The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin on January 21, 1975 · 16
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The Journal Times from Racine, Wisconsin · 16

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1975
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) tht Journal Timet, QK Rcin, vi Tuesday, Jan. 21, 1975 Local Over the Counter Quotations i Ask Inap 0(1 Tool , , ,144 V It RIM Industrial m t'1 Twin Due i;t II Verse Teth , J vi Wit. Power 4 ItsM ,,,.14',. 14V Mutual Fundi Quotation Id Ask Affiliated Fund 1 45 I ft Auda Pun- it) I I) Cmury Sham Trust 1.47 f.M aioeiity OurX 11.4) l44 Investor! Mutual JM 771 InvettoM Stack 13. I 141) Investor Variaote Ply 4.7 1)1 Masucttusettt Inv. Tr 1.71 I it Massachusetts Orewth 7.M 7 1 Newton , I. ft M Selecte1 Am. Iharet. ....... 177 H L. Wisconsin Fund 1.H 4.31 Local Interest (Courtesy o Ruin Office. Marrl. Upnam 4 Ce. Inc.) M4. Hloti Law Lltt Chfl! AllgLud 114 ll'i HVi NC Am Motor 4 4'4 - Ametek 114 114 lm vi Cent. Can 27' 77 pii t Ivans )"4 v Tt NC 1st Wis. Corp. 15 IH 1S4 NC Hardee IK Dt H ' INCO 21 nvi 2JV4 Keahrltvo M W n NC Utant. UMi uv ll'A Ms Massey P. 114 15' 1H ! MGIC 1"4 II WMl V4 Modln 14 14 14 V Northwest Ind. tPt IZVt tt l Rtxn. Incaupf) N T IP Rennord Inc. 14"4 14' 14' Vi khllti Br. c. II 111 It H Twhwc 24 JJ4 2)4k -V Tim Inc. 1 NC Vulcan Met N T . 144 WeternPuo. 11 11 II NC Wit. 61 Pw 24 2)4 M V Wli. P$vc 13 Wt 11V NC Livestock MILWAUKEE (AP) Monday' cattle market cloud 1.00-2.04 lower; food to choice steer; good to cholcehelfersjoood holsteln Itaart 27.00-2I.M; itandard la law goad itaart and belter I7.W-2S.00; dairy heifer 11.00-20.00; utility cow 17.00-11.00; carman and cvttart 11.00-17.00; commercial built 22.00-24.00; common 20.00-22.00. Calvat: Monday' markat clotad steady; cholco calvat M.MM4.M; good 20.00-30.00; faadar bull Clival 20.00-20.00; feeder hollar calves. Hogs: Monday' markat clotad 1.50 low or; lightweight butchort U.JO-17.00; heavy butchort 24.00-)S.OOi light sows 32.00-12.50; hoavy fowl M.Oi-22.00; boor 25.00 and down. Lambti Monday'! markat clotad toady; good to cholco JJ.00-J4.00. Ewot and buck! 3.00-5.00. Eitimatad rocalpti for today: 400 cat-Da, 700 calvat, 300 hogt, no sheep. Eggs CHICAOO (API - Mldwott egg prlco report whole! buying, price today I lower to 3 higher; ciatt 1 large S4; medium M; tmaiit 47; nest run, breaking Itock 41; check! 34. Produce MILWAUKEE (AP) - Wit. U.S. NO. 1 white, 50 Ibt.. 2.7S; Idaho U.S. H. 1 IN-Ibt.. 1.50; red 50 Ibt., U.S. No. 1, 3.25; Idaho U.S. No. 1, 51 lb., ball, 4.50; rid talad potatoet. SO lb., 3.2S. Yesterday NEW YORK (AP) - Stock - Lower. Cotton - Higher. CHICAGO: Wheat - Mixed; lata buying. Corn Limit lower. Oati Near limit lower. Soybean! Limit lower. Gold quotations Monday'! gold price (In United State dollar per troy ounce); London, afternoon fixing, 5175.00, up 11.25, Pari, open market quotation. StTt.lS, down 11.17; Frankfurt, fixing, 173.95, down S2.22; Zurich, 5173.50 bid, down 50.50; Now York, 5175.25, down $1.25. Silver, gold futures SILVER - Chicago, Mld-Amorlca, February, 40. 0Oc par troy ounce; April, 413.20c; June, 421.50c; Auqutt, 474.00c) October, 434.00c. Ettlmatod tale. 2,101 contract. GOLD - MldAmorka. 1 kilo, January, 174.50, per troy ounce; February, 5176.00; March, 5171.00; May, 510.40. Ettlmatod tain, 71 contract. Cash metals Spot Commodity Price (Whototalo) Year Man. Fri. Ago Aluminum, lb. N.Y 3? .3 .2KM Antimony, American lb. N.Y 2.25 2.2S .44 Copper. Electrolytic, lb. N.Y Ui-.n .MH-.70 .41 Gold, troy oi. N.Y. ..175.75 174.00 138 55 Silver, troy oz. N.Y. . 3.V0 4.070 3 900 Lead, lb 24V ,24Vi .11 Pig Iron, f.o.b. (dry. Buffalo, grott ton. .202.72 202.72 17.02 Platinum, troy ot. N.Y. 10.00-200.00 10.00-200.00 151.00-143.01 Quicksilver, Flask NY 230.00 230.00 212.00 Steel tcrap, grott ton Phlla..Chl.-Plttt.... 74.13 74.13 74.13 Tin, lb. N.Y 3.72'i 3.71 2.M Zinc, lb JB I-.40 .3IVi-.40 .314 Foreign exchange (Quoted In American cent!) Jan. 20 Jan. 17 Yr. Ago England 235.50 335.31 214.11 Do. bk notet 236. W 234 ft 274 M Canada 100 3 100.MS 100.74 Argentine....... 10.07 10.07 11.11 Austria 5.57 S.fJ 4 15 Belgium 2.1250 2.1051 13351 Braiil 14.11 14.11 14.11 Denmark 17.44 17.44 MM France 22.11 22 M 21. IS Germany, W. ... 