Blackheath Gazette from London, Greater London, England on April 1, 1892 · Page 1
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Blackheath Gazette from London, Greater London, England · Page 1

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Friday, April 1, 1892
Page 1
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mKJIAL ANNOUNCBMBNT. HDTDS & COMPANY, (UlUT*naBJU.v A Hnra), DRAPERS & MILLINERS, BLA C EH E AT H VILLAGE, AKE NOW SHOWING A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OP N E W G.O O D S IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. PATTEBy* O.V APPLICATION, b ELTHAM, LEE, AND "No It] ISHAM ADVERTISER, FUNERAL REFORM, SIMPLICITY WITH TA3TB. CHAPPELli & SONS, FUNERAL DIRECTORS, LEE BRIDGE, LEWISHAM, &c PU HSRAL S CONDUCTED WITg REPINED TASTE. SUPERIOR APPOINTMENTS AND EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT. EVERY REQUISITE SUPPLIED RITUALISTIC AND OTHER FUXERAL3. b 1, 1892. UmmD AT THS Gumu. PoaT Omxx AS A NE [PRICE ONE PENNY. BLACKHEATH: AUCTION BOOMS, •ASTOOMBB TERRACE. MB. B. J. SUTEB, AUCTIONEER * VALUER, «,BABTOOKBB TERRACE, BLAOKHEATH r 8.B lUaWskcd 1881. These AUCTION BOOMS afford a first - class l&diam co.Eanontore »nd otlun for Bale of HIGH • CLASS FURNITURE A EFFECTS FBBBHOLD * LRASEBOLD PBOTJBTiaa, MONETARY SECURITIES, Ac Goods ens be Beorived dafly, or ooHeoted, on receipt of letter, by covered vans. Far Sale Termt and Citalngnes apply at the Aaetioneer'e Office as above. KB. R. J. SUTEB Al<o undertake! the Valuation of all description' of Property, and makes tbe Valuation of FCTRHITURH, vTQRKB OP ART, OLD CHINA, 8ILV»8;'*C., A SPECIALITY Por FEOBATS DCTTT, Family Division A Insurance. MB. R. J. SUTEB Can alio arrange for ' Collection* of Works of Art, or t and Bale, either by Commisi —' b BT ME. By Order of the Adm Andereon- BLACKHEATH 17, EASTCi'i BT HUBBS. F. k W. STOCK KB- 12, BAVEH8BOURHB BOAS, 8TAH8TBAD BOAS, CATFORD. Well-made Household FURNITURE and Effects, comprising iron end taraai rail bed stands and bedding, old fashioned Spanish Bashogauy wardrobe, ohatte of drawers, marble top waahstands, toilet gleam, mahogany eeerataire, bookcase, walnnt frame drawiog-rooa suite In crimson damask, handsnrns walnut shaded sideboard with otarble top and silvered (iasa bask, tight walnut frame ehaire in figured silk, loo, oral, sard, work and other tables, Brnetele, tapestry and other carpets, engravingl, oleographs and print*, parafon ngnre under gtaee shade, eight- M BAAB8. ¥.* W. BTOOKER oa WBDNBS- BAT, April StA 1WJ, at Two o'clock. • On view day prior and morning of Sale. Catalogues of the Anotioneen, Lewisbezn Junction, and Wend 91, Qaeen-etreet, BO. 1 BT Masses. DYBR. BOB A HILTOH BOTI0B Of BALB8 DURING THB YBAB IMS. M ESSRS. DTBR, BOB A HILTON Bid TO Ajntomroa that ttey bare fixed the nndimnen- tinned datee for their Salae by Auction, at Rosiden- tlal Town. Suburban, and Oonntry Properties, Building Letnd, .Ground Rente,and InrealownaoX E description, at the Auction Hart, Tokanhoase- E.O. i— •lay, 34th March Thnraday, Stth Angaet Tboreday, 18th April Thnraday, 28th Sept. Thnreday, Mth May Thursday, 17th October Tboreday, SOth Jane Thnreday, tttk Nor. Thnreday, 28th July Thunder, 16th Dee. Local Balee are also bald periodically, in which all Properties oan be included at Axed