The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1935
Page 1
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Served by the United Press IE COCBBER NEWS THE DOMINANT NFAYSPAPEtt OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY. .JANUARY 23, 1035 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS HAUPTMANN'S HOME Hundreds Mdroon ississippi mm Prediction of New Cold Wave Brings Ihieattof Iticieased Suffeiing ' &LEDGF MUU. Jan '3 <up)-~ Slanding in valer up to his lups ind using the only available tile phoned in (he toun Miyoi II O Pijsocy of Sledge told the out "tde'vworld todiv it least IQdO persons, ""a rV marooned in-this area ^nd we* t c'mt nach them -We' ciust have help today." .the mayor deflated flip IPL is tbout two Inches^ tlilcl' o\ei Inckuntcis in<l thc>Coiilv,fltei rlv r has bulg ed to eight miles \ ide It i-s 0 inlle?^ wjrtoJ m sonic plices \Ve lmve ( iO-,bl)jl i lane through the ice to gel our little tents through We need big boils ,ut)j motors Mayor 1 Prysock said .250 persons were crowded in the small railroad station. Second Stories Crowded "His stores arc all flooded and every house .thai .has a second Etory Is full of people but they can't get out. Water is three and four feet deep in stores. We must have help, boats,' blankets fuel." he'.Vectored. Meanwhile -the . national Red CIOFS \\as on Ihe job Mis Vol lie Nicholson Hed Cio-^woikei t from Washington, UMiig Tunica Mis., as n t>a5 v sent ten Ions of coal to Sledge from I amber T M Garretl ot Tunica was leading a Red Cross expedition to Sledge.1- He has-100 blinkets- 1 HO- expected • lo secure ; motorboats er route. Stedgc is !\ town'of-about 30(1. Cold Increases Need Nerd of quid iclief (hi align cul the affected iieos uis cmpln iz"d when the Unu d Sntfs ttea thei fort.c-u,l at Memphis uns fo another cold «j\e toni»ht vilucl; expected to'send thermomelet-i fioin 6 to P ibo\° iero , Crensliav, a_ small txmn 1101 Sledge also, Vas'' suif ei ing b=heie '00 people ic imioonet in this lmtnedjate_-2reff ^Depi Sheriff c ft jrerrj_jsnM (ociaj Sle.dge , and Cien-hav , appca more in?need than other nor Mississippi to«ns ^ In other pla-e 1'enough ; Bandits Get $129,000 In Cash Lbot 1 All UIVPIl Miss Inn 23 (U >—Muhim >,im Innillls brllmil K!>l>onsft>)c loi t o o|l)r-i i>]>"C ttUlltll lltlllClllS 111 tllC last l\VO vlo"fs lo<lii> 111 jilted i UntH tl <3iati mill tmd klrli):i|)«l th trflur wd i i ip-ii \Hh nn cstf mlile(i- 4129,000 'in cMirrwicy. Pnil or Hi Ino wi-, lonsli,"''! :oHIP BMC Dm ftp uim (mtn llv r«l°in) Ri eive jnnfc of Boston ioi piyiolh i) Fjill .RIv.T.mills". Wife' 'Accused) 'in Murder, Plot This Russnn Hd tjcs n\ed on 'lip taigct Is one ol thousands of bo/ mnrismcii u!>o "ie I,"in? veloped-by'encouragement of the Soviet government. Volotlyn.' Zamcgllnl is only 0, but lie's n skillful shoi and ihe joungest lad lo win tlic covited title of Vorcshllov mnrt'nmn nn ft»(iul limned nftei the Soviet oinmlssar of defense, which includes a special tartg'R - for nny youngster making tho hiRh t core Shootmi, ipid\\ is becoming OK of lb- fi t nte 'i,oi(s "niong the >outh of the hud )elt/'Plan te t Avaided - ^Judgment foi Injiuies m Highway Accident TnliK SlM.OSfl In firms SIOUX CITV, Iowa, Jan. 23 IU PL—Three . unndlUs slugecd Sol Nciy. York Jwclry salCK- mnn lis he'fiitcriHl Hit 1 Hotel Mnv tin here today imd i'jrfl;)."il with in. dtamomh nltiiv ^n'bnll uh poliie Ihieat to Bond Refunding Program Seen in "Farm Relief Proposal. IITTI.E KOUK, J:m. n (UP) The tilll to reduce llctnte ters on Hniill (rucks uus rc-refem'd io cciimJllife'for Ktudy on n sf.ind- l»f vote nf 4r, l» « IhK alter- llUlill. MTTIJE ROOK, Jan. 23. (UP) —Proposed reduction of license fees on three clnsscs of trucks brought V imuto • In the lioiife '• of today -when the 'bill of ncp. H. P, TJlomns, of Hot, Sprh«rcom,tyVv ; as'ca,,ed^r n7 *?»