The Sentinel from Carlisle, Pennsylvania on October 30, 1941 · 6
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The Sentinel from Carlisle, Pennsylvania · 6

Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1941
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PAGE SIX THE EVENING SENTINEL, CARLISLE, PA., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30, 1941. AUTO UPSETS IH ,. COLLISION HERE Cars Crash When One Goe s Through Stop Sign A ear driven by John I. Wilnn, 213 South Went StieH, life !:---mire agent, iwnwl over In one .f two accidents here early Jiiwt riiniil. Wilnu, riiling alone, bu ITi.-i tul an Injury to tils right mm wlirn lux car upset Jit l'itt iiml South HlieelH i.rter being Biritl-U by juii U-i w whose ilrivw. Evelyn A. liicNvbiX-it Mecliaiiirsbtirg, It- ! 1. police Flit- Iiml til -! tn wee Hit ntop Hign at the intersection. Hip woman driver ttnd another iifcniiiiiil nf her far. Mis. i C I'eiper, were unhurt, was owned by Merl ..!,. il,.ul,m v II I). charge Mich llrewbalier wmi miv lug ignored II HtOl pigll. Two year au Wilson was or cupiint of it cur which was Klruek lit th name Intersection under similar cireiiniKiaiircH. On ituit ocea.'don blH wif". who was driv Inn, wiiH' Injured. Another Accident About tin- same lime liiHt. Flight n car driven by Knu'M (i. Kieli'd herger, Jo.ii North West Street, crashed into n car parked In High Street near West. Kirhelhoi get toM ioliff ho win forced to tin' curb by an automobile which cut in front or him to turn off J Hub Street Into VV'iiHt. The Ihinl car iliil not nloi. H i liceriMe number wiih noted by a lie ib'Ktri.'in Mini with thin information police dared the driver, The operator win Hubert I.. Ailanm, SIM (' Street, Who told (belli, police mi id, that he wan hurrying to u lire alarm which bail called out Unfile company of which be In 11 member No one wan Injured. Their cm Kintx. Mn I. I'olice Mt. Holly Hold Hallowe'en Parade Mt. Holly Spring muged one ol the Ini-gent paiailos In IIm blutuiy lit Ht night when hundreds of per mm participated in the annual Hallowe'en parade. The parade was spoiiHored by the South Mountain PohI, American 1-eglnn, with the cooperation of the Citizens Fire Company and the Mt, Holly A. C. Follow ina the pa rude the children of the comuiuii lly were given rcl'retdiuioii! nl I,oglnn Hull. J'ri.cH of $1,50 euch were award eil wlnncm In ncvoii cla-HilliatloiiH while $2 prises were awarded tin' Hoillng Kpringit Bi hool Hand and the Drum and llule Cnlpn of the Carlisle American I-cRimi I'ost. The prize winnrlH were; Donald I'littt, Ml. Holly Spring!, bent (licked; Mm. ('. Cohill, Ml. Holly, inoul comical; Diamatic Club ol Ml. Holly. bent Heal; Victor Church, of near Ivear, bent farm, wagon, driven by Ailalli Ilream; Mm. Hulh I'iiiII, 4f., Mt. Jlolly, oldest paiader; Donald Fdbnentock, 1!. youngem paiader; and the (leoigctoNN n School, near Cloodyear, mining the faithest dltc tance. Theodore Tlcby, pioprielor of the fleer lentigo, lib") gave the children iclrctdiinciiln alter the relo brnl Ion in the town, SOLDIERS TRANFERRED Jacid) Hubert Cordon, of tills place, noil ol K It Hot dim. who Inn been training at Camp Croft, S. C. ban been tranlcircd to Fort Denning, ln. Fatll S. Walker, of I lunlniliil'', noil or Levi Walker, who also Iihh been tiaillinn lit Camp Cidtt, lum been tratiHfened to I'lii" Camp. N. V. PUBLIC SALE Al HAAIIS ACCTKiN KdtlM. DillnbliiK, Satuiilay, November IhI. 1911. Alleinooii anil eVelilllK F.ll-lire cotileulf) of M ii t''n Diuk Slore, Steeljou, Alno reliialiilnn nlock of I.uiclie'M (iroi eiy Sloie and complete line of fiiiniluie. Sale rain or nhine, VANCK V. II AM! EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE lu the KHlale of Itoherl F, Weld man, dee'd. t Lettern leHtainenlaiy on Hie Kn tate of Hubert F. Wclilman, late of the Horotmh of l.eiuoyue. Climber-land County, Fit., deed, have been Kianted to the iindei niuned, All pelHonn lillOttltiH IliemnelveM tndeblcd to Hiilil l-Mtale will payment luitneillatcly, and buvitiK claims