inoluaire Pnrnitnre Pair No. 48. M B, R. J. 8UTER will BeU by Auction at hbi Aootion Room*, ae above, on TUESDAY, 12th April, 1892, a quantity of Excellent H'>U8EHOLD FURNITURE and Effects, Jnoloding a mahogany winged wardrobe, mahogany chest* of drawers, marble top washstands, &n. fcc., a 7-octave oottags pianoforte by H. P. Rawday, London, a rosewood drawing-room suite, pedevtal writing table, walnnt- wood oheffonier, tea , Ac., being tbeentire contents of the residence "Inglewood," Ulundi-road, West- 00mbe Park, removed for oonrenience of eale. Catalogue* (in due oourse) mar be bad at the Auctioneer's Offices, 6, EMtoombe-terreoe, Black heath, cVB. b Auodon and Surrey Omeea, Si, Walbrook, E.C and Blackheath. R.K wlb BT WALFORD * WIL8HTN. BLACKHEATH AUCTION ROOMS (Ae above). Furniture Sale, No. 49. M B. B. J. SUTEB will Bell by Aootion, at hie Auction Rooms, as above, on Tuesday, 26th April, IBM, a numerous assortment of excellent Hooeehold FURNITURE and Effects. Oooda can now be taken in for this sale,or collected on reoeipt of letter. Apply at the Auctioneer'!! OeSoes (as above), b A . L E V E T T , (Late Vat&njk-pari Ifunery Ce.J 41, YAKBBVQH PARK, SLACKHEATB. SJ. NURSERYMAN, SEEDSMAN, FLORIST, FRUITERER, 4c WmxtTBe, Caoean, Poena, gruTS, Ac, Wzsnxm UD pnn BouQtnrr4- CUT FLOW IBS, Plana) for Dinner Table and every Garden Requisite supplied. TeaitaKa and Homer Beada turn reeety. (3eUlogne»aPA W irl<i*nn, . k f. GAVEN. fLATE KL8BT,) CIGAR IMPORTER BLACJHEATH VILLAGK BUT ONLY CABNATION TOBACCOS _b W. WHITE, LANGTON TERRACE, WOODLANDS BO AD, BLACK HEATH 137 & 139, l ^iiP^ ASH ROAD (OdteMHHfctJi ITATIOI). H. fflli^R TIN, OOTX8 _XBR, DBBBB A PBAOnOlkfr.KANTLB MAKMB. • jjejwaw TO?H*3T TUB* ~ *~ WeorifngTroue- .jd. Infanta* and Houae forOoreet* ^ i ^lSrw ^uliieuC' * ;«rre»pt attention. peHenoed and BafOed AauWaata we are able tofxecnte ordenin a few boon. jOossvrc Not»*f4eoe» for these goods, navtof the lsm»e »** felt miety in the county, and to insure the it of any gown a good shaped oonat is abeolutely if is is 7, We supply fame from la. 11,0. to SIsT Hi . JTone but beet etateriale need, all garments an pradnoed under tbe nper- vkion of Kxperiemoed Forewomen. b ARTHUR GARTON, FLO HIS T , 8T. JOHN'S PABK NURSERY, BLACKHEATH, KENT. . 4*. CUT FLOWERS A WEDDING BOUQUETS on tbe Bburieet Notice. CHOICE ORNAMENTAL PLANTS for Dinner Tables, Ac WREATHS A CROSSES TO ORDER. All Ordertby Potior OtaoneiMrwill rerme Prompt AttntU*. f , b "BEDLASDH," 148, SHOOTER'S HILL BOAS, BLACKHEATH, S.B. M R. R J 8DTER bai received lnebrnotiose to Bell by Private Treaty tbe above euniieaed handsome Detached RESIDENCE in the Tudor Hotblo style of architecture approached by a oarrlage sweep, and oontainin seven good bedrootn»,d resting room and three band some reception rooms, together with all the usual offioes. Well laid out garden with lawn and •tabling at rear. Tbe property is in an excellent etate or repair, and 1« new for eale with possession on oompletlon of purchase at tbe low price vt a\l,BO0. Leeno a lout 6B yean unexpired at the ground rent of 420 per annum, and of the low estimated rental velne of £110 per annum. Full printed particulars on application to Mr. B. 1. fluter, Estate Ofiloes, C, Eastoombe-terraos. Blackheath, S.E. 1 BT Ma. S. LONG. ANERLBY. Detaohed and aenti-detaehed