Buffalo Morning Express and Illustrated Buffalo Express from Buffalo, New York on October 27, 1876 · 2
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Buffalo Morning Express and Illustrated Buffalo Express from Buffalo, New York · 2

Buffalo, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1876
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Friday Horalac, Oct. 27, Ift7. THE BUFFALO EXPRESS, published at Ne. 14 autrtwaa (treat eon tain tha latest aawa, both at horn aad Abroad. It baa a large air-ulatlou, which la constantly Inereasln, thereby . wlaila H -ewe a tba bast ac vsrtlslng medium la the elty. t nam. - j D AILT Exrazas par annum ...IS M DartT Express tot tlx noauui...... 4 bo Daily Exraasa for thraa montha.... 1 00 III WEE EXT EXPRESS la banted every Thursday moraine, aad furnished to sab- ecflber at tbe low rata of f 1.28 par aanaa, payable invariably la advance. All, BUSINESS LETTERS ihonld ba ad dressed to tha "Express Printing Coia pear," Ma. 14 East Swan street, Buffalo; Commtfnloatlons aad Correspondence to tbe EXPRESS PRINTING COw REPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS. FOB PRESIDENT, RUTUBItrORD D. HAYES, Of OHIO. FOB VICE PH EM DENT, WILLIAM A. WHEELER, OW MIW YORK. lnl stamlinjr, which ol course adds' to the interest that surround the case. ,'' . '! . . III TMtrcn?thcn his position as an oj ponent of ex-rcbel claims Mr. Tlkleti quote from hla statements In his first message a Governor. Fortunately tie people know how much value Mr. Tlldcrf place on his own official declarations. They remember tharhe iirjrcd the passage lof a bill by the state Legislature and signed it naming January 1st. 1879. as the date' for re miming specie pay ments, and then, when hla party at C Louis said that date must be repealed, Mr. Tllden very meekly came down and said so too. It will only require the' de mand of the solid South and Mr. Tllden will- forget his. anti-claims professions In half a minute. As Hoses IITglow nkl f the rebels: E for dependin' on Iheir oath an that,! ' Twunl lil ml 'mm Dior 'n tha ribbln rva&'jay . bat. i . State. for oovanwon, , EDWIN D. MOBOAN, - of New York. FOR Lt KUTK A Jf T JOVSJOR, j SHE It MAX, 8. ROGERS,. - of Eric.' for judos or court or aptrals, I 'EOadB V. DANFOJtTH, of Monroe. FOR CANAL iCOMMiaafONZH, DAN'IKL p. gPENC'ER, of Livingston. '" rOR STATR PRISON INSPECTOR, v I HAS. T, TROWBRIDGE, of King. .Judiciary. ; roR jvdqu or run suprkme court, RIOIITII DIBTfllCT, ALBEKT IIAIQIIT, - of Buffalo. Coaf reisloaal. JfOR MKMBXR OF COXORRM, KLUUIDOE O. SPAULDJNO, of Buffalo. Coaatr ' FOR SENATOR, CARLETON BPJtAGUE, of Buffalo VOR SHERIFF, WILLIAM W. LAWSON, - of Buffalo. FOR COUNT Y CLERK, J DAVID C. O ATM AN, - - of Angola. FOR SUFEKINTKNDRNT OF POOR, a.SCAR H. SOUI.E, - of Hamburg. . FOR COKONKHS, 7M. M. BACON, ISAAC SCOTT, . JOHN C. ALMENDIXGER. FOR JUSTICE OF Til K 8KAHIOX4, FREDERICK GUNDLACII, of W.Senec t Assembly. JitriU JMHrict ... AASfcCM J. SMITH. Mecond District' JOdEPH W. DENNIS. Third JMstrict - KDjtV'L, GALLAGHER, Fourth DiMrict - 1VMAX A. PARKER. Fifth District , . CHARLES A. ORtt. City FOR AMHKIMOH, John rutLEitTox. VOR JUSTICE OF TIIK PEACE, CHARLES RAUERT. t.VIICATINS now rriitic attempt to c arc that the Demo irry Mouth Carolina THE FlWAPrCiAI. ISSUE. : The Indication that the- lie publican party Is surely gaining In this state and In the Whole country are numerous and convincing. The Democratic confidence which was raised to such a pitch by the election in Indiana, fsettbsiding before the slow rnovlng wave of' public opinion, anu while the closeness of the contest makes it Imperative upon every Itcpubllcan to use. his utmost cffoM 'ior success, there Is no doubt If that effort Is put forth success w ill be the result! No Issue now stands forth more prominently than, the financial Issue. Ufa not merely the assurance of tJie speediest resumption of rpecie payments that Is Wanted, but assur ance rs - wanted that our credit abroad will not be shaken by the acces sion or repudlatlonuts to power, ahJ that business sTiall not Irom this cause suffer paralysis when it Is just beginning to revive. To-day business enterprise is waning trie result Of this Presidential coil test. A correspondent saya that!: in the little town of Glean. In our neigh boring county of Cattaraugus, fl75,D00 awaU only the election of Hayes jfbr investment, but If pidon Is elected will npt oe invested at ail. There are simi lar instances in every city and In mahv of the towns.. Here In Buffalo we hear of leading business men who though Democrats, will quietly Vote for Hayes uccauj iney Knxw mat the certainty of the lln.s3nl future will be secured by "ia ciecuon, While the Inauguration lof a Democratic administration woHld'siir-round the future, with doubt and uln- certainty. Agahlst this , danger the unrwiTOhlng the Communists cry for change which forms the Democra(ii stock argument avails nothing, change means change for the worse the people do not want it; and tliat h what It amounts to. - j 'I he evidence that with a Democratic administration no more of our national debt could be funded at a low rate b interest Is overwhelming, Against the word of August Belmont, whose evi Uence is not trustworthy, we have the Word of tho Secretary of Hie Trensu?; the Ihi ard in which he bas served, jtlis s&itia ntahee irltb bi wlnesa Is icb M to flit j hi n admirably for the ftlitlesj of County Cles. j Mr. Oatmaii jisj sow acitive y nffjed la f lie canvaia,! and is maktn friertifii wlieicver he goies. Ille i suw to secure the rotes of piany r j In-t llirit Democrats, and wet liok for Mb coinlni Out of the canvassl lMith ithe largest majonty ever gnren f o publioan canIiiiate fjr that ftic. Of dur candklotes tor Oroners, are ndw serving In (hat capacity, are1 well known alnd popular. J. C. AlmehuWer If sne of the eillcieiit, trusfworthj who has ever filled city. Mr. Bacon se but Is alike papular Scott b s welt-knows citizen and Is fare to ran up wltfe hU tlcltet. i tie- wo nd Mr. BSOSt and pouilar ttien the bffice in this es in the couatry efneient. Mr. and A3f yXTAljLaJUtEP j OCTBAOB. ' j "There I noxlilng to the political j iU toiy of this tsoiintry titat 'rivals In 1 infamy the courWof the Democratic party in South. Cirtoilins exoeptj pferphaRiw, the Democratic ulefljnsa of jit at (the North, !hat party there is not oiily guilty jof an i attempttocarryj th state election by latlmidationi and! force; of arms, jbut jsialsb guilty; ofj the )no6t scandailods, dishin)tabliS and '' djsre-putable conduct.toward Gov Chamber-hiin.'that can! be Imagined. lf there existed one single vallld reason, or eyen excuse for the cours of the Democrats in'ihatistate;tes wwiild, f dlileis-ent 1 But there Is ho excuse ndr shadjow of excuse for It- , ;(;.; .- - , It is a well utiderod fact that Soath Carollao, like me of tbe otKpr Sotith-' era! state h tfcttefyd- fromlgnorint and corrupt Officials! ' the lisijuiSiU-ca party WRslirespOiislhle'fgrlhlsl iff- ruption, so muiH tfj's lorBe.fbi it But in the Wiiole qourse f Gov. 1iamUr- Iain's administration tShere has not been on single thlna; of which serjoug Rokn-plaint could be made, nortcdioj; t corrupt tjovcrnbr, LTiasnbertain et about Ife'forrnli j thai itate govtrnnieht. Corruijjt and JgmorantpfileifilH kere dis- misacu irom : orncsHSiKi intelligent anu honest almost, pollSUc T one window, looking out on the yard, and la well upillel with, chaira, carpet, cupboard, etc. Both rooms are on the Ludlow street sida of tbe vanl, ami to the left when onn eater tbe JaiU Tweed'a food ia to be tkn to him Crora a neighborins; re- taaraat. .'