Blackheath Gazette from London, Greater London, England on November 4, 1892 · Page 1
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Blackheath Gazette from London, Greater London, England · Page 1

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1892
Page 1
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HINDS & COMPABTT^ DMPEBS & HILLJ^KS, NEAR POST OFff'I'CE^ BLACKHEATH, AEE NOW SHOWING A SPLENDID COLLECTION OF NEW GOOBS IN ALL D E P A E T Iff E N T.-a PATTERNS OS APPUCATIOS. ELTHAM, LEE, ATO Sgi [ISlIAM ADVERTISER. FUNERAL REFORM, SIMPIJCTTY WITH TASTi CHAPPELL & SONS, FUNERAL DIRECTORS, LEE BRIDGE, LEWISHAM, &c. FUNERALS CONDUCTED WITH REFINED TASTE. SUPERIOR APPOINTMENTS AND EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT. EVERY REQUISITE SUPPLISB roB RITL'AUSTIC AND OTHER Ft'NERALS. NoJ-45-! FRIDAy, Np^lpMBEft 4, 1892. RKnSTKWO AT TME Gl POST OFTICE AS A Nsw^FArui [PRICE ONE PENNY. BIRTHS, MARRLA.GES, A i)EATHa OKHSBY.—On the r7tli nil, >t th- Boj.! hitmi, Woolwich, the wife ol Colcmol J. B. Ormibjr, BojeJ T, «f » eon. BVBl.—0;i the 28Ui nit, st l^noombe, Ponit aill, tlw-wlle of Uerrr Hu -rer, of > diutitei. BBHDEHSON.—lit Nor., et Ootbio4od »7L <»^ip- tue, Dnlwich, S.E., the wife of Ur. fUlgetj Hui- fkmaa&M % Ban. • .llaHK .-'Oii the 25th nit, at tbe Globe Hotel, ^fliionwich .lhe wife of WiiiiM Henry Hook, ot» MAJKRIAOB8. IBELAXI >—BliOaa.— On the Ktb nil. *t 8t -HiO- dnd'e ChKRsh, be. Kent, bj the Rer. a., a Blorg, Tta»r of Prodihun, Ohnhirt ,-Uie 'B «T. W. WMBSP-VBtwinT^-Xratawsw. ao SoTM*. bnr'Mt,' ttCT, bf «t« Ber. bnli Fcrgnaon. Mi. JunaeWituntoBUiabetb WUiaXnoott. Bilvel CLABJC— On the I7th nit, at Clifton, Brirtol, aid- denlT, Henry Artbnr Clark, eldeit ion of 'R<T. J. Meek dark, of St. Stephen'! Vicarage, Honth Dnl- wioh. kfed 2£ Tears. GROSE.—On the 8rd Nor, at Foreat Hill. Praak Oroae, aged 40, late of Hbangbai, ton of tbe late HRti7 Grosa. of Foreit Hill HATBALl ..-Oa NOT lI^ WUIiam HajbalL aftd 71. of Uonimer Home, Sydenbaia-road. Deeply UBUBtad. KABTffir.—OK the Itth nit, at MaocM, Gaoixt Pdeillj ilartea, foraarly of Ulaokheatb, and hi, iaoond Mn of Uie lau Cbarlea Hartan, of Plaistow Baaei. SrrLKS.—On Sunday, 2ard of October, at Park Ootta^ S6, Croydoo road, Anerley, ttiuah Stilea, widow of the late Richard Stilei, afied .77. " Gone bat not for];ott<n. WALKER.-On the 27th ult, .t 7S. BlTthe-Tale Catford, Hannah Walkrr, a<jed 07 yrua, tie faith, fnl honaekeeper of Hr. R. K. Sinclair. BLACKHEATH AUCTION ROOMS, EASTCOMBE TERRACE. MR. II. .1. SUTER, AOCTIONEEE « VALUER, •,BA8TC0MBE TERRACE, BLACKHBATH,liB BttaUithti nil. Theae ADCTTION BOOMS aSord a* Srat - ola« Medinm to Execntors and others for Sale o^ HIUH . CLASS Fnn.VlTUBE 4 ErFBCTS FREEHOLD 4 LEASEHOLD PEOPBBTIBS, MONETARY SECUBITIES, *o Bales eTery three weeks. Goods can ba reoQired daily, or oolleetod, on roooipt of letter, by ooTorod rana. F^r 8alf Trrvu aiui Catalo^ttn apply at tk^ Aurtionffr 't Offirr ai aberr. ME. K. J. SUTEB