The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 24, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 24, 1935
Page 1
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS -'-. - ••' THE DOWN*"* NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANBAB AND mm^^S^r A * *** " kJ ' ' : '-.''V'vs^ <, ' <-<•?/ •.', i ;:r <i: s j HOME EDITION VOL, XXXI—NO. 265 Blytlievjllp Courier Brylheville Dally News niythevlllc Herald Mississippi. Valley Wader IN OWN SINOLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Fdiliue to Make Cuive East of Yaibio Blamed foi Accident [ ast Nighl Randolph Green... 17, son n! R H. OveSn,' Huffman* merchant, 'ivas fatally.'Injured' and'his companions, Mozo Sanders, is, and H6mer Bledsos, 17, also of llullman', .sustained minor injuries when their email truck plunged off Highway 6! Into a rcadtlde ditch neur the Yni-bro .;c!iool about 8:30 o'clock iait night. Thc accident- occumtl on .1 curve in thc highway east of Yarbro. Green ivas driving and his companions said that Us - /ailed to negoilat3 the curve while'driving south at a high rale of speed. The truck letl the highway near a grave) lateral road thot opens ciita the highway, swerved into the ditch and hurtled over and around with such force that it- wn5tcd recklessly v.-as headed north when it finally " Olls - EtoppEd. Administration Wins Test ..on Work Rtiiief Measure ; ..-WASIHN'dTON,. Jan; 24. (UP)~ Adininislrallpn forces ivon the first test.;vole in; the house Uxlay dn the $4,860,000,000 work relief bill. An amendment bj R"p Samuel 1! Pettensfin mom, ind) to pro. tent govermn'iH leller agencies fiom in imifucUirlng in competlllon vlth pi inle industry *as dcfcit°V despite suppoit or main insurgent Democrats *—• iv^-.-n^u nt neuii- The Injured, were removed to the mit ' el1 tnc report of his national Y.irao school, In front of which """ hj acclLcnt cccLrrcd, where an . nterliunment was in progress nt the, Umc. A Cobl) ambulance was tiimmoned to ruth them to the I' Blytheville hospital. Young Gresn died en route. The others were rtmovert to their homes after receiving emergency treatment. Sanders, complained of chest injuries -.but BLdsoe apparently \vns not in- i Ji»', e ,«;.beyond bruises' and cuts. Funeral 'sr'jrtlces wcre-rhoM -for 2 o'clock ;'this --- -obb chapel on Second street with the p^v.Novi* Ta loi officially Int'iment was f "rte t>t T, ouu z, nn CDtncl ., r y ccotei AID The Cotb Undertaken coirpanv wa in charge ' of IL itial airan°ements Loflni' ~ aS ' ?tt Le& C '" bbe W " - ,.-—„ „ ul ,, M *lit HUIljll resources board which presenter n broad, long rango, plannln^ P i 0 .ram and c.ted need' for more iian SiCO.OOO.OOO.COO of puollc- ti-- •clopmcnt projects over tho next 20 years. Mr. Roosevelt saf^n. would us. •a J.,to:a;itial portion" of tne Pauling $4,660,000,000 work relict funo for projects' recommended cy Uie . board to; conserve land '" nb fj: m '»srnl .and -wiiter fe- -I.-;:: -^-^ ii .'iymu'-av ^ uuu/uK cms ..'.,, , ^^T.-'^"^! - r /lhe" prcsldjii L atfe'raoon 'at .the'C obb chapel on 7 ; '" e S° vem ment "should "plan Second street wllh IW 'p»u -M™;SC to s P. e "d each year a ' reaspnaole jiid continuing sum lu'tiw neveiou- ment of this projram.--- - ! :"It, Is my .hope, for'. example, .hot after the.. Immediate.''cns,s of unemployment begins ; to .mend ^ uo.git L,CS ui^abe W B we " cal1 iinrord t° appropriate, ap- Steele Peeiv M P. Ded- P roxima tsly $500,000.000 each".year Jiri TViv^i >.!•«..