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Friday, July 30, 1965
Page 57
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FRIDAY, JULY 30, 1365 THE NEWS - PALLADIUM, BENTON HARBOR, MICH. PAGE TWENTY-FIVE HOLLY MOV IIS - TV . RADIO By Dick Kleiner LONDON (NEA)—Until you see Sophia Loren in person, you really haven’t seen Sophia Loren. On the screen, there is a hardness about her which is absent in the flesh. Instead, when you see her close up, she seems soft and genteel. The gamin from the Naples streets has become a lady. In her dressing room at Pinewood Studios, where she and Gregory Peck are filming a romantic comedy mystery called “Arabesque,” she was waiting for me in a frothy negligee (part of her extensive wardrobe for the picture). And her record player was playing bossa nova music. Her English is perfect. In fact, she has a trace of a British accent. It seemed a bit incongruous, as if the Leaning Tower of Fisa put in picture windows. She turned off the record player, politely, so we could talk. And she talks easily about any impersonal subject. “I am enjoying making this movie,” she said. “I never before have done a real American covedy, and I like it. “Also, I like working with Gregory Peck. He’s a real man. And you know something—there are not very many real men among the leading men today. “I also like Gregory because he’s tail and I’m tall and it’s WHFB WHFB-FM 1060 ON DIAL 99.9 Megacycles TONIGHT ON WHFB & WHFB-FM 4:00—News 4:05—Club 1060 5:00—News 5:05—Sports Time 5:15—Club 1060 5:30—News 5:35—Club 1060 6:00—Evening Headlines 6:15—Club 1060 7:00—News 7:05—Club 1060 8:00—News 8:14—WHFB Sign Off WHFB-FM ONLY 6-15—Music ‘Til Midnite 7:00—News 7:05—Music ’Til Midnite 7:55—Detroit at Chicago . ... 10:30—Music ’Til Midnite 1T • 12:00—WHFB-FM Sign Off Saturday 5:30—WHFB & WHFB-FM Sign On 5:32—Pappy Linn Show 6:00—News 6:05—Pappy Linn Show 6:25—News 6:30—Official Weather 6:35—Pappy Linn Show 6:55—News 7:00—Pappy Linn Show 7:25—News 7:30—Sports Page 7:35—Pappy Linn Show 8:00—Morning Headlines 8:15—Weather Roundup 8:20— Pappy Linn Show 9:00—News 9:05—Pappy Linn Show 10:00—News 10:05—Bob Richards Show 11:00—News 11:05—Bob Richards Show 11:30—Country Music Showcase 12:00—Noon News 12:15— Farm Bureau 12:25— Farm Weather 12:30—Wonderful Weekend 1:00—News 1:05—'Wonderful Weekend 1:10—Detroit at Chicago 3 : 30 —Wonderful Weekend 4:00—News 4:05—Wonderful Weekend 4:45—I Cover Michigan 5:00—News 5:05—Wonderful Weekend 6:00—Evening Headlines 6 : 15 —Wonderful Weekend 7:00—News 7:05—Wonderful Weekend 8:00—News 8:05—Wonderful Weekend 8:14—WHFB Sign Off WHFB-FM Only 6:15—Calvary Time 6:45—Hi-Fi Time on FM W * Xpwc 9:00—WHFB-FM Sign Off hard for me to find leading men that look well with me.” SHY TYPE She sniiies, and she has a nice, warm smile. It’s something of a shy smile, though, and we began to talk about shyness. “I am shy. I have always been shy. Nowadays, I am terribly afraid of the public. That’s one reason I have never done anything on the stage, although I would like to someday. Someday, perhaps, I will —on Broadway or in—is it summer stock? “But, really, the public frightens