the Methodist church in boyhood. February 28, 1917 he was united in marriage to Josie Eletta Stephenson of Wilsey. To this union 2 sons and 2 daughters were bom He was preceded in death by a son, Robert Edwin in 1920 at the age of 18 months, and also by his mother, father, and an infant brother. Surviving are the wife, 3 children, Mrs. Ina Robinson, Earl R.

Wigie, Mrs. Beulah Richardson, 7 grandchildren, Earl, Kenneth, and Mai Robinson, Virgil and Kathryn Wigle, Dennis and Alan Richardson 2 sons-in-law, Paul Robinson, and Irene Dent, Sal Bernadine K. Wessel, Sal. Anna K. Rees, Sal Social Security, Tax Withholding, Tax Blue Cross Blue Shield, Insurance Sam'l Dodsworth Stationery, Supplies Mel's Conoco, Gas Gibson-Miller-Sims, Labor and supplies Virginia Scholes, Judicial Council N.

A. Burkett, M.D., Service Morris Co. Hospital, Room rent Rumsey White, Fan Lattimore Fink Alcohol tests Aldrich-Herink, Service MoKan Chemical Supplies Nu-Tone Products, Janitor Supplies Burroughs Service Consolidated-Salina, Supplies City of Council Grove, July Service Com. Eng. Service and supplies A.

R. Carpenter, Judicial Council Home Gas July service C. Supt. Lyon Supplies Ruddick Book Store, Supplies Xavrat Office Equip. Supplies 240.10 154.56 198.41 202.82 Jess LeMay.

Sal 189.59 Card Of Thanks We wish to thank our friends Leroy Milam, Sal 209.78 1.00 35.60 20.00 10.70 17.80 38.70 20.50 9.91 12.70 143.83 220.0S Fund August 1, 1955 State Highway Commission of Kansas, Matching Federal Funds on FAS Project 64-S635 (4) and 64-S812 (3) il9.527.00 Russell Miller, Sal Ellis Mullins, Sal Claude Newton, Sal and neighbors for the beautiful floral offerings, the many cards and also for all the food brought 166.96 206.98 211.30 172.45 189.14 193.13 170.58 Victor Pearson, Sal Lloyd Richardson, Sal. George Stone, Sal John Timm, Sal. Johnie Williams, Sal. Lowell Timm, Sal Wilbur Atkinson, Sal. Everett Atkinson, Sal.

Finney Turnipseed Consulting Engineers, Pre-ratlon of plans for grading of approaches and bridges for FAS Project 64-S635 (4) and 64-S812M3) 2,400.00 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Anderson went to Emporia to shop Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs.

I. L. Harris spent Thursday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Clint Mercer.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Anderson 26.S 21.60 222.82 204.83 4.00 George Porter, Sal 182.34 O. D. Eeeleston.

Sal 186.64 180.35 9.88 to our homes during the death of our husband and father. Aiso a special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hanna for the music and to the pall bearers. Mrs.

Ed Wigle Mr. and Mrs. Paul Robinson and family Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wigle and family Mr.

and Mrs. Glen Richardson and family. 1661p KAHOLA VALLEY are doing some remodeling on their house. GRAXD TOTAL $21,927.00 PUBLICATION LIST Bindweed Fund August 1, 1955 Evan Swartz, Salary Mileage 235.65 Phyllis McConnell, Sal 33.10 Withholding Officer, Withholding Tax 15.40 Social Security Officer, Social Security Tax 10.00 County Treasurer, Bounty and postage C3.43 Ks. Power and Light, July service 84.02 Mr.

and Mrs. Dean Horton and "Peggy and Deanie attended the WARREN CENTER Marjorie F. Campbell, Sal. 156.20 Council Grove Republican, Elmer Belt, Sal 217.32 Martin Olson. Sal 199.56 Harold Siegrist, Sal 208.29 William J.

Ohm, Sal 202.08 Charles Robidou, Sal 200.32 Earl Arnett, Sal 184.09 Mrs. H. R. Wessel, Clerk Hire 24.91 Phyllis McConnell, Sal. 106.00 James McKenzie.

