The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1935
Page 3
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Plan Modernization Work to improve Simula rd of Modernized as Demonstration In modernising there lire certain requlrr-nieiits as In hoiilili, safety, fire protccllon. convenience! cmilforl, nnd bc-jiuty Dial should Im taken -Into consideration. One of the most important tilings In «J home \r, its contribution toward ' the health of the family. .Siiii- fiilur, must },:ive all pnssll>!c op- portunltj' to (.-liter (lie bouse find every room .should have the benefit or emss ventilation, if that can t« effected. Good plumbing . mid sofft anil dcpemliiMe water supply are fundamental requisites. Base- menUs must be -guarded agaliist dampness, particularly if tbc-rc is fiver ntiy trouble about drains backing up, and the house should be- we.itbc-rstripped against. unnecessary draughts. This "tost, requirement, If (ho liome is to metis-' lire up to tlie mortem standard, is a matter of economy as well :m si heallli s;ifc[;nard. The amazing ami appalling number or accidents that happen ...... . liut i( rtveils how an unattractive into a {terming dwtjliru.' Thin moderni/atlon project waa undertaken us a demonstration in the Si. Paul, Minn., BelUr lion sin K CampaiKn, cottufe (btkiw) eta be traasformed in the homes of (lie couniry every year points Ihe need of considering safety a.s a factor in making a'home it .slioiild be. Perhaps if llie. heads of fnmilie.s were re- (liiired lo cori^ accident Insurance for (lie members of their house-; holds, as manufacturing csUib'lteli- nicnts arc reqiilred to carry liability insurance for the protection of their employees, there would 'bo more interest -In-safely devices-in domestic establishments. Broken treads of stairs, weakened or iie^ feclive railings,'loose'flooring, pliiji ter, are all things to be looked after, of course, but how many people ihink that'll- is important, tliat there should be a hand-hold' on the wall above every ballitub? mil il Is important; safety experts say it should be required in every home., ft would be the -menus' of ri main factor In comfort, which should bo a keynote, of u>oder>i- iicalion, plans. Each member' of the family should be considered. Chairs with tahte; :ind lamps In (he right position for t-aeh one are necessary. Tlie little 'children have (heir lecini needs. An '^pcn fireplace, when considered from. ilu> psy- chological'angle, i.s .not a luxury but a necessity. Bathrooms should have lights so placed as to make shaving and oilier toilet, rites easy. The kitchen'should be so lighted that no shadows fall on sink, table, or stove, and every ii'litdoiv- lojis closet should hiu'c its electric liglit,'.safety Insulated und within reach. Beauty i.s iv.nccessnry adjunct to Hie. home,.merely for ...the happiness it gives. Pride-in.'.beautiful furnishings and landscaping are uplifting factors . in. all lives. Colors in decorating should be chosen carefully for their cheerful and . effects. Thought and care should be expended on rilling window boxes, arranging flowers, and planting gin-dens to .mure es- thctlcally-snlisfying resiills. ' ^•InanfltiK Your Modernizing Chimney Troubles Traced fo Height A common cause of (xx>r chimney drafts, smoky llre- place.1 and stoves, and jwor fires In them. Is Insufficient height of the chimney. chimneys should be of sufficient height so that the air currents are not cut off by the roof of the building, or by adjoining, and near-by buildings. Home find building owners are 'taking advantage of (he National lions- tag Act (o alier and repair their chimneys through insured modernization loans. smi imderlaklnff nnd probable cosl. Then call in reputable -.contractor-- or-.architect and have a drawing or blue print, made showing tlie : details of (he improvements, io t>e made/ Specifications us to materials'-will be prepared and an accuVale esllmale; of the cost made. ully to elderly people. Sometf lis es ; S ft ic *"a1id ^ iiaseiii en I stairways 'are so.- abrupt or. narrow or winding Hint they nro not only niiLsances but constant men- ucps. Furnaces, .-,toj:e flues, . und poor grade water heaters carry tilways the threat of deadly carbon monoxide.. .V->- v> '"••: .