««,,V.«"*!^^ «! Jimmy Walkers Off For "Vacation His the , .- ..enough ccelerale lelief \kOrk As the muddy Coldualer rui nisliefl sontii flood wainings \ e] i-sued, ,fot;5i;hc''lo«ns\o{ {Daiin. and Marl«<'Mis.s furlh'er down " 1C ^ f • ** Districts Will Save ( 50 Per ( Cent, on Bonds Paving clislnct- 2 nnd 3 of Blj nil! buv $20000 worth of A' circuit court-jury, this morn- ill' awaitl'tl Fart \innci- Del lilantei a $3000 i"idict in per'-onai \ny.\i\ suit i<tiliisl Mathis- Bus.'line. The cise was the flist jur\ tml of Die Uo \\eeXs teim opening L MoiHlas Th» \erdlot «os returned nboi'it ' aii . hour 'and a f -iftei final argument? clo oil :agc« \\ns injured \ hen Ills car 'and - fi MathLs bus collided en .Highway 18,"between Blythf viile" and Dell'. He - cliarsrt that the' accident was caused by ncgli gence of ; the -bus driver. The de- .fense.-in 'addition lo denying liability cluroetl lint injuuei M'X is complained of-did not result from the:accident but from a previous hint Harrison, Smith anrt Taylor : were counsel foi the phintiff ind Wils Davis ot Memphis Virgil Oies le and Cloud" P Cooper of BVtlht vllte- for.'Uie defendant. Trial of an action brought by Hosa Johnson neortis hi h«i ov\ii name and as ndmml lralu\ ot t"e estate of ha (uis"and J E John Counly Agent at Osccola Appointed Semen Rural Supcrvisot Appointment of Hudson Wren now counts agiicultuial ngeiii tv- jCsccoli to be senior lural supeV oiiiui foi tlip Fmwgeno HelM Ad In Mississippi counU nl action. Efforts-to ouUlh tl roll call vole- «cre (lelayedi by 'a .Inngln In pnr- lldiiicnthry 'procedure' but n bnilot \\ai cspectc'd fining the nttemopn c ea,!o;i. Opposition was bused on Ihe point that, the mcn.surc would hurt Hie )x)ml' refunding program. Would Aid Farmers ' Rcpvesentnlivc Thomas explained his bill was a relief action for the "[<u'm.lo.--.markel, UnoSc owners." It wouldV-reduce licenses on one ami a half ton trucks fiomj 135 to $18, on two-Ion t'riick^; with semi-trailers from 505 to ?4S;>»nU on llirco ton seml-trallcrs from $ICO to $05. • v There ni'o 8.724 of these one and Hey (aboie) le Stale Will Rest Case To:; clay; Hauptmann Willl Take Stand Tomoriow,' i . X I rLEMTNGTON, N J Jan 2J (U ! )—The. : Vmlo tiiddcv found -out- | Ide the home or Col Charles A [ gh after his «on was kid- t \\ris linced bitk. lo Buuw ) Richard Iduiiitin.inn'h house In the Bionf tqduy by a piosecutign witness. Artliui KoQhlcr, deuailm<;nt ot igilriiltuia woc<l expert, sHpre (hit the ilklit hand rail of the, third section of Iv n pi.ce \ a of floorlntf which had been saued |out of the llnuplnmnn attlol i As Koehloi a le^tlniony proceed- I etl courtroom spectators began to i inidei stand ivimt Atly Gen Dav/d j Wllouu was t.ilklng about when he Vis police with'Attempting' to tnurde hbr buababd, Itussell Hey o re Irlgerator salenmnn, by tilrtn I wo men to pusli Him over tlm Palisades precipice- In n fako lipld- up lost Fall. 5 , to " BS announced todn bj B N .