The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1935
Page 6
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Win fiom Rlyllievillc Cagcrs Second Straight Luxora. Carney Losllo's Cliickasnws (rim- the Luxora Panthers in Im- Frcxslw. Coslilon nt Uixoro Inst r.Wit, bowling over Herbert ScHwarl's : charge,? by » score of 38 to 19. H Was Hie M-cond :,ti:'ilghl win' for tlin Chicks over Found:|AJPlace For the Sultan g**_-'-^a^ ;. . , • The M.uooti and WhUe thin- .cliuls w<rt< never, headed nflci llw «ame opened, forging, steadily Into ilie lead (liiil gi.idually widening their margin'-until l'hey led 24 lo 11 at the h.ilf : The woiv of "Shot" Scott, <-pcc- t:\ciilar Luxora ace, stood out In the. first half. Scott scored five field goals In the first half to jiccount for. nil ilic jiotnts registered via the route during the gamo by the' Luxorara He wns hold ••(.airlcKS fiom tho liooi dm ins Hie lfl-,1 half Kochlcr,' Blylhcvillo center anil EcOtt tied foi high points honors foi the evening with 12 points i.ach TJia lanky nlythrvllte i.'d- head acconnleil for llnee field uoak- In each Inlf Blackwoll Cluck guard, tinned In a lino Rame,, ganieiing his simic of polni.s as veil as playing n nut brand ol liitme on (lie flao\ The Chlcki, play Wilson hero Friday j)) K lil Ths llni'-nps- f /SEW5 ITEM', &gE PWTH CfttKEi> l-ys, oo> '£ OolN ciw:i>;... • 'mm <#y* : ; XT lERHEEP isi Arkansas Trounces Paslimci-s; .Terry's Crew Puts Up Fight. "-''t'W?'\*"> ,' *' f r' J*- ; ^/',{£: \^A W ^vA-!' f.uxara Smll, f T.elgh, . Wumlerllcli, Corhron, g Dugan,, f PCf m!n let, g Seale; g Fordeloy, g Totals • VI. i a i 0 0 II q •o u Q H 'Mosley, r Purllc-, f Koehler, e • Tlpton, g Black* ell, g A Mosley. f S<\llba, f Baxter, -c Tola Is o 10 IB re. FT-IT TI; 2 1 ,) 5 2 W?*< ; ^mm .>V- P4A Sag/ \\ "ss>i 7Z*;I ££?-\ -^ -•:•/• V \ ' : ^^~ Wl 1IM?. t'K >iSA vrt & •'M $•$ •3<^~^~- •tt-X^ \^is 10 e n ja Cooter Teams to Play Wardell Cagers Friday COOTER, Mo-The lora! Witd- caLs will play {ho, ftiit> Wmdell iMms on (he Wnulall coilfl" Trlday niBhl It, vill be the rinl meeting of these mo teams -urn sea- ton. Both schools have the lepn- lallon of having fast teams >#; ! x IP sm f-'.•'' V ..'.'"• mm mm -•"it-"- ,%• ^ >-l~?C!> "•^Cv^-,* 5^& season ami tho • Cooler boys' 'have won sis and :]ost oiily-two eamcs this season. Both Wains nre lo bo flivorablc! conlende'ra hi -Ihe county . lournnincnl (hat \vlll> bi- held here R-b. a2, 2;i mid 24. -Doi 1 - rls Barnett, Cooter forward hns never made timlcr -.30 - points ' m any,,ganie -thcy'.hnvc -pliiyed "liB she usually,justjplays llirce-foiirthj) of:>each-cnmc, but too Ihe other mcinbem of llip,.cootor learn nre nni- 'eniial credit.: in thc-wlnhliie of llm' ganifs.. They nlso' have' r a Rood l(ne-np. ' 1SEWPOR1V. . .-- nny;> one asks p'r.-; w.V p. the .ttnie they -: When SALESMAN SAM IT MAKES % f'sonl arc-of "a different : type. ,,,,, lc .Wesley Ferrell no longer has the high,,, hard one that prompted* liit- lerls to null in-their necks, he-gi-ls nll.jlic Is entitled'. (6 in oilier ways Ferrell dislikes- itovlosc. Pelliiws Jike.ilhnl. nre hard 10 lieat. •'-•'' Make -Own -Breaks '• --> - : -.Ben Olmpmaii'of the : Yankees loves [o get on (lib base.? and go' Tony Law.erl, wliilo not, (loinbii- strativcufncver • lias been cheated Hick Barlcll, trailed to the , i« w «.- is ,, vu ... 