The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 17, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE "SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS 43rd Revival of Famous Meet To Be Held April 23-24 •' Hot On Cinders I)Y RICHARD AlrCAVN NKA Srrvlrc Sporls WrlU-r PHlLJi DEI PHI A — limidrcds of tnereetlc young men will 1;» tuni- , f\ Ic'se on (lif real estate of . Franklin r-Mel April 93 and :'•! to tear up Die turf miming, jumping, heaving spears, throw- Jc? cannon tails, and doing whntr noi. I The. oolngs-on pr^ kno n 'n {is the University of Pennsylvania Relay Carnival. Tlui Pum Rclavs have ber-n .staufd annupHy since *-189.>, nut), as usual, most o;' the Ixjsj cf our track '("id 1 . Hold 'tars vlii be there striving for the mugs end medals of Ihls 4:)rd in:cl. There'll be, for • instance, Spec Towns, the Gcorola Grtissliopuer who Is the \iorld champion hurdler, and Don Lash, the Indiana Express, who can run . two miles faster lhan anv. man. ami Enlace Peacock, Temple's Black Blast, who holds six decisions over Jesse Owens in 10 tussles. And Tommv Dcckurd, Indiana's .?.00-inctcr.. steeplechase champion, rnd Lulrl Beccal.l, who came all the way !Vom Italy to chase Glenn Cunnlnqham around nnd around a track tills winter, and ninny. ninny, oihcr nresent-dny slurs. They are . fit recruits for the army of great athletes who have ; marched across the cinders and lawn of Franklin Field, relentless in their battle against Time, in 'their fight, for perfection . . . Howard Berry, in 1917, winning . all .five first places in tile pentathlon; Ted Meredith., breasting the tape two yards of Harvard's Bill Biugham in 1015. Vor a new world • mile, .record. .. : 'Bill Carr hurrying PcnnsyU vania's colors to a one-mile relay record In 1932; Lord David Burgh- ley winning the 1925 400-meter hurdles for Cambridge although 'he had never covered .the distance .before; Michigan's six ' straight four-mile relay championships In 1903 lo 1908; Keith Brown* of Yale Clearing 14 feel in 1933 for the . first lime in pole vault history. ,.' Always Sportsmanship The tops, they were.' Champions nil. • They gave you everything .a/sports lover wants—speed, stamina, and strength; courage, determination, and thrills; drama, comedy,, and : sportsmanship. Always sportsmanship. • . . Take, • for Instance, the time that Lorry Shields, Penn State's sturdy, miter, accidentally bumped into Jim Connolly, Georgetown's great star, and knocked Jimmy oft -stride. Shields high-stepped Into a good lead, but he' slopped dead In his. tracks, waited ite Connolly catch up and then outraced him lo the lape. Defeat' would have been as glorious' as victory that day. The 1933 meet had a touch of paUios There was a bit of .a depression .in those days, you may remember, and the Michigan Stale .track learn, .hard-pressed for funds lo take'such a long jaunt in proper style, renjsed to be denied the right to compete, piled into a couple of automobiles nnd took turns driving night and day to Philadelphia. Well, sir, alter they got (here their autos were stolen and the team's -treasurer was robbed of their $9.85' food 'money.' But that's not all . . . their anchor man, R. B. steelc, hurl his-.leg badly the night before Ihe shuttle-hurdle race and couldn't run. .. Steele, .-however, ' insisted that after all- their trouble the boys -go through with the formality of the .race anyway. The first three Spartans raced.into a lead and then passed the balon to Steele who hobbled around painfully .on his bandaged leg to complete the circuit just so thai the boys could say they had competed in the. Penn -Relays. • Breath-Taking ' Finish : Just as tragic, or, perhaps, more ,so, was.the case oi 1 Princeton's great distance runner, McKenzlc. who'led all the way in the mile run one year, neared Ihe tape with a 10-yard lead, and then collapsed from exhaustion inches from the finish. He was- so close to winning when he collapsed that it he had hiccoughed or sneezed he would have lunged Into the tape And then there was the bitter '.