The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 17, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT J^EWSPAPER OP HORTHEAOT ARKANSAS AND BOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIV—NO. 2fi Biythevllle Courier Blythevllle DnUy News Ulythertlle Herald Mississippi Valley LeadK HLYTIIKVILLR ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, APRIL 17, 10:17 ' SINGLE .COPIES PIVR Robertson Boy, 10, Hit J>y Auto and Badly Hurt Offer Prize for Factory Inscription SEI I lone Abandoned for Meeting Relief Work Curtailment Schedule. WASHINGTON. April 11. IUP)— The WcN'ks progress Administration , has abandoned hope of reclining Its | rolls by 550,000 workers before'July , 1. Hit- United Prpss learned today, i A high WPA official said thai these was "little chance", that'thy reduction- to 1,6(30000 workers planned by Administrator -Harry L. llo^kln", cci:ld be accomplished; He intimated that tli2 reduction mi°ht ke less than heir of the amount planned, bringing) the 'rolls to approximately 1,800.000. President Roosevelt may suggest that figure to begin the 1938 fiscal year when he sends his re'icf message to congress next week, it was said. While a marked decrease In WPA employment was expected to starl immediately because of normal seasonal reemployment by industry and agriculture, there was believed to be no chance that the reduc- I tion would approach that of last p- spring, when 150.000 were 'dropped from the rolls. WPA officials Insisted that reductions would be "natural ami depen-j dent on private reemployment." j Fear that private Jobs would riot en re for as many WPA workers as when Hopkins told a congressional committee about his rcdu'c- !I he , Blylhevllle Industrial association today announced an cller . of a two dollar cash prize for the best suggestion as to an Inscription on a cornerstone at the new filce-Stlx factory building now under con- i iiruction here. John C. McHancy jr., the monument man, has . provided a granite cornci'stonc for the building, which is being constructed with i'unds raised by public subscription, and a suitable Inscription Is being sought by • the factory committee " of the chamber of commerce. Suggestions are to be mailed or delivered to the Cornerstone Contest Editor, Courier News, •nd must be received at the Courier News • office net laler than Wednesday. April 21. The selcttlon will not be made by the Courier News but by the factory committee. Senate Committee Hearings Will Continue for, a Week or Ten Days. T iftv or More Visitors Will Be Blytheville's Guests Tcniahl. tion plans w;as offered as one ex. planation .for the smaller reduction quota. Another explanation was that as the number of persons on work relief jobs decreases the rolls approach a .'"base level" of more or less penn'inent. unemployment. - '~--,On.- March'.20, ,WPA"employed• 2,. 134.000. about 150 fewer than a year ago. £'" Pressure from states and cities al. so was a .factor. A group of New Deal governors, led by Gov. Herbert H. Lehman of New York, the Unites States conference of mayors and the workers' alliance, a relief workers union, all have condemned the proposed reduction. Draffs Relief Message President Roosevelt worked in the privacy of his White House study today, drafting the special relief message he will send lo congress next week, outlining the government's fiscal outlook for 19311938. The' ancients believed that a snia^ll artery. ran directly to the heart from the fourth finger of the Between 50 and 60 American Automobile Association officers and diifctors ct tourists' services in middle western and eastern cities will arrive in Biythevllle late this afternoon, completing a week's nn- tor survev of the 'highways and tourist attractions of Arkansas. ' Tlie visitors will be auests of thn Blylhevillc Chamber , of.,. Commerce tonight at dinner at'the Hotel Noble -and--wut spaiid the;- nl'eht (here as guests of Crawford 'Noble, the owner. Tomorrow they will continue to St. .Louis, where the party will disabnd. About 40 local businesssineii,\vill dine with the tour.directors. B'A. Lynch will be loastmastcr and there will be four-minute talks bv C. G. •Smith, Mas B! Reid and Clarence Wilson. A few of the visitors will probably be called uoon' for im- iromptu remarks. Entertainment •vill be provided bv advanced dance mipils of Miss Mir°aret Moffett ind by the ?lee club of Harrison negro high school. It has been