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Council Grove Republican from Council Grove, Kansas • Page 1

Council Grove Republican from Council Grove, Kansas • Page 1

Council Grove, Kansas
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10.. tte Historical Memorial Buildin ty COUNCIL UCK PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SATURDAY AND SUNDAY VOLUME 81 COUNCIL GROVE. KANSAS (Birthplace of the Santa Trail) MONDAY, AUGUST 1. 1955 NUMBER 151 GROvE I i T.nirrrr-r nn 11 n. j.

Jul STOREHOUSE BURNS SATURDAY NIGHT A storehouse behind the A. R. Carpenter home caught fire Saturday night, but quick action by two neighbors saved the budding SERVICES TOMORROW FOR MRS. LOUISE DABBS Graveside funeral services for Mrs. Louise Dabbs, who died Friday at her home in Topeka, will be tomorrow morning at 10:30 o'clock at Greenwood cemetery.

The Rev. Merle W. Whitlow will be in charge of the services. Mrs. Dobbs was" a former resident of Council Grove.

Mrs. Charles Peterson is a sister of Mrs. Heds Etelease American Flyers From Prison Geneva Red China has announced 11 American flyers held after they were shot down over Korea were released yesterday and will arrive in the British Crown colony of Hong Kong this Thursday. Announcement of the 11 flyers City Budget Up Ilcarly 11 Mills For Tlext Year Proposed city budget for Council Grove is up nearly 11 mills for 1956, jumping from a 13.449 levy to. 24.025 mills.

(Budgeted for 1955 was 138.51. The 1956 budget proposes expenditures of $179,967.57. Valuation is up to $2,667,021 this year compared to $2,640,019 last year. from complete damage. The fire was discovered by Glen Cook and Clarence Warnecke, who quickly brought garden hoses to work in extinguishing the blaze.

The inside of the building was gutted however, and most of the contents were destroyed. Firemen arrived on the scene soon after the fire was reported, but the neighbors had it under control when firemen got there. It wasn't known what caused the fire. release was made at a conference in Geneva this morning as Amer tkfieneral nrrntintf fnnH has in. EYE OPERATION TODAY John B.

Carr was to undergo an operation on his eye today at the Evangelical hospital in Marshall-town, Iowa. On July 23 he underwent surgery on one eye and the operation today was on the other eye. Has Plan To Gut FOUR PEOPLE from the Council Grove area are listed on the President's Honor Roll at Emporia State Teachers college forthe spring semester which was completed in May. They are Kenneth Martin it from $58,000 expenditures in 1955 to. $64,830 budgeted for 1956.

Mill levy jumps from 8.355 mills mills. There are several reasons why the mill levy is increased greatly over last year, city officials argue. 1. The 1955 budget was trimmed down considerably and about in surplus funds was used to opetate this year. For 1956 the ac-, tual amount of estimated expenditures will have to be raised by taxes to pay the bills.

Hence, the levies on many funds have to be Golden Wedding For Amrines Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Amrine, prominent Council Grove residents (left), Barbara Moore (center) and Merriam Darlene Wilson-Huelskamp right), all of Council Grove and Mrs.

Evelyn Richardson of Wilsoy. ican Ambassador Alexis Johnson gets together with a Red Chinese representative to discuss release of 40 other Americans still held in Chinese prison The flyer's left Pieping yesterday on their trip to Hong Kong. Red China evidently hopes re? lease of the 11 airmen will have a favorable effect on Geneva talks which started today. The men were captured during the Korean war with Red China claiming they were found spying over Manchuria. According to the Reds the men were released because of good behavior in prison.

They were sentenced to from four to ten years. Secretary of State Dulles has called Red China's decision to release the men a decisive victory for Eisenhower's policy of patience and To rate this honor students must have made grades of or better in all subjects for the semester and have carried at least six hours of college work. Washington Harold Stassen, Special Assistant to Eisenhower on Disarmament, has announced a new plan cutting the world's arms supply. However, Stassen has run into some objections from the Pentagon and State department. Briefly, the plan would bring about a complete halt of manufacture of the atomic and hydrogen bomb and ban further bomb tests.

for many years before moving to Bayport, Long Island, a few years ago, will celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary Tuesday Martin, the son of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Martin, is majoring in business.

