The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1956 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 6, 1956
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT BLTTHEVMJ! (AM.) COURIER N1WI New Supreme Court Ruling Completes Segregation Ban Mom, Pop flapped at Parley On Juvenile Delinquency JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst (4.P) - The Supreme Court - knocking down another racial barrier to i,Ar r sporeoation in cub ic schools. Its ban wiQfflNflTON (AF — ine supreme ^uun. — nuv>.iu.i 6 -./.... — •••— --- -- educa of "has just rounded out Us historic ban on segregation in public schools. Its ban now clearlv extends from kindergarten through college. ; When it 'ruled May n, 1954,*—— ~ ' against segregation in public schools, the court didn't say in so many words thai it was ruling against segregation all along the line up to and including colleges and universities supported by tax mones. College Professor Has New Theory on Art of Joke Jelling Yesterday it ruled that's exactly what it meant. It took this action at a moment when: 1 The Deep South is twisting and turning in search of devices for preserving segregation in the ' 'Tower public scnools. 2 Alabama is still rocking from reaction of a mob .gau»,, ^ efforts of Autherine Lucy, a Negro, to get into the Uni- the violent against the versity of Alabama. Didn't Mention Alabama The court didn't mention University of Alabama yesterday. It was ruling on the case of three Negroes who want an education at the University of North Carolina. But the ruling applies to all Southern colleges and universities dependent on public financing. This doesn't mean that those Southern states insistent upon preserving segregation in schools will now throw open the doors of their tax-supported colleges and universities to Negroes. They probably won't do it any more quickly than they've done it with their lower public schools. Different schools and different states will probably follow this course in one form or another: A Negro, denied admittance, will appeal to a lower federal court judge who, in keeping with yesterday's action of the high court, can only order the college or university to admit the Negro Then the school will try to go over the lower court judge's head with an appeal to the Supreme Court. The decision there is a foregone conclusion 1 . And the action will no doubt be fast. • No Wasted Time The court in the future won't have to take time for reaching a decision on the problem of segregation in public schools. It's been VANCOUVER, B. C. W-Do you always seem to get a few moments of awkward silence after you tell what you figure is a ripping good Joke? The chances are you're telling the wrong Mnd of joke—or rather, a joke with the wrong kind of ending. As Dr. Douglas T. Kenny of the University of British Columbia puts it, you probably sbu- scribe or lean unknowingly to the the incongruity theory in the art of tall tale spinning. The discrepancy Hypothesis, according to Asst. Professor of Psychology Kenny, is probably the answer to your problem. he's come to his Kenny report. Dr. Kenny says _. . . . the conclusion—within the fielc predic jok'e through all that, yesterday's ruling was the result of this: A special three-judge federal court in Greensboro, N.C., ordered three Negroes admitted! to the University of North Carolina. They were acting under the May 17, 1954, ruling. The university appealed to the Supreme Court. That court simply said the lower court was right— the Negroes had to be admitted Actually, the university already had admitted them, pending the outcome of its court fight. Eight Southern states — Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia Kentucky, North - Carolina, Tennessee and Louisiana — have ac cepted Negroes, ranging from » handful to hundreds, in both graduate and undergraduate schools The .schools did this either volun-l tarily or. under court order. Kenny's In A Paper own theories are set forth in a paper printed in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology entitled: "The Contingency of Humor appreciation on the Stimulus-Conformation of Joke-Ending Expectations." The title, the professor says, is funnier than any of the 30 jokes he tested in the preparation of would really call naughty." Next he chose 114 University of British Columbia students and divided them into two groups. The first group went over the 30 jokes and rated them In three ways—those with predictable endings, those of moderate expecta- ;ion and those with surprise end ings* The second group of students jvaluated the same jokes on a humor rating scale—very funny, funny, slightly funny, neutral, slightly disagreeable, unpleasant and high ly unpleasant. As an example of the jokes rated highest. Dr. Kenney submits this one: Coed: I'd like to see the