^epresentathe Chester Hollnna =on \o ,- n l lc(1 ' lc » onln Jcc In the stale, ad\count! tor Mi Wren has accepted Mr Wil son 'said,' subji Hie stale a, Uei fiom \\htch l>e must, ootalu 0-acie Mississippi coun6 tnViti "would'amount to SH9QOO The if\emie los.s to-the stale oil ,. , the two-ton class \\ould be more '"oxSo" ^n.59,000 he said and Neaily All Membcis of 1934 Conimitte,es Reelected ioi 1^35. snlil In his opening statement 'Why, wo will show that Mr. Bnmo Rlchaid lluuptnnnn had this laddoi light mound Ms n°ck'' r— Koehli-i prq\ocl to lie oiv. of mo-t damaging \U noi-sos \%ho, tPstlPed .igalnbt Hauptmann '-, j He fnld (he gutn In the ladder , piece matched exactly the grain in ta board In Hauplmann'a nttloi Be S Jtild theie \\eie na.ll holes IrtMbe 2 addei piece lb,at inoi.ed beyond j^ doubt that Uils paitlciilar piece of, IP Aoart once liwl been imllrd do m ^ ^0 ft Joist (n tho Hauutmnnu attic f Koehlcr nlso testlned that De 1 plane iwed to ,lmlW the hdUci ^ camo from Ihp tool onest of Haunt- t !aim , ' The slat" Is e\]iectctl to rest it 1 ) i ifie ln(e todnj. Tolnoiron Hajpt- j mnnn v,lll ^be- the first deiuise ', v\llness ' j OSCEOLA, cotton ucri gram In •Ark J- The nge reduction the Osceblii k 1935 nro- tlls Ihe tmal lelwbllllallon project near " * °- '" B 'r e Zed bv Mtt,et onrl 11 Ml nlt-rt l.n nr , I 1 lllSlullillg IPPa ClJUrgctl My g recs'chargcrt by'rutllily utiiuy have companies ftoulrt be aliollshtd In a bill Introduced bj Rep Cat Bol ton of Crawfqnl count j todav The Mil applies lo gas companies, llglil la public crvlcc jc n nls wotIh oi repiesentntUes lies telephone coin- other concerns selling be liual aihLoi foi the D>ess Out of lit' assistants will 1 Dlllahunty of this ells counts nssesror nho «ill head(|iliit(crs on t taim pait of the project Mr Wren a nathe ot Preseott Ark RIS Smith Hliglits iiistntc tor at Wilton hiih school until •a t fall uhen he uas named cotin- n a n«?, 1 ",' 9SC « 1 " , l ° S " C , CCCd , S ;'brought strong reinarte from sev- D Oarpenur He has also hod „„,,*„)„„* Ben „ . „„,!.. Allotment .of ,50 «tam|K dalh lo ln „ resolution submitted by. Rep. II. K. trlcl of Mississippi c6uiH"y--wlll be handled (>y_ Virtually the cotrimliteemTn nho were In ehnrgs of the «ovk U\ 1034, Hudson Wronn, cnlinlj ngeill nt Osccolo, Infoimcd the Camler News todn> following Hie cohipleHori yestc'rtliiy of .d series of -^lectlohs". hi Which township nhd v.eie cho'cn (oiinly colnmitt«t>? 1 P Tompkins, c D Aiics nml H C Urtinch, ttithiBen \Vtst as alternate, coasllliite "the, -county commlltco. Township commuters "arc: Monroe— R.' -C, 'Bryan,. C. C. Er-| Demands Early Vote^on World Cpurt Adherencfr-j WASHINQTON ( Jatt 23 (UP)- i A \ote Oh AmcriaaVi r adherence to the jioild collrt^bofore tha end o('l Jw stcek \\a- 'dornnnded in 'the -emlo today by 1 Majority ' Leadei ' Joseph T, noblrson J j . 'Mj fc ling,' 1 h; said, "Is that n io(e should L5 tat en IcmorrovM or Ihe daj nftci Senators ' who Hl5li lo ()l.5ouss tlii* qucslloii'ought ' to come heie prepared If notl the senate haVe to vote without, the betipfit of llislr opinions" men, P. R .Tompkins. D. M. Tay- iw; c n.-ii, iir_^ w w, nan, R. H. Robinson. " IISS K«h Ware New Commercial Teacheir Mi Wren - permanent headqwaiters will be at the Die'ss colony his mojor task tills seni RunWes of suits int! inve titntmns from across the \nter fall to itnr « lu |IC at the conntv rchablllta Walker cv N™ \oik mnyo. «hnun tlo » fMln v,tec Iho ERA plans fie long holiday 01 Jlininv Walker cv New \oik mnyoi sho«n here uilh his v\!fe the loimn Petlv Comptun ns the\ left their fa^iiei, Pans hotel ur i trln »oulh to tin c rbflstli?> . w » ^^ .Vllv. - Ulovl iV V*. , - " , ,All of 'the $308000--worth of force a IaLorers llc » °" a crop . bonds in these distrlc'ts/nbw oiit- worked byj her hustanfl and licr- standing, may be purchased at this same price, according', to ^fr. Evrard, who plans .to"' purchase others when the money is available. .In a statemerit today Mr. Ev- rnrd said thai, just how much money could be saved by buying these bonds' al half-price depended on whether the. people pay their taxes promptly. self before a dispute led to the slaying of the negro man by Johnson. The white man Is nowioi M under "indictment- for manslnugU- Ull ler. Johnson claims the negroes abandoned tlielr-' crop. Oscar Fendler is attorney for the plaintiff and Ctaude F. Cooper for the rlefemhiit. Armorel Couple's Third Set of Twins Succumbs] COOTER, Mo.