Alao undertakes the Valuation of ail deaoriptiona of Property, and makoe the Valuation of FORNITURE, WORKS OF ART, OLD CHI.NA SILVER, *c., A SPECIALITY For PaOBATC Dirnr, Family DJTiaion k tnanrAno* MB. B. J. StTTEB Can also arrange for the pnrchase of Collections •f Works of Art, or for their lUmoTal and Sale either by Commiiaion or Publio Auction. b BT MB a. J. Sl'TEE. ON Tl'EBDAY NEXT By Order of the Executors and Trustees of the Will of WiUiiam Hart deceaiod. MAIDA VALE, N.W. In an exoeodinyly healthy and open position doae to the main road, where omnibsaes paas eTcry few minutes for Victoria, Charing Uroos and the Cily sod within ten mlnates walk of St. John's Wood Roftd Btatfoo, and eere^ other Railway Stations, affordiog most easy access to Town, also close to Lord's Crioket Ground, Regent's Park, Hyde Park, the shopping oentrea of the West End, and the prinoipal places of amuae- menL M R. R J. STTTER has been faToored with instruotioQS to Sell by Auction on the pre- nsiaea, H, Hamilton-terrmoe.' Haida Vale, N.W, aa hereunder, on TnESDAY, Noramber 8th, 1892, at 4.30 (p.m. precia^ly, two substantially built and well arranged semi-detached Leasehold Villa BB^4IDEN0ES (separately in two lots), and known as Nos. 13 and 14, Hamilton-tertaoe, containing 6 bedrooma, 2 good reception rooms, large hall, 2 w.c's, excellent domeatia olBocs. inoloding a spacious housekeeper's room (No. l.S has S reoeption rooms on the grotud floor), well laid out and walled in gardens. No. 13 is let (to a responsible tenant) on agreement for lease for 7, 14 or 21 yean at £90 per annum. No. 14 is now in hand and if not bought for occupation should readily let at the estimated rental ralue of £9S per annum on lease. May be riewod by an order fram the Auctioneer. Particulars and Conditions of Bale obtained Hesars. Farlow and Jackson, Solicitors, Ingram- court, 167, Fenohnrob-ltreet, E.O., and of the Auctioneer, Mr. R. J. Suter, (!, Bastootnbe-tcrracs BUckheath, 8.E. b OH TITBSDAY NEXT. By order of the Administntor of Mrs. M. A. Hart deceased. II, HAMILTON TBRRACE, MAIDA VALE, N.W M E- E. J. SUTEB has been taroured with instmotions to Sell on the premisee aa aboTe on TDBSDAY 8th NoTember, 1892, at Two p.m. precisely, the whole of the superior HOnSE- HOLD FtTBNITUBB & Effects, oonsisting of the Appendages of four bedrooma, oompriaing brass and iron Frenoh and other bedsteads, feathsr beda, hair and ' wool mattresses, blankets, do, » handsome aobd ' mahogany wardrobe, solid Ajnehoan walnntwood bedroom anite, mahogany cheats of drawer*. • waahstands, toiloi glaaoes, ic, ita, 5 ft. mahogany «id»- boord, set of dining-room chairs io leather, mahogany dinner waggon, aeren-octare cottage npright piannforU by GoUaid and Oollard in rosewood oaae, a rnaewooa drawing-roam suite in green plurii velret, aeTeral raluble oil padntinga. abost 140 ozs. of silver plate, ralnable bronxe and other clocks and cMna, rosewood loo, cmrd and oocasional tables, pier