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Council Grove Republican from Council Grove, Kansas • Page 2

Council Grove Republican from Council Grove, Kansas • Page 2

Council Grove, Kansas
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FAO TWO COUNCIL, Git 0V1. KANSAS, REPUBLICAN THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 12. 1940 3 a toric old St Paul's cathedral, and which if it explodes may bring the 68,000 ton tower crashing through' the edifice. Noatby streets have been evacuated, but curious crowds stand at a distance to await events. The bomb is the same type which damaged Buckingham palace earlier.

South Circle of Methodist Church Meeting The South Circle of the Methodist Church met yesterday at the home of Mrs. A. E. Allan. Mrs.

J. M. Norris conducted the devotions. Mrs. A.

R. Carpenter was in charge of the business meeting which consisted of a discussion and explanation of the new organization Members present were Mrs. Ed Jaillite, Mrs. J. W.

White, Mrs. Ross Shippy, Mrs. J. W. Norris, Mrs.

J. Loy, Mrs H. I. Smith, Miss Euna Berry, and the hostesses Mrs. A.

R. Carpenter and Mrs. A. E. Allan.

er to draft any industry which tries to rise above its government but declared in the effort for national defense, fine team work 'has been developed in the main. He promised that no troops or air forces would be sent to foreign lands to fight unless America was attacked, and expressed a hope that after the present emergency was the nation would enjoy an internal security transcending anything heretofore known. So frequently was his address interrupted by applause that it ran 15 minutes ever the scheduled time. East Circle of Methodist Church The East Circle of the Methodist Ladies Aid met at the home of Mrs. Harvey Carson Wednesday afternoon.

The meeting was opened with the song "Tis Sweet to Trust in Mrs. W. W. Bro-kate had charge of the devotions. The' business meeting was conducted by the President, Mrs.

C. E. Crane. Reverend and Mrs. Samuel-son visited the meeting for a short time.

Refreshments were served at the close of the meeting. Members present were Mrs DeHoff, Mrs. J. W. Cole, Mrs.

W. A. Miller, Mrs. C. E.

Crane, Mrs. H. P. Wright, Mrs. W.

W. Bro-kate. Mrs. Homer Blosser, Mrs. Guy Lyttle, Mrs.

C. S. Cline, Mrs. Evart Dreese, Mrs. P.

R. Krich, Mrs. Sue Overton, Nira and Shirley Carson and the hostess, Mrs. Harvey Methodist Church North Circlt Meeting Members of the North Circle were entertained at the home ol Mrs, A. G.

Alexander with Mrs. O. E. Alexander and Mrs. E.

M. Foresman acting as the hostess. Mrs. J. D.

Long conducted the business meeting and the new division of the Women's organization was discussed. Mrs. Dave Scott was in charge of the devotionals. Those present were Mrs. D.

R. Lidikay, Mrs. J. D. Long, Mrs.

Geo Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Grace Harvey, Mrs. Ernest Foresman, Mrs. L. D.

Kneeland, Mrs. W. J. Ray, Mrs. R.

H. Hardy, Mrs. Ned Axe, Mrs. Vernon Wilkerson, Mrs. Roy Dut-ton, Mrs.

John Brooks, Mrs. Dave Scott, Mrs. A. G. Campbell, Miss LaVon Wasmund, Miss Margerey Lyn Long, and the hostesses Mrs.

O. E. Alexander and Mrs. E. M.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lowe and Mrs. Clara Edwards spent yesterday in Topeka. Dann2 At BLUE INN SAT.

NITE Music By Gene Block And His 3-Piece Swing Band Dancing 9 To 12 CLUB PERSONAL CHTHCH Vn. A.1MB lUtM yoctaf Kport Phone In News The society reporter will Hero about parties. Vm-lors In ypur home, or trlpa ou elan making. Pbone 78 any rive llama to Mrs. Barber.

Items over 4( hours old will not be printed in this columr, CALENDAR OF EVENTS Thursday Mrs Lucy Hannum will entertain members of the Falrview Willing Workers club at an all day meeting at her home A covered dish dinner will be served at the noon hour. Members of the Neighbors club will be entertained at an afternoon meeting Thursday at the home of Mrs Homer May. A seven o'clock dinner will be served to Country club members Thursday night in the club house with Mrs Black as chairman of the dinner. Friday Mrs Charles Wilkerson will entertain the Bridge club at a regular meeting Friday afternoon at her home. LABOR GAINS BY NEW DEAL irorMnu1 from tje 1) BRITISH SLOW UP BOMB RAIDS (continued irom naBe X) and Petticoat lane on Piccadilly sustained damage to fashionable shops.