•'. ,-- Pi're . risk caii'i to.,rediicod' .ma- tcrlally,; ; by porjodlc' • liispectipii Sf the home,; with' slcmVeyes toward ihe accumulation' of''. trash and papers In the basement and too much hoarding-,'of, .liiflnmmai-ie'mn- tcrlals, boxes, nnd"tn*e"li(:(!"in tli'p attic. See that "yoiir "h'eatiiig n'p- paralus' is 'jearefully ; installed"nnd properly in.snlaleiIl!Nfost'cities have ordinances regulating (lie lns(alla- tloii of electric wires, and vthc - ^ ors never undertake ''home' iinprbveiiients "because they t.ikc it for granted that they cannot gel the necessary e owners never loan, being especially lit oiice y;)ielher the . rcouired amount, can be.'loaned ' for moil- emiulnp;. If .the loan can be made. Ihe associalipii - will take up (he jump to this conclusion If (hey already h.ive a 'mortgage on (heir property. As ..a matteiv of fad, it is extremely easy to secure money for modernizing, in. almost every coin- nninity there arc buildinc and loan flfflociatlons and 'other orgnniza- prone to oiilsitinding:' mprlaagc -', on the property ,and prepare, n new:mortgage covering the en(b-e amount'. Project Mast lit Sound . If (here i.s no mortgage on the property when application Is made for n modernizing - loan, the same routine i.s followed except there is nothing' lo consider except ihe loan "- — : "- • ' .. .-.' favorably disposed toward • modernizing loans, even if they- are already carrying a mortgage on the house. This Ls because the home owner who ,• --~•-'"^ »"»•->, -mil • UIL- v"<; uui-.nj^i; inc noine oirncr \vho nmatoir home workman is' not I is ready to modernize usiifilly has permitted to string .eleclric wires " substantial equity in the nro' around indlscriniintilcty., All houses, j l»rty aim because modernizing also be il rcmeriibcredi'.should have;will give the property such an at least two'places'of exit. --added value that it Is far better Convenience In Ihe home is onci«<mrfty for (lie balance due on of the main .factors,in-Ihc.happi- 1'": mortgage. Then.'loo the de new of its .inmates.,.Here enters *'''" '""' -••-'-"'-- •psychology. One'.may go along . slrnggllhit willr'somc minor inconvenience without 'really : apprecla(- what a constant pricking and drain it i-, on . good , nature, health nnd morale. 'Doors 'should ope ' . open easily, drawers slide ''without' tod much effort, faucets work readily catche. .really .catch sire und ambition to modernize is one of the best evdences that Ihe borrower is a good mora | risk _ Procedure Noi. Complicated Generally speaking, therefore, building and loan associations will supply money up to livo thirds or even (hrce-foinths of (be approIs- «l value of the niodeniized house. iinporlnnt function. Kitchens . should be of the right i size . arranged lo snva steps from one lo nnot-lier of -the three - principal working centers-^ink, table, and slovc. Sinks, : pleasantly placed under wbidows, with : double drain- boards and convenient and adc- <nm(« storage room. nnd tear on the en I The ,. 'a loan is not at nil , ••*" "L, IIEJ i.wji,|,iivan;(l. When (he owner decides that his a s House should have a new overcoat and h Sgs , M? dei '" ' 1 '*' architect, as tbe work ,. and when, it is completed. , Building and loan associations of the United Stales have aggregalc resources ofMiiore than $8.000,000000, and they,are increasing their assets nt n rale of more limn 4800,000.000 a year. This is a Irt- mcnrtous reservoir of capital upon winch .modernize.!-!! can draw the only limitation bein ff ihai th eir projects must bo' sound business propositions. PUTTY UP HOLES? For (hose mcks find small openings .surrounding (h<Uiolcs in walls for pipes or wires entering from outdoors, bituminous putty should ?, C n, SC » •"* " flller *°' P'Wnl the "filtration of water, it is an elastic bond little affected by temperature and vibration. save much " lollt »f lih local ; liouscwife. p?*" fssoclallon. o ' Replace Rickety Slcps . One should always Miink of safe- iip-lo-dalc ly as well as nppearancex when "'••mblng planning modernization under Hie other Federal Housing Program. Rickety front steps are a constant cause replaced with a durable substitute. buildin nnd OcC (he instKti- , *•" "'» Mit IIUU.SLVVJIO. I ->>^vviHll(Jrj. (.fCt Ine tlicflfl, nrnun- .