The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1948
Page 4
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PACK TWO Senator Overton, Louisiana, Dies I Authority on Flood , Control First Elected I To Senate in 1931 vWASHINGTON, May H. (UP> — O.S. Senator John Holmes Overtoil, 72-year-old Louisiana Democrat and M. foremost authority on flood control legislation, died early today at the Bethesda, MD., Naval Hospital. '.Overton, who underwent R major abdominal operation last week, hud shown • some slight Improvement during the^past two days but took a, turn for [he worse this morning a,nd died at 3:50 a.m. CST. "Overton was elected to the Senate In November of 1932 with the support of the late Huey p. txms Huey's brother, Enrl Long in now governor of Loiislana and will appoint Overtoil's successor. .Overton, president of Alexandria, La., L Jlrst .came to .Congress In May of-1931' when he was elected to /111 the unexplred term of Rep. Jnnies B. Aswell of Louisiana's Eighth district. :-' . - ' j'He^'as elected to the Senate in the November elections the next Jjear... '. . , , Th^re '.pire complaints at fraud afld Illegality lii connection with the .voting, but Overtoil was clear- ejt after an Investigation by the Senate, elections and privileges Committee. J Ovecton was a recognized nnlho- nty on' Hood control legislation. He .was ' noted in the Senate for facts ,and figures on the subject which he kept. at. his fingertips. His pet hate throughout his Con- grejstoii'Bl career wits daylight sav- irig.thne. He fought H stubbornly and refused even to acknowledge the,, existence of such a thing as "fast, time." Steered Flood Bills ( He .was, the' former' chairman of a Hood control subcommittee"'of the Senate Commerce Committee' and in 'this capacity helped steer most' flood; protection bills through the ^Senate. He also headed Must Be a Bloom in' Spy BLYTHEVrLLE • (ARK.)' COURIER NEW* Pine Bluff Man Named District Parole Head LITTLE ROCK. Ark., May 14. _ (UP)—W. P. Ball, director of the Stale Board of Pardons, Paroles and Probations, announced yesterday the appointment of J. L. Pattillo of Pine Bluff as district parole supervisor In Pine Bluff. Pattlllo succeeds W. W. Lewis, who Is being transferred to the Eastern Arkansas District. Lewis In turn suceeds A. J. Claywell who re- SlZl POT I tied recently to become chief of ice at Marianne. tar topper and fancy uniform, Probably wantec1 to s™ what's going on at the Inspection. ""Jis One of Three Buried Miners Believed Alive SHAMOKIN, Pa., May 15. iui') — Faint tappings were heard again u>- day from a tunnel where three coal miners were entombed, hut resell"; efforts were hampered by rain waters "pouring In like Niagara." Torrential rains during the ntxlit sent water gushing Into the dark underground caverns faster than two automatic pump* could draw It out. Rescue workers said they were "losing ground" in their attempts to keep the water level from rlifug to a point which would choice cit vital aii to the entombed men, imprisoned more than M hours Although the water depth in the mines rose eight feet to a. dcplli of 12 (eel during the night, the furiously digging rescue crews were able to reach a point where a famt- y-tappect plea for aid was hi'ard for the third time. More than ICO relatives Hud Iriends at the opening of the mine entrance throughout the nigh', inxiously waited for word of hope and listened to the rain wa;crs . ... _ „ _, gurgling Into the subterranean cav- into one of the upward slooiii,' cms where "pitchmen" slowly ptcvc- -heads" which branch of the main cd tiuough rock and coal towa.-J lunnc), rescue workers believed. Rational WCTU President To Address Convention rRIDAY, MAY 14,1*49 ROCK ' Of tlle perance union, will at stable owner, was freed on charges that he had violated the Federal Narcotic Laws when the federal mud Jury refused to return an Indictment. miai ater a '« <">- Jiual WCTU convention Oct. 12-14. 'he lier selection was announced "re by Mrs. Sam Logan of Pres_ t .L a " d . ¥"• O. E. Goddard of program directors for ing. Jury Frees For/ Sande Of Narcotics Charge the victims. Finally a>. 