.. i ' i ; I THE HARD TIHES. Poiated Reaaaika br Col. Iagersoll ..The Beapoaslbilltf an the Care , for Hard Tiaaea. - r' ! I " ' ' :"' From CoL ln;eraoir Spill ftf BgUviUe.tl' re Very hard cer bavfDt; extended from tbe root of the palate to tbe teeth, and protrudins; beyond lb em, aad to preventing respiration that his easns for breath were heard across the street. Attempts are to be made to further reduce tbe formation. A CURIOUS E3T10 & A Dam aay that Does lair Woader- . ... falTbiaz tint, sars a uemocrat, tneae ar times, w e want a chanet. What kind of a f bange, Mr. Democrat? A chanee for the tlon. You lay you have trot hard timea. men!, were-pu;t In thelf puiyssf, without rafd lo their party j eorean- l.y force, and th attinipt to carry NeW if lhe journals of real standing in ' .. . " "u w,u Tla 11 BOlnen New York, of the most eminent flnah Tllden s lost, surely A fitly ate letter from a prominent Republican of North Carolina, to the editor of the ltochcstier Bemocrat says I we are doing our level bent hero. Every Itcpubllcan feel that it I Mia or doath wltb iistbiatlme. By the way, do you know that every Southern Republican, black or white, educated or ignnrant, expect this thing to end in war? 1 never met one who oki not, wben It canie down to Sard pan iciiiag oi nooaat convicuooa. I .' U'- I Gov. Hayes Is not so busy running for Tresldent and promising not to con sent to pay rebl clulru but that he is able to attend to his tlutles as Governor of Ohio. He was : present at the OhloJ jhj ceieiirntion at i niiaiieipnin yester day and made a modest and appropriate . Speech. Tho day' having been fixed upon also for the visit of the commer cial bodies of theVonntry; was one of the greatest slnco thU opening of the exhibition. The Courier pretends to have hopes of Pennsylvania, una has " a startling Fevelatlonfrom John Hlattery that the Mollie McGuires def Mated the Demo cratic candidate for Governor Inst j-enr. J ohn Hlattery Is a Democratic politician f the Mollie breed, and like many of his profession U an infamous llav. As to Democratic prospects In I'cnns' van la they are clal journal of ,ondon, and of business men everywhere. It Is an established fact and cannot be gainsaid. , In a vain efiort to xtem this rising tide .Mr. 'J Ilden annears. to sav that he Would not agree to the payment of rebel claims. This will not do. . The peopl can nave miicn better assurance urion that point by electing Hayes. And they aire going to do It. ' ter, and stricken i there. they are u setts andMinine, and no bet- If the party rwas not panic It would not claim anything A STOftr was retailed about tho country by Democratic some weeks to tho cITect tliat Governor In Cuba. Tho such form that Morgan ' owned slaves dental Anally came" In those who spread it were compelled to OUR COUNTY TICKET. I ire uo not suppose any sane man seriously doubts the election of the ct tire Republican county -ticket in this county this year. A county that went Republican by about 3,000 majority last year and that an off-year when Demo crats usually do their beat Is not likely to do very much worse ma Presidential year when Republicans always do the! best! It may be said, of course, that Erie county Isalways debatable ground aid so for that matter; are New York state nnu .Massachusetts and Maine! Serious errors on the part of Republi- Senilis in making nominations miirht toosr sibly endanger the ticket here, as any where; but no one pretends that there have been any serious errors this year, Ajtlckot that w headed by siich metv.- rJimlTiUiiig and K. C. Sprague would not be an error if the offices contested for were Tresldcnt and Vied I'resldcnt Instead of Congressman and Senator. There has been no error; Hut it Is especially in reference to the Other Itcpubllcan county candidates. i 4nsviiif iiiu i r a j 7 newspapers for fessrs. Lawson and Oatman, that we hgjthis Mr. Dor- Ms speech the Denjoorata got retract. Xotwlthstnndl ahetmer announced In other night that if the the power there would be no more bills Introduced In Congress by colored members virtually stating that the negro would be disfranchised, which is the next thing to slavery. . " i ' ' - IT new seems pretty certain that the Main Exhibition building nt Philadel phia will be secured in addition to the Memorial Hall and some of the other buildings for a permanent exhibition, Many of the foreign exhibitors consent to the continuance of their displays. The purpose of the exhibition will be for the pleasure and instruction of the public, and not for the sale of goods, except sueh as are necessary for carrying out such design, and, admission will be fixed at twenty-five j cents for five days In the week and ten cents 'for Saturdays. j . . . There are indications that the trou-' ' ble in the 31st Congressional District will be amicably adjusted. The Lock-port Journal which, has su pported Mr; j Flagtef, now hoists the j name of Mr. j Hoskins, the regular nominee, and he will probably be generally supported. The Republicans of Niagara are certainly too patriotic and earnest; to permit the . election of a Democrat in that district, though they have to sacrifice their feelings and what they sincere) y believe to be their rights to prevent It. Such Republicanism as that is worth something,' and is the sort that will save the country from the disasters attendant upon a j Democratic victory this fallL '''' ' r - I !. ! Chicago has just witnessed one of . i tho fnost exciting mnrder trials that: i have taken place In a long time. Alexander Sullivan, who ha been on trial, An(niat,ahnt Francis I Ian ford i:i . some sort of quarrel about a statement - I Hanford had made, charging Sullivan's wife with" meddling too much in the -1 '1 uianagement of tho city Schools. In the trial there has been ho attempt to deny the shooting, and the defense has been that It was done In a moment ;,. j of passion, or in acif-defensto, and It ap-I pjiiM that the presiding Judge has al-' . lowed ds sympathies with Ithe accused , to Influence hU rulings and his charge hi a very marked degree. The trial ended yesterday In the flnial disagreement of the Jury, and it will have to be ; gone through wltU again. Both Sullivan and Hanford are men of considerable Wish to speak to-day. A fight , is being made against the Itcpubllcan candidate for Sheriff, Hon Wm. TV. Lawson. Among other things It is mado a point against Mr. Lawson that lie Is not a German.. It is also said that he Is not a brewer, nd does not have the sympathy of this large class of our , business men. Well, we cannot see that these objections have any force. Mr. Lawson is an American citizen, a business man of good repute, member of the Legislature I who, despite o'bloquy,; has retained the confidence and support of ft large and intelligent constituency, and who won his nomination in the itepubiican con vention, in which there were a large number of highly respectable candidates, by the sheer force of his popularity, lie Is In very many respects the very-best man for Sheriff who could be chosen. A business man and man of affairs, he is nearly as Well fitted for the j duties ' of the Sheriff office as though he had ' performed them for years. - lie would be also as his competitor for the office Is not at liberty to devote himself to the performance of these duties, and not be compelled to entrust them, as Mr. Haberstro would be,, to a political worker whom he would name as deputy. There will be no doubt who is the responsible Sheriff of Erie county if Mr. Lawson Is elected, as there may be if he Is beaten. ' In shortl, in electing Mr. Lawson the people will secure a Sheriff who is at once honest, trustworthy, capable, attentive to hls duties, gentlemanly, and obliging in deportment, and who would make friends -of all who did .business with him. Ho deserves and should receive the vote ot every Republican In the county. ' .