The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1955 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 18, 1955
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1«, 1W New Cold War May Prove Just as Deadly as Hot One By JAMES MARUHV Associated Press New* Analyst WASHINGTON (AP)' - President Eisenhower and his Republicans can look out across the eanfandS for an occasional shot on the Isracli-Egyptian frontier, there 1S not a =» « 2S deeper to wage their endless struggle agamst one another. ' If there is still no open war by [This .,.„. election day the Republicans will have a good talking point. the surface, may be just as deadly as a hot one. The United States has plenty ofj -n't » ( ,o,d ol me r iis oil supplies and its strnte- 1 us u<^ IH D,,.,.;,, | Doin* wmiu y< t. The United States has plenty or o7 ow _. run by me trouble on, its hands. How w en, (m now lhe Umted states it is overcome will be one of "\e| to nave felt that the Arabs major tests of the Eisenhower ad- ^^ sliff . arm the Communist?, ministration. The Israeli-Egyptian struggle is only one part of the deadly struggle between the United States and Russia. The zyptians are buying arms from the Communists, reportedly 80 million dollars' worth Egyptian Warning I promising not only arms IJUL um- The Israelis have asked the; non n c help, as in Saudi Arabia, Af- United States for arms. They had ghanistan and Syria. l 11,, ron^a Itm rpnllPSt Wedn'3- More KcOHOm Budget Director Rowland -. said "it looks as if the budget , be balanced before the next elec- Know the large American Jewish tion. voting population doesn't want to| The United States and Russia see the Jews of lerael outgunned couldn't agree on unifying Ger-| - >•- •'•- A,™** many. Secretary of State Dulles; may express optimism that Rus-j sia will consent. If he has anv President Eisenhower •mpowtred to conduct the «it*Hlte program. Ttw "minimum satellite program" proposed, Kaplan said, consists ''ol approximately 10 instrumental birds, with the expectation that at least ive of the birds will be successfully attnched into their obits, circulat- ng about the earth for a period of about two weeks, at height* of about 200 to 800 miles." The satellites are to be carried nto space by giant rockets. Then they are expected to travel freely about the earth, much as does the moon, inside ultraviolet rays, cosmic rays 'and other particles in hardly made Hie request Wedn-3- day when the Egyptian ambassador in Washington warned this country that if the Jews get American arms the United States loses would stiff-arm the Communists.: reason for thinking so. it hasn't The Middle East has been a bar-j been made public. It's nice to keep rier to Russian expansion south-, thinkine the Russians will consent, j ward. ' but they've shown no signs of it. j But the Russians now are mak-| wh! ,t may nappen is this, if the ing bid to move in. if only ar first ^ j^ us;; ^ ns can otitmaneuver the i in a kind of oblique way. They'd, u^,'^ states: the West Germans. 1 i have to inch in anyway. They're i now , in , cd w lh lh? Un jt et i states 'promising not only arms but eco- mny Re[ fcd up with the endless American - Russian disagreements on unifying Germany and try to make a deal with Russia to do it, even if it means breaking away' from this country. There is no shooting in Asia at the moment. That may not last PRELUDE TO DUTY — Private Bernard R. Braun. Laurelton. 1,. I., one of the carefully selected soldiers from the Third Infantry Regiment, Port Myer, Va., who stand guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, "bones" the stock of his rifle with a bottle. This smoothing process will be followed by many coats of lacquer. Rifles earned by sentinels are never handled with bare hands. Even [inger rings are removed before each sentinel begins his guard tour. <"• .."- ~. ...... More Economic Ala The United Slates, to offset RUS sian promises of aid, may have its own economic assistance in the Middle Eastern to step up U.S. to Fire 10 'Globe Circling Satellites within Next 2 Years Can arms Ulc uimcu umn-^ aiaiauijc >•* "•- . tjiR niUMlt'lll. J.iiub iiio.k «'"-"• in^* (he friendship of the Arab world. aren . But this happens at a time ]0]]cT The Red Cninese nave been Thn ReDtiblican politicans are when the Eisenhower admmistra- S i rangely quie t. But tioV that the ove" a barrel on this, just as the tion is trying to cut «P en ;^; -spirit of , Geneva" has floated Democrats would be in their place. I It wants to balance the_budget. aw . ay _ lhey may start banging Oklahoma Slayer Reprieved On Confession of Accomplice McALESTER, Okla. [«>>—Just 10 steps and T6 hours separated 21- year-old Hurbie Franklin Pairris Jr. from the electric chair. Then word] was flashed to H. C. McLeod, warden of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, that the postmldnight execution was off. Gov. Raymond Gary, after a series of hurried telephone conversations, had granted Fairris a 60-day stay of execution so the State Pardon and Parole Board could study new evidence disclosed yesterday. The Ith-hour reprieve was granted after 24-year-old Raymond Carrol Price, one of Fairris' companions the night Oklahoma City Detective Benme Cravatt wa« shot to death, told two Catholic chaplains at the penitentiary he — and not Fairris—had shot the detective. gtrrlnj U»e StnUinc* Price in serving a life term for his connection In the shooting during a holdup of an Oklahoma City supermarket July 16, 19M. Price and Jamce Skinner, 22, pleaded guilty and were given life sentences. Fairris went to trial and was convicted of the murder of the detective. All three are from Dallas. "I'm going to let Price say what, he has to say," Fairris declared aft'< K