Buffalo Morning Express and Illustrated Buffalo Express from Buffalo, New York on April 4, 1870 · 4
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Buffalo Morning Express and Illustrated Buffalo Express from Buffalo, New York · 4

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1870
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IIVVVAU HSIMifcWi MOXUiY, APJ.IL 4. 1870. CITY AND VICINITY. CITY MOTES. No ice in sight at Dunkirk ywUiiHay. Erery body is gotting wntdy lor grd-n-ing. Yetcrdy mi a bright and golden Sabbath. Now is tho time to br-tiin transplanting tree. Th domand for good houat, acrvsnt is increaaing. Th polio oaptaina report twolvo lodger for Friday night. Th Cold Spring OrcenliotiBo is very attractive at present. Mr. William A. (;albraith and family, of Erie, are in Pari. Those badiata, the trees, arc pnttiog out their Spring feeler. Chynancre parotid- a i very prevalent in the city at thi time. Young lettaoo, radlahe and onion are plentiful lathe market. House oleaning and dressmaking are the social question of the day. United States CommUsiener Oorhatn will bo in New York next wetk. A large number of new book have been ordered for the Y. M. A. library. General Thomas' remains are oxpectwd to pas through thi city on Thursday. The piles hare been driven for tho boat ouse of the Buffalo Rowing Association. The "flrt flies of the season" are making their appearance. Not "nhoo fly," but die that ought to be nLoo'd .' I'igeona are plontiful in the northorn art of the city, and the law against shooting within the city limits is being violated hourly. Edward Irwin having been sworn in as member of the N. F. 1'. force, wan asign-d to duty as patrolman in the Sixth Precinct on Friday. A little boy named Willie Hall was found on the street and returned to hi parent at no. a4 south Division street Saturday f tornoon by one of tho patrolmen of Pre cinct No. Two. Patrolman Ham Bancroft reports that the wire 01 tne tire alarm tolngraph at the cor-ner of Delaware and Edward streets have fallen acrosthe street and are very annoy-ing to passer by. We understand that a number of prominent citizen have invited Rov. D. If. Mul-lr to repeat his recent .lootttro entitled "Question of the Hour, or Conspiracy gainst tho Public .Schools", in some public place at an early day. A man named John Haydon wan arrouted Saturday by Deputy Marshal Tole for doing a retail liquor business at No. .'io'J Terry stroet without a license. ih: was taken before Commissioner (iorham, ami fe-ave bail for his reappearance next Friday, the 8th Inatant, for examination. Messrs. Joseph Trow and if. 1). XitUe have taken possession of Farthing's well known restaurant, No. :i."!) Main stroct, And will conduct it in a manner that will make it pleasant and njjrceablo, not only to it old patron but also to tho many uuw oues that will naturally hud their way to the plaoo. Next Saturday evening tho for- mal opening will occur when a free lunch will be givon. , ," n. si..! r- ...... a. vm ..! ma i,. u. i. new Post of the Grand Army of the Republic has been established in this oity, entitle 1 ost UidweU ISO. . A a soon as tho char ter members receivo their transfers tb Post will be mustered by Major John H J onmngn. Tit Weather. Tho following are the moteorologicai observations for April laaen at tne Young Metis Association Library by the Librarian: Time. Bar. Thar. VVIml: 7 A M...2:3 3 1.1,1,1 N. I-:. 2 P. M...20:3f all " V P. M...iO:37 M Sky Ijlhl VAOUANTrt. A lad naiuud Christian Motzlerwa sent to the workhouse Sat urday from tho First Precinct for twenty flay on cnargo of vagrancy. William H. Vantylo was arrested by captain cook- in the Third Prooint, Fri day afternoon, on tho same chargo, and won up lor thirty days. Almost an A vident. Saturday after oon between four and five o'clock, as the 3orse and buggy of Mr. Thaddeua C. Davis was passing up Main street, while noar the corner of Soneca, it collided with a vchiole driven by Mr. Wilson. Mrs. Davi was thrown partially out of tho buggy a,lrJ would, in all probability have been soriously injured had it not been for the timolv nroa- net) of Doteotlve Battels, who oxtriuatod lior from her erabarassing position. A Neat Meat Snoi'. One of tho oloan-,oat and best arrangod meat shops that we have ever visited ha rooenUy leen established by Mr. Isaao Edward at No. 123 Niagara street. Besides keeping the very lest and juiciest of meats, Mr. Edwards lias constantly on hand a supply of frosh wmto lard that would make the heart of Any housekeeper glad to look at. Trioc at thi store are very reasonable, and every sDsoomer receive tne politest attention. NIAGARA a, B. Club, We loara that the member of this club are instituting measure looking to a reorganization of , their association and placing it upon an efli- cient looting lor tne coming season. The note of preparation for thi game are being oounded over the country, and in some place the playing ha already commoncod; And tne boys of the Niagara Club are deter mined not to be behind hand. A meeting will be held Tuesday evening at their rooms over 410 Main street, at 7 o'clock. at whioh all members of the club and other persou interested in the game are earnestly invited tr) bp present. Runaway. On Saturday about noon a pair of bay horse attached to a handsome rockaway carriage took fright and dashed furiously up the Terrace, across Main and down Exohange street. At the corner of Washington thoy detached themselves from 4he carriage, leaving it standing apparently uninjured. They continued their reckless oareer eastward and were soon lost to vieV- The next seen of them was about an hou7 later when they camo trotting quietly ba.k to the starting point in charge of a man who had arrested their flight at the toll-gate. They were wet with perforation but lookod a oomplacent as if they had just won the $20,000 sweepstakes for their owner. Sam Blown Or-Eic. The office of Messrs. II. H. Phillip St, Co., No. 220 Perry stroet, was efltered by some person or persons unknown, at late hoar Friday night, and a mall'safe was blown'open with powder. The rascal racoeeded in blowing the solid portion of the safe door entirely loose from it fastenings, And it was found thi morning lying upon the floor, together with ' H oold ehiaeL a hammer, and a 3nrnt fuse. There was no money in the ouVe, and all that the rascal got for their trouble F about a dollar' worth of post-ge stamp and three gold pen. A number of papers, " valuable only to the firm, were taken into the back shed, when the burglar probably overhauled them, ana afterwards thrown down a privy. gingnlAr as to mr B BOn" ot denta of tkAt rioldity beard the report of the xPloioe, tferofot tt fi ootkBOwn st what iimeof thoBl G ha&rr ? mitf.ed. '! hn polio- have 'kit; i.o'.i It U '. ivr .-i arc in w;r-h of ) a' ors. Kr.'