^., __j i- -••' /or /hi'; - nViryinco i^M^ntT/^i'i-'j ~±L. ^ Youi!? Green Is suivised by hi« parents" and two brothers Richard end Paul • - - Sees No Prospect foe \ '^ Higher Cotton Price _ 1 ''->.. NFW ORLP4NS (UP;— E 'H* ?1 K n ,> S " U 1>tld8n for thc A '» e ri"- ca Cotton Coop«rati\e association to ci«s that the price or cotton v'll nol reach 15 cents psr pound t'ils season but will be luckj to hold i's present leul The pres»nt oi,tloo< foi bettor prices fo- cotton i s distinctly dir- lerent at (his lime from what. .it was it tni time last year m° s lt declared Instead of cotton goifi" " th!s will do well to hold its "? aCC ° rdm ° to "« i"ns of mnny ttilori Reports on Jobs Provided 'Relief Clients UTTLE ItOCK Alk (OP^-Tbe - tmcrgencj Relief Admin- g a\c emp'ojment to 16,505 j- S] women ,n Arkai^as ", l ee \ Irom M " 5 ' thrall « 1 ' I 2mt ' r31 '"Heir W R DyeJs, i idm nLstrator said Include tlie ^ ith workers emploved <ironth-str!ct«i countt^, projects only in op- Gangster Slain for frying .to Steal Rausor _| T - PAUL, Mini,., Jan . 2 ., ( i-rea Go?ts!, Chicago cnn«i n rfam iu -ride" fashion 6 M[ " was kilkd because m.r, .t was learned here today Qoatz, a university graduate and nn army aviator, W al shot d"",, in front oi a ctilcag less than a month after the Roosevelt Transmits Report Calling, for Spending lo Protect Resources WASHINGTON, Jan 24 (UP)— Firaltlcht Roosevelt today recom- nendetf to congress Ihe spending of billions of dollars for cbnsei-vs- lon and orderly develdimeht of .attra. resources that have b.en in past genera- With 'a special message he trans- 'or (his-purpose. Eventually „.„ appropriation" should, replace' all uich appropriations.given In the r ast. without planning." .. ..'•: .'. R.L Ward; Urged for •' FederalxCourt Vacancy OARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.-R -L -ward, member, of the Ward" and Reeves law firm of this city is : be- jnx boosted by his trlends for th' plsce,on the "federal bench, Eastern uwislon of Missouri, to be vacated W Judge a. E. Paris, who has received appointment to the eighth division of ..United States circuit •purt. • • .„ Mr. Ward has received the endorsement of the county bar BSSD-i ,..„ -- —J,at!on, the 38th Judicial circuit bar' , , " youl " road f""ds Association, and of a large numb-r '" oi representatives and of supreme -•ourt judges. Besides Ward, who is a former president of the state Bar Assocla- • t -' ( J Se . d * ntl ?ned for the post q« »? C i" Se Cope ' of p °P lar Bluff . Senator Russell Dearmont, Cape Gl- rardeau, and others • OiBlli'TO POLIItt DIRI House Passes "Anti-Mucl- Slinoinr>" Measuie, Spon- soied by'Govemoi LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 2-!. (UP)— Gov. J. M. Futrcll came throii«n his nrst. test or .power In the Dfl'elh genera! assembly with a victory to•'"•• by a vole of 10 to 23 in. ills for his aml-nuKl-slbiglng A message from (lie governor urging passage or the measure wa- read by Rep. II. K. Tonc-y, of Jefferson county, sponsor of tho bill, lie wrote (lie bill, he said to lift Arkansas pol'llcal'- politics from campaigns or "1'es and slander." Legislators argued for more than an hour. The names of Howard Reed,, defeated gubernatorial can- (Expect Big Lake to Reach Stand Saturday Ultle River was reported at 1 n 1 .stand at llorm-rsvltle, Mi'^ today, Indlcnltng Hint u\ K uke. noiv-iN i»g at the rate of alxjut a foot every 24 hours, will reach a sUml Sat' |iirday, •; _ The Raiise at (he lake regLilercd 215.2 IhL; niornliig, Nhowliig- a r'lsc of a foot from yesterday irtoniliig's mark of 244.2. About two- to ' twu and a half. more, feet ot wilted Is expected, $' ' ' of Hie rise ters. No ]>alrols have beet ... "'uliMgo'Dlslrict 17 levetV, on '(he •?ast side of tli e lake. osceptVfor regular watchmen now oil-duty-"' He trouble In holdi ' Hauptmann at Bay li would put the ow previous hlgh':&i~ ...' . i. m Its levees is ar.ciclpnlc'el 'at/, this 1 licard reputedly in the d'sliate. \ Calls Taeilcs "Base" Representative Toney said Reed's campaign, was Page's retaliation for the ouster or Page [rom a $3,600 a ~eor state Job two years ago. He crl!c!?,?d their Tactics as "base" and apve-Vd, for passage of thc bill to avoid recurrence of such a campaign. : Rep. Mark Wo'olscy, of Franklin coiin'y, led the opposition- 16 Ihe measure as-a .strike at freedom of speech. , . - , "H n candidate's record -is : clean, u his record is what It otiflit to bfl." he said, ."the .good :people' of this statp:-.will : suppOTt-idnT.