vilUj for eeoapation and InveetmenL M Beats. WALFORD It WTLBHLN will Sell by Auction, at the Mart, London, R.C., on VTBKNB8DAY, the 20th April, l«tt, the fallowing desirable properties:— ANBRLRY —By order of C. Qutleh, Kse.., whff b lsaving England. The spacious Residence, Ne. 18, Beverlty-road, fitted in tbe modern styla It 00oiprises eight bedohamb«n, hot and oold bath, drawing room SSft. by lift., dining rooan 20ft. (in, by 18ft. 8in..ball withtossslstod paveeaam, break- feet room, kitobea and omose, good garden with lawn. With LOiesnlon. ANERLBY.—With peeeesskm.—The Detached Tllla known ae "Carraghmore," lf4, Oroydon-road, comprising en ground floor three reoeptlon rooms, kitchen and office* end spaeioua enrxanee hail; on npper floors, six bedchambers, bet and oold bath, kc; large garden ever 200ft. long and 88ft fin wide. AN BRLBY.—Pair of Berol-Datacbed TOlaa. known as 122 and 124, Oroydon-road, near Holy Trinity Church, each eompiuting six bed and dressing noma, hot and cold bath, three reeepUaa reosu, Ac; gardens nearly 200 ft, loag. Nc 122 is la good repair, and pcaaaanan will ks gives, and No. 124 is let at «40 per annum. ANK8LBY,—With possession.—The Detached Besidense with stabling, large fruit and pleasure gardens and green hones, known as u Mayfield Lodge," IBS, Anerley-road, oomprising seven bedchambers, fitted bathroom, three reception rooms, and ofBoes. It was last let on lease at A100 a year. ANERLBY.—With possession.—Tbe Semi- Detaoned Reeldsnos, known as I, Selky-rsad, plsaaantly sitaated In a good main road, with the back of the premises overlooking fields; six bed and dressing roems, drawing and dining rooau, spacious entrance ball and good offices; garden 180ft from front to back. May be viewed so applioatisn to tbe Anetioaeore, and particulars and oondltiens sf Sals may be bad at the Mart, K.O.; of the Solid tan ; and of tbe Anotioceers, Anerley Railway Station, Crystal Pelage, 8 .B PURVEYOR OF MEAT, POULTRY AND DEVONSHIRE BUTTHB. PiMllJra WAITXD OH DAILT. TEICI LIST OH APPLIOATI05. SekonU and Large Cxanmcn hy Contract. b NORTH WOOLWICH. Valuable Long Leasehold Estate. 8bops and Honsea, prodnolng per annum A1.186. Estimated natt income, after paying ground rente, all rates and taxes, of A760 per annum. Situated within a few minutes' walk of tbe O.E.R.and Free Ferry. This neighbourhood is rapidly increasing and 1 no proving as a 00m merclal oeotre, and boose property will on doabtedly Inorease in value. Albert-road, No* 7 to 10 and 72 to 88. inclusive. Bllxebeth-street, Nos. 128, ISO, 182, 184, and 118. Francde-sareot, Noe. 1 to 10. Inclusive. Dook-stnet, Nee. 1 and 1. Tt/TR. 8.LOKO ha> received Instructions to Sell the iXL above hy publlo Auction, on TUESDAY, 6th April, 1881, in the Large Room, Royal Hotel, North Woolwich, at Six, for ^even o'clock p.m. Premises may be viewed by permission of the tenants during seven days prior to tbe eala Parti- eulars and conditions of 8ale of Kderin Hughes Bat., Solicitor. Green's End, Woolwich, of 8 Long, Auctioneer. Thomaa-etreet Woolwich, and at the Boyal Hotel, North Woolwich. - BT MeWRf, FIELD AND SON. BELVEDERE. By order of tbe Exeoutors. M ESSRS. FIELD A BOSS wUl Ball by Auction at the Mart, Tokenhoum Yard, B.O. on FRIDAY, 2;nd of April, 1892, at ore for two o'clock, the Leasehold PROPERTY, comprising