The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1954 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 5, 1954
Page 14
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7AOB FOWT1 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, NOVEMBB* 8, 1984 Oregon's Cordon RefusestoConcede To Demo Winner . PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Republican Sen. Guy Cordon of Oregon refused today to give up hope that an official canvass of tally sheets will show he did not lose Tuesday's election. He said he will not concede the election to Democrat Richard L. Neuberger. 41-year-old Portland author, although unofficial — and double-checked — returns gave Neuberger a 2,099-vote lend. Only three of Oregon's 2.499 precincts were unreported in that tally, and the three do not have BO votes among them. The count from the vest of the state was Neuberger 285,321, Cordon 283.222. It was Ncuberger's victory thai promises control of the Senate to the Democrats. He becomes the 48Ui Senator, and Oregon's other Senator, Independent Wayne Morse, hai announced he will ndd a 49th vote to give the Democrats control. The unofficial tabulation by the Associated Press has been rechecked in each of the stale's 30 counties. In the past the unofficial count never has been overturned by the official canvass. Jrt an official canvass county election officials add Ihe figures reported from the precincts. An official county tally sheet then is sent on to the slate capital at Salem, where officials conduct, a state tally. That report is expected rfbout Dec. 1. The (M-year-old Cordon, in the Senate 10 years, said he plans to go to Washington for the special Senate session on the question of censuring Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis). Cordon said he might get there a little late, since he plans to go goose hunting this weekend. Republicans also said they were considering a demand for a recount In Oregon, but Joss Oard, GOP National Commitleeman, siiid there would be no immediate decision on that. . CHINESE DISHES? Although chow ineln Is a true Cantonese dish, chop sucy originated in the United States, but is made on the same principle as niv tlve Chinese dishes 'Butterfly Boys' Are Delinquency Problem in Soviet LONDON W — Thr "huMfii 1 f].\ boys" arc wiving the Soviet Union its yrciilpsl juvenile rlellnoui'ncy problem since Hie early tlnys ol the Revolution. As irolorful OK (heir nickninnp the yniiin: (errors \vc»r lonR-mnnod "Taiwan hull-cuts" and brilliantly colored clothes. Krokodil. the .Soviet illustrated weekly, describes them thus; "A RJiiiK of pimply youths, no'ei do well.s and jouls arc responsible. Thpy start trouble on tramcfir.s, in crowds of movii'Koers, and cutliiK house*. They bother girls and pick fifchts with men." Nearly (JO stories have jippcnrcci in the Soviet press within the last six months on youthful hooliganism ami drinking. Some of them report crimes of .serious violence. A Kchoolboy in Khabarovsk knifed a teacher to death. He II. An Odessa schoolboy was beaten lo death by other boys. Four boys, aged 15 to 17, en- guged in a series of armed robberies. The pislo] belonged lo the Inthcr of one of the boys — n policeman. -Moscow radio described a 7-year- old n;i a "Ihlcr and a drunkard," The Soviet courts nrc dealing severely with the youthful offenders. One schoolboy received » sentence of five years imprisonment for helping another Lenl n pair ,of football shoes, Another yot two years for stealing a shirt. REALLY IN TROUBLE—No one knmvs cxaclly how these Persian, kittens got inlo ;i p;iii ol hunts in Paris, France. Maybe curiosily got the better of them and they climbed in. As usual, it was easier to got into trouble tlinn out of it. 1955WESTINGHOUSE 21" TY-'169 95 The Denham, Modal 867T2I New low price for 21" Table Model Come in and see famous Weslinghouse picture and performance quality now. Get this bigr- screen table TV and save* Smart $ 4 / Q95 brown simulated leather finish. | Q/ Prfcw Include Fed, To*, and full-y*or warranty on picture tub* WILSON'S TV & RADIO SERVICE 114 S. 1st—I'h. 3-4237 STICKING YOUR NECK OUT—H appears thai this giraffe is really looking for trouble. Actually it's all part of an act to delicti! the children visiting the Frankfurt, Germany, zoo. And Ton!,- the hippopotamus, knows she'll get a big cabbage for going along with the act Two Families Hear from Sons Lost in Korea ST. PAUL. Minn. Iff)—Two Min-Piuil. nnrl A2/C. Harry Benjamin ne.sota families whose sons have been missing nearly two years since a B29 wns shot down in the Korean War received first letters from them ycsterdtiy. T. Sgt. Howard M, Brown, St, Jr. of WorthinfjUw both reported, in letters postmarked in Peipinii in early September, that they were well. nut both also wrote that they were not allowed to smoke, indi- Adm. Hoskins, Hero of WWII, Korean War, Sees Story Filmed By BOK THOMAS HOLLYWOOD, I/! 