suggested by the lo~.a\ committee in charge of ar- r angements that Blvtheville men •planning to attend tonight's dinner come to the hotel at ibou.' s o'clock WASHINGTON. April n. (UP) —The senate judiciary committee i decided today to end hearings on President floossvelt's court bill in a week or (en days. ' • ' The committee, at an executive session, decided that opponents of the court bill will be permitted to continue testimony as many days I next week as they desire. ' Then if the orooonents wish l!w vill. b- nermitted to present witnesses the first three days of lh« following week. ' Thus the commute? s»t April 28 as the deadline for ending the pub- I lie hearings, although It ™s understood they might be concluded next week If fewer witnesses than actually scheduled are called. The decision was unexpected in view of the desire of a majority of the members of the committee to close hearings immediately but was understood to .have been due to the desire of the administration to avoid possible charges that they were seeking to "gag" the opposition. Xcu'.s Reel 'Censored The 10-yrar-old son of Tl.;rett Robertson, ilnlrymnn, was. siricms- ly Injured when struck by an automobile on Highway 18. near tho , Tfl II h'll family liomij. yesterday afternoon. I 11 U I U The automobile was driven by u I I) II II'M negro, whose name was not Icn'rned. i " The child was brought to a phv- j . • slclan's .olficc here for cxamlua- i \V/~ n i Hon. He-had .several laceratiDiis w " 111 and brnlsi'.s about the head. No Improvement had been noted, totay. So far as could bo ascertained no Investigation of the accident by officers hurt been asked tcilny. toTifis; 17! clrc " lt ^ 01 "' 1 / he Social S I / H'ovlslon uni ukc Rccoinmcnda- • fiPPEfil - Decision :Befoic End of Present Tetm. < ^ Prize target of gunners on;Spanlsh rebel vessels Is this .big trunsporl, the Motoinar, recently armed by the Spanish government to; shuttle, back and forth across . the Atlantic bringing war supplies from Mexican ports. The MoKj'mar is shown at, the dock In Vcra Cruz as it was loaded with materials of -war for a hide and seek voyage to a Spanish loyalist port, | Open Conference for Settling Canada Strike iveu'.s Reel Censored 1' * ' I A 'C-',' NEW YORK,'Apr n (up) _kconomic and Arms i>|t- Producen of the "March' of Time" ua{ JonS Believed Jnvolv- ecl in Visit. ; cut from the 'current 'issue of the,, news reel today a statement by Senator Burton, K. Wheeler (Dem.. Mont.) opposing Prtsl- dent Roosevelt's supreme court !re- oreanization program. . The action applied only (o showings of the film in Kansas. The- deletion was ordered by i'{he Kansas state board ol' review which said the speech was partisan and biased. The reel which aroused the Kan-: sas board's action is a survey of the _court controversy. It presents" President' Roosevelt seated at his desk in his fireside nu- peal on March 9 saying that "We can not yield our constitutional destiny to the personal judgment of n few men who, being fearful of the future, would deny us the necessary means o!' dealing with the present." Statement by Wheeler i Wheeler's comment then Is re- --~.... .. u .., xl ,^ iv^l.1 Hi llllgcl UI Llle _,. n , , f r it left hand; the custom of placm- S ? "Y" lf , any of the vlsltors *,._ .. . ... . jj,i.v.,ii 0 r ]rp |_ Tn-ikp a ht-iof *«,,.- ~f the firew from this "belief. wedding ring on that flngcr sire lo make a brief tour of. the "You can say that the privilege of appointing postmasters wil' not be accorded to me. Ycu can say that I'll get no more projects for my state. You can say what you please but I say to you :ity and neighboring country guides I to Mr - Farley, to everybody else ind automobiles will be available.! tnat J will vote against this prop- In the parly, arran^e-l by the i osltlon because » is morally 'wrong AA at the invitation ol the Ar-' ifc ls rnoral| s' unsound, It is, a f'LL T€LI YOU __^ J I Kansas Centennial Commission,' will ~* be managers of tour services in Denver. Col., Washington." D. C., and most or the cities of importance between them. Closing Stock Prices BY BOB -^ BURNS _ NEW YORK, Apr. 17 (UP) — The stock market firmed in dull trading today as a better- : tone developed In world commodity! in WASHINGTON. Apr. 11 (UP)— The next move In an undercover International chess g'ainq which may lead ultimately to i\ new move toward world economic or., peace conferences was awaited