- " ' t Mr; David C. Oatman, the Republican nominee for County Clerk, is a man whose homo reputation marks him as one ' of the most popular ami trustworthy men who could -have been named for the office. Living in Angola, he lms six times been -elected Supervisor, two or three times getting .handsome majorities over the combined vote of the Democratic and Independent candidates. When the town has been given up by tnany Republicans as hopelessly Democratic, through apathy or division In the Republican ranks, the nomination of Mr. Oatman never failed to bring It into line as a Republican town. He is honest and capable, and j his neighbors know It and believe In him. In the Board of Supervisors Mr. Oatman bas proved himself one of the most efficient members, and Is thoroughly respected, by dl the members of I he .tax laavs were led, legislative and executive expense: Imiiieiwly reduced, official saarics il-nioit ! ulnlvertaify! jjutl down, alad .alto gether it saytn e&ticd t$ thvsfeta'te lot nearly j tiyd ,! htulibn dollars jfer yeir. Tblcrown all he Interposed the execju- tive anu to prevent tbe accession to the berich of notoriously eorrunt! iudinta Every honest (than in South barellha wa gratified t jthel great freforiiis effected and I befotfe this 1 polill ciu i-ampaign begun hps administration was praised by people ofj all political pariies. Whc4 Jtlie peniocraf c , Stajte Convention met a few weeks lago tfe leading Dcmicrat1e newspaper and the wisest and, nwsjtji iionorable Dtfmocntjte In the state urged; thatf GoyJ Camle--lain bp the nominee of! the cohventioo. 'lliat policy ws hot fadoptedi Wae iiangptoin, the most malignant and ui forgiving rebel ieT thehf all, declared fr a straigntout . uemoc ratio movement, and secured the Democatic nomination foGoveruorl tiflie stiite Itlckei nonii- liated witli him iwks ccimpoeed ntireljy of ex-rebels. these , men Under tie leadership of most villainous crA- sadoi has been jdjrtecteld again t Goif. ChauiberlainJ From Jbeiitg trie most honored man I iii the Palmetto fstate-4-the f savior of tlie dow-trod:derl eUtefc the noble yoclig refornier "-fhe hw become tho best abusfd man pn the whole country, j t he crrtipt wetcheji. like Moses wliora he cst 0ut cjf office have beeu'wclcoiSed to the Detnocratlc camp and set to Work to abuse arid villii-fy the nian : who Would not lei thoni steal,! And all tills for jhe rtmef of bel Ing a Republican. v ! - ; j -; This sort oflndecency is what pernor crats at tbe North call"refdrm" Jjj" the people at tim .North'ltliinlt thei . . I -.. I .i i. t "! want It f : t ru ' I; ? I 3 -0t gaining A P0I1TICJIL. II the Itenublfeab Cahae la Rtrenetn eacb day annearaiicaa r nmnw ly deceptive. N. Y. T&bkne.i f i iWhen ColoBel jSararanll wk lnlprnint.i ed by a bi(fdraift"ia on of hi speecaes tbd other day, he said :v I have often said, and I mizht here sav it ip-aln. that a drum al- 'Ways put me in mind of ai Democratic ,oH gan ail sound anU;oeiMe." i Laughter. Jj What a ProUatanti ticket!" kroan one of the old-fashioned Democrat!, f- Til-i den descended from Oliver Cromwell, Dor-: helmer deccended irom Martin Luther, and: bow Tammany ilia nominated Calvin for! Surrogate of New. York." V ' j j' j 1 Tb drift toWartl Have Is quiet, "but it is steady aiui nnrantakaaie. it 1st plain that the people are realizlna more anl more the Importance of 'the questions at stake, and are coming to tie conclusion thats while party lines may not be of much importance on local questions, when it come to a national question it In wiser to vote with the party which promises the safer administra tion. !; I- I ,1, : , : i i I -The JIerall'sYitVot poasible members of Governor Hayes cabinet contains just five name that are I possibilities Curtis, F.riitow, Morean, Evarts' aad Judire Hoar. In the1 same journal's list of possible Biem- bers of Tllden's cubinot, we find tbe names of Hewitt, Hubbard, Morrison, Palmer and Gordon; Which ! sample of cabinet timber does I the Independent and non-partisan voter prefer II , . if ' j- .- ( r $1 - i better or for the woref Tiiat ) the qiies tlob. ' Tou lay you have rot bard tlmea. Well, I tell j you, you can be poorer than to lose all the property vouhave got that is, to lose yoor principle . In the bargain. Whenever a maa rCi bo poor that he cannot love bis country, be had; better go into tbe bankrupt court of death. Whenever a man get so bard in want of money that be cannot be In favor of justice, be bad better emigrate. Now, it makes no difference bow bard the times, am that is o r ?soh that we should hate hard heads ; that ja bo reason that we should do ah act of injustice; that Is no reason that we should .turn against our country. And when tbe Democrat talk about bant , time they don't know wbit they are talking about. Let me tell you, whatever hard time we have got, tbe. Democratic party of the North and Booth brought them upon us: whatever national debt we have got, the Democratic party of the North and South, have piled upon tbe shoulder of American industry.' aad the Democratic party of the North did a great deal more in that direction tban tbe Democratic party of the South. Tbe Democratic party of the North prolonged tbe war at least i three year, by holding out to the South the idea that tbey (the Democrats of the North) would in a little while get possession of the country through tbe ballot; and then they would' compromise with the South. More than that, tbe Democratic party of the North I , . MAtlGXED OCR CREDIT, slandered our credit to ttaS extent that poM Went iip to 2D0. In other words, the greenback dollar, by reason of Democratic lies, became Wor;5; niy 84 cents. In other words, we bad to. shave ercry dollar no pent. But re wanted the money to buy jiowder, to buy shot, to buy guns, to buy shells to kill the Democrats with. Laughter. 