-VOm-'-good governor.was absolved of " Crifz Will Speak at Meeting Friday - -' -a--"""'\'lnl Mgt'IIt- Of th. Mississippi • counly, will <lls- .iiss of ice management at the an- Jiial. district conference for coun- .y and home demonstration agents to be'held at -Hie Hotel Noble Joncsboro. Fi-!day and Saturday Mr. crltz, Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration igent. and Troy Mnllins,-osslst- Hit county agricultural - agent, ft-ent fo Jonesboro : !ate today and fill return Silurday afternoon.: The conference program will In- jlude manj' well known sneakers accusations .by'_one of (he largest majorities ever rcconlcd!" On the roll", call vote'ridmln'Ulra- ttpn suppovters rallied. • . ••• -.Among those "who voted. lor the bill were H.-\V. and W.-if: Thompson, : Ealesville, p. .p.- Elg'n, jones- ooio, E. ,B Baker, Newnort,' Ivv W. Crawford, oi. Blytiievllle,-.. '.'. .- fa ;)et>d . Kerundin; Reduction of": sinall "trick" licsnse r ers. osked by Rep.. H. S. Thoirjns, 'f Hot Swings county, "would J"on- ardize' the state bond refiindln- '"OKam,:Gov..J. M. Futrell advls- «• Ihe hoii'e today: , Tlie till; debated yesterday and vein -last' night, bi committee, "roposed reduclimis Irom 35 to "SO cent, two and three ^farm to^raarket. .trucks, and _ |;ls statement today Governor utrell reminded that a thr E = judge •Pinion advised the board when the lundlng program n-ns approved hat any le~i=latlon seeking tc rn? . tenns of the ronfact .evict be . void. . , . :. your road funds would be led up and the r:fun«inj pro jram crlpplsd or destroyed," tho governor said. . One Director for JFospital ' Placing the stale hospital for ner- . ."s and County ^-^^ Asked to Preisent ; Int formation '• • ?;• LITTU: ROCK, Jan. 24.^-Cooperation of Arkansas mayors and county Judges in a slate w'dc Inventory of n-cded and ussful" w ork nro- ^aMp r—. i\. _ I. .'. \t*** Public w ject for Die us? of the uc Works Administration' in . allotting funds-was nskcd yesterday by-Hhe publlo works conimittee-of the slat" planning board. " '» ..'"^v. lym.ll H]y tUlIl- miltce by February li biifpxtrema- ly detailed'-intormat'on Is not re Iciianls Pel it ion for Reinstatement:- of Tcacliei : Cpnyiclcd of Anaichy MARKW) TRKE, Ark.. Jnn J4 .(OP)—Mis. Franklin D. IU-a>o- ceU «'ar, drawn Into, the custom Arkansas plantation nwner ihaie. cropper, conti-ovonij- (odflj «l«|il tenants sent her a lelcgrntn pio tcstins removal of Ward H. Roclg- trs as FEliA instructor, here Rcxlgers,' 24-year-old fennel Mothcdlst divinity sUnlent was ccnvlclal this week by a Just'co of peace court. Jury on anauhv •htirses In connection with an nl r c§cd inflammatory speech fo ,' hjvr.' croppers at a Southern Tcn- ,nts Farmers Union mcetln-r jre was scnUnced to six months Ui : 'all an*, to pay a $500 line . Kodgers was an !n<truoloi -in •-lie federal adult education program, which.has been '' by Mrs. Roosevelt. His , . . order, .from. E. W. Mol- Mitws, Arkansas FERA educational Director, ;teBs received ibcla) Released. Under Bond '. Meanwhile. Rodgers ivas released 'join jail, today- on- bond of $1,000 Bending appeal of Ills sentence and . ^ 3iie lo circuit, court. ! . ; | V Tllc - Unrein was stjned bj n .