iicre in"lh'c''forthcoming ylslti to America of - Premier Paiil »Van Zccland .of Betgluin. ' ; Van Zeeland ' will meet with President Roosevelt .in June although ostensibly his visit Is I'oV the purpose 'of receiving fan honorary ' degree' from Princeton University. The Van Zeeland visit acquires special significance .from the fact that he is understood to be Informally commissioned by Great Britain and France to . conduct exploratory conversations seeking to determine what prospect of success exists for possible new world economic discussions. The disarmament question Is considered to be Involved in this situation. Despite the potentialities ol' the Van Zeeland visit, informed quarters here'' believed! that the next American move on the International front might more likely come In connection with the bitter Spanish war. dangerous proceeding." . Miss Ma'e Clausen', chairmim of the Kansas board' of review- announced in Kansas City that it vvns (he board's "unanimous opinion. that this elimination be made." ' There's nothin' much worse than gossip, although It docs have one good point. It hurts you when you first hear somethin 1 bad about someone you're close to. but you do git a warm glow or satis-1 faction when you find out the ; rumors are unfounded. I went to work for an uncle of mine down home one time who ran a groc- eiy store and I had always heard that he was jest a little bit shady In his dealings, so the very first day when he told me to pack a barrel full of apples and git it ready for shipping, I asked him ii' he wanted me to put the big apples on the lop. He glared at me and said "Don't you ever dare do a trick like that as long as you're workln' for met" He said "You put the biggest apples on the bottom and the smallest ones on top." I was so happy to find out he wa^ Hones I and I was ashamed of myself for ever llstcnln' to those vile rumors about him. So when I finished pack-in* the barrel. I went lo him and lold him I was sorry that I said that and he says, "Well, 'did'ja finisV - packin'?" and I said "Yes." He said "Did'ja put the big apples on the bottom and the little ones oil top?" I said "Yes, one I've done nailed the lid on." He ^ says "Well now- then, turn the barrel upside down and put a label on It "This Side Up.'" • Copyright, 1S37, Esqsilre Features, Inc.) Suffers Minor Injurie^ When Struck by Train ----- «... v- „,„,,' fob Summers, about 40. escaped markets. Trading was around the apparently nothing more ser- llghtest of the year. | Ions than, a slight head injury when llc (ras str " ck ^ » nortli- bound Frisco passenger train at the new Chlckasawba avenue A T and T Anaeonda Copper Bethlehem Steel 89 5-a Chrysler 1157-9 107 3-8 55 1-2 f HE TIES .TORONTO. Out., Apr. 17 (UP) — General Mottrrs and i.strikers' representatives opened ( thelr' conference toward settlement of the 10- day oltl General Motors of Canada strike at Oshawa today at 2, P. M. Hotel Strike Setllcil CINCINNATI, Apr. 17 (UP) — A two-hour strike of 700 scrvlc?, pmployes of Cincinnati's largest hotel—the Ncllierlaml Plaza—wa* settled today at a conference between the. management 'ami strike leaders. Organization to Assist Rebels is Uncovered in Madrid. MADRID, Apr. n (UP» ,- Tlie counselor for 1 public order today announced that 55 persons had been arrested after discovery, ot a rebel espionage organization In the capital" : ' ,. • ";,i ,' He said , the spies had prepared a manifesto to be. Issued if and when General Francisco Frn'nco entcr.ed Madrid, Cities Service 37-8 General Motors 59 International Harvester 105.1-2 McKesson-Robbins ..... 145-8 Montgomery Ward 50 3-4 New York Central ....j 49 Packard .,.'. u..' 10 1-4 Phillips Petroleum .....' 57 1-4 Radio Corp 101-2 St Louis-San Francisco 3 5-8 Simmons Bed ' 52 Standard of N J C8 7-8 Texas Con> 62 5-81 crossing about i o'clock this morning. Tiie train was pulling out the sintlon l.ere. several hundred yards! south ol' the crossing; and had. not gained full headway when it struck Summers. .Investigators said "that the train seemed to have pushed Summers off a cress (s Already on Record, However,' Supporting Keck [or Judgeship. No meeting of the Blythcville bar association to name a delegate to the district convention at Wynne on April 29 to indorse some mem- Seizes Pair Who ShoI Way Out of F, B. I. Trap i Kansas. OMAHA, Neb,, April. 