The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 23, 1952
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY 23, 1952 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.} COURIER NEWS Big Three Ministers To Bonn Today; Move for Place in Defense BONN, Germany VT>— Chancellor Konrad Adenauer today beat down a Socialist bid for a general parliamentary debate ik'&igned to prevent his signing a peace contract wl'.h the three AVestern powers, BONN, Germany. I/PI—The Big Three foreign ministers come to Ruhr—iisplf the scene of many Red disturbances, Police Roam Streets Armed police roamed the streets leading to Parliament and elite groups of security police were assigned to guard the three foreign ministers durina Iheir visit. Adenauer faced a stormy encounter with his main political .*.,*..i, *«,w. H " «iii.iio^4o %.uiuc n> counter wun nis main political Bonn today to offer WcM. Germany; r 0 es, the Socialists, in a special a key place in Free Europe's de-1 session of Parliament this after- fenses against ihe menace of Sov- noon just a few hours before the let aggression. foreign ministers begin arriving. The Socialists, who oppose the peace contract and German rearmament, forced iha session in the hope of staging a full dress debate aggression. In the first foreign ministers' conference on German soil since World War IT, the diplomatic leaders of Ihe United Slates, Britain, France and West Germany slnlcti to sign a peace contract i binding the 48 million Germans • west of the Iron Curtain to the] Atlantic community politically and | militarily. High Hurdle Fared Once signed, the peace pact faces the high hurdles of ratification hy -the four nations' parliaments, with major trouble expected in the Bonn Assembly. Acrcrs the Iron Curtain, in East Germany, Communist leaders are warning of civil war and making implied threats to blockade Red-surrounded Berlin. The peace pact will liquidate six years of war and seven years of occupation. It will give almost full PAGE rrvs with the core- arcl over German West before N mony. Leaders of the Chancellor's three-party government coalition Imped to choke off the debate at the start, to save Adenauer embarrassment from public airing of the opposition arguments while he Kremlin Protests Iran Acceptance Of Yankee Arms Soviet Union Says Treaty Violated By Such Action MOSCOW UV-The Soviet Union charged formally today thnt Iran's acceptance of American military aid violates the 1921 Sovict-Iranian treaty admitting Russian troops to Iran if that country's soil Is used by foreisn military forces hostile to the Soviets. The Kremlin made its protest in a note delivered by Foreign Minister Andrei Y. Vishinsky yesterday to the Iranian ambassador Jet Ace Says Reds Using New Defense Effectively in Korea sovereignty to the German Republic. young West TOKYO. May 23 Mt — America's newest Jet ace said today the Communist MIG 16s recently began to use a new foul weather defense tactic that has provd effective airalnst U.S. Sabre Jets and bombers. Col. Harrison R. Thyns. commander of the fourth Fighter Interceptor Wing, snid the fast Russian-made MIOs are controlled by "When we come up against a real hot boy up there, we Ret the Impression he's a Russian. Yon sec some funny thinRs up there. Sometimes we get close enough to enrmy cockpits to notice differences in size and types of clothing. Sometimes we'll he shooting at one suy and ihe guy on his right woti't do anything about It to help him. They must have difficulty in transmitting in-._ ...,. ,. „.„,,,,,1.\, u,. *jti>u uitiitvui,> ni ii ri iitimtn HIE in- radnr observers on the ground and struclions—there must be a lang- dlve out of heavy overcasts to strike Allied planes. Red piolts only recently began flying In bad weather, he added. The colonel told a news conference MIG pilots are no longer trainees. "They are using Iheir best pilots In brand new planes," he declared. Asked If some MIOs arc manned by Russian pilots, Thyng replied; distinguished postwar guests. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. III. W>—<USDA>— Hags H.OOO: slow; barrows and gilts 50 to 75 lower than Thursday's average; later sales largely at full decline; clearance incomplete; sows 25 to mostly - ---' 50 lower; hulk choice Nos. 1 2 and Winding up eight months of ne- 3 180-530 Ibs 21 50-2200- top 2200 gotlations, Adenauer and the West- paid fairly freely early'mostly for ern High Commissioners completed j choice Nos. 1 and 2 u'nde 220" Ibs- most of the details of the pact " last night. Next Monday the unique, historic document will be signed by U.S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson, British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman, Acheson Leaves by Plane Acheson left Washington by special plane