-.frustration of the team of young Frenchmen who, gay and" ambitious, c^tne over for the 1921 meet and tailed to score a poin in a. single, event. .However, all has not been sad ad the Relays. There's been some comedy, too. For instance, at th 1935 meet when trie anchor man of the Maryland BSD-yard rela> team took the baton in fin style - and dusted 'away—complete ly out of sight. It looked / for a minute lik somebody had given him a wan Instead.of a: baton, or had kid naped him. But he was found moment later, safe but not e> actly sane The poor ftjltow ha Jest his sense of direction an Instead of taking the turn the end of the track, had trotte merrily into the chute at th end' of the Reid. ~ •••.-'-•- Ttialls the first and last tim they've played hide-and-seek the Penn Relays, \ Plan Racing Tomorrow At ? airgroundsP SATURDAY/APRIL 17 1937 Fiery Actress wrest Towns, above, Georgia's Olympic champion, 'and uilgi cccall, Italian distance runner and X 1932 Olympic champion, are mom* the many stars who will compete at Penn Relays. Towns ill race in the hurdles ami relays while Heccnll will appear In a special mile 'event. ; ' Harness racing be revlvcil ere Sunday afternoon when thirst of a scries of Sunday mali- ces will be staged. •••••• '['rotting and -harness races are lannctl with an exhibition of snd- le horses.- Viola Axllen, Miss Rosemary. C . Gralton and Fiarvest Brewer will robably test tlicir speed and coit- itlon in a (rolling event while I!! Oration and Wynleaf are'the acers slated for action. Altogether there are nq\v> nbo'ut 8 horses at the -fairgrounds stales here and most of them will given workouts during the day. Among those who have horses nt he fairground stables are Mrs. B \. Bugg. c. G. Smith and Verne iToungblood. L. C. B. Young, w J Jrivbr and D. H. Blackwood of Osceola, a Mr. Summers of Meln- liis. J. H. crain of Wilson and thcrs, There -will .be. no admission harge for tomorrow's matinee aces and visitors are cxtwcted here rom Jackson. Dyersburg and Mem- his, Tcnn., and Paragould. Youngblood. Entile Mahan. Smith nd Jeff Rblanrt will probably an- ear in the race evants. Peering Hi Wins Meet- Records Fall (STEELE, Mo. '^ <.[X>ering hlgli school took first place in the annual Pcniiscol county, track and field meet, held here yesterday, rolling up a total, of 56 1-4 tpohits to'27' 1-2 for Bragg- City, wliicii was second...; Braggadocio ^ was third with 23 1-2 points, and Steelo fourth, with- '.19.. ' 'liiree broken. The new . marks : werc , set by Joe .Azbill, Cooler,' .who. ran 'the 220-yard dash' in . 22'. .seconds; BrenU. .Bragg. City,,. who! was clocked at 53 1-J seconds in the 4-IO-ynrd dash, and Lipsey. 'Deering, who won the 'mile run' in 5 minutes ami 8 seconds. '. county : recpros , were Brooklyn Giants Play Booker T's On Sunday I M \ Harry Bailey's Booker T. ball lub will meet the Brooklyn Giants n a game at the state- line park Sunday at. 2:30 o'clock, Qus "Happy" Foreman announced today Foreman said that the local ne- sro team had been strengthened by the addition of Jack Johnson shortstop, and Pllcher Kelly from the Memphis Red Sox of the Amer- can negro league. The Brooklyn club beat Mobile. Ala.s negro team in a doubleheader last Sunday, defeated the Chattanooga Black 'Lookouts Monday and Tuesday and Nashville's Elite Giants Wednesday, Foreman slates Young Texan lo Get Severe Tesl; Welch' and Baker Meet. Will Plan Southeast Missouri Golf Schedule CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo -Jess Qwln. owner of Ihe Kaytl-Carulh- ersvillc golf course, yesterday an nounccd that a meeting of South east Missouri golfers is to bs held Sunday, April 18, at Dexter, for th purpose of mappin, out a schcdul or round-robin .tournaments for ill various Southeast Missouri clubs IIY j. i'. VKIEND Tex Rlley, n youngster he Lone Star state with a ng style, and Pat' O Dowdy lead the wrestling program Monday night. ;• Fans vividly recall Rllpys fine exhibition here three weeks ago. Serving as a substitute. Rlley put on a great show with Jnck Bn ictt, Marion, III. nicy went, at It hammer olid tongs for more than 50 minutes, with Rilcy the winner. It was the first time Lawyer To Use Wheel Chair CHICO, Cal, (trp)-Alton Cheney doesn't regard a broken neck as an obstacle to practicing law. From a wheel chair he is quail that a substitute has come through in surprising style, and the 'fans showed their 'appreciation. With OTtowdy's reputation as a skilled workman already established. ttie cash cusloimrs can look for,n rapid-fire affair, much en the order of the O'Uowdv- MyeVs. and O'Dowdy-Pediso matches' several months ago For.^hc semi-final Matchmaker Mike Meroney is bringing i; 0 y Welch, the Canadian Wildcat and Dago Baker, the Racine. Wis tough nut. for a return engagement. ThSy tangled at Joncs- boro this week, and it WI>S necessary to call out the gendarmes to separate- them. Welch was declared the victor, but Baker ? bJC u C ? ^ C ., " lfi ""«**>"• When he kicked the Wildcat out of the ring .the fun began, it was some Wi I Use Two Sets b{| Backs, "Work Horse" \ And "Pony Express" POUTII nfCND, Ind, IUP1 neld slrategy as practiced KnutP nackne In the days of Hie immortal "Four Horsemen" Is' b?- \\v\ \"\>\v.'A by Coach Elmer Uiy- den ns ht- drills more than iso Notre Dame football candidates in rlns; practice. The youthful mentor of the ivhlhi'j Irish"—himself a former fullback wiih the undefeated nn- llonal champioiLslilp Horsemen of IP'M—has announced plans to develop a "work horse" unit and H "inny exDrcss" backficld. Tills throwback lo his playilr.- dnys i:iider liocknc. Laydcn explains. Is the result of reallra'tion of the value of speed and deception In football and of Ihe necessity for two complete backtlclds to carry the ball for the Irish durliis n rigorous 1037 schedule. The "nwk horse" mill will lie micosrd of Ihe heavier, slower candidates Cm - Dip ball-carrvln',' position.'!, and will start, the gumrs, plavlng lhrcii«h the first quarter or the first half. Slioi'lt Troop:; In Hrrcrve The "pony^express" combination Is to be ulllixed in the 1 nature of S|M)t players, entering Ihu gam?s when tile opposition appears lo be slightly tired or when a .scoriu-' opportunity looms. Witli.tlicso t:icllc.s, Ijivden Jioo-s to pilot the Notre Dame' eleven through a successful campaign igalnst such opposition as Illinois, Carnegie Tech. Army. Navy. Northwestern. Southern Cullfornb. and -.. .™»ss[yc wceTtcnds—Pittsbii'reh and Minnesota. "One hard day of lacklin<r may eliminate, the lightweight, back- fleld," Layden .-.ulj, "or cause enough damage so thr-.'. we shall have .lo change our plans and our II lieu o to get llic. most, strength possible Into one backfleld." "Bui If Ihe experiment works, we'll have-a belter chance for'a successful season than we wbii'id have with only one set of backs." .Three of the four members of the speed .guard will weigh, less than 100 pounds and will' stand less Ihan s feel, o inches in height. Andy .Pupils, varsity quarterback last fall, will go lo left halfback' io replace Bob Wilke. who'is beins grdrlnaled. •-•> Pupils to Kirk and I'ass " Punlls will handle most of 'the kicking, and passing f or the unit Jot:; Ruetz, second -string signal caller, -.will move back to "iiard "Pd Chuck O'Reilly will iilay at' hjs oosition with the "pony express.'; Nevin (Unhny) McCormick, whose • average of 57 yards from scrimmage last fall topped any back •MI Ihe squad, will start at right halfbiick. ; Mario (Motls) Tonelli. so|)ho- more' fullback from Chicago, who weighs,-185 -pounds and'stands ; G feet, .will round out the pony unit. .'The "work horse" quarterback will he cliossn from a Held which Includes Emmctt Crowe, willard Tfofer. Danny Sullivan and Harold Oottsacker. all of them lcanin» toward the husky, stocky type. ° Left hnlfbnck appears to be a race between Jack McCarthy monogram winner lost year- Bill Horan, Max Bnrncll and Chuck Uorowskl, none a giant, but all larger lhan the diminutive Pupils Gtnnl at Fullback Right halfback duties will go (o Jake Kovalsik. Ernio Arboit. or Joe nieason. with a iwssibiliiv that Cilcason. a right- halfbuck the last two seasons, will oe moved lo nuar- tcr. Ed Simonich. Iroiuvood, Mich giant, appears lo have inside Irack at fullback, with Ring Binkowski n sophomore, his most dangerous In addition to Wilkc, all-Western halfback, other backfleld law? include Larry Danbom. Steve Miller and Vic Wojcihovski. who played prominent roles in the 1930 cam- pals;!). The backfleld losses are li<?ht however, when compared wfth those in the line, where Coach Joe Bolnnd is faced with the gigantic task of developing not only n slartins; wall enough reserve strength to carry the Irish through the season. 3 ' Only Capt.-clect Joe Zwers. rHit end, and Joe Kuharich. right guard are back from last, year's frs' stringers. Capt. John Laiiler All' America guard; Bill stclnkcmi-r tackle; Joe O'Neill, left, end; p ro d Kfundee. center; Frank Kopcvak and Art C'ronin. Jr.. tackles ,,jn get diplomas in June. Tlie caliber of the'material this spring Is the best since Lnyden took charge of Notre Dame football in 1934 nnd prospects are fnvor.iblp that he will be able to develop not only his two backflelds but i\nn full tesms to keep the Irish atiick at a high tempo tor 60 muuitjs each game. . Mmc before the cleared, thgliks decks could lo thp. in ' ha be HORIZONTAL I, 5 Actress plc- tarcd here. 10 Principal ac- Ircss In a company.' 14 Sound of rorrow. 15 Opposite of dead. 1C To relieve. 17 lusecl's egg. 18 Sugar sand, 19 Before. 20 Prepared lettuce dishes. 22Tf}?.i(! ex- perlenco. Answer (o Preview Piuilc nil' — UTowpril m'; 13 Note in sepl» JO She has a — temperament ' 23 Rejrets. S5To lake as a (act " ". 26 Sudden attack, 28 Mud. 29 Ache. 30 Watch podwt 31 To hind. ' 3$ Street, 43 Right.' 45StOi!. 47 Ana. 51 To wash lightly 24 Musical note. 54 Gem. 25 r'ootlike parl. 57 Container. -'7 Nol perfcvated 58 Perfect 32 Inlcl '.','i Aurora. '.'A Earlliwork. 35 Parl of eye. 37 Scriptures. 39 Wigwams. 41 To attempt. VERTICAL 1 Musical note. 2 forearm bone. 3 Bucket. 4 Fortune. 5 Movers' ' trucks. 6 Biblical pattern. prophet. 59 Turf. 7 Disorder. CO She was born 8 Night be/ore, in .. 9 Cipher. 01 Shc.ij a popu-10 Ovule. lar pic- 11 Container lure player, weight! coloring. <0 Senior. 42 Hawaiian bird 44 Three, col- ; lectively. 1 40 Tiller. ; 46 Morindin dye.' 4B Monkey. 49 Assessment. 50 Cuckoo. 52 Slmctural unit. 53 South America 54 Hops him 65 Taro paste. • 56 Stir" ; MOSCOW (UP)—Nearly 600,000 pfople visited the Control Gorky Park of Culture and Rest during Ihe winter season. Six thousand people were laught '.n ihe park to dance on skates this winter. Oysters Flown to Hawaii SAN FRANCISCO (Up oysters arc the latest, as a gallon) of choice Chesapeake Bay bivalves packed In ice wali>r down from Baltimore to Hawaii SPECIAL ASSESSMENT LAND SAIJJ" Notice is hereby given'that I, the undersigned Special Commtsslom'r will on May 10, 1937, within lawful hours, ill Ihe Soulh Door of the Court House In Blythpvlllr, Arkansas, sell lo Hip highest bidder, ;' u r rush, the following lands lorotfd In Mississippi county Arkansas' to-wit: ' 'Name PI of ; See. . S. T. R. Acres H L Wray NE SP 12 14 10 40 H I, Wray Nw SE . 