$$£%£ ^^'^—^^ nS ^ S^ .sin .toys, trunks, o»d (he like,' ch to iwacc of mind, can be derived from It saves heal . chiniGe which invariably Improves tlie appearance of « nt weather rtuctlon of nervr s ir™ n "" ' <:omfort Is the Keyn 0 ( c I The KelecUon a, lt | arrangement' ofjurr^^nn^mi^^^,^^ ( FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE DIPT. When the Wind Rages Ouisidc It's Fireside Tinir and Radio Time T your ra,(\io does not pm-form perfectly we will lie glad to send an export to lest it. A miner iiiljiistmenl, or pov- liaps one new tnljc may " lake il l^rtorm like of parts. C/VVITT RADIO CO. Clifford Cnvill, Jigr. m S . 2nd SI. EXCLUSIVR ATWATKR-KBNT DEALERS Inlon'or of InsliUttJon Is Bciny Reavrancecl a oncl TJu> i-crriwlollni; of the Hirmors Hank nnd 'irisst company, redec- iraliug (lie Hotel Noble, tile hnild- ng- of a storage house for ft service slallon, and Iho Improvement of several residences wore started this week, ; Tin- Interior of iho bank is being reairani'ed .vo us (o iiicrciiM Iho service fui.-llltip.^by providing lellor cages, instead of ' four, doubilni! iho ste of (he ' )okl;ecpliiB departmi'iii. The linprovfmml.-;, to bo completed within two weeks, will Include replacement, of all grill work with |jlass. -Tollers aiges, of vrroughl iron, will have .bronze medallions on Ihe pllaslers. 'Hie office.? of n. A. Lynch, president, and Fred Wnrrcn, Icr. [ire being remo<feted to har- laontm vllh the rest of Ihe, Interior. The original fixtures were put in the bunk 15 years ago. The St. Louis Dank llullciliig nnd Equipment, company has the contract Dick Williams, who has a filling slation and grocery on the Varbro road near Camp Moullrie, is having a storage building erected on the lot with lih other businesses. The building is of frame. • Mrs. I. O. Wcslbrook Ls having her home at 818 West Ash GU, repainted white and mjnor Improvements made. The Hotel Noble is having ils interior redecorated and plans are being made to remodel the Blue Room oii-ibe first door, ' .Trie, lobby Ls .being repainted in a 'modernistic effect with blocks, In pn.slel shades, for the lower', sides of the cream walls. Light -effects are being used In the' dining room ladles' room and the bedrooms. Q.—My hnuse h , m iy be stoiiiiM by veinfiviiw 'Sir h-!l! , '''"'''''I ,' lf °"' Ul "'"""' I(WCT ; * :;h '" ll1 1>!»M)'I"L' 11 ..iJUKiw Iraine.',, and I can't .spol|[iniow cir (II.KIVO iiloni; the hol- A.—The wisest course Is to cull Housing Question Box ! I he repulnble contractor, or '.....Lull, UI.-H; i\t |i ;.(J[|l(! lU'lllS 101 11 *' ' "-' "-" IHIILIV. 1 !. I JO 1110 Oil] k Into: H(o tlmi the inslili- slool shlniilKi h:tvi: In In- lorn nil lic- whidow irtlKc ts nnilfd down r ""' tho new um-s ur,' pin onv master i-nrjimlcr, whn bus .'Xlmsiw I'xuorloni'e In such mat- lew, if ye,,, Hi,,!,,, yrmi . mv|1 ,, x . amlnatlon, hm; urn aimc lu-ms to look ' or . ami Ills snugly at both ends; there may lie a crack under U or at either cmi. 'g,,,, umi, u,,. panliii: strips mid pulley sllle.s also III. llHbUy, Whi'roviY criicks are found, null- the woodwork firmly iiml nil in ri-iniilnlni; cracks ivllh white-lend |muy 01 cojiipnunil. H soepmtc after those thinss luwo been done side to the oilier, (ornilni; a cavity I hnl will cliivk the How he- fore il noi.s inside II (),.. ,\ty Hvi'il ii.'i ,. no ( ),, ls llo the olil A. -You will ndiinlly lmv« a 'r roof If you iri, the old shin- liw ri-nVHn In place, level>hi down wllli un ail/, ,n- oilier loot :in<l iilncn (In- new r<mr over them. Tlie old Khinijlr.i provide fiddi- (Iniiiil iniiiilniioii lor the house. run advlM' you Im-tlier In nils Land Sales Show Trend-Is Toward Farm Ownership Thai farmers In Mississippi county are.."establishing permanent ionie.1 ts shown In a'check up of recent- farm sales. Among thoti-' s-Mcis of a'cfcs of. land,being sold, by-real estate dealers.nrc 17 farnis recently soltl i;v Cbiiwdy nnri Houchlns. • •'-. '. . ,•;.