Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 15, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 15, 1895
Page 2
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PROGRESS. People wbo get the greatest degree of comfort and real cn- joymtnt out of life, are those who make the most out of their opportunities. Ouick perception and , good judgment, lead such promptly to adopt and iniikc use of those refined and improved products of modern inventive genius which best serve tiie needs of their physical being. Accordingly, the most intelligent and progressive people nr<: found to employ UK.- most refined and 'L perfect laxative to ret;- r ulate nud tone up the "s stomach, liver, and s bowels, when in need of such an agent—ln.-nce the tfreat popularity of Dr. J'ic-rcc's t'leawint I'ejlets. These are made from the purest, must refined and concentrated vetfculile extracts, and front fort} 1 -two tn fortv-four are contained '" cacb vial, wliicli fs hold at tlie as P tut- one may ca'.iiy It-am by sending for a free sample, (four'to seven doses) of the Pellets, wliu-h will he sent on receipt of name and nddress on a :>r>M;U card. ONCE usnoTnnv ARn ALWAYS IN FAVOR. 'flic I'ell'-ls cure biliousness sick and bilious lii-ad;ielie. dixxinc^s, costiveness._ or constipati'-M. «our sunnnch, loss of appetite, coined tong'.K-. indiifestioti, or dyspepsia, windy Ixlcliings. " heart-burn," pain and distress after e.ititig, and kindred deranst- uicnts of the liver, stom.ich and bowels. Tut tip in glass vials, therefore always fresh and reliable. One little "Pellet" is a laxative, two are mildly cathartic. As a "dinner pill," to promote Digestion, take one each day after dinner. To relieve distress from uver-calinic, tliey are un- equalecl. They are liny. _ sutrar-co.-Hed granules; any child will readily take them. Accept no substitute that maybe recommended to be "just as good." It may lit belter for the dealer, because of paying ln:n a better profit, but IK is not the one who needs help. Address for free sample, WORMJ'S DlSPKNSAUV JtTl-MHCAI. ASSOCIATION, 663 llain Street,Buffalo, N. Y. aS viar whici; ra ^«^^ *° ^ ^ ^ ^ at the plctr.ro is the- chi.-:ipi.-r Hindi: and more- ordinary | tontly v.'ithyour rijrht Cj'C wnilo yc .ills found i:t the market. In curative vir- j COUT1 t thirty slowly. Now closo t!. lies, there i.-i i!o_L-oinparismi to be made be- rjfrli( . au(] look ; , t tho pictv.ro w il ^'".f!.":.'. 1 ':-;"';..!,™ Cvilnli-l,, 1 ^ far a a toe vom-luft eye for the, Ktino lon-jth < "AN" AWFUL BATTLE. •o<n« on the Chon-Vuvn Durluc tho Yul* Kiror i'lfflit. A British naval officer attached to tho Chinese naval squadron which was engaged in the flght off tho mouth of the Yalu river has written a letter to the London Graphic in which ho gives additional details of the fighting, and •ays: "On board the warship Chen- Yuen the fighting was awful. The decks and the •pace around the guns were strewn with human fragments. Three of five tnen working on a four-ton gun were blown up by a shell from the Japanese •warship Kaniwa. The fourth gunner •was shot while trying to escape from the turret and tho lil'th stuck to his post. "This man fired three rounds at • the- Naniwa, one shell entering tho engine room of the Japanese ship and m'nothe.r smashing her forebridge. Tho llaniwa then hauled off. The Chinese admiral rewarded the surviving gunner with a .present of one thox>sand taels. "A shell glanced from the steel deck of the Chen- Yuen and went through her tower, shattering every tiling 1 therein. A lieutenant who was in the act of •peaking through (.lie tube leading to the engine room was blown into atoms and his head wasleTt hanging to the speaking pipes. Huge fragments of armor *nd the teak banking thereof were car- j •tied on board by the shot, crushing a ; large number o£ sailors into a shape- j less muss. -j "A European