Miss Moore, the daughter (August 2). of Mr. and Mrs, U. O. Moore, is an nglish major.

Mrs. Huelskamp, the daughter ot Mr. ana Mrs. Thomas F. Wilson, was graduated in May with a major in elementary education.

Mrs. Richardson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Veal of Wilsey. is specializing in elementary education.

The occasion will be observed quietly by the couple at Bayport as their family is scattered at the present. Mike is on a writing assignment in Carmel, and Touring Russians In MUST EE VACCINATED County Agent Alvin Maley today reminded ail 4-H members who RAINS NEAR AMERICUS i E. M. Jones reported today that a good shower fell yesterday afternoon at Americus. He said he didn't Donkey Ballgame Won By Men Lincoln Today their son-in-law, Dr.

Ralph Singleton, is in Geneva as a delegate to the "Atoms for Peace" conference. Dr. Singleton is a representative from the U. S. Department of Ag increased.

2. Street improvement repairs and b'laektopping, projects were budgeted greater amounts for next year. The city hopes to make more street improvements. 3. City has to pay on bonds issued for water sewer improvements, rebuilding the upper bridge and cleaning -the lagoon out.

4. No-fund warrants totaling. for blacktopping resealing have to be paid next year. 5. The city's proposed budget increases the Mood Control fund expenditures from $303.08 in 1955 to $1,250 for next year.

City officials plan to do some more work on flood control here. Jim Wood's men's team defeated forebearance and no concessions, promises or threats by the United States. Eisenhower praised United Nations Secretary Dug Hummarskjold for his part in attempting to release the men earlier this year. the women's club, captained by plan to have entries in the Tri-County and Morris county fairs that all dairy and beef heifers must be vaccinated or tested and accompanied by the proper health icertificate at time of unloading at the fair. think it was enough to measure, but it wet the road pretty good.

He and Mrs. Jones visited with Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ernst and family there. Beverly Croskey in a Donkey ball riculture.

game played Saturday night at Ben A daughter, Mrs. Mary Berger will be at Bayport from Washing Lincoln Russian farmers touring the United States arrived in Lincoln, -Nebraska today as guests of Mrs. W. B. Lambert.

Mrs. Lambert's husband is leader of the American group now touring Russian farmsi. The Soviet delegation was greeted by 108 degree temperatures. Pravda, Russia's official party newspaper, has printed a glowing account of the Soviet delegations ton. The coupie probably will en Cop Judging Honors Annexed To Dwight Boy Cyclists Here On Way To Lawrence joy a special anniversary dinner tomorrow, and a family reunion will be planned to be held in Wash- I.

Smith field. Final score was 4-2 in tht tightly played contest. Ted Clary, Doc Jernigan and Van Scho'ies combined pitching duties to limit the girls team to two hits, one a pinch hit in the seventh inning. The men connected for ten hits in the seven inning game. Final papers for Blue rural Janis Schoof of Four Mile and Deanna Slusher of Big John copped judging honors in the older ngton later in the fall.

6. Fire Fighting Equipment fund The Amrines met on an editorial increases from $250 to $1,200. The excursion to the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904. Mrs.

Amrine, then Patricia Murphy scored the first district to. be dnnexed to Dwight grade school have been signed by County Supt. Marie Mun-sell and Geary County Supt. Jane Roether. Annexation became effective Saturday.

judging school at Camp Fremont to fr ada called Iowa a with city plans to lay aside a surplus each year for the eventual pur- chasing of a new fire truck and run for the girls with a bunt in Friday. Ardith Greer of Four Mile the third inning that went for a Miss Mabel Chilcott, was owner and publisher of the 'Louisville Lyre' in Louisville, Pottawatomie hit and a later Score on an error. other equipment when needed. 7. New eouinment for the do With their bicycles packed high and their spirits even higher, two high school freshmen pedaled into Council Grove Saturday morning on the second day of their journey from McPherson to Tonganoxie.