Workmen were busy all morning smothering a delayed time bomb which has fallen inside his Congregational Aid Tea Mjs Durland wis hostess to members and guests of the Congregational Ladies Aid Society yesterday afternoon at her home on Belfry. She was assisted by the following members of the September calendar, Mrs Duke Brown, Mrs A Pul-lins, Mrs Ethel Corey, Mrs Rhodes, ''Mrs Hugh Wilson, Mrs A Gilman, Mrs Herbert Wilson and Mrs Will Jaillite. A very Interesting program was presented which included talks given by Mrs Herbert Wilson, Mrs IB Wagoner, Mrs Mae Cripe. They told of their travel trips this summer. Miss Marjorie Huffaker" told of her trip to the Music Camp at Interlocked Mich.

At the close of the meeting Mrs Herbert Wilson presided at tea, which was served from a very attractively decorated table. In the. center of the table was a large bouquet of asters and daisies. Guests present were Mrs Clinton, Mo, Mrs Friend, Mrs James Sharpe and Mrs A Miller. Members present were Mr I Huffaker, Miss Marjorie Huf-, faker, Mrs Van Scholes, Mrs Nelson, Mrs Edwin Jacobs, Mrs George Cleek, Mrs Brueg-gen, Mrs Jacobs, Mrs Herbert Wilson, Mrs Duke Bnown, Mrs A Pullins, Mrs Mae Cripe, Mrs Wagoner, Mrs Ethel Corey, Mrs Rhodes, Mrs Hugh Wilsey, Mrs A Gilman, Mrs Will Mrs Frank Fleming.

Mrs Black, Mrs Eula Melzser. Mrs Matlby, Mrsj A Titus, and tlie hostess, Mrs Durlcnd. Clayton Edds, Hollywood, was visiting with friends in Council Grove yesterday. Dr Leslie Rutledge, formerly of Chicago, who has been visiting in Dunlap with his parents, Mr and Mrs Elmer Rutledge, has returned to Madison, Wisconsin, where he will teach in the university there. bor legislation is directed.

He emphasized that the right of collective bargaining had come during the last, seven years, and hinted at greater benefits to labor to which he was committed i'or the future. He review ed the social security and unemployment benefits of the new deal. The President called for pow Mrs Bernal Johnson, and Par-lene- Johnson have returned to their home in Marion after visiting here with Mr and Mrs Russell Owens. Hammer is here today from Wichita on business. CARLOAD OF ANACONDA Super Phosphate Hammer Coal-Grain Co.

West Circlt Meeting Members of the West Circle of the Methodist church were entertained at the home of Mr'sTaw-rence Parker, with Mrs Ben Foresman, as assisting hostess. Those pfesent were Mrs Charles Strieby, Mrs Smith, Mrs Earl. Billett, Mrs James Stenger, Mrs Ray Brown, Mrs Tom Mrs Orval Young, Mrs Ferguson, Mrs Machin, Mrs A Dunn, Mrs Nora Nichols, and the hostesses' Mrs Lawrence Parker, and Mrs Ben Foresman. IT X. i to I.

Dinner Guests Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sharp entertained as their dinner guests last evening, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gutsch, Miss June Sharp, Miss Virginia Sharp, Miss Mary Sharp, and Miss Joyce Sharp.

Women's' Division Members of the Evangelistic and Benevolent Division of the Christian Church met yesterday afternoon at 2:30 in the church. The afternoon was spent in working on a comfort. Members present were Mrs Bertha Snider, Mar Carr, Mrs Shay, Mrs O'Bryant, Mrs Leland Colyer, Mrs James Peck, Miss Emily Frances Peck, Mrs Matt Patterson, and Mrs A' Rees. You must see the PEOPLES CASH to know why it occupies such an important place in the daily life cf this community. You must see the mammoth displays of quality brands the helpful clerks the many features that make for convenient shopping to know why so many of your neighbors shop here for all fcod needs.

We invite you in with these lew. low prices that proclaim the town's biggest food values. Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs Dike have announced the engagement of their daughter, Lucille Elzabeth, to Mr. Lawrence Rioth of Osborne, Kansas.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Rioth of Wilsey. The wedding will take place Friday, September 27th. DID YOU KNOW WAT Dunlap Fifty Wheel Members of the Dunlap Fifth Wheel of the Methodist Ladies Aid were entertained at their regular meeting yesterday at the home of Mrs Robert Adams, with Mrs Qwen Hughes, acting as the STEM YOU CAN NOW BUY A BIG, NEW 1940 (6.2 CU.

FT.) GENIRAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR BUTTER Helmick The first meeting: of the new year of the Helmick was held yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs r-Mabel Wilson, retiring president? new officers of the were Members present were Emma "Dains, Mrs Eva Bowman, Mrs Alice Bacon, Mrs Ethel Eck-strom, Mrs Cora Bowman, Mrs Lola Albertson, Mrs Mattie Rioth, Mrs Kate Whittington, Mrs Effie Hiskey, Mrs Tillie Rochat, and the hostess Mrs Mabel Wilson. P.0S1ST First Grade Per Pound m-iy Baby Beef I JfiJ Per Pound Slab IfljJ Per Pound' Sliced mnu Pound Wilson's QJLa Tasty lbs. FOR ONLY EfiCOH 5495 28c lb. assisting nostess. Mrs, worma Boudeman was in' charge of the devotions and the president, Mrs Mina Monroe, conducted the business meeting.