me terribly. I can’t go out anywhere by myself—I can’t shop or walk down a street alone. And we can’t go to an ordinary theater to see a movie. If I want to see a movie, I see it privately in my home.” That is a far cry from her childhood, in Naples, when the movie-struck child saved her lire and managed to go to a movie show maybe once every month or so. “Oh, how I loved the movies as a little girl,” she said. “Particularly I loved Yvonne De Carlo — she was my favorite. Others, too, like Rita Hayworth, but I used to dream that I was Yvonne De Carlo. And I liked that little one—what was her name?—June Allyson, too. But for me there was only one Yvonne De Carlo.” BACK TO WORK She leaned back, the picture of wealth and sophistication, and talked about those early, unwealthy, unsophisticated days. “Perhaps because I was shy, I indulged in games of make- believe. But I would never picture myself as a princess or a queen. That was beyond my knowledge. I was always make- believing me in earthy roles. Gypsies, often. Perhaps that is why I liked Yvonne De Carlo so much. Those are the roles she played.” She talked more. She talked about her future plans—she will do a musical and a movie biography of Mother Cabrini—and about “Arabesque” and the way ,he likes to do things in one take if she can. Then it was time for her to tct ready icr the afternoon’« shooting. As I walked down the hall, I could hear the sound of bossa nova music. RADIO LOG WGN—720 kc WMAQ—«70 kc WBBM—780 kc WLS—«90 kc WSJM—1400 kc WDOW—1440 kc WJOR—840 kc All Programs Local Time 3:00 P.M. WSJM—Dal« Dawson WDOW—New«, Kaleidoscope WJOR—Lee Emerson WGN—After­ noon In Chi* ago WBBM—News. Sheridan WLS—Dex Card WMAQ—Chuck Benson 3:30 P.M. WBBM—New* Sheridan 4:00 P.M. WSJM—Dale Dawson WDOW—New*, Kaleidoscope WJOR—Lee Emerson WGN—Brirkhouie A Hubbard WBBM—New«. Sheridan WLS—Dex Card WMAQ—Chuck Benson 4:30 P.M. WDOW—School News WBBM—Newsday 5:00 P.M. WSJM—Dale Dawson WDOW—New», The Press Box WJOR—Lee Emerson WGN—Brick house A Hubard WBBM—Newsday W’LS—News. De* Card WMAQ—Chnck Bensob 5:30 P.M. WDOW—Dial Opinion WSJM—Sport«, Bumper to Bumper WBBM—Newsday 6:00 P.M. WSJM—Jerry Krepp WJOR—Leo Emerson WDOW—New«, Dinner Menn WBBM—Newsday WLS—New«, Dex Card WMAQ—Chuck Benson WGN—New«, Sports 6:30 P.M. WIÄ—New« Scope WDOW—Nite Beat WSJM—Sport«, Jerry Krepp WGN—Music Unlimited WBBM—Confer­ ence Call 7:00 P.M. WSJM—Jerry Krepp WJOR—Lee Emerson WGN—Lead Off Man, Baseball WBBM—Sports, News WMAQ—New« WLS—News Scope 7:30 P.M. WSJM—News, Jerry Krepp WBBM—Dimension World Tonight WMAQ—Folk Festival WLS—New«, Riley 8:00 P.M. WGN—Baseball WBBM—Bud KeUy WLS—News. Ron Riley WMAQ—On Cue 8:30 P.M. WSJM—Jerry Krepp W MAQ—Sound* track 9:00 P.M. WGN—Baseball WLS—Art Roberts Show WMAQ—In Person 9:30 P.M. WGN—Baseball, Scoreboard WSJM—Jerry Krepp Kelly WEBM—Bud WVi-O—Muslo Patterns 10:00 P.M. WSJM—Jerry Krepp WGN—Tunes from Talman WBBM—Rhythm« Round the World WLS—New«, Roberts WMAQ—Holiday 10:30 P.M. WGN—Magic of Music WMAQ—Norman Ross 11:00 P.M. WSJM—Jerry Krepp WGN—Meister Brau Showcase WIv'i—Art Roberts WMAQ—Jack Eigen TV LOG WBBMTV-2 WKZO-TV—3, (CBS); WOOD