.WA- t;V ilKV. nUEliltK ff!OTUi.V;!..JI. s'eniay morning tho confrregation of thi. ioiUr.an Church had the plcaHiire h' . rin.; an ailmirablo sermon on the Jealousy oi tiixl, preached by their elotjuent Ix'tiir, JU:v. Fmleriek.Frothi.ngham. The r'vrrnid gentlumnn took for his text, Di.ut. v, 9: "I, tho Lord thy God am a jealous God," and spoke sutmtntilly as follows: A jealous God, how strango the words souiid. Mow far apart they seem! Jealousy and God, have they any thing in common? No I hear many say. But the other day 1 thought so mjsolf. But since then llj;ht has fallen on tne words, revealing in th-iu a profound and noble meaning, a truth withal well worth earnest pondering. It is goo-1 to have these old venerable words, long lost words, brought back and in their truo significance. We were robbed of them by a cruel and false theology which made theru hideous and hateful, but profoundly ami solemnly truo to Mosos, the mightiest man of past historys and who wields more influence to-day than any other, even the Chriht himself. Ho did not drop them by accident from careless lips. He laid them as the cornor stone of a nation's life, deliberately, in the name of the Most High, that nation, in his view, God's peculiar people He, devoted and devout, earnest and great, with a rare greatness; his mind enriched wiih the highest learning of his time, thought theiu worthy to stand together. That could ' not be, unless to him they npoke one of the grandest, instead of one of the ignoblest thoughts. A thought adding inspii&tion even tj the holy thought ot God. That thought let us seek. And first let us note Moses' idea of God's jealousy. Ho explains it in clear ami irie-niutable words, viz: in a statement which ha never lieea surpassed of that mysterious law of transmission with which we are all familiar. West but that mean the words "visiting tho iniquity of the fathers upon tho children unto the third and fourth aerations of them that hate me and showing ruorcy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments." Mark tho words well; are they not true; true in their shadow, truo in their light ? I'oes not God do juitt this? Is it not one of tho great binary laws of His universe and on which wo can securoly couut? Moses lives it its grandest application that to unral life. Ala, how has it been wrested from its glorious aud pregnant purpono to tli (i support of a doctrine as falso as it is true the doctriuo of original Min ! Ac-.vrdiug to thatdojtrine moral guilt is transmitted from fathor to son, aud tho innooont liabo whose sweet prattle pours touching mi lie iuto its guilty father's ear a niusiu, f .llof that heaveu whose delight he has link from him is blai:k with that father's uilt and shares that father's doom. Think you Moses ever dreamed of stating Hueh an tlmurdity, such a monstrous, wiuked absurdity V With his clear view of tbo dillur-iiicc between right and wrong did he fail to see that moral guilt i.) not possible with out moral transgression ; that one cannot iu who is unconscious of responsibility ; that though he bieak all the laws of tho universe m bin power to break bo l ug as hi knows not tho dillurenco between n;ht find wrong he cannot be morally guilty, ile did however clearly see that the results if ini'iiity are transmissible from generation to generation ; that the diisuluto parrot makes the scrofulous child ; that tho iverworked parent makes feeble offspring : that tho intemperate parent breeifa idiotic ur rum craving children. l'hia is the fact, urobably it always was since mail's erea- tinn. Certainly it was when Moses wrote tho Ton Coiuinuudu.cl.ts ; 'Jm Kgyi'tiau rthnlai.) have tvi il it. Moral guilt cnmiot be. until iln;ro in morVi transgression; a pel son is not guilty until he iiin.t, ami Hiti he cannot until ho known to i;!i" ih'; betweeu right and wrong, and ia fmo to do so. It is God's rferupiiious care thut sin shall not escape its oroper and terrible results i exults hurtful to others as well us to its doer. Moses' idea pf thi j ialousy of God is not as has Ik cii is uineil, a jealousy on Cod's p.ut for hiri--leif and agatust ills cltiltlrun. It is lint thi: jealousy of a covetous, u:kii.r.v, gr.ispiijg tyrant whoso cold green eye, full of tuulici-nis suspicion, notes only his own aggrau-It.jmout aud his oii glory, seeing a'ld taring for that of no otuer being, iho. It is tho jealousy of God. How awfully it oas been misrepresented ! ith w hat shocking minuteness we htvo been told liow it guards every particle of 1 1 is own propersity and every inch otJJ tlli.i on domain, ' suffering :io hand ,to touch, uo foot to enter, no eye oo peur into it, guarding all appioauh to it by wa'-ch iles fiercer tha i Cerberus of old. And to deepen the horror we woro taught that in Him tho ordinary laws of morality wero held in suspense ; that rifjht and tvrung were alike in Him, that whatever Ho did was right, not because it was right but bocause Ho did it; that he might recompense holiness with hell and lifelong sin with everlasting heaven for His own glorys sake. (tol coubl not thus be jealous without loop dishonor in His children's eyes and viro hurt and wrong aud perplexity to them. No! God ia not, nor did Mosos teach that Ho is jealous for Himself, againRt His children. How absurd tho thought ot such jealousy ! How utterly needless. As though Ho could not without that raany toctiro from them whatever Ho would. No, not thus is ho jealous for Disown lory in any such unworthy sense. Him self ia not His first aud last thought. Per haps Ho has novcr thought of Himself at all. Certainly our life frhowshoiv littlo Ifo is concerned about that. In jealously there is a vaot power. It is watchful, keen eyed, fertile in devices, pa tient. It lots nothing go. It overlooks no trillo. It dcHpisos no means that will pro- note its end. It has no unworthy prido. It has no unseemly weakness. It will dare and do whatever courage and endurance oan. Aro not these admirable ciuautics ? Join thorn to a noble spirit, alas) wo join them to aibaae spirit, join them to a divine spirit, and you have the jealousy of Go 1. God is love, because Ho is a loviug God. He ia a jealous God. Trne joalousy goes hand in hand with love. Not a selfish jealousy that never that ia death to lovo, but self forgetting jealousy, a jealousy for the well heiug of those it loves. How fair a hint of it is giveu in the noblo life of that brave soldier whoes death the other day sent a pang of grief through every loyal heart. now jealous be for his country s honor! Kvon at tho risk of being thought alow and incompetent and superceded he would wait ud plan and prepare until her enomv ho had fatally ensnared and could utterly overthrow. Yes, aud ho honored her in the beauty of a jealous, true and beautiful life. A second asbmuton thoy called him. All honor to his memory. ( iod so loves all as to bo jealoua for them ll; jealous I say not now as speaking of His fueling, tor ot that deep senso of His know nothing, save what in His w .r d's tfiVwea the gilded Land may shove I y jut a!.l oft 'tis seen the wiekid j i.. ::.;;lf buy 0" the law. But 'tis a t i .' t so fcV-(V:-; mo strict and so unfailing is t!; 'or.ous jealouny of God. P.emeiLtwr v ; tlior, that God is jer.loua for all HL croiturei-; jeal us for every one. Not ( :. a sparrow fall to tho gronnd without o.i i'V.fvr. He in jealous for every cr.a g rut that would wrong that one. He i j- ilous fur ail against every one that v rongi alL He is jealous for us against sins that would-destroy us; for each c-i!-! ef u again pt the bosom sin that each tifta; Ho ia jealou for our highest and l isting good. And so He blesses all with j iy and 'sorrow, health and pain. lie we then jealous for each other aud for them rnd His. EXTKIl TA INMKXTS. ACADEMY Or" MUSI'.'. 'I his evening the theatro will undoubted ly contain an audienco both large, fashion able and enthusiastic. Mis Maggio Mitchell, the little (jueen of comedienne, h3 always ben received hcJJ with great t'ial, and her performance aro universally admired both for their naturalness and piquancy. Her yvuuhon is one of the neatest impersonations on the stage and no one bliould mias eoein it. The diagram for the first three nights are now at Cottier k Denton's music stoic, tnd the sale of seats will continue there through the day. THE HIN6TUELS. Arlington's Minstrels, tho troupe th.it met with such flattering success bore six weeks ago, will peiform at the .Si. James this and to-morow evenings. The company is assuredly one of the very best now travel" i'ig, and give a performance at all times v orthy a crowded house. PKASK'S MATINEE. tho evenings, and we understand that some of the workiograeu's societies, iu thalc.'y daaiga passing r solutions &&ku:g t-c trustees to make arraiiernoct to that eilect. Tin: Poop.DEi-AHT.WK V r. For the last six years, we are informed, there lias not been to lai cea ntnbeT of applicant at the I'oor-i.