engineer who was in (be aet oC groping about in an endeavor j |o repair a sl.eainpipe was drenched . from head to foot with the blood of an assistant who was disemboweled by his sido by a shot from the enemy's ship. ' "Then Chen-Yuua arrived at Wei- Hai-Wei the day after the light in the ( same condition in which she left the battle. Xo attempt has been made to : •wash the blood from her or remove tho corpses which strewed her decks." Tho writer expresses the opinion that if the European rulers could have •eon the decks of the Ch'n-Yucn they would have foresworn war henceforth »nd forever. __ _ A WILD' BIRD'S SINGING LESSON. Ororhciird by ft t"ont«'nipUitlvo Angler JIB -- tho Du.iU Caimi Oil. • I was present at u pretty perform- enco during my last, summer's outing In Vermont, said the contemplative nngler to the New York Sun. I had pulled out upon Groton pond one evening at .sundown to try for some fish; My skiff drifted against the shore and absorbed in the twilight beauties of the •water sheet and its wooded borders, I let the oars lie idle and ceased to cast •my line. At fall of darkness there came from a tree above my head the clear call of a whip-poor-will, concealed by tho foliage anil darkness. This call was followed by another from the same quarter— a weaker note which stopped half finished. Again there arose the .full clear eall that had first sounded, und again there came the 'unfinished whip-poo of a bird evidently attempting to sing in imitation. It was a whip-poor-will teaching her young their song. Carefully locating tho sound, 1 at last could discern through the dusk, in dim outline, the mother whip-poor-will perched upon a • high limb with a young bird upon each eide of her. Again and again the lesson was rehearsed, the fledglings gam- Ing in confidence and proficiency at each new trial. I sat listening a half hour to this charming rehearsal, but at last the younsters seemed DETECTING A WEAK EYE. A Simple Experiment by Which Anyon 3f»jr Dlicovur tho Defect. "Yes," said the doctor, to a writer for the Jewelers' Kcview, "the makers of optical instruments are turning: out Home wonderful appliances nowadays lor discovering imperfections of vision, but I'll tell 3*ou of a plan for testing the respective strength of your eyes that Is as simple as it is trustworthy. All you need is a stereoscope nnd a photograph. That arrangement in which the picture holder slides up and down a flat frame, trombone fashion, la the best sort of stereoscope for the purpose, although any will do, and the photograph that will give the best results is a cabinet size view of some locality with people in it. The modus operandl Is simplicity itself. Put the photograph in tho holder and focus it just enough so that you can see tho faces clearly. Then close the left- eye and look at the picture in' ' ' while you o ilh [eft eye for tho same Icnyth of lime. Then open both eyes and look at the picture without changing- tho focus. Something queer will happen. The figures on the one sido of the picture v.-ill seem to move across tho view lind group themselves with those on the other side, and—this is the point of tlie experiment—the figures will always move away from the weak eye. Moreover, they movo with n very precise relation of- speed to tho weakness of vision. If tho left eye, for example, is quite weak, the figures will move very quickly across the plane of sight to tho right side, while if there is but a slight defect the movement will be gradual, and so on. A queer thing about this experiment is that, simple ns it seems, it will bring out defects of vision that have never been suspected, and another queer thing is that It will demonstrate the cases In which both cyea arc of equal power to be surprisingly exceptional. J. have tried it in a score of mixed gatherings, and never yet without having the experimenter observe some movement of the figures. There was one old lady, I remember, up at Port Jefferson last summer, who persisted in saying that she saw precisely with both eyes as sho did with one eye, and well sho might, for when I examined her eyes more closely I found she was stone blind on tho left sido and didn't know it" COMMENT AND OPINION. democrats this year were in tlie largest luck were tho who fellows who failed to get thenomination.