TV-«, WNBQ-5, (NBC); WBKB—7, (ABC) WGN TV—9, (DuMont); WTTMTV—11; WZZMTV—13; WNDU-TV—16; WSBT-TV—22; WSJVTV—28. All Programs Local Time Saturday Serving The Nation SUMMER SPECIAL 9c mile Dodgt Dart* $5.00 a day Plymouth Furyt S6 • day ' rent a car from ICOMO r from j e Reservation Coaat to Coast and Canada « Pick up and Delivery Available — Credit Cards Honorer e Long Terrr • mum OI*r> Available u PHONE 925-3205 Hi Sixth St. lente! Herker RECEIVES AWARD COLOMA — Technical Sgt. David L. Parks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ballinger of 464 North West street, Coloma, recently received the Outstanding Noncommission ed Officer award for the past six months for his S t r a t e gic Air Command at Kincheloe AFB. Mich. Parks was chosen for the• honor in recog- \ nition of his leadership, exempl- rarKS ary conduct and duty performance. He was also presented a $25 U.S. Savings Bond for his achievement. The sergeant is an air police supervisor in a unit which supports the SAC mission of keeping the nation’s intercontinental missiles and jet bombers on constant alert. Parks is a graduate of Coloma high school AWARDED MEDAL NILES — Technical Sgt. Paul D. Whalen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Whalen of 1401 Sheffield avenue, Niles, was recently decorated with the U.S. Air Force Com men dation Medal at| Langley AFB, Va. Whalen was awarded the medal for meri torious service while assigned to Viet Nam as an advisor. The sergeant is now an intellig- Whalen ence technician with Headquarters of the Tactical Air Command at Langley. The Tactical Air Command supports the U.S. ground forces with air strikes, aerial delivery of troops and equipment and other combat airpower. Whalen’s wife, Deanna, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Day of 1240 Rose drive, Niles. Michigan Set For $499,000 WASHINGTON (AP) — House and Senate conferees Wednesday left intact the authorization of $499,000 for military construc- struction projects in Michigan. The conferees reached agreement on differences affecting other projects in the $1.7 billion authorization bill. 8:00 A.M. WSJM—Ron Allen WDOW—Panorama WJOR—Bud Bartel« WGN—Norman Ross WBBM—Larry Atteberry WLS—News, Clark Weber WMAQ—News. Henry Cooke 9:00 A.M. WSJM—Ron Allen WDOW—News, Off the Record WLS—Gene Taylor Show WJOR—-Bud Bartels WGN—News, Wally Phillips WBBM—New». Sport« WMAQ—Monitor 9:30 A.M. WSJM—Ron Allen WBBM—Larry Atteberry 10:00 A.M. WSJM—Dale Dawson WDOW—News, Off the Record WJOR—Bud Bartels WGN—Wally Phillips WBBM—Larry Atteberry WLS—Gene Taylor WMAQ—New«, Monitor 10:30 A.M. WSJM—D.U Dawson WDOW—Sport« Roundup 11:00 A.M. WSJM—TwUl City Tunes WDOW—News, Composite WJOR—Bud Bartels WGN—News, Wally Phillip« WBBM—News, Atteberry WLS—New*. Gene Taylor WMAQ—News. Monitor 11:30 A.M. WSJM—Dale Dawson 12:00 Noon WSJM—Dale Dawson WDOW—News Farm A Garden WJOR—RFD 940 WGN—News, County Fair, Lead Off Man WBBM—Pat Sheridan WLS—News, Berate Allen WMAQ—Melody, Doug Pledger 12:30 P.M. WDOW—Carousel, Hymns WGN—Baseball WBBM—Dimension of a Dateline 1:00 P.M. WSJM—Dale Dawson WDOW—Newa, Serenade W J O R—Lee Kmerson WBBM—News, Paul Gibson