Blackheath Gazette from London, Greater London, England on January 4, 1895 · Page 1
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Blackheath Gazette from London, Greater London, England · Page 1

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1895
Page 1
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4-' f'u^ REFORM. FRANCIS CHAPPELL&SONS Prapriftort of (he Improved Cart d jBrauf lamt. OFFICKS- LEE BSI-DGB. LEWISHAM Fsotot BcloratHiUJ, and 7, OOIfET TAHB, ELTHAM. C»iTi»gt DepirtBant:—B«b«TOt Htm, la OmtlwaAUndaMctforOTBiU C*»u*nif»r tit Bectptu»^OtMt ctminftfSaa. •Oomplflta AnmtifamBata Vniart&kaa far Ifuaenla to fraaanj distance. ELTBAM, LEE, AlfD MWISHAM ADVERTISEE. Sa 1541 FEIDAT, H. J. THOMPSON, BLIND MAKER, HIGH HOUSE, MOXrPEL[R:i RO V BLACKHEATH, Manafacturor of Lnnde and Oataide Vfiwisrm Blindi and Shop Blinda of every deacription. PATTERNS AND ESTIMATES PEBB THE TRADE 3UPPLIBD. Eastia SammcT Hooeei, Archea, Beau and Flower Standi kept in stock. WlnJow Boxaa in TUea. Cork or Wood to ordsr. ART 4. 18»5. r THE GvnMAi. Porr OTTTC* A* A HwwwrAsn [PRICE ONK PENNY. BIRTHS MARRIAGES & DEATHS WEAT.—SOth tJt, at V Dorar-road, Blaokhealh, tire wi{« of Oven J. ^n;, of a das«fat«. Bi &EBK.—On the Utb dt, at AaUelgb, Lennaid- road, Beekenham, the wiie of Jaxaea Baxkd, of a CARMAH.—On the 27th nit, at Bmniwick, Sooth- toad, Foreat Hill, the wife ot Hanij Caiman of a •on. CaUtBS.—lit init_ at Ingleaeie, Tie»«bnry-ro»d, Srdtnhaa, the -wife at G. B. Gdmet, of a dall(hter. HTJSHKa;—OB the t2sd nlt„ at 33, Wood-nle, FoMt HiB, the wife of Alfred U-Qregoi Hoshei, "«KIHBKE.-M»hBlt, atjiotoajrft, Hjwto-forf, BXwS^^^^^^'^ Bimeralda, Ijiiwtie-patk^raad, S^enhio, the wife of PendTal T. Billi, of a dangfatex. VUBUOB8. 8MITH—JOXBS.—Oa the 28rd nit., at the Immanael Cbuch, Paddington, Joha Boater Smith, eeoond tffi of John Smith, of Fjnnntcftd. to Nanny Sophia Jone*. third daaghter of Joeepfa jooei. of Kightin gale -Tale, Woolwich. PEATHB. BRAIX.—On the 18th alt at SO, Albion-road, College nark, Lrewisham, Fann; Elliabeth Siddall, aged 67. BLAGG.-lit inau, at Blackheath,John Ward, eldut eon of Charlea John Blagg, aged Sfi. CLABKB—On the 2«th alt, at 19, BewarJine-road, Dpper Korwood, Jeiaie Florenoe, yonnger daaghter of Alfred Clarke, vted H. GRANT,—On ttcSeih alt, at Brookiey, Peroj. ton of Jobo Grant, aged Z8 jean. HEWITT—On the Mth oil., at Catford nf typhoid fetcr, Henry Bealey Hewitt, M3., M.Ch., Canub., Clare Collo£f, STOCKKN.