- — Chicago Inter Ocean. E3TIt is no wonder .that President Cleveland occasionally feels like taking his gun and getting as far away from his administration as he possibly can.— Chicago Tribune, ETSecretary Carlisle exhausted himself in framing the sugar schedule of the tariff Jaw, and thus the currency measures wore too ' much for him.— St. Louis Globe-Democrat. CS^Democratic hard times, are driving back to Europe thousands an> tens of thousands who regard their prospects in their old homes as better than those wliich obtain on the. American side of the Atlantic.— Albany Journal. EaT'I'lie income tax law will bo attacked as unconstitutional in Mew York, Joseph 11. Choato being one of the attorneys in -he case. Meanwhile rive hundred oflicc-seekors will bo drawing shades us inquisitors and collectors.— iOwa Slate Register. ©'"Secretary Carlisle had better hiro n plumber. Congress cannot stop such a democratic leak. When the next congress stands democracy on its head the leal; will lie arrested at onco. The worm holes in this administration are bigger than an inch auger would bore. — Chicago Inter Ocean. CgTThc people of the United States are intelligent enough to discern who arc the friends of the sugar trust r.ad who are the enemies of tariff smashing. Sugar even cannot becloud and complicate the issue. The republicans and democrats went on record on the question of sugar pure and simple, last summer, when they voted solidly against the Wilson tariff schedule, by which the democratic senators put millions of dollars into tho coffers of the trust, dealt a death blow to Blaine reciprocity and injured this country's trade with Germany and other nations to the extent of millions of dol- liu-9 annually.— Albany Journal. THE GRAVE 'OF LAFAYETTE. Waved their notes became reluctant ,, _..,«,.„,„„.,, and after some low .^fji'pmg- conversation in whip-poor-will lang-iiago. a little rustle nnd flutter announced that the lesson was concluded. and the young 1 ones were sent to bed. All was silent for a few minutes. Then the mother bird flew across an 'Inlet of the pond in pursuit no doubt of insects for her ofter-concert s-upj-ir. Bettor Th»n Kerosene. Half a teaspoonfnl of sugar scattered 'over a dying fir« is better than kerosene and has no clement of dancer. An American Flag Han Always Over It. "While in Paris a short while ago/ said a traveler recently, according to tho Washington Post, "it occurred to mo that it was a fitting act » make a i» 'grhnage to the tomb of that illustrious Frenchman dear to the hearts of all American patriots, Marquis do La Fayetto. I asked a number of people before I could find anyone to enlighten me as to the spot, but after repeated inquiry ascertained its location. The grave is situated in old Paris, within tho grounds of a convent that tho ancestors of La Fayette founded, and where repose tlie remains of many of the French nobility. "The first thing that attracted my attention in connection with the hero's tomb was that above it floated a silken flag, bearing tho Stars and Stripes. It seems that a good many years ago an American gentleman left in. his will a ,v., „„. „. sum of money to be used for the special to grow purpose of keeping an American flag Jorcver flying- above the prove of La Fayette. It has done so without intermission from the day tbe will Trent into effect, and whenever through .the wear of the elements one flag becomes unserviceable, a new one straightway takes its place. Through nntold cart- turies the emblem at the country •which. In its early strngjj-les for liberty bad has beneficent aid -will wave abov« h)« ashes." Memorial Day ID TITO State*. April 2d, Memorial day, is observed in the states of Alabama and Georgia. A VALENTINE Presented to Chicago in the Shape of a New Post Office. President Makes the Bill a Law— Will Need at Least 81,003,000 to Work On. WASHINGTON, Fob. 14.