Blackheath Gazette from London, Greater London, England on May 24, 1895 · Page 5
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Blackheath Gazette from London, Greater London, England · Page 5

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1895
Page 5
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BLA-CKJEATH GAZETTE. FBIPAY, MAr 9i. IflQfi 5oipI and §ism ^tpi , ajsaroh Parade at towlahain —Th« ,„d Kent ArtlUny VolnatMa wtU hold thdr i^-Ttulj Ohowh p»r»<l« at Bt. HKJ^ Ohooh, I„»u!i»m, on Band»7 motninft St. Xianreaoe, Oatftord.—Th* Bar. W. Hook Imngulm, Tlouot St. UiohMl't, Soothwuk, Brescbol *< Sc. Idiiuaaoe Ghonh, Ottlotd, oo |imd>7 morning ud eT«nIng, la aid of the Olergx Fond. Aaasolt at bee —M Omnwlah on Wt^o»d«y, Bortl* Lroni, SS, gtsanl amlth, ol Tana- loi-road, wu fined 40a or eera) da}! for awnlt- im Seorga SmithyUbootw, of Gsmmerfield^trMt, BlaokbeatbOoncTeratloaalOharoh. _Tiiii lerTiou at the Oongngatlonal Ohnioh, Bl^dibteih, on BnndaT, ware condnoted bj the Rer. Arlbor Fnmer.of King's Lynn. NtxtSonday til. B UT. ^diew Hamilton, of Haapetcad, will (Bouts' OraaTlUe (&ee), Orloket OlQb.—TUc olnb pUTiid two mmtohei on Batarday. In the a,tch with Bexloy the loorae were: OraaTiU^ 96, B«lc7.128 for 8 wioketa The acorei in the other „!t: QranTiUo, 83 for 8 wiokeu, Plalatow, IT4 for lit wioket». St. Stephen'*, Itewlsbam.—The B«T. Bsnr; Naib Tbampioa, at Bt. Bartholomew'!, Brigbioa, has been appointed to a onraoj at St. gtepben'B Charoh, LewUham, In inooeeiion to the KcT. B. 0. Oops. Mr. Thompnn will, it ii expect- ti. ukc np hi« leeidence in Lewieham abont the middle of June. & Merlectftel Fatber.—At Gmnwioh on Mondsy. Jarnei Howard, 13, painter of Klderton- nhi, Lower Bydenham, waa charged on a warrant for neglecting to send his child, Ajnelia to echool. The boy had been totally absent from eohool and Mr. Kennedy infiiotad a fine of S>. A aefraotorj Caaaal.—Oeorge Attle, 17^ of no home, wai ohaiged with refusing to perform bii allotted talk of work while an inmate of the Leniihatn Oasnal Ward. The Labour Master said they did not know what to do with the prisoner. He was only discharged a week ago tor a similar offence. Seven day's hard labour. Coarcb-lii-tlie-OroTe, Sydeaham^ The annual Soral serrice at tnis ohuroh will be keld to-morrow, (Sunday) erenlng. The motto selected for the oooasion is " Treee of Biyhteons- nesB-'' A.a address will be given by the pastor, Ber. A. F. Joeoslyne and speclil music will be rendered by the choir. The Cboroh Soboola TTolon.—A sale of work under the patronage of the Bishop of South- w»rk and Lady Barbara Yoatman, will be held In the grounds of DartmonthHoiue, Blaokheath-hill, on June 10th, on behalf of the Church Schools Cnion. The schools of the Lewisham Deanery a'o 16 are in need of more than £700 to meet the argent demands of the Eduoation Department. St. Karr'B, Xiewlabam.—The Her. J. R. XrmstrOQg has tnteied upon his duties as an assistant onrate at Bt. Mary's Choroh, Lewisham. St. Jemea<8, KJdbrook. — The Aroh- bishop of Dublin will preach on Sunday CTe- oing at SuJames's Ohnrch, Kidbrook, on behalf of the Spanish and Fortngcese Hlssioas* Aid Society. A Sronkeo Driver.—At Greenwich on Monday, William Blsokman, <8, salesman, of Old Kent-toad,w»s charged with being drunk whUsl in chsrge of a horse and cart at Boshey-greeo, Lewisham. Mr. Pook prosacnted and stated that the prisoner ran in to a South Metropolitan tzam-oar and did damage to the amount of £20. Beoianded for a week. Tbreatenlng- a Wife.—At Greenwich on Tuesday, James Foster, 66, gardsner, of Dallas- road, Sydenham, was charged on remand with threatening his wife. Prisoner had been remanded in order that the goal surgeon might inquire into the state of his mind. The doctor reported that the prisoner was responsible for his actions. Mr. Kennedy bound him oyer in £6 to keep the peace for three months, or 14 days. A Smnken Carman.—At Woolwich on Satnrdsy, Charles John Case, 25, carman, was charged with being drunk whilst in charge of a horte a Tan, and with working the horse, whilst unfit, in the Old Dover-road, Blackheath. The horse was very lame, and the prisoner, who was dnmk,wss thrashing iL The horse had oome from Greenhithe to New Gross, and was retorning, the distance traversed being 14 miles. Mr. Hicham fined the prisoner 20s and 10B. 6d. coats. Tfnlavfol PoBseBsion at Ziee.— At Qroenwioh yesterday, Frederick Tbompson. 60. of Whitechapel, and William Atkins, 40, of no fixed abode, were charged with the unlawful poeseaslon of a quantity of lilac in Bltham-road, Lee. The gardener at Horn Park Farm, Lee, said he was of opinion that the lilac had been stolen from the farm. BIr. Maraham fined each prLaoner 10s, or seven days for unlawful possession. Iiewlaham Swlmmlngr Olnb. — This club held a 90 yards handicap at the Ladywell Baths this erening, with the following results :— l «t Heat; A. G. Brown 1, C M. Bniman 2, G. G. Grounds S; won by a yard. 2nd Beat: A 0. DsTies 1, C. L. Faulkner 3, H. A- Butler 3 ; won by two yarda 3rd Heaf. W. E. Kibble 1, L. Pnrrie 2, E. W. Stafford S ; won by a yard. 4th Heat: W. S. Smith 1, O. 0. Hutohinson 2 ; wou easily. Tbe London, Woolvloh A. Olaoton Steam Boat Company, Xilmlted. — The far famed and popular Olaoton Belle oommeuoed running again last Saturday, when a large party made the journey from Greenwich, Blackwall Woclwioh to Olaoton. A mote enjoyable trip than this on a fins day oanoot be deaired especially when made unoer the exeeptionaily faTOurabls cironmstaknoes which this oommodleits and well appointed iteamen proriiea X>ewUbast PnbUo Batba.—Betum of the number of bathers and receipts for the week ended nth May, 1895. Ladywell Bath«-No.of bathers : males, 2,233 ; females, 162 ; total, 2,395 ; receipts, <S4 lis Ud. Forest Hill Baths—No. of bathers: males. 1.S49 ;females, 78; total, 1,421; receipts. £n Said. Totals : males. 3,576; tesiales, KO; total, 3,816; receipts. £53 17a Od. Edward H Uxsnham, Clerk to the Oommissiorers, Board of Works OIBoes, Oattord, OS., 21st May, 1895. CCB. Oatberlng- at bee.—The annual gathering of assofdatea and members of the Girls Fnendly Booisty took place on Tuesday. Benioe was held in St. Margaret's Church, with an ad- drtn by the Eer. Samuel Biokersleth, Vicar of Xswirham. A conference was snbeequently held io the Parish Basa, Old-road, Lee, the Eon. Ura- Peck presiding. Addreeses were given by Mrs. Uilner, Lady Tragelyan, Mrs.Field, and Mn. Ber- btu FercivaL 'The subiect o( Mrs. Field's addren aas The Work of Elder Membera. '•Beattogr the Bonnds" at Xiee.— The ceremony of '• beating the bounds" ol the psrjrb of Lee was carried out yesterday by the chorchwardens, overseen, and members of the Vestry. The party, who were accompanied by a number of boys from the Lee National Bohools, started from the Tiger's Head at Iree-green, and concluded their labours shortly after five oolook in the afternoon. At midday the patty »t down Xo Innoheon at Grove-park, & JnTenlle Sellnqnent.—At Greenwich yesterday, George Dovey, IS, ol Esnendale-road, Lewisham was charged on remand with stealing pigeons frem 2, Belmont Park Uewa, and 1, Bel-, Lee. Hr. Storey, Indosttial Swools Officer, said the boy had been bireh«d.Tbe mother said she would Uke the boy away tram Lewiiham If he was discharged. Hr. MsnhafflBadeaBord^ )CT tbe prisoner to be sent to the Feltham Industrial Bcheol Ull 16 yean ol a(e. Soapidona Cbaraotera at &es.— At Qreen^rioh on Friday, Frederlnk Dyer, 23, hawker ct Hill-lane, and Charla* Johnion 28, Giffio-jtreet, Deptford, were charged on rtmand with bre thing and entering 1S2, Bamt Aah.road, Lee, and with eteallnr a'oUok, tawtl,'i pair bt albatross wIngs.sndantinaoaU«n,TsiI<ia< £3. Tbt eaaBrt denied (he cbargs, bat Mi, tdtfibam nii •there wu Be imU l^ef Mbtti ta«]«*ed pitfUMe with intent to commit a felony, uQ KatenM4 them each to three month*' hard labenr. & Wretched Xotheri—AtOteeswlcbon "onday, Ann QalUgher, BS,lanndre«, of aolions, waa charged with being drunk in Zork-ttnet, Ueptford, and exposing her child, aged two yean, 10 a manner likely to oaua it •naaoeasaiy salTer- ing. Inspector Chown, HAP.O.O-, said he had been instructed to adk (or the eartody of the oUld. Mr. Kenned; said this was not ths flnttimssbe •hid been djarged and she would ninr b* ssntenoed to three months' hard labour, and (ideied ths child to be g:ven over to the Ber, Benjamin Wsa^ till le years of age. Paotory Aot Siim]noBMa.