The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1935 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1935
Page 6
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Jameslown Btoke Under Pace and Rkky Slcain- ed Home in I • 34 2-5 nv MAX Rinm.R NEA Service Turf Writer A pair of- 2-yeur-old.s tl'.dr. nmnos in iurf history li> lel- 'l"is i fool high in 10JO Twenty ftrand and F'jnlpal'ip -irt vorld >C(.onU dm his Dull (iiiedb and f\fn now an -Ull in sump flvd r 1 <jJn)>o, Kilting 111^ till lo HIP -pest. 'in the fllM.tHU'-Aa'nla AtilM Handicap next niomh. Tv.eul5 fund's iccoril In Hlii Krimicky rjciby still slnniU, AM< <i dace tlir mllo mnii- ot Tkky st In \m> .is « l-yrai old, Oder liming broil iwnj norn lh> Lml lor ;i ye.ij- br-c'fltise of ;i Iw'rak- <iown. .KqulpolM' met tin old'- rival Jamestown the imbeMon 2->ear- ild champion of 1910 which l\\lc< find • beaten this chocolate Hofdicr, In \\\% i'! OKI race Tlic mrelliv; KIS singed on the nrntitl proiin I -01 Arlington -Park. .They -could nol itavii ' picked n biHtPi snot, foi the un<k v,cit, the l.iilftst in thi noild IndMd will Mail Byrne, train' i of the- im- mofinl ..Siijvnloi-, stated that. -had he hern Kbit 1 to rcpio-duie the king of the tinf In his best. fonii, In; would IHVP -.Undid i Ji for the mile Considering UPS It is Hill were, out f6r they lind itiH l«u d Jaim-slow Dich imi \\ondpi theu tun blood. Previously, it pun weigh!*, ence ill- 130 |:dm:ds, ami again ai 122 Bui. this time, Jamestown <jol m ni, 118, because, iftcr a jctu t> layoff, lir Ind been sto; to lound Into )iis tine- foim CdiiiiioKe, on the olliei hand, bad uin riiv- iral brilliant rates and v,n, oblip- ul to calry 128 pounds •> ->-' Jamestown, alviijs im ly finnt the Inn-lei Hie it stfeal of 'ligit niii? bioJr on toji Iho uoad Ifime Spanish phy, with onlj Kill pounds up, was second, and Equl- .)»Jse toil of Die three Jamestown elected (o inn the oilier two off their feel Dnt Fcinlpolsc, though he moved Inro 'pcontl place, loaf"d o!T (he pice as much as rouble, wnttlii" ind hoping foi jnhieMonn lo tlic The first qimitei was 1 inn in tlio fast time of 23 1-1 But Ui'migh Hint was fnst, loom ran Ihc hnlf llko wild, tmn Ing It Iji 46 6?con<K 01 JJ 4-5 seconds foi the second Quarter He then slushed off lite Ihlirt nuailer In time e<iual 10 his fli-,1 ind arrupd at the- fhree-cmnilei ].ole in I lid ]-•; or two fifth* of n second fasten thnh thi. CA- isltng- American lecord Unt that binning puc Imd cosl Junestown loo much, and The Mighty Mite (ARK.) • CQtiftJ}3? . By Harry Grayson KKNT1HUCV HKTAINR I'l.ACH AS NilllSEIlV Of tin "Ki-Mutky-ttml" 10 ;i HIM; liOKf-rimiir-t <# (rotter, 11 lus l:eon lor yearn and ycni i Of 22:i horsr-s which UTOI st.ikf i-iii-?s DII iwogiiigril running traf-k ef North Atnr-iloa in l(i:l-l, M,fi, m |slii;htly Itfltc-r llian 07 per criu wn-f! f on ltd whore the lihiegm; forms u Khk between His proton, minerals In ihe soil and the l:lnr btah which roam above it. Virginia, ranking next to Kentucky In liiinibr-,- of go,,,) i, 01;> , ft praliiei'il, annually turns out about onc'.