being told of the governor's action. "I know 1 didn't kill Cravatt. I don't think the people of Oklahoma want me to die. People believe of , aw . a> ._ lhey may away a Formosa. All in all, the Eisenhower administration has tough days ahead, with the Democrats always on hand to point to the failures. CHICAGO if'— The United States plans to fire at least 10 instrument- filled satellites into space in 1937 and 1958. hoping that half of them will circle the globe. This was disclosed Wednesday night by Dr. Joseph Kaplan, chairman of the Erroup entrusted with the American satellite program. He outlined some new details about the satellites in a speech to the American Rocket, society. Kaplan heads the U. S. Nationa for the Internationa Geophysical Year, a section of thi National Academy of Sciences which I Determined Speaker BOSTON I* — Reuben B. Oryz- mlsh could not attend a dinner In his honor last night because a-doctor ordered him to bed — but he addressed Uie 400 diners as planned. He spoke from his bed by telephone through a loud-speaker system connected to the dining room used for the dinner given by the Boston Assn. for Retarded Children. Gryzmish is a former honorary chairman of the association. »ome of the finest olli u»«d by tanners in lubricating sole leather cost more per pound than butter. space. Measurements are expected, to add to man's knowledge of the earth itself. Suffering wtft WICKS Vv*ooRu» in ray innocence and all I have to do is convince the officials." At the State Capitol in Oklahoma j City it was disclosed that despite Price's surprising confession, he probably could not be tried again because it would be double jeopardy. The Pardon and Parole Board will meet Nov. 28-29 to consider the new evidence. Police Bitter Oklahoma City police were bitter when they learned of Price's confession to the two priests and the warden. Hoy Bergman, chief of police, charged the confession Irom Price was untrue and "contrived solely to save Pairris from the electric chair." Prom Texas, Pairris' parents—one In Jail and the other In prison—expressed joy at the last-minute reprieve for their son. In a Paris. Tex., jail on a burglary charge, Hurble Franklin Fairris Sr. declared: "Tell me there's not a good Lord." His mother Mrs. Margie Zeglen, serving a five-year term In Goree State Prison Farm, was almost speechless. She murmured. "I am very grateful and very happy." Mrs. Zeglen Is in prison for the slaying of her third husband. She killed her second husband loo. Fairris will be 22 in two months That's when his stay of executiot ends. fir/tain's Commercial Video Now 2-Month-Old Experiment By EDDY GILMORE LONDON I/PI — Britain's commercial television — TV with advertising — is a lusty two-month-old baby over whose controversial cradle rages a row of praise and sneers. "As permanent as the House of Parliament," says one supporter. "A flop," reports a detractor. Somewhere between these extremes lies the true definition of a revolutionary xperimcnt in the lives of an island population wholly unaccustomed, until two months ago, to soap suds and soup sales harangues from the box with the big glass eye. Before commercial television sent out its first program Sept. 22, Britain's ever-growing TV audience had only one channel — that of the government-sponsored British Broadcasting Corp. The Big Switch Tnen. already approved by Prime Minister Eden's Conservative government, commercial TV came in and with it the big switch which is more complicated than it sounds. The majority oi sets in operation were built to receive the single BBC channel. The electric shops were so busy fixing up sets with gadgets that would bring in the new pro grams that "Have you become con verted yet?" became a common place questoin among the citizenry. Commercial television hired pro ducers. technicians and stars awa. from the BBC. imported films c surefire American prorgams. deve oped a number of new ideas an threw down a vigorous challenge t the older service. Such American shows as I Lov Lucy and Dragnet became favor ites on the new network. To vary macaroni and cheese cas-1 serole, add a generous amount of chopped rhlves to the cheese. uce. Special BEER Prices FALSTAFF and GRIESEDIECK BROS. $025 24 btte. V Phillip Appleboum Liquor Store lit Ph. I-M41 fo Sell — To Buy REAL ESTATE r •)•!••• ^ TERRY P07238I Jimmie Edwards Furniture Co. ^ ;\] n ' m Ph. 2-2.48 WHAT! a new Dodge every year for the rest of my life ? Enter Now At Your DODGE DEALERS "SEE JIMMIE FIRST" FOR GE APPLIANCES! NEW! entirely different— •ROLLS ANYWHERE WITHOUT LIFTING! • Giant 12-inch wheeli • Powerful G-E motor • Extra-large "Throw-Away" bagi New 2-ln-l rug and floor attachment • Complete »«t of cleaning toolt VACUUM CLEANER "J«'"-n!n' COMMIT! WITH ATTACHMENTS ROLLS ANYWHERE EASILY- EVEN UP AND DOWN STAIRSI Follows you around as you work —rolls away for easy storing! COME IN TODAY AND SEE IT IN ACTION I BUY NOW ON EASY TERMS! JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE COMPANY HI6H SCHOOL THERE IS SOMETHING' 'FOR YOU IN THE ARMY RESERVE btr* b«pefih well « valutblt fr«)n!n9, p*y for dril I y««ft M MM Army Reiwv*. pcriwk «nd ttie prick that CWTIM wHk Mtvinj your If y« cm * young «MA in high ichool between tfw' _» country «t part rim* toUiw md (uR tirn* cnXm. •9*tai(l7*nd I S 1 ^, you dravU contact your RMWV* Contact lha Unit CommanoW of MM Army Knorva . Unit CommanoV imnwdwHly. Itgh tU< wool «*> Unit naarait you today, find out how you OM actually bocomt draft dafarrad by anliKno; NOW for Moj. Erntir E. Iradloy Dtt No. 1, MISO, 44, 4000 ARSU 917 Pecan Avtnw* •lythtwillt, ArkMMi joying tho ontra bonafih offoroJ now by tfco V. Army ROMTVO.

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