—On the 2&tb inat, at Hill Brow, Bnmt Aah-hitl, Lee, William Slodcea, Biq., aged 69 Tearr. WYATT—aotn ult, at 166, Brockley-road, Edwin Wjrait, aged *l. BLACKHEATH AUCTION ROOMS EASTOOMBE TKRBAOK. MR. R. J. SUTER, AUCTIONEER VALUEH, .BABTOOMBHTEERAOB, BLACKHEATH. SJ EitaiJithti ISSi. These ADCTIION ROOMS afford a firBt-cIam Hedinm to EzKmtorB and others for Sale of HIGH • GLASS FTJENITTJRH A KFFBOTB FREEHOLD & LEASEHOLD PEOPZETIBS, MONETARY SECDEITIES, to. Balea erexy three weeks. ftoods oan be reodrvd daily, or oolleotod, on reodpt of letter, by oorered rane. tft EaU Termj end Calaloguei appljf at Uu AucUaiuxr 1 OtHee as above. MB. R. J. BUTKB &1BO ufidert&kefi die Viklnation of all descriptiani ot Property, ajid makei the Valaation oi ruEirmmE, WOEKS of AKT. OLD CEOKA BILVER, 40., A SPEOIALITT. TxM PBOBATI DUTY, Family DtTJiion t Ingnimnoe MR. E. J, BUTKK OK& •Jf* ATTui^ for the porohMe of 0<^eotiOD at WorkB of Art, or for their remonl andfia aUb br OonuaiMiaii or Publto AnntJon XMAS PJRESENTS. PEPPERCORN BEOS.' STORES ^ow prennt a moat animated appeaianoe, bsiod °Uea with Ooodi of Btery Varietr laitaUs for Oiftaat the prt«ent Season of the Tear. Tlie yoong will find their reqniremanteadeqaatelymet, while thoee of more mattipe years will eipeiienoe great plealtm Is inipntiag. eyen if th^y do not Day. aome of the wonderfnjly pretty and tuefal articlea exhibited in the Baaar and Fancy Fair. fOYS J )OLLS. TOYS. (^AMES. XOYS. J )OLLS JOYS. QA]^1ES. The latcBt NoTelUci in Toye, Dolli, and G «mM are noiic on ahow in the Fancy Fait and Baxaar at Peppercorn Broa. Btorer, at pricee which most tempt poruhavors—indeed, marrenotu TaJoea ench a£ are now offered excite the wonder of all riaitora to ihii ettAbUnhment. I )INNER gERVICES. DINNER SERVICES. J )INNER SERVICES. OotUge Dinner Serricea, B;11, 8/11. Dinner Bcrvicea tor 12 persona in an almoet endleaa variety of patterns, shape and oolonr. It ia qoTte tme to Bay that althongb in previons years the dieplay was large and the dnigns good and cheap, lllia season's show far excels anything which lias been attempted cn former occasions. SerricB! for 12 penoni, 10/11, 13/11, 16,6, 19/11 to 126/-. Ditto, with Bonp Tnreens and Plstee, 23/6, 35/-, to £10 12a. 6d. XEA gETS. 'pEA gETS. •jEA gETS. If the show of Dinner Ware Is excellmt. still more may be said ooncerning tbe btock of Ohina Tea Bets, than which, nothing could be better at the pricoi matle ' e Toriety ii tiro raj large. Sets (40 piroes, China), C/11, 8 11, 10/11,16/C to £H IDs. The higher price goads are enperhly decorated ly .Mi 'S. I^.A.MPS. LAMPS. A remarkahly eff^t-ire Display of LampB is to be s**'n at Peppercora Broa. etorea, and anyono denroni to make a pre«cnt wonld do veil to iae thf> a.'Ie^tion, which leans notung to be desired either in dciign or price. XMAS PRESENTS. X^AS PRESENTS. Bags, Pcrlmantean., T>rM.iog Caua, Aibnina PRESENTS. Work BaakeU,•Writing Cases, Photo Framoa Cloaks. XMAS PRESENTS. Catlery. Spoons and Fcrka, Electro Plated Ooodf. \MAS