WGN—Baseball WI>—News Bernie Allen WMAQ—Time for Pledger 1:30 P.M. Dale Dawson 2:00 P.M. WSJM—Jerry Krepp WDOW—New«, Sounds Terrific W J O R—Lee Emerson WGN—Baseball WLS—Bernie Allen WBBM—News, Pat Sheridan WMAQ—New«. Monitor 2:30 P.M. WSJM—Jerry Krepp WDOW—Hymn«, Sound; Terrific 3:00 P.M. WSJM—Jerry Krepp WDOW—New«, Kaleidoscope WGN—«Score­ board, Jack Taylor W JO K—Lee Emerson WBBM—New«, Sheridan WLS—De* Card WM KQ —New«. Monitor 4:00 P.M. WSJM—Jerry Krepp WDOW—News. Kaleidoscope WJOR—Lee Emerson WGN—Jack Taylor WLS—De* Card WMAQ—Monitor 3:00 P.M. S—To Tell The Truth 8—Another World 15—General Hospital 16—Another World *2—To Tell The Truth 28—General Hospital 2—Secret Storm 5—Match Game 7—Trailmaster 9—Film 3:30 P.M. 5—Edge of Night 8—You Don’t Say 9—Film 13—Y’oung Married« 16—You Don't Say »—Edge of Night 28—Young Married« 2—Burns A Allen 6— Bachelor Father 4:00 P.M. 8—Movie 8—Popeye 15—Mickey Mouse 9—Superman 16—Match Game 82—Secret Storm 28—Mike Douglas 7—Movie 2—Movie 6—Llovd Thaxton 4:30 P.M. 8—Movie 15—Love That Bob 16—Movie 22—Movie 9—Mickey Mouse 5:00 P.M. 18—Leave it to Braver 5— Rifleman »—Garfield Goose 11—What’s New? 28—Rifleman 5:30 P.M. 28—Donovan’« Show 7—Passage to Adventure 2—News 6 —New* 11—Various Shows 6:00 P.M. 8—Sports, Busines« 8—News, Weather 15—Hawaiian Eye 16—News 22—New« 28— New« 2—New« 5—News 7—News 9—Rocky A Friends 11—Around the World 6:30 P.M. S—Walter Cronkite 8—Huntley- Brinkley 16—Huntley- Brinkley *2—Walter Cronkite 2—Rawhide 28—Cheyenne 11—World Literature !V— Showtime 7—Flintstone« BLONDIE 9—Movie 7:00 P.M. S—Highway Patrol 18—Rifleman 8—Movie 16— New« 22—Death Valley Days 7—FDR 7:30 P.M. S— Life of Riley 18—Flintstones 16—'Showtime 22—Rawhide 28—Flintstone« 5—Bob Hope Theater 2—Cora William« 7—Addams Family 8:00 P.M. S—Baseball 9—Baseball 3—Our Private World 13—FDR 28—FDR 7—Valentine’« Day 11—Festival of Arts 8:30 P.M. 8—Bob Hope Theater 22—Cara Williams 16—Bob Hope 5—Jack Benny 28—Addams Family 2—Vacation Playhouse 7—Pevton Place 9:00 P.M. 15—Valentine'« Day 22—Our Private World % —Slattery’« People 7—12 O’Cloek High 5—Jack Paar 28—Valentine’« Day 11—The Gaucho Series 9:30 P.M. 8—Jack Ben» y 16—Jack Benn/ 13—Peyton Place 22—Vacation Playhouse S8—Pevton Place 10:00 P.M. 8—Jack Paar 28—12 OCIock High 13—Movie 16—Jack Paar 28—Twelve O’Clock High *2—Slattery« People S—News 7—New« 2—News 10:30 P.M. J—Slattery’« People 2—Movie J—Tonight 7—Nightlife 11:00 P.M. S—News, 11th Hour Movie 8—News, Tonight 13—News 9—News, Movie 16—News, Tonight 22—News, Movie 28—New*, Nightlife Saturday Rev. Beeliler To Preach In Baroda BARODA—The Rev. Clarence Beehler, pastor of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Bainbridge township will be the featured speaker at the Mission Festival services on Sunday at the Zion United Church of Christ in Baroda, according to The Rev. Hilbert G. Klien, Pastor. Rev. Beehler, who also serves the Zion Pipestone United Church of Christ outside of Benton Harbor, will preach the sermon at the 9:30 a.m. service in the church. He will be the speaker and show slides iuring the session of the church school at 10:30 a.m. Cambridge, O., is known as the high fidelity capital of the world. It has the largest industrial operation in the world engaged in the production o' high fidelity record players. 