1 And we wanted tbe money so bad and the Democrats needed killing so bad that we shaved the paper 60 per cent. Now iwo- pumhis thirds . ,to ttfe .Derttocratic 'eniocratlc party of the South ; and when ever a Democrat opens his mouth to you about hard times tpll him, Your party made the hard times; your party brought on tliis war; iyour party made it necessary to have all these officers tp cplU;et these taxes. Your5, party mado it necessary for us and our children to work through this and the next generation to pay the debt urougnt on me country oy me uemocratlc party of the Koutb fighting for slavery and could.77 1 I Cheers. I t tne democratic party oi toe Aortn syi thielhg with them and aiding them all e Aortn sympa- lthey N'oWTIIKiRE 15 AKOTiiER TlHXG, and it is very strange to me, that any one should say a word at present about tbe bard times. J tell you, compare our coun- n j niuj bun ukuck uuuuuiuB vi me jiuue. Our hard times here I You talk about hard times 1 In tbe state of Illinois, with soil five feet. tli iefc, you talk about bard times. Iti the state of Illinois, where nineteen out of every twenty of you are doing better than you were ever doing before on God's earth, lou talk about hard times! You can not go into aHy country on tbe globe and cult together a crowd like this with as many good clothes as you have got to-day. Laughter, and a voices "We're all Re publicans; that's what's the mutter!" You could not call as good-looking a crowd unless you went into a Republican district, A voice : " We're washed.") lYes, soap is a great political missionary.', Tou man well Washed and he will bes-in to too much of himself lo vote the Democratic ticket. You talk about hdrd times in Illinois. Illinois) is one Vast banner field of corn. Why, mv friends, in the state of Illinois a man, if he was blessed With a mouth the size of an ordinary Democratic orator, and would lie! upon his back! and. would keep his mouth open, enough corn would lau into it to give mm a i respectable support. Loud laughter. And you are. talking about bard times! There! is no more prosperous people beneath the shining stars man tne people oi Illinois to-uay ; ana you know it! Why, you say "We have not got enough I moBey.'' Hid ybii eVer see anybody that bad f Loud laughter. And, after all, there are times when, sense is worm more man dollars, riant aoout naru times 1 Whenever a man (tomes to you and tells you how poor you are, and how rich somebody else is, and want3 ; j TO EXCITE YOUR ENVY, you can just take your ontb that he wants you to do a dirty trick. Laughter. When a man anDeals to vour nassions. when he appeals to youij prejudices, look out for him t-he want you to do a mean thing. But when he appeals to your aspirations; when He appeals to your houor, when he appeals to your beartj wben he appeals to your Drain, listen to wnat ne says. , cneers.j , 1 , ' : A SHARE l. 89,000,000. A Dangbter! aad a Son. of ftiac Herritt Singei Akingfor an Allow- T Sirs. Fanny filizabeth Archer, the wile of William S. Archer, of Yonkers, formerly Fanny Elizabeth Singer, the second daughter of Mrs. Mary Ann Foster, the recent contestant of the will of her alleged1 hus band. Isaac Merritt Pincrer, i the sewing machine inventor, anu Isaac Augustus peared before Hurrogate Coffin,'1 in White Plains, on Monday, and made an application for an allowance of $10,000 eacb, : from the legacies bequeathed to them by tbe al leged last will of Singer, which was ad mitted to probate on January 10.: The will ' Louis 3. Jennings write from London to tbe New York World j some facts about maJr, the snlritualist, and compares his operation to those ot tha dummy, an lu-vention on, which Mr. Maskeleyne has madh1s iortnncf '!'' '. j' j - Mr. Maskefeyne's dummy is dressed Up like a Turk, bas a glass pillar beneath him, and wben you, have walked all round hint and seen that no wire connect himjwith an electrical or any other apparatus, the Turk play a hand in - a game of whist three person from the auoience playingthe other hands. Mr. Maskeleyne merely call out each card as it ia laid upon tbe table. Tbe Turk draw bis card from a little stand where bis thirteen are arranged ia front of him. and Mr. Maskeleyne takes it and puts it on the others. I went to see this prodigy tbe other day; and a all the scientific men in London hare been there, and Mr. Maskeleyne has afforded them every facility for making a thorough examination of the figure, and a none of them have discovered the secret, I need not tell you that I am quite in the dark respecting it. The figure is completely isolated Iron curtains or machinery, electricity could not be employed, and any ef tbe audience may pass a cane or Umbrella beneath ot- ronnd about it, or exercise it in any way. It is certainly a wonderful piece of mechanism-H for mechanism Mr. Maskeleyne tells you distinctly it Is and he challenges all tbe world to find out how it is made or by what meat, it is worked. I may add as a curious fact that tbe Spiritualist assert that Mr. Maskeleyne is himself a " medium of uncommon powers, but that he chooses to denv it- and finds it more profitable to ascribe the wonderful actions bi bJi " P.y eho" (as tbe figure la feal led) to merely natural causes. Mr. i Maskeleyne Tilmeelf declares tbat he is a sworn foe to Spiritualism, aud that he will never rest until he has eevered all it discinles and prophets With shame and confusion. I In the meantime he has found it necessary to give two performances every day; all the town Sock to them, and it i necessary to secure seats a fortnight beforehand. I declare I am at a loss to know whether It I pore profitable to be a meditim or only an ex poser of mediums. Both pursuits pay much better than hard rVbrfii ; J . " -: i Wterroef : CeTer Msnnfactory. DOBSK iAJ(D WAGOX f COTEK8 AT j . .PAHIC FBICS3. j. ! . JAS. JEXIAIJTT, 508 Mala Street. -i I' FURS COMSTOCK'S SPECIALTIES. Seal Sacqnes, Otter Sets,! Fur Trimmings. Bear Robes, Wolverine Robes, "Wolf Robes, and 1 j Btiflalo Robes, Lap Blankets, Horse Bl; ankets, BETAILINti AT ASTONISHINGLY LOW PEIOES fou a Ami MIN'S AND BOYS' WtNTiCB tilTS ASP CAPS IN GREAT VARIETY, AND CHEAP. 17 and COST OF TILDEN'S The ELECTION. Burden it Will impose Upon Every Vote;t The From tbe Albany Journal. election of Mri Tilden by 10 East Swan Street. dOM&TOGK'S. REDUCTION the solid South means the tiavment of the claims and demands presented by the solid South. Let the voters Jook at the .figures and answer whether they want to pay the cost'r Total Southern claims ai-. reauy prescnusu 8. Amount to . be paid by Xew York - - Amount for every head in. tne state - - - Amount for every voter (estimating voters a' 840;000) - l.. Voters of New York! .?1 !- a - I I Price of Carriages iw Ttifleral '.'.. j BY THE I CaBBIAGE - 0W5EIIS OPROTEC- TIVE ASSSOCIATIOX." Pi. On and kf fer -thfi data the following prices wiif oe cnargeu: FOREST; LAWX.....,......ia OO I LIMESTONE HILL.. 1 3 OO IPINE HILL .1..... 3 OO ; ALL OTHER GKOUHD9... OO 284,879,400 ' f65 WANT TO PAY .THIS ELECTION! 330 DO TOU COST OF TlLDEN'8 All orrteta tor ktir hnmberof Canriaares. ne to a hundred, will be prortiptly 11 fled at the ! above rales if.leftat the office of B, CALLA HAN, 829 Main street, opposite Churches, aad 832 Washington street or at stable of GEO, i A Good Story. j Mr. Dorsheimer says jwiien tJeniocrats get the power negroes shall introduce no more bills in ' Congress. We commend to our white aristocratic townsman the following story told by J Gene al Harrison in his speech in Philadelphia, Monday night: - I remember ' seeing a colored brigade lighting at Nashville. When Hood had extended his army around from' the Tennessee to the Cumberland, and when the gallant Gen. Thomas, Whose memory the American people will always keep fresh stood upon the hills ot Nashville for the defense of the Southwest, I saw a colored brigade go out to tight, and. I never saw a handsomer skirmish line, and never Saw a line go forward in better order, and! never saw rebels run so fast. Applause. J One of the rebels was a little slow in uncovering the skirmish pit, and a colored soldier demanded hi surrender. The rebel saidil 'Jfol I will never surrender to a negro! If I do my father will kill me when I return." Then he made a request, which bas no parallel except in the request of tbe Democracy td be given possession of the government, saying:"! will never surrender to a negro, but if you will go back to camp and get a white soldier I will surrender to him." It was half a mile . to camp, and the bullets were flying thick, as bees, but the colored man was polite, as they ! always are. He said : " I would like to accommodate you. but I'se in a very great hurry, an:. ouH have to come' along, sab," and vOe rebel thought he had better brav jils father's wrath than carry on tbe "discussion any longer, and became along', the colored man, as he brought hira-ln, after telling tbe HARRINGTON, West Huron street. Buffalo, Oct. 20, 1876. ! )M-6t TO LET, THAT NOTED LIVERY STAND In the city of Buffalo, andiknowii as Miller's L.I very stable, anu Dounueu on tne soutn ny tne i ca pfrial gctiff. TTZZf DRESSMAKIHO BT jlAY OR Uv3 - week. alias Scboer 1 Sister are prepared la Sol fashlenaole dressmaking by the day, or wonkl take work at home. Best reference. Terms reasonable. Apply at 144 Pearl street. . - -. ! . , J- WANTED A GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework In a family of two. None but those thoroughly Competent aed apply, at 149 AMea street. . i h j I liT-St TKD A YOUNG MAN TO WORK fms maehtnee.