The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1935
Page 3
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Doug Frolics in Freedom Senators Likely to Head Republican Ticket al Nexl Election. uy KORNKV VMSH1NGTON. — The Senate committee invc-sllfiailne tiic munitions irsu.u miiy bo Incubating the Republican party's Irani or 19M candidates for president ana vice president. As good n lid as any In Wnsh- liiBton Is Pint .Senator Arthur H. VniMleiibci-ff. 50-y«ii'-nM .Grand FUp[d,s lawyer, and Gerald P. Nye, ^-year-old North Dakota editor. will curry this tottered banner of Die Grand Old Part" to tlic next tattlefield. " , Both nrc able and ambitious. Michigan's Vatidenbcfg is rmr; of tho party's "Young Turks;" North Dakota's Nye a lusty Son of the Wild Jackass..- Vaiidenbern- Is etociumt, and something of a= statesman He has written -hooks 'o'|i--. Alexander Hamilton, and is a: student or g<w- tvameni. Ho is as good -presidential- timber' as tho party iprms to haviv • I \ / "* Nye Is a hard-biticn joimg ogta rlan and'rchcl. With UiK tram the liberals of; the parly aie aign- ing, the last', vestiges of the Old Guard would lip - ; east away and the way cleared' for ; a. New Deal for ; Here is n mail from the Industrial fje'ar east .rind one from the great open west. ( The munitions committee, just refinanced for SSO.OOO more, makes an ideal sounding hoard. Everybody is against war, like Mr, Cpoltdse's pastor was against sin, and nobody loves a munitions maker. : - - ; Nye has said lie favors the socialization 'of munitions manufacture, Vtuidenbcvg has hinted he does, too. It, looks now as-if the committee will vote t'-ia 1 for (lie United Stales to" manufacture 'its own munitio.ns and take Die profit out oP war.: . '." .. ;;< SteelerGopter ~ Society r-r- Personal'" Stecle Lodge G35, P. and A. M. has elected and Installed the rol- ! lowing officers lor this year: wor- ; shipful master, D, A. Callous; sei'.- ' ior warden, NV Koury; junior war: den, M. H. Fiu'ris; treasurer, J ' p. Pateison; -jfiecrciary, H- :Iial- ilentine;;. senior, deacon, '.W.; . E Jlodges; jurilor d(?ncon, ~'S* B : Myrant; senior stcwart, D.-. 1) Fryo; tyler, Lee Overturf;' and marshal, G. II. Nprthcnt. - .Mr.' and Mrs. 'Connie Frame are rejoicing over the ;• arrival ol mi 8'A."pound Ijoyj born at-their new;hom'c qiv. Highway-'GI Sunday morning.-' .The^biiby^has 'not-yet been named._J Mrs. Frame before her -maiTiage was Miss . Illnclicy of Micola. Kmmct : Ayei-s has ai-rived in Cooler Irom his home in St. Lo:iis toe an extended visit with his mother, Mrs. Lucy Ayers. Mrs.' ./Paul] Cooper., '"and ; daughters, Pcjrgle""rihd'Jniiel are' 'guests of Dr. ( and Mrs. T. s. Cooper at their'winter.''home: i at :Fc'. I Myers Pla., for an extended visit. MlsssEmma Sue 'Stewart of Bly- Iherille 'is guest "of' her sister, Mrs. G. G.. Travis, ,and Mr. Travis this • week.-'- '-' '• '.» '-*' > J • 1.- .'• , -::'.'- i 1 !; Charlie Jones attended to business In Memphis; Tiicsdny. -/ \.Mrs. Mablc Te'rry'left the 'first of this .week, for .New Madrid, where slip ; \vill make'her home. Miss Hazel McAdams will spend Mrs. McClard Is best' remembered here as Miss Elva Walker. : Prank Shepherd, who was employed on the ferry boat, at Cot- tomvood Point, died at his honi* in Dyersburg, Tenn., Monday after only a short illness 'of pneumonia Eric Taylor and oth'ers from Cot. tomvood Point went, over for the funeral Tuesday'. • ' Miss Jnllctt Frank of State Teachers college at Cape Girardcan spent last week-end here with her . iwenls, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Frank and family. Miss Molllc Lee Bales spent last Freed i of his marital, bonds with Mary Pieklord and in high spirits, Doug Fairbanks is entering with zest into the winter sports at St' Moritz, .Switzerland. Here tho famed actor is shown with Lady Ashley, left, in whoso divorce case he was named corespondent, and ... Pady • Pliiiiket- nnd tii'o of her children. visit here? with, '.'his son. Cecil, and family. •',;.