42.20 42.44 35.52 Holland 41.44 40.44 334 India 12.51 12.57 11.44 Italy 1547 .1544 .1542 Japan 332 .132 .133 Mexico 1.01 1.01 I.N Norway 14.55 If. 5 14.41 Portugal 4.M 4.04 172 Spain 1.7M4 1.7111 1.7271 Sweden 24.44 34.43 20.15 Switzerland 14.44 lf.04 24.70 INVEST YOUR SURPLUS FUNDS 111 Capitol Debentures Series X Interest payable semi-onnuolry on Apnl 1st ond Oct. 1st ; $100 multiples with $500 mininum Trustee M&l American Bank Inquire of Motor Credit Corp. ' 4 Wesh. Ave., Rod, Wit. Photic UJ-J54J -Jovrnal-Times-Wani Ads Bring Results Dealers say rebates DETROIT (AP) - After 13 months of rising auto prices and sagging sales, some car dealers and buyers are responding warmly to rebate programs by the Big Three auto makers. General Motors, under competitive pressure applied last week by Chrysler Corp. and Ford Motor Co., entered the discount arena Monday with its first rebate program since World WarH... The Big Three discounts range from $100 to $500 on selected models, and some dealers said the sales trend Is being reversed, at least for this week. Sales figures were unavailable from Ford and Chrysler, but T WCi ' 'Rabbit' unveiled Business m " IIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIinilPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH fStations fo simulcast programs WRAC Broadcasting Co., Inc., 2200 N. Green Bay Road, said its two radio stations, WRKR-FM and WRAC-AM, will simulcast their programming starting Feb. 3. In addition, the stations will assume the call letters WRKR AM and FM, said Kerby O'Connor, the company's vice president. O'Connor said public acceptance of WRKR's contemporary stereo music format in the three years the station has been on the air was the main reason for the change. He noted that a recent boost in power to 50,000 watts and a new 500-foot transmitting tower enhanced signal quality. WRKR is 100.7 on the FM dial. WRAC is at 1460 on AM radios. Uniroyal reveals layoff plans DETROIT (AP) Uniroyal Tire Co. says it is laying off more than 1,100 hourly workers temporarily due to slashes in production of car and truck tires. Company officials said last week 587 of those would be laid off at the Uniroyal plant in Detroit. The rest are in plants at Eau Claire,. Wis.; Indianapolis; Massachusetts and Alabama. The firm said the layoffs are to reduce high inventories resulting from declines in the sale of tires for new cars and for replacements. In addition, Uniroyal said it's putting its tire plant at Ardmore, Okla., on a four-day week. State Street group elects Hartwig Charles Hartwig of the J.I. Case Co. has been elected president of the State Street Business and Professional Men's Association. He succeeds Ronald Busarow of Farmers and Merchants Bank of Racine. Also elected were Dennis Mortensen of Jacobson Tires Inc., vice president; William Mueller of Mueller Pattern Co., secretary; and Howard Schwartz of Schwartz Scrap Iron and Metals, treasurer. Elected to the association's board of directors were Busarow, James O'Conner and Frank Trolle. - "ft.-, o v - CRB has been insuring automobiles And today, more than ever, it's important to call CRB Insurance for a budget-stretching "Quick-Quote" on your automobile insurance. Compare it with what you're now paying but don't be surprised if you save money. Call 633-2463 CARPENTER) ROWLAND BATENBURG qJ 729 Wisconsin Av. spot checks of dealerships found sales increasing. A Tucson dealer wired Ford officials that weekend sales were the best In nine months. Barrtngton Ford in Columbus, Ga., reported showroom traffic doubled after the rebate plan was announced. After many days with fewer than five sales, the firm closed 20 deals on Saturday. Pierce Motors In Tewksbury, Mass., said 400 persons came through Its Ford showroom on Saturday, far above the average of recent weekends; 33 bought new can. The auto companies hope spring fever will take over to f 1 A r .J t 1 This runabout, named "The Rabbit", was put of the Volkswagen line Is the firm's entry in the through Its paces at its American premiere in St. subcompact car market Petersburg Beach, Fla., last week. This newest AP Wirephoto Briefs ( y . ... ... j ...n.i.ii.i.trwMWyT this week for a "Quick-Quote' Phon boost sale in March, although some dealers say they believe the rebates will provide only short-term relief. At the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in