The two, Edward Mahler of McPherson and Lincoln Schrock of Newton, had left McPherson early Friday morning and expected to reach this destination, a church camp, sometime on Sunday. Later in the game the alert eyes was high judger in the junior di-j vision, Janis and Deanna both scored 92 out of a possible 100 points and Ardith scored 366 of '500 possible lice department was increased county, Kan. The couple's wedding trip was with the-Kansas Editorial On July Blue patrons and the schooi board voted to annex their district to Dwight grades. On July iii, the Dwight school bbard approved of the annexation. of umpires Bob -Smith and Tiny Elzea detected chicanery in the from $600 to $1,000.

That increase land of rich black soil plenty of moisture. It also commented on Davy Crockett coonskin caps, one of which was presented to the Russians by a nine year old Iowan who, requested it. be. passed.on to some Russian boy his age. Americans touring Russia have asked to see more farms and less entertainment.

They report federal collective farms in Russia are not so. impressive. plan by city" officials to points. (Continued on Page Two) Slrasheim Wins Open Sbuild up a surplus each year for 'the purchasing of a new police Forty juniors, 4-H girls under CUB AWARDS car. Roy Strasheim shot a 37 on the perfidious women's outfield' and unmasked Miss Murphy as a professional ringer, actually a man who also operates under the alias of Pat McConnell.

He was promptly ejected from the contest and the rest of the game played under protest. 147 competed in the judging and 17 older girls, those over 14, participated. The girls judged classes in Foods, Clothing and Home4' final nine holes to edge defending 8. In the street fund in the General Operating fund, $1,200 was Five Cub Scouts Receive Awards Friday Night champion Shorty Garretson, Sal fordville, and win the Champion budgeted for next year. Nothing was budgeted in this fund for ENTERTAIN HDU HEADS Other high-ranking judgers in ship flight at the Council Grove Open Golf tournament at the Coun 1955.

Plans are to build up a sur the older division were: Wanda plus for purchasing of a new truck or other equipment when needed. 9. For next year, $500 will be Swenson of Four Mile, 91 points; Sharon Weirich of Big 85 Women's Advisory Committee Holds Meeting At Camp Fremont Today However, the gentlemen withdrew the protest as the final score was in the mens favor. The gentlemen scored twice in the fourth inning on singles by Bill Roswurm and Paul Bosch rnd a points; Sandra Thoes of Big John try Club yesterday. The final nine holes were medal play.

Garretson shot a 38 in the finals. Garretson shot a sizzling 30 on the first nine in the morning in match play against his opponent As the boys wolfed down bacon and eggs in a local restaurant, they told of their plans to make the long trip by bicycle. Edward got the idea for the trip while working on his cycling merit badge for the Boy Scouts. He wrote Lincoln about his plan to cycle to Tonganoxie and the boys agreed to do it. "My dad thought it was a good but I had a little trouble with my mother," Edward said.

"My dad thought I was crazy until I explained to him that 1 meant business," Lincoln soid. The boys icycled about 65 miles Friday, reaching Herington in the evening. In true Boy Scout fashion 84 points; Prisciila Burton of Park- budgeted to pay for water used by the swimming pool. Previously, water was run into the pool free Five Cub Scouts from Pack 65 received awards at a ceremony following a ball game and picnic Friday evening at Durland Park. Receiving awards were: Danny Martin, two silver arrow points; Duane Barrett, advanced to Wolf rank and one gold arrow point; Larry Alien, advanced to Bear rank and one gold arrow point; Freddie Ziegler, one silver arrow point; and John Hale White, advanced to Bear rank and one gold combination of errors.

They added Presidents of home demonstration units in Morris county were entertained at a meeting of the Morris County Women's Advisory of charge. erville Progress, S3 points and Mary Hebrank of Council Oak and Mary Hodson of Burdick Hustlers, 82 points. two more in the fifth on Curt Evans. The 30 was the lowest score shot at Council Grove in several years and is six under par for the 10. New equipment for parks was budgeted $750.