12 li 10 40 Tom Lovelartv N.',S NW-SW ...... 12 14 11 20 W If & Walter Anderson SE NE 4 14 12 40 M H Robinson SW NE 4 14 12 40 Henry Purdue 2 Square Acres In SW cor B'4 E 90 A NE 5 H 12 2 C A Rogers l/ots 1 & 2 NE li 14 n 49,64 C A Rc<w r/)ts 3 & 4 HW 8 14 12 107 48 I.inlse Chapmnn s GA .SW SE ... 23 15 12 Q C E Cri-5'nr N of River E 7.5 A SE SW 23 -15 12 . 150 Louise chapman s of River SE SW 23 15 12 c Louise chapman s of River E 5 A of S 0 A SW.SW ?3 15 Louise Chapman NW NE...'. 2C 15 Louise Chapman sw NE 2(5 15 Louise Chapman NE NW ->R ir. .-milse Chapman NW NW 26 15 Louise. Chapman PE NW 26 15 Louise Chapman SW NW 26 15 John M Taylor W of Levee All SE 26 15 Leree Board E'j SW 26 15 L2vee:Boarci fil N'.i E of Lake .. 20 15 nY MAX KIDIJLE NEiV Service Sporls Writer American turf lovers now nna 'lien succumb, like so many other of Uncle's Sam's citizens, to the belief that imported, goods .are hotter than our own.. The Kentucky Derby .nominations almost always carry thp nominations of Imported Enjllsh or French horses. And generally these nominations are made by newcomers to horse • racin'i;.. . Thu'ideti seems to uo thai:the novice will. go abroad, buy some champion, and.-confound the local joys. Movie stars get that''.way, ivul '.hi- movie colony is a rich harvest for foreign salesmen at :he i-vi.-ciil lime. Mr. Raoul Walsh, of Hollywood, has Sunset lV,vil entered in the Kentucky Derby. Ttiis Me is a British horse of some -•epnte. Yet if he fares no better than previous ones have done, Sunset Trail ihe Is listed in this county us Sunset Trail II) will be 'a nonentity in , six months. Likes Imported Hrcrses Simsal Trail brings to mind the fuel that Mr. Walsh for some time has been trying desparately to win the big stakes with an lin- Jorled star. First of all he tried to import Tankerton, a half-brother to the great miy Qnivsheil which' gave Omaha a nose beating in the Ascot Cup. Now because of a certain "bar sinister" in the pedigree of the lam of Qimslied and Thankerton, neither can be registered as thoroughbred. Yet both are eligible to race In England. Naturally the owner of Thankerton was tickled pink to find an American buyer who would pay a big price for a horse which could not he registered and therefore not used for breeding purposes. But no sooner was the deal made than Mr. Walsh found to his Intense astonishment that Thnnkcrlon could not race in the United States, that is, If Santa Anita obeyed the rules of the Jockey Club. The rule -states that July horses registered in the American Stud Book or in the recognized stud books of other countries can race on American tracks that is, Jockey club tracks. Phar T-ip Exception Sanla Anita preferred to stick to the rules and Mr. Walsh had to look elsewhere tor a champion to win the big Santa Anita purse Me chose the French horse Grand Manltou, and this one was able to beat ,only the tnil-endeijs in the great race, although he did finish second to Seabiscult in the consolation event. Phar Lop. of course, lived up lo everything said. of him. But Boy Painter, Challenger II, Pillow Fight, and a host of others have failed miserably. It Is perhaps unfair to include Challenger II since he succumbed to injuries. Yet he didn't go onto the hospital shelf until he had tried and lost for the bloated west coast purse. . : ,; Now the English and French have a more or less exaggerated !opinion of American wealth. And they have reasbn' to know that rich Americans are not .shrewd buyers. So they .tack on a heavy premium when'they smell an.Am- erican in trie offing. ' ' ., -*"*'»* i '•, Importing Is Costly . > . : Deponent knowelh not - how much Movie Magnate Walsh paid for his foreign 'horses.' But it's a cinch they, didn't..