—The Chicag-o post office bill, which lias been so vigorously pushed through congress, is now a law. At 10 c/clock Wednesday nife'ht President Cleveland took up thu measure and guru it his official approval. Tho Chicago congressmen \vor-,not aware of ihe president's act:»;i until Thursday morninff, anrl as ii r.-v.ilt ull are wearing- .smiles of h:ippiuu.>-.. I'ronlUtiit NotiilfS Oo:l»rrHS. At 1:30 o'clock Thursday aftcruoou 1'rusidunt Cleveland notified "both houses of coiiH-r^s that the Chicago public liuildiufr bill had. been sig-ned. Kepriiscntative Ooldzior, of Chicago, informed a reporter tha t estimates:ire now Iwiiiff prepared at the treasury department for an appropriation sulileiunt to fxiruish quarters for the various federal ollice holders in the present public buildiug and also to begin the work on the new buildinff. Will Need 81.000.OOO to Sturt On. About .VI,000,000 will be required in all to be appropriated at this session. Mr. Goldxier was unable to say in what appropriation bill this amount would be included. It may be put in the sundry civil bill which is now in the senate, or it may bo included in the urgent deficiency bill which has not yet been considered by the house. Much will depend upon circumstances. There is no doubt, however, that the appropriation desired will be made by this congress, as it is necessary to carry into effect the existing law. UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Ohio JUiw DUcIlm'nutlni; A|fftlust the Importation of ConvletOliKlo Goods. CLEVKLASD, 0., Feb. 14,—Judge Noble in the common pleas court has handed down a decision which impeaches the constitutionality of the Ohio statute making- it unlawful to sell convict-made poods manufactured in the prisons of other states without lirst obtaining u license from the secretary of state of Ohio. Judge Xoble held that the constitution of the United States ru- posod all power to regulate interstate commerce in congress, and that any state law which interfered in interstate commerce was unconstitutional. The law compelling the sale of goods made in another state to be licensed, while goods made in Ohio were unburdened, was a discrimination, the court hold, unconstitutional. Suspended tliu Luw. 'WASHINGTON, Feb. H.— Upon application of the Chicago & Northwestern and other railroads the interstate commerce) commission has suspended the long and short haul clause of the interstate commerce law, so as to enable railroads that desire to do so to carry at cheaper rates lo longer distance points in. the Nebraska region of crop failure. Diiiiiucc C'uu«K'l Ijy Stnnu. NKWi'OHT Ninvs, Va., Feb. 1-1.—Nearly tUt.v canoes and sloops belonging to oyster-iien are piled upon euch other in the ice a short distance above this city. Two watchhouses have been carried away and several abandoned schooners are adrift in the river. Tho storm has caused great damage to floating property in this vicinity. DiRtreiu in Sicily. PALERMO, Feb. 14.—Tho discontent and distress in Sicily have been increased by the closing of many sulphur mines. More than 23,000 miners h/ive been thrown out of work. Very few have money to support them for a month, as their wages have long been scarcely sufficient for their daily needs. , Prospective Gronm l r ouiul Dead. EM-POXIA, Kan., Feb. 14.