— Word was received here this week of ths death of the baby twins, three mon- llis, of Mr. and Mrs. John Eoouc, now of Armorel but- formerly of this place. The babies died in tlie Baptist hospital. Memphis, where they had been for only a few days of pneumonia. These tables were the Ilihd set of twins born to Mr. and Mrs. Boono in thirty-four months. Now- only three of them are living, one of the first set died in infancy. Committee Approves Extension for R. F. C. WASHINGTON, 23 tTJPl — The senate tanking committee to- dny voted to import favorably the bill extending life of Ihe Reconstruction Fiuauce Corporation an other two years nnd enlarging its yxwers. Osceola Farmers Seek Canning Factory There OSCEOLA,- Ark.—At a' meeting of Monroe' township-fanners, hern Monday to elect township cotton cpmmltteemen Godfrey.,L. White tt-a.s nnmed a committee of one to cariy on negotiations for the es- r r\-n- < Of Ullllllger S locitc several hundred farm nou on relief lolls In this and othci counllts. Tim }^ p ";;"" , farm has about 0.000 acres now Jn ' cultivation and plans call for the clearing 'of. an addlltonal 2,500 acres. Tlic' laiiil ' has been leased from .the Lee, Wilson company. I opposition. Insistence of -Hop IV M. Thompson, of Iiulspciidpnoc county, on a roll call vote was overruled. • . ' Economy urged In opposition lo thp measure. '(o state for New Bank at Lepanto Reports Progress Passes Measure lo LEPANTO, Ark. — i.utie I tloi>t,C> .ITH-aMllt- IU n^,^ „, !„.._,..„ ,,.\,i»,. —, heai'l Among Victims alt Facilitate Initiation o{| thc catl y fall, his shown a steady ers' licenses, constituted the m •.;,. i . » . I , , . gain since its organization. ThelJor business of the house ye Michigan Institution. -LANSING, Mich., Jan. 23 1.UP)— Local Laws. LITTLE ROCK, :ense.s were aband- with lire passage of .a resolution offered by Rrp. B. B. .McC.ill of Saline county. Pa«saee of the bill crcnlinjr Hie slate planning board, by a vote of 28. and Introduction of three measures by Carter of Pulaslc! I ' county to create a . state police commission, to license motor ve- rtiver hide drivers and to authorize the Bank Qf IjCp!int0p wlll[ , h opent , ( ) Jn p0 )) cc commission to suspend driv- ayes lor, W Little River—Corev Eason, J. T.' Ixx?, nufus-Clayv W.-S. Cockerliam, M. R. Sisco/Coleman'Orewsi'Ben V\cst was elected to a plat?= oil this toiviulilp comnillfce Init. n substitute wns' iiBmeil after Mr. West wiv> chosen serve as alter: county - committee. Pecan, Scott nnd McOavock—J. B. Wilson, E. B. Chile.-., W. B. Burked, L. E. Speck, S. E. Harri- aTd tliriiospUai '°»- A S Catchlngf Jack Uzzrfl r _ rmH /Hnl^rtt, r r\lr~ r* I iis other [gain since its organization. The II i bank now h0s resources of $158,- i tcrday. 985.56. Its capital stock-Is $25,000,1 The senate devoletl Ihe greater :, Jan. 33. (UP)—(ceitlflcd surplus, $5,000, undivided part of yesterday to debate or A'grand jury investigation of the initiation of county local leglsli-.- .profits $4.118.19. and deposits $12-},-! Senator Ashley's proposal lor a "Dr." .Brooks" maternity home al lion will be simplified by a bill of Eeulah, Mich., \ alleged, lo. have.