-tenlh ;a.s ninny anlia winnm Tin- hi'.st• Aiiwrliiiiii lh»ro!i|.'hl>i<'tl 'tnilvil : mii3uto of Ki-niucky tiliu-i :nt«l Cavakoilo, hom iit 'Mendinv- vii-v farms. Mourc-slov/ii, M. .1 Oiivalirado war, the llr-iti non-jo ti- ti.clfy l;oi?>« lo uc<|ii[re tin- fO-n- tucky Derby ;iln«! Uio Virginia- Ijiricl Iteljjlr Count imii li in !!(-'(! Killll Quest.. Cavalculc'.s sln'Wc- inale, which beat Iht: 1(134 ;j-y ra r- old i-liuintilon by u nostril In iln I'mikiuus, foaled ut, the t;hl- torii" Stud. Paris, Ky. Thu Preukiii-$s has not lici>n can- lured liy.-iifiyUtfiig except n KI-II- tueky-tireil entry since 'the Arinl- sllcc, .The Mimr: is-"(me of (hi lielnioiiL -. Stakrrs, won . by K0 lift of Kentucky soil for-lf! siii-ce.wjvo .«-,•<• Chiuico, /Hun, ushered 'Into the world at court, Manor, in Virginia bniHjstl the. 1834 Fulmlly to he hi(list /loii-Kcntuckian [n a dovnn years lo acnuiie. the turfs' richest Herd. lii the ''nrtot' Whltut-y : ,sti:ed, iccoiri set at Arllniitoii part: in piuscd from 1 n Cillfoinla' n6xl" niiitith. holder of ihc uiilii l^teiurn was (akeii to); tho' ! -$iO(J,n(Xi Sun'tV Anitii' linndlcap' . .• ' - . • •- ' *|iil])oise moved to thn frtiiitJ t.o :l -a- -world - record for a—mile on loim of 1:34 2-5 seconds. He- teal- tlie Mired Jnme«(own by (hire lengths iml Spinlsh PlaJ, always rjillriin, ivns nnothcr tlnee or. four lcnp,llitj .back. Fkky Uro.1 ;it Finish There ha\e b6eil mani gfenl mlb inces And jxrolbly us gunt examples of speed Thiiie lm\e I een nome supi i loi to Ecuiliwlbo s fine iecoid cliurt: will show tlwt. ,F.iiwipulsci »ns n terj (itcd horse at the entl uf his late Aolinlly his lust . »ns lo ( PI tlmn tlic coi lespondlni quarlci mil In unj of thi; Ibtn 01 holdirs n\e lecon) SALESMAN, SAM v. „ ,, . . , OTTol HOW if, &o| M 1 ? ' Bill 111 OI1P ICSIICCt (rtl[l slflntK 'i'' 1 '!''" nst pra\lo<is rtcmll XOVES A LOTT Goorto ] oti Ji thirito tennis star «ho r^eenllj Jointii Jilll Tlldpn-, pio ti on in is c\. join the ranks ot tho -benedicts noou..-rllf(Ks- Kiltt'li -j;.- Colllnson,. above, ot WakeflehO Mass.. Js Ui .fliftcea..•'' -''< - •'. not onlv lilch he conqtiei-s liut 10! Jih gen u IJHI^ Paul Is also « phejiomuia! pit c \ei He UBS all of Dim i srnoite le has not peilcctPil DUzys coii- ""' but thi., can casllj i, e O ver- had- from 110 lo 118 pouixb up, Ktiuipoisc was carrying mori tlian scale weight. That ho conld'-do'so ami still race lo such a', record is proof siilTiclpnt of ihe extreme lili'.h class of tin- Whitney horse,. Face f Liixora' Tonight;! Wilson Frida Blylhcville lilgh scligol's Cliick- asaws will move' into the soutlie'rii district of Mississippi.'county tonight to tackle '• Coach Herbetl Sclra-nrl?.