--At dtfa- wicb on Wednesday, Mr. George Btrood, st 6» » 6» iilghsirest,Lewisham, was snirmanedinflvs jo- ataocsa ioremplo/iogflr* yoaag women oODtniy to the Factory AcU. Hr. Uksmaa.H. M. Inspso. lat, appeared to praeosute, and Kj.Glssaeodl,a partner, teprss inted the firm. Mr. Fallows, an in- •pector of workshipa, said he Waited ths dsfSBd- »M 'a preniaea on Aprtt 27th IBataidsy), when the yonng women shooUI have leH work sk lo« o'clock. At*.2i.beftmn4this»Toai>gwOortrt work in ous room, itod twoin ailothgno^ at i tOt. The forewoman told him ths work had. to ts fia- ubed. KveUoa KewtoD, one ol tBe yonng Wbmm,: sud Hln Baker, the fscewofflan, ftm hu asiut vtat at ten mlcates to tour, and said thsvnfc would have to ho flinished. Mr. Olassoook ssU II was without hi« knowlsdgs «x OODSSat Uiat ths women worked alter foor o'slook, and. that they were working in dl«jbedlenc» to ordsra Mr. Ken-, nedy impost a fine of «S and 6s. aosts In Ihs first oase, and 5L and 6a costs In each of tbs tsntoUuri, all £S ta Sad Btmf of AOUra.— At Orssnwieh oa Tocaday, ArUnu fiMigs Booooek,of4», Aoada- road, Pcrest HiU, wu sonunonsd hy Ur.Wybsoia, onbshaU o( the Lsvliham ITBISS Onatdiaas for nsglaoilnttomalntatn hit wits and ohildren. Hr. Wybostn asked tores order ot. ISi, per wesk. HI. Ksnas» saU it waTmoBstroos that ths ntts- paws shaold haxs te sttpoert ths woman aad hsr ohodrsn. Dsfsndant said hs was frtlUac to oon- ssnt to an order at ISt, a Tsek. Hr. Kennedy TsmarksdthatUwas a sad stats of aSaln'and mads BB order aoocrdlngly. BxpanalTO Slasinr.— At ths Stratford PoUoe-oonrl on Honday, Qsorge Palmer, 45, a labonier, was charged with being dlsordsrly at North Woolwich and with aisanltiag Alios Fennst. Ths prosecutrix is the wUs ol a ooostable. They were out together, ths husband being In plain olothes, and when hs left her for a momsot ths prisoner put his arm aioond hsr nsck, and klsssd her. Hsr scream attracted her husband, and when the prisoBsr was asked what he meant he replied srich dlrgistlng language. Re now made no de­ fence, and was told that sneh osndnot would sot be tolsratsd, and hs would b« lined 30a and costs tor each ol the two oSenoes, OonflrKatlon at Slaokbeatta.—The Lord Blshep ol Bouthwatk held a oonarmatloii at AllSalnts' Church,Blaokhaath,on Friday afternoon. The clergy Includad Bars. H. Welsford Snsll —At Stssawioh OB moaday, WinlatrXlswoithy; ot 8S, Bndford-toad, and mtlbm Botcher, ot U, Bradtod-road, Sydsahaia, vsre sammonsd tor assanlUng Jobs nhase, landlord ot ths Talma,*' Bydssham. Hr. Chats said on Hay. ISlb- tbe defesdaata wsra Io ths house, and wars r*tj rowdy. Eliirarthy threw a pot at J I I B, tad whsa hs wsst lonsd the bar with ths potmas, Bntohtr strilok hUa ts ths eye, Ths dstesdaBts wsie Tsry ahnslrs, tai hs retusd tossrrtthso. Thosiaa UBlTayeoixaboratsd.asdsald Bittahsr made oss ot ths exprssslos "Dos't ist them opss the door, ws wia UU ths old dsrU." Dsfsadasts deolsd ths assault. Ur. Ksnnsdy said Mr. Ohass esdsaToiusd to oondust his houss as it should bs, and yst pnbllo-hoase loatsn llks ths dsteadasts went and ansoyedhiis. It any othsnwsre.brought baton him he would send then to prison. Defendants would etch be fined 3Qt. and 2a oosta, or II days In default. Sad Ooae of rraad at See.—AtOrsen wloh on Monday, Edward Thompson, 19, moslo- hall singer, was charged on nmand with obtaining : Batlar' w»A Oeok In TronMa.—At (viear), H. H. WUIoid (onnte), A. L. Lambsrt. 0. Wltherby, J. A. Ovea and W. H. K. Soamea The candidates numbered 60 and were presented from the the following parishes :—All Saints', Blackheath. Ohnrch of the Ascension, Blackheath, Bt. Germain's, Blsokheath, St. George's Westcombe Fark.Ohurah ot Good Shepherd,Lee,Christ Ohuroh, Mary's, Iiewiaham,and St Paul's, Charlton. The Bishop gave two earnest addresses before and after the ceremony. Then wss a large oonjreg- ation and a full choir. Fatal Acoident at areentrloh.—Hr. E. N. Wood held an ihquest at the MiUer Hospital on Monday evening on the body ol Harold Arthur Atkins, aged 14, eon of a clerk, residing at 69, Fox- berry-road, Brookley. It appeared thai on Thtira- day afternoon, the boy was in the Lewi^ham-road, near the Ordnance Arms, when he was knocked down and mn over hy a horsa and trap, belonging to Hr. Tree, olockmaker, ot Great Dover-street, Borough, Ike wheel passing over Us neck- The driver had previously shouted to the Ud, who. It appeared ran right Into ths horse. He was [dcked np and taken ts the Miller Hospital, where it waa found that he was dead. A verdict of " Accidental death " was returned. Boratlon-Tlde at Seirlabam —Ths Bogation Days are this week being observed by special servioes at St. Stephen's and St. Marys Churches, Lewisham. On Monday evening, the Rev. Oanon Bristow preached at the former church, and the Rev. Oanon Pollock, ol Rochester Cathedral, preached on Tuesday evening at the "atler. Yesterday (Ascension Day) the preaohen It St. Stephen's were the Bev. W. Bartlett, st St 81. Stephen's were the Bev. W. Bartlett, sub- warden of the Bishop's College, and the Ber. E. T. M. VTalker, of St. Peter's, London Doaks; the preachsn at the (Thurch of the Transfiguration wen the Bev. Eutaos Bavergal, and the Bev.Hogh B. Ohapman. Vissr of SI. Luke's, Camberwell; at Bt. Mary's, the evening preacher was the Eev. J.B. Armstrong. Allered FranilB bj an Xaaoranoe Arent.—At Qreeowlch on Friday, Fredenok Morris, 26, oommisaion agent, of Olayton-road, New Cross, was charged on remand with obtaining various sums ot money, with intent to cheat his employers, the Boyal London Friendly Society, and with lalsifying the accounts. The evidence showed that the prisoner was engaged as canvasser to procure insaranoee, and was ;mid as oommisaion, ten times ths amount of the first weekly premium. On April 27th, the prisoner was questioned as to a fictitious insurance, which he at first denied, but afterwards admitted it. He wasarrestad at Southend-on-Pea by Detective-Sergeant Ooddard. The prisener who made no aiuwer to the charge, wu oommltted for trial at the Ooimty of London See- tioBt, bail being allowed. Tbe Foreat BUI Cbeqne Caae.—At Onenwich on Tuesday, Arthur Powell. S3, commercial traveller, of Bosendale-rcad West Dul- wioh, was cliarKed on remand with obtaining by false pretences £t Sa from WilUsm Charles Bags, of St. Germain's Hotel, Forest Hill. There was farther charge of obtaining by means of a trick a cheque for £4 5s. from George Fisher, of 6, Brookley-rise, Forest HiU. Ths prosecutor in the first case said he had known the prisoner lor some tims and had changed cheqoea before for him This charge was withdrawn by consent. After hearing further evidence with reference to the second case. Mr. Kennedy said there was not auffioient eridenoe of fraud to send tbe prisoner before a judge and jury, end the priaoner wduld therefore be discharged. Catfcrd Bridge Football Olnb.—The -eport ot this olnb for the pest season states that goods ky false pntenoes from Hr. E, J. Oampton, outfitter, ot High-road, Lee Bridge- nask Craig, who deeoribed hiiasalt as ths " OoSee Coder," said prisoner was not in his employ at the time he obtained his goods. Oialg added that he had never authorised prisoner to gst olothee. The prisoner said Craig told him to go to Hr. Campion's and est clothes and that he Intended to pay tor them U Craig did sot. Hs did not wish to go for trial and was wlllisg to plsad guilty. Hr. Kennedy said it wonld be better for the prisoner to go for trial. Prisoner hen bunk into tears, and begged that he might not be sent for trial. Oraig said he sailed for America before the Sessions opened, but Mr. Kennedy said 11 he did not attend, he wonld have to take the chance of having his reoognizsnoea of £20 estreated, and Thompion might very likely f et of. Prisoner whe continued to plead to be ealtwith at that Court, was then committed for trial Baat London Zndoatrial SohooL— The S9th ansual report of this school in Porson- street, Lewisham, has just been issued. During last year the number ot boys in the school was 13t ot whom 26 wsn Jewish and 113 Christian lads. Their oond lot thronghont, the year has been oontistently good, and the health of ths school has been excellent, the Inmates haviagcntlnlyeaosped all epidemlos, Ths raporta ot the various Inspeo* ton are very satisfactory as to the discipline and teaohing given ia the sohaol. Ths Msnsgera have determined to extend the school premises by building new and Improved workshops, and a room tor the band at