gUases, tapestry onrtains, Brnsaels and other oarpeta, fenders, fire irons, sundry glass, china and kitnben atansils, &c, kx^, fco. Usy be viewed the Mondaj prerions, and Morning af Bkle. Oatalognes may be obtained at the Aootioneer's Of&oes, 6, Eastoombe- tenaoe, Blackheath, &E. b BLAOKHBATH AUCTION BOOMS, 17, BABTCOMBB TEKBACB. Fsmitare Sale No^64. L B. J." SOTBE, AnoUon BooBifc .ia »bo«, on TUB8DAT, «5iii2irSs;s3^'Ktfe:^' jyjB. B. J." SOTBE, wfll SolHor AnoUon^at hit lSthN( 200 Lc— « and Effaet*, Inoloding mihogany and noUdiad dnwenTir ^nt T»d ^^iri^-room •iiit >.i .Aad«n(> kfaK^ •( BKraD;BBAfiB ,tt (iki wera, walnnt ' fJ.taiJ. Eoplduon in «^t wood by JdbaBe&BettMd do., Uiodoo, fa.. to, beinrthaMitJM ooBlaita ol > Msldenoa I* Wart- oombe Fuk, a Mia not bMn« jmiltted on the premism, wd f omitnr. bom od»r oiidenoea. MaybeTi*iradth*l[oada7pr«Tioiuud BOTB- ing a( 8d«. OatalogMi in dM •""SL*" J» obuiaad at a» AnstimKi' OlBoM, t, Butsomb*- teinae,Blaakh«th,BJt >> By Older of Captain Harriion, tearing th< aelghbonrhood. ITouBaUiGapiteUiO *ai Othen. S, 30WATER PLAO* OLD DOVBB BOA* BLAOKBEATH, B.E. M B. B. J. SUTEB has raoeirsd instractioni to Sell by Aootton at his Anoticm Booms, No. .1 7,Bastoombe-t «iiaoe31aekheaih, on THtTBSSAT, 17th Nor., 1892, at 8J0 p.m. predaely, the abore- mentioned well-bnUt aeml-detaohed dadzabla Ijeaae- hold COTIAOB with poaseasion. and ocmtaining •aran spacious rooms, and larga garden. Th« jvemiaes wonld readily let at £30 .per annnm to a tenant paying taxes and doing repain. The lease has fiO years to ran at a grattnd rent of Oa ipeianannL Vay be rieved by an ordtr bam the AliMionaer. J. Sntet, 6, ». Slaektaeath. SX. b M a E. J. SUTEB wiU ba happy to inolsdo intis Property Bala, on Thnr»day oreninr, the I7th Noramber farther LOCAL PBOPBKTIBll at fixed ohargsa. AppliaatioDs rbonld ba made at aooe u the Auctioneer : Blaokhaatb Auction Baems, East- oombe Tarraae, Blaokhaatb, B.E. b BULBS 1 BULBS! BULBS! DIBBOT F&OH HOLLAND. Dntoh Flower Boota (dlraot from Holland), Hyacinths, Tnlipa, Crocus, Snowdrope, " OelytiaandBpinca. Pot Bhmba for Window Boioa, tt, For«*Tl»» Shrnbs, Standard and Dwarf Boeee,'ItJte. Olemalii, 'Viirinla Creepen, Ampelopaia, VeHoW, Fresh Cat Tomatoea. Wreath^M and Croari ta Orier. ARTHUR GARTON, FLORIST, ST. JOHN'S PARK ROAD NtJRSUBX. BLACKHBATH, KENT. •• >* Bx DYBE. BON, k HILTON. HOTIOB OP BALES DURING THK TBAB 1891 TI/TBSSBa. DTKR, SON k HILTON BK> TO iTl. AmrouTOii that they bare fixed theaxiderraen- tioned Oatos for their fialea by Anotlon, o( Basiden- Ual Town, Bnbsrfaan, and Country Propertiee, Bailaiiig Land, Ground Bents, and Inrestme*its of erery Oosoription, at the Auction Mart, Tokanhonse- yard, E.O. :— Thursday, 15th Dec. Thursday. 