None was budgeted Syring and Dick Person's singles and an error. local course. Final girls run came in the sev last year. City officials plans -to use that money foi building up the facilities at the Lake and Committee Plans for Achievement Day, which will be held in November, were to be discussed, and plans also were started for a Play Day enth on a pinch hit and error. Both Ranking behind Ardith in the junior division were: Karen Wilson of Busy Workers, 356 points; Barbara Scott of Delavan, 355 (Continued on Pago Two) Here are the winners: Championship flight: Roy Stras teams.

turned in one double play, arrow point. Joan Stiver for the girls and War heim, winner; Shorty Garretson, Emporia, runner-up; Kindred, Em Two boys not at the ceremony to receive their awards were iar in October. Reports were made at the meeting by those who attended the state poria, consolation flight winner. ren Ghere for the men turned in superlative fielding plays during the contest. Batting star for the the boys unrolled their sleeping bags and spent the night in the city park.

The boys averaged about 10 miles an hour while traveling- They William Wigle Dies First Flight: Bob Hill Emporia, Countryman, one silver arrow point and Robert Weller, one gold and two silver arrow points. r- TOSiM AiaA advisory work shop held in Man- winner; G. Snyder, Fort Kiley, runnerup; J. Anderson, Osage City, consolation winner. men was Dick Person who had three hits in three trips and Curt Syring who had three hits in four building up parks in the city.

11. Employees' insurance is a new fund which was budgeted $1,000. That money will be the city's share of hospitalization insurance for the city employees. For two funds, Parking i Meter and Street Repair, citzens don't have to pay tax for the upkeep of these funds. Eevenue from parking meters takes care of these expenditures for that fund, and the state gives the city money for Thirty-three Cubs, den mothers, refreshed themselves by stopping at about every town for pop and rest.

Morris countiams proved to their (Continued on Page Three) Second Flight: Charles Warner, trips. Cubmaster Laurence Maddux, Asst. Cubmaster Howard Smith and parents of scouts attended the pfcnilc and Scouting ceremony. Lyndon, winner; Pat Rock, Council Grove, runner up; R. Davis, Osage "'r" rr-hattan in June.

Plans were made suddenly yesterday monung at the luncheon fm bugl. home of a son-m-law, Paul Rob- mgn coun which wm mson, north of Wilsey. He was 62 heM connecion with the years Old. Lm.ntv Fair Wigle was born May 25, J893 in C0( who were enter. Nemaha county.

He came to Wd-! flre Mrg sey in 1902 and lived there ever pri since Wigle was a farmer that McClintock, Mrs. Zora LEGION TEAM LOSES City, iconsolation winner. TO WAMEGO FRIDAY Third Flight: Burleigh Grimes, The American Legion- Junior COLLISION AT DRIVE-IN Cars driven by Linn Gentry and Manhattan, winner; Arleigh Her-ink, Council Grove, runner up; C. Crockett, Cottonwood, consolation baseball team dropped a 7-6 decision to Wamego Friday night in the fourth district tournament street repair for the use by the rVstate of Main street as Highway community. Robert Blythe of Dwight suffered Burns, Mrs.

Wayne Smithson, Mrs. Guy Simmons, Mrs. Lindsay Ro- Surviving are his wife, three about $135 total damages in a col 50N, winner. lision last night at the Chief Drive played at Wamego. The loss eliminated the locals from further com chat, Mrs.

Jesse Bettles, Mrs. An children Mrs. Beulah Richardson of Wilsey, Earl Wigle of Wilsey Jackrabbit Flight: Dr. J. F.

Pow na Wallace. In the Library fund, proposed expenditures total $4,450 compared to $4,350 in 1955. About $1,600 of surplus was used to finance the petition. The 1946 Ford driven by Gentry ell, winner, Harold Croskey, runner up; Charles Cutler, consolation Committee 4 members attending Council Grove-jumped off to and Mrs. Ina Robinson ot Wilsey, seven grandchildren, and one sister, Mrs.