a eeaU-detached residence, No. 51, Woolwich-road, nearly facing the Common baring a garden front aad rear, situate high ground, and facing the main road, and let at A28 per annum also a leasehold ground rent of A4 10a. per annum arising out of Kc 61, Woolwloh-road. The property is held for 3J| years from the 24th of June 1868 at the rant of At 10s. per house. Particulars at the " Enrdlsy Arras " Belvedere, B. W. and R. Oliver, 8olioitors, 1,-Carbet- oonrt. Craoeobnrch-etreet of Messrs. Bowlings, Foyer ana Co, Solictor* 26. B«-strest. fltrand. W.O, aad of the Auctioneers, 64, Borough Higb- etreet, BJ&- " Br Ma WALTER PARISH. EbUTH AND BBLTBDERB. By order of the ExeOTtorsand BMALL FREEHOLD LNV nSTMENTa. M R. WALTER PARISH will sell byAuotien at the Prince of Wal« Hotel, Eritb, on WEDXBSDAT, April 6th, 189S, at Seven o clock in tbe evening the following Freehold Properttec FLOMBTSAND NURSERY P,.EMISB§, with five forcing^ houess. Let upon leas* at £24 per ALFRED HARRIS, M.R.C.V.S., VETBRINARY k CANINE SURGEON, 56, SOUTH ST., GREENWICH. (Bacoassor to J. 6. Hurndall). IN FIRM ART FOt HORSES AND DOGS At Blackheath HilL VrrxalSABT irrtmitci AHD SHOEIIIO BT COXTKAOT ir Dasiasro. Mr. Harris begs to state tkat be has had upwards of 15 years' professional experiences, Mostafot raoaitad at 44, Lnrnfit-ralo, Im mist—. BT Ma. ALFRED RICHARDS. SALE ON THB CRYSTAL PALACE COMPANY. TUESDAY NEXT. DISTRICT GAS M R. ALFRED RICHARD3 will Sell by Auction at the Mart, B.C.. on TUESDAY NEXT. April 6th, at Twelve for One o'clock predssly, in lots, A4.8 of T per osnt ORDINARY STOCK in the above prosperous undertaking, offering 1 thoroughly sound investment Particulars of the Auctioneer, 18, Finsbury circus, E 0. < BT Ma JOHN B. BROvYBTT. SYDENHAM, B.B. of tbe mortgages. At a verr low J 'OHVR BBOWBTT will Sell by * action at the Greyhound Hotel, Sydenham, on By order reeerve. Mie V(Q/UUUUU , 11 •, --, niliiMin. _ THURSDAY, April 21st, 1822, at 8 o'oloox. the Freehold Modern Bsml-dstaohsd Villa RR8I- DEN0B3. being Nos. 10 and 12, Knighton Park- road, Sydenham. The bonnes are of neat elevation, of red brick with stons dressings, the sanitation is on modern principles, and this well-arranged aooommodaslon includes four bedrooms, iliiash «, room, bath-room (hot and cold), two reception, rooms, ground floor, kitchen, An. Both are at peeeent in hand, but the rental rains is msdsr* ately estimated at 464 per annua the pair. May be viewed by appointment, and particulars and oondltiens of sals obtained of Messrs. Whites aad Oo. Solid tore, 28, Budge-row, B.O.: at the place of sale, or of the Auctioneer, at his effloa adjoining Railway Station (BVBJl.), New Bsoksn E . FRANCIS, DYER, CLEANER, FURRIER AND PLUMASSIER 120, LEE ROAD, S.E. inn rr nxxoai* oa POST UXKITUTKLT 1TTXHIU TO. Plsmm Addreu «*£• 0«MUi>sTti<rii ta E. FRANCIS, ISO, LEE ROAD, S.E.I FUNERAL REFORM. COUCHMAN & COMPY FUNERAL DIRECTORS, OK LT anosxas : 16, M0NTPELIER VALE, BLACKHEATH, S.E. •ftxiMimk ooodaot«d nador PutMm&l Snparrimioii mt lUted inoloaiva olAsUyn. IfOTED POB QUIETNESS AND &DCPLIOITT ZHjAliMkfi 100 rears. W. COALS. BROWN & SONS HATS SPnCTAUTTES IN COOKING COALS GmtAT HUT PanDorjcss AT LOW Peicas. Boss Main, Derby Brlghts, and Acme Nats all cara- f ally screened. Priou an application at the aficct, LBS GREEN, L B