24th Nor. Looal Salos are also held periodically, in which small Properties can be included at fixed InolosiTe chargea. Anotion and Bnrrey OSoea, S3, Walbrook, E.O. and Blaokhfsth. S .B wlb PHAR.MACY & DENT.VL KURQERY, 32, LOAMPIT VALE, LEWISHAM, S.E., BEAITOB PHiiMACT ASD BBSIDESCI— li 'S, HITHER GREEN LANE. VyUf BBUQH PARK N U R 8 fe B T , BLACKHBAIH, ,B.E. A. LEVETT, NUBSBBYMAN, SEEDSMAN, 4 FLORIST, Ajn> GumDi CoTTaicToa. EnglxMh and f.frriffM Frvitrrer. DUTCH BULBS IN GREAT VARIETY. Fruit and Foraat Trees, Standard and Dwarf Boaes. Bhrubs for window deooration. WBKJLTBS Ajn) Caosszs, Bocgumi AXU PoeiKS, Equal in style to Covent Garden at redaoed prices Cut Flowers fresh from CoTent Garden daily. WctUitdi and BalU Furaisied. ESTTJCATXS FBZE. MR. E.L.HENRY, M.P.S., (Formerly Dental Assistant Oirantry and Warwlckahire HotpiUl) SURGEON DENTIST AND CHEMIST, {/r.wi Guy^M Uotpital Londan), Sappllea Artificial Teeth, constructed on an improred modern Bcietlfic Principle, in appearance, and admirably adapted for articulation, mastioation, and oomlort. SETS, from PABTLAL SETS, per tooth >. d. 1 It 3 0 LOC.XX AN.-ESTnE9L\ APPLIED IN EXTKACTIONH, 2/- All Dental Operations performed with Cars and Efficiency. Dental Repairs Promptly Manipulated. b J. HUNTER, ALTERING i REPAIRING TAILOR, DYEB AND CLEANER, 12, LEWISHAM HIGH RD.,NEW CROSS (Oppoeite the Manjaii of Granby) Gents' own Materials made Guaranteed. Coats r»-bocnd. with care. Orders promptly attended to. p. Style and fit QarmenU turned WM. LAWRENCE, LADIES' AJIDHOENTLEMEN'S BOOT AND SHOE MAKER, lO.S. HITHER GREEN LANE. LEWISHAM, S.E., HftTtDg tAken the »bore pnmiMt, rcapectially •olioiti joar kind |»tron&ff« and iapporl. Th« Stock WLU ba foand replete with the Newest ud moet Fuhioaable Btylee. It will be hU cftrn«it deeintoeiippIyhiiTi&trooi with Fint^KiUiB Goodr wA the Beet Tenns. FOR PIANOS. ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS 00 TO A. T. HOWSON, 24.5a, LEWISHAMHIGH RD. S.K. piANOS ^BQANS pLANOS QBGAN8 H ARMONIUMS Tiolins, Guitars, Mandolines, iSanioa. CIsrioaettea, (Someta, P IANOS Fittings. Oaaea, Uasical Instru- menta of srery DcMription. O EOANB Estiaates giran for the forma- H ABMOKIUMS tion of Brass or String Bands Free of Charge. P IANOS Violin Maker and Bapairer of O BGANS aU kinds of Musical Inalrumenta H ABMO.NnrMS (Pupil of C. Firai Zeluti). 245a, LEWISHA F HIGH Rn. S.E. (BANK BUILDINGS). lb District Affect for the H»rlen rUuo* EJod Pkckftrd Orgxm. Pianoa, Orgvu end SMTTOO- ninms on the One, Two or Three Ye»r» 8yft«m. Good DiEOoant for Oeeh. DENTISTRY UP TO DATE A COMPLETE BET, 15«.. A SINGLE TOOTH, 2», 8D. MINERAL TEETH, Warrantad nerer to <jiange Colour or Decay, are fitted without giring the slightest Pain. Drfy aU Competition for \atitral Appearatu-e Majtieat\o» and CmM. EVBIT CAtl OUARAHTEED. REfllB^JgOUSE, 127 <fc 13^^ StffflWP' ASH ROAD (OLoa TO uiCl (rATias). H. MA»TIN, COBSS ^'IHB, DBSSS t PBAOnCUlli', jlANTLK MAKBB. HnrttBT MATxaiAU 4r tia^oss TO e«i.