17. (UP) — Department of justice agents rode ofr today with two suspected public enemies, captured 'by a country sheriff as they fled a fcihral trap In .Topeka. Kans. Six agents and the prisoners left In two cars, reportedly headed through Iowa to Topeka, where the men admittedly shot an p. B. I. man and two bystanders to cscaiw a trap laid for them in the post- office. Sheriff Homer Sylvester of Plattesmouth. Neb., and his brother, Cass, captured them after they j had kidnaped a country dootir to *taln medical aid. The fugitives ost s themselves . in , plattesmoiith. own of a few streets, followed a Wind road and were foui'id stranded They gave up lion on Disbursement of Loan lo Retire Bonds. A final Inspection of Drainage District 17. preliminary lo action on disbursement of the $I,0(JO,500 loan authorized last summer for hi 'settling, the district's $3,704,500 bonded debt,' was made , today by Chaunccy Dodds nnrt'w, R. SatlcrflcUl for the HccoiLstruc- tlon Finance Corporation. Accompanied by Clifton if Scolt, receiver, I). A, Lynch, j. II. Craln, and V. G. ITolland. commissioners, C. W. Allllck, a former commissioner, and J. W. Meyer and C. O, Redman, engineer and auditor pi' the district they .toured much' of the northern and weslcrn parts of the county lo gain a first-hand knowledge of conditions throughout the district.; . A favorable report. It Is he llevcd, would result In disbursement. ,ot. the, loan niid final. ; scltlc ' Of" Hu 1-2 cent WASHINGTON, Apr. 17' (Ul>) — Attorney' General Homci S Cum-' ' mint's today announced th.c s jii's- ! Uco -departmerit, will nie immediately In the supieme couit i petition for review of the dccls- i Ion handed down by the first of appeals holding Security , Act oltl aga ~ .constltiltlpnal. , "The government will request hat the Edison Dlectilc Illnm- natlnif company case, Involvlm; he old age benefit uiovhlon 01' the soclaj , sccuiity act, be seb town for argument at the session of the .supreme com t be- • ginning April 26." Cummlngs sa'ld "Tills will make possible a dc- ermlnallon of the mallei prloi o Ihe adjoiii-nmont of the colnt at Ihe crid.of the present teim' Ol ACC Provisions Held Void Tho first circuit couit of appeals held by a two-lo-onc decision yesterday thai both the old age and unemployment Insurance provisions of the social security act were unconstitutional "The entire- |>lnn, viewed DS' a whole," the court declared, "Is an Win New Victories MADRID. April n. (UP)—A sudden loyalist .push toward Tcruel, a walled oily 72 miles northwest of Valencia, won three towns for the government today and threatened to break an Insurgent drive lo Isolate Catalonia. The loyalists captured Visledo] Undon, and Argentc in rapid succession, army dispatches; reported. These towns in central Spain, on the Aragon front, paved the way for a further advance to the strategic heights of Cerro Gordo, whence the governmental launched an attack on CehulaS, htnc mites northwest of Teruel. The Teruel campaign : followed :he lines of the present campaign by government troops further south In the Cordoba area, where "mopping lip" operations after the loyalist victory at Pozoblanco' have brought back hundreds of square miles of territory jmdcr the government flag. ber of the bar of this section to 0[ succeed the late Federal Judge John E. Martineau was expected today. ' According to newspaper reports, co]n'entlons r oTpourity darfi throughout eastern" Arkansas, were to held'today for the purpose at tin tie on'which, he was sitting. He re 1 uest ' of "chancellor J. P. Gaut- Chicayo Wheat open high low close failed to move from his seat as the engine approached. .There were indications that Summers was in an intoxicated condillon at the time, investigators said. Ic received emergency treatment at the Biythevllle hospital where he was carried In a. Cobb Mayj129 3-4 13J 129 130 3-4 Jul 117 5-8 120 1-8 117 5-8 119 3-4 New Orlea?is Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 17 (UP) — Trade buying, combined with* improved foreign outlook, today pushed cotton futures up 11 to 18 points from yesterday's' decline. May open high low close July Oct" .'an ambulance and charged today. was lo IK dls- New York Cotton ' . t : NEW YORK, Apr. 17 UP) — Cotton closed steady. ney of Jonesboro. president of the slate bar. association. • Since the Blytheyllle bar unanimously : adopted a' resolution several weeks 'ago. endorsing Circuit Judge. G. E. Keck .of ihis city it is generally believed that any delegate empowered to represent loca on a river bank, without a fight. . Agents obtained the men from Sylvester and brought them to Omaha, where they said they were Gerald Lewis. 