-vier's oCice as during the past Winter. Therearenow six hucdrcd and thirty perso ns in the poorhous, thirty-six in the Sisters of Charity IIoppitaL, and several in the Geucral Hospital. For tho ouartcr ending March 2kt, tho sum of ?1,"4 41 has been paid to the .Mot ra ef Charity alone, for what aid thry have rendered the poor department. During tho uiocth of March eighty three families have been added to the list of regular deptndantj. An Eukob and Ccri.KiiT.'oy. A few weeks ago we noticed the resignation of Mr. Courul Hellriglo, chief c!eik inths cilice of the Receiver of Tares, in terms which implied censure up- n the Receiver, Mr. Ambrose, and his otlu-r clerks. Circura-btai.ces have come to liht w hich prove Mr. Ambrose and his clerks in a most favorable light, and showing tho unavoidable necessity for dispensing with the services of Mr. Ileilriglc. There need not be any thing taore said about this littlo matter just now. M Pvl:r. i n. i ' F 1 ivi n, i'.v Tirk T V.:r;'l .1 ' TIi '') I. ii"i ; j Dl6uiJ i . E l Luviri-ii-e uo K Virle Co d T Pr.o, Rorhesur . h lreK, l::itavia vi i; w.;itr W( vr&r-u J li l;rv,n. rv-i.Iilj.hia i- L W-:U, hjry ::. t V rrvp, Ciii'-a o . I. Wi!li do" II H'.ot, Duaviilc (i Pvke, l ti.- E liners, UermMiV J G 3hr:a, K Y rr .ii.ri"t, ! Tills t , j-r.-T Ci;y i ' Oiiiu-rnn. CaIiM inia W I' Hick..r.l, Kataria '' M.ters, fiainlnili.'e O J lienuit, Kew Vers i li Jnkn n l.i V ' luim, Paytirt t Fu.lc), h Iruiin KATIONIL nOTKL. K Shirmvi, Ostlenjt.urjrh iv J Jrcijh, Cuii:4 f 1' Kvini. Titn-ivillo H FJov, North Juts IIC VuiVVkcnlnnf, AIVj C Spar, Ftil!etihia 1" II kit-irs, B'stun M B Su-rrett. Iljeheatcr A J H hite, Chii-ajo i" Hay wsxi, bt Loui M.iaiO!S uorss, J (' Orr!,. n, Tsto A C W-xl, Sjracus F 'nr h Siiea A W Puulfe-a, Lotkort J M Swji.tm, w York S CiVf!ra Ui. J - SnUl, C'Ji-J J A IW-k tt, Ottawm I. H AUalii-, r'iina.!. li hi K O T ji:il-.-i', Cintinnsli i) h S.inTk, Ker V .rk K l Mettmif. Icwntn f. Ktrahitiu, Milwaukee ci Jf tmti-n, J J f'ruiio, Ciin'innt' J VV Stone, t'piiitiiiU.i .1 T IVnne, citit.j M M terson, lnt n A Onif ri.i WC(,ff io W F P..fl d-K J Erowu d.i i; V. IPive C 11 Numly W J Jenniii. W Karjf.jft-r J T Y'junx M "i nts-in J y Van.l! ,-r, T K Slis,ro, Sew Ur!.aa J Miilr, Niinilik W B Wat.m, Glt do ii.. , (.alt .k, AHiany A F.iit for the besc ritof the luimaculate t.'ouception Church will open at the Opera House on Monday, the l5lh of the present month. cU td KltlE CO I -N TV. A number of cattle biiougiug to Mr. Ilobt.it McClure, of Coiden, wero killed at a raiiroad acciJout near Brantford, Canada, one da" last week. Mr. Lawrence iSulli- an. of SnrinirvLle. advertise 3 as follows: "1 hereby forbid all persons truatiug or lii: v. S. Kali: will deliver his second lecture this evening before the Gorman Young M -n's Association at their rooms, corner Main and Muhawk Ptrects. Subject, "Die Ivjtwickelung und Aeuaseruug dermenach-lecken Seeleukraefte." Admission free. It ii not our dteiro nor intention that the i hai boring my wife, Joana, on my account, Is this Star Cover, of which we hear so much, a success ? It is. Many buying; -'Too uing them. Koe it. Fuel Baver and stove preserver. ItpajS. Dll'LEY A H H KHEI.I, 3."5.'5 Main stroet. readers of tho Km-kkss nhall forget that Alfred H. I'oaso'B maticeo will take place at the Academy of Music this week Wednesday afternoon. The fact is certainly oae of publio intercut, and lUo people should remember it. FttuPK-M-SuR RICHARD'S LIX'TCKE. Tho brilliant and instructive chemical ex" periments introduced by i'rofcosor Richards l.i his lecture hero On tho "Matter King," last Winter, are still so fresh in the recollections of our readers that the mere an nouncement of a repetition of tho inter esting entertainment at St. 5arues Hall, in this city, this week Wednesday evening, will suliico to till the house. Tho Mechanics' Institute have performed an act of great i ublio benolit by engaging Mr. Richards, und their action should bo acknowledged in Mibiilantial form by our citizens. for I shail uav uo debts of her contractu! after this date, March ltkb, lbTi) " -The Hnrio-' term of the Griliith Institute, at S uriii ijville, cominenecd lant Thursday Over one hundred aud lifty studeuts' names were enrolled the lirst day. llr. L. I. rthuttleworth hxi purehanel Dr. L ode's residence on Rutlalo htreet, in bpringville, for i-'.bH). The "sugar bush" id n-w the popular resort throughout this county. Mr. I.. Ii. Churchill baa purchased one-half luter-st iu tho CoMcu Flouring Mills from C. .). Shuttleworth. Ksii., for f.lJOO. The annual Sunday School Festival of the i'rc.s! torin church, iu Sprinuville, oc currcd lat-t Thursday evening. hrr.t'iiE.v (Oi'MV. i iss.x mep. Hai.s. ff you waut a fine light hat, get ouo of Smith Brother's French (iosfcamera, which for btyle aud elegance of liuish are uncijuallcd. dl-lm 'S'.il Main street. E.i T.i .mok Kin; SritsTlTfi P.. Deuisou & I'o. would resK tfully notify the inhabitants of Rudalo that they are manufacturing the above named articlo in Room No. 1 over No. Lloyd street, and Would re-ipiebt all persons interested in procuring a cheap and healthy articlo of food to give it a trial. One teasjiooufull goes an far as three eggs, and one twenty-five cent Iiox juals lour dozen eggs. It eaves liaking cream tjrtar and soda, Dowoer. salarati Mr. Thomas Comer has been appointed and Sleets a Having of from 300 to 5()U p r COURTS OF LA W. The Kit IK COl'NTY COLKT OK SKSSIoNs. ho l'ecplo vs. Thomaa Larhin. I-nsoner in this case it wi.l be remora- bcred, was convicted Komctimo siuco in tho Court of Sessions for embez'.iusi the ad vances made to him as a carrier for the transportation of freiaht. Siuco bis con viction a motion was made by his coun- h;d for arrest of judgment of tho record, and lor a new trial upon the morits. Tho piiucipal uround urged m arrest of iudrmiit was tho want of jurisdiction of 1 he Court of Sessions, the eouvorting of the i-heok upon which the oll-jn:io was predica ted having taken place in the city ot iioch- c liter, and tne indictment contained no averment that the offense (the conversion of tho check) took plaoo oa the canal boat to 'ring it within the statute against the com mission of offenses on vessels navigating the waters of this State, which may be tried in any county through which said ves- m 1 passed during tho trip. New trial was asked on tho morits, he i auso the evidcuoe, if truo, did not oatab- ii.-h any oilenso. It was urged on the part of the prisoner l:iat he having honestly appropriated a sup licieut sum to pay his expenses of carrying the freight under ordinary circumstances to its destination aud mica tho balance for ; 3ino other purpose, and tho sum so op propriited rubscquoDtly becomes iuado- jMHte, by circumstances over which the party had no control, as in this cascj a detention of thirty days by a break in the canal that Buch a caso did not come within the provisions of tho law, as there was no intent to defraud at the time of tho ejnvorsion. Tho court denied tho motion, and I.arkin was sentenced to Auburn i'rison for tho torm of one year. Hia counsel has tendered a bill of excep tions, and it is understood that tho court will allow a writ of error with a stay of ex ecution of sentence until tho judgment of tho bupreme Court can be had upon tho legal points presented by the bill of excep tion: This case has excited considerable notice, nud is of grsat importance to shippers as well as common carriers, and the opinion of Chiof of.l'o'iicc in the village of Coming. Tin: l'.