B BAIL WA T STATION and HIGH STREET, BLTHAM. BT Ma. J. 6COTT MUTCH. No. 28, PENOE. BECKENHAM ROAD. A DWELLING HOUSE AND CHAPHL, pro- duolcr rentals amqenting to A2S par annom ; and ADETAOHEDCOTTAGB.knowa ai u Jssssmlrie Cottage^let at A10 U. per annum. All situate in Btanlsy-road, Bsiredenj. Also a fhOT of BUILDDJO LAND in tbe heart of the town at Belvedere, having frontage of Uft, 8 in. by liOft depth, affording a capital sit* for the aootion of two shops and dwelling bosses, aaiieibor, Charles W. • Stevens, Esq.-, 14, Queen T ?'*F8BBaOLD DETACHED COTTAGB BBSIDBNOB, known as f Myrtle Vttla,'' Brooke- atrast. Erith, with: large .garden, having 100f(. bv lift wide, with auflmsnt area for »U similar rTsail»oees.ind withsvailahlsfrontage forth* the erectian of sU cottagee. rmwoailmi g bt KireaanoompleUon of the povebaee. BolMtno, Means. Hughes, Hooker and Bnttanihaw, No. 28, Bridge row, Oannon-stzeat, B.O. Ancsionaer's OBoss, Nc IT, St Bvrfthln e-lane, Cannon-strert, Bfl, and Erfth, Kent w ]_VL on THURSDAY, April 7th, 1892, at 11 a.m., th*genuine Honsehold FUBNITURE, oon- tUting of brass and iron bedsteads, feather beds, bedding, mahogany and oak chests of drawers, marble top washstands, duchess* dressing table, superior 6-ft- and 8-tt Sin. mahogani wardrobes with plats glass panels, tapestry and Brussels oarpeta, mahogany and walnut eneffemieru, pier rrlsssns. drawing aad dining-room suites, superior oottage pianoforte, blank and gold, by Bamett, Samuel and Co., musio Canterbory, clocks, pictures, books, kitchen and other effect*, garden roller, lawn mower, tricycle, perambnlator, ate. On view day prior to Bale. Catalogues of the Auctioneer, 27, Beokenham-road, Pangs, SX. • F. O'CALLAGHAN, ' (Lara W. Gaxrjuma), BOOK AND MUSIC SELLER; U, HIGH 8TREBT, LKWI8HAM. BOOKS BOUGHT a IUSSB 01 CKau qcaWTTtram. Boat Priem gisssi, " • 'W H ITBWA-8H.IK0; PAtNTDJO; PAPBRHANQINS, 4C. OAUPMTS CLKAXKTD AND MS LAID. ROPER, 117A, IiBWISBAU HIGH BOAD. A. T KOCSIS, PRACnCAb FURRIER, 243», LEWISHAM HIGH ROAD. Ladies' own Furs Hade up, or Cleaned and Re-made to Present Style. AB Work done on tie Premitu ejr Erperienard WorkpeiipU. SPECIAL. NOTICE. Ladies oan bars their Fun Stored, and kept Pros from Moth during Summer, for very Small Charge. CLOSED AT b ON THURSDAY. THOMPSON'S SALE— STATIONERY, STATIONERY, STATIONERY. T HOMPSON'S BALE—FAJJCT OOODS, FANCY GOODS. rjiHOMPBON'S SALE—ALBUMS, ALBUMS. T HOMPSON'S SALE—S 0 B A P B-O 0 K 8, 80BAPBO0K8. 'ilHOMPSOK -B HALE—PHOTO PRAXES, 1 . PHOTO FBAMBS. .^fTHOWPeoa's rui^i»,ooo HOVBIJSTTHB ftbmlB. ••>---•:•:.-• .- /. rjTHOMPSOira BALE—2*8, BROOTLErKD. rjlHOMPoONB BALE— 298, BBOCXTJsT Bo T HOMPSONS SALE—3, RAIL WAT APPROACH, BROCKLBY: rjlHOMPSON'S SALE—Fuel L OTS fin. J. & A. AUSTIN'S TEA. AUSTIN'S TEA, 17- per lb AUSTIN'S TEA, 1/4 per lb AUSTIN'S TEA, 1/6 per lb \ AUSTIN'STEA, 1/T0 pe*n> AUSTIN'S TEA, 2/4perib AUSTIN'S TEA, 2/10 per lb ALFRED EVANS, UPHOLSTERER DECORATOR & UNDERTAKER 48, VANBURGH PARK ASS 5, BA8TCOMBB TERRACE, BLACKHEATH, BJL Funerals PertonaUy Conducted. Bout Seats, Chairs and Tables Lent on Hire. axfaajjjit-si)- wuiuurjrji"" mraormi> on THU IF YOU WANT TO HIKE GLASS, CHINA, KNIVES ds FOkFS, TABLE LINEN, Etc., MARSH WILL SUPPLY YOU AT 10 PER CENT. LESS THAN ANY LONDON H0C3E. NEW D ESI G N S ft' rs , J. & A. AUSTIN, HIGH CLASS