San Francisco, a Kalamazoo, Mlch.,GM dealer, J.D.OTCeefe, said, "It's great! This should really help reduce Inventories." "We ought to have a helluva run through Feb. 28, but I wonder If it'll keep up," said Frank Gillman, a Pontiac dealer from Houston, Tex. One Ford official said the company was pleased with first results of Its rebate plan, but noted cautiously, "Anything has got to be better than it'i been." " m 0 Bucks' owner shows 6-month loss Milwaukee Professional Sports & Services Inc., owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, reported a loss of 135,947 for the fiscal first six months ended Nov. 30, against a profit of $7,688 or 1 cent a share in the year earlier period. Milwaukee Professional attributed the loss to its holdings in a cable television operation. Basketball operations were profitable, the company said. Six-month revenues were listed as $1,038,349, down from $1,098,-161 in the year earlier period. The company said it sustained a first half loss of $39,146 on its 25 per cent interest in Total TV Inc., Janesville, a multiple cable television firm. The loss was attributed mainly to the acquisition of a cable system in Loves Park. HI., expansion of existing systems In Wisconsin and Florida, and startup costs associated with the expansion. Utility granted rate hike MADISON (AP) The Wisconsin Public Service Corp. Monday approved a nearly $5.4 million annual rate increase for Northern States Power Co. of Eau Claire. The firm was also granted a $7.6 million rate increase four months ago. Bank to pay car loans' 1st month JACKSON, Mich. (AP) A Michigan bank is sweetening its deals for customers who finance new car purchases. The City Bank of Jackson said it will make the first payment on all 36-month new carJoans issued before the end of February. r FOR RENT MANUFACTURING STORAGE and OFFICE SPACE All on ground floor. Loading docks CROSS INDUSTRIAL 1400 Lover Av. 437-5144 as long as anyone can remember Wr v-Wft .are -.l .. .1 ..t JL. - 633-2463 1 1 1 1 II II 1 -J dictation. The Ideal . X ' ' ' r'"" " - " - H UOrcCO OFFICE EQUIPMENT CORP. J 335 MAIN ST. (KiorKiPfm4j 654-0748) Phone 633-7783 ' " .. , i , help to increase car GM's rebate plan matches Ford's, with discounts of up to $500 for purchasers of new small cars, which are stockpiled In more than three month's supply. GM rebates are on compact and fubcompact models in its Chevrolet, Bulck, Pontiac and Oldsmobile Divisions. The 1500 discounts are on the new Chevrolet Monza, Bukk Skyhawk, and Olds Starfire models. The 200 discounts apply on the Chevy Vega and Nova, Pontiac Ventura and Astre, Buick Apollo and Skylark and the Oldsmobile Omega. Base prices on the GM rebate cars range from $2,799 for a stripped- 9 1 ff I S: ' i . felt flf 1 I !Size:4"x2VxV J -A . J?f ' ' " 'VO v raj ia 5, if f-i1 1 1 i -r oa i iv i mm mw. I A J:. f ; ' : :psB 'r i ' y ; - i ; J Every Norelco "idea - V -" Var r" , ' '. r ya ; v- . ( Miniature in size, H . 1 ' ., . " I 'MX f If t . i records thirty minutes " ::zZ3--ir. I f II I! It 1 nl rrvstal.ciaar ...... -' . -.iT. I down Vega to $4,156 for a Star-fire. GM and Ford will end their discount plan on Feb. 28; Chrysler's program will end Feb. 18. American Motors has not discounted car prices, although AMC tales are off about 50 per cent from last year. Some 228,000 auto workers are off the job this week because of sluggish sales which have plagued the Industry: 110,000 at GM, 65,000 at Ford and 63,650 at Chrysler. Car sales in the first 10 days of January were the worst for that period in at least 21 years. Since price controls were lifted in December 1973, the price Natural gos poll sees price hikes, no shortages By the Associated Press Americans who heat their homes with natural gas won't have to worry about a shortage of fuel this winterbut 1H( .bills, However. jp only a few " li'yAeptim,' nawral gas com-that could go even higher if panies and heating oil dis- rresiaent roras energy pro posals are adopted. An Associated Press survey showed that utilities report an adequate supply of gas to serve residential customers. Shortages may cause problems, however, for so-called interruptible users businesses and industries whose contracts Include provisions for supply reductions In times of need. The American Gas Association