-come cheap. Nor is it inexpensive to':transport horses. overseas. '•'.-.•; For that reason it'seems certain that Roseinont _cquld have liecn bought for less than Grand Manj- tou Seabiscult • probably could have been had for a third that COSt.k , - ' i And either would'have paid the Initial cost • in the \Saiifa Anita and,the San Juan Gaplstrano. 1 The recent, epidemic of ftnportiU tions for stud duty has brought us Kan tar, Aethelstan, Ksar <satd to be the most beautiful horse -in Ihe world!, and Blenheim. Challenger is in stud, and Grand Mamloii might join that list. And for that matter .so might'Sunset Iran II. " . ' It's a pretty safe bet neither will be great on our race courses. Yesterday's Results Southern League Birmingham 5. Memphis 4. AllanUi 6. Nashville 2. New Orleans 10, Little Rock 4 Chattanooga 11. Knoxvillc s. ! Read Courier NPWS Want r , ^ ----- ^ ------ "^ — M ua "- , fying for his degree and h6pe S blue coats. lo open n law practice shortly; j A special attraction, i,, n( | dl I lion to" the" boxing bouts, is i>c. ling planned for the prellivimar- • les by Promoter Clarence Holder ' COTTON SEED C7C S»liJ D. & P. I,. NO. n Per Ton F.O.B. Number Nine 2nd Year From Experiment. Station Sfammofh Crown Soy Beans Prices Reasonable C. C. LANflSTON Baseball Standings Soutlicrn Leajuc ' W: L.' Pet Atlanta New Orleans Birmingham Chattanooga Memphis Knosvllle . Little Rock 0 1 0 1.000 0 i.OOO 0 1.000 0 1.000 0 1 0 1 .000 .000 .000 .000 Nashville .......'.'.'.'.'.'.' o ] WRESTLING Every Monday Night 8 P.M., TEX MILKY vs. 1»AT O'DO.WDY KOY WELCH DAGO BAKER- American. Legion Stadtum 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 20 17 •W 40 t r i 40 28 24.07 75 Tax 0.70 12.14 3.83 .M 9.81 .21 5.88 3.65 • ' .IS .115 .75' .113 4.0'i 0.6!) 7.8fi 7.86 •j n;: 7.87 1.4'i 7.2-1 7.25 Said land will te sold for the purpose, of satisfying a decree rendered by the Chancery Court of the. Chlckasawba Uislrict of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on April 14, 1937, in the case of Sub-District No. 4 of Grassy Lake and Tyronza Drainage District No 9 Plaintifl' vs, .Certain Ijlnds and H. L. Wray. et nl., Dc.'jiidanLs. against salii lands for a special assessment due thereon, together, with court costs, •lenaltlps, and attorney's fees, said assessment belli" set opposite each :ract of land. • WITNESS my hand 'this~15th day of April, 1D37. ADDISON SMITH. . • Special Commissioner. SPECIAL ASSESSMENT LAND SALE Notice Is hereby given that I. the undersigned'" Special Commissioner, will on May 10. 1937. .within lawful hours, at the Soulh Door of the Court House in Blythevltle. Arkansas, sell to the highest bidder for cash, the following lands located in Mississippi comity Arkansas' Name PL- of Sec. H L Wray NE SE .'. H L Wray NW SE .... T. M 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 15 15 15 15 15 Taylor Smith NW NE Tom Lovelndy NIL. NW SW W H & Walter Anderson-SENS M H Robinson SW NE Henry Purdue 2 Square Acres . : SW cor E',i E 90 A NE 5 C A Rogers Lots 1 & 2 NE 0 C A Rogers Lots 3 & 4 NW 6 S E Vail Frl NE NW 14 S E Vail Prl SE NW 14 S E Vail Prl E 11-acres SW NW .. 14 Rebecca Patterson SE SE ' 15 Harry Taylor N'ij N 32 A'NW NW 23 Mrs Ernest Tay-. • lor S'.'j N 32 A NW NW ....'.... 23 15 Harry Wade S 30 A SW NE ....... 26 15 Sallie Adams Elliott NE NW .... X 15 Sallie Adams Elliott NW. NW 36 i 15 Sallie Adams Elliott Sg NW 30 15 Sallie Adams Elliott Lot 2 SW NW 36 / 15 Sallie Adams Elliott ,' " / Orig. Sur. SW NW, ,.':. : .. 