The new division of the women's departments were discussed and explained. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. Guests present were Mrs Hazel Woodmansie, Mrs Jim Adams, Mrs Kate Adams, Mrs Ida Roberts Miss Mattie Mrs Ethel Aldredge, Mrs Clayton Girber, Mrs Ola Clark, Mrs Edna Drew, Mrs Mohr, Mrs Esther Foiles, Mrs Lee Henderson, Mrs Rachel Hughes, and Mrs Beatrice Bacon Members present were Mrs Mina Monroe, Mrs John Ryman, Mrs Charles Haucke, Mrs Shaef-fer, Mrs Oleson, Mrs A M' Perry. Mrs Herbert Clayton, Mrs Dewey Riggs, Mrs Lee Combs, Mrs Robt Young. Mrs George Viar, Mrs Emma Woods, Mrs Roy Bacon, Mrs Guy; Bacon, Mrs Delia Hed-gespeth and the hostesses Mrs Dunlap Social' Event Thursday afternoon losers of the Fifth Wheel Circle will entertain winners of a contest, at a weiner and marshmallow roast at the home of Mrs.

Fred Thomas. pigesS'oble CRISCO, 3 FLOU White Goose AH Purpose Flour White City Social Events Priscilla Club met this afternoon at the home of Mrs. George Torgeson, Rumsey White Hdw. General Electric Dealers 24 LB. mi 48 LB.Sf.23 White City Ladies Aid The Ladies Aid of the Methodist church will hold a regular meeting Thursday afternoon in the church.

An election of officers will be held. 3 No. 2 Cans fUft Blackberries lv 2 8-oz. Pkgp. 4 NODDLES 136 4 Tall Cans MILK iJG 2 14-cz. CATSUP ISC Robert Adams, and Mrs Owen! Hughes. Miss La Von Wasmund went to Topeka today where she will spend a few days visiting with her aunt, Mrs. R. R. Zurbuchen and family.

Mrs. B. R. Moon. Myrna Jo; Mrs.

Lawrence Cottrell. Larry Lee. went to Pratt, Kansas, yesterday for a Our New Wallpapers visit there with Mr. and Mrs. deo.

SUGAR- '25 ,81.23 COFFEE Mountain Grown lb. 220 senp 8 -ct. 250 'OUTS: T--'ii: 170- COOKIES u.100 SYRUP Staley. Golden fl7f 1 No- 5 ean 25e; Wo, 10 can I Nancy Hall Sweet Karney. Miss Margaret Long will return Friday from visiting Lecompton, Kansas, with Mr.

and Mrs. G. McCarty. Pure Grape Juice, Qt. A re Here Miss Carolee Armsby, who is attending Baker University at Baldwin, has pledged the Delta Delta Delta sorority there.

No. S1 can i. PUMPKIN 'f Miss Jane Osborne, Eureka, has returned to her home there after visiting 'in Dunlap, as a guest of Miss Hazel Woodmansie. RUG TRUCK HERE FRIDAY. Sept 13th.

Call Ideal Cleaners. 217 2c Mr and Mrs Barber. Nada Jean Barber, and Betty Lee Mc-Quin visited in Enterprise yesterday afternoon with Mr and Mrs Max Barber. Fashionable New Designs and Shades To Add Charm To Your Rooms 4 THEATRE -MM- New Vnder-am Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration APPLES no. i nrr.fcfcj Jonathan lbs.

Fancy Tokay Tuntiips i sar fiOApea CBUUFL0U1ER Ul PEPPERS 5S. lSh 't tJm UNTIL you see them, you can't imagine how lovely the new wallpaper designs are. Smart colors and patterns that are easily cleaned. Inexpensive, too! Come In and see them of phone for our sample books. AS LOW AS 6c ROLL THE EOYS FROfil SYRACUSE With'.

Joe Penrisr, Martha Raye, Alan Jones' and Rosemary Lane. Also News, Popular Science" and Musical Brevity. hdw Adm, 'ftp Plus Tax 8ATUHDAY" Cherlea Starred In DURANGp KID Also Chapter' No. 13 "The Shadow" and Cartoon "The 8tone Show 7.00-;30-10i00. Adm 20c Doei not tot dreisei, does pot irritate) skin, Nowitingtodry.CQbeujed right ter shsving.

Instantly jtops perspiration for I to days. Remove odor from perspiration, i. 4. Xpure, white, lets vanishing cream. Atrid has been swarded ihe Approval Seal of the American Imtltute of Laundering for-being harmless to fabrici.

23 MILLION late of Arriel yfTll 1 MM il! litis it IfilillWll 'W pave Men sold, iryajanogayi LITRE TURN. STORE At ttlf nllt food la 10 tni ft i 89ef I-J sW-aV-'.

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