-Rep. 55. .B. McCall, Saline county, heeii the scens. of the. death of .that passed/the house today. — al least 3» children, including the) Technicalities, experienced In in-1 Adams, cashier; infant'of. Evelyn Frcchj-He, ^'•''et-'litihtlns- county salary "nets last Cullotn, J. H. Ci heart of Jo'hii "DlUlnger. vms do-.! Sxl - mmCT . niEnded today by Atty. Gen. Ilartv > thc , ncaBU ,. Ci R ep re,wntntivc Me- ton. E06.E7. K. P. Cullom Is president; W. F. Wilson, vice-prosiiient; J. W. ?r; dlrecloi'S, K. P. Grain, W. P. Wilson, 'introduction of J - B - Herron and II. II. Ilowing- S. .Toy. tablfeljmenl of n cavinlng factory at Oscooln. : ' . A number of farmers expressed licmsclvcs in favor of such a fac- ory. Canntn? factory men at Green Bay. WIs.. and elsewhere lave nircads r been contacted In .his connection and Mr. White s hopeful of obtaining: a definite arrangement. lac, Midi: Warrant for the Edward L. Brooks, at for ?n Inquivy, a' win be BvoWed ln * ln nntl jury, was e™"!™ lion for the liidlviclu nil S. I.nmb. of Canli-. he e xn i a | nc< i one man gra by Judge Fnil s" fiimb. of Catili-. b?en issued In Chicago fonuerly opsratetl arrest of Dr. roprietor, Call said. Troubles encountered • will be avoided in future le?lsla- Better Business Forecast ' for the Individual counties,! „ . . „ explainer. I Tor Great Lakes Kegion The roll coll vote on (lie nwas-j lire was 86 for and 3 against. j CLEVELAND (UP)—Business In „.,-, Half the movements started last (the Great. Lakes territory daring home" • velir ' nr cwnty salary aces were the first three months ot 1935 will • ,)„<•-„.,... ... ._,...,..„., 1,1,1, be ]28 pfr ccnt |,2tter than In constitutional amendment to raise the state mtllage tax for common schools from three to nine milts with n corresponding reduction ii the tilslricl millage rale. Relief Office Seeking Mi's BUth Ware, of Springfield, Mo, arrived today to assume her , position as head ol the cornmer- .hoscn yesterday to clal 'IroaiimMit of ilie cily high. ' •natc i.iemixr of she * ' Bhc is rc P tocln S Ml<a Gnea Mapes i\ho resigned to accept a position In the Kansas City, Mo, public school' system^ Following net graduation from Ihe UnUer^itv of Missouri, Colum'; bin Mlis Ware" did post graduate work at Southwest'Missouri'Te'achi < ere college, Springfield. * Miss Maces came here sevevaT months ngo i and Golden Like—C J -owrance, Jr.. C. E. Lvnch, J. E. Grain. Carson Lake—PranV: Forj!ii£on, O. M. Hill, R. A. Cramer. Burdstte— E. T. Segravcs, IT. P Listen, J. E. Davis. Fletcher and Swasnc—II. C, ingston. F. O. Anders. W, C: Hmvnrd. \Vhltton-C. U Denlon, O. A Looncy, T. A. Causer, W. W. Etirt. Chickasawba, Canadian Committees Rejected ' Divorce Suits Filed for February Term A number ol divorce suits have been filed in chancery court. thi.s u'cek Milch «lll be ready for hearing at the February term or court. Included in Ilie group are the following (lied through Claude !•' Cooj>er. local attorney: Henry Hatchel 'vs. Agnes Ilalchel. P. J. — vs. Buelah ThoniM. Cla'udii Burton Kessle John- Community committeemen - who handled the cotton acreage.vedufi- tlon program in 1934 were ; reelected to serve during 1935 at 1 meetings of contract signers of Clilckosawbo and Canadian 'towK? ships yesterday at Blythevllle and Armorel. ' ' The Chickasawta township com- mlttee consists of H. G. AJaltliear, > J. H. Smart, Sr,, John H.'Smotherman. D. p. Moore, ,O. F. scragc i anrt Carl Bean, wit hBen Bugg Infnimn inn nllreps that ul - lcn «« °u tccnnicaiitics »incii-oe ix.B per cent wtter man m ^nMrVcIrfl voting the b111 Mcta to *»w>\natc. the coiTcspondlng pariod last year, .HUUK-^ have Wn H&n tmo° ?' A » '^1 procedure on prepMa^,If predictions by the Regional ^^^^^^^^ t ^ ^^^^^!