PRESENTS. Qollt», Blanket*, ElwaU, Table Oorers' Ocrtatna. _, VMAS PRESENTS. ^ 'TabJe* Ohttis, Cablneti, Sldabtmrda, Orermutala. XMAS PRESENTS. Can>«»,C«I**8qoarea, UnotaiiiiJ,Ploor. -olotba. ; • -J BT Ha. E. J SUTER. BLAOKHBATH AUOTION BOOMS. Fnmittin aale Ha VH. M B.aJ.8UTBBwiUS«UbyAootlon, at bis Anotion Eooma, as abore, on TO BSD AT, January ISth, 1895, an exmllant aaortment of Hooaehold FUENIXUKB and Effects. Farther gooda tor this sala ahornld be sent In at dnoe or same oan be oolleetedon noelpt of letter. Apply at the Anctlonser 'B Uffloea, 6, Baatoombe- terraoo, Blackheath. wmlba BT MB. HBNET W. ILIB. Snptris Japanasa foods, ralaaUa ihiine, latre oaUneti, eaoretair«,aarTBd stands, Taaaa, (detoiM in silk, ornaments, ohina tea and dessert sets, nmbrella tent, yalnable brooces and omamenul items, hoasebold FTTEHITUBE, two pianofortes, American organ (24 stops), ransioal boxes, ntunerotxs oil paintings, old o2iina,^lated goods, M ' E. HEHBY W. ILBS wUl SeU by Anotian on TUESDAYNBXT, Jan.8th. acl2J0eharp, on tbe Premises, No. 41, Either Green-lane, Lewisham, the abore ralnable oollaction, £e Tannaker, r«Bowad in oonnection with the "Japanese Village." Catalogaee on the premises and ot Mr. Henry W. nee, Anotloneer, Southend-on-Sea. 1 J. G. THOMAS & SONS. FUNERAL DIEECTORS AND CARRLAGE MASTERS, 70, HIGH STREET, DEPTFORL F0NBEALS CONDirOTED WITH ASB OH . .• ! THE BEFOaUED PBISaiFLES OF THE DAt By Messrs. HABD8 t BRADLT. OS THURSDAY EVENraO NEXT. At tbe Soyal Mortar Hotel. Woclwich, on Thursday Erening next. Jan. 10th, 1995, M ESSttS. HARDS k BRADLYI will Sell by Anotion the following deaiiable FREEHOLD PEOPERTIEa: — WOOLWICH.—Four Freehold Dwelling Honsee, Nos. 40 and 42, Band-street, and 27 and 28, Morris-street, prodocicg £81 16B. perannnm gross. Solicitor. J. V. Franklin, B«j., West Brighton. PL0MSTEAD.—For oconpatlon or sate, in rest- menl—Freehold Villa. DlnglBside, 168. Upper Bglinton-road ; with poaseasion : rental valoe £35 per annum. Solicitors. Ueears. Watu and B[abershon, Oreen's Bnd. Woolwich. Partionlare of the respectire solicitors as abore; at tbe Eoyal Mortar Hotel ,- or ot the Aootiooeera, 153, Fenoharoh.etr«et, E.G., and Greenwich. SALES & WILTSHIRE, Auctioneers, Sunfeyora & Yalners, 65, FENOHUECH STEBKT, K.C., 159, LEE HIGH BOAD, 133, LEE EGAD AKD AT BBOCKLEYtOATFOED BAIL WAY STA'HONS M ESBEIS. 