-. : 'jli^ Mitchell, secretary'-of thc ten ' " union, .and Luclen i., commlltEe • 'Hie know one thing: what" are i'h« Deeded and useful work projects In each community? - • i -The state 'lias been divided Into five -dish-ids, with a.represeiilsiliv of the ptanning board 'In^ciicii dls- h;lct, Lloyd Rebsanien, Jonosboro is the nprtheasC Arkansas representative." His district 'includes 'Ma- Won, -Baxter, - : PuUon, • Raiiflolpli, C! - ' , -, - : , • a C!ay, Tiard, Sliftrp,;taii-ret!c«, rel Stone, '.; Independence," cralgluW Mississippi.- ,-Jacteoii- and : Polnsntt COUlltlBS: :-..-.--'.•.. • : Mayors, county j«dies and others receiving questionnaires' concerning diseases under one cr vas approved by the house today PBsshij a bill Introduced by Chris|) ot Little ™ e "c The; bill abolishes the dual man- .•gcment of the institution which nas i«en In practice the past two years under the chief medical nx- "<™- bill makes the chief k projects 'in' tlii 5 district mw cbtain,, detailed = information from Mr. Rebsanien. ".Projects -previously siiMiilted tc the PWA-but rejected inav be c-llj- iblB> under -the -new projram, which is designed , to cover almost all lorrns "of. -puulic' hriprovements. Millipns pf Cans Filled in Arkansas Last Year LITTLE;, ROCK,- Ark. (UP>- Energency .Relief .adinlnlslrallon canning centers In- -Ark up 12,008,197 cans of put , cs meats and fruits from May 34 thru r 31, last year. Miss Gladys closed. , . ys .Watep, . ;conservatioiilst, dk- Couhlics ai.\d r the; numbsr.oj can .,as-oows- /Iricansas 81,048; ;iB5ni<m;.;-i7i3 sin- Boone. 172,393; :Crfl'i B head,i87;518;' Cross dependence, mAtl" JaS^'lOB,". l^ri-AfillnM IIIAIH I-'. . ; ' of, . y, .rein the horpital to the old ",»n- tcntlary walls", m Little Rock nKo was included In the measure Bct- .er care of the patients vflll 'r-- .ult in segregation of »,e crimln- SanC< - Rep " as no. opposition to the trange Waters Bewilder Fish From Caribbean ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. (UP)— lightly bewildered In the strange atcrs, a unique fish-pcristedton 'nlatum—whose habitat Is In ih- current "arlbbean sts, was caitglit horc with little trouble. off Csn-oll B, Atkanson, a local Ich- '-yolojlst, identified the nsh. It ad a a-fird appearance, sceminj- i to represent a crass'between a •odcrn armored tank and a fo- led Chinese dragon.' When it was aptured, thc nsh red, but by al campaigns C. I. Evans of Sales Tas Up Monday Foliowlng the adoption of -_ a con_.. '«ioyiui«m by Senator ifiompson of .Carroll county to give COTTllTllMl PAVlnAl .. ^«l_ + . . . J _ . .. . 5ch001 rellef Hi; , a.m. Monday. - 85. by Hail of Van the three per «nt -a special order for II Page Will Take Office Today or Tomorrow ROCK, -Jan. 24. (UPI'; EM P»ge ,«•!!! assume" his la 'e today oi- tomor.w af- " com » : ™1"^ office lias KocJi, director of Coiinnonivealll .Co-opEratlve college, Mclia, Ark. , -'\ Rodeerc.: r convlcted iu local planler-coiiirollcd couil on outworn ehame .of aimrcln just itcejved nollce from E. W Mai tlicivs, In charge .PSRA, etfucalion i) pi-ogram in. Arkansas, thut his -crvlcM; .no longer, njcded, elfca live January is, ,ti le dayf-hls 1r . rest. .Local political Influence in •laving .him", fired evident, share croppers and other wofkci, ha;e pellitoied. he -be "rutiirned Can 011 help?" Socialists Plan CHICAGO. Jan. 24 (UP)—or gari.lzAtlon of a ."'nation ivlde dc fsnse committee" for Ward II Rcdgm, Arkansas--FERA instruc tci', senlcnccd Monday at Maricri ii-ee, Ark., for Inciting a rlol was -.nnounced today by official-, °t he national headquarters of the -cclallst party here. Defendant Wins Verdict In Suit Involving $45 favor of (he d-f»nri ant, Mrs. Ida Smith. vl - as returned D) a circuit court Jury today m a SUI_ brought by the * Mils-Nap 4 Candy company of Maiden Mo ed ™! H , JU , dSC °' E: Kcck ««i>- ±r.l at "°? n 5 he » "•> other r n?, t wll b = r lrial r=convcn«l tomorro 'T>,—\« : "-^"'"i™ lomorroi The Missouri firm sued for nn proxlmately 545 allege.1 To £ duPc on account. .