-enlijtcriau Church ia Addison has been thoroughly .-.ud neatly decorated both inside and out. Mr. J. T. Dudley, formerly of F.lmira, has entered into the banking fcuineES at Painted l'ost. Steu ben County is not to bo divided just yet. The committee to w hom the bill was referred, reported in favor of it, and .soon after reported ngainst it. What changed thoir minds ii not known. ..lr. S. s. hn worth, of I Van Van, has been elected one of the Directors of tho Stuuben county Hank at liath Thirty persons wero re ceived mi probation in the Methodist Church at ijath Sunday before last. OinKSlE OOl'NTY. Tho receipts of the recent Catholic festi al in Bats via were 1000. A Mr. Howe, of Rergon, died in tho County Insane Asylum a few days fcineo, The amount ot public school monies uippoitioned to the town of La Hoy ia $2, 121 '2t. Fred. W. Thompson, son of C. li. 1 honiiuc-n. of Hi-j Lo Rov (Ifit'tU, died iii Hankow, China, on the 'Joth of Dcocui lr 1 ;;t. K .v. t-.vtaty-Bix voaisof ag R.... J. Ii WntiTbur.' has rcv.inied th postulate of St. Jlirli a tr.iiren in li ioy to ro to i.rooklvn. His resignation tnki b- lieet on Kast-'r Thursday.- Mr. Frank C. l.athrop, of I,u Roy, h;is presented the Academic Institute of that village a rare cabinet of miuorahs. Mr. Hir-un Chad- oek, of Rutavia, has been appointed Gen-ral Aiient of the Holland I'urchase Insur ance Company vice A din C. t.i age, resigned. l'ov. II. i.. r.well, ot l .ivilion, received a donation of SI 00 cash and several other valuable! presents last w eek. Mr. Geor; I'encison has been elected President of the Last Pembroke cheese factory. At a meeting of the village trustee.? of IWt ivia on Monday night, .viarcii i.5tn, v unci Smith was elected President; A. N. Cow- L-ent. in the domestic economy. Warranted pure, sweet and healthy. Call for a sam ple a:,d try it. fur sale hy all grocers. All orders promptly tilled. Wanted, an active agi-nt to canvass the city for orders. April I'd, 16,0. d2-eod2w A i'.v wiar of t) 4rr-itJnt. 9. XTOTICE DISSOLUTIOX OF xininff net-!! Uria.r!' li. r vninaia anil cnaa rjoelry is th's day di Uci mutu-U ounwr.t. OatfMi, Ui:lt;.K April 2, C.IRLES O FARVHAM. di 3t HI LAS ;v SfclELEY. DlASOLUTION THIS CU-1'AUTNEK-ship hretofra exiKtirg bttwetn the ur.dtr-"Lri-wl ii thin dv dUlvti. H C. 6WF.ET. liuiUIu. April 1, lc:T. G. W. SWEKT, CO-rART'EHsniP NOTICE The undrslimed have thi - i.;y forme i a c-artnrnh:p himUt the firm .aitirt tf S . t, Chl'r A 0 . a-d d! ctntirme th Wh le?alc B ot a' d 8h-e Pu'inciw of the hVe firm -f W. C. A (J. W. fwtt, at W and t3 Kxclianr t W. C. SWKtT, l. h vu k ry R, (j. w. bwher, U ifTi n, April 1,1-ro. 2 3t I IC K 1 S t i'KKV IS Ui.S OF i.-Mr-, runalo, April lit, 1 ( t n u wri'.Tt n re-'pit-st of a majority i.f tho btutrvf-'TN f (.trir iunty, u the tvttute in -i-h i-t-t: nrnkf &tid pro it-, 1 tvrrhy call a pfvrJ Miiiiijj f th H'-ar-J id SupflTvi.-w-.r of IntH county, t-. Tm IkM M t!fir rx!ii iu Ihr Ni-w Couit iiou'c, In tl"1 city of lUiffalo.on Thur day, Apf.i 7, lf7o, at 11 Uk A. M.f f r the puro-o "f tukiii such a-.-tin ns iitav ht necessary to prvvf i.t t? pwa if ft h U nw hf-irf the Lt-fixlature of the Suite of New Y-rk r-liii! to tho refunding of taxt.i lv:el on Ind-an lie r at!-"ii lnnd-, a:d to transact fcujh other buinc n as mar cno leiure the board. It A. Ii. TANNKR, Orlc. niirneil hare tiii-i uV.', ty mulual cij.-c-il, di- cup.rtii. r--hip evidin hi twtvn thorn. .'I.iiV t ti.- f.rlu wiil c-ill"-i,lxi fcni v ci-itu: r-liip, F. MftTKK," SJIlM.ILd.lt. Ti.e iPics li it.-i i!cT..-i pani ft ;ei y MLTTEK HODDH.K. t'HAKI.i:: March li. We. COI'AItTNElUSHIP.-'n.o uiid(.r-lj.-ricil ,ao this Jay f'lrmuj a cirt-it!-i.i un-ii r the Ann 11.11110 of Ml'TTLK i IPjDDIelv l. r thi piirp.be ( mui.if.ic-turi rl'ie'urc Fiaint:.., .it No. 20 Wa-l.inrt. n -tint. All oi.iern will 1c pron;pPy n'Wiuh-.l te. t'lIAKi.KS F. MLTi'KIL. i -.'.-et HlKUi'ilIClv IIuPPH h. TOIli:K r DISSOLUTION THE c-. -p-irtii. rliip f-f Welu.r - Froh-ru k i. tl.i 'lay 'hs- -l t il. Tim lit I-: i.f t.:c linn ar t. h-- i-i 1-y Klli-i W uh-ttt-r, :u.-l ull m-mi.i'.'I-. ..f t!i -filne .u l tohiin. Tli. ti.ii!ui w of the I'm in ill 1'iT'' i .- i it 1 1 hy KPin Wi-USi-r. K1.I.IS WKiM KII, '.l:ir.-h is, ll70 rf.i 1 P. L'. HtU'KlP K THE PRESS. 60,000 Copies Hold in KlxMonthis. IVCKEASINU POPCXARrrY OF THE W0BK. "Tho Innocents Abroad." BY MAKK TWAIN. And no wnnder. FrerrHly it dells;lit-il with It. Mimsurra, Editors, Fa-mem. L"tm, Mn haiiK a, m-nt women and children, one and all. who rjvn t-.t L'he lxik, rea4 it. and fhout over it. Sim.la chcxiU harr rausht the infttin, and am iutiin it iu their Lih.trii-o; mhile l-iri-nltin libran hn ifone cnuy orvr it. U.wk lmtcni In our 'arire cilicw, through tlKr fr. e fami-hlctn. irflirt im tin ir reartfr their weak anr'inviita aciin-t 8uV.Tri.tii.n B-jt.k, yt tani-r d.,iT r.ur atiti and eren employ niaerabletnaflu-a, in the it ai of m. n, to shtain from ua hy frav.d and deceit ini of th-Hooka, to et.a' le thi m U. fill a f w of tho thoui.-and orleni tht-T he from country buokat-jrea. K.vi-ryl-oilT wnnta it ta pulilnh none hu the mit . pular h-..ka, hv themo-t i pular a'ith..r; ipoiu: wi, h ia Ku-hard-aull'a "KYtlM THt MISSIStll'I'l." t'alal.'riiea and ircoiar w':h tvrm-, s.-nt free AirtnU wanUd f.-r the whole co-oitrr. I.rfc-e a-l-aiienarv 1-aid to rvfrienred Avi : ti, ai"d litr.vl com-lliii-r.- t-i ni-w. AlM.ly to AMKKKAN l'l "IIMMI I M I nMI'ANY. lU'tford !Kl. W. lxl CLASS, Ci, ncril Ai. lit. d:; d4clt 27tl M.iin f.1., Ituff d.i, K. V. iioisl n i:isiii;. rriiK 1 Ti REST SELECTED STOCK OK Tinware in thi- c.ty t.m be found at BKIT- S 1'uarl t. 'I UTTERS AND CONDUCTOR in uic, r'paircd ai:-i put up at -li .rt noiu r, at l!KirrN , No s l'.:irl - rjIIE VERY BEST TINWARE 1 the c'ty cm h.- found at N.-. S Poarl diet cr atl v t-duccii prie N. l'l i . IN at LI. - V w: t.. .ili. Ti .N'S WARES AND JOBl'.INO WORK .rr..n't d a. lIi. ii. h. th.- c't. l... t a. r- rl: F.-r fur.hcl l iiluuiuK tall at liUI'l- No. ? I'i-ar, t DR. H. lZ CARL'S Meriical injtttuie. No. Waltjtiton St. BKTWrKH PIN A AM) feWAN STH., WKAR THS PvTtH-rfE, ltSti, t.. lilTFALO, K. V. Kitmi-lir-hed fnrlheCur of a highly Impottaiit cUm vt tJkLudtca without . u teurv. Fn-.mlhj Buffalo Courier July t7, 17 j IR. 1K CAKi'S MKId.'AL INTITUTie. Au.oiii th many tint-tUlon iu thu ct Vr the all iat..n f hurun mmfl, in the acti.', ii.ii.c drniiit menu of the -.yum ith hi h m ujany vi Uth exes aru alttictAl, noii hvn v ifh niorr miree tfwti the liihUtrMtou , ,. v nti't lr. II. i't Carl, over V, and Dh.n n utreit. 11U Ilio HuN" wan H ),h In t!n- , t M I., and the pvcullr tnatrmnt t.. hi. h the i;li aic uhj-M4-d, f:a; e art f-riihlv in -j.ti.nl hy U-4 who have hcvi- twin torm uai!y wonderful The Dt't'ir rpu a h.in.;..m jr fmuht-l utl of romt etnstHi; o( bvh ro-'iuj ..inirr.ry , tomp-uoi) room., c, ia eonnetitn wit4i ilileh he ha tliv nty MfNitenU if VaiMr t-th m th efXy. Tnin vaput t.-th, in V' tijunct't'ii w ith an ptr. pritc iuUrn.! ' r atiiu nt, ht, iff rdrd r lid t Ifny ir"iMi-Mic i-l with Kii anl cthir in iiich.iii tin time iis.tai !y empN yt d l fiercuiial leutiiKiiU Tho r .m- m,i hitttt '' arri k' d t 0iil wpftt!e ner.in.m.d..tiMH (of n.ale and rtiu-l ja'.ie and the irr:iit..t w v U uvurol to UCi. Titp m d'-.-r U Mvpt.r hath. vtth;tho Umi ot in fifK-ent trupin rivt-tn uml ht r!'t, i fleiM tpardyeunv i'i tl in M tt iht-rn ehrnic tt n, tham.-a id the iv, and c i plicated cmn-n whuff 11h ouiiatltu- on haw mn iiiiirvd h dru . 1 he th Kni arran.