—Everything was prepared for the \veddiagof Dr. II. \V. Stover, of Kaholca, Mo., and formerly of this city, to Mrs. Jennie Chandler. He failed to arrive, and the ceremony was postponed. Soon news was received that his body had boon found, frozen in Rock Hollow, near Kali oka. Strikes 11 Hlow :it Lynch Law. MOUNT STEM.--XS. Ky., Feb. 14.—The Montgomery county grand jury, after being in session fifteen days, adjourned after returning 103 indictments, three of which are for the lynching of Tom Blair. James Roach, Richard Fore- mae and Charles Sledd were indicted for this crime. LScil m-er a Century. ALT.IA>-OE, 0., Feb. 14.—Mrs. Rachel Hole, one of the pioneers of eastern Ohio, died at the home of her son, Prof. Israel P. Hole, noar this city, aged 100 years and 7 months. Sentenced for Life. LouisvnxE, Ky., Feb. 14.— Eandall Adams was sentenced here to the penitentiary for life for killing Marshall Russell" Wiseman March 21, 1SS9. Kinnie 3f. Keytcr Pataskala, Ohio. Consumption^ Checked Obstinate Case of Catarrh Local Applications Falled-Hood'l Sarsaparilla Cured. "C. I. Hood i Co., Lowell, Mass.: "Gentlemen: —I ought to make known my tiperieaca with Rood's Sarsaparlllo, so that others afllicted may lea.rc wlicre to Cud a remedy lor that serious and obstlnata disease, eatarrh. It troubled me seriously. I Lad n dull acliinc sensation In the tap of my head, and the usual discharge from Hie nose. I became ap bad that mornings I could (Jo nothing but hawk and spit. My luiigs were also being rabidly «t- feuted and had it not lioou lor llood's Saraapft- rllla, I would have tilled A Consumptive's Crave long ago. I navs taken about ten bottles o! Hood'$ Sarsaparll'.a, which have eflcotually eured me. Before resorting to this medicine, I used all tho catarrh, remedies. inhalaDto and local application, I lieud oL ^'oco seemed to Hood's s ?> Cures roach the seat ol the disease. In fact I grew worse while using them. I owe ray cure to the blood purifying powers of Hood's Sarsa- farllla." Mrx.NiK SI, KEi'sEit.fataskala, Ohio. Hood'B Pills cure all liver ills, biliousness Jftondlce, Indigestion, sick headache. 23o. c 131 ml to''O«e Kven iiorso rioiu. SPKIXG VALLKY, 111., Fob. n.—Two horses were killed near the Hock Island depot. After the authorities had appraised the damag-e the carcasses were surrounded by half-starved Italians who cut off the best cuts for steak for breakfast. Ohio Minors Appeal for Help. MASSU.LO.V, 0., Feb. «.—llelp is needed by the Newman miners. They have not joined in any of the calls for assistance up to this time, but now find themselves out of work, money and credit and with many dependents, Rich Vulu of (Jolil Ore Struck, DISADWOOD, S. B., Feb. 1-1.— Messrs. Ing-ram and MeSatchrou, who were building a cyanide plant at Keystone, ]4 mile from the Holy Terror mine, struck a body of gold ore while grading for the plant. Gen'.'I'nlrcliild Ifonwod. ST. PAUL, Minn., Feb. 14. — Gen. Lucius Fail-child, past commander in chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, and at present commander in chief of the Loyal Legion of the United States, was given an informal reception in Gov. Cloug-h's office at tho capital, both houses of the legislature taking a recess to pay their respects. TILE MARKETS. Cralu, I'l-ovlsiopis, Ktc. j CHICAGO. Feb. 14. i FX-OT-T.-Dull lint! easy. Quotable: Win! tcr—Patents, ?;.!>0(JiOj: stralKllts. SiMSJ -' •' 50- cleur.s, ^. lj .•- -Ml seconds. $l.'.H)j]£i.OO; low 1 fi'rados. si.libiI.S5. Sprlnc--Patents, jSJ.00.i5 i 3.50: straiKlits, ?",M 05? "'."">; 'baUei-.s', S;.S5^'.^5; ; low' grades. Sl.TjJsI.fO; Red Dos, Sl.fojil.73; WHEAT—Moderate trndin!? nnd unsettled. No.- cash, :>0.',;.iDl>ic; February, 50;.i"i">f?iC; May. 5S!ufr..^->,*e. Coux—Nervous and unsettled. No. 2 and No. 2 Yellow. 4-J!a®-l3Vo: *<>• ;! - •»<•'• acd No - * V(: 'low, -HVic; May, •H;J'2H'ViC; Jul J'. -M?s iJaiiej . September, -l-lJS'c^alic. OATS—Full- trading and flij;hor. Cash No. 2, SS-^it^-SCJc: Mr.y, ~ Oift-S^c- Samples higher; supply"fair-. No. 3. 