last night and Is due here in mid-afternoon. As he bade farewell at the airport last night. President Truman said: "It is a rnost important conference that he is attending, ami one which will make a great contribution to the peace of the world. If It is successful." Eden «nd Schuman will come here from the Council of Europe meeting they have been attending In Strasbourg. The three ministers will confer privately in the American High Commission's headquarters tomorrow morning. In the. afternoon they will talk with Adenauer, who is also his country's foreign minister. The talks may continue Sunday. Three points tn the 350-page peace contract have been left open for decision by the foreign ministers. They are the date when the contract becomes effective, the name by which the agreement will be known and the status of French and Belgian troops In Germany until the six-nation European Army is formed. The European Army will be set up under a companion treaty its sponsors hops to sign next week. It will merge the armed forces of France, Italy, West Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. Under this plan the Germans, disarmed since their surrender in 1945, would raise some 400,000 men to serve under this unified defense force. Folie* Expect Riots As this little Rhine bank capital prepared for West Germany's biggest weekend since the war, police braced for expected riots by Communists against the peace contract. Fearful that tough young Reds might try to Infiltrate the city as they dtri two weeks ago In Essen where 30.000 rioted, authorities clamped down elaborate security precautions. Fire hoses to repel rioters were put up around the federal building where the contract wns to be signed. Special police riot squads here. It accused Iran, a Russian neighbor on Ihe south, of "cooperating with ihe U.S. government in Ihe implementation of the lattor's aggressive plans against the Soviet Union." Iran May Reconsider Observers here consider it likely — "i.i-v ~.. ... F_..i, L v.iiL.-< mine m_- | that, because of the Russian pro- is entertaining his largest group of | test, Iran will reconsider her nc- •""' : ' ' ccptance of the U.S. aid and. if she does not. the Soviets will follow up with another strong protest. American aid to Iran Was cut off last January when Iran reused to sign an agreement pledg- ng to help increase "the defensive strength of the free world." The iledge is required of those getting ;uch aid under the U.S. Mutual Security Act. Aid Ordered Resumed Aid to Iran was ordered resumed L month ago after an exchange of totes between the U.S. and Iranian governments which the State Department said met the reQirire- ments set by Congress. The Soviet note was prominently displayed in all Moscow newspa pers today. few later sales 21.85 down; 240270 Ibs full width of choice grade 20.50-21.75; 280-325 Ibs largely odd lots 10.00-20.00; 150-170 Ibs 20.2521.50; 120-140 Ibs 18.00-1015; sows 400 Ibs down 18.00-50; heavier sows 16.75-11-75; stags 14.00-16.00' boars 13.00-15.00. Cattle 600, calves SOO; prices about steady; very few steers and heifers offered; odd lots commercial to choice 27.00-33.00; utility and commercial cows largely 22.5025-50; canners and cutters 16.4022.00; bulls steady; utility and commercial 24.00-26.75; cutter bulls 21.00-22.00; vealers steady to 1.00 lower; the decline on utility to good; good and choice vealers 30.00-36.00; sorted prime 38.00; utility and commercial vealers 22.00-29.00. uage barrier, "Some of the pilots may be Russians and possibly some of the boys are Polish or German—riphtlng for the pay. We have heard Ru™an used in exchanges between pilots that's a known fact." The 31-yenr-old pilot from Pittsfield, N.H.. shot down el»ht German planes in World War II and has destroyed five MIGs and dam agrd five In Korea. Blyrheville Woman Is Link in Family Chain of 7 High School Valedictorians MARKED TRF3.., Ark. W)— When a Dau-son Is running for scholastic honors in iMarked Tree, everyone 'else is seeking second place. Eighteen-year-old Cynthia Ann Dawson was named valedictorian of the hlirh school graduating class here this week. She was the last of the seven children of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Dawson. including one now a resident of Blytheville. to win that honor. Mr. and Mrs. Dnwson disclaim nny credit for their children's SANTA CLAUS (Continued from Page 1) Incomplete Apology Rejected in Rangoon RANGOON, Burma <F>— To make an apology Ls one thing, but to make It on bended knee — well that's going too far. So an argument between the editor of a local pro-Communist newspaper and an anti-Communist social organization remains unre solved. It seems the paper called the association a nasty name and the latter demanded "an apologj on bended knee." The