The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1935 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1935
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 1936 BLYTHEVILLB/ (AfeiK.) COURIER .NEWS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive insertions: (Five average wortis lo a line) One time per line lot Two times per line per dny .. 08o Three times per line per day .. oflc Six times per line per day .. 05c Month rale per line 60c Minimum charge GOc Ads ordered for Ihree or six times and stopped before cxplra- [lon will tc charged for the number of times the ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All ClasslHed Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be : accompanied by cash. Rates may easily computed from above table. No responsibility will "be taken for more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertions take the one time rave. PHILLIPS' USED CARS THOUSANDS OF MILES OF GOOD TRANSPORTATION AT LOW COST If you have a car you cun trudc it in OH one of Ihcsc late models as part piyment. •34 FORD y-8 TUUOR. liudiu and He.iler 5195 '3t CHEVROLET »i A S T K U < COACH ?1'JS 5345 3S CHEVROLET COACH 'S3 FORI) V-8 TUDOR i BCIC'K SEDAN, S nciv (Ires. A Real Bargain $ 55 TRUCKS and TRAILERS '31 FOHl) IJi TON TRUCK, large Body $ '33 1'ORI) l!>j TON TRUCK. Runs Like New $385 32 NABORS TKAlLEIt, Large I!od>-, Dual Wheels 5135 '32 F O R I) CLOSED PICK-UP • CAB ' ... 5205 PHILLIPS' USED CM LOT Corner Walnut & Firat Sis. Phone 813 Business Directory ~~GARAGt Garland M. Morgan (Formerly with Phillips Motor Co.) O:neral Auto Repairing "V-8" Service REASONABLE PRICES Yarlno Road BUY FURNITURE NOW PAY THIS FALL Get Our Terms HUliUARD FURNITURE CO. FOR BEAUTIFUL FLOORS RENT OUR FLOOF. SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. HARNESS: HARNESS! Full Line H!f;h Grade Harness. Best Prices in BlyihevUte All makes turning plows and middle busters, points, trace chains, collar pads, back bands, etc. FEED! SKED! Everything you will need for Spring Planting Oberst Store Co. Remodel Your Home 'With a, ttuninc RUBBEROID ROOF 5?i ink-rest, 3 years to pay East Arkansas Builders Supply .Co. phone 29 Largest & Most Complete Slock of HARNESS in Northeast Arkansas. PRICES RIOHIl Hubbard Hdw. Co. BATTERIES RECHARGED 75u GUARANTEED Starter & Generator Service Used Au(o Farts Cheap Phone 308—Road Service Harper Auto Electric Service 'A Mile from Gateway Store on:. Highway 18. This ad 'is worth 25c on battery service. . .• Y AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 UV THE BEST ' FAMOUS MARNE RED ASH COAL Onco You Try It, You Will Always Buy It ; Buy Cor no High Quality feeds H Pays To 1'ced the Best .. We Buy Corn & Soy Bcaus PHONE 121 Farmers Cash Feed & Seed Co. J. W. PARKEH, Pro)]. FOB RENT: Flvo rooms nfi'd ball), 317 Doiiguii, (26; five' rooms iinrt Missouri, $15,00. E. D. Phone 'IQO 2i-t'k-ai I'URNisilEn rooms near high Kcasoimblo lirlpo. OH IlED!^oo^^ irTpTivutc home, Tui" jolnhnj bnth. $2 week, 121 W. Davis. 10-pk-24 Why Buy Coal From Us? 1—3D. years In business, 2—Quality of coal handled, 3—Prompt service. 4—Courteous treatment, 5—Vou Kct n'l you pay for. "Quality Group"' distributed by Gay & Billings Phone 1C 'ARKS BROS. COAL CO. PHONE 9'I7 FOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Energy Illinois" "IJlnik Royal Kentucky" CLEAN COAL-LOW PKICED Fimiiture BUY FURNITURE NOW PAY THIS FALL Get Om- Terms lIUBliAltl) FTJRNITURK CO. Eggs, Poultry Partly fimillhed APARTMENT with Rood heathiB system, Plione 197 or 571. 