James Newkirk of Sa- ATTENDING PCA AREA MEETING IN WICHITA Council Grove Production Credit officers and directors are in Wichita attending today and tomorrow a meeting of all PCA directors Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado, i Scheduled to go from the local association were Pres. M. E. Roh-rer of Abilene, Vice Pres. Andrew E.

Olson of Dwighft Secretary C. E. Graham, and directors Clinton M. Frick of Durham, John A. Dickson of Miller and C.

D. Bower of Cottonwood Falls. suffered an estimated $10 dam were Mrs. Jon McCormick, presi winner. a 6-0 lead in the first two innings as the boys tallied four runs in the ages, and Blythe's 1951 Ford car was damaged to the extent' of library's operations this year.

In 'the Water Utility fund, vonburg, Kan. Wigle was preceded Mrs. Allen, Hunter, vice president; Mrs. Wilbur secretary; Mrs. R.

E. Hailey, F. D. CARMAN DIES IN HERINGTON SATURDAY in death by a son Robert Edward. about $125.

posed expenditures will be $70,130 Funeral services will be Wed Sheriff Carroll Wray said both first and two runs in the second inning. Wamego scored two runs in the third, four runs in the fourth and a single tally in the sixth. treasurer; Mrs. V. E- Schoof, Mrs, Word has been received here of nesday at 10:30 a.m.

in the Wil ears were headed west alone a Lester Harmon, Mrs. Fred Davis, the death of F. D. Carman in Her next year compared to $61,250 this year. Money for, this fund is raised from sale of water lake licenses, and costs citizens nothing from sey Methodist church.

The Rev. ramp looking for a parking place Mrs. Albert Swartz, Mrs. Laur ington Saturday night He was 97 Warren Leitch started on the Frank Anderson will be in charge with 'their lights out when Gen ence Carson, Mrs. Jim Parker and years old and had been president mound for Council Grove and re of services.

Burial will be in the Mrs. Fred Bernard. direct tax purposes. of the Bank of Herington for more Wilsey cemetery. A copy of the proposed budget than 50 years.

try stopped: He backed up to get into position to park and his auto collided with Blythe's car, which was following closely behind. HOME FROM CAMP tired the first nine men to face him before he hurt his arm in picking 'up a grounder. Max Cade came on to relieve in the sixth in Carman was a resident of Her Seven persons from the Pente T. L. BOYCE DIES will be printed in Tuesday's Re-, publican.

Hearing on the budget will be August 15 at 8 p.m. in the IT'S A GIRL FOR KEN VANFOSSENS A daughter, Cheryl Jean, was born at the Morris county hospital Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth ington about 08 years. Funeral services will be Tuesday at 10 a.m.

costal church returned home late ning and was the losing pitcher. Saturday from Wilburton, Former M-K-T Agent Here And city clerk's office. at the Presbyterian church there. The Legion team won two games At Dunlap Diet At Galesburg On Saturday DAUGHTER BORN SATURDAY TO ROBERT SISSONS A daughter, Reba Rene, was born to Mr. and Mrs.

Robert Sisson of and lost two in the tourney, rank Van.Fossen. The little miss weigh RAIN NEAR MILLER TRIP TO OZARKS ing them fifth among ten teams. where they had' spent five days attending a meeting at a church camp. Attending the meeting were Mr. and Mrs.

Tom Litke, the Rev. H. C. Barnes, Ruth Litke, Willis Andrews said today that ed 5 pounds and 8 ounces. Mr.

and Mrs. Harry Milam of Mr. and (Mrs. Dave Person of White City and their daughter and Wilsev Saturdav tot the Morris T. L.

Boyce, former M-K-T agent TO 'LEADERSHIP CAMP Bushong and Mr. and iMrs. C. L. here and at Dunlap, died unex ne arove tnrougn a neavy rain yesterday for about three miles near Miller on Highway 50N.