^^ Advisory Board mater- nv riiosphorcscenl fond Viewed HONOLULU, T. H. (UP)—Characterized as one of the strangest phenomena in 80 years, a phos [25 infants have teen buried on home property,- "Thcie are probably irany Toy F.niri. The unusually cold weather has brought many poor people to the Mervin Johnson ton, Alma Richardson Richardson, Jfargaret Magllolo vs. Leo Magliolo, Vicclc Holabaugh vs. and Walter 'Stewart alternates. The Canadian township committee consists of C, E. digger, Dj\e Abbott,'and Andy Harshnian, with E. t,. Hal» alternate. Hickinan and Clear Lake tonti- ships are plcklnj their committee? men today, and other Chickasaft'ba local relief office asking for cloth-JHenry Holabaugh. Eunice Moore vs.idlstrlct townships will' vote ; Thurs- ing to keep them u-arra. Unable | Allen Moove. Norvclla WUKnms Valued His Liquor ATKINS. Ark. (UP)—Doyle Me- phttesccnl pond on the Island of Donald withstood the lovlura of Maul, one of the Hawaiian group, four men who tried to make him tanls ot the vast Northern Tcrrl- is attracting curious visitors from reveal a cache of liquor, but wits tory of Australia, 523,620 soware all parts of the Island. Scientists in danger of losing Ills leg. Infcc- miles In area, include Buddhists, - ( ,, e ' potltioas and other ^technicalities rWll go before Iho cliancw couvtsj Tlil B forecast was made oil tha .. Instead of county courts, the bill bests of orders on hand in various ' provides. That one stop, Repre-|manufacturing concerns In the, senlallvo McCall believes, will tHin- ,01 5 irict. i Inalo most of the so-c.ill."<i "toop Leading the upswing over last, 1 holes" In the, old law. year arc building materials, reflecting the administration's at- Umpl to stimulate the coiistruc- tlon Industry. Cement slilpjiients alone will be 20 per cent above a year ago, it Is predicted. The. 435fi non-nborlglnnl to furnish them with clothes, an appeal Is being made to the public. Anyone having old clothing or shoes Is asked to call 144 and the articles will be called for. Many.of (he cases tire very plorable with scores of children without shoes, stockings and coats, according to members of. the relief office ' force who have Inter viewed the applicants. believe decaying animal matter lion caused doctors to advise am-. CoiiHucians,. Mohammedans. TIico- 1 Automobiles, trucks and parts produced tlio strange spectacle.' 'pulation of the leg. [sophists, and Christians. show n 2D.4 per cent increase. Isaac Williams and Jlmmle Janes] vs. Roberta Jones. R. S. Hudson, Manila attorns/, has filed ths following: Mary Downing vs. Paul Downing anJ Pautenn Grant vs. Ray Grant. Six Million Smokes CAMPBELLSPORT, Wis. Bernard Ullrich, Wisconsin's oldest day, Friday and Monday. •WEATHER (UP) AEKAKS.AS —- Fair, colder i»i north pO'"Pii with temperature from zero to' 6 dejrcw tonight, Thursday fair," slowly, rising tcm- I pernture. j Memphis and.VicinHs'—Falr with ch, who claims to be 1 co m wavs toi\lght. Loaest temp- , tldest clgamiaKer, es-! era | Ures f ro m 6 to 12 above. Thurs- i llmatcd that ne has made '8,250,- j day fair ViSh rising temperatuic. In the hew swimming pool at-WO "smokes" (hiring 60 years Inv Wembley, England, waves arc pro-'tlie business. He is the inventor of duced artificially. The new pool a bnsswoort mouthpiece which Is measures 60 feel by 200 feet, with!worked into the cigar tips to make The minimum tcmpsratur!; here • last -night was 21. Yesterday thc ( ! maximum was 25," miViimum 10,' depths varying from a few inches i them easier to • hold. • and, prolong •, ctea'r/ according to * Samuel P. at one end to 16 feet at the other. Ismoker.s' enjoyment. i Karris, official weather'observer.

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