Sal 270.00 Blue Cross Blue Shield Hospitalization 111.90 Withholding Officer, Withholding Tax 321.96 Social Security Officer, So- Legal publications and supplies 137.21 C. G. Telephone July service 124.15 Glen Richardson, 1 daughter-in-law Mrs. Virginia Wigle, all of Wilsey, and a sister, Mrs- Bessie May New-kirk of xSavonburg, Kansas. Ed, as he was known by his neighbors and friends, was active in community affairs and was a member of the Walnut Grove school board for 16 years.

His jovial disposition won him many friends. He was a kind and ioving husband and father. He enjoyed his farm PUBLICATION LIST Blue Cross 'and Blue Shield, Hospitalization 13.80 Ruddick Book Store, Receipt Book 1.23 Rumsey White Parts .80 Western Mercantile GUILD MEMORIALS JOHN S. WILSON Ptrtonal Calls made on All Who Write or Phone Us. Office South Belfry Ph.

47F3 Pat Boudeman, Labor 8.00 Safety First Co of Fire extinguishers 144.87 Security Tax 269.50 cial Eastman Electric, Labor 700.00 C. G. Elevator, Coal 688.22 Admire Studio, Film Develop Parts 20.14 Bernard Service, 67 gallons of gasoline 13.92 Morris Co. Highway Dept. Reimbursement for Office ing 4.50 R.

W. Blackburn, M.D., Mrs. Patsy Marley had dentist work done Monday a.m. Mr. and Mrs.

Chuck Jordan drove to Osage Wednesday on business. Miss Elsie Ewing of Wilsey spent from Sunday until Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. C. D.

Young and family. Chris Jordan is helping Elmer put up prairie hay this week. Mr. and Mrs. George Solverance and family of Alta Vista called on Mr.

and Mrs. Eimer Read and family Wednesday evening. Paul Kirkeminde called on C. D. TOTAL $6,831.96 PUBLICATION LIST Health Fund Dr.

O. E. Campbell, Sal 60.20 Withholding Officer, Tax 13.30 Social Security Officer, tax 3.00 Supplies and Motor Oil 23.82 Service 3.00 TOTAL $6,887.20 ing and was always ready to ho'p his neighbors. He will be sadly JULY 1955 i Morris County Welfare Dept. Fred N.

Bosilevac, M. Optical Care 5.00 Herington Municipal Hospital, Hospitalization 198.79 Drs. Danielson, Gilliland and Dozier, Medical Care 15.00 Thomas Funeral Service, Burial 52.06 Dr. B. Medical Care 428.00 R.

W. Blackburn, M. Medical Care 168.05 Morris County Hospital, Hospitalization 992.27 X. A. Burkett, M.

Medical Care 208.00 Hylton Rest Home, Room, Hoard, Care 85.74 Anna Allen, Nursing Care 75.00 Viola Hylton, Transporta 1 76.50 missed by all who knew him. N. A. BURKETT, M. D.

Office N. Neosho Telephone 4 Day or Night Funeral services were held at the TOTAL PUBLICATION LIST General Fund Leland B. Garner, Sal Virginia Scholes, Sal A. R. Carpenter, Sal Dorothy Boudeman, Sal Ruth Garner, Sal Ruth Gamer.

Sal Wilsey Methodist church on Aug. 3. Burial was in the Wilsey Cemetery. Rev. Frank Anderson con 20.10 172.89 260.60 176.32 169.00 39.20 ducted the services.

Music was furnished by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd GRAND TOTAL 367.86 PUBLICATION LIST Road Bridge Fund August 1, 1955 Council Grove Laundry, Rags 9.85 Clarence Krause, Creek Gravel 117.60 Rumold Machine Shop, Welding Parts 20.19 R. W. Wiggans, Sockets 3.00 Cowdin Standard Service, Tire Repair 66.05 Council Grove K.P.

Service 18.44 Council Grove Water Dept, Service 16.73 Herington Water Elec. Service 1.00 Lost Springs K. P. Service 1.00 White City K. P.

Service 3.00 tion to Hos 19. u6 Consolidated-Salina, Office Supplies S.44 Dr. George E. Brethour, HAPPY HIKERS Medical Care 62.00 Ferguson Rexall Drugs, Pre See Us For ZENITH TELEVISION Antenna Installation and Service Rumsey and White Hardware scriptions 171.8b Edith E. McConilell, Mileage 2.52 Dr.