\r rs . Smithi wh ^ ° n ° Hie Gateway store, claimed payir,"^ hnnf dercnss - Holland and Bar ham were counsel fo r .Mrs. R,,,,,.. j- G - Johnson, defendant in ' action .__..„, "egress, was a Jurjj i . ""uiui-o a juris \ci- . late yesterday, ciaude F Coo- Sr was counsel for Johnson ™d Oscar pcndtcr for the ncgrcss Th^ S phe ? " le *""«lnm^ell'm ft. ptatoiur l,,cl breached her treasurer. ' surer. Page's personal bond oi S600.000 ....... ~ Patent Granted for New Peach Tree J^^PS ^r,^r S = fo J V f !«r°?V W) - A « •?^V,^,^™ -'-^-s^-?.^ tra heated. IcTn™ 1 ! 1 !"^ for pa?0 to t:lke « f - lc c nould h ave expired to.-norrow. r oenaiieT~Frog~Given To Montana School ! S4M tnl. J ' PJC " trCe ant has be 01 ' md C °' d 12slst " , horttailturlat, or Clyde, O. patent granted cally grown to Bflorded the same, protec " person with Invention o; chartctoiWics acoics o Bruno Hauplinann lyhlch escape the camera me rw&nlcd In famed Artist, ^Qcorgc Clarks crajon Impression oi tho ncousell Qeiman car lienleuwht, nppe[,, C cl o). the witness' stand Jn tho HmVfrton coimli) N J courtioom todav liv his own defolis? Ladder of Death Is Grim Evidence Sei vices B. Sandeis, Pneumonia Victim, Held at Hickinan CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Jan. 24 —Puiieral services for Probate Court Judge- Brady 13. Sanders. 7.1, who dlsd at his home here Tuesday night, were to be held at 1:30 today at HIckmah, Ky, Judge Sanders had been 111 four reeks with pneumonia,. 1 He was elected probate judge on thc-Demo- cratic ticket Jail November, but has never been able to servo because ol Ulneess He has aiwaya bsen active in pol- tics and civ.'c work here. Prom 1926 lo 1930 he served as probate court Judge. He came to Canithcrsville from HIckman 35 ycsrs ago and entered the mercantile business, later entering the.real estate and hi- suranc business. Judge Sanders \vn-s h deacon In thc Baptist church for 30 s'ears. He was treasurer of the Caruthcrsville Masonic Icdac. Surviving arc two daughters, both of New York city, Mrs. Frank Hughes, and Miss Ruth Sanders, advertising manager of Wanamak- ?r's store In that city. His wife preceded him In death nboiit a" year ago Services were held here this morning at thc Baptist church by the Rev. D. K. Foster before removal of the bocir to Hlckmaii. Thompson offered l.o- «„ ,„ -,, - .. Father Seeks to Free Son on Extortion Charge TOLEDO. (UP) _ A 35-ycar-oM fat.rer, apparently near death from an incurable disease, rose to :s fsst In a crowded federal court- •^"m here and dramatically confessed to an extortion charge for w^lch his 18-year-old son was being . The boy on trial was James Larime. protec- ,' The government charged he a patented' mn -, e ^ two letters to Henry P >r chemical stre '<*sr, Toledo contractor, demanding 45,000 on threat of kiUin' Stretcher and k!dnau!n ? his son, I SELF F ELECTRIC Stale Rests, i Confident Guilt of Lindbeigh Kidnap Defendant Pioved rLLMINOrON, N J, Jan 2« IUP)—Bruno Richaid Haupimunn sent to (he wlliRss chair In his mn defense today to deny that K kldimpcd and Killed Charles'A Indbci-ijh, jf ,t He plated hb Ifttlhand on » Mdcon blblp, lilted hu) right one^ ctol with his head and resii-iv""-) > the oath \Uth n, gu^tcral 'I do" Jifi nplijjniiji \\&& *colni iii this ioui foi which h? ana the world mvc been wnllln? for months ',He had J»st listened to 'Lloyd Mm ono of his lawjcrt, say .In lij opening stolen ent that a ull- ICM