1 }—When Adm. John Hoskins was getting his orders in Washington, D.C., recently, Ihe officer In charge cracked: "I when we see yon the next time you'll be \vo»rlng a beret, and carrying n long cigarette holder!" The reason lor the remark: HnskliLi. the fabulous peg-leg admiral of the Pacific wars, was on his way to Hollywood to have his life story filmed. Watched Alexis I found him on the .set of "The Admiral Ho.skins Story" at Republic. He Is a .salty fellow with pink, cherubic cheeks, lively eyes and white mustache. Drc.ssed in his blues and two-star braid, he snl near the camera and wntched HH Alexis Smith, pluyiiiK his wife, received a rndlo report that his ship had sunk In World Wnr II. That WHS the USS Princeton, Lute in 1944.,s came aboard the -ship, hi.s first carrier command after a career in Navy aviation. On his Kcconcl duy, u Jupii- ni'He dive bomber dropped a 500 pound bomb on the flight deck. H tore through Ihe Uuni?nr deck, sct- LliiR off gasoline stores iintl torpedoes. of depth charges, which erupted with a tremendous blast. Haskins wns blown to the deck, his right foot dangling by only fl tendon. A doctor, dazed himself, severed the tendon without use of morphine. Hoskins recalls it was "the worst pain I have ever experienced." He started campnlgninR in the hospital for a return to active duty. He told Adm. "Bull" Halsey: "The Navy doesn't expect a man to think with hi.s feet. That blast didn't knock off my head." ''Fortunately. 1 nau Halsey on my side," Hoskins told me. "But I must s»y there WHS no rcsil opposition to my return to duty." The Navy's only high-ranking of- licer with » tnnjor disability, he went on to his greatest fume as commander of Carrier Division III during the Korean War, • eating they are being held on a prisoner basis by the Chinese Communists. . ' Air Force spokesmen said they believed this WHS the first direct word from any of the 11 believed to have survived the crash near the Yalu River in North Korea. Three of the 14 aboard were reported killed. Families of survivors were notified by the Air Force in June that the men were believed to be prisoners. The State Department since has been trying to get them freed. Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Brown .said their son reported he had received five letters from them and .some food parcels. He wrote, too, that he didn't know how often he could send letters but would do so as often as he could. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin said Harry Jr. appeared to be hungry for news from home. He asked, among other things, "what the cars look like that people are driving today," another indication that he been in close confinement, hlfi parents said they thought. EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Plionc 2-2015 The ndmlrul stnyed on bonrd (o help direct the fij;lil to snve Ihe slilp. The lire vi-nehotl Ihti storu Mobile Burglary OSHKOSH, Neb. W — Thieves who tMilt'iTfl » unriiup broke dmvu 11 door by hacking an automobile (hrouKli H. 'I'lKMi they loaded the 300 pmiml snto Into lUc cur IUK! drove off lo do their snte-crackin^ elsewhere. p., DELIVERY SERVICE Phone :t-.|5()7 11 n urs: K a .111. to !) |). in. with Delivery lo 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 221 West Main SI. FOR RADIO AND TV REPAIR Call 3-4596 Jimmy Gean, repairman • All work guaranteed • Prompt Service ROSE SALES CO. 521 S. 2Isl Robertson's Radio and T.V. Service 515 E. Main Wade Warehouse Bldg. Day I'h. 3-I257 Nile Ph. 3-6104 Millions of Americans arc sure of nnc lliing: the \viiy to stir n|i ilw perfect drink. It's simple ...just use Seagram's 7 Crown in a highball..."ncut"...or nver inc. So when frienils ilrop in to stir up ;l perfect evening MTVC America's favorite whiskey. and be Seagram-Distillers Company, New York City. Blended Whiskey. 86,8 Proof. 65% Grain Neutral Spirits. 'It's easy. 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