8:00 A.M. ; 3—Mr. Mayor 8—Cartoons 15—Beany A Cecil 22—Mr. Mayor S—Top Cat 2—Alvin 7—Tom Ewell .9—Ray Rayner 8:30 A.M. 2 —Tennessee Tuxedo 5—Hector Heathrote 9—Supercar 13—Bullwinkle 7—Sir Lancelot 9:00 A.M. 7—Casper .H—Alvin 8—Top Cat 13—Discovery, Deputy Dog 16—Top Cat 22—Alvin 2—Quick Draw 5—Underdog 9—Gene Autry 9:30 A.M. S—Tennessee Tuxedo 8—Hrctor Heathcote 18 —Hector Heathcote 22 —Tennessee Tuxedo 1—Mighty Mouse V-Fireball 7—Porky Pig 9—Three Stooge« 10:00 A.M. 13—Bowery Boy* 8—Quick Draw MeGr*w 8—Underdog 16—Underdog 22—Quick Draw 2—Linus the Lionhearted V— Drnnl« *be Menacr 7—U.S. Russian Track Meet 10:30 A.M. S—Mighty Mouse 8—Fireball 13—Deputv Dawg 16—Fireball 22—Mights Mouse 28—Breakthru 2—Jetsons 5—Fury 9—Sup«*rman 11:00 A.M. S—Linus the Lionhearted 8—Buckeroo Rodeo IS—Casper IS—Dennis the Menace 2—Skf King 22—Linus 28—Casper •»—Kit Tales 7— Bugs Bunny 9—Peter Potamus 11:30 A.M. 3—Jetsons 8—Fury 13—Porky Pig 16—Fury 22—Jetsons 28—Porkv Pig 2—Fllcka 5—Whiplash 7—Hopptty Hopper •—Your Senator Reports 12:00 Noon 8—Sky King 13—Bug* Bunny 8—Baseball 22—Baseball 16—Break* through 28—Bugs Bunny 5—Movie 7—American Bandstand S—News; Lee Phillip 9—Wanted: Dead or Alive 12:30 P.M. 15—Hopplty Hopper 3—Navy Film of the Week 18— Robin Hood 28—Hoppity Hooper t —Wonderfnl World 9—Rebel 1:00 P.M. 18—Baseball 16—Movie 28—Baseball 8— British Calendar, Baseball 2—The Word 7—Baseball »— Lead Off Man, Baseball 1:30 P.M. 2—As Others See Us S—Baseball 2:00 P.M. 2—Growing years 2:30 P.M. 2—Repertoire Workshop 3:00 P.M. 2—American Musical Theater 16—Roller Derby 5—Bold Journey 3:30 P.M. 22—Insight !—My Little Margie 5—Auto Races 4:00 P.M. .V— Roller Derby 2—Burns A Allen %—Michigan Education Assoc. 22—Movie 8—Checkmate 7—Sports 9—Movie 13—Bandstand 28—World of Sports 18—Love That Bob No Do<lo? Blame Pigs The fantastic dodo bird, once native to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, was I descended from a pigeon. The turkey-sized bird survived on the island until lf>81, when it succumbed to destruction by man and his animals, particularly pigs. The ladies of Edenton, N.C. made history by staging a feminine Revolutionary Tea Party on Oct. 25, 1774. The location on Courthouse Green is marked ' with a bronze teapot I 5HOULDVE AJ GIVEN HiM A CAULI FLOW«« MICKEY MOUSE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS MORTY MEEKLE ALLEY OOP ...rrs NO WONDER YOU'RE RUNNING A PRIMITIVE BACKWOODS SOCIETY, S' . p/ HERE.' MOLYCOW/ A A'!// CAPTAIN EASY HERE...ILL HELP YOU L)Pi DORIS...AN' SEE YOU HOME SAPE FROM THAT BUU.V1 OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS WtLL.I ¿bOTTHE 6HOBT, ST*AW,CLYDE, 60 I'LL' 6ETIN SACK .'MAYBEIt SHOULD A & S ock on up Readin' IN CASE MY EARüfcÜVvé VMEAR OUT 04 THE WAY/ ^ - Ve THE BEST PART |5)> 65TTIN<& UP ALL < I BY YOURSELF TO UÔHT THE FI RE AND 6TART THE COFFEE.'— HAS­ SÙME OF TH'DENTS IS SO DEEP IT JOLTS HIM WHEN TH' PENCIL , GOES THROUGH/

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