-Ui nt td the oum. fto Mto wurc privacy! to prrM.n n of l..lh xea whoma find ai)Kad t aviul tt.oi'im-lvefi id ti n hftt.14 and thepuiar tu.diai truatt.et t f. Ih;.h tluy an tuhjertcd, an 1 the Kum, t)lltt ha,, lnvn dcntiM (r-ui their u hivtum a r h -r t ftr.tf ti lr. IK i'Ait'H iiwtttiit i that. tint4iriot tiht .d.taintd hut )- i hir-f wh.. .iat o dejtetl enm of .'il and ttud 'ther pr.d I iin. 1 hp uuhiIm r altviiU thut ilM'y r -M.rt t-1 tl i-e uniolip. p, t.0 'ievud of iiiaI-iditu tltt lia tua-le life at. unit n, (,iiiy attest the kid td lr. fe'iri in .reait:i t-y-onic Ui"i'iui't. Pirtwiiia thu.i vtlhrted c-uiid I o' i1 l, ci-r than w tliin ci-urnt id treat nn nt a tr.al at Ut thwe ho have such diM-AM-a in thi ir Hrfy.vHt iu.t: a rt t" tlio troult.. nt will kii irtn.li ptn and Kxpu c OI'PER HOII.ERS .1 As lie , at.. I all k !i t .ri-tum- !:, .-M - ;:ktinued as . . i j i, t-... k, i . t n t.. . , ui l;nn - II ... I I.I lJ irieat cxi-nc, t'r..iu ti.e UuflJ A VISIT. . ... , Midic iii.t; ;:... f I r 11 lu t'ari. Vs .. M tri, u(- .! i ! . Hi. I H,. I.ejncrlv i-f J l.iuv 'il!l, 1 AHl. 1 wo .iU d tt.c ll' n t 1 1 1: r11;U.-5 l'EE5i' SALE OK REAL E-S l'A 1 1. Th uiui.-Tiu'nt-d w i.i h. -1 i at pm-he u i. t .n, i.t the Old Court ll.-u-u-, iu th.- . ity . llurf-.i.., i.n H.i 1-lrh iiu .f "ilHn h in xt, at. In i.'.-l..'.k iu lln- f r r.oo.l, the hrn-A dwelling hoii- situate ul) the s .111 h we-it i-. iiicr i.f .Niagara tr. i-t nn.l tauat a h.juarM, now ..c. upi.-u l.v air-,. ChariiH K. i'aik-i. Ti-rnii i.f -ahi cash. l'KNMS IHlWK.N", Feb. 2a. 1--70. ' t.t). V Ill.uft.V, Tr.i-tn-s, ti, Tli" '.ii -"f th" v.i-v i. -.-i il.i .1 pnniK. . is j..,; t p. .lic.l u. 1 1 il tli.- l.".th h.y ..f A .. ii , at tin rui.li. m..'. Hlld t 1110 f tllV ftiliHl' NlLtlt .-in .1. i.l.SMS i i'-VKN, March 2s, 1-7'J. tiKo. V. Itl... N, cWld Ini.1...... J :.! f- oi i iiR i rMTv. i otitic men unit l-t'lii's who desire to engage iu a ljlcaH ami ) ro!ltal.Ic businoss will iiml a rare op IKirttuiity to do bo by pti rnuiii a course of itisti uctinii t tlm Rullalo 'I'tlograpli InHti- tuto, !. '2- liwwn's RuildinKs, corner of Main and Sonota etrceta. I. O. O. I'. A public in.itallr.tlon of olli- ci ra oi rviajari i.o'ro .No. .) will tnlto place at t'ueir hall, over tho old l'oatolliot:, Monday cveniiii;, April 4th. Members of si.iter lodces, their friends and tho publ bunc rally are cordially invited to at.Wmd- Mnnrno Addri'S.scB will lo tlelivored by Rov. D. H M uller and othora. ing iu attendancti. (iouil music and biii til' 2t ore ( l rjj .. jS. oralcri :r,p s r.::chintcc, liays tun hiLnodt 'fai -ilotUit-:;. Cull 2 j'j'2 l'osiolUuc. ladit" and gimt cast of! at Ftore, or adlroi boi iRi'U.s .' Cakpft.s : ! cui I... : ; : M v. kod to tho pri'; nt low Jirico of (.old : (.old : : (.old: : 1 Vr c aru now roociriu ' our new stvl.'S of carpeting, our own importation, beautiful mrna, many ot tvlucti cannot bo found e-lsew, hero. I'artios that aro in want of tho above named i.-oods will tind it irreatly to thoir advantage to examine our stock before purchasing el.s-ewhr-re. L'. . & L. I 'a niiP.liKip, di Gt 1270 and -2-l Waiu st. ?:. .; Covrn.'.n ii-N wiil euro coughs, colds, crarrn, r.stt.nia, lnoiichiti.-, and all tlnoat und li iiLt coiiipiainta. and deafnesH ami soro by catarrh. Preparation of eyes caunud by 1 ' . .1- I II H I. . -I . . nil. l rejbliror: . ii. i ueis, v.ieit; imiu v It i -i i - i n A, , . . .. r !, . . , I l ar lifts iiecu rccowruoaflt-.l by all tho best A'-ar, street (Jouimi.ssioner; aud William .u, ...;. i: -i i i V H,,., .. .ii i . . it . I iiuyoviioae in evuiiAiiv iMia jiei ir con- I h.av.ir ( anula nr.fl ( all If'C.t.or. I 1 J . . .,1 . . J . .: J w. , w CATI'.V KAIO IM - OlTN'l V. Stephen's (Epiocopa!) church at (lean has been entirely rejuvenated and is now ono of tho liucst church edifices in Western New York, liishon Coxo will Biim.ition. Prico lifty cents. Ollico 17 South Division street. tiolil by drut'ts. r Ji-v;;ti 'h, 4ud Main street, fine French kid button boot i, Ber(i0 foxod button, for pnnj wear. Gent's line French calf cus tom inado boots, best in America. Nov.- administer tho holy rito of confirmation at I goods now coming in c! this church on tho 1st of May. The Cattaraugus IU iiuhUran of last week says "Tho first person sent to State Prison from this county was ono i nomas V estwood, who trot seven years on a charco of grand tho poneral term 01 the Suprenio uourt wlu larceny, March 1st, 1S-J. lhe brat trial bo looked forward to with interest, oiUKr ok oyi:ii and tekminkk IN.n. Charh m lranu.-'. Justice prcsiiliii; Ruc-1 and Keilt-y, JuHticcs of the yci-H.ii mo l eoplo va. Jackson K. Lonorcan: a motion was made bt-foro Judge Daniels in arrest of judgment upon the conviction of torxery. Tho court denied tho motion ; a bill of exception was settled, and tho court v. as urged by tho prisoner's counsel to prant a certificate of probable cause to stay eentonco until the ludcment ot tho ou- prerao Court could bo taken, and tho pris mer aelniittod to bail, which tho court re-fusoil, and after the ordinary preliminary questions and some excellent advice, ho was sentenced to Auburn Prison for ono year and six months. SITKEME COUUT-hPECIAL TKttM. Hun. Juliu L. Taicntt, Junticv prc.-i linr. John Ganson vs. Thomas Cheovers. Mo tion for judgment of foreclosure on report ot reteroe; granted. Olive C. Shepard Ti. Joseph Shepard. Motion by defendant to sot aside verdict and all buosequent proceedings: eranted. Motion by plaintiff to set aside stipulation and order otjdtseontinuanco; denied. Cortland Palmer, executor, io., vs. Charles i . McDonald and another. Motion to confirm Sheriff's report of sale; granted. Philomcn M. (. Moll vs. Francisco J. Moll. Motion for roference in divorce; granted and referred to Oeorgo W . IJowcn, of Lockport. Maria Ireno Taunt va. Charler-i Monroe Taunt. Motion for reference in divorce; granted and referred to Timothy Crowley, of Lockport. Lucy E. Itoso vs. John C. Rose. Motion for reference in diyorce; granted and referred to John T. Murray, of Lockport. being I wnrlta in ris vfin i nil rilic AH iTT rtroam n . .., man phrase the evidont toachinj-s of Hi 1 "K ''"Oxvemok l.ibrakv. ine nana-proviueneo as displayed in all His Scrip, acme library room of tho Grosvenor Libra- turea, in not only Bible, but in nature. rv is rwcomintr mora and morn tho ohiocfc of science and human history God is jcal- Ui t Th , f , . oua for U, man ana beast alike. And :, . . ... Uod' law of nature, reason and conscience, tm" tQy havo n "titution worth culti- erilv the In;ht bv which man walks, tho I vatinu and perpetuating, and they express foundation on which he socurely builds, is general anxiety for its welfare. Daring not Clod jealous for that, and with a most th(J laat twQ of tbfej wejkstcn roadir- u. wise and loving jealousy." xtoea one leasi, . t, . iot or tittle of it fail? Is it not through W'J" iacu m mo room aw con Hi Blonou fidelity, hxed and stable as tne vouieut, distances trom each other, and everlasting hills? Your least violation of it can escape penalty a little a our greatest. Yea, though yon hold tho highest place in the land, and though nations'wait npon your nod, it swerve no hair's breadth from iU jealoua strictness. And though you sin against the most insignificant of his creatures, your retribution come no less. lie stand by them, jealous for them. Ah I did not the 30 th of March bear glorious testimony to just this joalousy of (jod? We sinnod against His poor. We called them of no account, mula tn ha our bondsmen, we hired Driest to teach them in God' name, scholar to declare it as the Bible's voice, juries to decide in the holy names of Right and Law that he had no right wnion we were Bound to succeed. But our thought were not God' thought. If we ignored, God did