6ALE3 & WILTSHIRE'S next Sale by Anotion takes place at the Mart, City, on FEBEDAEY 11th, 1896, ot Fraohold and Leasehold Properties at Lee, Lewiaham and Btockley. Partioi wishing to include properties in this ale should send nrticolais atones. Auotion offices, 66. Fennhnrob-atraet, E.C., 169. EIsl»Dad, Lee, and at Brooklqr and Caitord. ^ wmlsb BT 8EQBAVE. BBOWETT 4 TAYLOB BECKENHAM, KENT. Eor oooupaticn. Fxoesdinirly oholoe madinm aiiad Freakold Detaolked Sesidsnae. ia perfect order thna^ont, standing Is beantlfblly kept grtmnda' ot aibout half-an-asra, with pretty fernery, oonserratorr, hothotiaes. olo. •1\yf K80BS. SItEAVE, BBOWETT * TATLOB XVX win Pell by Auction at the Mart, London on THUESDAY, January 17tb, 1895, at Two o'clock, tbe charming Freehold RE8IDEN0B, knows as Oakley House, No. 19. Hayne-road, Beokenham. Particulars and plans of Messrs. Uonckton and Son, Selioitors, Msidttcoe, and of Me«srs. Segrars, BroweU and Taylor, AuotioneerB, 116 and 117, Bolbom, E.C.and at New Beokenham. Kent, and Wood Graen, K. BT MBSSHS. FUELIOSO 4 BON. WOOLWICH, PLOMSTEAD & OHARL TON Charles Hartnop, deceased,and othewise. M ESSRS. FUBLONQ A SON are instructed to Bell by anction. at their rooms on THURSDAY, January 17th, 1895, thetoUowiog PEOPEE- T1E8:— FBBBHOLD NO. 7, THE COMMON, with posaeaiou. LEASEHOLD. .. NO. 84, PATTISON EOAO, a ocmei bakers Bhon. No. 81, BDBEBT STREET, let weekly. OAMBEIDBE HOUSE. Charlton Village, To be viewed upon application. Psrtloalaraand oonditlocs of Bale In dneoonrse ot the respective eolicitors, or ot the auctioneers. By MB63KS. DYEB. SON A HILTON. SALES DURING THE YEAR 1895. M ES-B«. DYEE. SON A HILTON'S Sales by Anotion of Estates. Town. Ooontry and Subarban Besidencea, and Inrestmenta ot orery description win bo held at the Mart, Tokenhoase- yard. near tbe Bank ot England, upon the under- mentdosed dates: — Thursday, Jan. 31 Thur-iaj, Feb. 28 ThuraSay, Jdatch 28 Friday April 2G Thurrlay, May 50 Thuiedaj, Jane i7 Friday July 26 ThuMdar, Aug. 29 Thursday, Sept. 26 Tharsday, Oct. 24 Thatsday, Nov. 28 Thnraday, Dec. 19 BEOS.' BTODBB. PEPPEICOEN • 9,10,11,15,16.17, 18. 19, i^ROADWAY, ^.E. other dalaa will be fixed as may be foond neoes- aarr. Silos oan also bo hold, as Is soaio'lniaa advisable, is the Imsiediate neighbourhood of tba property to bo sold, and small louses oan be la- olnced ia tbese local ealea at fixed inolnsire charges. "1 Bl Ml. H. J. BBOMLEY. Prdlmisarr. BKHrHETT-S DEPOSITOBY, «9, SOB WOOD BOAD. RE M B.H.J. BBr)HI>BY wUl SeU by Auction eulr In Jascary, a large quantity ot FUBNirUBB ud Bffccta nmored from Park- road aad elseirtaecg. Partioalan ot otbar (oraltara to be (ncladad may sow b« sent in to the AtuittoQ OIBoea (faolsg Ballway Btatlonj), Forest Hill; and at West Norwood, Tolse HiU, and Is, ITood.'ilcnl, Oity. a B SOTP. B«XL«r It B»XL«t H«ATH. LOGSBAIL^ft BEALE, AUcrrioiiBEBa, ^ •• jiibnaiaH/a £i BEXLB7 BSAffl, OBNmi .afeffB AOiraDX OFFIflBff; ' ia. PLUMiSTaAD BOAD, 8 .B. ' ' ROBT. P I G KITT. lE-Vf^S COLtF.'TVrt k VATHATTO'Cti C A B B , GLASS HEABSE3, MODERN CABBIAQaS BUPEKIOR APPOIHTMEMTa AND BFFILUBNT MANAGEMENT. Prwi on