2r^tf8'/ : e; No. ii WUite, 30.iy)iWe: No. S, 2SU@3)c; No. - White, oO?i@ WELSH COTTAGES. Rani Pop- Plctnmqn* Abodei or ulatloa. Presentlj- TTC discovered such a cottage as Cocknej-s dream about but do cot find; where rusticity sits embowered cmid roses aud jasmine and honeysuckle, all in their proper seasons; where orchards occupy one moiety of the cottager's land, and a, strnnfro medley ol flower and kitchen garden is in luxuriant arid prodijral possession of the other, while towering and picturesque ruins close the upland view and a rapid river gleams beyond and between apple trees on the lowlands. One bappy week we staid here, says a writer in an English paper, as mellow autumn crept on, while the country^ side reeked with the sweet smell of pomace, and eidenjiakiiig went forward in all the fruitful orohards roir.id about, lie'oro almost evory cottaga door were barrels and hogsheads, kil- derkins aad puncheons, filled or being filled with fresh c'uler, and each vil- Infre ohr.re]i was preparing for its harvest, thanksgiving with gorgeous -heaps of rich red npplos. goKlen-russet pein-1, lirobdiiignajjian kiu-lion garden proiluee nud miniatureslioeks of wheat. Spinsters, youthful anil ni'uliHe-nged. comely or plain, were i-very where busy with the holy anil gratifying duty of helping bachelor curates decorate ecclesiastical interiors: deriving much spiritual consolation from approving themselves such useful handmaidens of the clir.rch. Meanwhile impious farmers leaned over field gules and peered into barns and lofts bursting with abundance of harvest, nnd cursed heartily because the kindly fruits of the earth were so plentiful—and therefore so cheap. It would be a novel sort of Providence that should satisfy a turner. IN FULL DRESS. All Ululit Above But » Little Bit Lacking Bolou-. In a family living not many miles out of town has been recently a visitor who caused his hostess a great deal of embarrassment. 'He was n Scotchman Straight from his "am countrie," gen tie- manly and well educated; but he clung to his old home traditions and formalities, and thereby hangs this tale. On the day of his arrival he informed his hostess that it was his unchangeable habit to always wear evening dress at dinner. As this seemed perfectly right and proper, Mrs, D. did not stop to think of the various w.i.ys in which Scotland and America diSer, and so was wholly unprepared for the sight that met her eyes that evening—the short plaid skirt and the bare limbs. After a time, the members of tho family became quite accustomed to tho strange sight, but callers were frequently shocked and surprised out of their good breeding. A lady wbo called one evening said that on entering the reception room she saw a man Boated behind a table, looking at some sngravings. Tho upper half of his figure alone was visible, and that was in ordinary evening dress; and the astonished caller could not repress a little surprised shriek when he rose on being presented, and the tout en semblo burst upon her vision.—Boston Budget. Kntlicr Ho I.fist Tlinn Founil. William Ann—When you lost your way, why didn't you ask a policeman? Uncle ' Treetop— Afraid he'd put a, bunco sheerer on to inc.—X. Y. World. i —The Atchalafaya river, in Louisiana, was so named "from two Indian ivorJs, meaning Long river. KNOWLEDGE Brines comfort an-i improvement and •.«i!ils "to pcrson.il enjnvnient when _">h.tly uses. The ninny, who live bet- Wr ihia others and enjoy life moix, with 'tvs expenditure, V v more promptly idi>pti:iR the world's bet-t prmlucts to :-'0 needs of phvsical being, will attest Ibfl value to health of the pure liquid •.vxstivo principles embraced in tha vmeay, Svrtip oi Figs. Tt* excellence i* due to its presenting -.