«cT FEOM Tkfloi^nala GOWM , naflcna. Wooding Traoa- PvtatUudfCrMpored. Intaota'and CUldnn'aCUUBf. OMMad Hooae tOrOonata aodLeiom. ''f OMtoaaatoeriat^empMpflte Two Gnioaaa. • TKaBDt attention. and SMDad fi ^-SSliS- ItaTisstlMliigaitaaaiaik^^zl^riatha oomty, toiaaan the at of aax{own a good shaped cotWb ^teolnt^r rmWe eapplr mma baa aa Ilii Wubat bat matariala used, all garmaota aie jraqioatvndar tha npar^ Tifion ot ExpaiieDoad Fomamaa. b ROWE & GOTTS, (LATB BABNBS, or BiAOzaBATB), FARRIERS, OPPOSITE HOLY TfelNITY CHURCH, BLACKHEATH HILL. HORSES SHOD ON THE MOST IMPBOVED PRINOIPLB. b K. HAYHOE, 2, EASTCOMBE TEBRAO*. BLAOKHBATH. PURE DARJEE^ING TEA DIBBCT FBOV( THB' GARDENS aOrrr atid Brandt MiiaU awndtd far QtiaUty oMd Kocoar. SPLENDID HOUBBHOLD TEA At 1/6, 1/8, and 1 /10 per lb. PORE ORANGE PEKOE, 2/10 per lb. E FRANCIS, DYER, CLEANER, FURRIER AND PLinHASSIER 120, LEE ROAD, S E. OHDKXH BT TEXJCQRAM OH FOVT niUZSUTLLT ATTETIIED SO. Flenje A ddrru all (^wtmm^teatwnj to E. PR AS CIS, 120, LEE ROAD, S.E. b J. & A. AUSTIN'S TEA. AUSTIN'S TEA, 1/- per lb AUSTIN'S TEA, 1/4 per lb AUSTIN'S TEA, 1/6 per lb AUSTIN'STEA,l/10perib AUSTIN'S TEA, 2/4per lb AUSTIN'S TEA, 2/10 Fr ib J. & A. AUSTIN, HIGH CLASS GROCERS, PROVISION, WISE, SPIRIT t BEEE MERCHANTS, BLACKHEATH VILLAGE, A.VD LEE, LEWISHAM, CATFORD, 8ELHURST, AND ELTHAM. b DB. HKKIT BmB ears :—"lean teatify that Mr. Bpetioer has had a Large experience in Dentistry and has always giren erery satisfaction aaa Skilful and Humane Dentist, his Keaaonable Charges should attract to him all ulssses " T. 90, H. SPENCER, SURGEON DBNTIST, SOUTH STREET, GBEENWICH. bm PANTECHNICON OS C 0 \' E R E D \' A N S . STEADY EXPERIENCED MEN. F.STlU.iTF.S FREF.. Jtrpairi prt^mptly attand^d to. 10, OLD DOVER HD., BLACKHEATH. S.E b HEALTH FOB ALL III HO LLP WAY'S PILLS. THIS GBKAT HOUSEHOLD MKDICINB USCa AVOSOST THl LEADING NB0B8SABIBS OF LIFE Thaaefaoioo»PiUap«i«y tha BLOOD, and ^ . Jiisdy^m the * nxat powetfBllT, yet LIVEH, BTOilAOH, and BOWELS, giring tone, energy, and rigaer to MA& BPBINOfl OF XiFB. liayare KTnKEYS . . _ end Til these great confidently reoommeodad aaa nerer failing remedy In all oaaea where the oonstltation, tmn whatrrer oanaa, haa beoome impaired or weakened. Thw are rraoderfoIlT ef&oaoloas in all aOsiaotB incidental to Females of all agea: and aa a OKNBRAL FAMILY MBDICINK. are nnanri»saed. HOLLOWAY'S 0 IN T M E N T . ITB BEABOHING k HEALINQ PBOPHBTIBS ARB KNOWN THBOUQHOUT THB WOBLD For the core of BAD LKW, BA(> BUASIB, OLD WOmiDB. BOBES AHtf ULCEBS, ft U an tntalliUa remedy. U aSeetMnynhbed on thtaackand chest, aa Hit Into aaat, It Otfm 80B1 THBDAI, Uc^tharia, Koaddtia, Ooagba, Ooldi. aad area A6THICA. Fee Otaadotar BvtU- fagi, Hhaoitea.Pnaa, Fiftalaa, _ ifcll. .. BoULat Isoiua HouAirAi^ 9 L0HI>0M| Alao by neariy eraiy aapaotahla TaDte o< Mediotne thnxighaat tha Ciriliaod World. Fan pt<BtBd diteotiooa are aOxad to aaahPet u^Boz, aad oaa ba ia aa; IBBCOK*- V£.