offending editor promptly agreed to apologize, but only stand- Ing up. Tilts wasn't good enough and the association answered with a threat to tear down the news paper offices. Special police were called out to keep the peace. U.S. Fun Menaces Culture in Tokyo TOKYO IB — A Japanese book dealer says "this Americanism Is destroying Japanese culture." Saburo Matsumura, says Tokyo had 1.500 second-hand stores before the war and only 830 now. He says the business Is near col- He blames two American Importations, pin-ball machines and commercial radio. "Nowadays." he says, "they don't bother to read, but Just tune In foolish commercial radios or play pin-balls like morons. "Some of my colleagues bowed to it and switched to the pin-ball business, and they paid back all In Washington a U.S. official said the Russian protest evidently was designed to intimidate the Iranian government. He said the Tehran government had been un der heavy Soviet pressure before and Is not expected to give in this time. Russian troops entered Northern Iran under the 1921 treaty In 1941, at the same time British troops occupied Southern Iran to counter a Nazi threat. The Russians finally withdrew in 1946 after a strong pressure campaign in the United Nations. Military Equipment Officials in Washington said last night that the U.S. aid to which Russia is objecting consists of military equipment and three American military training missions. The U.S. sources said all the missions were helping in the training of the Iranian Army and police and have, no strategio responsibilities. The U.S. in 1948 also gave Iran a 26 million dollar loan for the purchase of surplus American arms. Iran also is sharing In a *396,250,000 U.S. fund earmarked primarily for military assistance to Greece and Turkey but the Iranian share has not been closed. achicvemrnls. "We only asked that they cive their host In any undertaking," the parents snid. The round robin started in 1B27 wllh the former Helen Dawson. now Mm. Donald H. Smith of Pairview. Okln... and continued wirh Clarence AlMon D.'iwson. Franklin, 111., in 1029; Miss Marion Dawson, Marked Tree. Ark., in 1933; Mrs. Hadley Hayes Blythevllle. tn 1934: LI. Howard Dawson, Groton. Conn., In 1039. and Mrs. Donald C. Aldrlch. Cnmpton, Calif., in 1912. British-Born Resident Here Wins Citizenship Church Shortage Cited in Nation Presbyterians Told Many Regions Have No Worship Place YORK IIP,— No matter how much or how little they want to go to church, more Americans have no church to go to than nt any time in our history. This picture of tlif situation has been put before the 16-lth annual General Assembly of the Presbyterian church In the U.S A. Dr. Roljerl Worth Prank, president nf the McCormiok ThfoloRical Seminary of Chicago, snld that in resarri to buildings, the church faces "crises In multiple regions throughout the nation." "More people are living in communities nol adequately churched hnn at any time tn our history. lot excepting Hie frontier days at heir wildest and" he said. Speaking last night to more thtn i.OOO Presbyterian leaders, here for :hc meetinc of the church's top joverning bony. Frank appealed for tnnpnrl. of the denomination's 12 minion dillar building fund drive. He cited many areas where people are worshipping in community halls, schools and private houses. He said vast migrations ot people :o new industrial and other centers — involving more than half the nation's population in ihr last 10 yenrs — had created the towns without churches. "These new frontiers in new and thickly populated areas have grown loo rapidly for the church to keep pace with In Its routine benerolence giving." he said. House Group To Vote on Seizure Issue WASHINGTON (IPt — Proposed legislation which would put Congress on record as declaring the President has no Inherent power under the Constitution to seize private property comes up for a vote by the House Judiciary Committee Monday. The provision was written by a subcommittee into * war jxwers extension bill yesterday, it was sponsored by Rep. Pickett (D-Texi. 11 stemmed directly from President Truman's seizure of the steel mills to am-t a threatened strike. That Issue now is before the Supreme Court for decision. Mayor Witnesses Street Sweeper Demonstration Mayor Dun niodgett returned yesterday from Union City where he saw a street sweeper demonstration. The large machine used In Union City holds three cubic yards of dirt and has to he dumped only overy 15 to 20 blocks. The machine used here holds about two wheelbarrow-loads and has to bp dumped every block or so, the Mayor said. A Blyllmville woman Ihis week received her citizenship papers ill a naturalization ceremony In federal court in Jonesboro fixed up the house." Another friend, a union official, was