5:30 a.m. word was sent up that "another contact" A as NEW YORK, May n—mpv niade. "At least one of them still I The federal grand Jury must be living," the walcr.erj ' '-•'— -whispered to one another. •• The three men were trapped In their indeixjndent anthracite mine Wednesday afternoon when tney apparently broke through a wall into a water-filled abandoned mmi adjoining (heir diggings. The water •ushcd through the undcrgroutid caverns and filled the main sluft • if their mine to a depth of 80 (eet, [ clocking oft escape. The miners. Identified as Peter Gordon, Edward Heck and Charles Dashore, all of Shamokin, rii»y have escaped drowning by fleems ' into ' " ' ' Notice of Klllnir or Application' for Liquor Permit • j Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the' the undersigned hu filed with th* Commissioner of Revenues of th« State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense vlncu» or spirituous liquors for bevertge *t retail on th« premises described as 120 West Main Street, Blylhevllle, Arkansas. Aupllcatlon is ror permit to be Issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July, 1948, »nd to expire on the 30 day of June, 1949. ' J ji *" |'».*JUJl/ IU OVll '. and dispense vinous or spirituous | iquors for beverage at retail on. the premises described as 10« N I Broadway, Blythevillc, Arkansas. I Application Is for permit to be, Issued for operation beginning on! day or July, 1948, and to 7^PE-ROACHER irrVi'h. An?i >U i&!nn l 't nbsnluirl}- new "DE- JlOACHKrt" brings U(r-t <no«l<?in. ck-an. quick >wlp Kjlli on cwilatl and AI-SO <JfT>»ili surltrr r<-j«/ue whi<* KILLS wrun insr<U rra«« <*'ci One applicati'* *(f*«- h\v lor M.-|.(.fc»» Ue» * rfk irt-u-d r;^ ( gumn-t DK- ROACIIKR l«Jay *t * anj groci-ri Ex-Ambassador's Daughter Victim Of PJane Crash OHENCBLE, Prance, May K CUP)— Knthieen Lady Hartington, -. uuuj '<(>! LllJf-JLUJI, . Jo.sej)h P. Kennedy, j ,, R Union Head Says Offer Of Publishers Inadequate CHICAGO. May 14. (UP)-John Pilch, president of the locnl printers' union which has been on strike against Chicago newspapers for almost six months, said yesterday "(innl" settlement offer by . enne^', i " ......... ov-mvuiLnv uuci oy former U.S. ambassador to London " le Publishers was "entirely Inade- wasione of four persons killed last. """'"" night when a chartered British quate." Pilch said, however, that the pub- u ,.-.^.. ., vinii iti u\i L>IILIft:i * <i^ii .Tdiui iiuvsutci, LlliU- LlIC |H1Q- Skywavs airliner crashed in the I Ushers' contract proposal was being i jiiomitMiu- qf SoiilJiern Prance. 'sent to licartquartcrs of the APL s'ubcommltlccs on and naval atfalrs. ^" i 507 found on her body flood control and naval atfalrs y H! "' ll "!!*on was identified International Typographical Union i He'repeatedly appealed to PiW ""'""B 1 .' American Passport No. 40.- ' nl Indlanajiolis, and Hint any. of. :• «•• >-a-, Rn , , , _.. ,.. ....._ !,!„.„, nccw ,taiice ' -- —. * *.fj-fc.«n,«*j npyuaiw tu t 1 tSI 1 - i em * * j * * • — • «ui • -• ..... - , t ,.j - w * dents Roosevelt and Truman for touad on her body by French i flclal acceptance or reaction additional funds for flood control Sf :i<lluilics - The passport gave hci j would have to await a report from work 'not :only in Louisiana but '" tlate ns Fcbl 20 ' 182 °- intt-'rnational officers, throughout . the .Misslsslnnl Rivpr Her London home and fho^i throughout . the .Mississippi River system; . .'. .• ' ' But he was -opposed to the'-St Lawrence seaway project aiirt thi- Missouri River Va'tey deevlopment He once wrote a bit of. blank verse, In: the 'Shakespearean manner, -to of the proposed show; his 'scort! •- Overton Announced on March 1944, that he did not Intend to hut for re-election In the next V>ulsi- ana , ' Her Loncton home and the hotel syhcre her father is staying m pa- l^j tls confirmed that (hey hart been I _ ' informed of her Identification. The former Miss Kennedy nmr- rled the Mertjuess of llartlugtoj. on Mny 6. 194-1. The marquess was tilled In notion in France with the CoUfsticam Guards on Sept 10 1344, at the age of 20 Selected For Navy ROTC Program WASHINGTON, May H.—(UP) — Twenty-one civilians and enlisted personnel from Arkansas have been selected to cuter the Navnl Reserve ?WX£ of the S,y- 2--3 ~-or;«inthr,. , y- ways Airlines confirmed that one . . . • -•>•-""..,in me iM;At> jf)uisi- "»jo /-vuiiiii.;, cuniiriiioci that one ana primary,- but he was pr'csuadud! or ' their planes had crashed nei; 1 , to change his.'mmd by his-Senate Grenoble. Thcv sSid the plane had P/ill*4 rri ID* Vln^^r.. trt _* LI . . I, n _\_ . ". . |"»IIL. unki . enae colleagues. Nearly 50 of them signed • letter urging him to reconsider. j 9y,?4on was born at Marksvlllc L«,i. s oh •Sept.