the west sids of the playiroond. It Is also Intended to convert the present tailon' and shoemaken' shop into extra dormitoriea, thus providing for an increased aooommodation Iron 140 to 160 boyv. These alterations will be carried out at a cost of £500, of which £160 has been obtained. During the last five years, 130 boys have left the school, and ol theee 123 an known to be doing welL At the commencement ol this year tbs managen wen enabled to send four boys to Canada at a coat of £60. The Managen appeal for in- crsaeed help to enable them to carry on their work. II is intended to givs the lads a week's holiday at St. Lawnnce-on-Sea, and the Superintendent (Mr. J. Oartwright)w {llbe glad to receive donations towards this object. Tbe Xiewlabam Part Sonr Oboir gave thsir lost concert of the eeasou In the Albion- road Schoolroom, Lewiaham, before a large audience on Tuesday svening. The first part of the programine c<msisted of Mendelssohn's music to Kadns's sacred tragedy ot " Athalle, " which was rendered In a creditable manner by the Oholr under (he able oooduotorahlp of Mr- Benjamin Millar, organist ot the iMiriaham Weslsyan (Jhunh. The solos wen sung by membsn ol the Choir, and Mr. B. Manhall Steel redted the descriptive venes in his usual dnmaiio style. " The War March ot the Priests," was played hy hliss Jessie hUUerand Visa Florrie H. Smith, who aleo pUysd the acoom- paoimsnts. In the eeooad part ths Oholr sang two chornaes " Ths Chtrge of the Light Brigade, Anay BsssiM oool^ both la •striae at Olanr-haass, WsUs-nad, Bydsaham, veta ebargsd with bstag eoaasrssd in stsellsa a pahc ot lidys shoes, valoe IBs„ the i p^y ot Hts. BolBks, by whom thsy were smpl U. >.-«. DeTiiBuNfl, B» P, statsd that he arrested Botting, who said that hs told Un. Eani- ard to pawn ths bootster lOt. Is otdsr that hs iBlght go to BnttOB. Es ooald then gst ths mossy from his faotbsi-la-law and send it es to hsr at Bydsaham, so she coald tedssm ths boots. Ths booU wen offered In pledge by ths tsaule prlsossr to Ohariss Bustow, £3, High.strset,8yden£am.bat sotUng was adTBSoed oo them, and us was gireo iota oustody. The ptlsoBsn' were nmasded SBtil Wsdssiday, whsa Mr. F. V. Bdsks, SOB ot ths prosscBtrIx, said hs had been to Boothsss, td ooo- sult with his fathsr,wbo did set wish to press ths case, ai both prisoakn Would be Instantly dismissed. Nothing else bad-besB missed from the house. Hr. Kennedy said hs would trsat ths oass as ons ot Illegal pawning aiid fined ths prisonen 10s.saoh. Sad FataUtr at fiewt ^kam. - Ur. Dspnty Ooroasr Wood held as Ixqasst at the Lewisham Union Workhouse on Friday afternoon with nfersnca to ths death ot Walter Ssymour, aged ts ysars, of 41, Atwell-road, Paokham. The accidsst ocsarred on Tcesdsy, Hay 7th, when deceased was ons of ths eoonpanU ot a one-horse van In Hlgh^tnet, Lewisham. He waa not driving at the time ot the accident. Then was a sudden jolt and ths deceased fell from the van. The cause ot the jolting was owing to the fact that the van skidded on the tram-line. The driver, George Moat, ot BIgkbury, said deceased, his wife and two ohildren won eeated in the van. WheB the deceued fell oil, be at once pulled up thehstse. Witaessjumpedoilandlocndabadout on deoeased's head. Bs was taken to the Laala- ham Infirmary on ths polios ambulance, and was surgically attended ts by Br. Toogood, the medioal snperintendsnt Ths wife of the last witness deposed to being jolted from hsr seat when ths van sUddsd. F.^xLlord, 641 P., said he had since examined the tram lines and found them In good conditlan and order. Dr. JToocood said deccHued was taoeived at 9.20 p,iq. on May 7tb, suitering from a scalp wound six i^es long on the left side ot the headi Thm was.also a punotured wound on the left temple, whilst his left jaw was also traetuted. It was a ssrlous case, hut ths deoeased mads prognts, and his death took place somewhat suddenly on the 14th Inst. lbs cause ot death was probably dna to ths intammatory condition ot ths brain. The Depncy-Ooroner said OATFOBD HILL BAPTIBT OHAPBL. THs sBBlvsttarT ssrvlsss of the Oatford-hlll Baptist aad Bell Oreea Hisslos Baaday Schools, took plsoe on Ssnday last, wkes the Bsv. T. Orseusrsod, Mr. B. J. OreenWDOd, aad the Bev. F. O. Freoeh, reapestivsiy sonduoied the monlag, aftenoon.and evening ssr- viees, at ths ehnnh, Oattcrd-hdl, wbioh wsra aU wall altsedsd, as was also ths pahlis msstlM on Wsda«sdsy,wheB the chair ess filled by Mr. Q, S WsiBaagtoB,H 11.83., who said he oonsidendthe noble work ot the Sondar School teacher wss ot frsst laportsaes.snd that its indaenee for the f ntare good ud wslfsn o< the young oould not be folly estlmatsd. TheBsvt. A.Hoothouss, J. Simmons, Jobn Wilson, Klai ^and T.Orsenwood, also gave enooursging sddressef. Ham. W. H. Mcrson snd H. M. Greenwood, ths Buperintsndents, also ref erref to the aatis- tsetolT npotts of tas work of the two schools, adding Ibat the sreateet saase for thankfnlsess waa that IS soholan trem tea two schools had b^n added to the ohnrch during the past year. Tbe ooUections amounted to sEcat fii. LEWISHAM DISTHIOT BOARD OF WORKS LABOB DE0BBA8B IN EXPENDIT0BB. ST. JAMES'S CHUECH, FOREST HILL, BAZAAR. it sras a very sad oass, but no blame could be attached to anyona The jury returned a verdict thatdeoeafsd died tram injuries rsoeirsd from aocldantally falllsg off ths van. Ziewlabaiu Oonaenative Olab.—The the first team played 20 matches won 13, lost 6 and dnwl, souii4{ 11 goaU and 31 tries, total 146 points, to 3 goals and 9 triaa, total 39 points. The "A" team played 15 matches, won 10, lost 3 and dnw 8; soaring 20 goals and 24 tries, total 171 poinU, to 4 tries, 12 paints. The second team played 15 matahss, wen 6, h)lt 8 and drew 1 ,• scoring 4 goals and 13 tries, toUl 69 polnu, to 11 goals and IS tries, total 94 pointa Ths third team played 17 matohea, won 8, loat 10 and drew 4; saor- Ing 8 goals and 6 Cries, total 33 points, to 18 goals d 25 triee, 163 points. The membenhlp cd the club oonttnues to increase, the number tor last season being 213, as oomparsd with 163 during the pravious eeasoo. A balanoe of £3 4a. 2d. is carried forward to next season. A Oairr Owner aad Hla Uanag-er.- t Woolwioh yesterday, Henry Dnw, manager of a daln at IS, Prinoes-rcad, Flomstead, wae summoned by David Jas. Hsaton, 13, Fern-villas Charlton-road, Blackheath, his employer, for using throats towards him on Mar 17th. The oomplain- ant stated that he west to the dairy on the day in queetion, and the defendant threatened to kioknim ontotthenremlsea. Defendant was his manaeer and he had not been able to get any statemert-of account from him since November last. He had given the defendant notice to quit on aooonnt of his insnbordlnate oonduot. Witness had £46u invested in the dairy .—Defendant denied threatening the complainant and said he had been his manager for 10 years. The dairy irae now clceed by order ot the Testry. Mr. Manhaa adjonnwd the case tor a week and advised the defendant to leave as soon as he could. Woolwioh, Plnmatead^andlMatrlot XorttotUtoral Society, -A meeting el this eooiety took plaoe at the Uascsie Hall, Anglesea-hill, on Thursday evening week, when Mr. T. W. Banders, F.B,H.S., gave a leotun on " Bolls and Manures." At the oooclution, questioas wen invited, and answered by the lecturer to whom a hearty vote ol thanks waa aooorded. FoinU wen then awarded to exhibits,and Mr. Bnssell (Bexisy) received full paints and a oerUfloata for a grand display ol vegetables, besides obtainhig high points tor cut hlooms ol sartdsaus, eto. Other meritmieus exhibiton wen Mr. Heston, gardener to Mr. W, O. Dawson, who showsd some fins rhododendron blooms; Mr. Oook, ot Bivsrdale-road, Plumatead, who exhibited two exosllest foliage plants, and Hr. W. B. BesVB, whose two tsms shewsd skilful onltnn. Hr. J. J. Lss rsoeirsd a oertlfioats for a splendid aspidistra, sxhibited at ths ptsrious meeting. Kewlabam Obnrob Xiada' Brlgrade. —The first annual athlatio sports of the Lewisham Ohutuh Lada' Brtgads took plana on Saturday afternoon at Oatfetd under ihs direotlon ot Hajor the Bev. T. E. Telgnmonth Shon. The foUowing an the results oftheobitt sTsnt*:-UO Yards Baee.—Class 1; DismBist W. Bandel, 1 ; Fta. Hows, 3. Classes 3 asd 8 ; Pte. Brows, penalised Syards,!; BnglerTatai,3. 100 Yards Baos — Olassl ; Sergt.Hsswood,l;Pte.;ob,S. Class 3; Pte. Brown,! ; OorpLE ThlmWehy, 3. Olaaa S ; Bugler Yates, 1; Pte. J. B. Barrett, 2. One Mlla Beoe.