-^Tiee Qratla, at tha ahore addnaB ,daIly betvam tha boon o( II aad i, or by latter. «0a BROWN BROS., T . .JOHNS, S.E LO A M P 1 T NEAB VALE, LEWISHAM lb SPECIAL NOTICE. FOE THE BEST HOME KILLED if EAT MODEBATE PRICES, 00 to tha New fcatahliahinant-^ GEO,RGE & HARRIS, 9. STATION TERRACE, CHURCH LANE. CHARLTON. W. WHITE, LANGTON TERRACE, WOODLANDS HOAD, BI.,ACKHEATH PURVEYOR OF MEAT, POLLTKY AND DEVONSHIRE BUTTEE. pAHiLiES WAITED OS DAILT. PBICE LIST ON APPUCA'n05. .'ifkoi'li and Lnrye Cpm^nm^rt by Coniract^ HAVE YOU SEEN THE CEDARS MODEL DAIRY 12, STATION TERRACE, CHCKCH LANE, OLD CHARLTON ? Established to Supply Customers with GUARANTEED PDBE NEW MILK, FBESH RAW CRK-^M", DEVONSHIRE AND BBITTANY BUITKRS, NEW LAID k FRESH COUNTRY BOOS. Tkrre tiwvi daily. MOTTO— F•nrrv, PVKCTUAI.ITY Speciality :— C.iiErUL SUPPLY or MILB FOB THB NoaaXBT AJn> IXTALIDS. Carta delirer in Blackheath, Charlton, and Woolwich. Orders by poet to the CEDARS :\[ODEL DAIRY, (OppoalTB CHARLTON STATION), Promptly Attended to. I CLXASLISIBS ; CITTUTT ; I Pt7:CCTDAIJTT ' I Prirr I.itta on Appiication. Carta deli rer daily, all parta of tha neighbom hood. b BEDCHAMBER BROS., 8, STATION TERRACE, CHURCH LANE, CHARLTON GROCERS, TEA DEALEBS. AND MERCHANri ARE NOW OPEN ATy^ invite ea in^eatianol ihairHew Praznieek. SPBCIALITIES:— ' FiR^B (r ~PB (mE ^9 £et AX z2 >\ns9X iiUBKE7 PBiqJES. Splendid Taaa, U, la. 2d., « la. 4d. Special Blasd ot Coffee, la per Ib. A trial will demonatrata the exoeptipnal raloa of all goods asppUad by them. b J. BRIDGES, cnixuBY cLt^ysB i- CARPET BEATER 26, BEDFOBD PLACE, OLD DOVER BO AD, BLACKHEATH (Oppoaila lABCton-tamoe, loond by Walker's the bstater). GABPaTf BK4TKS, C^RAP AXD C1.EA3 Ordrrt iy iW ftactnaBy tUnStd tt. CHIMNETS SWEPT BY OOKTBAOT Flue Brushes made to Order. b D. CHARLES ife CO., 10, ST.\TION TERRACE, CHARLTON- The aboTO Establishment is now OPEN FOB THE SALE OF ALL KINDS OF FANCY DRAPERY. DMBKELLAS RECOVERED ^GBNT FOB THE W-. R. CORNETS rsoM 2/llf LEE GREEN CYCLE WORKS (Late of BwTTijiiA Woins. COLCHKSTEB). All DcEcriptions of CYCLE.S, B A S S I N V. T T K S A N D BATH CHAIRS BEPAIKED AT THE RHORTEST .S'OTICE. For Machines for Repair, or Hire, apply at THE FORGE, TAUNTON MEWS, TAUNTON K0.\1), LKK. Hachims {or Hire /rom Gd. Hour. b C. H. MORRIS, 41, TRANQUIL VALE, BLACKHEATH GROCER. PROVISION. WTNE, SPIRIT, AND BOTTLED BEER MERCHANT. Apcxr roB DILLON'S REAL MOUNTAIN DEW, Rarr Old ir»(r* ll'iujoj- J;8;>fr butti'. AUSTRALIAN Wl.SES IN FI.&00N8 GOLD MEDAL CEYLON TEA. !;iO and 2/- PBS PonsD, UXBDBPA-iaED POB STRE-VCTH A.VP F1 .AV0CB. b C. HOLDAWAY, PLUMBER AND PAINTER, & 3, BELMONT HILL, LKK Special attention giren to Sanitary Work. BS(TAMATI-:S FOR OKNEBAL REPAIRS CONTBACrOR under the Ixjndon Provincial Kanitary Company, Palace Chamber., Westminster (Messrs. Bailey Denton Son .V North, Bnrveyoni) who grant Certificate" to Houiiei.. after Iho necessary Sanitary alterations. b M . S H E L T 0 N , 11. STATION TERRACE, CHURCH LANE. CHARLTON HIGH CLASS HAIR DRESSEK, AND F.