given S9.650 as a friendly gesture because Adams didn't think he was \vell dressed. Another union official, the prosecutors said, was given S5.000 to | _ Mrs - Joyce HearnsberRcr. wife of pay on a mortgage on his home and $5,000 for an operation. Brown said Adams was arrested after fellow employes became suspicious. He was released on S10,- 000 bond and the forgery case continued to June 20. Brown, however, said he would present the case to the grand Jury. National Spelling Champ Is Chosen WASHINGTON Iff) — Doris Ann Jail. 13, of Hudson, N.C., who reused to be discouraged bv being pelied ^town last year, is the new lational spelling bee champion. She out-spelled the runner-up, tfarjorie Foliart, also 13, of Craf- on, Pa., and 49 other state cham- lionji yesterday to win top place md first prize of S500 and » trip o New York. were imported from the industrial I debts in'three months." ALWAYS A DOUBLE fcEATUP.E Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 p.m. Sal. Sun. 1:00 p.m. AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION LAST TIMES TONITE DOUBLE VlEATURE Coming: All Cartoon & Comedy Show Next Thursday & Friday SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE "Shomrsxk' ELLISON Rwu •lucky* HAYDENi CoiOBHDO Futry Kntflh* Koymorcd HnHof> Serial: Desperadoes of the Also 2 Color Otrloons Atom Scientist Is Indicted WASHINGTON W) r- Joseph W Welnberg. a scientist who helped develop the atomic bomb, was indicted today on charges he lied when he denied under oath to a :ongre.isional committee that he had been a member of the Communist Party. Welnberg Is the man who was long described only as "scientist X" by the House Un-Anierlcan Ac- tllvtles Committee during an Investigation of atomic spying. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. ' Thone 58 FRIDAY 'DIAMOND CITY" SATURDAY 'BLACK HILLS AMBUSH" Allan Lane SAT. o\vr. SHOW 'THE MUMMY'S CURSE" l.on Chanev SUN.-MON. "BATTLE AT APACHE PASS' John Lund Jeff Chandler H Hcarnsbcrger of Blylhe- ville, was one of four fourelan-born women now residing in Arkansas who became American citizens Wednesday. She Is a native of Bristol. England. Mr. Hcarnsberger is head of the Farmers Home Administration office here. The naturalisation ceremony conducted by Federal Judge Thomas C. Trimble of Little Rocfc. In the first such presentation held there the new citizens were presented small silk American flags by the Jonesboro Elks Lodge. Railroads Go to Owntri WASHINGTON (IP) — The Arm] will return full control and operation of the nation's railroads t< their private owners at 2 p.m (CST) today, Undersecretary Kar H. BendeLten announced. Open 6:30 p.m. Show Starts »t Dusk. 2 Shows Every Night LAST TIMES TONITE First Showing in BIytheville ["""A Streetcar Named Desire" L -ftf Ufl -_r. QjffJl [ ffifril VIVPiEIGIJ MARIONBRANDO Vivien Leigh won the Academy Award for her performance in "Streetcar Named Desire" Also Cartoon <& Cornedv SATURDAY ONLY Double Feature TELEGRAPH (Continued from Page 1) fices until the pact is mrified by the membership. "There's * possibility It may be rejected," he told « reporter. "I have a feeling It will ne. ratified but I wouldn't presume to say 11 \vn.s certain." Allen said tru? voting by the membership should be completed by Inle Sunday and that If the terms are approved, the CTO workers would be back on the Job hy midnight Sunday. Tornado Hits Kansas LAWRENCK Kan. up,—A tornado dipped into Lawrence yesterday then swept eastward uprooting trees and wrecking farm buildings. At least 13 persons were injured, none serioti.sly. RAYBURN (Continued from Page 1) them false promises of a reduction of their burdens based upon the false premises lhal this government has done, and Is dointc. nil that It can do to assure the security of the nation." Rayburn referred to testimony of Gen. J. Lawton Collins. Army chief of staff, that certain types of ammunition had been rationed because of production shortages, This subsequently has been denied most recently by Gen. RIrti?way. Supplies Are QiilniRrnus The speaker said it Is "outrageous" that "we can't supply our soldiers with adequate ammunition ... "It is one thing for a man tc fight with a fighlinR chance for his life. But It is quite another for him to have his. throat cu without 3. chance because of a 'clogged production line.' 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FRIDAY "SO YOUNG, SO BAD" Paul Henrcid Catherine McLeod SATURDAY "RED DESERT" wit hDon Red Barry and Jack Holt SAT. OWL SHOW 'The Hunch Back of Notre Dame" Charles Latighton Maureen O'Hara SUN.-MON.-TUES. "FORT WORTH" Randolph Scolt We've Solved the Puzzle for You... See tomorrow's Courier News for the Correct Solution to More Leisurely Living!

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