16-c-ir 4 room FuliNlsuin liiodcrn uiiiirtincnt, , newly decorated. Must hi* seen to be appreciated. Siioe Kepairihg Progressive Shoe Shop .WE THANK YOU I For your 1034 patronage fmd, hop« to serve you In 1835, 101 S. 2nd Street 1 years hi Tno~sTioe Rcpnlrtng biislness; when olliers fnll, Iry 61. Simon P. Lcc, 111 Sotilh n.itlroml SI. Ctill 413. 17-ek-lf TWO nicely PUHN1SHED BEDROOMS moderately' priced. Mra. E. A. F'sher, 101 E. Davis. 24-pk-'J9 Modern Throe nooin .apartinpnt, furnished or mifiimlslied. P. Simon, phone 7M, ektl Two Furnlohed lied Rooms, 1017 Walnut. Phone 102. ai-c-lt FOR RENT—Three room furnished house, 508 N. FlfUi. Couple only. STliAMHEATED bedroom 111 mod ern home to pcrmimcnt business couple or men. Phone Q84 nr BABY CHICKS ALL, VARIETIES Hatching Done for tiie Public MARILYN HATCHERY Blythcvillo, Ark. Hatchery Code No. 80 W. J. KNOX ittvliiB mitdo nil hinds of Bhoca for ABNORMAL, feel, can repair tiots to correct ABNORMAL lees. Wauled HOUSE &.b or 10 acres. Will pay crtsh. Wfllo "C" Courier News, IV-n-k-iM SURVANT ROOM uciir Ohlcknsnwba. PJiono 350W. 1100 Wanted I'D JientV nttkl,'i\.'•!•(>>'( 6 room house h< : February i,: Will'puy rcnl/cusli in iKli'inicu, Jptm Honey at frank- lin Press. ,.'•'•• ' / Head Courier Nora Wntil Arts, U hits UMII I'slliunUxl Hint triplets cnn bo expected once In 7.5HO lliilii) Ifcirn Will Two Teeth • IlYANNlS, M(iss. (UI')-A If). , iwund 6on «ai hoin jo Mi. and Mrs. John Richard wltli two teeth equal in ilze lo those of a six- nioiilli-old child. Tills- cotintiy's suicide rale hnU declined fioni 213 per 100,000 of Wrtlts In (he human fninlly. 1233. Iho population In 1932 to 10,1 hi OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru For Sale NEW JOHN DEERK TRAILER; ELECTRIC RADIO Cnblnel sol; ULECTK10 PAN, Polar club. C. Smllli, Enidnle store. Real Estate^ Farms For'Sale , Immediate P,o5session 40 A. near Bm'delte, Miss, county, Ark. Price $60 acre. 40 A, near'Biirdelle, Miss,'county, Ark. Price *50 : acre. s 80 A. near Burdette, Ml s s. county, Ark. Price 560 acre. .-'•• 45 A. near Warden,. Pemigcbt county, Mo. Price $50 acre. 65 A. 'near Oideon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price $40 ;icro. 108 A. near Gideon,. New Madrid county, Mo. Price $45 nore. • 127 A. near Gideon, New Madrid county, Mo. Price $50 acre. " 107 A. near Catialou, New, Madrid county. Mo. -Price 540 acre. . < J- W- Bacler Blythcviile, Ark. • • : . FIRE & TORNADO INSURANCE, I LIFE INSURANCE AND INBUR-| ANCE; SERVICE ". | Money to Loan We are in position to make you a loan to refinance your present loan. Terms • for repayment can be made to your 'satisfaction, very low interest rotes, this applies to city, as well as farm loans. W. M. Burns, Phones 213 - 21',', I.BT US DO VQUK WELDING AND MACHINE WORK BOILER - DRAGLINE . TRAILER REPAIRING We Carry A Full Line of .Shafting PHONE i 808 i. BLYTHEVILLE MAG!«NE WORKS Operated by , B. F, Kiger Roy Pace COPPEK WEATHER STRIP Saves fuel at'small cost Arkmo Lumber Go. Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc -- - SERVICE & QUALITY .AMBULANCE Phone 26 FOR SALE DUPLEX on West Wain St. Bath, Bttrage, monthly. . , do. RenU lor 517.50 or will make term pcicc. Thomas Land Co. FARMS FOR "SALE! .Terms Reasonable .OTHEL B. THOMPSON Carulhsrsvllfe, Mo Automotive "WINTER Trtstone, Alcohol, Hpaters, Crosters, \VllloK( Batteries. tHTT US PHEFARE YOU ' . WJNTEH , Huhbard Hdw. Co AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. t'lioh'o 476 I'hono De- FOR Special prices o;i Autu tecMoiieE, Tjrcs raid Tubes, aiiurantoccl Batlerlcs ?3.95. Auto Tojis & sia c . curtains {1.50 up.''Alcohol 75c gal. Csr .heaters $1.50 up. Cylinder Heads, Floor Mats, ijci.ip iron metal in ilenniul WOLF ARIAN - - 128 K. Jlalu FOR BATTERY SERVICE Ben