\NCY DE.4.LBR (Cloae to Xanction). OrJen b -j Pmt rr./iiir^,/ Tire Dayi Brfia -ehntd. DAVIES' TONIC LOTION. It cares Baldness, prodnces Whiakers, Uoostaches, Bjebrowp. etc. It u neither ttiriy or greasy. POSITIVELY THE BESt HAIRURESSING. For BtrfiDgtbeniD^ and preserring the hair. IT HAS XtVEB BEE5 EQCALLED. S^e T'ftinioniaU. Sold in bcttJes.for all obstinaw and chronic cases at li and 10 tl. Sample bottles sent post free on rtceipt of 33 stampa. Adi'ue and ''oiLiullatiun ijratiji upon all uut/.vr^ 'U/i- rernm'i the iuiir. TE8T1M0MA!-S. WITH "OBIGIXALS, TO BE .«EEN ON APPIJCATION. .1. Prf pared only by T. DAVIES, THE HARROW, BTON, AND PUBLIC SCHOOLS TOILET CLUB. BLACKHEATH VILLA(iK, KK.\T. W. BUTTOX, MAXfKACTL-ttKK OK HI(;H-('I.ASS MINKK.\L W.VTKHS, AND WHOLE-IALB ASD RZTAIL .M.\NrFAi 'TrRI N(; CIIXFKCTIONKR 1-17, LEE ROAD. 160, HIGH R().\I). LEE. ,^.E. Largo Lemonade Small do. Large Soda Small do. lATgfl Ginger Aie Small do. One Shilling per doz. Ninepence One Shilling .. Nlnepenc*) One Shilling Ninepence ,. 1 LOOK OUT FOR THE NEW AUTUMN DESK; .\S AT MARSH'S CHIN A WARE H 0 f S ]•;. A L F RED E V A M S. UPHOLSTERER DECcrtATOR & UNDERTAKER 4S. VANBURGH PARS .i, EASTCOMBE TERRACE, BL.'.C KHEATll.R. Faiat PeaL". Chairs and Tables Lent on Hif. E\rERlEN'KD WQRKME.V EMPI-OYED ON rci: PaEMI?ES. h JOHN TKCPHKT. Sole AKBIT. fro F. Dark .t Sons, ijorV^ rf,.kfl Ground. Manofocturer of ail Articles used in the girrc nf CRICKET. FOOTBALL, LAWN XL.V.SH. FIVES k LACRO.-iSE. .M.L KfNOj OF RBPAIH.S no .N'E 111.- FLNEHAL REFORM, COUCHMAN & COM FY. FXNERAL DIRECTORS, ONLY AnDEEsa : 10, MONTI'ELIKR VALE, HLACKHEATH, S,E. Faneriln conducted under Pen>on»I Supervision at Btated inclnsive charges. NOTED FOE QUIETNESS AND SIMPLICITY. Ettahlijthrd KM) Yrara b YE OIJ) I'.LACKl GROCER'S SHOP lEATH VILLAGE. ('H.\HLES R.GURNSEY, HA1!ERI)ASHERY, STATIONERY, FANCY DRAPERY, BAI'.Y LINEN. LAUIE.S' & CHILDREN'S UNDERCLOTHING. 7, SOCTH STREET, GREENWICH, EKTlDLlfiHID IMC. L. F. (JOATER, GROCER AND 'WINE MERCHANT, GOOD SOUND CLARET, IVr 12-. G'L D-.z. Note the Aiidrea- . il.ACKHEATH 1111 i.. ^. ASH I'OST nFKluK, TKAF/VLOAB RD, EA.ST (;REF,S';\'.LTI. b CA.MPION ^ SON. FOR P.O.XCLOTH. I'LAVER & MELTON OVKRCOATS •24-2. Hir.H ROAD, LEE r.RF.EN. h •\\ (i A V i: N. I..Art: ELSE). I EPICLRE SI.X rilZES, FROM TONGUES, 1. ad. TO it. PEl; IIS. H. .J. THOMPSON, BLIND MAKER, HIGH HOUSE, MONTPELIER ROW BLACKHEATH, Mannfaotnrer ot Inside and Oacaide Window Bliods and Shop Blinds of eTery description. PATTERNS AND ESTIMATES FREE TUB TRADF SCPPLISD. Bnatio Snmmer Hooaes, Arches, Seata and Flower Stands kept in stocli. Window Boies in Tiles. CorL or Wood to order, h THOMAS HALE, BLACKHEATH VILLAGE, FOE DRESS FABRICS, ENGLISH i SCOTCH, FOR HODaaUOLD LINB.N SHEETINGS, CALICOS AND LONGCLOTHS, FOB LADIES "HIBERNIA- HAND-MADE ONDERCLOTHINO, GLOVES AND H O 8 I E R Y, RIBBONS AND LACE. CMBRBLLAS AND COR8BTS, JACKETS AND MANTLBa C O A L S . W. liROAVN & SONS HAVr SPECIALITIES IN COOKING COALH, GttEAT HEAT PBODUCEBU AT LOW PRICES- Rose Main. Derby Brighta, and Acme Note all cart, fully screened. FrirfM on (jppli'''ttiOn at th^ n^rtt. LEE GREEN. LEB RAILWAY STATION and HIGH STREET ELTHAM. b (JEORGE FYSON, IIU;H CLASS TAILOR, Ii>s, BURNT ASH ROAD. S.E. (Ci.oflE TO LEE STATION.) INDLVN, COLONIAL AND GENERAL OrTFITTER. IJ I A R I M P O ii KLACiHEATil VILLAGE. BUY I>'N:.Y CARNATION T(jH.