—Dmmr. Basdel, 1 ; Pts. Hows, 3 ; Oorpl. Thimbleby, S. Tbree-LsggsdBaoa.—Drwnr. Jones and Fte. HsBwsed, t Tag ot War. —Bergt. AldsrtOB's team heat BsTftHenwood's team.srin- sisg two polls Is SBSo^slos. Ths band ol ths Comsany was in attsndaaos and played « eeltotloa ot ianit9 ivifit the'tftttpoop.^ J. j. , •. a Kary 'a, ZiswlBliam. FootbaU Oobcert ^Aoout 60 memben asd snpportenot St Mary's FootbaUOInb, sssemMsdettfis "HoUy Ttss," Oollsge Fatk, Lewisham, os Saturday svsn- tsg, to iBatkthe close Ota ssoctsalsl seasos by a smoking eonostt aad to make a prssentalion to Mr. Fstoy S. Isksos, ths eaptala of ths olnb, Mr. W. Brown made an eSIolsst ahairmas,aad Messrs. W. O. HaoUsy and F. Boss, were la riee^ihalM. Dnrlsg the evening ths Chairman, in a tsw tsrsa nmarkitprsssBted Ht. Percy Isksos with a baad- aomssIgktdayjnarUe elook, totisther with an lUnmisated addisss, as a tokni ot great regard and esteem. Ths, aloek bote the insorlptjon: " FrMSsied to Kt, Fsisy 8. Iskioo by mem­ bsn and sspporten et ths Lswlsham St. Uatya VoatbiUaiib ,IUj ISIh, IStS." UfAokios laadsaaannpciais reply, aadezprssssd the hope that th* OlBb wonld bs eves Eun saooeisfnl next ssssOB.thaa it hadkesa laths past. Thehealthe of the Okklraua asd Tlos-obairaiss wers ssthnsl- astioaUyhoBoarsd sad respoadcd to. Tbe toast of this jounial was' aokBOwlednd by Mr. B,B. BlOIauB. AheMf rota ot ttasks was passed VS> thshoa. sto,ettherpsesstatlon fund;(«.'0. fH^PerUnVaadthseommittce, and sin (o ths ohairmaii tor pntidlsc. Tbe dailes of plaalst wars ablf diaehaitea by.MsNri^PerklB and Copssns. The titidst ns eonslderably enliTsssa by e oapl- tsl lirafnaims.ot songs^ad reaItatIossoo.>trlbBted hr Bisiabtnof<hseoa^aBT,whasspaiatsdatmU- ^(htwUh wlihst tot anoHiiB ptospstoas. setsos. —Oa Toa^y ereoijtf, ths dab slsrtn were pn- ssated with btoots sicdsls tu bsing the numen spin ths KMsi dlTitioa of the Booth London XNepu. and ' O'er the Woodland Chass ," and a part song ••The Lake," Mr. B. N. Davis contributed "Thy Sentinel am t" and *• The Clang of the Forga.^ Miss Edith Bond rendered two songs " A May Morning," and-Whisper and I ehall hear.- Two mandolin duetts " Dawn " and '• N'iDa,'^ played by Miss Grace Pawle and Miss Widostt and a reaita- tion " 1 he Ship Launch " by Mr. MtrahsU Steele concluded an exoellent programine. Kondoa'a Water Snpply.—On raeuming on Tueeday, Hr.Flnnket,ChairniaB ol Che Bouse of Oommona Committee on this qosstioo, intimated that the Oommlttas wonld be eo fully oooupied with the propoeala Immediately beton them by the London County Oosncil that they could not go into alternative sohanea. Tliey did not, however, absolutely decline to permit orose-eaaminatlon by osunsal io the view of the Wandsworth Board of Works that then should be a water traat. Mr. Harrison, of tbe London Goimty Oounoil, is the oourse of torCbsr oross-tfxamlnatioa, esw no reason why the Surrey Oeiuty Ootueil should not beoome the water authority tor their own area oa terms Co be arranged. He did not think the security of debenture lioldcn wonld he Imparilied, isi fact care wonld be taken in the Bill to provide on that soora. He admitted, in reply to Hr. PsmiMr, that each member of the London Oounty Ccimoil should on an aesrage serve on three Committees and attend men than one masting each day. They oonUmplatad taking over tramways and pawnshops, and establishing municipal boot shops; tmt the Ootueil waa large enough to do all the mnnhiipal work and to take over the eight water companies aa wall, Ur. HarrisoB was croae-examinsd by Mr. BIddis on behalf ot tbe Soothwark and Tanxhall Oompaay. ITortla Soxrex Siatrltit Soboota.—On Saturday afternoon Mr. P. J. Uundella, M.P. chairman ot Che Pco^law Schoole Committee of Inquiry, distrlboted the prises at the North Sumy District Schools, Anerley, In presenoe ot the many, and a large gathering ot, friends ot the sohooL In tbe Donrse of his speech the right hon. gentleman said he was not thsn to forecast anything of ths Oommlttee's report, for they had not yet agreed upon It; but he hoped tlut one leeult ot their laboun would be a recommendation to the effeot that in connection irlth every school in the kingdom under the Poor-law there should be an aeso- elation ot managers—men and women who would devote thetoaelvee to the work, and then waa no better work in which women oattld be en^afled in than the training ot thoee ohlldnn, and fotlowing them tmtS thsy arraved at yean of manhood or womanhood. He was glad to see thsy had new probation wards at tbe echool, tor he cooU not lay too gnat stress upon the importance of ohildren, the Diomsnt they came in charge ol the sohool, being broagbt uto ths probation wards, and at otca being braoght into touch, sbrough ths teacher and supevintannaat, erith the tutun life which they hoped thsy woald load. That iras the only way to break the heriditary pauperism-ot this ooeotry. Ths children gave sxhtbltions of drill during ths afternoon. Tbe SanltaiT SnapaotiOB of Booaea. —As important p^t as to the right ct saaltary Inspsoton to anter pnaiisee came belora ths North LosdoB Pelise-conrt. Hr. Walter Floiay, ot Dslas- road, SCoki NsiriBgton, bsing snmmonsd tor refusing to admit Devas Matthssrs, one of the sanitary inspeeton employed by tbs Vestry. Hi. Webb, clerk to tbe vassry, oondncted the praeesnttoa, and the defendant, who Is a vestryman ot Stoke New- IsgtoB and a member of the Banitary CoBunlttse, sred In person. Matthews said that no oom- it had hern made with Nlerenoe to the pram. but he was asthnlsed by the Testry ot Stoke Newlngtos to inspect every housetn ths parish. Hr. Wanham : Baotlon 10 ot the Ant givee the vestry officials power to enter pnmiasi. Ths de- fesdaot said that was qaalifisd by another anb- seotlos, whloh pnvidel that when nnderchls Act a nnisanos bad bsen tossd to exist a warrant oanUbeappllsd tor, ^r.WebbsaU that a penalty was iscainS bjr the sisn refusal to admit an officer. 'The Defendant: I opBtaBd sot ~Aa;Bsi^ llslmum'ihOBiels.hlsaattls. Cteoaraa I should HottUokotdiMheitosaBonlsTotthteoazl^ Hr.- UarriianitMkmlOaf ibeAstgiTai a right'of entry at aay hoor ot the day to tee it there is a nuiiaBcs, aad I shaU hold that It yoa nfossd to admit ths offlser thwe has bees wiltol ohstnutloo. Ths dsttsdast was fined 30s,, with 3a costs. Attempted Stilolde. — Ai Grssawldh Police OoBTt 0B8«'.Btd.y.BU«a»sth Jans Bowdldgs, SO, manlsd womat, o( 43, Malsswarth-straet,Lsw- isham, was ohsrtsd with attempting to oommlt aulddsby bangiug. Prisoner's daachter Alios Bgcdl8yssis,sallaa ths pntlaas atCsroooo sks, hsard a tnsg asd (eund hsr siothsr os ths floor ivith a reps loos J hi r ssek. Bhs appsatsd le havs had afit,towUeh thsirat ssHeot. Bciaotker had baenstrasgti Is her mtsner tor several days bat had saver said she would ptit an esd to herself. She did not take too nssh to drink, nalthsi: Bsd ths ha>l i goaosl #ltb her tatbsr; F.-S.374B dspossdtob lagaeUsd to IColes worth-street, and taUngths'.irlsonsr tq the PolIoMtatlon, whsie she bad a 11. asd sras sses by a doctor. Ths ptls- eosr said .bs had a few wofds witk hsr bnsbsBd aud altsrwards had a ery. She iseuBbetad ;io- thing m-<r4 Bstil shs.wss to ^Ia the laid. ,Prls-, ooSrV bosb^ said whsa hie wife was is a iemnR,'| shehtdfits. Hr.HanhafBSBldhewOBld'esodilw^i ptlsDiier to ihsLswIsham iBlraaty till Thcnday in ordst that shs tntght be kept qoHt tor a tsw days. .THsoser was sgtln btonght yettetday, when Dr. Zoofool said hk did sot oonaldsc. that, aftat she had had aflt shs Was respsnslhla tor hsr aolloBf. Bhe-bed besastes VftSnOM of thtpaaoe, aiia aoindsr had been obtslosd for hsi dtUnOas Is thslotrmitry tor'Jt daysHr.Uanham dlseharged ths prlioser, bnt told her bsihaad ibt mast tstnin to the luflmary. nport for tbe year ending Slst Marsh, 1895, which has jtut been Issued, states as foUaws :—In pn- tentlng the twelfth aaonal nport, the Ccmmittee ccngntulate ths dub on iu preeent satisfactory poeitioo. The balance-sheet r;ndered this year shows a decided improvement in ths condition ot the accotints which oannot tail to give pleasun to the memben generally, and which the Committee consider aadcoidedly endouraging aa ngatds the tutun stability ot the club. During the year sixty four new memben have been eleoted. Aivantage has b*en taken ot the continued improvement In the finical position to redooe to a nominal amount the trade liahUitiee, while at the same time the stooks ate duly msintained. The Commlttssan gUd to he able to anoonnoe, aa antfoipated last year^ that