-i Most under- stand Clark's Seorin Mhine, ami bo able to straw board aad cut the paper With taM shears. Apply at one by letter, aivf eat rience and references, spJjUT .T the winter, to C. . a? ALTMAN CO., 89 and 91 Richmond street, Toronto, Oat J24-t ANTED A FARTHER WITH THREB A .1 i 1M a wll atnlillfif. Ptl and increasing business; must be a sober, industrious business maa. ; Address B. P, M. L, Express oftlce. I v I fZS-4t T?OK WM. CULtEK BRYANT'S NEW J? . Work. In rarU, finely illustrated, responsible canvassers and general agents wanted. J. Bj FORD A CO., New York, i j J21-t Tf ANTED EVERYBODY TO TRY THE y new Common Sense Chltnnev Top and Ventilator, patented June 27, 1878. Warranted to core smoky chimnies or no pay asked. Pat no on SO days' trial. Full informaUon can be had by calling at 36 Niagara street MORGAN AULi, ratenieesi i - S - ii-tm KT ANTED OHK f V - ers to repair. THOtlSAND WRTNG- I have a room fitted an expressly for Suing on new rolls, etc, etc If oat of town send statement and receive a prompt reply. Cab repair any Wringer made. A. RII, 119 MaiU street. r I I b Tintt: KltKT-THE LABGK 19-STORY T frame dwelling bouse 460 Ellioott street. BOARD riRSf CLA89. GOOD ACCOM-modatioa for a few gentlemen. House well located, vata, no sou wra wior, s 978 Pearl street. ILL FOR BENT ONE SOOTH ROOM AND bedroom, well furnished. Hot and cold water, bath. Term reasonable. 9B Clinton street. l j i4-t TWO OR THREE BOARDERS WANTED in a private family and ia a very pleasant bouse, surreundings and locality, aad near street car. West side ot afaia tree. Address this offloe. I : ell-tf NEW DEFAUTMENTS. WE HATE JUST . OPENED A LARGE ASSORTMEMT OP VERY EIPORTED GOODS AT PRICES Thai Cost LE&S of Mi portation 0w ng to the fall in Gold and de duced Prices. CLOAKS AND To which we respectfully request the special attention ot intending purchasers. - . . .......'! -.:( V:-" ' if "' We purpose making a great success in these good, and offer them at extremely low price. Gas in every room. Cement cellar , under the whole house. Niagara waten Apply, to M. L. RITT, 49 WasMnsloa street e8-tf AD AM, MELDRTJM ef it mt--tyltMK tfc ANDERSON, FOR 8ALE. TO CURIOSITY SEEKERS. I have a splendid cohesttoo of coins composed of some rare specimens of. tic mney of various countries, which I wish to dispose of. nanei cL The collection can be OUR HORSES TO! m at 48 Charles street J26-8t 396,39Sf400AND 7 402 MAIN ST. a ALE. I APPLY TO R. OVENS A SONi 151 Ellioott street AMERICAN BLOCK. T ESIB ABLE HOFSEfS fOR SALE 194 XJ Fargo avenue and 882 Porter avenue. Also, three new IK and lV-storv eOttgs on Connecticut Street, between Fifteenth and Six teenth streets. - Must be sold, as owner has re-moved from Buffalo. , Address or inquire at 881 jrorter avenue. r sterw street ciose to uiroio. I l. : t i. i ' I . d4-8w . $20 WILL BUY Al BETTER STOVE AT W. WOLTGE'S. 819 Main street than anywhere .in this town, The Graphic ia in front of any fetofo. Examine its new grate and you will not wonder why people bnyjt I J25 72 COLORS. Ladles in search of Colored or Black Silk Velvets, will rind our assortment veryr complete and prices low. We show seventy-two different shades in the col- ordt and sixteen uualities in 175 American base burners, las new Superb Base Burners,, 100 Daunt less Base Burners. "With and without ovens. Double heaters. By special arrangement with manufacturers a reduction of nearly SO per cent on all styles; At RE1D' 119 Main street. black, wide. from 18 FLINT & KENT,. Main and Washington Streets. to 28 inches Black Cashmeres. ' Black Alpaca Dress Goods, ' Laces, Linens, , Cloths, Shawls, S, ,: . . . ALL AT ASTONISHINGLY, LOW PRICES. B A RITE V -lilV :-., BANCROFT & GO., 260, 263, 264, 266 Vain Street.! the Terrace Erie Canal, and north and east bv square. The stand is near the Mansion House, the Central, Exchange and Erie-street Depots, ine A GOOD RECORD 13 WHAT WEJ WANT. We think we have succeeded in convin cing the citizens of Buffalo that we sell the boot Stoves and ranges In theNmarket. A personal cal Will confirm the truth of the above assertion. JEWJK AT j awi. . Jin-lOt ATTENTION 18 i i RESPECTFULLY called to the largo and varied assortment oi cioves ami ttanges to on ronni ai ine saies-. rooms ox .eweu cc uoou corner or and Is the only well located Livery Stand In the southern part oi tne oily : is, large, wen vent tilated and in good condition, i Will be let on easy terms. MWFtf J. Mississippi streets. plates. Tl PeWv and All their goods have heavy ne castings are durable, j jiv-vt Fall and At Barnum's GRAND OFEMXJ OP . i i winter Fashions Great Tarief y Store. V.. K.. 1. 1 J 111 1 ' . 234 tain Street, Buffalo. A I THING OF WONDER AND A JOY Jl forever. A visit to the salesrooms of the foundry, ' corner of Perry and Mississippi streets, wiu repay anyone in searcn ot a gooa nesting or eooxiog eiove or itange.. HAY! LAYl T?OR SALE. 66 TONS OF BEST QUALITY J 1 of upland Timothy, crop of 1876. pressed in 100 pound bales, to be delivered on cars in Buffalo, or at Markham's, on lino of Buffalo 4 Jamestown Koaa, uatiarangua uouniy. i . ! 1 1 D. SHERMAN. ForestvUle, N. Y., Oct 21, 1878. . j'JS-lOt castings. Heaw 117-7t fUBBT THE NEW8 TO ALL WHO J 1 need a stove to cook or heat that the foundry, corner Perry and Mississippi streets, is the place to go and buy. Polite attendance. low prices, superior goods, promrit deliveries anu good workmanship. , axo-lSt 1 .4 . .4 T bimJ'-Applause. 