will nrenciit tliein for ncI I lenient i- to I.AFHA A. W'F.IDMAN, I'lxei'Ultlt, 417 lliinimel Ave, l.eiiiuyne, I'a, i-rn and Mycin, At tm iu- s. to lie Inake I bo' My. QMS relieve misery o? CHEST COLDS this good old reliable way At the first uii:n of Hie Diinoio Quintuplet riiU'hniK void Hie if clients and thriiutsi lire rubbed with MiinIithIu prodiKt inailo i'bmcui to promptly ri'licvp diMtrs of cdils and rt'ultiiu broncliial and crmipv ceunhs. Th QuiiitB ban1 ulways had pprt rare, s inothiT lie nM-urn of umiiik just about the It K.ST proilui t niudo when you Minteroli'. it's mii than n urchnury "httlvw" Muntcrolo helps brink up lend confteslionl IN 3 STUENGTIIS: (MuUlrcn's Mild Mufctvrule. Al.-o Ki'irulnr nd Fxtia !'trenirth for prown-ups who prpfor a stronner product. All ruga torus. 9 AuuuinciH9 lite .5. f V f OF OUR HEW 1 w MERCURY--LINCOLH show mn TOMORROW-FRIDAY, OCT. 31st 17 W. HIGH ST. We invite you to inspect our new Headquarters, and to view and try out the beautiful new FORD FOR 1942 AMERICA'S No. 1 CAR INVESTMENT lit WW 1 SAILER 17 W. HIGH STKF.F.T MOTORS IV , Inc., TELEPHONE 20 30 Recognized by Comrade Club 'Hie Comrade Club of the V. VV. C, A lield lt annual lecoKiiition service and liiMlalbitlon of (illiceiH on Tucmlny at the . VV, C. A. Mr. Hoy CaniH mid MIhh Han nah .loiicH prcHldeil. Mln Nancy Nuidike played the pluno. In no inspirational caiulblu'.hl Heivlce over IHI youiiK women were lecoMliizeil iim memberw, I'llicli WHM. preaetileil with a comaee 'I bene new olllceiH were Install ed: I'reHiilent. lorolliy Ulcliwiiie; vice pieiililenl, Helen Stuart; nee relary, Alice White; coi leiipoiidiiiK Hfcrelary. Ardiilh lliac.K iiml Irenn-uier. Caiolyu Snyder, Special reconniliou wan riven Houiiiyiie liel.aiicey, M Inn While and l.lllian U'IIhoii for club serviced. The I'onuade Club lum tunny InlcioiitiiiK plann for future cventii, 'I he clul ctM every other Tih h day al 7::'n p. in. I tin cil hy Itli'bwlue appoluleil the tolloMlntt comuiillee cbaliiiieii Social. Marie ileniy; piuciam, lloiolhy Neiediauio. (Iiiiiuee, Jean lleiuy, and dei oratintt, Hulh While IIiiiI'icn I'uliili'd I Ik lit. Coldest (II delliute Interest to linine owners who are plaiiniui; In repaint 1 1 n exteriors nf tlinr hoines are Ihe re-nultK ot H retiearrb proKnini Ju.-I conducted by Ihe iltucau of Slaml-ill-Ms. Making a study of protection atjalnul siiinnier heal, the bureau bus Jiu-t ,'O'niiiiiii ed panels covered Willi while paint ate roolcul and IIiiim' covered Willi l iiopblaik are the warmest when evposed to Hit sun, Their teslM reveal that oilier colors, in Hie prelection aij.iui-it sol. ir beat, ale uitcrnicdi'ilc between while and blarl;. The liorcau l'ionl-1 mil thai any dalU paint will al'-nili aliui si in much nf Ihe mm'N radiation bl.o U anil w ill Inn cave Ihe Pun,., i alin e niai Keilly. Walls eovi'ced Willi Imht tints of paint were lound In be only Mbi;btly warmer than lliej.e loviri'.l with white pninls Scouts to Hold Court of Honor Hoy Heoula of the Oiirllide (Hull let will hold it court of honor Monday nlrlil lit, 7.:i0 o'cloi k In Ihn coin I holii'e. Jtobert b-i' Jacoba, chairman nf the iidvanceineiil. couiinlllen, Haul badKCH will be preMeiited to Hrnd." advanceil by Ihe board of review at IH meeting oil October 6 U'i I I'lasler of I'arlM IM.iHler ol 1'arln aliMorbsi moist-lire, unit the welter it Rets, Ihe lower its electrical reiiHtanre. Dr. flenriie John 1'iuiyoucos of Michigan Slate ciillei!e nuide use ot thin piinciple in a bandy wadset which tells farmer!! the moisture content of their fields. Mocks: of planter of Cans the sie of safety-match boxes are buried with wires leading to the hoi face. The wetter the sod, the lower the resistunce of the buried blocks, Measurements can be taken by merely honking Ihe Mil face wires to a Wbcalstone brltlRc. which measures tin Incul rcio.slancf My burying u iinmber of plahler blocks at key locations, a farmer can go iiround t any time and jjet a moisture map nf liis land. Sun Celt Mother'n Farn One nf the most