GROCBRS, PROVISION, WINB, SPIRIT A BEER MEBCHANTS, BLACKHEATH VILLAGE, Aim LEE, LEWISHAM, CATFORD, 8HLHURST, AND ELTHAM. b THOMAS HALE, BLACKHEATH VILLAGE, FOR DRESS FABRICS, ENGLISH A SCOTCH, FOB HOUSEHOLD LINBN SHEETINGS, CALICOS AND LONGCLOTHS, TOR LADIES • HIBSRNIA " HAND-MADB UNDERCLOTHING, GLOVES AND HOSIERY, RIBBONS AND LACB. UMBRBLLAS AND CORSETS, JACKETS AND MANTLES. K. HAYHOE, 2, EASTCOMBE TERRACE, BLACKHEATH. PURE DARJEELING TEA DIRBOT FROM THE GARDENS SQVCT and Bronze Mtdaii awarded for QuaMty and Flavour. SPLENDID HOUSEHOLD TBA At l/<i, 1,8, and 1/10 per lb. PURE ORANGE PBKOB, 2/10 per lb. CURTAINS. THOMAS & Co., 10, 12, 14, BLACKHEATH HILL (Next the BkDway Station; NO COUGHS 1 I M|c LANACHAN'S FAMOUS PULMONIC COUGH ELIXIR. Pries By Peat 10)d^ 2s. Od., and 3*. 8d. bottle. Is. l{d., 2a. 4(d., aad 4s. 8d. bottis. Prepared only by McLAN ACH AN, DI8PBN8ING CHEMIST, 231, HIGH STREET, LEWISHAM. CASH THOMAS HALE, DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT, BLACKHBATH. b THB LONDON & PROVINCIAL BANK LIMITED, HATS OraxaD A Nsrw BKAJICH AT 166, RUSHEY GREEN (Corner of Springfield Park Orescent) CATFORD (Under tie Management at Mr. Wm. Bodfettt) For the convenience of their customers in and around that nsighhourhood. Branahes in the ridnrrj LZWXBSAM, HIGH 8TBJBT, BLACKHEATH, TRANQUIL VALE, LBS GREEN, 129, LEB ROAD. NEW CROSS GATE, 180, NEW0R0S8 BOAD J- HUNTER, ALTERING k REPAIRING TAILOR, DYER AND CLEANER, 12, LEWISHAM HIGH RD-.NEW CROSS (Opposite the Marquis of Granby) Gents' own Materials made op. Style and fit Oturaotersd. Coats re-beand. Qevxmeiitss tamed with oare. All Ordera promptlj attended to. C. H. MORRIS, 41, TRANQUIL VALE, BLACKHEATH GROCER, PROVISION, WTNE, 8PDMT, AND BOTTLED BEER MERCHANT. AoKNT FOB GILLON'S REAL MOUNTAIN DEW Bare Old Seotc\ WTiutey d/8 per Ovttle. AUSTRALIAN WI.SE8 IN FLAGONS GOLD MEDAL CEYLON TBA, 1/10 and 2/- PBB Potnro. UitstrarABBaD roa STESKGTH AND PLAVOT/S. 7, BANK HEAD OFFICE.— BUILDINGS, LOTHBUBY, LEE, LEWISHAM, 4 BLACKHEATH PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY, nii INSTITUTE, OLD BOAD, LBK. Ante idanos oo Toesdajs bom 8 to 9 p -ttu ADVANTAGES, v<3 BORROWERS.—Prompt Advanoss, Moderate Repayments, low legal charges. fO SHAREBOLDER3.—Shares aocnmnlaU at « per osnt, compound tnteresr. TO DEI OSTTOBS.—Four per oent lntsreat allowed on sums of A8 snd upwards. Absolute e»cajil|. W. H. LEB, Secretary. Bonuses pamsdioally declared to Shareholdere aad Borrowers. CINCHONA TEA CAJT mm OBTXISXD FBOM DYE'S GROCERY, PATENT MSDIOTNB AND PROYISOR STORES, COLLEGE PARK, LEWISHAM. R. CHAMBEBLUS, FAMILY BUTCHER, 147, LEWISHAM HIGH ROAD, NEW CROSS. (Next door to MB. J. QUTLTBS'S). A B E B D EES BEEF. SOUTHDOWN MUTTON or mi riaast QCALTTT, CIULXD OX THX ns aiwta. K.B. Special LiatifPricte to StkeeU and Large LONDON & SOUTH WESTERN jt-- -BANKy- LIMITBI). , AUTHORISKD CAPITAL, Al,000,00a BTresCMBlis CAPITAL, UfiOOfiOO. PAIS UP (JAPTTAI^ «880,000.. xkyBnrnjrxm>,'4I9BJKL\ ' A XsUsVCfi rM sB»ahoT «Bank saw ossi^saiad at 137,' SU8HEY G|CEEK, OATFQ'BJb. Wfcsa^sjssjrlssii^ ; _f_p.