1" a, Gen'l ; I fotched provided for tbe division of the real and - MISCELLANEOUS. It was a drunken carpenter who said he could not carry his spirit level. i . An exchange remarks that a man's reputation for sobriety often hangs upon a breath. . A cynical lady, rather savs most men are like a caught, but very hard to get rid of. A German writing home concluded his letter thus: "If I lift till I dies, tell my friends at home that I snail visit mine fatherland before I leave here.'f ' ' s; A little girl, after listening some time to oer itiioers ibuii-iiouiuk wuu vuo ser Vint crlrl ATilftmprlt inclined to flirt, cold, very easily wiliiam wicks; QUANTITY I SURVEYOR and GENERA! MEASURER; for, BUILDERS and all the trades, in connection with building operational QUANTITIES suppUed to, MECHANICS bid ding in competition for Buildings. Fire Losses adjusted. . j ., . .. .. L: :.f . AssujiMcereaaeTwi l Lawyers, in case where the quantity or quality of Building Ma terials or Buildings is in dispute. FIFTEEN YEARS' EXPERIENCE: -fl OtBee hours, 8 A. sr. to 6 r. v., at 304 Ma street, 8d floor, and 10 Erie street, 1st floor Buffalo. i 321-lm CHESTNUT TREES FOR SALE. HAYING MADE IT AygPEClALTY FOI twentv vears" in growine the Honu Chestnut I offer to the nvblio a stock of large I-size trees, suitable for streets and lawns, at rair prices. j irst cau nrst cnoice. uruprs so licited at 938 Delaware street. Buffalo. WW HODGE. I i j7-5w Frank Leslie's Lady's Journal CUT PAPER PATTERNS -hi i- CONGRATULATION8 ON THE I PUR-chase of a JEWITT Jt ROOT range Or stove are now the order of the day. Call and buy at the. foundry, corner Perry and Missis sippi streets, xne nrm seu no inferior Heavy castings only. C STINGS ANDBRICK VO 1st and ranges manufactured Jewett A Root, corner of. Perry STOVES JEWh.TT & ROOT can only be bad at the foundrv of and Mis sissippi streets, or by ordering through any of the District Telegraph offices in the city. .. .j.,.. ; .'. .j yn-iot i CRUSHED OUr THE AIM AND WATCHr word of monopolies. Encourage retail dealers, open retail stores and support them. Give youug men of enterprise! a chance. tiS wiu Duy a wrapnic rnai W. WOLTGE, 819 Main heats' four i rooms hot street , I ,. 125 j Oni futis ami Berlin stvles of Dress and Cloak Trimmings are now open. Every, novelty of the season in greater variety than ever before offered, and at prices made before the advance in silk, i --. .1 ! Buttons In every new and desirable styles In the market for Ladies and Children's wear. The largest variety in the country. Buttons for Gentlemen' dress and overcoats, latest styles; also lor societies, military, police, liv-ery, etc i .- j ; j Ribbofis Every pew and fashionable shade In all breadths; also Velvet Ribbons, Sashes, Belting. . J I' : ' Ladles' Belts, Girdles,! Chains, Chatelains, Collars; new arid novel styles. Side Pockets in every mounting. Also the new style Hair Nets. Jewelry In every style,! in Celluloid, Onyx, Amber, Coral, Pearl, Ivory, Rubber and Gold. Silver Filagree, Gold and i Plated Sots,; Ear Drops, Chains, Crosses, Lockets, etc., etc., complete variety. I j Woolen Knitting Yarns of every description; Germ an town and real Berlin Zephyr Worsteds, honest id weights. . . : . . . , Hand-Knit Zephyr Hoods, Sack) Shawls and everything for Ladles aad Children's wear. Prettiest styles we have ever displayed; - Political Banners, Flags and Streamers of all sizes and made to order. XArge variety of Badges, Pins, Rosettes, , Learned Pig, Paper Lanterns, Roman Candles, Rockets, Colored j ires, etc, eto. i FALL OPENING. Furs & Cloaks. AN IMMENSE STOCK OF JTJJRS, CLOAKS AND SHAWLS OFFEtlED BY, BARNESy BANCROFT .1: FOR CASH At Great Bargains aud I - Reduced Prices. CLOAKS MADE TO, ORDER MANNER. IN THE BEST atly ABK SOLD BY i P5HSO!Ul i are to MrJ iOoldwia Smlith and wife sixmd the winter in Bacland and ItalvJ Cousin ChriHtlne Missoa bas settled a handsome annuity on ber aged parents and bas much mon,ey left. ij , i 4.-i . ! ; :s I .. Josle ' Mansfield I said to he In Phila delphia. 'If that's the case Mr. Stokes lad better avoid thai Centennial and strike straight for Europe. Hi'- -r- i i A Cincinnati artist has painted a rior- trait rf Mrs.. Hayes, wllf-9 or this itepublioan candidate for the Presi-Jency, represent log her, witn nistoneai accuracy, as stanuiai bv the cot of a soldier ia the amy hospital Mr. Talmage, It is aaid, will! probably accept the call to; I'lylnoutB Church, Chi cago. Tbe climate ot Brooklyn is unfav orable to bis wife'' health, and; her physi cian have advised her removal jrom sea air. --The Han. Charles - r raneia Adams: tbe Hon. William M. Evarta. Wendell Pbillins, and other dlstiDguished I alumni of the Boa- ton Latin School, have signified their lnten tioaof being present atj the centenary dia- neroi that institution on the Via oi vember. .ii . ' ', i l , l !;i lr An Episcopal throni costing $5,000 has been erected in Christ C hurch Cathedral, Oxford, as a memorial ot the late Bishop Wllberroreew Other meftrortals have been, erected ia tbe shape of buildings attached to Cuddesdora College. ' Tiiere were 513 subscribers, and altogether these : memorial eoa3,Z2U, i i ';;.r i j . ! -.r! d the other nlrht at f With evert man the Garden ot Eden is home (dropping bis Voice) even when. with! Inany of us, it la Paradise Lost" Tbe audience applaudea and pitied tbe man who wandered about ia sleeping cars with no Garden of Eden near --Jvew York Juepresa. (j j. -i j , 1 1 There is much talk'jtn New York of the approaching release at Stokes. At the: Kris depot particularly, Haays the Worldi tha turned was canvassed on Monday, and especially by the old emptayees, who form4 erly worked under Fisk. ( The general aen-tlment seemed to be od! of displeasure at the prospect of Stokes bf icjg agmia at large ; but when tbe question was askei whether be would probably be molested,, the reply wu. " Vfl.! nnhflrlv wabSa tA awinir fnr" The ROGUES FALL . 1 1 ' . Democrats ia New 8plit. 4 Theodore Til ton said Chlckerlag Hall : was, -no, Stokes." Tweed"' Qnarters. From the New Tk Bart. Wardctt Wilson has fitted trn new nnar- ter In Ludlow btreet Jail for Tweed. : The lUing-rpom U nicely carpeted, and' haa a circular table in the middle, and a small regiment of chair round tbe room. A email table and a sofa complete the furnishing of the apartment Two barred windows With embrasures, and not reaching within four! feet of tbe floor, comtete the-description' of Tweed' future siUing-roem. At- olning the sitting-room U Tweed's ilcep- wnicn I snout twenty ieet long inJyT Stop scolding Bridget, papa; she ain't yourwife." : The following notice is posted con spicuously in a Scotch office: "Shut the door, and when you have done talking on business serve your mouth the same way." Priest: I "Now. tell me. Dbolan. truth fully, how often do you go to the chapel II" Pat: "Will now, shurei oi'll MI yerriv'- rence the trut'. Faix, I go as often I can avoid V' Punch. , 1 !; A Newport man stopped a runaway horse by dashing a pail of water in its face ; and a woman in the carriage, instead of thanking him for saving her life, grumbled because ber dress was spattered. n Tbe old and close-fisted fellow in a class-meeting rose up and said : " Brethren and sisters, for four and forty vears I have been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and I thank God my religion never cost me a cent" j - T - :, I- " So." Bald a lady, recently to an Aber deen merchant, " your pretty daughter has married a rich husband." f Well," slowly replied the father, 1 believe she has married a rich man, but I Understand he is a very poor husband." .-JL '... f . " Tickets, air." said a railroad ticket- collector, tho other day i to a passenger. " My face- is my ticket," replied the other a little vexed. " Indeed." said the ticket- collector, displaying a most powerful bunch of fives ; " well, my orders are to punch all tickets."' .-, :. - I i? Trik,.n rn . 