James L. Morrow, Den tal Care 32.00 for growing Peoples Cash Grocery, 0. E. Campbell, D. 0.

Osteopathic Physician Applied Osteopathy Rectal Disorders Office Hours A. M. 4:30 P. M. Phone 122 Council Grove.

Kansas Groceries Jl.uu John F. Powell, D.D.S., Dental Care 213.00 girls Buchman Grocery, Groceries 30.00 Hanna. Floyd Earlywine, Will Ek-strum, Harold Berry, Tom Bartley Jack Gieswein and Andrew Whit-tington served as pallbearers. Happy were the years we spent together, And lonely are our hearts today. For the one we loved so dearly Has forever passed away.

No one knows the silent heartache, Only those who have lost, can tell Of the grief that is borne in siience, For the dear friend and Father That wevioved so well, so loving, patient, true and kind. What a beautiful memory left behind. 166-lp Abell Grocery, Groceries 40.00 White City Water Service 1.50 Armco Drainage Metal Culverts 1,507.63 Sam H. Denney Road Mach. Parts 85.38 Faeth Binder 17.20 Junction City Sand Gravel Cone.

Sand 24.68 Kniisas Oxviren Oxygen Campbell's H. G. F. Food Store, Groceries s.uu Smith Pharmacy, Prescrip tions llt.4T Dr. James E.

Bowers. Medi cal Care 208.00 Mrs. Will Young, Rent 23.00 University of Kansas Med ical Center, Hospitalization 307.61 Xavrat Office Equipment- Company, Office Supplies Bernard Service Station, Gasoline i.ol Supplies 15.50 The K-T Oil Corp, Plugs Cables 36.69 Lee Hardware Screws Plugs 11-57 Martin Tractor 211.69 Mid-Continent Motor Parts Parts 46-03 Ross-Frazer Supply, Supplies 121.85 Southwick Automotive Supplies 133.70 Sunflower Distributing Oil 21.60 Truck Parts Equipment Parts 21.66 Watkins Freight 2.00 Postmaster, Postage 15.00 Johnson Chevrolet, Car re pairs Labor Council Grove Telephone DR. GUY ALLEN OPTOMETRIST Exclusive Optical Practice 8:30 to 12 1:00 to 5:00 18 South Mission Service Tolls 14.45 Larry L. Calkins, M.D., Optical Care 10.00 Ellen I.

Lentell, Sal 141.80 Mary Eleanor Lockwood, Sal 184.55 Edith K. McConnell, Sal. 172.98 Consolidated Supply, Office Sweep all old Debts into one pile. Arrange for a Loan from us. Supplies 37.35 12.00 Peterson, Sal 130.00 Dains, Clearing Brush Vivian Undine 224.60 I Skelly Oil Cleaner Roswurm, Sal.

Withholding Tax 120.00 Solvent 12.20 268.10 40.04 Ernest Jacobs, Creek Gravel Social Security Tax 7.0i Blue-Cross Blue Shield The Farmers Drovers Bank $4,644.19 BREAKDOWN Old Age Assistance $14,512.25 Aid to Blind 90.00 Aid to Dependent Children 3,169.75 Aid to Disabled 1,984.00 General Assistance 3,960.45 Administrative Expense 1,116.66 Smith's Pharmacy "Prescription Druggist" It's alway's SAFER to buy your DRUG NEEDS in a DRUG STORE Member FIDC Trade in Historic Council Grove Dr. R. E. Scholes Optometrist Exclusive Optical Practice Hembrow's Law Building Phone 420 $24,833.11 Federal Participation Assistance $10,288.00 State Participation Assistance 7,281.73 State and Federal Participation Adm 781.66 County Funds 6,481.72 8 a.m. 9 p.m.

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See them now just before they go to the counter and our lockers. .20. of these fine steers stayed in Morris County to be slaughtered and served in Morris County Homes-Restaurants and Schools. Let's Make it 40 tlext Year The Council Grove Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Fair Association is now working on plans for a larger and better show in 1956. We'll be see'n you.

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