- lhln-cln.As on Ihelr own court. , .. •• . Dffniled only by Welner the Chlckasaws. have been winning consistently .Ihls siftson. Carney Lasllo's crew de'feiltcd. Luxora 21 to 13 lust week without tin; services of HerslH'l Moole-y, Kll-Uls- trlct forward, who wns kept, r,n tlie sidelines because of illness HWBiimably the, chicks should have little difficulty in disposing of the Lusora quIntel tonight- with Mos- le.v L-ack In shapo ami reach- to go. However the locals will have Hie disadvantage of ploying on a conn lhat intiy be somewhat different from I heir own battle R round to overcome. Friday night the Clilcta will akc on Wilson Irish In n game 1 ncra that slioiikl prove Ititcrcst- Ing. The niilldogs arc reputed to w unusually slrong this season and have already taken the measure of uixora and Osccola nu«; Drlvi; C'linlluaM \ The very eiitraordlnary Deans ^1 more than pitch the • st onis Cardinals tci the v'orln championship. They kept the club oil; IU loe.s. . •.;-••>'.•. Mike OnnmU's,' vclcVan Cntani coach, .IcJIs .the .story";"' .''The. UCIIIB are nne'lcam play ers," exijlained Clonmles "VVhei they- are not pitching W ],i c h . seldom, Duty wntch .every jilaj Hie Ilel.l the urethoiV^KJay/',™ irady to cntkl/c (heh rien move 'Whon Diray 'is working comes to the bench he t Pick, the plnjs of lif, iijpoilniu cast to p i( , ccs nll(l winds up !)> -iDvJng flit to (he eicij out of jou None of 5011 is ttouh nn>tiling I t nll to out Mien, and win this uamc bj iius"lf Ol/^ Is a bcltei pltehei than Paul light now without \nj iloiibl _ Tlic elriu Drnn-hc eel 2-ltlrblrtlirtn'ji "on jjn -Violet Cagors Don't Shrink Vx York,.University's r«l Uipprag b,tf,(l,]| «„„„ ,„ dereatlng templPs snoiy onllit 1822 proved to I/, one of the onUHndlng ,'W teims of the mtion Die nbnvc lUioii picture was taken is [the Violct« loo. inch 21th Mime in ,, ,ow before -notliei of llro.e Lioftil u Mariison 'Sqnins Qiiden 1^ ,n. greitt .star, foim in come »lth M) opinion i,. (hl>t D , conllmie o be the ,no,-c m mi{ It, will t,e LMecdlnglj dlfricult , " Ul ,°, r ""." 0|1 . 1M Pitch-, surpass jean him In ihe next feu* <'allforula Adopts 'llama ^S^V, 1 !:'"? 11 '' lins «rt«n.tcd r M ' of which kept the Tus- lust itiil Ion's unbeaten Rose record Intact bv r-uelllne orrt in the Tide's fourth rp to Pasadena -on New Year's Day •Three Pacific Coast schools .we). o schedule Alabama out tlier " mlddte of December 'he epmcst wo roll ,m ' m * ' lo tl)e coliseum in !.<« rtngoif.,- Sontlipri, pritlcs already r,s is. s ere in "" rc " Capstone cohorts more will prevail lri he S v n , 0CO " r ""' CP ' wil " y to come from only 'th «uvce ihat stirred n . . or to* tin-TalS not t • .,.,„ , Alabam » ""d Stanford were '•'Dealers en jrm i ]M6 Stanford loses nobody of ron^ nf>t-s>n ,...,) MI.. y * WJIfi'- menls to,- uovvd', 'larr niui n.«r,)viihrivtcl: Reid Courier News want Art,. Don't Forget CAUDILL'S AGENCY General Insurance Now located «( J01 North Scconrt ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor ill mkm of rebuilt Typewriters, *<"tai Indian Defeats Emil Fnpo, Jackson, Tenn Piofessoi Trounce!, Dick Kaiilhe ..j Bolt the Siou\ Indian who seems lo,-be. .'ijhv'tlcula'r "about Ihe -slitc he hills fiom •.omrthlnj, unusual for meinbeis of tin ^rmit (iml yoan fnleinltv ilelciteil Ph'po, 'ths' one-mnn eireu's South America, in two Kofi walpu tnd, if wc have geogr-iptij sliiilght Chief 'itlllle Wolf claim? fir pfT , wasbln'ton slnle as' the 'stronghold ot Ills a nceslors Emll ;tralf.lit rnllr" nl'Ulic arinon last htghl, inothT ni'Xlch Pioie^soi