-• '•- John Russell i.s 'confined lo his hoinn al cooler with the tin. Mrs. Lois McGunii is confined . to her home in thma. ' C. .C. in Itself and Is a upique memento of the Civil war. ft "was inherited by Mrs. Condlt from . her father, the late Dr. Henry Conkling ol BJoomingtdn, a Union surgeon -Cooler with as- during the ' . :Mr. and Mrs. j. R. Jones 'have moved .to A .farm ni Tyler, .. Mrs, Abncr;,l- Mid-South Medical' Will Gather at Memphis MEMPHIS; Tenn.-Throiigh their local medical societies invitations have, been extended to doctors ihrouehont the South to atleinl the fifty-first annual meeting ol the Mid-;sonih Post . di-ad mile Medical Assembly HI "Hotel' Pea'- bod.v, Mempliis. February 12-15, in- "'•isive. Twenty-two di.slingui.shcd members of llto medicnl profession from all;parts of the country will be the jeclurers on.the program The list Includes Dr. George.Crile Cleveland; Dr. w,. Wayne'Babcbclc' Dr. Raluh Peinberton. Dr. o H P. Pepper, Dr. John A. KoinW and Dr. Edward A. Sehnmniin -ill of Philadelphia; Dr. R. s. FerKii- KOH, Dr. lien Witt, Key, Dr. Walter A. Basledo and Dr. Pol N Coryllos of New York; Dr War-' field-T. Longcope, Baltimore- - r> E-.s, «jiidd, Rochester, Minii • Dr Don c. Sulton, Chicago; Dr. Alton Ochsner, New Orlcaav Dr L H According to the ^ilEtory "of the- charm Dr, Conkllnr; purchased it from n..soldier who had taken it the. deposed .'southern loader 'onkllng saw, the'soldier fastening the stone - to his.-horse's bridle, and-gave a-gold.icqlnUor.'lt. llic 'charm -Is made : '-6f ; English gold, heavily chased with', oak I on f, rose and nwrn . design, and set with a large topa?.. Value of the piece has been estimated at JlOiQOO. . . •, . Ann Arbor, Mich.; Dr ,, Pinson Neal, Columbia, Mo -' Dr. Hnrold N. Cole, Cleveland; Dr. P. c. Jeans. Iowa City, la • Dr. Wilbnrt C. Dai'bon, Durham', N. C.; Dr. Loean CIendcnnin» Kansas City; Dr. Fnmk H..jj,hey Boston; Dr. J. M, Robb. Delroit. Courier News Want Ads Pays Divorce Hits Man-Wife Business Partnership CLEVELAND (tin -A pnrlner- ihln In business nnd romnnep' Ihnt mil omhii'od for ;>n years is WoV- ••n. Mrs. .h'ssi,. w, 'Allshonsn luis icon uranted u divorce- from- lior msbnnd, ihii-rv R. Allslionse. Mr. and- Mrs, Allshouso wore uniners In (lio o)>lo Wns-l: Prod- i':ls Coinnnnv In llio mnnu'wninnt o[ real estule propeitk-B and oth"r »ishi".«, Allslions" holil-i title to Thistledown rt.ieo .Tmck lioro. pmiiuioji Picas jndw Harrison W. Kwlinj pi'tuil'-rt Mrs. Allshomo i divorce nftrr lisienlns to n rental o! llm clKferc-nws over hml- iess methods Dmi mnspf) « brciieli ie(w(i(. n ini=tiaivi and wife "We didn't diltcr OVIT wthlnt: ml juiciness" exniniiied Allshouse. 'Our mni'tliil lit,. w ns smooth." Mrs, Allshonw w td she 'planned ,o cnnt.liniK he,- business career, nit .Indi'o Rdwiin: wamod her not to compete with hw hushnnd's rom- iany. The couple lias no children. Rven I{ On Shoestring," Group Told UP) —"Clcl mnr- mairlfni on a shoestring if n'. Get >nnrri"'l. even tnon-b yon have (0 H V( , u ,, Ul nno of families—but ec t niivrrted." . Tills w-is the advice to vouii',' couples in lnv c who have liecn nost- ixmlin; Ihcir union for !nek of monov. i/lvcn by Uobeii Cliilsinin. ohalrman of nie Inlw-Nntlmi Confcrcnee of c'hrktlan Youth, In scwion here. • "PMtponcmnnl of marrlaae bv voun-r counlcs in- | ovo ,„„,,,. , cmoOiM.' nndn E rv,, SKtm tn.".ch r L- said in j, report American Student |,;f e Amazed English Visitors Today's Markets Stock Prices NKW vnnic. jnn. 