oaptair of this ship. Sailor: He's forward, miss. Coed: That's all right, this is t pleasure trip. As for the "not so funny" type Dr. Kenney passes along this gem: Horse dealer: Mount this horse at 4 a.m. and 'you'll be in Seattle by 7:30 a.m.. . Customer: What would I do in Seattle at 1:30 a.m.? That, says .Kenney, is not joke, son. explored— that the more table the punch line of the funnier it is to the listener. In other -words, the listener gets _ bigger charge when he can see the kicker coming. As Kenny puts it: "The degree of humor appreci ation increases with the degree o predictability. "This theory tends to dlsputi the idea, held since the days o Aristotle, that the surprise ending is the best." How did Kenny arrive at his conclusions? He first gathered the 30 jokes from college humor publications, from the works of Dr Sigmund Freud .and from other PASADENA, Calif. (flV-Mom and Pop got ripped harder than th» ds at this city'i conference on de- ncjuency and other juvenile prob- mi. Superior Judge Roger Pfaff urg- making parent* "criminally re- ponsible for the criminal act* of leir children," »nd a panel set " on of the Community Conference n Youth came up with » check list undesirable parental types. Mrs. Russell Grant, Parent- eacher Assn. council secretary, ave the panel this rundown oh ypical failures" among mothers nd fathers who undertake to be disciplinarians:" "Se*-Sawer" "There is first the 'see-sawer par- it,' who is as stern as Capt. Bllgh ne day and an indulgent parent le next," said Mrs .Grant. Then, he said, there is the "flashback" ype, who is always saying, "Kids dn't do-things-like that in-avy ay." The "superior parent," she says, is completely satisfied that moth- r and father know best, and iscuss nothing with children." The Nervoiif Nellie type, said Mrs. jrant, foresees danger in whatever er child is going or plans to do, nd, consequently, discourages all f her children's activities. "Tab-Keeper" "The tab-keeper," said Mrs. Grant, "expects an hour-by-hour ccount of children's time," and ambitious parents' 'are always urg- ng their kids to seek "greater accomplishments—perhaps to justify sources. Not Naughty "None of the jokes are what you Spellman to Be At Wedding Of Grace and Prince NEW YORK m~- Prince Rainie of Monaco says Francis Cardtna Spellman, archbishop of New York will attend the prince's wedding t actress Grace Kelly as of the Pope. delegat The Prince said the Bishop o Monaco will perform the ceremon' in Monaco April 19. Rainier flew in last night froir Los' Angeles, where he had saic goodby to Miss Kelly, whom he wit not see until she arrives in Monac Try a Texaco Service Station See or Call Us For a Texaco National Credit Card LET US POWER YOUR FARM We deliver anywhere In Mississippi County BOB LOGAN "YOUR TEXACO MAN" Blytheville Phone 3-3391 Joiner Phone 2421 Poison Said Stupid Weapon LOUISVILLE, Ky. W) — Poison gets the murderer's job done, but it is the most stupid method of getting rid of an enemy, according to a laboratory detective. Dr. C. W. Muehlberger, director of the Michigan state detection laboratory, told the Southern Police Institute: "The chemical methods for detecting poison are pretty good, and chances of getting away with it are slim." WE RENT • HOSPITAL BEDS . .. BABY BEDS • ROLLAWAY BEDS • USED REFRIGERATORS • USED WASHERS WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Main Phone 3-3122 C H T U P A good yard lighting system U insurance against accident and loss by fire and theft. It also pays big dividends in time saved because it lets you take advantage of those hours before sunup and after sundown. The pan-type reflector shown mounted pole eliminates shadows. Other styles are available. Select the one that best suits your needs. I'll provide the light. Ark-Mo Power Co. mad* by ttM munlciptl art* com- mlHlon, which Mid it Kit tuch a. rown would be emblematic oi Ix» Angela' standing a* a monarch imong cities, their own failure* in life." • "Finally," ahe concluded, "there Is the 'heavy chaperon' who want* Johnny to bring his friend* home and when he does 'the heavy chap- eron'acU like a 'private eye' on » big investigation." Judge Pfaff, in attacking what he called "coddling" oJ delinquent*, had this to say of Juveniles who repeatedly violate the law and the terms of their probation 1 . "In such cases me parent* have certainly been put on notice concerning the antisocial behavior of their child, and parents records of continued indifference and refusal to accept their parental obligations should justify filing a criminal complaint against them." Pyramid to Be Waterproofed LOS ANGELES (£>)—The 32-foot pyramid atop the city hall will get a waterproofing job that includes a facing painted gold. Decision on the gold color w to marry him. 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