4a.', "Uotou wantemDiovmentr'inquirea aWt it ha bpen irumdrl'f:1lf!ntc"K0 merchant of a dapper-looking an- j astit has Deen rumorea I-. ft r . WAi,L w.n nlLi Ultuiiiisj suv vtmmj aavw i mmtrj haughtily replied tbe young Chap, a he twirled a two shilling cane, " I can't say that I want employment, but I aw I would like aw a good sort I berth some where." He didn't get the place. ; chas; CHEAP AND FIRST-CLASS. THE FA mous Stoves and iRantrefc made i at the foundry of Jewett & Root corner Perry and juisissiDPi streets. ' iseac uie world in fltvia. beauty and durability. For sale cheap at foun-f dry prices. , T I J17-7t TMAMOND. A DURABLE Akol ECO- U i nomical base burner which is, -favorably known to a host of our citizens who i have used it dtiring the past winter. It is manufactured and for sale only by JEWETT A ROOT. cor.: i-erry ana Mississippi streets, i. i jzo-ist DIAMOND A 8ELFVFBEDING PARLOR Stove so constructed as to thoroughly; wrm vii jiour anu aii Liie tower parsoi a room., Guaranteed to operate successfully, and for sale at low prices by JEWETT Ar-ItOOT, cor. of Perry and Mississippi streets. 18l-15t , TO SAVE MONEY! BUT yocb :: I - ! '-I- -' ! : Engravings, Chromos, Mirrors, Frames!, ; i . Cornices, Brackets, Etc., , "at I j :.;-:;' MUTTER & HODDICK'S . . . i i i .. 831 MAIN STREET. elMy S. RILEY, I AMOND. AN ILL .1 that has shone in the personal property in this Country, Valued at $11,000,000. into sixty portions. . These portions or part were divided in various proportions to Dinger's l.st wife, Isabella Kugenle Hlngerl now living in i England. her six children) and among tbe seventeen other males and females whom Singer called his children by various women with whom he professed to have been married or conaDiteu. . . ; , To Fanny Elizabeth Singer be gave only one portion, or about $150,000, because she was tbe wile of Mr. Archer, but free from his control or interference. To most of tbe other children of Mrs. Mary Ann Foster be fave two portions, or about aoo,ooo each. 0 Isaac Augustus Singer, the applicative gave two portions. 1 f i Tbe applicatioa was made under the stat ute tbat provide! for tbe payment of the income ot the legacies, wben the legatees are in actual need oi it, when tne proper application shall be uiade to the surrogate. If the amount does Dot exceed the income of the legacies, be may grant the application. The surrogate directed the executor, David Hawley, of Yonkers, to pay to Mrs. Fanny Jtuzaoetn Archer ana isaac Augustus siu,- (AW each. ... i I ! Bookseller, Stationer and Newsdealer, '!'! 1 '.!-; i 313 Main Street, Buffalo. i i - i ! Illustrated Catalogues furnished on applica tion. 121 CAN & MEASURE OY JMIN ATING 0TOV E tin hamM of nur o.iti- ZenS duriilir tnn TiaAt wintar- anil ; nraitnrafl cheerfulness and comfort wherever introduced. A durable stove. Buy one at the foundrv. cor. ferry and Mississippi streets, i , j u j26-lfit IAMOND. AN ILLUMINATING STOVE that has shone in th homaa ofi nnv ih. sens during the past winter, and produced cheerfulness and comfort wherever introduced. uuruuic is uire, uy one at tne foundry, cor ner ui irerry ana Mississippi streets, i BUFF Jry, cor ,(l7-7t SCALES THE STANDARD A LO UNPRECEDENTED LOW PRICES H WOOLEN GrQODS, Flannels, Cassimcrii. Cloths, water Pjoofs, 'Aweeas, cents' iinderwear. Ladles unaerwearn Hosiery, Yam, Skiru. Etc, Etc Barnes, Bancroft & Co., 1-1 S ' 360, 962, 96-ns09 MUn street SILKS !i SILKS BARNES, BA? 260, 962, 964, 2I TJ'OUNDRY PRICES PREVAIL AT THE JL famous retail department of Jewett A Root comer Perry and Mississippi streets. Buy their superior stvles chean initina hn. retail expenses. Smooth finished and heavy SI Buy Only the Genuine AT S T ERS LOWEST PRICES L if -I 1 .),... n' I Bas AT BAKER BR OLT. York City . ...! lU-ly 646 MAIN STREET. THE : From the r or some time pa that tbe breach between Mr. John Kelly. tbe leader of Tammany Hall. August Bel mont, former en airman or tbe Democratic national committee, and other leading men Of Tammany Hal, and Mr. Tilden, which was. first developed at St. Louis, bad not been effectually healed, and that local issues bad revived tbe animosities. Mr. Tilden, it was reported, bad grown suspicious of the loyalty of Tammany Hall, and in order to guard against any treachery at the polls next month, he Ld organized the move ment in favor of Mr. Green. These rumors have been confirmed, and a very serious sDlit in tbe local Democratic party exists, - In distrust of Kelly and Tammany Hall, -Mr, Tilden atarted the movement a month ago to make Mr. Green Mayor. The bogus contractors, tax-payers, blind men, and other association!-, were organized by his orders, and probably with his money. Tbe Tilden and Hendricks clubs have been di- j reeled to co-operate with tbts movement and thus In the course of a month an organ ization, baa grown up the machinery ana 1 strength ot which make it a formidable rival of Tammany Hall. A union with tbe UBrmiDi anu will Anu-isuinjuj nuuiu enable it to poll a vote almost, if not ' quite as large, as that of I Tammany Hall. With a Republican approval the ticket of the Independents, or Anti-Tammany call it What name one mav would defeat Tam many Hall by from 30,000 to 60,000 majority. This state of affairs has naturally alarmed Tammany Hall leaden. Distrust on either side grow dnlly, and demoraliza tion is almost certain to ensue. ; 1 O.'S, DIED. AM AN Oct S3, in this city. Lucy, younges daughter of Christine Aman. Funeral from St. John's Lutheran Church, on M lckory street, ints irnnayi arte moon at s o'clock. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to .attend. J I : LACY Oct 28, in this city, Henry C Lacy, aged S3 years. V' 1 Jj I I Funeral will take place from Delaware Avenue as. r. cnurcn, uiis aiiernoon as o'ciock. The remains will be taken to Detroit Mica., for interment. , ill - COMMERCIAL AGENCY. ;: 1 ESTABLISHED 1842, JOHN McKILLOP & CO., 179 Jttfiln Street, Buffalo, Xew Tflrk. prompt attention Given to the Collect!, DebU in anv Dart of the United States or I aua. , , r 1 . . 1 K. P. Pay. Aessee and Manager. : rew jsiyie:oi uprigntnano. We desire to call attention to an elegant STEINWAY TIBE BRICK AND CASTISO8 KFrmn I to repair Stoves andi TtatiffM a .!... t jk Root's manufacture can be procured oKLVSt the; Foundrv. corner Perrv Jk Via.iaaini streets, or bTorderinir thWinirh Jtnv nf th. 1Kb. trict Telegraph offices in the city. i 126-tf - .1 ' 1 AST . SPRING I BOUGHT LOW. I FOR cash, the bankrunt stock of imMim ase Burner, etc which -t nm unin. t,.i ?ri?e-. A11 kinds of repairs for the same Stove. . ituau, ai Main street) , , 1 . i7 XTO FANCY MARGINS ARE ASKED OR Xl exacted at the retail riomrtmam .r-- I a, mm, 1 a gooa eiove ii any description can be had at a mnoh lower price than elsewhere at the foundrv. aunerof Ppm.nit Li i. KA)KK REPAIRS Van STOVRA nir AJ JEWETT A ROOT'S manufacture direct irura uiB iounoryor through District Te e- graph. Prompt attention will be given all , men uruers, ana competent workmen detailed to. make any repairs needed, at moderate , 1 . las-ist BUFFALO SCALE CO. 822 EXCHANGE STREET, BUFFALO NATIOtfAU M ILLS ' NOS. S3 TO 220 ERIE STREET. -i I !:;; . . . Manufacturers of -." .1: r -"" : " .' THORNTON CHESTER'S BEST. GLOBE,' 'PATENT," "WHITE LILY," 'FRANKLIN, an of Can- PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, AND AN assortment of Stoves and Ranges unequal ed. Polite attend&nne and nmmnt ri.ll.. ery of goods.j Come to Uie foundry, corner of peI7,11 Mississippi streeu. 