11Bill «,_ I ,, a c, lm u 0 n olant f-' b s l H'c - Phillies.-nmkcs his of.-siiMcss-'iri'- aliy form ^ot com"/?* 1 '! 1 '?"' C f S ' Bi "'"' ir " mess ' of llll; iii. explaining why hc : > was 'the . terror of Ainerlcan -Lcag\ie -e a terfcs nnd Jnnelds for 24 ca'rtt- palgns. Tyrii's Raymond Cobb says he .-simply • stood v on ' sive i-lghls."<-, 'lAggressfyej. r ^'aggres- I . iirf'-^h ,'• dcn'nlYlon' "' " City llMbettn " aitl ' si Ark. nmiders lloliijid's Iloolory . T:'iry'« .Station' miline Jilllliirrts I.MKIIC \V J IVf •)' n" Jnrin •' j J™, i 2 '•«•! o ;, [oco n.llld'e,- !1 " < rad rf ''''t l hc UMlery Ar *c"m- imssloners" triumphed In last, night's (james on. the City llaskct- Wl K-aiiiie schediilc at Ihe aiinory I'hc Hiilldcrs ; sweu't over' Rock Sallbii's I'nsllmo squad by a score f/ 24 to 17 while Jeff Roland's "ooU'i-y nggregation sank Terry's rfd-vlce .Slalion, 32 lo 11. In. llic llrst. game, llio Pastime t;am, led by Manager "Ace" Pi'ek! e .in, Ernest.Barnes put a scare mtfl ihe Icaguci'leudlng nulldcrs lariift •_. p ay -,, wris oulslandlnc radhiB Ihe -scorers for-the nlghl ;yi(h .slx.fichl goals.-and one foul tlii-ow. Hfi turned..',,, a goal de- fcnslyc- ijame. • ' " ,' Kenneth^ noli -with:-four neld ..MLS, paced the Builders with Bud Wilson. Dick ; (Grandstandl Poi- u-r and .John Holland, co-si-irrint' "'- (ho win. In Hie second game Terry showed l(.s best lean) so far but found lie going unusually tough against Die .stalwart Bootery sound The first half ended with the two running almost - neck tine! neck but Roland's .Steppers stcp- ircil ahead from Terry's fighting live In the .third period. Olenn Harris and Barney: .McAfee 'the cation-topped" Riiard,' were leading scorcre for 1 Bootery, with eight poiiilseacli,. Manager Jfmmie Lee Brooks- was the outstanding defen- 'Ivc ,.1110,11,; holding- Joe., Johnson, Terry's slar forward, -la' one field goal and two foul sliots B p (Dollie) ; Brogrion and Johnson wore llic ouLstahdlnB men in Ter•y's line-up. Next Tuesday night the league-: ftdmg Builders will meet the see- In an- wa Past One 3935 4T VJ Wm mVi. *^ WeinerHai-d To Hand Defeat To JONESIJORO, Ai'k. IRpeclal , 0 the Cmirlfi- Now?) — Thi Wr'jn«r high solicol basketball tr-ani . defeated Jcni>slx>n>'s Hurricane ijj hard fot.filit grime hern The score was 20 to '2ft. W3 icore was lied In Inn last 12 r.pcomh of play and Wi>)iii<r c.isliod in on a foul throw f llst before Hie nnnl Rim lo finish ahead, Jonoslioro meets Pino Bluff's .stale championship team in i wo eames here Friday, afternoon and nijjhl. 'i'hree . crack Jonoslioro fJJaym- inc-liiding their 'captain and two regulars, who have been ineligible, will be back In good stand- ink- m time for, Friday's B am<>. •OTTAWA, Ont7(UP)~~ qonvlcls I'll! IX! paid ; live 'cents "a : 'day if or Wfc. done in Canadian prisons if they behave themselves,: it is announced here. The nioney will | )c l-.araled lo them on release" '• Port of tin tianting program that Heavjweight Champion Mix Baci- has lined up for his Mltimi intlle uilh Jimmy Mnloncy, Jan 24, is a round of golf, now and then Heic Is th» colorful Baci belting out a drive under southern skies The pretty girl ciddj is n necessary 'accessory when Afaxic plays the game Babe Risko Gained Fame in Bout With Teddy Yarosz ; R V PAUL- F. ELLIS;-. •' ttypes of opponents in professional U;illeii Press Staff Correspondent ranks taking them as the\ came PHILADELPHIA (OP)-Hk along v , name was Heniy" pylkowski. An! starting last seir Henrv beean innellat on • Umt. tiMn'i. ,m«,,i «^L ,,_;,,:? D ^. nrl . appellation that didti'L sound veil for a fighter and one who dollzed Johnny ..RisKo. So Henry changed his name -to d,die (Babe) Rlsko and implant- " •,.. ' ..