The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 16, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE.EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS From razr Oncl is nil attempt to draw to |t the influential -.Machine Printers' Beneficial. Association, an inrtcp'Jniient union of skilled textile printers in Rhodi; Ward. Typical conflicts ap]ie:ir In the electrical industries. Here two unions are competing for members, and both are more or Icy; 0:1 the industrial toi.s. The A. P. of L. Brotherhood ol Electrical Workers is trying to take over Lho "cemnqny union" nt We.slinghoiibe, nnd the C, I. O. Electrical and Radio' Workers' Union U demanding exclusive bargaining rights for t-e whole Westinghousc organisa- tion. In either case, what Incomes of carpenters, learmbfs, maclilnisls. truck driver sand otticr organized A. P. of L. craft union members In electrical and radio nlnuLs? Tlilrly-ssvbn A. P ?f I,, craft unions would be a(Tc:l-jd.. by any such single industrial organization In the electrical industry. Meanwhile His C. I. O. \jleetricil union launches ,1 drive on the- 270.COO employes of the great American Telephone and Telegraph Co., hitherto untouched by union organization^ In Philadelphia 800 inrmbers of Ihe'A. P. of \, union at the Philadelphia Storage BMta'? Co. trans- ferred'over bodily to the C. I, O. iinioii. Hi the face of an A. P. of L, contract But In Chicago the w P. of L Machinist' Onion slgn- JMin exclusive conti.ict wllli Oru- jq\v Radio Confusion could scarco- be more complete Disputes in Courl Many A P of L unions hav; followed successful c I. O. policies. , For Instance, lhs Brotherhood of Caipsntcrs traditionally a craft union, and now the .A.'P. of L.'s strongest single uorty, is now extending Its membership back into Hie lumber camps nnd 1 forward Into Jho furnlluiO'fnctoilei si'smln; to include everyone who handles llim- bcu horn tree (o finished product.' H 'faces;internal dissension, especially In the Northwest, where many of Its membeis are sympathetic (o the CIO, and might desert in a bodj . ;, , When an A P of L union goes o\er; bodily . to Lewis' :C. I. O., theie Is ah\ajs n io«. usually over the union's funds You can't jtisl walk out of the A F of u like that," one organi?"r pretested. So irjto the courts go the disputes follow in Pittsburgh federal court the A p. of L. is suing to prevent the New Kensington local. iwhicit «cnl over to the Cio, from Inking with it 527,000 in nil ion funds. There are dozens of such disputes 01 er funds in N CV York, the Operating Englnceis, an A. p. of -L affiliate, want to court to restrain tile CIO Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers from recruiting building engineers by cblmln:; A. P. of L sa net Ion. With Ihe c. I. O: drive welt undsr way in sleet. I>c\vLs now branches out (a lake in lubricators of sle?l. And Ihert 1 he. funs smack up against Hie A. F. of U's slronu Bridge, structural nnd Ornamental Iron Workers' Union, whr. i li proclaims itself ready lo light every ellorl lo enter Its iield. Shauld Lewis' oil Industry drive extern! on j lo, include filliiiK-.slatlon onsmlors,! field now claimed Ijy the A. F. o! j , more ronllicis would l:e iw:-s>- ble (here, UcJ«lcd liolh The C. I. O. loJuy Is hi cvcry- tlilng liut mime a rival labor f.'d- ;raiion lo the A. F. of [,. It issues certificates of allillation lo its mcmb:r unions Dial amount l<> Ihe .'