Application, 1 JAMES MAJOR, BUILDER, HOUSE DECORATOR AND CONTBACTOB FOB GENEBAL EEPAIBS HOUSE AND LAND AGENT. EaUblished at the following address tor over 50 years:— 62, RUSHEY GREEN, S.E. ESTIilA TES FREE. BRISELOEN BROS., FIBST-CLaSS FRUirERERS 4 GREENGROCERS 78, RUSHEY GREEN, CATFORD 55a. LOAMPIT VALE LEWISHAM fanilia ffaUtd Upon DaOy. w. WHIT JI HEAD, CLoM H. BALUON.) CAB AND FLY PROPRIETOR, "SPOrXED COW" STABLES, . HITHER OBEEN LANE, LEWISHAM Carriages for Concerts, Balls, Parties k Weddings Orders tor Station work promptly attended to. JOHN CAMPION FOE OVERCOATS, BOYS' REEFERS, AND SAILOR SUITS I£ i 17 HIGH ROAD, LEE- FEVER, DIPHTHERIA & DEATH ARK OKUeXD BT trNSOUm) 4 BADLY 0ONBTHUOTE'> DRAINS. In all cae«i conanlt JOHNSON &ALDR1DGE SAKITABY KNQINEEEfl, UILDBaS, CONTBAOTORS k DBC0BAT0B3, 207, HIGH STREET, (Near the I Congregational Church), LEWISHAM. BROWN'S UMBRELLA INFIRMARY, Oppoana LEWISHAM OLD OBIIBGE. Broken liba reset and the old body pot in lasting order. BiooTZBiBQ ni on Eotrs. AJpaoa Sateen aiocia Silk... 8TIOE8 7B0M Ii. sfi to c;. 3/« „ 6/- ih » «;s;« „ 8/- BIBS «d. WaObif Stlekt ireued mi n-mtmntiJ. A .NATPRAL.:LEAyEN.- BACKING PQ DBMOIOU8BPBiI),OJUIjB8.PAMBIE8 T. DAYNESl^OOD k SON, i (IUtx HUBTABD), FAMILY BDTOHEBS, 39, PERRY HILL, CATFORD, BRST SOOTOH AND ENGLISH BEEF AND MUTTON. HOMT! MADE ISLE OP WIGHT SAUBAQM F—aUt Waiud Vfim Bajf. W. H. PAIN & SONS, Ladies' and Gendemen s\Tailors 6, HIGH ROAD, L £ L fFOEMERLY WITH H. J. NICOLL. REGENT BTSBKI.) Are now showing a Ohdoe Selection at GOODS FOB THE PBESENT SEASON STJITSJ FtB BOATINO, FIBHIKa AND BIOYllLWG LADIES' HABITS. JACKETS.Sta Ooeroioaa Wuixs OK BI APPOUTOXKI W. H. PAIN & SONS. S6 HIGH ROAD,-'LEE Botes Pass itu Door. W. J. WHEELER, FAMILY BAKER t CONFECTIONER POST OFHOE, HITHER 5 ^E|eT^ ^i^ZIE. . NOIB THia IS MY ONLY AlfflBBaB. Calafarated Dorset Home Made Bread. Uceaeed Maker of TRITICUMINA, WHOLB WBB/ AAL KALT BREAD Bo^ Addrar. POST OFFIoa. HITHBB 6EEEI. H. PODGER & SONS, (LIMITED) DYERS AND CLEANERS. Spedalite— FBKSCH AND CHEMICAL OLEANrNO Of ALL ITS BBANOHEB. LADIES' DRESSES Silks.1 Satins, Velrots, Velveteens, or Woollen Dreasea, Mantles and Jackets finished equal |to new FRENCH CLEANING Kid Gloves, Shoea, Fun, Muffs, CoUarettes Tapeetry, Crewel Work, and all kinds of Fancy and Delicate Articles Gleaned and Finished in Style and Fashion without being unpicked. UPHOLSTERY. Damask. Bap, Cloth, Moreen, Chintz, Cretonne, Dimity Curtains, Oonnterpauet, Blankets, Carpet Covers, Skin Hearth Bugs and Mate. BBOKIVING OFFICE :— 110A, high STREET, LEWISHAM. Bead, Office H0MB3DALB BOAD, BBOMLEY, KENT Bromley, Croydon,, ?