-nrst; without petition as short ns Cobb made 'i • -•-" the sprint from, second'base to Ihii s '° n P'"S -to :ask. o.iie.stions inter, plate. "Aggressive 1 ' viehls"—taking -j,' :, c ! pc 'all the niles 'allow and then «onic--r • • • - -rlsHIS"-tho-rtiffcrchce I- Atl 'letes of •• the- Dodgers,^ barrier to . lllnidn>m : -ua- •••- *i>,iiiii — niu Ull IIJ1XIICU ' hclwccn the winner.- and' the los- •' 01". 'Tile ['(Mini-nV fniV ' 'A'r- L.n^^J^i, -H ?>•'.';Thc" BoncrnV fiiii; <>! • >i " 1 McAfee 8 with vastly 'less abilityJBIackaVr many who remain In the Rylcc•• Medlin 2 Clews 4 •• Scorer; I will tackle Terry's hlrd place at slake. -' Line-ups last nilfihl: 'otter; 4 . Gilbert Bell--8 - •'-'.-• 'Holland 5 : • i • Wilson 7 Webb Timer. Brooks; scorer referee. Btacfcnrd. Boolcry- 31!' Harris 8 R.'-Wai-riiiston 4 Chrlstinn li : ; 17 of Tcrtdy :, Ynrosa, Monea, -Pa.. youth who \ypn .tha '. middleweight :: championship from Vincent Dnn- 2 dee only n few montlis ago Wahl'i. • : wcioi-y m n non-title es '•« with. Yarosz caine. -at a,, time Barnes -is so a more rapid climb, arid gained sictorie; o\er Joe La Splna Joey Ijons Jackie Flowers BuckyLa<v- less, Freddie Sallus' arid~'Al-'Sal- bano. The victors over Yarosz gue Risko a' running astart on 1935 I expect to win lire middle weight championship this year Heniy said nfl«r thr bout wilh Yarosz. He. left the bout, his face unsenrred. Vinc'e.'Dundee meets Paul Pirrone CIe\eland m Philadelphia . . ,, ia w '! cn sport= writers were .on' the bn j!in K m anothei step along '' ergc of P r °«ta'mlng Yarosz .just tlle comeback, trail Ijut Risko s " ' arosz .us c, ra jut Ris " nbollt ' the ' :bes t middleweight uclor y o\cr Yarosz has placed an champion" ..since Mickey Walker '"'expeclqd obstnelp In the inth of (held the throne. , • .-: :;. Dundee who seeks a leluin bout Terry- 17 '• i -' oin ">i? Ihe'iiavy-wneii j7, Risko obiison M first :BflIhed ' fame aboard Uncle ' iison Mccnll 3 gain's worships. During ; his r-yeara who seeks a Yaios? Last Time Today Mat. ,2:30, 10-25c Nile 6:45—10-35c ' R A N c i s LEDERER G I N" G E R . ROGERS Paramount News i; Ruth Thursday & Friday Gnnt •'background, ;hayp 'iri'side'.'themselvS .?"toy<ilii8 ..simply.'.by :.s(nivdini; pii , ll " ! ,' 1 ' '.""Serosilyo-.rfglite" : >' y '->;• one'«by.'Xf»kliie .their ng- lln l».™»y,' were-fni-tcr.- and .threw' riBhtsXi?Thc" bftse |i nes uel '«r (han lite Georgia Peteh, bvit !i;s, and' they claimed ev- l lnck( >d, his dominating pnsslon .to Of Ilicm. Will/ ninnnnlni. PMCl. ,'-. : - - -' '•>/ ubrabie one gr.essive' .., .were' theirs, firy-'Iiich of Ilicm, wllli mcnaclnc spikes and flying arms.'-' '. . :• . fopper Mariin; -""Joe IVIcdwick "•• •" — Bin : 'DcLancey, Rip' Collins nnd' closl »6.;'.6iit; His fcrnie :Orsnltl dfdn'l- slop to be E " ccess storyVof. tagged,..