-\f;i,s. CHARLES I). HARRIS, GENERAL FUKNISHINli .\ND BUILDERS' IRONMONGER, GAS AND HOT W.\TER ENGIVKIR Es-TiM^.Ti;-; AND DK^H;NS SL'MUIT tn K-i t^-Le1 UE!-CBll'TinS (,F WOBK. SHIRTS MADE TO MEASURE ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. SCHOOL OUTFITS A ^1'LCLU.ITH. THOMAS HALE, CASH DEAPEBY ESTABLISHMENT, BLACKHBATB. h P. H, FISHER; DRESSMAKER, 13 6, ST. JO&N'S ROAD, ^ tn^.vsii^ Sir LATOT trma. Dnaa Ratavaled ami Se-madt from 10$. «d. PSSnOr 8TTLE It FIT SUASANTBBIV • ROBERT GEO- HOARE, CHARLTON AND OBHETWICH CEMBTKBY W0BK8, SHOOTER'S HILL ROAD. BLACKHEATH. ReaJatoaes, OiOaea, and MoEiuncati, in Granite, Kaible or Stooe, Bre<iUd in any Ceaetery in town or 0000117, or Ezpoztid at loaeat-poaaibla prioea AB rak (Stmsted to my care, haa raj penonll atfantian, baTlnr lud a large experlmoa In «U Unda of KonsBental mrk. Wa« antniited with thocrKtiaa o(t]ia Tampla Bar Hemoria], in tha Cit7olI.oi)doa,wUohis adorned with statnas of HvHoat Qraoioiu Maiasty tha Qssan, and tha Pzinaa at Wales, ka. BitimaUt €nd ttexitnt foneardid aa appiitttim. b Repairs and Alteratioiu. Work Done on the Premises. b LUCK AND Co., GENERAL IB0NM0NGEK8, as and Hot Water Engineers, Plnmbers, Bell- Hangers, Smiths, Store and Range Mannfactnrers, Tin, Iron and Zinc-plate 'ft'orkers, <9, MONTPELIER 7ALE, BLACKHEATH, S.E, (Comer of ROTAL PABADII. Agent for Royal Fire and Life Instuosce Compan.T. JJegittry Offiee for Serrrant*. b The Best QHOLERA. iQHOLERA. l-KBTKSTATIVB AJtD COSE ran CHOLEEA, DlABBBCTA DTaBSTBBT, Ac, FKEEMAN'S oaianiAi. cHiOEODTirE. (Iht (mill True it Qmum). I Fnn aireatioos and tesd- 1 moniab with esah. bottle. QHOLEPA. - iS. sj. r™. kr f". LANGTON TERR,\.'K, L-IIOOTERS HILL KOXu. BLACKHEATH. b K .Mi.w.w APPROACH. \vi;sT>;n .ME:, IA:;K. BLACKHEATH, S-U. E. G O L I) I N {',. B EfiS to respectfully inform the inhabita.ntK if Uie ibove neighbonrliood, iiut she hii-t optne<I a First clasB Florist's busuiess. .ind ha\ir.K a liircft ^iippiy nf Flowers from ..he Nnrserv. hopes bv strict attention to all orders to oDlam trie nfttj-una^'e of the poblir; ihaiiking llicm for piiwt favoara. Butiou llnU-^-iutti Tabu. Ih4-orat40,>^. Pu Ji.u^ly AlUmUd To. •HOP K BATE CHABtJKf. b L E E ORE E N LEin. CLASS, OIL fc COLOUR WARBHOU,-F. WHOLESALE 4 RETAIL PAPER HANGLV;'^ All kinds sf Snitary Earthenware, Fngluh ai..l Foreign Plain and Ornamental Olass. li.r:t:i't friiat Gx. to -'if. per NOTE THE ADDRKS.^ ; T. W. DUPEN. 2 8 HIGH LEE GREEN, 0 A S.E. !) . fc PURE R I CH .MIL K. R. NOR>LAN, THE DACRE PARK DAIRY, 9, CHURCH STREET, LEE. ENGLISH BUTTER. NEW LAO) BREAKFAST t COOKING BOOS. SPECIAL MILK FOR INFANTS t INYALIDS. Bctt<r from "Visconnt Hampton's Farm, • Glynde. Snssex. Ordcrt Bfiire'cd to all parts F <rj.r T^met Bauy.

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