«rort HU1». Irto aad SIdoop. S. G. RAYNES 121, HIGH STREET, LEWISHAM. (Near thaSaak). MILUNBET, CO8TTIMBS,} iF>0 W B E8 nSATHEBE * FAHOT GOODa PteatmaViog S oad«r Pataosal Snpeinnan. tlbasato Ghugaa. HTX8T BTZUa. FIT OVASANTBBjJ. kam mm rim " BOBIWAM DIM FAmroa.' Terms Oaah. GEO, DIGKENSpN. TEBMfi CASH. 4, HIGH STltEJIT; LB^§I^ SHEPHERD'S PIANOS. 219 AND 221, LEWISHAM HIGH ROAD. BBTABLISHED 1860. 31 Pas CBWT. ASD UPWAKB8. jpUNOS pujros piAjloa piAKOS eN THE ONE, TWO Ok THMB plANOa YEAES" SYSTEM. piANtS piANOS piAJJOS piANOS ORIGINAL TOUCH ANB TONE SECOND-HAND PIANOS BT B»ai»w»a», Kipitu* , Homxsos, to., NOW IH STOCK. KspjLluB THieuoHOtJT Lww FrarBOT OBBEB AT Law Piiois. WiM-umxs Qrrwu. REPAIRED Jf rUyjP. Savmxn TO 219 AND 221, LEWISHAM HIGH ROAD, S.E. CHARLES D. HARRIS, GENERAL FURNIfaHlNG AND BUILDERS' IRONMONGER, OAS AND HOT WATBB KNOIHEER EsnMATSs AKD DifiioVB StTBiarraB roB BT^T DBSCBirno.H or Wosjc. 7, LANGTON TERRACE, SHOOTERS HIU, ROAD, BLACKHEATH. Bi HOAfiE, •EHETEBY MASON 4 SCULPTOR SHOOTEUa- HILL ROAD, BLAOKHIATH, S.1S. MONUMENTS ERECTED IS GRANITE. MAEBLE. OB STONE. In any Cemetery, or Exported. &IKH0IUA1 .S RssTOKBDAyi) IXBCBIFTIOTrB NEATIiT CUT. B«aiffns uid FhmUn forwuded or mbmitted if desired MaUrial end Wrrkmanihip QuaranUed Ifarble Chimarr-pieces And Peadera made to order or Cleued And R«p.uMd. KENNARD BROS., BUILDERS & CONTRACTORS LEWISHAM BRIDGE. EaXlBLlBBXn NSABLIJ 3C YZABS. SANITARY ENGINEEES .&c SURVEYS & REPORTS MADE ON DRAIN A3S. RESJD ENCES FOB SALE Aft D TO LET. be EcTABUfOIBD 1850. WHY IS J MARTIN & SONS MILK BETTER THAN ANY OTHER BECAITBE they keep a far Superior Stock of Cows . to any other ftrm. BzoAsu it is dellrered withio two hunri ot its being had from the Cow tsabesd of undergoing a long railway jonmp. BXOADHB no Cream ia axtnoted from it J. MARTIN & SONS, BROCKLEY PARK FARM DAIRY BBOOKLET. lAXD AT KEMP TOWN DAISY KBMP TOWN, BBIQHTON. W. JANES, «THE SWAN" CYCLEWORKS,- BELMONT ROAD, BELMONT HILL LEWISHAM SOB 8ALB ON BAST TEBU& -• punaiwa ••irauuMa oM m Pwimw THOSE WBO TRAVEL RAIL, BOAT! OR R»AD SHOtJLO B *lffWirS TO PROVISION THEMSELVES FOR THEIE JOURNEY. THE FINEST HAMS, THE BEST OF BEET, AJSf GHOICTHST TONGPM ALWATE OCX AT C; FLO'WERDEWS 56, HIGH STREET, LEWISHAM. Pic-Sic Pic-i, Soupt, mJKi riher Df'.icrt^. LONG FELT WANT AT LAST PROVIDED FOK. MESSRS. CHAPMAN & Co., I to Announce tbac u aoon ^a the ••o«taary AltaraUoQj are Completed, tbty will open 109, HIGH STREET, LEWISHAM, FIRST CLASS 4 ECONOMICAL FISH & ICE DEPOT. No. FISH OF EYBBT DESCRIPTION FRESH EYEEY DAY, DLBECT FROM THE FI3HING GROU.>1>S. CHAPMA F & Co., 199, HIGH STREET, LEWISHAM, (NBAB THB BASE). AK r> AT YiRMOnTB MONTGOMERIE'S P.