'j;j (un s'iii'rul Hfdrlc ri'-iireseiHcd ume (if lit nor ivni of Ihp (. *'li«!fc iti'irkix- liunsiii'ilims t niwl .'iitxiil out In mi otherwise dull A. '!'. and '!' i(i<i ^_n IVIIilchMii Sire) ....'. ;)| f.f fllirvslor -17 'i.o Allies Roivlff ......... ) •).!( Coca Cola '115 fieimnl Anici-lran Tnnk ail 3-J Oeni'i-al Eloctvle CU-nc-val Molors Iiifr, Harvester :M I-ft :ti 1-2 <ll •II 1-i 27 II! '•t 7-H MoiKcoinorv Ward N. Y. Ooninil ..... l'»cle<ud ......... I'lillllps Put ., „., "-iillo Corn ....... •-.,,. r> l-lt Riinmons Beds ....... , !) 1-n R'ntiilai-d of N. .! '" ,(i V-ll ' r «as Co ............ , in :i .,i <1. S Smell IIIR ... '. ., HO •)-•) «• S. Stool ...... :i7 - ( .n 7-railte ................. 4 ,. a Mnv July Mnv July nnen in 1-2 l)« 1-2 an :i-8 Wlifol low closo 9B 3-t (i 1-R nil T ' ll! •' York NKW Ontinn Mnv .hilv Oct IJfc vom;,' 121'.! M n;p) — liW flOM I2« 1854 12411 • {IM IS-H . o!<l hlniily fit ivofp. 1MH New Cotton NKW ORLEANS, ,!MI. 'J:i *UJ')- Cntlnn tlo'tod steady. .Ian Mnifli Mny July On I) PC lil«li low clow 12-11 I'M iaif) I Mil 1-JM lar.i iar>u ia, r iO 12-12 125(1 1240 12M I25J 1250 KIWIS clowd steady 'in );Mg r 1257 124C 12M PJiiladelpfiia Police Issue Murder Primer J'im,./uw;i,rniA cu inurdor primer" In 1>co " lsr '" ( '' 1 'V Die country 'o l">l'''e dc- (•Iiicaon r,nrn CCC I Ollicliilly a LS known ns "JiiiJifi- Uin No. i, nurrnu of Pollen, Pliiln- (ll 'l|' l >l(t," and contains photo"'ion hidh inw dosn • |8''ill)hs, fliiucriirlnUi, iltscrlinloiis "G Rfi 1-2 ,'ll-t 1-2 ft4 l-a llll f' 01I)P1 ' inrormatlon nlionl ''S 81 .-2 .(12 1-1 HO ^-fi «n S-fi ("iHKlvi'K wniiu-il foe miinlcr iip tc fdnrlun the lust four yenin r--- • ^ - • [THIS CURIOUSWORLD vigors -,,1 'Kent. .School ' were so democrat^, ,,n- rc.slrnl.netl .and MoSDitatle "Why., tlicv don't' ' . wearinu.n black tic oven ;• mind with n' while . w n' while W!! *f co!U .'' observed J. c. Philnot ™ ptairi ° r 'he crew nt-Radley'Col ' 0 nc "' .- fn coininenHn(r. >T1 , . * ^-"iiuui;iiiij]y, The visitors round a closer bond ictween students'nn-JJa'cullv' mcm- wrs, American school snorts fast- c *™ a . m 5 c f »«l"atl«'ff and the students "amazingly cordial." 1,000 Rabbits Kitlpd I,, n un i . ORANADA. Colo. (UP)-lone thousand rabbits were killed iii a recent rnbbH'liuAl' in the Granada vicimty.. . The 250' boys and men turned over .(heir,, kill to farmers in need of chicken ;and liog feed. . 20 Miles of Vines WASHINGTON (UP) — Civllinn i Conservation Corps workc.n In the Acndia National Part:, Me., nrea have planted over 4.000 vines alons 20 mile'; or the Ellfiworlh- I3nr Harbor llljrluvnv In 11 joint. Innd-scniiitii; and soil preservation program. : • The vli^s are bcltrr planted' not only to add to the hiahway's' inmt- tcajic benuty but nlso lo jimvonl. erosion. Many hhv« been placed on banks too 'steep for ordinary planting. • Vines planted included Virgbiln ercciwr, liittoi- sweet and :\vll(l Ki'ape, which are regarded ns par- trculnrly valuable In "ovprinc rack- nil slopes. One, vine will cover n 100-foot, circle in a few years. TOO LATE To'ci.ASSlPV and iinthorltlcs In ml Meager Assets Enabled Youth to Continue Studies TEnriE HAUTE, Ind. (UP) Robert Long, n, New Albany, tins, concluded his first, semester at In lima .stole. Teachers College with : .Jilj'hcM, •• Kclioliwllo--:- honor-; after capltnll^inj; on- Ilireo ' POULTRY ."T We pay highest cash nrlcn for nil kinds ol nmiHiT. End of niivc- nerit, 315 E.. -Main. B. T. WORTHY "w SUiiKci-, wanted for seven mmlers. Copies " ' /.nil of the booklet to stnic police A bicycle, which he rodo Iran his home In Princeton, and u McGregor scholarship enabled Loim to enroll, for the fall, term, n c obtained employment Iran Hie Positive Relief For Itchy Skin CoolInK