not .forget our brother. God wa joaloua for him, for all of us through him. One by or. folF into the chalice of hia jealousy and all the deeds of wrong against our brother until the awful glorious, overpowar-in hoar asm and it overflowed in fir and tear and blood, ay ia heroism, prtriotiam, oonsecration i Mnly valor and woaaaaly . a, ll . - J aevonon, wu m guuu wiwg w for and rwep oiaaa away ana in obt mm- tion' constitution " wu acknowleged our brother' manhood and guaranteed hi every right. How true it ia tiutf ia tb frraote4 oarreat o( tat even now there are many persona who avail themselves of the privilege of enjoying the interesting and instructive books upon tho shelvt'3. Since our last article upon this subject about two hundred volumes have been added to the list, among which arc valuable works on chemistry and astronomy, formerly contained in the library of the late Kowell Haskin, Esq. Tho trustees design purchasing complete set of Edinburgh, North American and Quarterly Reviews, beaidos other choice single volumes. It is to be hoped that the Historical Society and Society of Natural Science will grant permission to Librarian Sheldon to avail himself of a few hundred of their most popular and interesting book. Their transmission to a fire proof building, will certainly be more conducive to their long preservation. Now that the Council ha voted the nro-cessary appropriation we expect that the trustee will put in gaa fixture, employ an airtnt librarian and speedily throw open the library every day and evening. , It ia the general wish of the working olaase (bat the room ahall be kept open daring i fur murder was that of John I'ettit, May l'Jth. 1820, which resmltod in tho aenuittal of the prisoner." Mr. Shankland of tho r.llioottviilo Lmon, has boon appointed one of tho CominiKBiimera on l uohc Accounts. Mr. J. 11. Maaek is about to Btart a new grist mill at Little Valley. Maple sap is running copiously throughout this county. llVlN'TON (XlUSTV. Tho elergymen, of Mount Morns, havo profited by donations this yoar to tho e:- tont of 2000. Tho work on tho tlido at Mount Morris 13 rapidly progressing, and tho canal will be ready for early navigation. Lev. L. I). Ferguson has resigned his posi tion as pastor of St. Peter's church in tho villat'O of Dar.avillo. Tho analysis of water from Dr. Smcdley's artesian well at Mount Morris shows that it contains car bonate of iron, carbonate of lime, carbonate of niat-uesia, chloride of sodium and chloride of potassium. Messrs. James and John Roderick arc to conduct the Phelps House at Mount Morris this season. A large mooting of citions was held in Avon a fow nights gince to consider the project of erecting coHnty buildings free of cost to the coanty. Mr. Alvin D. Hillorman, an eatimablo Rnd promising young man from atkins, died at the Lima Seminary three or four dajs since. ALLLUANY ."Olf.S l'l". The county jail has but 0110 inmate.- I he Spmig term of tbu Audoer Ora.It-ii tv:hool tjluinences Apiil IStli. Tin., corporation rice tion of Angclioa tar. a place thid week, Tuesday. Th. citizens of lielast havo raised 5:10 for tho purchase of a stoain vhis- Lle to bo attached to the ensure of tho heese factory iu that villago. Mr. ('. D. Sift of Cuba has purchased of Dr. Mad- well tlio land lying Iwtwcen the railroa.1 trajk and Dr. Charier residence in that village. Thomas Miller has sold the marble factory in llelfaat to Mr. K Norton. Miss Anna Dickinson s recent lecture beforo tho Wellsvillc Lecture Association is said to havo boon the best and most profitable ono of tlio soason. The following list of Notaries Public have been appointed in thid county: Alfred Centre, D. II. Still-man; Andover, U. C Rrundagu; lkjiivar, A. A. Lewis; Ceres, Perry Carter; Cuba, (i. Bishop, S. M. Knssell, R. S. Colwell; Friendship, A. J. Wellman; Fillmore, rj. Minard; Nile, L. R. Clark; Wellavillc, V. C. Uinhain, Hiram York; Iielfast, W. Willis; Belmont, George S. Jones. 1 Shoo " hich prices. Our lease r-inima May 1, when we shall nositivclv close onr bitnine-iis in HufTalo. Till then vou can buv of us M 011 and Hoys Clothing at half price, co cinsa our stock, iso Ilumbuc. c22-lm SroTiM.-t & I-'pum an. Dr. Ckpmb's Uniov Ointmknt cutTs piles. For sale by all Drur'ist. a21-tf lMii.vrn.N-Hair ( ioods. Switches. Braids. All the new Ktvles at V"otii..wAi;ps, Arcailo HuiMinijs. r AM V ;OItS. DUDI), HET S: CO. Uf'KN Tills li.Y A In' I line ef I BiiAVr.'i IIUAND I) LACK riJREMOIl.VIHKS. i:l(;k alpacas. i;ti?i iiAni.i: i.d u 1 U Mi'I.l. I K A. ,li !' -iD, -1 ! -HI Main H1. (Ar N1' Sl'KINi l.i v ii- i 1 - . I'm; .1. ot rj.iLLsr.eRY goods, Fr W.i!( ale ntt.f Ii.-t:ii 'In.!.' h.c ti.:.i tl ! AM) Ii!H A'lIUN (iO'.'I'-, out -.ami in:u.iii..'-tii;-..f. A tail U rciiM-ctfuilv ho Ktti-ii. J. t CKU.-jLSL.AN!. l7 M irJi t 3PEG!AL ftlOTSGE ON MONDAY NKXl' (AI'KII, 4), v ii.ii i:K-ori-;N o';u K'Kiy.s r..r 1 i.t ilAN Ll'At'l L KE uF CLOAKS I'lKl' t t!;f in:tn:m an 1 favi AND i-. i.t .-I y. due y l-.iiiiw: Vri-S. K V.l.A.'4 the liu.it' ft J.ult WA1UIEN UAKGE. ! y ai raiiajt l r" in, iKt'h r t ii?. T;.. 1' M tn anient .1 t' ' . 1 ihi it rvi h... ii-.-. r i rt uk 1 1 .' ( l.Viklt ti t,u ;lcs( aii-I W Ai) m iu v. .1, ut.-L -u in t..r f..n lr r. ii kt HV lv ) iw A D l ; f l'l I -IIM, f. .njf fa.I ' lt'' ! Kit I t..r b It tii t 1 v "iii -tul in li . u i t 1 tt- ..in-- 1 ( . fit li til btun a.!' v!k 1 nful r y 4U UIHM, ai 1 in a 1. a tut i r ' i-!l knxwii tt Mitftri'l irt'tu' ta.iii ttl Iih hnV(.', h tin- lu '. r fc lU iin'A inj inr iMiiUtl at ttin rowiu! ' 1 MiUi. Tin Jf i, (rvui 7J If 1. M-i- :i.:i.'l Ml -I 1 in vna. Ml Hll hrt fin-'-. U.I) AM Pl'T I i J, C. J i:VET'. nv SON, . ift M') MAIN .si iTliriMPl.nVI-:!) Morning ?nd Evoning Star COOKifC STOVE 11NK OF TIIH l'-l'ST IN' I'! . i.-k a m. I., r. ji. Int. l.KCA II. i- th.- mill liU r.4l i-iu-al. I, l.vi'. in. al' Iv qu lii'.-.i unii li.M-OAl;il,h. l.i.i,n.i 1 , i.uflulu u In. .ii v.iti-a hiH wiiuU atUiiilioii tonlneaaia ..t tho aexun! r-in.. FACTS AWE FACTS t- linn, l'aii'u s hull 'tii'kf fioiii tkiii r 6 .uai-i, l iK- ,l ,of tho t'ite.-", .u I'm-. f.iMiM o C'r ift v. a, unit 1 lii't-.o r.ii"ui tim- ami t i'iiiiH tfiJ ( . f t'irt n-iin!- - rt i .l'i oil l'l. lifi'ttl), hikI ItO niii-j .'lei l u fmiiM-ff til-i lUnafcfiitut itif Ji.aim, in r, mjaiif li-.fi v It li LiU r. Jil tf' itllllt'fit, l.v cnii:t. t i.f 1f..iiMl lUrk-. ..1 1.. t.f u M RliprMj ! '.it nil II. iail.ln- . thu c 'iiHin ut iinar v t n .it u ilis.s, m .1 Hi (l.Ti"' 'Mill), 1 ' W 111) I IT" .Lti'l 10 h; 1 v iiii.l 1 i . r lUih, ,. i. :ii".l ti- .t'1.1. 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'll.r M-ihuai Oi.hhI nsr.l In Mr. I'ir . ai.iillt (iirni.hiit l. ai.a t,,ti,.r,V Iviiti.n; tin-Chii lur iinr (iratfl ut il it Kr li.l,la la k lit 1 1 v lnmtlir.l l. M.iw.l.tt h Mix- .ka. lit 41 UKTUIIN, "V- KTi OI tlio Oi-at AM.INOToS KIN. TP. T.I.H T.i N.iflif- Only, AT t-T. J A Mia HAI.I.. MuNPAV im.l I I 'KS).Y, AI UII. 4 I I HI. i.ril.AT l.l'VI'.AItl' i,' I 1MI LI.K, MtUi'ioN ami MTl'oN, .i-i 1 all On lav. .lite, aru ti.iimr-l. I N i litii Nt riitmiiAMMi:. I'ltlCM as rsf i.. l;i-it.-il ai.iita I.T null- ill t .ui.-r ti I'm 11 .ti- st 1 1-. vi',-,i M iin t. KM. AKI.lNt.TUN, IT. .put .i ml II, .;, I. lt ll.il.i.l. i, A... il , u J IXIIAMcs' INS I IM SC'IKN TII-'IC i.kch iti: II'.. .1111-1 .1,1-1 I ! M . s 1.. -1 lot "it il..!t I' Intnl. I il-....t ruiliii.-, I..-. Ti... .Hill. - . 1 1 . f t lu'lif i-l 1 1 ;. iv--. ,''-!niii. ,-ili I. ....in 1,-r I: t'l ' ' " ll. ili-tr- -ii '.; i-a ; III II. 1,1 I.f I I nnv kn.il. r m it 1 am ci.r.lialL linilcl I vm',11 -. ,,. illij tli- fl'il.-.! i, Iiml . I mi.