•lime' thin* as A. F. of Ij. charters, nml formal c. I. o. charters are exp-jcU'd to fallow soon. Such charters iniisl, of coiinv. denne (lie field claimed h/ ihe par- licidar union, and then Iherc imisl iitrcEsarlly lie more cinlllcls. Siirh inUr-unlon bickering has no doubt • Influtmcr'd some 'work- '-*r.s lo lake a "plague o' botti your 'nouses" alliludr.'. as in tho cnsj of the Sun Shipbuilding workers in Chester, I'a., who look a vote and rejected both A. P. of L. an-| C, I. O. unions. What will corn? of t':e Amerlan Union of Efi-l workers, or- •arucd as a<» a'l:i!:;dlv tnci?'.i?n- •Ji'iH union from t'n slirvds 'if ihe company unions decimated by Ihe C. I. O. drive I-, problematical, lint it. Is passlblj Hint this. too, mr.y become on independent union which will reject, Hi;, claims ol both C. I. O. nnd A. F. of 1,. Central labor bodies in (owns like Cl2vc)im:l. St. Louis, Birmhi';- Iinm, Worcester and many other.!, have been tplit by ihe conflict between Ihe two national federations. In several cases, ihe c. I. O. unions in Hie cily. resigning or beln" kicked onl of Ihe. cmninf boil/, has formed i\ council of c. 1. O. unions which amounts to ihe same Iliinjj as a rival central Inhnv union. Thus liiere are In such towns ,-o central bodies ready ami will« to furnish picket lines to any riliates which :icsd them, aiid lording 'fresh chances for wide- read conflict. ' •> 'Labor' : trouble" in the. coming nubs, .which promised to : be sharp oiigii bclweiin employers amt'~cni- oyes,.inay ba slill .furllirr accchi lated by a rising tide of disputes elween I wo labor orgniil/allons, Iiieh would leave the emnlnver ilpless.on (he slrtellncs while the I'D factions fought il out Gariithei'svillc Society — Personal FLAPPER PAN NY By Sylvi via ROXY Admission—Al«a) i 10 A 2Go Malmccs ^rlda\, Silurdav, Sunda; Slioiv eicry iimiit, Friday ani .Sundaj Malinces slarl at 2:1S Saturday Alalinrc at 1:15. \ , Friday - Saturday Also Carloon and Comedy Sunday - Monday Chililren i Stage I'lays CLEVELAND . (UP)—Within the st 12 years, children at Play- oiire Scltlement have jjlven 450 rrfonnance.s of plays, under the ircction of Mrs: llussell W, Jcl- fft! nssoclah'd director of the element. Plays are slaccd each alurtlny afternoon. ' Wcsl StcI^ j Chiti rulerlalncd. Mrs. J. I,. Daniel rjiucrtalned Hie Wtsl Side Ilrldife club Tuesday alioniooii at ; licrxliome on. Carciton avenue.' Mrs, 151)1 liny- (i< ri wits a for th2 afLi-rmon Mrs. Ci. W. l,l!ie=ln, hayl-i'j hl'jh !:•:)!'', \vii.s ijrfiscnt'-tl n 'louhl'i (bil: of ci:K Mrs. Amos' flecker, cul- tiii',; lor consolation, was also pri>- Ecninl a double deck of cards. A •in'li' dei'k of cards was given to Mrs. John Cunningham. Who liud Mrs. Daniels served a salad nnd course nt'tlr; close of the ^Iiy. UriK Ilnirrlalns • ,,, Willi l.unrlii-on. '•,'•_ Mr.s. M.nide Iirag(j 'ciitertnlnetl lrr iiiid^e club an:l uh;'e.vtra la- ble of Kii : ' > 'l-'i with iv ^6r)e '-o'ciot'k luncheon at the Eat Shi^yvidnc 1 !