mid soothing nine Slnr Olnlmcnl molls on I he sl(lii,scnillii B Icslcd medicines deeply Into pores where Il:<i«lckly.klll 5 H c l,, teltcr, rash, cczcmn, foot Itch, rlnRwnrni elc. Moucy back U first Jar falls. oov/es HAVE MO GALLS/ THE ANCIENTS BELIEVED THE SUED THEIR: LEAVES COMPLETELY EVERY THREE. TO FIVE BOT THE PROCESS IS GRADUAL ANO UMNOTICED. ONE EDITION OF A1AUGE CITY Nf.WSPAPER. WILL (-"ILL A BOOK LONGER THAN THE AVERAGE 3OO-PAGE NOVEL/ THIS IS EXCLUSIVE OF AM. (.veieKcn i,ee .iltliau;li n rlrenfiil object In winter ]-, a diill-looHim Bpcilmen when comimicd with that of the Mimmor- time Ihc chlnioiiliyl ginnulcs me ull!\diwn fiotn the leaf sm- lainlns! tlii. lca\e> u dull reddish brown color. Tcderril Fincrccncy nollef Ail- mlnlstinUon lo pny hh espouses the tenn Hie joiilli clio.-.c the most, diiri- cult coin-so-collcijc alucbrn, niinl- ituthe chemical iinnlysls niall"ii (tnd mechnnlcal drav,|ng — [im i (.oncliidi'cl (he tcini \\lth a scliol- nrshl]) Index of jn. cnonilis r, Deputy u. g, Custtmis Collector, sulfeiing fiom a rare form of nnwnln. Several ivlth the correct type blood were found. best Colds .... Best treated without "dosing" TACOMA, Wnsh. (UP)—Nearly 100 pcrwins offered tliulr blood to phjiiciahs nttcinpting to suve rail VAPORUB STAINIESS now, if you prefer v-'cek-end here and wif c , llutes and Wr. nnd Mre. s.'l. her brother Cliarles Jr., otoc ' C m0torctl - unda y. accompanying '"' Mlss „ Mrs. c. P. Howard Frank Cecil left ' Sunday visit in Illinois after , STOPPED-UP . LNOSTRILSJ AtttocoUl. MENJHOLATUM V.. < COMFORT D.,,ll Illinois Woman Owm Jeff Davis' Watch Charm CHAMPAIGN. Ill: "(UP)_ A watch ciarm, said lo have been worn by Jelfersou Davis when he lied from he Confederate capital in 1865 s the coveted heirloom oi Mrs • S. Condit, here. Kept in a safely deposit vault, ic jewel is n rare museum piece Y!DUNG~WOMANHOOD FOR yomig girls growing into women, in middle life doing through the "change," or those who suffer -,_^ from headache, X\ weakening drains, •./ backache. Dr. if Picrce's Favorite L._.Tiirnbull of. 112 Roosevelt 'St.,"i over a period oE yean. ItolFi my grj mother .inrt my molhcr found il an excellenl sysltm liuildcr. Before 'tismg tKe Trescrip. lion I vv.u so matt, bin after ljkj nE in;. ••"lie I ttlt jus! fine." K • ...Vew size; UHels SO ci... l^ u ;t SIM. I Jrge sttt. lib:, or liquid. JUS. All dniReUti. FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DKT. 4 section of the dipmtmeut ™>\ere Chesterfield tobaccos Now Incjtctl at 101 Nnrlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor 411 fflQkf* of whulllI Typewriters, WdIn K Macl,to« an dCalcnUt«ri s _p»,Ui—Blbbonii , J ust what is meant by cross-blending tobaccos.. .and how does it make a cigarette milder and taste better. .. h blending you take two or more tobaccos' ami mix them together-* rather simple process. MONDAT ^TF.D^'F.SDAT IUCREZIA MtY E0 ?<! PONS XOSTELANBTZ ORCHESTRA 8 P. M. (C. S. T.) -COLUMBIA NETWORK. making Chesterfields \ve take Bright tohacco from Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia iiiicl Florida. \Ve Uke Burley tohacco from Kennickvand Tennessee, and tohacco from Southern Maryland. Then in addition to these homegrown tobaccos we lake tobacco grown in Turkey and Greece. We balance these mild, ripe homegrown tobaccos with the right amounts and tiie right kinds of aromatic Turkish Then, instead of just mixing the tobaccos together, we - blend and <,r,ss- Mtud them so that all the different flavors go together into one full flavor -the. Chesterfield taste that so many smokers like. Cms-blending tobaccos as h is done •in the cigarette a pleasing taste and aroma—they're mild and ycl They Satisfy,

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