- rvj.lr- ! i, I -i it. 1 1 at a. I I., cor li.si: i-' l.sTO. I'lliiF, wu, c. l;lt'llAliiS, HI I'llUlli l.i, tai , IIjj l-uli ii' tniiiil t.i iMivit ut KT JAMIM II AM., KDIIt HI'I KNIilDI.Y II.M'STU 1 1.1. I. lit 'Tt ; (r. -4 NV'lth C'lu itnral anil ritiliMtihi,-aJ Kn-fl llni-iit na IiiIIi.wn: WKHF.NNDAY, AI'lllI, ri-.li, TUP: MATIKIt l I NO - A to it-.l Urvi.iw t i.llii'iaol liyi-n, Hilh liiillwtiit cYainli-N ,. II, n H,,ila,H-,nia ami inl l'-. fit-1 I '..niliiist ii m ,, M,- H, anil thu Hj li.-iiltil t lirlnii .il l.i'l.l. Tlll'F.SDAY, AI'lllI. Till. tin: m.-ti:i: yri:i.N a iii.-iui.ir i.f iiuii.,1.,,, I'll. I It . limn i-l. .ui ---.. -l !!-., mil, lliautlfiil lllti-. "H 1 i'i IHim.il. all, i.i, lliil....iiiik-, lii;en,K I'lniin-i, Hit. it I i I 'ctii'-u ti.ui, i-tc. I'll 1 1 A Y , A i'i. 1 1. Mh. Asri.KS V I' iK Allt At y.k-nill till- Alt,,,., ,1,1-1 1,- 0 1 -- an, ( ,r tl I, I nation i.l ll Kxli-imil ,,tiilir, w it li ii.im-I ami il. linlilfiil rut rt it l n nn in at C.i-ti.-s llt.tii tl.,11, SiiiiHtiiiit-i., I't-vNHttio, l.:iHiil..i, -tt-d liift'tia. , j MOMi.VY, AI'KII. lltlt, M.F.i I HON, olITIIK MiilH.KN tun- ,.i)i.. in., nn-.l riirtiic Mi-t,,ri .' i rr, l.iL'lilnii,! t ml Hi,. Aiimrn. 'Iliu 1.,-liirn nili I,.' limit fcrnmllv lllil-ilnit. il in niit ililui, tt t i , will, I in- Knit iii km It Mn, hi in. I in. A ir I'liti,;., (ia .s. rt'-, a,.,l i -l-li-t'i t,,,l H an. ,.,, 'I,il,., i.r. .i! .1 -lnt iM.trl ami Mlartlttii; i-n.-i-U ..I fii-.-ln I'.iiir hi a.it , . Hiiu'lt. litikt'ia .'.0 i.rtiti. Tirl cts fur Hi- mini., tl a I, in 1- iiI.IiiImi-iI at II..- I k n..r. mill k! IIiu li'.ritrj r, i.t. is., I 1 1 it liiKi.tut,,; also In, iii Hi,, 11,, i, nf Mitt af, rt. Iii.nr- i,-ii at 7 : li-rtitn-t-i f..imtti.in-p ,it -I. M ATI N KH ..'i Sal ur.lay iilt.-nio. .ti, A t il HI Ii, ' ..'.'l...'k, fur tin- ( liil-ti-i ti. Krii-tii-ti i huai lUi'.lilua, ititli n irivat iiiiiii' i-r i.f i'i. riin..iit,. A-tlnisii,ii Hn ri-til., i luhlri-ii Inci'titi. S.M I S fc:.v It II II MiMMI, ( ,,,i, ,,. T'I'K t.f tin. A Ii . Alnii.i ,INi; AUTS ACAJJKMV. VOUNi: MKVS ASS iCIATIilN hl'IMHMH, 2M -Mill M in Si .il l.i I I'M C'Al'T N RF.MKMI'.ljl! ' Thi. fiiilli-rv will 1 . ".i ii it , r .!i'.l, fi...ii '.i A M . till II I'. M nis Hi nil hit . Mi uv.ii t.i'ki-t . !,') , i nl l-l.i I.. i. M.I.I.MTKI) I", H.i.i ,l,l , Vtllll.. N (1 .l-.Ntllll, 'J.I itltl'llill'lll. I 1-1 ill' . i I 1,1 ti It. I II 111' Gold VVhi?e French Chins, . I tl.?' ii. .i ; . i.t-.n ii h v- i t'lfn.ii T TliK I'XR'.'lHNM.K tl lr. 1 t -.r uili curt1 hny c: n-tj mi one I-!'! tin- time it tkef ' ho in Tt;r f 1 t ) hri'iif r-ii I In till' f .r;i.!i:,t i, I V 1.1 -"V t 1. I : r llo Tt'S'l tl.is, ft r. nn- n. tiiplr, f 'ii r1ni..nifiii rf ' a.:;tio. kai.ks. kJ 1 1 OKI 'It A t"f r-KO.'.S -Aiictioii(ta. KJ .- a ii It ARK if .1 i'illO rnlli'iltl'ill ,.f Miillll A M I'll: It 'A N .,1 I, v :." i vol; r i:i .-,r vi a: AM' n v. i ,r fr t I!; t .11 li lai. 1 11 .1! itll.l M 1 V 1 , Ol,-. i'i I! .!'. ,,1,,-.. .... 1 r,l,- ii-i.l ., I,. ' . 1 . f tl--- v.,.t I 1 A.l-i t i;.)tl. r.ii'i . a: l K 1) ' " M K. KIN i;m Al;is." , f r. mi I' , I, l-.ui ,l i ii 11, , 71 ,.' tl tl rfi-t a ri-t-iv ,-,..it f. mi. . vi ln-ii all r..-nf l i s I m ill r.-.n.i ii, II..I1 I" vt. 1. ! r. f vithi.il.U- AVI I'.HAII.IAN MIH I.l) It.KliH I.N UI.ASK t'ASKS. 11 Y HIOhCUAIT IlltOS. A' h.i fYiitini A'li-ti.m lii'i'int, 3W Mum tl , ON Tl KI.Y. S I'll I L f.i ii. AT 111 O'CLOCK A. M W ill Ii . a,, I, I a llii" .tlli-i-l Ii.ii ,if ran' Sntilli Aim rtr.ni "i. J I'tiix l.uii SnifTi .j ltit.lt in ulii.N cut. , tinilv a, J tn ; t.i" 'I 1,1 ; , it-. ,,l In ii i'i. i ; i., '.'7.'., Il'.i'.t'c, n. v. tn i t, I., itt.-ik. . ti !ii,-i-, llui il.,, N. V A. M I,- '.ii ,' ,M. FLINT & KFKT, Ci.l Jl-ipi .- AyiioniiCt'iiK'iit J.xlr;u)rdinarv. REDUCTION. 75 Cents. ii it r, i, a it '.'.') Main H I fctr,-, i II K t. I'tAN Iiiii::hci ebf.fij.. i Kt.UTK rot; Salr. A ."iilr-ni!,iily lUianlman tt (ii.iy jiano fur ealo Co'i it Kit & JjKSTtiN, 2i. Muiu Hi. Sn. lh.it Seta Lareo ui; cf. opcueil thia Diornini; pt WoodwarijV, Arca-lo IJ-.iililing-t. Stki'-o Mu.i.inkiiy, for tho wholrtBAk an-1 retail trade, now opening at W ouDWAKi. , Arca-l.j lluilnings. OVfTEMS. VVlioIcoilo and retail, Eaoan &. Co., 51 Maia Btrocl. 15 4 r,r . t to t rr.. t"'laa, Glau, Olan, , H r,- AV'.n.t-iw Glirsi, aaa,.rtr-i p-r-. S Klrt STi iRi-'jl AS'il i,w.-l.rrv-i, K"--:orn rti-.-'H. f0,ia) Its. WliTlK LKAi.' Is. LlSEfcI OIL. K..r t-X.u hv A. KKYNOLD3 fc CO., 131 Main st. an.i i6 L'.ovJ st., liuCa.o. K. Y. LinlT.l 'I j-pe l oan-irj' '. PHINTKUS' WAKKSIOL8B lumi-h.a -.ry ri-i'iTrwl in : lie jirii.tinir luisim a ti, any n- -iciitrr-l, im a ri'a.-nn.al.H- tonim anv 'on:nfiy l..s enntry. Al.so, Ki.KCTKOTYWK'i in nil ). ;i-:y. A ;o, typ adapted tor Dicks Matlinj; Va. TV. I.YMAN. n .liondny McrniiJjt, 5Iart h 'IS. IULLK Ovnii.s ilciwti to SEVENTY-FIVE CKXTS. Cut and Pressed Giosswr.:"?, SlIA KIi ri.A'I FJ) WAIU'; Crcnzcs, Parian Marble. Vases and OrnamentaljGoods. L.rK. JSIKIM I'. iilK AND:vlAlUNK JNSUllyN(M:. ANSA LSURA.CK CO., iiAMtor.:., conn. ui 1-1. Charu.r r,-rp"t-, . .i. ,iu - rify pn, i, i-iiri tl-- 1 nr.riii t i, ir:vi:j,KY, ;i.A"H WaUK : U'Ai.i-;, l-i;Y I.I..H..S, .i,-., , i CUI f,,r !i will 1... tl o ijiut'itity uu.i . t.ility , 1AM H I.V I 1!,.: 1(1 i . l -,l ,,f K" -. 'ill, I'i.VT HI I'K i i.v iii 111- -l.rt VVr .aitit-riy t... Bt'T A FIX IT. IIKH FOR iiAI.K, r C t s, C'nutit rs, tin- rix'-iti-- lti;.Ni).l.!., HAVI j SMITH, r-2s (It 4' i.. M.-iin st., lu.lf.i: n:v MOUE PAYS. ii.s! .tin- i,f -:;,i", Siititv , ii-sl,,.MKltiii-,A, !RY (JOODS. CIIKN HY irKoTflKKS'-AMEltlCAN BLACK GROS GRAINSILKS HOTEL Altm VALS. TUOlLaa' CURlTKAir. T II Miili .an, Boston O P Spinner, De'r-it 0 Kata n do W Wa-hturn 1 A IL.bbie, Elimra A Hiirnham, Milwaukee 0 H Crittiiien.Timsille A Barlinu, New York H L Hopkins, F.iton L 14 lUndall, Kimm.- O H Whiimm, New York C F Allen, Milwaukee eo.TtlHSTAL HOTZL. E R I'.ro n, New York W Hpenrer, Cbicao T W Bruih do LL Loutn-1, New York J N Joncj do B H McCarthy, 0,-o W H Bti rlo OB Detiralt, Dunkirk W O Cook, rroTidnce O lay, Wiilumaport A Crasley, WeatfielU A M..re, Canamlaiirna W II Spencor, Maat H,,pe H Little, Horltester W ImjUiUou, ritUbarKh b t Iloli, (ian Francimc urn nova. , ,..lir,i.-l ti. AGii.NTS " on-? ai, j-s.rtr Wc l.i FUKK TO ALL. ,e tl.i.i jisy ....it. t-'.l a SEl.KCfE. li:iii lit .il.l: livjrtu.'ur l'j I iriiiaii tli t A-iE, IIK-E Oil YARi.i, ' .sdi.K. CA.- LOWEST POSSIBLE miCE. FLINT & KENT, '1 21 Kam atrwr A C Cox, Utit-a VA Dextor, Cliieago O M Huiliort do CSV heuler do 1 1 Mcrritt, Mew York O H BuUor do O W Wilton do K A Berrar do U T Paddock do C Hawaiian, Hew York SI II EvarU, Blooniiii,ilale A O-jrham, Boa ton J W Oi.rhani do H W Frenea do A A Pierce do O II Haynard do K Ornate, Leek port U V Ooltoo, Houghton Clfmo RAT mm, -W RmMa. Detroit W H Crocker V V Q Sntth, New Jenn y O II Cook, UluuceaW AWJMter, ftewioutioa H f Unloney, Imrvit "v f A DAM, MELDKUM & CO, SOLE AGENTS IN BUFFAIX), CHENEY iR0TEIlS, ClCI.Elir.ATKD AMERICAN BLACK GROS GRAIN SILKS. ADAM, HELD RUM ii CO , 3U0, 393 and 100 Main atroet, Ameiicaii Block. CLOSING OUT! CLOSING GUT! COST OK VALUE. THE ENTIRE STOCK OF !lnsin .S ill!', Hudson Hay Ui--, Fx I ru Hark ft in, Jcnnan.rili-li, Silicriun Hiniirn I, liivcr Mink, French .Sjibic, (JIIILDHKIV'S FUKS, OF ALL KINDS. (iEM'S FI RS OF ALL KINDS, Ccar.'FoA, Wolf and;i'oon ROBES, i;ui1a!o Uobes, I'ancy Lap Hobes, Hats, Car:s, tllovcH; aiul tJmbrellas. Wl I.IM f-KTA Cl'T III IM'I'l.tl.S OK ut iai.ua i: Mt) ot;n A.M. Inc-nr; ra'.n i i 1 u;i C! -UI . A'-;-.r.i , li on iitt'i-l ri T.I t'w- il.:. t..i ti-. ay .