Che debt on the deben. tun bonds has bsea considerably tsdaoad, 160 bonds, amounting to 496, having beea paid oil during the last twelve taAntbs. A dnwing ot 40 men has been decided dp^n, and It is expected that the Committee will be Utie to oontinus these dnwinrs to as equal extant dadng the present year. During tbe past year nrnessaiy It pain have drawn nndnly upon the reaonroee of tne.olub. The Card and Beading rooms and staircases have been put Into a proper oosdlllon. Tbe unusual eevertty of Che Ust wioCsr eesson has aaectad ths oloh prsmises considsnbly, and the Oommlttee have been obliged to expend larger sums than usual In execoting rapala to the pipes, boilers, et". The oiub atUl maintains its poaiUon as the leading political club In the borough. A Garden Party wae hdd oo ths 2Sth July laat, and was well attended, aofl Ur. John Penn wss present and delivered a short address. As nsnal os such oooa- sioos, Ur. Biohard Temple kindly arranged an admlnhis concert, and to him, as wsU as to ths ladies and gentlemen Auoolated with him, ths thanks of ths Commlttes an oocdiaUy tendered. A smoking concert was given by the club on the IStta March Iast,on whloo occasion Mr. John Penn, H J', took the ohair, suoported by Sir A- Wilson, Lac and Mr. T. W. Williams, LcO. ; and during ths season, smoking ooneerts, arranged by Messrs. W. A FcaaUebvry, W. K. Oorntocd, and Walter Smith, wen given. A linelight entertainment waa given by ICr. Greenway during the wiotec saaaos- ^ha .olnb is mdob mdebted to these gestfemaa and Ihoae assnelsted'srith them tor tbe pleasun afforded, and the Oommlttee desire to tenler them hs slnosra thanks. In aooordaiaos with ths miee, a oopy of the aanoal financial stntsmsat has been dul> posted iu the dub- During ths year Ueasra- F- Jordan aud R. Bodgen wen eleoted by the Ooiasiittee to fill two vacancies. Coder the rulee of thsdabv the whole of the memben of ths Committsentlrs,and being elIgibl^ oSSr themselves for ra-eieotioa, with the exception ot Hr. Oilbart. who, to the regret of the Committee, resigns his asat. Ths hon. trtasnrer, Mr. A. Robertson, vacates his poeiCioa, aaddoea not seek rs-dectica. The Ohaltmao, Mr. H. U. Browne, vaeatas his position andsr Bale IV, and being eUgikle, ofien hlmedt tor re-dsotioa. ST. SAVIOUR'S. FOREST HILL, BAZAAR. A basiar.liaaid cf paioohial neede In conneolion with this ohutah, was held la St. Jamae'e Hall, Blanstead-nad, on 'Fhorsdsy last week. The ball looked very pretty aad bright with all the oolleotions broagbt mto it, aU being artiatio and tastafuL ritacy nssdlswoifc asd art work were oonspicooQs amosg tlM things offered tor sale, and then was also a niar oollection ot plants and Bowen. A laatnn in Vis baaaar waa a Sunday School Stall, fsrnlshad: with work dona by tbe dderscholara The.-work, which waa all well executed and finished, had been done under the superintaadence ot Mrs. Day, Miss Timaoo, Miss Barlii, Uss. Cottoa, Mrs. Lass, and Mn. Busadl. The platform of ths hall waa dsvotad to ntreeh- ments,when tea tram five o'dook and dinner from seven o'olook wers served at separate itmnd tables. The stalls iven managed by Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Palmer, and Miss Palmer at the needlework and general stall; Mrs. Girdliir, Hn. Lswis, and Miss Hatthews at ths art stall; HIas Oullom, Hiss Shutsr, asd Miss Daws st ths oostsetionery stall; Urs. Flint, Mrs. Daltoo, Mrs. and ths Mlssai Boblnson and Miss Dalton at the refreshment ttall; Mta Bnwster asd Miss Bush at the flower ttaU; Miss HocDer, Hist Boyle, and Hiss Powsll at ths tndsamsa'siStaU: Miss .Baylis and Miss Ilmsoa at ths Sonday Sohaol stall. Hiss Mary Boyls aad Hiss C. Ihtlton attssdsd to ths fish pond, which was wsll stoeked tor tbs ooesshm. Ths Vicar, the Bar. A. O. Bussell, who did not appear in the best ot health, opened ths baiaar soon after three, and after deploring ths loss of Lady Maiyoa WOaah. who he had asked to giaoe the proosedlnga with her preeence and open the baaaar, taU that the object they had In view was to raiss a fond topay oifoxistiBgdsbtson aoms of ths parish orgaalsaUons which wss ustmitfs^ in 9»n>oh!MJ «mlMK7- J^tfilfi-tbU Iw need not point oat how TuydMtoblfl a tbio^ It «*a to ^et oat-of dsbknowan^jthen, sTtAthoaghtbejmlRht be ia debt afsin befoti ttaa end of tbe •aar. Tbare> fan be hoped Uutthoia pmenk, and thoee who wm oomiof laker eta, wonld do their beet to exohuife their moniBy tat the goode before them. He rentnred to look npon baaare, thovgh he knew th^re ware tbeae fcinidtrlenda who differed with him, ae lawf alaJBd tfTaaiaat taeane of makingsnch a^ exohaDKer« wae pen^itted to B«7 thei the ladies nreeeab wmld. rather tekehovo money than any of the gaode wMeh theyihad. faxooght to M U. Th^ Tiear> added that laet year'e teoeipte Imi the record of nreTiooa baiaan eonneoted with Bt. Sfhrioor'e, and be hoped that this year wonld be even mora raoceeafal. He ezpnesed hie thanks to Ur. UojlAt who had beea moet energetio £n the arrangementa, and to tbe ladiee who be hoped now would hare abriik eale. He had now great pleaanre in deolarlog the bauar opeaa During the eraalng. In the amall hall, there wae a oonoert both vocal and Inatramsntal, aleo a drawing room entertainment Tfae^rooaedf amonntedto OT«T £80. An TTaplous^tXodrer.— At Woolwich on KoodaXt Tboaae^KUbr* 35, laboorer, of 8« eiob»4aiie,'Wbolwihfc,'waB'Charged with wennd- iag. Mary Boland^^S-, Globe-lane, Woolwioh and essfti^tinf'Btee fflcmsflv, U)9 MOB addteai. Utf7Mutd'.etate4.ttst^8atard«7 night the prisoner, who-wu a',164g«z the house, aboaed her. knOoked her down.- ceniepng her ioaenslble, aadaUoapietallilbMlUmpL 3oce Skinner, the lasdlad/ol the honae, stated fthftt the prisoner knooiked off the lamp gUas whtoh batBoUnd's ear. The: witiieia,hsd oharged het and >ald that he misheXbtriagafiut a door, onttlog her h«ad.—Pw-i. By Met 91 S/aUd'th^ whea chargad Ifae prisoner ealdiie did not throw the lampfttBoIend, bbt that 9he fell on tft —Mr. Xennedy oommltted' the prix- oatr for two monthe* with hardlabonTet- BLOOD PUBIFTI5Q.' V Bolpbw, iretare'i Blood Parlll«.-P«ppar^ 8nl. phu ekin CeuU are qntte-tmall| perfeour taste* uaiL PazUy tbe Slod, eleanse from all Hoaoara, nnSkiaDlseaBeB. iminove the Health. Feppar'a Jolphar Pearli ia ShiUlog Bottles erarrvbeteb or 1% itampeffom Bedlbsd lAboratoir, Loadmi^AdTt.} A bazaar In aid of the fondd of this oharoh WM opened In 86, J»met'§ Hall on Tae«d»j afternoon, by Mr. John Pcnn/yM.P. A olronlar, whloh waa laaoed In conneotion irich the bazaar gfvea a brief review of tbe financial hutorj and poaition of the ohorob. The total coat of the premlsea WM £10,030, and the working ezpemea op to Cbriitmaa 1894, amonated to £6,264, making a total ontlaj- la a little more than ten ytan of £16.281. Of this amoont the nm of £12,722 haa been reoeired, leaving a debt ef £3,662. In 1891 the Bible ObriatUn Conferenoe voted £600 on the oondltion that the ohnrch raised an eqoal sum. The condition was accepted, and by twobaaaars, one In 1892 and the other In 1893, the reqnirod amonnt w&a ralied, and the deoc redaoed £1,000. The Conference also advanced a loan of £500 almo-t free of intereat, repayable by equal annnal inat&lmenti in ten years. These advantage*^ together with a great redncUon in tbe rate of Intereit paid on the remainder of the debt, plaoe the tmat estate in a oomp&ratirely faToar- able poaition. The circniar, which of course dealt with the state of things prior to the baziar, a^da there ia however a defldencr of £324 on tbe working aoconnt, the defrayment ot which is most nrgently needed. This done, tbe regnlar income ol the oharoh will meet the resalar expensea, a Bonroe of anxiety will be removed from the minds of the exeoative, and the way prepared for a happy and protperons f ntnre. St James'a Hall lends itjalf readily to tbe porpoeea of a baaaar. The recesses on each side of the room, nsed for Sonday School classes, are very conrenient for tbe reception of stalls- These :8 were fnliy occupied in this way on the oooasion under notice, and the stalls were effectively decorated with art muslins, to wbioh were added palm leavts, fans, rashes, laboraam branches, &o. The flowtr dall at the lower end of the hall, and a splendid arrangeoient of palms and flowering plants at the upper end afforded agreeable relief to the brighter colour which predominated In other part" of the room. The etalls were well furnished fo^ the most psrt wiih needlework, work of multifarious