-j the form most accp'-tsWo and p!e;is- jiit, to the fciste, Uie refivshingnntl truly bene2ci:il properties of a perfect laxative; ellectimlly cleansing the system, ij«peilins colds' lieadaches and fevers -nd penn.taently curing constipation. U has given satisfaction to millions and act with rthe approval of the medical orcfession, because it nets on the Kid- apys, Liver anil Bowels wii.hont weakening them and it is perfectly free from -•very objectionable substance. Svrup of I?iw is for sale by all drug^ ^Nts in 50c .iiid'Sl bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every oackage, also the name, Syvup of Figs, aod being well informed, yon will nift Accept any substitute if . KvE-Stcady and ilra. No. C in store, X® Sample lots, SStfaS-^c: May delivery, DELIGflTE WOMEN Or Debilitated Women Should I'M BRflDFIELD'S! ; BAHLttV—Has become about steady. Common to wood No. 4. 50ji52c; No. 3, 63,i5Uc, and No. 2. 553f,0'/.c. 3fESS t J OKii^Ti-ud[nK was modoi-atcly active. Prices lower. Quotations ranged at S9.93JJ 10.01) for cash, regular; SP-OO^O-Oo for February, and «10. ioaia.15 ror May. LARD—Fairly active and lower. Quotat!on3 ranced at t0.5SiJ0.57« for casli; $0.50.245^!,!; for February, and $Q.Maii.C2W tor May. LIVE POULTK-T—Per pound: Turkeys. ra8c; Chicl;ens, 7<aSc: Ducks, SHOlOj; Geeso. par do/-.on, i3.00Si50.00. BUTTEII—Creaoiory, 12<333Vic: dairy,'SSSOc; Pacl:ir.fr Stock. ~3>9c. OILS—Hcadll^lic. 173 test, Oc; Gasoline. ST des's. lOe: 74 dec's. So; Naphtha, 63 dec's, 7c. L.IQUOIW—Whisky q.uote.1 steady at S1.-2 per gallon for algliwlnes. NETST YORK, Feb. K FLOUK—State and western steady. WHEAT—No. 2 red very dull, steady. MarcH, 57«c: May, 5S S-lCSiStfc: July.SS 13-l(X£5Dc. CORN—No. - moderately active, firmer. May, OATS—NO. 2 dull, flrni. May, SSfiSJ^c; state. 37&41!-tc: western. 54347>.ic. __ j3 EEF _Dull. steady. Extra mess. J7.25<"J7.73; family, $0.73312.00. POKE —Moderately active, steady. Mess, 811.25 12.00. . LARD— Quiet, steady. Steam-rendered, £0.90. BUTTKII— Quiet, and weaker. Western dairy, 10Sl5c: western creamery, !Ci}2.ie: do. fac- txjrj-, SSHc: rolls, &314c: Elsins, 25c: imitation creamery, lOJMSc: held oreanaery, llQJ)c. CHEESE-Cholce fairly active and firm. State larse, 9,311Mc; do. fancy colored, 11 He: do. white, 105iSlIe: do. small. 9,4dJl2c: part skims. 3i9c; lull skims, !ji@li-ic. EGGS—Quiet, lower. Western, 20c; limed. pr II J| I. p-"^ rT/llnLC ' ~ "" 'onic properiies, and exerts a won- -_.„..___ _ S derlul influence in ' *T ^..T^TriD ft toning up and RF.fillUnTOR. ° *3tren|tlieningher llbUUlSIl I V/ll. ,, Uvstern by driving throueh the proper (( I channel all impurities. Health and strength j are guaranteed to result from it* use. i My ""«, who """ b * l!rl ^'4 raliu K u£c° UTOR 'for two montm. 1» get tins: welL— J. M. JOHNSON*. M«liem. Ark- SoU bj «1 DnmUu « »1.<» p» brtllfc BRADF1ELD REGULATOR CO.. ItUnU, O*- Live Stock. CHICAGO, Feb. 14. Hoes—Market only moderately active and ' leellnp unsettled. Opened firm with prices a •hade blgber. but later ruled ireak and prices declined 5 jlOc lower than yesterday. Sales ratuted at Ei90a3.95 for pisrs: J3.8034-25 for light: J3.90S4.03 for rough packing-; $a903-t.35 : tor mired, and £4.1024-45 lor hea-vy packiaz • and shipping lots. ! CATTLE—Market rataer active. Feeling ' itrorn: and prices We h.U-her. Quotations .' ranged at <fi.0035.50 ror choice to eirra : tnlpplns Steers: H-1034.90 for good to cholca do.: KOO2.4.50 for lair to good; $3.352.4.00 for common to medium do.: K.W&3.K for Butchers' Steers: £U»ai*> for Stockers: S190S3.8S for Feeders: SI SO^iSD for Cows; ti7oas.r3 for Heifars; f2.e3S4.00 for Bulls; JK534.43 for Texas Steers, and S2.25aS.SO for Veal Calves. Like a Sieve. Tlio chief fnnctlon of the kidneys Is to sepa rule from tue Wood In Us passage thronf-h them, of certain impurlllesanil wai-ry parrlc'PS _whlcli make their finisl exist lUroURti thn bladder. The retention of these, In co- sequent:" ofln.