\TENT EXTRACT OF MALT DIGESTIVE BREAD, BISCUITS AND RUSKS. ^ AWARDED GOLD MZB AL Ijeo^r^'m^mesaedla^^ia'drsa^ Invalids ' IfpaiuabU in ths Bici Raam nnA Sartgry, HIGHEST MEDICAL TESTIMONIALS SOIJB LiCKXBBD iiXSJJTA.cnJTMOM POB 0171*51(77 : DAVID BROOKS, BAKEB 4 CONFBCriONSR, 230, HIGH ST., LEWISHAM. WEDDING A.VD BIHTHDAT C.VKE3. BAI-IA BUPPEBS, AJTD PASTIES ATTEKDEB. Teas, Chops, Steaks. fa/nilici prcmptly icaUcd Ufvn. NOTB AXDBXSa : D. BROOKS 30, HIGH ST., LEWISHAM MESSR.S. BARXETT AND CO, <;S }<KBAls HOUSE FURNISHERS HAVING RENEWED TSIEIR LEASE Wish to Offer the RetuQ.inder( f ihoir well-a atirted Block of No-* aao Second-hand FXJUNITXJRE At the BameadTantageoni and low prices as dnrinp tfaeir SALE. Sametktng to Suit Everybody. AIL MUST BE OLEABED FOE A SPRING STOCK, NoTS THB AlBSlaa:— 2, BEDDGE HOUSE, LEWISHAM, S.E. PliNOS. PIANOS. PL4.N0S. PIAUbS AND OaSANB by .tho fra. ,.rdiabl..«WM««^.^^^ SUotaen; SaiSSaa. Upper Ronrooa .(pwoflrj, ', , ..V '.'.i' I '?-V -7n— •'••nn'.'-!~J "-'iTP^t 0 N E T D V A N C E B UPOX WAT0H28, JEIVBLLBET, SiLVHB ASD BLECTBO Pt*AT«. PlASOFOBTBS, MOBIOAL iHSTBtTTfBXTll, PlIXTISOa, \^ CHISA , BEOirass, WEABISG APPiRSL A3D BTERY DESCRIPTION OF PEOPEHTV AT VAiUABL* JAMES SPJBUNT & SON, THE CLOCK HOUSE, 75, LOAMPIT V.-VIj;, LEWISHAM. (Fife minntea from Lewiahacc Joaotion). OSCAR HOUSE STUDIO. A N D R E E (LaUi MITCHELL), PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, 137, HIGH ST., LEWISH.->LM. PORTEMTS, GROUPS. LA.VD3CAPBS. High-olasa work at moderate Price*. Chddrem a Speciality by the mojt Modem Inatantaneaufl Procesa withoat extra obar^ Platiaatypes, BnUrg-ementa, Watsr ColaTum and Oil PaintiogB done in the best atyle. A§enU ^£M.ated on 0>nimii.Hon to farm Clubt. DUTCH BULBS • iHEGT rBOM HOLLA.VB. HYACINTHS, TULIPS, CEOCUS SNOW»R«PS, NARCISSUS. POT SHRUBS For Window Boxes, (Sic FOREST TREE3 k FRCIT TREES rVTES, CLEMATIS, VmaiNlA CREEPEE8, AMPBLOPSia TEITCHI ARTHUR GARTON. BLAeKHEATH. SPRING CLEAN' SPRING CLEAN .'I ETERTTHING DYED OR CLEANED QttUhly, at Moderatf Prices, BY THE KOYAE DYEING k CLEANING Co., 29, HIGH ROAD, [.EE. WOOLS! WuOLSI! WOOLS.'!! TRY A L L D E R ' S HIGHLAND KNITTING WOOL GIVES GREAT SATISFACTIOX roB HOSIERY, VESTS, sc. BLACK, WHITE 4 GfUiY, 2},1. cz., Sa. Sj.i. lii COLOUBa, 3d. oz, 3,. U>d. lb. Berlin, Andaln?ian, Sbetlaad. Beehivw, and Scotch Fingerings, in Scaodard Matea and ifarice: Pi icee. JOSHUA T. ALLDER, 100, 102, lOi, RUSHEY GREEN, CATFORD C. J. GATEHOUSE, Supplies at the most Moderate Ratos all that t necassary to mats A G.»L.RDEN BE.A.ITIFUL. BEDDING PLANTS, SHBD1,KQS, CKJlPKa^ CteAMJJTS, CaOSBBS, WSKATHS A*T> BOOQOBTX. ROM SB. FlsraJ DMsroticm 'I ""Tf I>utriplim a Sfcamtitf OABDENB LAID OUT And attended to by aontaet, day. week or year emu {a Order In, ArroMfcmit. DBI*»0»,kO OSJICT. C. J. OATEHOUSE GRANVIiLL.E NURSERIES ; , (Seat Si Stajbea s Ohnrch),

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