He granddaughter, Mrs. Ruth MkrEn county hospital. The' little miss weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces. Janis Viar of Neosho Valley left pectedly at Galesburg where he terfer and Shiela of Coldwater, Norma Litke, Mrs. O.

H. Young-gren and Mrs. J. L. Cheek.

Van Fossen are grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Adkins of Americus this afternoon to attend the state said it rained so hard it was dif was agent, on Saturday. 4-HNclub junior leadership camp at ficult to see very far ahead of Sunday' for the Ozarks.

They will vsit Sgt and Mrs. Roland Coover at Neosho, and Mr. and Mrs. are great-grandparents' and Mi's. Lydia Brees is a great-grandmother.

He was 'agent at Dunlap for many years and later came here for Rock Springs. The camp lasts un the ar. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sisson and Mr.

and Mrs- August Bruckner, all 'of Wilsey, are grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. I. Bullock of Wilsey are great-grandparents.

til Saturday. the railroad, He left here a few 'Harry Person at Paris, Ark. When he and his family reached Burlingamc, they ran into another The camp schedule features a years ago and was sent to LeRoy cook-out meal, camp improvement heavy downpour. before going to Galesburg. He also DOWN W82 FEET projects, nature hikes, IFYE pro PARENTS OF SON A son, (Michael Kent, was born to Mr.

and Mrs. Jimmy MicLain Saturday at the Morris County hos--pitaL The lad weighed 7 pounds TO COLORADO SUNDAY The Rev. and Mrs. W. Si Stevenson left yesterday for a three-week vacation at their mountain cabin at Clark, Colo.

On their way to Clark they plan to visit a daughter, Phoebe Stevenson, at Denver and another daughter, Mr. and Mrs-John Sampson and family at Boulder. FIRE AT DWIGHT A large pile of sawdust at the Drilling on the Laura Lee well was down to 1,682 feet about mid- 107 On Saturday gram, horsemanship demonstra' tion, vesper service and water car nival. had served at Americus, Emporia, Hartford, Strawn and Yates Center. Surviving him are his wife, -one son, Erell, who is agent at Stark, nitrht last night Work i.

progress. barrel stave factory in Dwight caught afire yesterday afternoon High- temperature over the week ing fairly well. A motor burned out, but a new one wa expected end was a sizzling 107 degrees on and smouldered for several hours. BACK FROM IDAHO and two daughters, Betty of Moran 15 ounces. Mr.

(and Mrs. H. C. McLain and Mr. and Mrs.

W- R. Sieving all of Topeka are grandparents. Saturday, Sunday's high was 106 and Shirley of Yates. Center. There wasn't much blaze the fire but it sent up billows of smoke Mr.

and Mrs. Howard Ingmire returned 1 home Saturday from degrees, and it was 104 degrees on DISMISSED FROM HOSPITAL in today to be installed. ADMITTED TO HOSPITAL Funeral services, will be held Tuesday morning at 9 olclock at Friday. for several hours. Boise, Idahp, where they had spent Galesburg.

Burial will be in Me the past two weeks visiting Capt Saturday night's low temperature was 75 degrees. Weather turned a Meihost, Mrs. Karren Cole and baby and Mrs. Jack Chase and baby were dismissed yesterday from the Morris Countv hosrrttal. to G.

Kiger Vista and HMrs. Louella Chase were admitted THE WEATHER and Mrs Ingmire and fami mrial Lawn cemetery at Emporia, and graveside services will be held HOME FROM HOSPITAL Mrs. Wayne Huyler and daughter, Vanice, of Delbvan, are expected to come home from the Herington hospital this evening Fair tonight and tomorrow. Low tonight 75 and highs tomorrow little cooler last night as the tern perature dropped down to 69 de ly. Captain Ingmire is being transferred to Spdkane, this Dismissed today was Mary TjOU to the Morris County hospital yes terday for observation and treat' ment.

there at 2 o'clock. Tuesday after noon. from 100 to 105. week. Carson of Dwight grees..

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