-ictlvlty of i ihu kidneys, Is productive ct BrKjht's disease, dropsy, clabPies. aJbnnilnnrla iind oilier maladies with a fatal tendr.icy Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, a highly sanctioned diuretic a- d blood dcpur- ent, Impels tne kidneys when inactive to renew th(»lr silting function, and strain from tie rltal current. Impurities which Infest It and tnreaten tbelr own existence as organs of the body. Catarrh of the bladder, gravel and retention of tlie urine are also maladies arrested or averted by this benlijn promoter and restorative of organic action. Malaria, rheumatism, constipation, Biliousness, ind dyspepsia also yield to tbe Bitters, «blcn Is also speedily beneficial to tbe weak and nervous. _ A Great Loader. We are pleased to inform jou that we have received tbe sole agency for Otto's Cure, the great throat and lung healer. O'to's Cure is the great leader of all proprietary preparations for tbe cure of coughs, colda, asthma, bronchitis, consumption, etc. We will guarantee Otto's cure to cure you, and if you will call at our store we will give you a oottls of this guaranteed remedy free of charge. Otto's Cure instantly relieves c>-oup and whooping .cough. Don't delay. Samples free. Large bottles 50 cents at Ben Fisher's, the druggist, sole aeent. For Orer Fifty Te»n Mrs. Winelow'a Soothing Syrup has been ueed for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens tbe gume. allays all pain, cures wild colic, and IB tbe beat remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by drugfrigta In every part of the world. Twenty-five cents » bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. WinBlow's Soothlcjf Syrup," and take no other kind. Children Cry foi Pitcher's Castorla. If your child has pale llp» or ii fretful, give Rinehart'a Worm Lozenges. Sold by B. F. Keealing and Keystone drugstore. Illllll HE (OLUflBIA PAP CALENDAR For * • • 1895 A Desk Calendar is a necessity- most convenient kind ol storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar it brightest and handsomest 0 { n !i_ full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and ciUcrtaininp thoughts on outdoor exercise and . sport. Occasionally reminds you ot ' the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-ccnl stamps. Address Calendar Department, POPE MFG. CO., Mcntloo Dili paper. HartlonJ, Conn. 3'llls. Their 1,'KP anil Almsc. Pills are by far ihe beet, cathartic to use, but you mi-it not /-buse their use by habitually depending on-them for daily stools, if you will use Kineharl's Pills you will find ibera to regulate tbe boweld and afford regular sod free dally stools, by an occasional dose of one pill. Sold by B. F. KceB- ling and Keystonedrt;;? store. VThen Baby w«« sick, we gave ber OoBtot*L TTbcn aUe -roa a Child, she cried for Custorto, •Wlien sue became Miss, ete clung to Castor!*. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Pile llp« »nJ Fluhlifd Chetk* Are a eure. sign of stomach worms In children, and If not removed the symptoms are nore alarmist? by frightful dreams, nervousness and epaemg. Tfle beet remedy 10 use ie RInehan'a Worm Lozenges. They always remove all kinds of worms and the worm ceet. Sold by B. F. Kees- and Keyetoae drug store. If you lack strength, with no appetite, take Rlnehart's Pills. One & doge, Sold by B. F. Keeelicg and Keystone drug 6Voro. Children Cry for Pitcher's P 1 Biff Surprint In store for &H who try J5&con'« Celerj _!DJJ for the nerves. Tbe general verdict of all who have U3ed this great vegetable preparation Is that it it tb« grandest remedy ever discovered for the cure of dyspepsia, liver complaint, general debility, etc. Bacon's Celery King for the nervea stimulate* the digestive organs, regulate* the liver and restore* tte system to vigorout health and energiei. Sample fire*. Large package! 50 cent*. SoU only by Ben Fliher, Druggist.

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