estimates that two-thirds of all Americans heat their homes with natural gas. The average heating bill for 1973, the latest year for which figures are available, was $155, the association said. In a December ruling, the Federal Power Commission authorized natural gas producers to charge up to 50 cents per 1,000 cubic feet for gas sold to interstate pipelines from wells that began operation after Jan. 1, 1973. Ford, in his State of the Union message, proposed an excise tax of 37 cents per 1,000 cubic feet of natural gas and removal of federal regulation of interstate gas prices. Ford also has urged steps to increase the price of both imported and domestic crude oil, a move that administration spokesmen say would boost the cost of gasoline and other pet- I i I of the average vehicle has increased about $1,000. Industry sales In 1974 were 213 per cent below 1973, the record year. "I suspect one of two things will happen on March 1" when the rebates end, said dealers' association president Hugh R. Gibson, a Ford dealer In Cleveland, Ohio. "Either business will drop, boom or It win have enough momentum to carry over. If it drops, the manufacturers will have no choice but to come on with other Incentives." Gibson said the prospect of income tax rebate checks by mid-April could act as a spur to customers after March 1. roleum fuels by about 10 cents a gallon. Americans apparently are managing to nay their heatini? tributors reported no increase in service cutoffs because of nonpayment of bills. "We haven't had to shut anybody off and we don't foresee it," said a spokesman for Boston Gas, which serves about half C&D Food appoints Grove man Russell Nielsen has been named director of farm operations for C&D Foods Inc., a duck growing and processing firm north of Highway 20 on County Trunk U. - Nielsen, a Union Grove resi-dent, will report to Dr. W. L. Lynn, C&D's vice president In charge of hatchery and farm t operations. j Replacing Nielsen as manager of C&D's farm number one is Warren Whitley, Sturtevant. The company's president, Alfred Ruud, also announced these other changes involving key personnel In C&D's farm operations: Gilbert Kamrath of Kan-sasville has been named manager of farm number two; Kurt Luedtke of Caledonia becomes manager of the Pekin duck farm; Ervin Wolf becomes manager of the York duck farm; MME YOUR ?ABnrnfinri ThDfJcfc!:o95 'hlft podect-sizo Ixka. . . 10 Noreico. sales In other developments: In New York, a spokesman for the marketing arm of Volkswagen said the West German auto maker had abandoned at least temporarily plans to construct a plant In the United States. He blamed sagging sales and a recent change in Volkswagen management The Sperry and Hutchinson Co. said it will give away 50,000 of its S4H Green Stamps to any of the firm's 17,000 employes who buy a new car before March 31. The giveaway equals almost 42 books of green stamps, each worth $3, bringing the new car purchaser an award of about $125. a million customers iri Massachusetts. An official of Bliffert Lumber Oil-Services Local of Milwaukee agreed. ."They (customers) still seem to be getting money to pay for it (heating oil),"he said. He said prices averaged $2.41 for the first 1,000 cubic feet or less, 99.66 cents for the next 2,-000 cubic feet and 81.40 cents per 1,000 cubic feet for everything over 3,000 cubic feet. RUSSELL NIELSEN Wilford Siewart of Union Grove becomes manager of the Grove duck farm; and Robert Rola has been named head of operations at Downy duck farm. Ruud also announced the appointment of Forbes Savage, Union Grove, as director of maintenance and pollution control for the entire C&D duck growing complex. , . C&D is a subsMiary of Murphy Products Co., Burlington, which in turn is owned by Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co. MOVE "idoa machino" Chess and business are similar. To win, you must be mobile. Free to exercise your strategy from any direction -whenever you choose. That's why the Norelco 95 "Idea machine" can be a key piece in your business career. Wallet thin, weighing" only AOVi ounces, it slips easily into your shirt pocket. Lets you dictate . . . anything ... anywhere . . . anytime. Help increase your business across the board. Make your winning move

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