deecriptiona and knick-knacks for decorative pnrposoe. Ths stall holders were :—Urs, Bobertaon, Mrs. Skinner, Mrs. Taylor, Ulaa Poaden, Hiss BJohardson, Mrs. Heywood and family, Mra. DyBwnd.MrB. Iiewame, lira. Hunton, Mra. Bamden, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. and the Uisses Boome, Mra. and the Misses Ijay, Mra. and the Biieaea Bray, Miaa Hongh. Flower Stall, Urs, fqaire, Mies Skinner, Miss Misdall. Befre^tment Stall, Mrs. HiUe, 5fra. Kippa, and the Uisaea HiJla. A.t the opening ceremony Bir. John Penn was supported by the Hev. ;J. Oymond, ptutor of tbe ohnrch, Bev. T. Greenwood (Catford-hill B*ptnt>, Bev. J. Bhodea (Sydenham Wesleyan). Bavs. W. Bourne, A- Trengrovo, W, Oamnaon, and other mintstera. After the usual devotional preface, the Bev, J. Dymond offered a very cordial welcome to Ur. Penn, remarking that it waa ezoeedingly Idnd of the hon. member amid bis manifold &tiea in the Hone of Commons to find time to oome down to Foreat-hUl aad assist them In their undertaking (applanae). They had veey oonvenlent oharoh premlsea and of coarse thay must psy for theaai Some people thought they sfaoald not biUd an&i} thsy had nooesaary money in hand Hb was afraid if they followed this advice they would not build very often. Then „they heard other people aay " wo don't like bazaare " aa though there was Bomething very iniquitous about them. Of ooorae they would turn anything into iniquity, bnt h& did not know onythlDg iolquitons abcat a baxaar fCT te. He very much cheered and delighted with what i'l- ladiea had done on this t>ocaaion. He was n'> »• king them to pay off the debt on the premiss*; » I he asked just now was that tbey^ would I S .1 a a small matter of £324 to meet a defioien y Jo their onrrent account. They had been t truMg their speoial attention to reducing their debt, and ae a consequence their onrrent income had got a little bit in arrear. Not long sgo the debt waa twice aa large as it waa at preeent Ti'T ^^-^ been girding at this debt and daring tbs pus fiie ytsars they had naid off nearly £3,000 (applanea). Altogether, therefore, notwithstanding tbe defioianoy with which thej were now COD- oemed thev were In a much more favonrabie pofitlon financially than they had eyer been before. He waa anxious thai this deficiency shoul'l be entirely liquidated before be left them in \ugnit next,becauae it had been entirely Inonrred 'during hia ministry, and ha did not want to pass on any portlra of the liability to hamper the work of his sQooeeaar (applanae). The Kev. T. Greenwood then proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Ur. Penn for nls presenoe, and spoke of the oatholio spirit which Ur. Penn bad shown on that oooasioo. Bev. A Trangove seconded. Mr, John Penn, M.P., who waa very cordially received, said one of the speakers had informed them that some people regarded bazaus as iniqui- tooa. He (Mr. Penn) had never heard thla suggested before, but If it were true he felt that he mnst ce one of tbe most Iniqaltons men In the world. His life was largely spent In bazaars and a goed deal of hia money went in support of rhem. He hoped any people who took auoh a seriona riew of bazaara as bad bean suggested, wenld ohango that view, oome to this bazaar and spend their money, and go away in a better frame of mind (hear, hear and laughter). It had been said that thedatiasofa member of the House ot Oommona wers very heavy, and this waa parfeotly' tme. He was in the House of Common*—to which some of them had sent him* and some of them had tried not to leni him (laughter)—ontil half-past one that morning, and hs had to return to his duties there that erening. StllL, although bis Parliamentary position was no sinecure, it was still a great pleaiure to him to assist in tbe good works that were so Innomerabte in the oon- Btitnenoy which he had tbe hononr to represent. If by hia presenoe on that oooasion he nUght be the means of helping them to pay offi their deficiency, he would feel well repaid. He- waw- always struck with the excellent credit whloh tbe Ohorob enjoyed. The (Anroh borrowed money apparently extremely easily. He waa-Tsry Oatho­ lio in these matters, and be visitad> varioas kinds- of oharoh celebrations and< Inatltotiane, and tbey seemed to be all in debt. Of oours» he knew that they paid their debta or tbey wonld. never be abln- to get auoh credit. He felt that, bbey were all vary mnob indebted to the-ladlea who itad: made- that hall ao beanttfnl and fomishedithe-basaar ao- well. He hoped their efforts wonld be attended with great suocevs. and that at tho dosfroS the baxaar if tbe defioleney waa not entirely Us^dated, It wonld be very largely csdncad. He had now plesanre in deoluring tho' baaaar ope» (ap­ planae). Boauieae then commenced,, ^p 'f• the< psooeediage were enlivened witb mnsio- and other fonaa of entertain meat. The total anm taken during the da^t waa £74. The opmfn^ oeremony an We<faes^9 was per^ formed by BIrs. Jeffrey Johnstone, who was ao- eompanied by the Ber. Jeffrey Johaatone, and supported by the BevB. JF- Dymoad^A* Uoorboose, f, Ww Boazne, and B. Ciaddook. •The Ber. J. Dvmond^ after- weleoming Mrs. pjohnstone, ren^arked that some people said If they gotoaftof debt tbey wonld Booa get mtodebtagain; bat'they did not mean to do aayihing of the kind. Theftnanolal poaatlon of the oburch was very much better than it waa a few yeara ago. There was a time when the ordlaary income of the chur6b would not meet the ordinary expenditure by something like £200 a yeu, and aspeolal effort had to beoiade anaiiallyt<> aqnara the aooounta. 5ow their erdioary inooae waa more than anfflolont to meet their enrrent expenditure, and therefore their efforta were available for the Uonidation of thrir dabi. The aale on the previona day realised £74, and thc^ hoped to do aa wall, or better^ during the present day (applanae). On the motion of the Rev. P.W.Boume,aecond8a bythfBev. R.OrsddooK, a hearty vote of thanks was paasad to UreJchustone, for her preiecce «Bd andartaklng to open the bazaar. The Bar. Jeffrey Johnatone aakno^Udgal the the eompllaent In a pleaaant aad aympalhetlo speech. He hoped the day was not far distant when thay .would no) h%Ta a penny^of debt on their boildinga. There waa nothing more serioua for» mlalater than to be living and labonring ander the burden of a great debt oatheeharch boUdlan. He hoped before Mr. Dymoad left Torast Hill, eome good friend or frieade would oome forward aad pat Ikem right ilnaaolally, aad that Ur. Dymond might have th* joy ot Isavinf with the happy feeliog that he had left no debt bshindblm (applaase). . Mrs. Johnatone then declared the huzvopaa and aa tbe remit of.the day's sale, £80 was real- laeds j WHO IB GWPFITHS y-Thawa'l-knowBTaUor, Tl 5ew -to»i, WoolnUh. QsalUy %a4 at gaaraauiJ,^ [ADrrJ. WlDKMDAT.—Praient: Messrs. T. W. Williams, J.P., tcO.On (chairman'), Johnson, Wimahurst, Matthews. L.C.O.. Dawioo, Beaton, Bryoa Grant, BradleT,DodBon,Wooa,Whlttak-r,Blliott, Matthias. Lnok, Stewart Brown, Dyer, Kennard snd Crockford. THl PROPOMD COBOyiH'B OOITBT, <tC. The Clerk submitted a conveyance of three ploU of land In Lady well-road, on which the Board propose to erect a Coroner's coart and mortuary and the tame waa ordered to be sealed. BtriLDIHM AT PKHOE. The Board resolved to inform the London County Council that an application of Jr. Duffi-»ld to erect bnildioga at the oaraei of Arpley and Beokenham-roa£ Is onobjectioDable. ADULXaaATBD MILK. Tbe Board's analyit reported that a sample of milk taken In the Sydenham and Forest Hill district was adulterated with 15 per cant of added water. The Board directed that a summons be applied for against the rendor. Ur. Kennard moved a re«olation to tbe effeot that ths local tramway company be informed that it wonld be apnbllo convenlBnce if tbey could run an early tram from Catford to Greenwich and expressing a hope that the Comnany might be able to do BO. Mr. Kennard mentioned that at preeeot there was no tram until eight o'clock and that the earlieet train was at 7.21, lo that thera wae praoti- callf no meaufl of travelling from Catford to Greenwich in ihe early morning. Dr. Elliott ieoonded the motion which waa agreed to. THB PBOPOaiD XNLABOBMEST Or THB BOARD. A letter waa received from the Local Government and Taxation Committee of the London Goontj Council asking for tbe Board's 7iaws on the proposed increase of the members of the Board from 27 to 48 and the allotment of thirty nine members