46. alias Alfred Power, and Robert j. Suhay. The investigators folmd about 811,000 In ths men's effects, it was reported. WASHINGTON. Apr. n (UP) — Director J. Fxlgar Hoover of (he Federal Bureau of Investigation today announced the arrest ol Joseph Heckl, 28. at Brooklyn on charges ol 1 aiding Robert J. Suhaj nnd Alfttd Power in the Hntocuil New York bank robbery. Volcanoes of Hawaii Have Unique Features HONOLULU.^'. H. (UP)—Cblos- ''<<' Is just another adjective to ansers In the U. S. National Park Two Children Killed ' VALENCIA. Apr. 17 (UP)—Two children were killed and a man wounded raid at today in Almeiria. a rebel air The railway station Ihere -was damaged slightly. Charge Illegal Sale ol Liquor at Armorel R. B. stout, head of the state revenue department's office here, said today that Lee Wilson ' and Company will face trial In municipal court Monday on a charge of selling alcoholic liquor at retail -without a 'state permit. -The company Is alleged lo have sold liquor at Its general merchandise store at Annorcl. It is understood that an application filed by the company lor a permit was rejected. Paul Byrum, local merchant meiil, wllhln'.n :te\v /, district's, debt at, 52 nn the dollar. The district., ha on hand cash lo make up th difference between the 45 cent represented by the pending loai and the' 55 cents required to re tiro Uic debt, under an agree mcnt.witli the bondholders, am to pay the expenses of a bond holders protocllvc committee aiu of .retiring the bonds. At noon, when members of lh< party were luncheon guests p Mr. Scott at. the Hold Npbl following an automobile tour o he eastern part of the ellslr'lct lelther Mr. Dodd nor Mr. Sutler field was willing to indicate wha the recommendation would prob ably be. However Mr. Sattcrtleld vho has n first-hand acquaint once with this section dating bac more than 40 years, cxprcssc hiniseh' as ^ Impressed with the development .'which has taken iilace In recent years. This morning tho party drove to Calumet. Inspected by boat :he 'points .at which the state line levee broke/ during last winter's flood, and made a • circle to the east through Yarbro. Number Nine, Huffman, and Armorel. This afternoon was to be devoted lo the western nnd southern parts of :hc 'district, -with particular attention to the Buffalo Creek and Milligan Ridge sections, where the district has about 15.000 acres of land under sale contracts, chiefly to small farmers. lawyers will be instructed to cast on Hawaii Island. 220 'miles' south- votes for Keck at the district con- east ot here, since they have be- sun comparlnz data on the nat- "ral features under their guar- ventlon. Tiie Osceola bar has gone on record as unanimously favoring Congressman W. J: Driver, press dispatches from Jonesboro Indicate that Driver will receive the en- May July Oct Dec Jan March fifteen. 1358 1331' 1321 1325 1322 1330 1320 1325 1297 1305 1292 1301 1302 1309 1298 1307 1304 1310 1304 1310 March 1307 1314 1307 1314 Spots closed steady at 1365, up eleven. . . ' j u i open high tow closfej <!orscmcnt of the Cralghcad county '"" bar unless the association votes lo send tininstructed delegates. As Mississippi county has two wr associations, one In each district of the county, It is presumed that each association will scud one delegate, each county beln<$ allowed two under Judge Oautuey's proposal with delegates to cast one vote every 'lawyer in each 1334 1326 1303 1295 1291 129G 1334 1334 1331 1325 1309 1296 1301 1289 1303 1291 1308 1295 1339 1332 1307 1300 1302 1307 Spots closed steady at 1399, up Chicago Corn open high low close 1-4 126 1-4 122 1-4 125 3-4 each for county. The British Colonial Empire had an area of 2,000.000,000 squ.iri- miles 113 1-2 117 113 1,2 116 5-8. and a population of 50,000,000. dtahshlp. The most westerly park in America contains. Ihe rangers report, the following "supcrhlive" features: 'Vl«I Kllauca, the world's largest ac- "ve volcano. Haleakala, the world's largest extinct volcano. Mauna Kea. (lie highest mountain in the world rising directly from the sea (13,825 fecti. - Mamu Loa (13.675 fceO, th» largest single mountain mass in the world, and the world's most symmetrical mountain. Halemaumau, the only volcanic r ' r e pit in the world • wlnre one m »y safely drive on automobile to the very brink of the crater. , attempt to do Indirectly what congress cannot do dlieotly, and to assume national control ovci u subject clearly within Ihe Jurls- dfclton ol' the slates." The decision cumo while the United States' supreme couit was digesting .arguments as ,to tho constitutionality of the unemployment Insurance provision,, of the act../r.he, cijrcult 'court of appcnh of. Neyf-S.