-and (he Cardinals ' edged lryllle out tl\e,-,aiant.5 in the 'dl^lest f Cobb hlt.'hioro cxceli The; career:: of- Jimm> Djkcs manager of --.Ihc'- White <5o\ now rlnsW.l™,!. lil. -,.,,,, K n ,(,l klllg i". ploycr..who' kept :; . Branch-drive In Hi jhajors. ^rankle Frisch /never .Baseball d ; iise more jounu history of lhei mc " ^-' h9 nrc not afraid lo stand 'on inclrr"aggresslVc rl«hl>i ihen (lie game, wouldn't . and n major league bo goini; to the doas. . // -Frankie Frisch vnevcr went out! 11 " 5 gamc wo ... • .or,, his way .lo. cmiso double but l )lll - v cd al night, ilL. ' '''either did he ever . .run 'nwnyi 1 '"'^ ff(1llt dn'( b v~^l ,Krorn--!!.. While ihe'onro nvn-<», nr ,\ ' , k -.— .... Hum,, ^n. om;c rui-fthani if.afn.'Diis.jojl.'mrteK-'or his get, up .inn t*n >m fnn.\'.t»b«j i. '. , ' ln -,-,^ri° r ,, Uvc 15 P r Payers "can •mend he - nag:-r fever, . M i ckc y Cochrnnc s'. fiery charge, I. backed ' by the spirit- or skinny, <: roar nit nlone frnm • s irom ^WINNING BASKETBALL. By Na'fc'-'Holmar. - . Tailor-Madc War J.-i' " ' It : was White's -scfasors slide that luncrt .what otherwise mlglit have ' . On an out-of-bounds plaj here is a good maneuver to work As the ball goes out \ i ii lc ] X-3 form a vertical line, in propcr defensive play,- O-2 nnd O "i would ' scrle-vlnlo relalfatlon, The climax or what was perham Ihc wildest world series ever p| a ?? cd ca,, lc in t | lc closing con «t judge Lnndis look ih „«• out, and tanhhcd Metook n shower of boltte n ,,d bun." only making °" I was ;,r y ,.? w . R ^o c f l "joc"c c ro"i NCA referee, Gilbert. Guard;; timer; m-noks; Hi.sko\was born 22 years ngo at Syracuse,. N..,Y. ; , which -lie still calls lils. home.' .Since: lie left the navy.- ho.,, .has,, "mixert it" . with- -various Cardwell Teams Beat Arbyrd, Keep Winning Ilicti Mo— The def'Uen bojs tunnlu iiere Hldaj tnghl fci Mien ninth ncloij of Jh= scn^on The score was -26 to 21 The Cii dwell g.ris dcfeited Ai JHls (Jills 11 to 23 It is all slK iincU'r possible foi chinih buts In Ms to ll\c fnr P horns water Found -A meal'-in weighing .is found near heic benUesl Your favorite star in his happiest , role! Don't Forget CAUDILL'S AGENCY General Insurance olher lr stands dlli;clly "• BUI own, and' steps out of the way or nobody, cisscll's hustle large- wi " , mslru "wntal In making leveland a contender In 1932. A pitcher's "aggressive rights" X-3 lakes the pass fr om under the basket, 1 vo> ANKARA, Turkey IUP» -. Thr second university in Turkev Jm be opened here this year, it «comprise faculties for history a d geography, science and i aw a5s ""ft <a a Fine Art section with -"f Academy of Music n)K | Drama 'GAMBLE With Cheap CO A L Burn CO-LEA,N0R The World's Best QUICK HEAT, HOLDS FIRE, NO SOOT, SMALL AMOUNT OF'IIED ASH Regular Prire ;. .. $if).oo Introductory Discount § 1.00 ^ , cie| the top and Ind -i slnlk 0 1 4 m the', iroiind ••^••••••k ROXY Wed. and Thursday MAT. & MITE— lO 25c for Ton, Delivered $9.00 ALL OTHER GRADES—BEST FROM EACH FIEI.Dr-REASONABLE TOlCKS-flUiC'K SERVICE SUPERIOR COAL & M'G. CO. Phone 700 An Electric * Storm of < Laughs.' SEVEN GIGGLE STARS in a TALE OF* MURDER IN TH THIRST/, tIN 1YON THIIMA TODO flit KKTON l»U»» HOM "lltllrj"0*U»OHI* «HICK CHANDtIK *irm CATIITT Oiitctti by ttr> Holmet KXO 8AD10 Fox News Paramount Pictorial Paramount Variety WILL ROGERS; The County Chair man By GEORGE ADE VENABLE KENT fAYLpR lomse ^Dresser Spotlight Series— "Miles Per Hour" Dumbbell Letters N'ovclly—"Hollywood Movie Parade" Mnrjoric Dwketi's Dance > Recital Next Tuesday Night

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