to Lewlsbam and nine to Penge. The Chairman said as this was a matter which affected both sections of the Board and one in which the two eeotiona might not agree, perhaps it would possibly be wiser for them to report lo the Oiancil that the Boajd were prepared to leave the matter to them for settlement. This BQggestion was noanimonsly concurred in and a resolution passed accordingly. FISASCIAL. The Financial Committee reported an available balanoe of £8,615 6B 9J.'and cbeqaes were ordered to be drawn amounting to £5,003 2s. 3d. L.C.C. BAXBfltS LOCAL HrCfiBATION GHOCRDS. The Chairman said he waa pleased to report tha^ arrangementa had been made by the London Coonty Council for one of their ban^a to play in the Ladywell Becreation Ground every Thursday evening ; in the Penge Recreation Gronnd every alternate Friday, coaimencing on the 2lth in-t ; and in the Sydenham Recrestiou Ground, every alternate Friday commencing next week (bear, hear). PESOS DBAI.VAGI WORKS. The Chairman said he thoaght the time had now arrived when they might invite tandera for the oons'Tuction of their new sewer from Bell Green to Penge. The Board had been waiting for the County Council in this mattei aud he was very glad now to be able to rrpoit that the Connoil had decided to put down the new ma/n sewer tor j which the Board had been waiting and had sent tbe order to the Works Committee for carrying out. There waa just a doubt whether it would be ! wise for the Board to take any active atep until tbe Council had pat down their aewer bat he had hadtwo interviews ou the sub}ect with the chairman of the Main Drainage Committee who had informed him that they intaiided to put the matter in hand at OOOA, Tbera would therefore be no delay on tbe pari of the Council in itarting their aawez and that being BO the Bo»d had no excuse lor farther delaying their part of tbe scheme. He woald move that the County Council having decided to firoceod with the constractioo of the new ontfall sewer from Horton-street (Lewisham) to Bell Green and having consented to ihe plana of the new sewer from Bell Green to Penga to be oonscmctod by the Lewisham Board, thia Board do prooeed with the cooatruotion of the iame ; that tbe plane and seatioos be approved and that advertisements be iaaued inviting tendcra for the work. Mr. Johnson : Can yon tell ua how long the Council will be in conetrncting their sewer J The Chairman : I am afraid I can't. Dr, Brown seconded the motion. The Chairman asked what the Penge members 'aid to the motion ; it was their matter. Mr. Grant and Mr. Dodton both intimated that thay agreed with tbe moaon, which waa then formally adopted. WHITSUiniDE BECEBa. It waa resolved on the motion of Mr. Dodson, that the Board on rising adjoom until Wednesday, June 19chL TM &0ABI>*8 KflTIMATE^-A REDDCXD CALL. Mr. Dodson eald he bad spent a good deal of time in looking mto tbe Board's estimates for the onrrent year, which had been in the hauls of members during the psrt tew weeks. He had muoh pleasure Ln stating that aa to the parish of Lswlsham they were extremely faronrable. Laet year the Board raised by rate in Lewiaham pariah £49:000. For the current year it waa estimated that thef wonld require £46,516, and be was very pleased to ba able lo stale that without ourialllng- any of thareoocuBiendationa of the various committees, it would be quite suffioient to raise £45,000 (heiir, hear>. This waa a reduction of £3^00 on laet year's expenditure representing, roughly something like three half-pence in the poiuidcn the rates of the parish ofLrwiahsm. WlUi regard to Penge, the figures ran a little tbe ether way. Last year they raised £12,000 in Penge and this year it wu recommended that tbey should raise fil2;44I. They had had their roadi cut about a good, deal tn Penge in connection with the lewer works and the making good of these roads,togetber with the extra txpense cooneoted with Che ]o:ig winter with its frost and snow, had neoeo^tated tbe expenditure of a good deal of money on the highwaya. The estimates for Lewiiham were made up as follows : for gtffaeral purposes, £35.500; lightingi.£6,100; wweragB. £3,400; total £45.000; fhr Penge: general exoenses, £9.303; lighting, £1^39&; sewerage, £1,941; total, £12 642. The figure* were eminently satisfactory as regards lewisham and as aatiafactory as they could hope, oonaidaring what they bad gone througb.iu Penge. ECe now moved that precepts be iasoed for the amonata named. H T. Whittaker,. in seconding the motion, said in IWwiaham parish tbey had greatcanse for rejoicing thai they were able tn carry oat all the works sog- gttted In that extensive parish and at the same tiowto reduce th^ call by ao large an amonnt. The Chairman said ho thought the statement thay had heard rejected great credit on the Board, specially having regard lo the fact that ibof had bad to provide fox a oonsidarable increase in the BUeage of their roads, in lighting and in Wering afti dust collecting. Notwithstanding the heavy increase nuder these heads, they were a-Jcing for IS.OOO less tha* last year. A reduction of three aalf pence in tbe pound on their rates was moat aooeptable ak tbe present time and they/would all be grateful for it (bear hear). The motloB was agreed to. WHITSUNTIDE HOLIDAY ARRANGE MENT8. The arrangementa for (he Whlt«untide Holldaya made by the railway and eteamhoat companfes ar* again on the most ample scale and are well cal- ouWM to meet the rtqoirementa of all claeees of exonrsionlsta at Ihe approaching travelling teason. The Great Northern Railway Company annonncw that on the night of Faturday, Jane 1st, a obesw excursion will leave Loodon (Woolwich Areenal, Woolwich Dockyard, eta), for Newcanle, Berwick, Edinbargh, Glaigow and HelecBbatgh, retcroing on Toeiday, 4tb, or Saturdiy, 8th Jace. TIcketa at a single fare for the Co^h.e journey will aWo im Issued by this sxcuraion to placaa caojcd, avaiJabla for return by one fixed train on aoy day within sixteen days, including of isiae on-l return. On same date cheap three or eix d^ys' eicaniona will alio be ran to Cambridge. Wiabecb, tjun, Cromer, Norwich, Yarmouth, Lincoln, Leicoetev, No;tingham, Derby, Burton, Tatbary, Sioke, Newark, Sheffield, and other principal lowra In tba North, returning Jane 3rd or 6th, and for ece, three or fonr days to Sfcegnra. Sutton-on-Sea, and Mablethorpe. On Whit Mondav. June 3rd, cbeap- day excursions will be run from Victoria (L.C.tD.) Ladgate Hill, Moorgate. Kings Cress. Finsbory P»rk, toSt. Albans, ^Vheathampstaad, Harpenden, Luton, Dnnatable, HIrcbin, RoTston and Cambridge; also from Moorgate, Kings Croea, HoUoway. Finabary Park, tc., tc Skegnew. Satton- on-i)ea, and Mablethorpa. Retorning aime day only. The Great Kutein Bailway Ccmpacy announea ch-^ap eicuraion bookings on SatorJay. lar. June, from Liverpool-street to Doocaster, Uall, Sheffield, Manchester, York. Scarborongh, Leed?. Bradford, Wakefield, Darham. Newcastle etc. alao the principal towns in the Cocnti^sof Cambridge, ?nffolk, Norfolk, etc. A ppeoial booking office will ba opened at the Liverpool-street Station, f>-om tba 27th May, to Ut Jane, for the issae ot touriat, fortoightly and Friday to ToeaJay tickets to th« sea-tide and '-The Broads' district for use on forward dates. On Friday, a special train wiJl leave Llverpool-strett at 1 2n p.m. for Norwich, Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Cromer, and on Satciday special trains will leave Livert^iol-aireet at 4.5 p.m. for Sonthend -OK -eea and at i U' p.m. for Claoton, Walton, Ipawicb, Lowotoft, i..r:r.cotb, etc. ^peciil midnight traioa will leave Livtrrpool- atreet a; 11.55 p.m. for Norwich, and at 12.25 nigbt for Norwieh. YarmoQtb rMz-^weatoft;- On Bank Holiday, excursion traia» u .U be run from Liver- pool-5treet, and Fencharcb-atrett, by their new rente to 3ouchend-on -:>e3. and Barnham-on-Cronch; from Liverpoolasreet, to Clacton, Walton, Harwich, Yarmouth, Cambridge and Ely, and from St. Pan- craa to Tarmoutb, Cambridge and Ely. Excursion, tickets will be isaned by all trains to Fpping- Porest, Broxbcurne. and Bye Hoaae. The Oreat Northern aad North Eaatern Bailway Cr>mpaniea have published a new and UFefal guido for tbe coming- holiday season, giving full partici** lara of tbe ieane of touriat and other rp^ial tickets. Tba book, wbioh ia profuaelyiUostratea, can be had on application to the Saperintandent of the line. Kings Croas Station, or at any of the Great Northern Company's London