- i-. tltu fl,.i ' ' i i tin, t i-ii-t- i,rTMt.il in tint n.i ar.. ( in n.i,ni in, iu ti- l lijt t In . , li Ur.itril 'ini-tA. II. Alt iiiiiiili-r. ill -.'i tt- i,ikiilv 1 ,, ,'. I! Tt.uii ttiil he nil l i. Iiiliill.itl Mutlilut ItfliT 111. ..It anil i t i-iiint,'. OHU. A.MMUMHI COAL AMD "COKE."" Kill's Wu1sUm Ot KICK AND YA II 11, 21(1 K III I" KT. , I'O -'IT hl.M' Will a-11 iriiii nmi I.-'irvaaana, Srratili.n. IMII t.:i.,ati. i i.l! I,ar l n.ata. A; i, Krl-. an.l Cli'vi-I'iiiiI nil m, ft i-.-hIn, 111 ..Ml.ttrirll, I...IL I, ut ami Nlari-K f,ir ,-t. niu I , M r I i-ti at l,h ,ii,iiMt lliarki t I iii-. aiiii li tvttl I m .n-ri.Miti..l an. I ilnllvi ri-.l In if I t-iinilil nn. hi 'l'iaiitit.ii-1 t.i atnt liur. l,ai..ra. Itratirh i.iri.- Nn W. Kaau t. Al.llUO A I) I ICS K. Ait.-n-a. F.I.I.IH VVK.HH I K.K (C . .'fit h ,i .i.-:Nfi'.i;, rri-i-i.-.ii. J. li.iOJl.JO'A , Jw in- try. 1, 1 .-'. ', at rr,,.t '. t I , -a. CO A L. J87U. U k.. I. -il l:. !;i.i,k hu.cl mted Si it. stat-i a. nl t.t;.jr a. tithtr Putitlc S. urifea , k aii.t r-",".f i .:(,;i;:i H V1,7J 0- l.t..a-'i-l IX 1870. iiik 1)i;lamli; aad ki canal ci.:s LACK AAV A AN A COAL T'n- 1 .- fJAS EIXTUIIES AT COST. WJIEKLER k WILSON'S HS"oisek'Ss SOWING MACIIIMX EXPOSITION UNIVEJRSELLE. TAHIS 1BC7 AM AKDK1), OYtR U CdMPKTITOK, TH5 KISIIEST PREMIUM. Tlxs OnTv- Cloltl Medal. 81,000 Machines Sold in 1369. THEY t'i)UI;IK AI.I. LATEST IMPROVEMENTS. 1 l.--i" li r nn ! V.'i!.'r.. Min-l-.'nt- c. rnhlno f rtr;. l-.ti' thut rri.n lj i-ef)iiiri'.l in tlic lilaliillai-titrr" nf i -in-lit--. mr lrii-mla al.r,:wl n,ay ti-- av.iir-. t Iii.t t,-- aitltri-.i- rtittro --tl ii1:n Ti. n . ar--l Unit tn ,nr- h vt, tint: of them ii a t:tfi; ilitcitl.H-lit.'" N. Y. il. it 1 1 cr. T ; Cialr-.H ii -t i I.iw"i -a'.i i C..)l C,. ai o;n in:-. It'.Kll-.ll V.ir.l.iA it. v'r. Hi NCi-: ja-l-l :r. Cl I., i r ;i. .... v.fy.'.-'i O't -r . ..a.,.l i.:i :l 71 M,Hi,'i.l .IAI i)-".N:'J- 11 I. f.f-t.ii i. ;k co.utant i i i: I, -:.:i.ii'-:.i K, 1.. I. i ( anila! an 1 .h iirt-i 'i ' -l K. V. l.ilKit, .jritt.l, 1'.iG.i!'.,1n. V. ! at fair rtt.. j t. J Iiaii'ii ro.nl;., l r'--,if , fmiI iii hti ri-.t in i; , -! -nihil. ,n (i.:. ititli fc., nlt t.-irt lia-i rn. . tnr thu iiii-n l-rt-.ii nf 'itiKi Vi-, (I. tivi.ra.1 wiiiitu tt.n thi i litmta. aru a.- f., Unfit: T n. 11 nn. I Tun. '' V '.;. Sift H v.'. 4 VI, t "ii "i Mi 4 ":. . l hi ,tn ut H 10 4 ltl ! 16 Al-.. ltl.nSM:l'l'(l, I . V: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I.CMI'. AM) I'KK A I : I . I I (111,, HI illt'll AMI AMKItll'AN l'l u I.. i.t. i'llll! Ullll It, it.; . ttli.ilii.xlu itn.l r-La 1 1 tl. K. WILSON & :., Wi Oiilo at., enrnar al li.HiaNi)it. COAL. ilr Vmw;t"Ib"liai'nira',Dp rtalm. rm.r I-ntu and THE ANTIIRA(MTE COAL CO., ,!oyd atrwt i. I GENERAL OFFICE, NO. 21 MAIW BTREr.T ' at tlila - 1870. J&711. L!oyJ jf.tsa l.rr, i:-3'jitA.ti.i. cnjsi'A:. JJAI'.Ti'OHJ, CON.V. An-unnti aU.,1 rti.IUl U,iM fO .al In-.,rtii ,(! !K) (Ki tinri.lu. aln Llatiili'li- bjn" IM W ALT, POLftiKS MiV KOlifVU'l ivv.i A rTKK BH.'lMl I'AVMkM' CASH HAII-.S' C'Aall I'ul. K IT'S ' CASH hiviukmm I i ; ,.,,.1 i.nniiallv, c- .'iiiii-ii,j.k' at tiiu mil - I I IU . -ar. 2 iav "-I-.I t l-'KIH T h ti-.-i 1 nitnal i .N CKKA.-Sel tuu i.a..h vamw i.f tltu 1 1 nf ! , imI- 1 1,11,1 , Afi-llc i r-t-ii-T'f I ,11 it- liuHIt, i.'n-ril A: Tilt. firfo 1!) 15UFFAL0 CITY HANCK COMPANY. ' ' ' ii... 1 ..1 : -.il3 J-U'-'t iit 4 AI.HO, KtXrT Ut OR.NK8EH KT., Ill ill until further nntloa tlina M-Ulmtiwt o-.a'a at -Jit fullnwirisr j.rlcra r ti i-f iVX iMvari-iI f.'.y in ni ino onj c.iy nruiia, uuuiiua of whluli a ,ail rhai-ra will n,a.la In- nartatra. Al-.. LI.OHMH K(l. l.r.HIUII LL'MI" AMI HK LKCT fcUlfc bllrT LO A U Ti.n 4T,in I nrrn 7 11'. Il W. Uiat, lis .1 lij Cf h vr. 4 Wi Htnva g (Jl 4 :ji C'.Mt'.i.u'. mil 4 lu Ttdii atrii;!! Caah a-haD iir,lril. (JKlilU.K IIAKIN, A,.nt, f-l.tiiary t7 1 II. OLOLLY JT,n I (1. . 0.. 1! t X, k U CO., WWituli S. W. STONE & CO., Agt. iiflh-p and Salorr...m 275 Mu::i Hit-it, f. r:.- - .:, ,.-t. 1 !',i Im The tr.le aupplMil by tb caa or piece York aajtuiU' prices. . at Now The iT at-:k ia to he CXOtiEll OUT, REf;AKI-TO CUST OR VALI-'E, (AND NO HUMBUG.) ALL WE ASK IS A CALL AND SATISFY YOUR SELF. THE SISIIBf THE-IAKG! hpriohtea. Q91 Main Ht- BERGTOLD & BROTIIJER. POLITICAL. rEri hlican COUNTY COMMIT- TKF.. 'Ini- ry-rijiar l,ii-.t:nt' - f tr,- C -1.1:. ,-t, w;'i In !-l i.t trn-tr mom., Ar,H-l. fl-iil,in., ,-n T.io-.li-y 1 1, ii.,j( of t-cli wti-k at o'Lln- k, until f.irtiii-r no-tin,. 1 hr C-mtnitu-o Tl-'-iria ar? f- ' '(! w I, tn; iwl ,-ii- K-'imiil'iiu' ri-jr-i, antl tvtll l- ki-t i,---it fr- ni ;i A. 11. tn w I. il. cch tiiay f,.r 11. e u-e ami liii-.-tit . I th, (HlliliC. AlJjS7.r 1ANXEU, Cl.alrmia. AU.EF.T IIAIG1IT. h:r.-lary. I 1 HOTELS. THOMAS' HOTEL & DINING ROOMS, t '.IOH TUE EUKOPEAlf PLAN. HufTalo, N. Y. UDIES AND (JENTS' . PRIVATE DLNING ROOMS, KTBAKCB ON WASHIHOTOIT BT. 8HELL OYSTERS, CLAM AIO SALT FISH RECEIVTD DA1LT. DISTilUS FROM 11 TO S. ALS 8ERVEI) AT ALL HOURS, CAPITA?, S I) KCjtl'I.CP... 8i.i,r..i s- i, -1 In ti-ivtiriniivnt l',nn bollciu H XH A.SU LA K R lNKLltA ' . DIRECTORS. w ,1171 n.'-lviio. ()'-. rz. fi.7m. A. lin-t-i- ., fit..tiL.i U. An.tli, J mi.- ltrj.iy, Kir.iafl l:uilluQra i:-if... I., ir-.nrnl, H. M. Gutiirii , Jaij.ifn S. lUttiioar. William H. Ciiniy, O. H. Kan-il-il, U K. Hnn..ion, ' H. 0. Hrii-iim, V. 1. Hamlin, i iwal P. r-a't, f O. t:-.rn-ill, 11-nlnaa lirian, i 4lr." II. M-jlcail, J .hn Al'.n , Jr., X II, KatrM-, Janii-a M. Kmith, K. II K1111M1, ll-mry M'-rlm, J,.lm brinr, P'-tur J Irrt, John II. Vontflit Adrian K. Hjnl. n.,-ni.ai.n lluraaj. Wli fl FAhX), PieaMeut. A. Kr.i NOLUS, V ta-PrwUlt-nt IIK.snYT fc 1ITII, Sorn-tarv. F.. 1. LACY, aa.itnt Hor-larv. U. FISH, iC. li. AKM3TRONO, E. P. Villi FISH & ARMSTRONG GENERAL INSURANCE AGEN'V Office NAM Mala St.. Bit 9 Jo, H. , LIVBRPOOL i LONTiOrl CLOBK INS CO. ' INTKHUATtONAL INS. OO..NKW YOKK. V riKKMA VH-rcn ins. x., has fkancisc ALBANY CITY (FIKR MAKINF.) IH OO ,. PSOPLirS riKHINS. OO., WOKCKHTEK, Ma NOkWICH rtK IN8. CO., NOKWICH, ONt. WEbTt'lIKHI IR OI NTY MAHISB IS. V hEW Hi CI1KLLE. V STATE FIKI IN It. :o., CLEYEIaANO. O. TRAVELER' INS. CO., IIAR1 FORD. NEW YOKE LIFE IN. CO, NEW TORE UDlraJ Mv! SUGAR rBR BUFFALO HUE AND MA III HE INSURANCE COMPANY. ' Firmerly the' MUTTSAL IJOiCRAKCE COMFASY OF BUFFJU CI AIITERED IN 1843. ASSETS IAS TART 1, '89 9447,138 'FT Wm. Lorerfnf. Jr., Boo. S. H. J await, Freattcn. Thoa. P. SaawT Aaat 8M. J. U. Richmoml. V. Ft . 0IFICI it MAIS STRUT, anj It '-.! 1 Dt-aiira li LOAF. LEHIGH. SPklNOI'.IWOK, FRANKLIN, I'lTM-, LAIKAWAN.VA, BWtfSCrWiH, CCIII AND CT.nVKLANDJCOAU Pr!nc!(l Offca CORMJB tl.lt AMI TEKKACE BT. YARD, FfMjT OK ERIE ST. I'.uffalri, April II, li. JJN ION COAL A NO WOOD CO., F-t of Court al. A lama iiiantit .1 of HARD AND COFT COAL Foli SA I.E. Ari l 1000 CORDS OF CANADA. WOOD flla- h anil Map'r), .ilhur In atick nr aawnl r.r .(.lit. IM-lltarM In ai,y rt of tin tit. Lilral tledtiolumi ma-teto l.!t-ra II t( DAKLINO tY MOHTAdl'F "J. T. HOOLK Sj CX., DEALERS IN HARD AND SOFT COAL. OFFICE 4 K. Divialoo it Uuffalo, N. Y JLT. HKlLK, K L.JEJIHTRi)l QUEEN CITY COAL YARD, riwvQTv nmrwiv a vn rmv . v- . t OfBii 9 OffiatM at. , Buffalo, K. T. Fur aalr a roKl aaaortment of all kig la t.f HAkD AMI JI T i 'JAL, linlal. ami ral I. f -untantly on l,n l ala-i, a aiifiarlor nualilr of HARD A,Vi SUIT M OOD for aala, aamtd ami iillf., or In th-.li. a . .In. Iiri r.-l in any ln of th. city, liralara ai.l,n nnall lota of onal or wimkI will (iu wal to lv ua a call iMrfore ptircliaaliiK aliwwlirrr). H. DAIH.INfi, Q0AL, COAU FAltNIIAM & ALLKN. OORHKa ERIE AKD RIVERJdTREFTS Far. on hand, ami fin- aala at all Umw.PITTTCM and othar haM onala. Alao, Krl bavt aoft anal, liliHIIBCMiB, LKUIOU. SLACK and N UT, at th waat aaarava ft ttnm f aajiaaa a abbaa, r. .r r. -ait--

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