36,' 15 Loi'lse Chapman S C A SW SE . 23 15 C ,E Crigger N of Road E 7.5 A; .SE SW 23 Louise Chopin an s of Road SE SW 23 B .M Turner SW SW ''.'. 24 Louise Chapman NW NE .. ..'..... 26 Louise .chapman SW NE 26 Louise Chapman NE NW ''! "... 26 Louise 'Chapman NW NW 26 Louise .Chapman SE N\y 20 Louise Chapman SW NW 20 .John M Taylor W of. Levee all SE 26 Levee Borad Bal..Eii SW 26 Levee Board Prl N.'.-i- B of L 26 R. 10 10 10 '11 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 Acre.s 40 40 . 40 20' 40 40 49.04 107.48 1731 11 38 16 Hi 30 40 40 40 .: 38.83 1.17 .6 7.50 6 20 20 17 40 411 35 40 28 24.67 75 .Tax U.1'2 11.40 20.28 3.70 .58 9.33 -.20 5.61 42.83 1.25 2.05 1.80 5.12 2.5ti 2.5G 21.00 19.24 19.24 lb.46 20.21) .40 .48 \ .60 .06 1.79 5.12 4.25 4.99 4.90 4.99 5.00 1.73 3.S14 8.38 .'Said land will be.sold:for the purpose of satisfying a decree rendered by the Chancery Court of. the Chickasawba District »f Mississippi County. Arkansas, on April 14, 1937, in the case of Sub-District No. 3'oi. Grassy'Lake & Tyronza Drainage District No. 9 Plaintiff iandffor" ^, ^ H ' L ! Wmy ' " al " Dcf "«>ants, against sai.i lands for a.special assessment due thereon, together with court rn*i<; ' 3 ' WITNESS my hand this 15th day of April, 1937. > . ADDISON SMITH. '. '•'.-.' Special Commissioner. SPECIAL ASSESSMKNT r.,,\xn SAI E ' '" Ilnt!etsi 8»« 1 Special Commtetoner. Have You Visited Our New Modern Service Station? Rose Gasoline ' Ooodytar Tires WlUard BatteHej Road Serrlce' On - Gas - "Tires - Wrecks 24 HOOh SKRVIOE Call 633 For Prompt Servlc* Tom Little Chevrolet Co. lo-wit: : . Name' ; pt. of Sec. W'F Bell N!4 NE SE'. W P Bell NW SE '.'.'.'.'.'."? b M May W of R NW SW H L Wray NE SE H L Wray NW SE .............. Taylor Smith NW NE Florence O Meadows SW SE :".'.'.'.'. Tom Lovelady N',t NW SW ...... W H & Walter Anderson SE NE M H Robinson SW NE Henry Purdue 2 sq. A. SW cor E',4 E 90 A NE : C A Rogers Lots 1 &. 2 NE C A Rogers Lots 3 & 4 NW Hubbard-Hiibbard & Stevens NE SW Dillard It Coffin SE SW S E Vail SE NW '.'.'.'. S E Vail E 11 Acres SW NW ..... Rebecca Paltersno SE SE .".'" Harry Taylor N'i N.32 A NW NW Mrs Ernest Taylor S'.i N 32 A NW NW Harry Wade S 30 A SW NE Sallie Adams Elliott Orig Sur SW NW Louise Chapman South 6 A SW SE C E Crigger N of River E 7.5 Acres SE SW Louise Chapman s of River SE sw Louise Chapman s of River E 5 A of S 6 A SW SW ..... Louise Chapman Prl Wii NE ;".'.'.'. Louise Chapman NE NW '.'". Louise Chapman NW NW Louise Chapman SE NW j Louise Chapman SW Nw John M Taylor w of Levee' all SE .Levee Board E!J SW ' Aransas S. T. 27 14 27 14 27 14 12 14 12 14 20 14 3 14 12 14 4 14 R. 3 9 9 10 10 10 11 14 5 14 12 C 14 12 6 14 12 17 14 17 14 14 12 12 15 II 14 15 H 15 15 11 23 15 n 23 15 n 28 15 U 36 15 11 23 15 12 23 15 12 23 15 12 23 15 26 15 26 15 26 15 26 15 26 15 26 15 26 15 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 Acre.s 20 4» 13.72 40 40 40 40 20 40 40 2 49.64 107.48 20.25 16.75 31 II 33 16 16 30 1.17 6 7.50 6 5 37 40 40 ' 35 40 28 24.67 Tax 1.44 2.88 3.71 7.20 7.20 8.16 1.]M 2.88 3.81 1.70 1.32 2.58 .81 2.40 1.50 1.50 6.48 .06 .28 .37 .30 .25 2.34 2.81 2.81 2.81 2.80 3.45 4.14 Said land will be sold for the purpose of satisfying a decree rend- Tnnl ftm £ ??'"*'* C ° m Of the Clllckssawba Uistrlct of Missk- slppl County. Arkansas, on April 14, 1937, In the case of Grassy Lake rtn^Zf »? ana8C Distrlct No ' 9 vs: Ceru "" Lands and WP Slier will 8 c aQ nH "'I ' ands , f ° r a special a ^™»t " UC «««o£ ^Jn hehw I* « !? tSl P° nalt1 "- "id .attorney's f«s, said assess- ?SX ™~ s l oPPOs'te each tract of land WITNESS my hand this 15th day ofi April, 1937. ADDISON SMITH, Special Commissioner,

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