<lay. The i;iiesis were'-'MC'Sdaines li. 0, Iti'iinetl, j. A, til'ns, W.'N, Fislii'r. C. K. WalSDn' and .'Miss Pansy Moswcll. who Is Ihe liousc- IJU'.'st,'of Mrs. ,1. s. Wahl. Mrs. W. I). Jlyrfl wiis a dinner rr^st, Ij^in^ unable to slay for ths bridge i-iamss in the allornoon. .., courses at oiv; long table -that had isrn aUracm-dy Tipointed C'ev i jlace cards marked the plates for .lie quests, 1 h? lable was c^nhnJ with a basket of early iijirln-; fn* 1 - ers. Following l l :e dlhndr,' Uig aftar- iioon was st "lit ill pliyin; LO" ract. Afler the lilgli score 'niiion? ; '-n cliil- ni'in-"is wis h°l 1 by Mrs. A. )'. Nelflml. who \vns nrc- :enled hosl"i y. Tim .second hioh score award, hair.lkei'rtbfs. was presented to MIS J s Wahl HIL .'st tiwiird. a doublu dSck'.af c.!ir:U. s pri'senl"d lo Mis \y, N I'Mshcr. . , - , Udlirlahiu Club. . Mrs. llaro'd f">plmin jnloihln 5(1 her conliact brid'jovclilb Wcl- ncsdny cvanlnv; nl , her lio'hii "on Writ Elghleenlli stie n t s Several progressions' of'f'contract were' played \slth tile high, siioi: <i\vard being pre'cnlcd lo Mis clco Cloodin. Mrs. Clayton 'Sennit?:, having second In^li was picscnlcd tiial. uw'nrfl, wllli Ihe , low , score* award beinv g\\en tq Mis .Philip Aquino. , Mi's, I'opham setve'L chbrry p'ic ala mouc aiiti •'coitc'e"' at^Uib' close of Ihe party •. \ A.llo,mlhi£ {'rcrliytcriaf. ,\ lar»e number of th? numbers of tl\9 Presbyterjan Auvlllarv Is aU tfinciliH; the Pi'csbyterlal, wliich is b'ehig holii Ihis week at t>; Pres- bvtevian chnrch tin New Madrid. Mrs, Morrell DjIi'el TO ••( (his Hlv is president of Hi- ?Presbyleri;il and to Afrlcn, \vlio Is home mi n fur-! lough,. . ,.., ,., i ,,- j. W. M. S, Has Personal Service. The Earle Hester and Elma eir- cles of the Woman's Missionary Union of Ihe First iiaplist, church had personal .service programs! Wednesday afternoon. The pro- j grain, in the form of collage prayer meelings, was under ihe direc- Uon of the personal service chairman, Mrs. c. G. Ross. .One of the. prayer meetings was , held ai the home of Mrs. John , Lane, the .service being led by Mrs.' Ross, who was assisted by other members 'of the circle; ' Mrs. Gage knight had charge of tile prayer' meetings at the homo of Mrs. J. w. Brock, *'• '• __ FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 1!) . I ^'1 hey sujr the millioDairc. who owns ihat place can't write his name:". 'Mavbe not, kid: bul he's succeeded in milking his mark in ihe world." Mis P L. llorner Is secretary- i being held Thursday find conlinu- lrcfliulcr ...-•..'. ',« through Friday. Thursday Iht nieclini; convened, fc'fiHow Madrid Weiinesday, wllh ' sessions night : the delegates were favored with .a ; .talk from their missionary Willi KVCI-.V I'liiTluisc nl' Hi-Tcsl 5 - Paid in Oil Co. KTEEM?, MO. CLARKE'S BOURBON ^ STRAIGHT BOURBON IT TOO! •mow.. >l»llLCIIIt, IHC HOPIA , U1INOI1. Everything For Your Entertain- 1 raent and Comfort Tonight Is Pal Kite 2.;Adlllis Admitted for Trice of 1 Fast and reckless romance ... *s they reach the preacher two jumps ahead of ihe copi I Also Fox .Movietone News >; -, , i arid • Comedy PRICES Every one of our used cars is all set for real service. And the prices are absolutely rock-bottom. Choose the car that suits your needs—you can pay as little as $15 monthly. Better hurry! It may be gone tomorrow! OUR R & G USED CARS ARE RENEWED AND GUARANTEED IN WRITING. BUY TODAY AT BIG SAVINGS Come and see whal happens ulhtn when a single man has JOHN GiNE _ , JKO-tAWO PICIUH Also Sclcctcij' Sliorfs Saturday Only "Hills of Old Wy6minf With William Bo } <l (Hop.i- lon's Cassidy), Gcort/c H,n- ncs, Stephen SMoiris, and Gail Sheridan. Dill .Cassidy fire Ihe minder bul lot that roused Ihe redmcn lo war' Thrill-packed ouldocr dnnn'r* Also'' Cartoon anil Serial— I r' "Jungle 'Jim' —Conthiitous Show nig— ... —Admission— Until 5 P. 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