Ralph, Bmilh,, physical culture In- •Imctoi of Jnekson T nil still one of the Smith l;oys. cnme bnck to touiijafiei an pitendnl nb 'ence ni d ,iicl t the me isure ot Dick Ktinlhe \\ho \\llh his ' bro lliei Ed leiirescnts Ihe Kantlie troug men famlK of German) on the uresflliig circuit (hat In Uuiks Dlytheillle It was Dick' apiienrnlice liere. Bolt tool ihp south Aincrlci comedian and showman e.xtraor- dlnarj to the mat in lmpressl\e sme and piobnblj gained for him -If a crack it -:oineon» better than tiie ui a i [ lor c Mtov ln , he 'iiture. Flriio. as usual, put on ils protest act. . Bolt it., seems | S really ' from South Dakota and nol'• from'' Arizona, ns. had teen nnnomiced .lri Ihc past. Why Ihe aliened Sioux Indian objccls lo Ari^hn as Ills home slut,; the , lnl , 'since *o conc(in->il nbout the Hllm; lie gel Miybc Slony Indhns (Join like thi Atuoiui climate li looks like the.promoter's miglil match Indian i'aBainst.andian_and produce a pretty good. match. Au- othei redikln inutman who is pa Conning this icason \imin the name of Chief little, Wolf nffer the title of Chief Arquetle last renson would innle i good mnlcli foi the South pretty Da- Vegetative Growth, Cure for'Gullies VvASHINCiTON., (UP) TT- Paniicrs cannot .expect .to .the spread of gtillres by filling tlieni «lth oii automoull" bodipq advise-, W R Mafloon . of : . tl)e 1 ..ARrleuliiire D_e- [.artments Poreit Service Matloon wid mnnj' farmer Inve worked hard cutting trees or..brush, ot--throwing, wire, or even old automobile todies into gullies In nultlesi effoits to conliol ihem He .said much lime, labor and money have been wasted -in -at- tempts'to keep more-of Ihe (arm from washing away. There is, however, Mattoon re- yeftled. si way to really -heal or stop gnlllM. lie said (lipy can be healed successfully by restoring n vegetative cover. He believe. 1 ! the secret lies in either giving nature a chance to re-establish some vegetative; growth, or iu helping nature by. i>lfi:ilmi,' -l-i-oos. vines;, crasses', leu'itines or. olhei- plains whleli in turn, inuii.b? iiroteeted'from lire, overonltlng find over-grazing. •': vernsi! wrestler Is not nearly DONTv ^GAMBLE With Cheap COAL Burn CO-LEA-NOR The World's Best QUICK HEAT, HOLDS FIRE. NO SOOT, SMALL AMOUNT OF RED.ASH RcRulai- Prico $10.00 Inlroduclory Discount $ 1.00 foday f s Markets •M New York Cotton NRW YORK, Jan. 22 (UP) - Colloh elospd steady. opf-h high Inw close •'«n 1238 1S40 1241 rmi March l-2-iri '12-18" |-24) 12-11! May ' 1249 I2M 12-il IMI .'"ly I2S2 )2flO 1248 125:) 0«l- . 12-li !•«?'.. i ; ii9 1244 . ipnLi closfd" ojilet .nl -|2Cri "crfl 1 fi Orleanit Cotton NKW.'OnUMNS/Jan. 22 <UP)- Colloii closed stcndy open )j|g)i loiv. elo.s" • —. — ! PVb 1248 i'4B (241 1244 124901254 1248 )2!il Pfil f>r rt m D ,,„ 1241) ' I24U 123B i-»4:) -,- _ ]2^ 9 at |i|« off G .laii May July Oct Lei P| rts , Chicago Wheat ,July open high | OW 57 1-407 1-2 !)li a .g KB 1-4 SB 1-3, ar s-R fif, j'.o Chicago Crirn - open Mny 86 3-fl July 81 S-8 high low .close 8fi 3-8 'IB fl-8 8ff 81 5-8: 60 7-B' 8! :i-8 Closing Stock Prices WINNING BASKETBALL' _ the \"\\\ C op«, behind tile Hll ([oe«, up M, ccntci, ami X "i cioss cut each other rid_thi icntei position thus i^ to' block 1 llieir opponent* ut of the play The center- X 1, laps to the for- ard X 2, 1 \7ho leturun the tap ) lilm In mid air X-l then makes i two-handed Verhead pais to either X-3 or x- slecttng the one In the mast fiw- rable position Joy's Single Shot Wounds Two Sisters CINCINNATI (OP) — A single iilleJ fired itiy a I4-jO)r-old ibot ounded-t«Q of hLs older sisters ului wf[tt'brongl)t In <i hospital ere. Tb» t»o, sister ~oT Dou»l-\s Lin Hie 14 'son of Forest Lliivllle Ml llvej, Ky deputj sherlft were lot when the boy fired his fath^ rs pistol which he- thought un- oaded '' The bullet pierced the neck of las Edith Llncllle 17 then en^red the left side and lodged a ftlf Sneh'above the heart of Milred LJnvllle, 19, a. Khool teacher, tijslclaris said Ihe girls \\ould olh recover. > A. T. and T, Anat'oticla Coplier liethlehem Steel Chrysler Cllies Srrvlrrt UOC.A Cola Genera) American General Elsctrlc General; ^futovs .fnler Iffli vestei < .McKe.«on'-Robbins . tydiiteornPr} Waid 1 Packard ,, riillllps Pit , liacilo Coi-ji. ^Immons Beds ^tandiid of N J 'rexas CO; U. S.: Smelting U. S. Steel ink 105 1 8 II l-(i 31 ! 8 38 173 1-2 Jli '< 8 )<1 J 0 II . r i-B 41 •i i ri '11 1-4 18 1 8 ft 14 3-4 5 1-8 9 1-4 41-1-4 , W j 111) *' 4 1-2 Professor Owns Bible Over 450 Years Old DETROIT (UP) Considered ai fiowaor of one of the besl Bltile collections in the eoimlry Rev lathei Patil D Sullivan b j of the Umvuslty of Detroit Jxnsls ownership of a Bible more than 4M years old ind aelfjlitag po pounds The IHIBC book printed In 14181481 by Adoiph Rusch at S trass- berg Germain bears the com- mentaile.? of Walnfrld Stiabo It carries l(s years lightly e\cept for i yellowing ol Uie- parchtaent tnrougn the n^'oge of lime 3 Included in 1> Salllvun 9 eol- lectloiv bx.a fiuu edittoiuof -the RKefhis Testttnent of l>>82 the note<! JJible of William Fulke broogltt out,in 1589, as v,ell ah a tliird edition of (he Filke Bible irlnted in England by John Hill CONNEAUT o CUP) enson, new sheriff of Ashtubuia ounty his announced he' unch -\n extenshe ime^tiga ) search. lor Rlti Lent three who isappeared mysteriously i from he lother's fami Nov. 22,' '. / Wat. 2:30, Nite 6:45—10-35c Sh« wanted to marry a bankroll. But love hat a way of intaking on o.girll Per Ton, Dciivcred $9.00 ALL OTHER GRADES—REST FROM EACH FIELD—REASONABLE PRU'ES—QUICK SERVICE SUPERIOR GOAL & M'G. CO. Phone 700 R A N C 1 S LEDERER GINGER ROGERS With ARTHUR HOHl RKO-RADIO Piclur. Directed by Stephen Kabent Pindro S. Btrcnati procfuctiun Paramount Niws Ruth Etttng Musical XV!', To-Ni§ht' s Milk delivered, while .it's c in time for your .. - Breakfast CRAIG'S DAIRY Phone 74 ROXY Tues.*d.-Thiirs. . ItfAT. & KITE^-lOc - 25c An Electric Star in,of Laughs/ SEVEN GIGGLE S TA R S .'; in* .:, TALE OF MURDER IN TH THIRST EGREE! •IN IV ON tOBB KILTOK t*U*» HOM CIIWI CHICK CHAMOUft WAITI* CATLITT Di/tcltd by i,R Helmtt. It K O RADIO Fox News Paramount IMctprial Paramount Variety

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