Clune 203 W. Ash—Phone B. AU THOU6HT \0 T3P,EAt>NNJ6rYTS LOT HOSSES MUD IN oB THREE-YAPr , IN "RACES / AN'AH'LL'BE'RlblNf COLONEL WAGHOW WA<3 "RU3KT HE T-16UP.ED rAY ' 'A BARGAIN — TWO CABIN UOAT, WITH 40, ON Uld LAKE, Ted Rodrtlck, Lcachvlllu, Ark. n-ck-24 BEIN6 E16HT "6RIN6HIM LAK MAWNIN MILK YOUTH'S UlSD, slliihtly. larger than buby bed. New mattvess. Will sell CHEAP. Mrs. Sieve H. Brooks, 519 W. Main. dh tl Dorothy, you're (elling me, I always keep my school- girl ngurc by chewing Wrlglcy's Gum. Esther, PAY THIS FALL Qet Our Terms HUIIBAKI) FURNITURE CO, BUY FURNITURE NOW NEGRO family wants lo slmrcurop next yenv. Two m cn and woman in family. Excellent recommendation. George Smith, 1709 Ueurii St., Robinson addition. COTTON.PLANTING SF.KD CORN and SOY UEANS See. us lor Best Prlc«. Harold Sternbcrg at STKRNUERG COl'TON CO. WIN 52,250.00 GNU you mak3 5 thrce-letlcr wont: BARGAIN—SO TUDOR "PARAMOUNT"? Hush your answer to Paramount Products, In FORD SEDAN, looks and rims like new—loss than 25,000 miles on WISDOM iN A6E speedometer. Will sell for $175 5100 OASH and rest uu easj monthly payments.- Cull SOU. AH. D;s f.lolncs, town, nut ComfortnWe ROOM N. Brondwny, Call 293-J. BOOTS AMTV.HFi> THOTS SWEI-L-HESBe 1 . W4W|W, IT THOUGHT! NOW, TO FIND j AMD KEEP HER. FROM 6UGSS1N& THAT 1 IM w ON rr - WELL, ^HINK OF -THE DEVIL AMO HE'S' SUPE TO TUBM UPl 1 WA& LOOKIN6 .FOB. '(OU, -^ OW, V1OTHIN& TERKISliV IMPORTANT- 1 JUST SAW A. GAD&ET (N ft. &VIOP, OOWM TUB STREET, \ W'A'MTED YOU TO LOOK AT IT, THAT'S ALL , WHO 666ts' ee&r FRIE«O&, HUNCtt OF 5OM£ 60 HE nA£>"<sbME TO see AN VJHO MI&HT Fir: THE PICTURE.. ^ Q 193S BY N£* SERVICE. WASH TUBBS CPHETVS (JWSN up ALL u OF. ESCAPE, WOT TH' HECIi VO(J WAMT wrrri PRESTO.' i TJCKLE MULE AN JUMPING B10J6 BLATESJ \ STRAW! A STRAW/ GET ME A STRAW. ((ntODMlLV, WASH AND EASV (3A7E THRU-'TWE BAHRED WJWDOWS ^-'OF THEIR CELL, WAmMCi FOR THE FIRING SQUAD TO TOO G001J TO MISS! SAY, K1O -V 'W/ANTA &ET AN EYE FUU. THIS-' IT'S SUMPIN WONT SEE EVERY DAY; AW, OOOLA-LE5 STICK AROUND A LITTLE , s --.- , WHILE f BOMEHEAD: LON&eR \ I W6 r p?s &ertiN& NOW [& OUR CtUNCE JUST FEEL ,! THEGROUND|( ALLEY, I VE OUST THOUGHT OF SQMETHfNG.' QTHEff MONSTEPS HAVE GOME.AMO D&6 TWO ARE X> 8USV T NOTICE UZ . 5'.V&1 19J5 Bff/tA5£RVICt, ft'C. T,H. KfO.U. S.PAT.Off. FRKGKLES AND HIS FRIENDS '-• A CHANCE TO EXI'LAIN! V/Et-L.V/HW. IU TVE V.ORLD MADE VoJ SVRlTt SJClj A FAMTAST1C TA16 AQWT AM CREW 8SIWG SHOT/AHD THIWGS OF THAT SORT ? MEVGR MIND 1 YOU'VE BEEM TOO MANY MOVIE MELODRAMAS. 1 .' I ABOUT FN'c MINUTES. TO A CH'MCE TO LOOK POSITION , V/ELU, YOU S5E I.... Faulting and Paperhanglng "Auto Painting Furniture Relinishing All Work Guaranteed, Freeman & Wheat Phone 749 lor Estima'tcj WE CAN SAVE YOUMONEY HARNESS Our Stock Is Complete IMPLEMENTS And Repairs For AVERY, MOLINE VULCAN & BLOUNT Pay Us A Visit And Be Convinced PAUL"BYRUM 120 Kast Wait! Largest & Most Complete Slock of I- CHINA WARE in Northeast Arkansas, PRICES RIGHT. Hubbave) Hdw. Co. Coal & Wood We Cuu; Ken AH trie Coal, So We Just Sell the Best. St. Benaro, 1,000 Lbs $3.50 Black Diamond, 1,000 Lte- .. $3.75 Sahara, 1.000 Lbs $4.00 Acton Red Ash, 1,000 Lbs, Phone 100 E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Sue L's Abuut Your Coal Blytlieville Gin Go. "Radiant .'Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" -. CALL'. 214 Ageuls lo; the original genuine Montavallo Coal We olso bell Brilliant, Ark. Anthracite, Illinois and Kentucky Coals. Phone 477 WONDER CITY COAL CO. YOU HAVE TRIED THE REST, My Coal Is Black But I Treat You While, Fill Up Now , JOHN BUCHANAN • PHONE 107

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