renilirUalde op-eratlotin in the iinnals of plii.slie sur-gei-y recently look place in West-tlill un-Sea. l-!ssex, Knt'dand. A mnther's sacrlllrc has built a liew face tor her son The mother Is Mm AlkliiH and the tson Is Jimmy. An tlie result nf an ufllictlon, Jimmy could not apeak properly. '"Jimmy hat been (joini! to u hospital for months l'ir hiii face to be rebuilt wilb fhw I'ialled from other parts nf hhi body. Now hist Kimle in no I . r 1 1 : i coiitoi led but slrait;lil and jnllv Hut .louniy bad no curst so when bl.i mother beard that be could be civeii cars, (die pleaded with doctors to Hive bun hers, So soon the Una! delicate opcrulion of transferring the mother's cars to her son will be canted out und Jimmy will be us good n new, doctors say. Sergeant Henninger Receives Promotion Tim promotion of Clair K. Hen-Hinder, mm of John W. Henninger. of Natalie, from Hergeant to HtalT Hoigeant. was announced today by heuihpiai tern of Carli.slo llarracks, where Sergeant iinnnlnger Ik on duty with the Medical Field Service School Detachment. AhsIkuo( to the duties of .ihhIsI ant stnpply weigeant. Sergeant llen-nliiKor iiIko Ih quarterback on the poKt football team and a member of the detachment bowling team. He la ii graduate of the Chemical Warfare School ami the Non Cominl?-aloned OlllceiH' (loiirne at the Medical Meld Service School, Carlitde. I'rior lo hlH duty nl CaillHle Jtar-rackx. Seigeanl Henninger naw Heivlce lit Fort Keineliaiiielift, Honolulu, and Foil Monroe, Virginia. I very Mini Chef Halcst and lirigblest development in the ctibnarv world l a cook-it-yourself resitaiirant in New York. This, together wiih the restaurant proper, consists of a beautifully and shinily equipped kitchen where the. customer can whip himself up a hamburger supreme or a cheese soullle. without even the bother of doing the dishes after I the restaurant provides cleaner-uppers) The only Iom'I's io this general jollity are the girls who come borne night after night and wcrily cook dinner. It mtr-.t be pntty tough on them when they get no evening nut in have their eseorls propose that it would be no end of fin to gn on ml dash a t'i -t mr'non Happy Daze Here for At Least One Official HINTON, W, VA.-A taxpayer, helping fell a tree, was struck in the head by a stapling "fcnd knocked unconscious. While he win sit ill dared, the assessor up. proacbed. The taxpayer proceeded to list not only all the properly ao had, but also two cnlveu and a cow which he bad bought afler January 1 Now he'i asking n recount. i Death Blows Through Arkansas 13 Killed . f b v. , r ': t " I , t A V f " . eSfiS-' 1... -V k. Kn s,i . I v I s s I i 60H 8 V . ni i.. I 1 ft t ' 1 " i '""' tmwmmiafwiw.' "tijr kl yj ijrxrv""" i iti(iiriin.''-in'f-iJ ' ""i"ii''""""'""i'fr ntmaMiffiM' IN THESE UNUSUAL TIMES we invite you to inspect an unusual new car new in its beauty, its comfort, its choice of two fine 90 horsepower engines, 6 cylinders or 8. See it and you sense at once that here is new style that will stay good for years. On a lower, wider chassis, we have designed new long, low, wide and modern lines. Interior treatment is entirely fresh, distinctive, pleasing. The beauty of this Ford will more than hold its own in any company. Inside, the car is big wide across the seats, generous in knee-room, leg-room, elbow-room. On the road this year you find the "new Ford ride" still further advanced in its softness, quietness, steadiness and all-round comfort. At the wheel, you will find driving easier than ever. Steering, gear-shifting, action of the big and sure hydraulic brakes have all been made smoother and easier. Iu quality, the car is sound to the last detail. Defense requirements have all been met without a single reduction in the basic and lasting goodness of the Ford mechanically. Some new materials have replaced old ones, usually at a greater cost to us, bu: in every cane ihe new is equal to or better than tbs old. If y our family needs a new car, go see and drive this Ford. For what it is today and for what it will be through the years ahead, u e believe that you trill find in it more and better transportation for your money than you have ever found before. ON DISPLAY TOMORROW i t -VW!lw, s. "m -1 , ' U V...'