-Orlcans upheld' the. validity .of tho statute The case wns carried .to the supreme" court and arguments already, have,been held. . Violates Slate Itighls .Ruling on - the • old age /assistance . provision, -the first circuit /court .said yesterday £lml >*ho New Deal^NflA, AAA, Gulfey Coal Railway •Retirement and Child Labor Acl.s, "all remind us lliat, unless .the comts are continually on guard lo pieser.o the dual form.ol' our government as founded by our forefathcis, the stales will. Indeed' become mere 'geographical subdivisions of 0111 national domain." Cock Arrives To Head Peacock Flock at Park A cock .to head the peacock flock proposed for Walker Park airived today and will be placed In a pen at the park, already occupied by two hcas, In time toibe viewed by visitors to the park torn/arrow. It will be necessary to Steamer Crashes Into Freighter, Hurting Two BALTIMORE, Md , April 17. (IjT P)—The bay steamer Yorktown-crashed into a freighter in Hie lower harbor todn>, Injming two passengers among 40 others. causing panic Quick action from members "of" Ihe crsw • prevented serious trouble 1 as frightened passengers''ran. from the! stateroom's to the deck aftei the crash. Life belts were given to'lroVpTL^Kigers who wore them- until assured the yorktOwn .whs in no danger." ' [ entered a plea of guilty to a charge of overloading a truck till* morning and was fined $10. The case of the Caradinc Karsch ccmpany. charged with operating- truck without proper license was continued. Bond posted by the Armore Drug company on a charge of! exhibiting a gaming device has been' forfeited. Tlie bond Included an amount sufficient to covtr a J100 fine and costs. Judgment has been susiwndcd in the cose .oP Ed Carl Lee, charged with reckless driving. R. G. Dirda and Emmett .Watson were fined $10 on charges of public drunkenness. A similar charge has been docketed against Tom Young. , the birds penned up for .several weeks, according to C. G. Smith, whose Idea it was to establish the peacocks In the park, but after the fence around the park Ls completed they will be permitted lo roam at large. Six Persons Die In California Accident I5AKEHSFIELD, Cal, Apr 17 (UP>—Six persons were killed and i'our injured in a collision between a .light truck and a- passenger auto today on the Paso Robles highway, about 10 miles west of Lost Hills, today. Ail the dead and injured were, residents : 'of Bakersfield. Those killed were: William . A. Baker. William ' F. Franks., 46, William Graham, 39, Manuel W. Ezell. 42, Edgar Cliet- , CC -P wood. 15. all occupants of ihe Pedestrian Killed by Auto Near Corning CORNING. Ark.. Apr, 17 (UP) —A pedestrian, tentatively identified as T. J.,Green, about 60, of Indiana, was killed early today when an automobile, struck him on the highway near here. Tlie driver of the car said he WBS blinded by Ihe lights of another machine. No charges were made against the driver. Pacific Air Mail Heavy SAN FRANCISCO (UP)—Cali- .fornlans simply cannot get their mall delivered too quickly. Last year 2,05j2,3l3 pounds of air mail went out of the state, or the equivalent of 72,000,000 letters. Blast Buries Miners truck, and Jack . Reynolds. 55, a passenger in the automobile. First Quarter Taxes Are Payable April 19. Monday, April 19, is the last day for payment of the first quarter installment of state and county taxes unless the time Is. ex- leiidcd. Today no announcement ol' an extension , of • time was forthcoming. WEATHER Arkansas—Probably thundershowers tonight and Sunday. Cooler Sunday and in west portion tonight. Memphis and vicinity—Cloudy tonight and Sunday; probably showers and cooler Sunday. i COPIAPO. Chile, Apr, 17 (UP)—j The maximum temperature hero Five miners were reported buried | yesterday was' -71, minimum 42, today in a disaster at (he Bella; clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- Vista mine ac Sierra Porflllo. its, official weather observer. ,,"",

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