would te pioduced who Ji-w ho nctunl kklnnpci carijtni*t n ddcr Iqwird Ccl Chirles".A Indbcrgh's horaf „• Thai ninn Is not Druno Hauptt fii" Fi'lii"- 'aid rhhei s statement opened the -ay foi llawptmann to go tfl 'tho' iltne>s clmli latci todas and fesll: I In his ovui Ijghalf Mollou tot AeiulKal Dented' *• At Hie ojienlng of the atternoon iCi>s!on the defense asked Justice Thomas w Treiiclmitl to dlicct thc jurj ^o Ijimg In a uidlct ot qiiltttvl on the grounds that the >lnlc Imd not piovcd that Haupt- IHFI>»I \i ai guilty of the crime * The couit denied the motion ^ Hauptmann $at with his arms 'oldcd ulitlo Fisher delUercd tho opening statement He s^ein-d calm but was in-Hated when news- , papermen asked hlrrt to comment on Uic c<"i. built up ajalnst hto bj Ihe state. 'No questions please, no qtiu- „ tlons Hauptmann said ^tlllc Rc'l} IJr pjrr •„ g , tfew Jeuoy completed' Its 'fl f « "* dcsicc murdor ca'e against Haup,- 1 inann this moinlng after intio- tiuclng ovIitiMice Intended to piove that lie -ilotu> Urine pad 3n,d killed Iho Infant ion of Col Charts A Lindbergh—for pl-ont Attj don Das Id Wll'nti was full of confidence that he had tartcd the Bionx carpenter on 'is wnj to the dcctilo chah ^hen he finished with his last witness and lurii'd to Justice Thomas w licuchaid «llh tho announcement lint the slute resls ' flie last accusing w'tne-s against thc man whose handicraft -has ECU traced to th« kidnap liidaer,- 'lioc powerful hands arc charred vlih llfttn-r the Llndbersh bauy from his cilb and with writing he crude ransom not-s, v,a- htard o fore tli° ttage was turned over o tho ; defenic. •*"•«—» Aitlnn Ko"hlei, the wood expert \\lm traced the laddci to Hiuptmnnns gaiage workshop, was '« lost idlne s Jewpori Mtm Named to 7 Head R^fatidinj; Board LTTTi T ROC'v Jan 2\ (U Q 7— O Pan of Newi»rt todv b me s -tril or of tho stat" bart} -efunding boird succeeding -the ate Frank Beislej HerlK't Parker of Jonesboro de- lelincd because of pressing p r- sonal business. Board members - nrf- notinced a few days ago he'ha'd accepted Ooff formerly nitorn*y or the HOLC IIT> formally ac- ctptcd the office em nfr«M VT. ° np eiil cfTort being made lo Inke up. ""• u-g questions that are confront- Ihls body." ] (Continued on Passe 3) ^.eor w ,th ,o^ iw ^he^s S^ m «^ "-' and a bellowing turn- '.hey bore n full crOD after the , „ Masons Meet- Tonight The kidnaper's ladder from which tlie stale charts tho Lindbergh baby plunged to , death Is showa as it was Intro-1 duced as cvldenct, after a bitter \ flgbt. In the Hauptmaun trial. | Beside H la a board used as an upright ot the base section which .the state declares was taken frcra. the flooring ot the Hauptmann Bronx tioine. Below Is a chisel found near the Lind- fcnrgU home after the crime. 'owa Bachelor Makes \ His Own Quilts HOMUOLT la (UP) -Evan r eeds 69 sear otd bichclor, ^aya he Is not interested In women and' 0 piove it e-ihlblt four quilts hlcn he has completed at lius olitary home here .during- long -inter evenings. te:ds cla'm? the work of making :he qufts Is much more pheasant han th c msTiiUrs'i p o' a o- 1 n co 'd cs ifcl t° A nat v of »in n i Lc^i, Is "If "Tol < d n Mi era ! i , 1 - ng. -vis LI? nd ether houscholJ chores tent- monly tMegatco. to the g n 1 r Yale's Free Lectures Drew Huge Crowds' WEATHER NEW HAVEN Conn (UP)-Nev, I ARKANSAS—Psrtlv cloudy,. rts- in- temperature tonljht and FrI- chapter No >\srsons visited the various sal- ist liljlit was 9 u-Krees Yesi«rniv in second de- lertes and museums ana *» t^-J 'he minimum was .3 mnimunTsT c\ening, 7 30 ("tires on a wide yanely of suo- cleir, according to Samuel P Nor.' ' ect ' ris offlo'al weather obssr»«T

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