- lf,-'li7S..He was! a graduate of Louisiana stnte Unl- verslty and Tulane Law School. He practiced law in Alexandria befcrc coming to Congress. fart of Stolen Gold Shipment Is Recovered . BANGKOK, May 14. (UP)—Po- jilce yesterday recovered three of 38 cases of gold valued at more than 12,000,000 which had been stolen- from an International shipment! Wednesday night In t!« biggest' holdup In Siam's history. I An estimated 25 men wearing Siamese police and Army Air Force,, Uniforms held up a truck taking the shipment to the airport. i A ™ e d with machine guns, the bandits tied - customs guards to a tree and drove off in the truck and , »n automobile with the gold Later ! police recovered the truck and the i three cases. ,.., chartered - by British Lord l-itzwlillnm. French , ; eeinlavi?ies said four uoclles. •Inctttdliig.three unidentified men. .vere taken from the wrc:k- n«e lost night before the fmy <,.' a storm rasing through the Alnlin! foothills forced tlicm to halt oner- rttton.s. The plane crashed In a ravine ii> village of Privns. between Lyon and term of college. They were among 1/F8S principals selected from an original field of 24,117 candidates who completed the Navy's aptitude test. The figure was further reduced by physical examinations. From Arkansas, IT nre civilians and four arc navy enlisted personnel. Six alternates were named for the civilians. nng ' ""* by " ght " Atomic Forum Postponed For Security Checks :.,___ - ~' -".iiii., May 14—• fUPI_A security check of scientists has caused postponement of a ?~nim on high temperature materials used In aircraft manufacture or 3ir=!ly scheduled here ,,cxt Monday. ,t was announces yes< The Pnlrchild Engine and Alr- piane Corporation, sponsors ol the jorum, said the postpoticment was necessary to give time for a security Check of sr.loMH.,, , vn „. ™" V LOO is a pleasure in our Air-Conditioned Coffee SUop COME IN AND TRY ONE OF OUR TASTY PLATE LUNCHES from 55?! up HOTEL NOBLE Coffee Shop ATJHRBY'S THIS WEEK GIFTS FOR THE GRADUATES Udics Bill Folds-Stan...,^., Perfumes, -Toilet Walers-Colognes-Girt Soaps -Whitman's Candy—Sun Glasses—Home Permanent Waves^.,1, ,. OW(klI . s Hm| other gifts. For Boys Amily RolU'olds—Pountai,, Pens-Court- lev Shave Toilet Articles-Old Spice Sets -Yardley After Shave-Picnic Jugs- Thermos Kits—Travel Toilet Article Kits. Hallmark Graduation Cards PRESCRIPTIONS See your doctor at the first sign of trouble-then sec us, Proscriptions from all doctors clJ- at guaranteed best prices. Save with safely. BINOCULARS Ilion Siqhll %&>/, Frigidaire WATER HEATER • Plenty of clean, hot water always on lap with i Frigidaire Electric Water Hearw. It's low-cost, clean, safe, dependable^ and coniplcicly automatic! • No cool to thovti • In it l I See ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. Complete Service Department In Connection 206-08 W. Main Phone 2071 OPENING! Saturday, May 15th IVY'S GROCERY 602 East Main Street CHECK These Opening Day Specials! Hlnir's Enriched Self Rising FICISR ,,, ..... ...... White Dough FLOUR „ Kxlra Fine, Domino or Imperial SififtR ,., Jircr Rabbit, Hud or Delia H.90 85 85 ,< ;allon Maxwell House, Uliss, Old Judge 90 C Vacuum Sealed, ll> . ] . . . . Rcjrulnr S1.25 BROOMS eitch l.iptun's or Old Judge TEA „,„ ......... All Brands, Large Size SOAP POWDER 36 All Brands, Small Si/.e SOAP POWDER 14 Mavfield Cream Style ..... CORM ,„„,;,„ 14^ 2!) O/,. Can, Yellow dine PEACHES 33- 30 Oz. Can .......................... FRUIT COCKTAIL 44- Hiirkees ............ ^^ OLEOMARGARINE ,„ 38 7 Oz. Si M R«l Cross .......... SPAGHETTI gc Mony ofher special, awaif you here. Let us help , i expire on the 30 day of June, 1949. Penney's Famous TOWNCRAFT SHIRTS Now! When you need 'em for Summer! Now! When they're Priced for great Savings! i. 2. 3. 4 Special Feature Towncroft Crisp High-Count Fabrics T- . Collar. Won't Wilt Full Cur for Comfort ' Sanforized for Perfect Fit Woven $O49 3 I Stay Cool in the Shade of a 4.98 Thr smurl breezy touch Summer oiil- fits need — trim, g<-miine Pinimas in llic popular pinch from niyle! Pl»in color dc.uchalile Puggaree bands. KCONOMY PKICKD STRAW HATS Air) i-;i)i)ii incslr weaves. f\ (\O Caribbean l'«lm lir»iil». ^.VO I'inhiile Mesh K»>uii» . . . I.9J '

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