'to buy Stove andHange.. Ai', .W-Tt :, UTOV1SSAKU RANGES CAN BE BOUGHT p at 18 Main street of 1 W. WOLTGE. for ices. 1 Convince yourself, by large advertisements. ana buy the Graphic; 1 ! GRAHAM AND RYE FLOUR. i . - ; ......:;L:,-: . CORN MEAL AND FEE B OF ALL KINDS. Delivered to any part of the City 4 Thornton. Sc Chester. less than foundry prices. in i ne deceived Use your own judgment pniy vzuioragood size -I SEE THEIR OOOna-WHEN IK SEARCH f Stoves, do not forget that Jewel A Root. corner of ferry and Mississippi streets, keep it 01 neaung Moves.. in the IJ17-7t tt e largest assortment of Iieatinr Ranges and Cook in Stoves to he fnnnil city. Their castings are all heavy. centennial; -, 1 f,i .... PEOPLE'S LIKE ' ALBANY TO NeV YORK. PI ANOSJ KN ABE Grand. Square and Upright HAINES BBC'S, 1 I' i Wir tciB. PIAWOS All At7leaaiwllrieesu I I ., PIANOS For Rent, and Rant applied towards CABINET GRAND vrivn ' ' -i i tr- .-, (i ....... -..V. -j,- .. , f.,. FINISHED IN MOTTLED WALNUT, j Asairjdemaybe seen at our Warerooms. COTTIER & DENTON, ; ! ' MS Mala street rTIHOSE WHO BUT THEIR bTOVEB and A ranges at the foundry, corner ot Perry and Mississippi sweets, will find themselves I rewaraed by tbe satisfactory manner In which tne goods wui perform Mieir several duties. FIRST-CLASS PASSAGE tl.M DBCK PASSAGE, 60 CTS. . ccLi HOTEL OPENING vurchase. ORGANS AND MELODEONS. PIANO STOOLS AND COVERS. C. H. UTLET, HI Pearl 8treet. 'near Seneca. The Trlusapb of Surgery. ..it.- Mrom the N. Y. 8un. ' For tbe first time fnce 184H, a galvano- eauterv batterr was used In New Bruns wick yesteruay, in tne paniai removal 01 the cancerous growth -with 'which the mouth of John Stults had been filled.: One- third of tbe malignant mass, tbat cannot weigh less than a pound, and ia as large as a goad-sized C.t was taken away in seg ments by means of a wire, in the lorm of a . loop, wonted witnta momo-screwy aoa heated by the battery to a white heat so that the blood-vessels were cauterized as soon as tbey were eiit, and hardly an ounce of blood was losi. The patient endured tbe operation without the aid of anaesthetic. The operator was Dr. Rice, ol Xew Brunswick, who waa assisted by Or. Budd, boue surgeon at the Roosevelt Hospital in tm city. The patient is able to close bis mouth ALEXANDER H. BROWN, MACHINIST, 1 j Brass Founder, Copper and Sheet Iron Worker, aiaain liter, juguwen- suppuea, ; 16, 18 and 20 Elk. St., Btiflalo. Manufacturer of - ' .1 . - PUMPS, BOSS, RIDKAITg AJTO - l a 11 kinds of Brass Cocks. Globe' Whistles, Ws)T and Steam Ganges. Distillers' i ana Brewers' norK. i meam Engine Ke pairing. I. P. BO WEN - - Proprietor. COB. SWAN AND ELLIOOTT STREETS, ,;.' .( BUFFALO. :" , us Grand Centennial Hotel la centrallv ; eated In the heart of the business part of tha city, and nas oeen , - - . - . -i Befitted and Ke furnished from Cellar Families supplied wltb suites of Boarders or tne aay or week am fha moa reasonable terms, Traveiinx ageaia espeeiall' aeeommodated. j , . eSS-tt , r- pr n. 1 1 WORKS'S CHKISTIA5 ASSOCIATION I 311 E GRAPHIC RANGE HAS THE DOU-. ble sheet fine. Don't be deceived I by rge advertisements. Tbe success of 'the Graphic double sheet flue i is proof tbat It Is the Cheapest., best and hajulMnneat nnve. a P. OAKS, Agent 838 Mans street. I THE WAY TO RESUME SPECIE PAY-ments. is to bnv vour sroods where von can get the beet and cheapest. Do not help inflation by paying enormous profits. JEWETT A ROOT, corner of Perry and Mississippi streets. 3. Ji6-lSt THE WAY TO RESUME SPECIE iPAY-ment is to bny your goods where you can get the best and cheapest Do not help Infla tion by paying enormous profits. JE WSTT 4t HOOT, corsar of Perry and Mississippi street. ' I ' , . )17-7t rpWO LOCOMOTIVE REFLECTORS , FOB I sale,, suitable for store or large build-iniirs. Also, a Nc 17 Morning Glorv Portable urnace wim regiscers, soi air ana amose pi pes, as good a new, at a great bargain.! Ai piyatonoe. A nx.wf ir asm street. DAILY, SUNDAYS EXCEPTED, AT 8 o'clock p. u., or on arrival of all evening inmiinwinenonii, mi sorest, ..most comfortable and convenient route to the Centennial Exposition, as we land our passengers In New York only two piers from the Philadelphia R.R. : Centennial and special tickets via Hi R. R. R. tekea for passage and cabin berth. W.W tteguiar a. tt, k. k. xicaets laasn lor passage ana state room, verth. I COMFORT. SAFETY. STEAMERS . DUETT, CAPT. 8. J. ROE, MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS. I DEAN KICUM0SD, CAPT. T. D. CHRISTOPHER, TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS Arriving ia New York la time for all ( early train South aad Eaat - i , itennial Excursion Tickets, $040, To Philadelphia and return. fCROFT & MAIN STREET. ash. Black,. Colored and Fnoy Silks selling mainly j. : at wejjBXceeaing. j j ... - j- - Low Prices f Last Season. 'i 4-JO. -'i ." Black' Telretg, IHramliigrs, Silk It " - wmA friA . . " t. I . Dreuasx,vc, r,vc Efarnes, Bancroft & . SflO, 202,284, S Main street 1 !- : .1 - f-- Blankets. Blankets BARNES, BANCROFT & ' 1 I 960.S99, 264, Mala street , : . OVER 109 CASES dPENING FOB OUI FALL IrRADE AT UNUSUALLY AlsoJ LOW PRICES. - !T.- Lap. Robe, CrlU BlaekiOoZlOrtrjra, iea wuuti aiuxt jcta, , , i Barnes, Baiicroft&Oo., , as. 262, 264, lei Mala areet Ccirpets. I Carpets; BARNES. BANCROFT .- ; 160, 982, 284, WMin street. OPENING DAILY NEW GOODS IN OUR, 7 UNDERSOLD I AM STOP TAXTES, 1 t " valves, Steam BOAKDLNO HOME Will: kot be selling as man Botwith-taading the hard time. I have Ave or l ix kinds, and 1 REIO,li Main street . i - - , 17 An V! prom puy attended to. Cash paid for Old Cop per ana ii Gov, bing Agent for tbe Hantaan Steam '-y "I ' I? OR RENT A BRICK RESIDENCE 1 . the vicinity of the Tifft House. An .UK IUUUI. U II. Ktt -livl.t Tn ft ia - Mvwl. hljir twwl. at- I ready made ana waiting;.! The wn has tor the tirt tiqe in jmany weeks, the caa mirable location for a physic Tbe home has been thoroughly papered, and is in admirable order. O A AO, s wen aeaeca street. IN iQia or dentutv repainted and JOHN FOR YOUNG PROTESTANT WOMEN, -. . - . ' -- i - v.; - WEtrtsgiettjeet, earaer Euieott,, PRICE m WIIX FROM S2.7S TO $1M I T?OK SALE AS JOHNSON PLACRi WITH P a t-tory basenvent aad attio brick faouae, in beaotifnl order aad every modern convenience. Lanndry, tornaea, eta. Axit SSxUS. Apply JOHN OTTO, 24 West Senas street, -TOU HELP TO TAKE THB BREAD OUT snuaren's moutas a you support Bay tbe Graphic of the retailer These Steamers have n neon a led aeeommo- uion lor tbe comfort and safew sra, and In elegance and speed ara surpassed ur do ouw iinfs on ujo umuhb Tickets ean be bad and from all station on the R. York. Canada and Grand 'frank. -Trar-and Boston R. R., Central Vermont R. B aad tbe Aaironoaca tt. tt. y. ty Baggage trannf erred free in Albaov. J. W. H ARCOURT. Asrent : Albany, Sept SO, 1876. ! eT baggage checked - A 8. B. R.. New at foundry prices, $20, and give your children a chance. . W. WOLTGE, 81Maia street 15 naaia streeui ill RENT IN T: YOU HELP TO PAY HIGH RENT IN THE additional nroOt a ked and reeei ved from I von when tou lit stoves and Atanrea else where titan at the foundry, corner of rerry and Misslssioni streets. Come and see the largest I assortment la the world, t . i!7-7t 8T0YE BEPaISS FOB 1 Stewart, Hcrldlaii, EYenlng Star, Or any other stove manufnetured la BuflaJo, Albany, Troy or Rochester, at lowest prices. Send postal ewl or call en .r : i - A. MACHWTRTH SON. l23-3nt C, W aad w iuut benesee street CAEEET DEPAETMENT AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. CASH AND ONE PRICE Oil Cloths. Hogs, MatOnga, Lao, and Notting - " u.w.u, c nRjpj eauiera jomuTmyjOumjm bnades, '. i toaaa, steps JStn. - i J m Barn Vi-, es, Bancroft &C6., ?60 TQ ?66 1IAIN STt. Kid- 1 ! ' t V- I I - I S l -V

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