-? - , j , A . n TZj0rZZ , -vj rw-..v. s --si . - I. f'ioncjiioCo Kindling wood in nil that win left when a tornado tore throueh Hamburg', Ark., tli- troying 30 homes, and kiUitijr Vi ptrsvus, Shown byve itre lome of the homes blunted by big wind, with not won one wall standing. SAILER MOTORS, Inc., .17 West High Street Telephone 20 Ocean Water for Life Necessary for Seafish Sea water has been studied with great care and we know the things which are to be found In it. These Include magnesium sulphate and calcium gulphute. also iodine and Halt. Salt is the chief thing which can be taken from sea water. It has been figured that one cubic mile of water in the Atlantic ocean contains 1:8.284.000 tons of common salt! Think of how many billions and trillions of tons of salt there lire in the oceans of the world! People need a certain amount of salt tor good health, but we should never worry about using it all up.' One small bay of the ocean his i-nouah salt to last the human race for thousands of years. ' It would seem a simple thing to provide "home-made" ocean water for ocean fish in an aquarium. We might suppose all that need be done is to put fresh water in the tanks and add the salt and chemicals which exist in ocean water. That has been done, but when ocean tish were placed in the water they died soon afterward. Men who take core of aquariums know what to do. however. In a tank ,,r "home-made ocean water" a small amount of real ocean water is poured. The real ocean water should be about oue-tenth of all the water that goes Into the tank. Inside of a week ll the water in the tank will be ''live." Salt water fish can live in It and keep their health. Certain plants, as well as fish, will live only m ocean water. Many Utids. of seaweed crow in salt . tct of th world. Water plants ot a number of kinds art found in lakes md livers, and often we call them seaweeds. Yet the ocean is the place where true seaweed) grow. X-Ray in Business Saves Thousands of Dollars The X-ray has gone into business, The machine, developed primarily to aid in diagnosing human ills, now works in packing plants, in foundries, in service stations, and in a dozen ingenious ways contributes to precision and accuracy in industry. Maintenance men for the Detroit Edison company, to be on the safe side, condemned and replaced many poles which seemed to be rotting but later proved to be perfectly sound at heart. Now an X-ray machine mounted on a truck peers into the poles where they stand, determines their condition, and thus saves the company a lot of poles and a lot of money. California and Arizona citrus fruit growers use 100 X-ray machine" to sort their crop. With them, niter one severe frost, California salvaged 2.000.000 boxes of oranges which would have been condemned by ordinary methods. The jpia-chincs had cost $"50,000; the oranges they saved for market brought $7,500,000. Peanuts coming into the packing plant bring with them pebbles and lumps of dirt. Neither screens nor the electric eye could detect them all, but the X-ray spots then). Makers id chewing gum, candy and tobacco now use it similarly lo detect foreign substances, Red ArmorcNtl Train to the Front ' k V..,. i ,'. - t ' F V -I ?iWt!)'- ft V rr k. WHY WORRY j. o ift . -j, r-iwrf- ."." : .i .- ...... i .... ,.- W f '.. f f V 4 . 1 4 'V ECZEMA' ' i ,n v i f y ii Him - ? With Itchlra Athlrtf'ii Knot tnd Other 'Nllnor Wto lrrilioB TRY ACQUICK OINTMENT It Spek For Itself Sold at trading drug ntor. This picture from Russia shows a Soviet armored train moving: towards the front line, a heavy gun ready for action and a Soviet operator of Htiti-aiivraft pompoms scanning ttt? sKy inr i.omiu- ........ - finds armored unit like this useful in combating; the Nazis because of the luck ol goon rouu-. 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