Receiving Offices, or au^ arfcan stations. The Q N. Railway Co. have aUo issued a neat garde oontaiaiag particnUra of firn» boose and country lodgings to be obtained during the faoliday seaseQ at place, adjacent to atationa on the Great Northern Railway. The book can be bad on application to tbe Saperinrendenc o' tb« lin«. Kings Cross Station, at the Company's Receiiiag Offi:es, and Ticket Agencies. The London, Brigbton, a-d Eoath Coaat Railway Company annoanoa that the aTailabiUty of the Special Cheap Week-ecd Tickets to the Seaside issaed on Friday. Satnrdi»y and Banday^ Mav SIsC, and Jane Ist and 2nd. will be eitcndai to Wednesday, J ane 5ih. Ppecial Friday, Satutday and Sunday to Tuesday Ticketj will also be issued from London to Dieppe. On Satarday, June lat, a H-day exoarsion to Paris by the fictmesqae roote throagh the charming tctnery of Normandy, will be run from London by the Special Pay Eipresa. Service and also by the fixed night express Service' on Thursday. (Friday. Sato'day, Sunday and Monday- May 30ch to Jone 3rd inclasive. Special Saturday to Tuesday 1 ioketa will alao be issued from London to Portsmouth and the lele of Wight. Oa Satnrday. let Jane, the first of ihi Season Cbeap Day Trips will be ran from London to Brighton and Worthing. On Whit-9unday and Monday day- trips at preatly rednc:-d eioarsica Farea will be ran from London to Brighton, Wct- thiog, Midburat, Portamoutb. :he Isle of Wight, Lewes, Tonbridge Wells, Seaford.Eaatboorne. Bex- hiil, St. Leonards, and Haatinga. Extra Jrain* will be run to and from Lnndooraa reqairedby tho Traffic, to the Gryatal PaJacfrfor the special Holiday Entertaiumenta on Whit-Monday. Tuesday, and following days. On Whit-Toeadsy Cheap Day Trips will ba ran from London to Brighton arid Worthing' Tbe Company announce that their West End OfflceB-28 Kegent-atreet, Piccadilly, and 8, Grand Hotel Btiildiogs, Trafalgar Spaare will remain open until lO.Op.m on the evenings of Monday, Toeaday, Wedntsdiy, Thursday, Friday,, and Saturday, May 27tb to June lat. for the aale of the Ppecial Ch^p TickeU. and Ordinary Tick- eu to all parts of the Line, and' to the Continent, at the same fares aa charged at London Bridgeand Victoria. The-Belle" steamers, the popular favonritea, off-!r an attractive programme for the holidaya. and doubtless will attract the uaaal large number of "tripper*" to Clactoo and eJs«wher?. On Friday, May 31st. the Woolwich Belle will leave for Southend and Claoton, taking passengers for Felixatowe. Harwich, and Ipawioh. On Saturday Jane let, Whit Sunday, tbe 2od, Whic Monday and Tuesday, June 3pd and 4s,h, and daily, the London Belle will run to tba iame plaeea. Commencing on Jane lat and on every Euecedin^ Saturday, Sunday, Monday ani Thursday, and alao on Tuesday. June 4ib. the Clacton Belle will make afternoon trips to Roahervillo. Gravesend and the Nora. On Whic iTonday them will bo an extra boat to Roaherville and Gravesend. The Wooiwich booking office for this line ia at Mr. Campbell'?, hair dresser, M»r*et-plaee. BOARD'S EMPLOYES "WAGES. H0LIDAT3 FORCHILDESN 09OTB0LEEQT Sia,— Bummer h Bpproechjag^nd the hssdj and harta of man/ kiad psaple us. plwrnlsg eaxattj hoUdaya for town ohildren. Bm there i> a, oUsa. for whan no aooh trat ii notldad^ the ahUdre» of the podr olergy who era ia tit* matter ol baii^ daya leaa thongbt of than tbeis biathara and aiaten in th«Bl .tma. A enm of toi^ goonda haa been an- tmaiad to me for the Darpot« of innting tone lltttogirla, between the agei ojaeren and twelve, danfhtera of poor olet^ Condon preferT «d),lDr a thiea weeks' ataj ai Uajcg^te, where thej mar rewl in the aea aad nipahine and ran bare~ieg!r<d cm the landa. and paddle and dig and lay n^ itorea af health. Bat wi (h .tlie otaiostaratnlniaa forty poonfla wonld on^ beneft£ abont a 'd <^n children ; and in the beliel tbal M the ajfaame waie known many would Uke to jola. I veniara toaak yon to make it pabliatbrongh tbs medinm of jonr widely read paper. The plan ia cordially appsoved by the Biihop otSoathwark, Bartraaoth Han», Blaok. haath Hill, and the Bav. W. A. Moharly, Vicar oi Sydeahua, kotbot whom bsTs kaown me fci yeua wUls I haia kesa rseidsnt in Iiongtoii.groie. Donationa may baaant to Uiaa Inaaa. a, Adelaide- road, Bnwkley, S.B., and will ba acknowledged it khs dtnoi will esoloas a directed post-card for the parfoae ; and at the end of tbd season a detailed •Utamanl at acooanta will ke sent to each ons. Tk* gteatut seonoiay wiU b* nied aa eTsry taalt- erewn aaTsd wlUgo (owaida wfaymast (or another eUia. A ttw tliUllnga fpr ipadss, paila and dsakey iISu woald be a tempting little tnnd. Uothsrs of littls girls ot the sgs auted above are inrlted to aommnnloats with me, giving proof that their ohildNB really beloag to tbe clait Intended to teaob. Thanking yon bstore hand f ai your ooartesy In ln««,«,.J^^^^^ 8, Adila 'ae -roal, awU «7,B.E, Cn Friday evening.Isat tJie National Manii;'r»\I Labour Union held a demonstration and a mtd- ing to protest agaixiat the alleged tow rata of wages paid by the Greenwich IHstrict Beard of Works. A. procession Itit the " Plume of Feathers'* Park-place, and after psrddfng the principal Btreeta of East Greenwioh afrived at the E^st Greenwich Liberal and BadicaJ Clab whei© a. public meeting was htld. Among the Uniona represented in the precereion were the Bailders'and LabonreralJoion, National Unioo of Enginedrivera and Firemen (land and water) and the Municipal and Testry Employes 0uion. Mr. J. Harding, the President of the Union:, oconpied the chair and aaii that Greenwich. Employes were tbe worse paid of any Vestry employes In Loodon wiihi Lbe exception of two West End Veatrise. Tho rates of wages paid hy Greenwioh werec— aweepera jBJ, carmen and dustmen 243. Tbe-ratapaid by other Vestries werv^ for sweepers (Bermondsey and Ohelsfla), 293. 3d , L.CC, St- Ocorge-lhe-Msrtvr and St. Savionr'a 27» Carmea, (Chflsea and HZila Eud) 30e. B«r- moudsey ^% 3^. Bt. Saviour's, 27a. Dastmen. (Bermondsey) 29*. Sd. ; Battersea, St. Savionr'a Hackney and Lambeth iTa, 18 other Vestries of London were paying th «ir sweepers 24s. atd 25s, Mr. Welch (Mile End) having apoken, Mr. T ^h, Oaneral Secretary of the Unios moved tbe followinftrcsQlntion :^"That this public meeting, of ratepayers and Vestiy employe* oondesn the misex^W rates of wages paid by tha Greenwich District Board of Works." Ba said the reeolntton might have been more drastio bak Iheyhad no wish tA orvata 111 feelings. A memi»fat was in prepa»tioo. wlkJch would MJon be presented to tbe Board-oft Works and hehopad the gallery of tba Board Bcooa would be as full as that Hall naa when tbe oaemorial oame before the Board, MI. BellshaA eaoonded tbe reflation. Mr. H; NoUa supported and said that Fro- grentvea on tha Board bad ropestedly moved to raise tho raiaol wages. Lis'-March 12 months; Mesata. Whihtay and "flcarr had moved to fix tb« minimum, rata at 23s 61. whjeh naa defeated br twotoonBvlha Dept/ord meanberi having voted against it. Mr. Haaiblsy said tho Progrcsaive members had to flght against aparty of Moderatee who in nombera jost doubled them. Thfr resolution was carried unanimously. Mr. NoblA moved a vote of thaoka to tbe Fact aifiaswioh Liberal aad RtdioU Clab for the nsa of their Ball which was eeconded by Mr. FiUiit and carried. tntf.—At the weekly meeting at the Parish Boon on Sunday, Ihe Bev. C. £. ^cjeit presiding. Dr. Draper, head outer of tha Woolwioh and Plin»- Btead Boys' School, read ftaebolariy paper on "Th« Bvidence of Oaslgn a« shown in Natare.'* Th» leotnrer treat«d hu subject {lom the point of vi«v ot the acientiilD man who tried to find out soae- thiogof th« wonder/nt mechanism dfaplajed m. nature, dealing witb obyslcai aa opposed to blologt- oal BcisBoa. Ha r«fa>red to the Bun and tb« phenomena of light and brat wavrs, the propertica of watsr, as to whUih b« said tie more ha Irirscd aboal them tha more he waa ocmpelled toattribata than to a purposeful aod baneTolent design. Am to ths rcthlcunMs which was aomelimt» urgid against Nature, Dr. Drsper urged that they ehould •trive to tiod out Nature's law< and obiy thtm. So wcnld their livu be better aad happier, aud tha coniciocsncas ^ziw that ibe migLty force» arconj th»m wtrecbarged with kindly ^orpo^e. Aaiiongi k the iptaken vijiio took t&it inibediic^fi^icu ahich /oUowad the pap^r were Messrp. Maidlow Pati-. Baniater, Headericn, Pitt, Prescott and the tLni.-

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