«* rsmsaaTi Tat >— •Jso tarrsi csAar ^ na'tais .TOI ' v. • I.I NsTrOrosav-^ - 3i^l«rw»Ba»High-road •• iLtbOlBW^ IU, vsfk W9 FSNcauaoH BTBXET, LOKDON AUTHOUISXD CanTAt A 1,000,060 PATD-UP CAPITAL A460,000 BB-,ERVBFUND ... s ... £+60,000 (Invested •* A4 i371 2s. Id, 2| per oent. Consols') HEALTH POB ALL II! HO LLP WAY'S PILLS. THI8 GREAT HOUSEHOLD MEDICINE BASKS AJf0VO8T TBS LEADING NB0B8SABIB9 OF LIFE These famous Pills purify the BLOOD, and most powerfully, yet soothingly an the LIVER, STOMACH, KIDNEYS and BOWELS, giving tons, ecenrr. snd vigour to these great MAIN SPRINGS OF LIPB. They are onnfldsntly recommended asa never failing remedy In all oases where tbe constitution, from whatever cause, has beoome impaired or weakened. Tbsv are wonderfully effloaflVHis in all ail tents incidental to Females of all ares ; and as s GENERAL FAMILY MEDICINE, are unsurpassed. HOLLO WAY'S O I N T_M E N T . ITS SEARCHING k HEALING PROPERTIES ABE KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE WORLD For the cure of BAD LEOS, BAD BBBABTS, OLD WOUNDS, PORES AND ULCERS, it is an Infallible remedy. If eCecxoaUy rubbed en the neck and chest, es salt into meat, it Coras SORB THROAT, Diphtheria. Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and even ASTHMA. Far Glandular Swellings, Abscesses, PQee, Fistulas, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, And every Mad of 8KTN DISEASE, it has never been known to fafl. Sold at THOMAS Houowirt Establishment. 78, NEW OXFORD BT. (rate 883, OXFORD BT), LONDONi Also by nearly every respectable Vendor of MedJetne throughout the Civilised World. FuQ printed directions are aflxsd to sack Pot and Box, and oan be bad in any language. N.B,— Advice Gratis, at the above address, daily between the hours of 11 and 4, or by letter. wlm CHEAP TIMBEB YABD J. G. HICHISSON & SON, LEWIS HAM BRIDGE Airo BEAB OF " PLOUGH" HIGH STREET A AT WELLS STREET, CAMBER WELL. All Kinds of new and old Timber and Building Material. Out Staff any Tkirtness always in Stock. Planks. Deals, Battens. Wide Pins, Redwood, Piteh- nine. Baulk timber, 28ft. long, « I & Matohing, WB/SsouareAx9^o»^ift. Yellow(jOaned), Id. lootli X 8 Yellow (planed), ldJoot Cheapest for Galleys, Pipes. Sinks, Pots, ,Jn tflee^Utea tiles, stbn* paving (about 18,000ft superior in stock). Ladders and barrows, sale or hire. AH Deliveries Free. LEWISHAM BRIDGE, 161, LEE HIGH ROAD, SE. •CLARK & OLIVEB, DRESS & MANTLE MAKERS LADIES OWN MATERIALS MADE VP. B^BafJdbcs|FIT AND STYLE GUARANTEED A/so Fancy Uatker Goods and Stationery ESTABLISHED 1846. H. J. THOMPSON, BLIND MAKER, HIGH HOUSE, M0NTPELIER ROW BIA.CK HEATH, Manufacturer of Inside and Outside Window Blinds and Shop Blinds of every description. PATTERNS AND ESTIMATES FEES TBE TRADE SVPPLIBD. Rustic Summer Houses, Arches, Seats snd Flower Stands kept in stock. Window Boxes In Tiles, Cork or "Wood to order LUCK AND Co., GENERAL IRONMONGERS, as and Hot Water Engineers, Plumbers, Bell Hangers, Smiths, Stove and Range Manufacturers, Tin, Iron and Zlno-plate Workers, 49, MONTPELIER VALE, BLACKHEATH, S.K, (Corner of RoTAL PABADB). Agent for Royal Fire and Life Insurance Company Bcgutry Office for 8erxa*tt. h LEE GREEN LEAD, GLASS, OIL t COLOUR WAREHOUSE, WHOLESALE A- RETAIL PAPER HANGINGS All kinds ef Sanitary Earthenware, English and Foreign Plain and Ornamental Glass. VarnisA frmn 61. to 28e. per Gallon "OTE TBK ADDBBSS : T. W. DUPEN, 228, HIGH ROAD, LEE GREEN, S.E. CHARLES R. GURNSEY, HABERDASHERY, STATIONERY, FANCY DRAPERY, BABY LINEN, LADIES' & CHILDREN'S UNDERCLOTHING 7, SOUTH STREET, GREENWICH 16, ADDRBSA MARSH, HARE ST.. WOOLWICH!. > FOR CHEAP AND EFFECTIVE PRINTING SO TO C. BROAD, MACHINE PRINTER, LEE GREEN, S.E. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF PRINTING »T ECONOMY AND DESPATCH. YE OLD GROCER'S SHOP BLACKHEATH VILLAGE. L. F. GO ATE R, GROCER AND WINE MER< H AX I", SPECIAL OLD CRUSTED POUT Per 48". Doz. MAX GREGER'S BOTTLES SQs. HALF BOTTLES nr. I5EAUXB per doi. b PURE RICH MILK. R. NORMAN, THE DACRE PARK DAIRY, 9, CHURCH STREET, LEE, ENGLISH BUTTER. SEW LAID BREAKFAST .* COOKINO ER'.S. SPECIAL MILK FOR INFANTS t INVALIDS". Batter from Viscount Hampton's Farm, Glysde, BusMtx. Orders Delivced tv all pvrti r*"w T \'ne» D:i' f if. bv ROBERT GEO- HO ARB, CHARLTON CEMETERY WORKS, SHOOTER'S HILL U0AD. M03UMENTS Erected In Stone, Marble or Granite in any Cets*. tery tod Exported. Specimens of Granite, uil the Q'Kilitit* audi Colours kept »'«* Sbtd.. MONUMENTS RESTORED. ISSCSIPTIOKB X R A T !. Y CUT, DutAno? DO object. Dtxitfaz and Eztimatei T ri>pli. •''•.•m. b B. GILES & Co., FURNISHING IRONMONGERS. HOT WATllIi AND SANITARY BMIINEKI.'H, BELL HANGERS AND GASP! TTEItS. Repairs of All Kinds P ; u mf-i!v Execute!, Sanitary loipeetian of Hon«e« inri i:.^-.-. thero : PA):"< RAILWAY APPROACH.WKSTCQX 1 BLACKHEATH, S.K E. GOLDI.MJ, (Late ill** Batmn, <•/ Cr -**-*f ^-ohc--\ A raU.uiL) B F .G9 toreapectfaljy inform tfm iuli.-biu^:- A th« above neigh boor hood, tl..*t #\\e opened a First-claaa Florist's business, -nd h<.vii^ a direct sapply of Flowers from ihv ISar**.- hopes by strict attention to all orders to obt the patronage of tho public; th -ink:n^ them r '.ji poat favours. • Wreath*, Cr *iwa.Wtt1dituj Bv >*}-'f!>. I'»>U $p r -\;9 Button HoU*,and Table De. Mo-*, f'u irtu-il'-f A timdfd To. KOIEBl T-rT c n .. T. K I> CAMPION & SON, FOR CRICKET TROUSERS, FOOTBALL BREECHES, AND BICYCLE SUITS. 242, HIGH ROAD, LEE GBBBN. b PT/SCTUALXTT ! 11 CutABxrirxssl Crmyn!! J. BRIDGES, CBIMKEY CLLAXBR f CARPETBBATBS, 26, BKDF'OBD PLACE, OLD. DOVER ROAD, BLACKHBATH (Opposite Lanrton-tmrane, round by Walker's tho butcher). OABPSTB BIITII, CHEAP An, CLKAX Orders ly Past pnnctnaBy attended to. CHIMNEYS SWEPT BT CONTRACT Flu Slashes sn£a ta Order, CHARLES D. HARRIS, GENERAL FURNISHING AND BUILDERS' IRONMONGER. GAS AND HOT WATER EN r :INEE:t 1 ESTIMATES AND DESICXB SraiiiTTED yon ewzt DCCBIPTIOS or WOBK. 7, LANG TO"N~ TERR AC.'-T, SHOOTERS HILL r.fiAD, BLACKHEATH b niPOBTANT N0T1C". ENNERSD T LE ARM?, • !, ENNERSDALE U0AD, LEWISHAM. * GHOCERT 4 PHJ)VISION WAREHOrSBi BOTTLED ALKS AJTD STOUT STOKES. : J. 6. BARKBR begs to announce that he has jmrchaAed theabovejprtralees^ind trusts by sapoly* ing all Artiolas at the Very Bert Quality at tha lowest possible prices, to be favoured wifb ^ba castoa of the inhabitant*-af tbe npi^bMarhood. Agent far Fox and Son's BotCed 1. 1, • anA ^trt^t. 2a«d. Dst iaf. imperial pints; also 'Am n.CrORisuf and PanJin'r Cskbrsiel Barton Bottlru Alee izA Stoat Prices per gallon: Lcn3oD Porter. Is. Jd^j. Single Stoat, Is. 4d.: Dooblc Stout. Is. I'M.; S&X SparkUmr Ale,la 2d.; India Talc Ale, Is. *1. <TiM Barton Ale, Is. IOd. •Every deseriptioBs of Mineral Waters; Wic-i, Tobaccos, dgara and Snnft Ordersthanhfmti/ receive! an>i pr^npi'v attcidsd (J. SxiUS-CASH,

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