-. '; •The -largest of these, -was 352 ncres nenr Aruiorcl ,spld-lo p. B. Garner. ..W. E. Tale piirclrased iiio acres-nnd H.: H. Hardesty bought 13 .licrc.?. in (he saine." locality. Sighty. acre farms were sold (o ild Wright, of Manila, and ,1. U. Hall, of K{ov.'3h. Forty, acre tracts, where hi most, instances the new owners- will erect several sinall houses, were purchased by' N. S. Hoggard, Eib- wah, J. L. Steveii-s._ Dell, W. L. 3yro, Dell, Elbert Riggs, Manila, w. L. Flccman, Manila, j. M. ?r,inklli), Armorel, Waddell liram- elt, Luxora, Jesse Johnson, Dell, P. C. Philps, Gosnell, Richard Eice. Go.«icll and James Monroe, Luxora. ' Caulk Around \Vlmlows Wcathl'rstrlpplng <)ocs not pro- ect (he. spaces nrotind the ouisldq window find door frames. These should be thoroughly; caulked if leat Is' lo he satisfactorily re- tvined nnd drnfU;; prohibited. Condjfloii Flo«M The finish of every iloor 'should >e kept in (ho : best of-condition. It lsn'6 always. (lie floor - itself vhich niusl stand .the wear, but .he finish on its surface. ' ; Wiring of This Typo One of the KsscnliaU of Modem Home Const riiclion The I'nhie of n house can be (lefiiiilely enhanced by (he presence of radio outlets in convenient places. Wiring for radios .ciur'be considered Just a.s Integral'n part, of the house equipment (oduy as arc .such conveniences us bells, thermostats, cte.. The lead-in from the antenna or Ihe ground is just as unsiiihtly us leaving the, wires (o tho front door exposed. Standard InsliiDntlons of radio wirini; cmboily advantageous fca,- | lures. The ground and aerial are (connected nnd provided with wall lor , baseboard outlets. This eliminates such makeshifts us the former flat conductor tape over (he window sill, which never <iuitc pcr r milled the window to close. Outlets in rvaiious rooms may be provided, or, n master plate nmy, take Ihe outpul of the receiver unil- dlsli'lbiilc It lo 11 series-n( speaker' outlets located lii different rooiu< The,se in turn are.either-controlled by'lhc Sicilian selector of "llie mi-. Iral receiver, or in lai'Kor.KiH-u'ps ; , such as In hotels,.. apartment^, schools, and other' institutions, re-' niolcly, each outlet .-plate .being, ublc to select between two or more .stations. .OutlcLs . for. antenna am} ground will usually have n connec- tion'' to the bouse,circuit lo.provide power for (lie radio .set- on the snmc plate. : ' . • ! In apartment houses, parllcular- ly, .the owner should'consider .liic iinsighlllncM of . the . tangle nf radio antennae on the roof. An installation of (!C|iripitu.'iit: as above drscrllied' not, only makes tlie apflrlincnt. more attractive but should materially improve rcivii- tlon for most of Ihe IctianUs. Modern Trend In I limn: .l^ room in 1 study, nml ' , nm linlll-ln bros, (allies niid chain; will be nmojitf iho new' Idorw ,| ( >- fnrrtnir i ni-o.s usually result from fllisolflc nml defccllvo .. unite bryond Ihelr cspa- I'lly io properly lirat a bullcllnsr. f'W fil>ltr« TVll Modemlfiutou loans, InstiraWe lire ue.lin 1011 |niuler the National Housing Act GailK in Wiiil*i- 1 " re nl " V:init 1L l lossll)le 'or home Piro »MM<,I W»U«r : owners to repair defective- beating' omn,n fll ?' ls "' vi sllnw ""•"• ens- nulls, ami lo replace obsolp o "marly is un increase In ,le,,th :i pliml.s which are loo smart to Novei 1,0, ni i-"'','" " rwi , <lm ' hlit " 10 l Kr| y '"M ""> wulldlnR durliiz' "o\omi)0i, December, ami j,n m . cold woalhtr. The tendency of ym|iu; America toward modern design, no- cording l« recent ll|;ures, Ls |n- creiuslni!. Approximately 1 per cent of nil housi'hnlil i!!|Ulpmeni, rabrli; | and siiiuli artic-lo.s sold in 193;! | were of recent design, I Uilrlnu tile past four years u Mai i(o number of nc\y household devices were invcnlod and thoj are Just now being placed on (hi market. All of them tend toward (lie subdued modern, Only within Die lust, yenr huve industrial designers carried 'modern lornm and colors successfully into muss pradiic-liim with a frank exploitation of .synthetic mutorlnl^ [These nmn-made materials liaVL furnished m.splralfoi". lo artist ami Industry alike ami they have f|isl|- ioncd many iiltracllve tlme-tavlnii nnd labor-saving devices. l,a«i ycnv did not bring, the-.s(icaui)liic to automobiles alone ,bu(. lo--clothes and .the small house and its furnishings. J'rescnL-day tilers in building constnicllon look lo creating room form which Is ns much a departure .from ,ihc Irailltloiuil m; the fiinilslihi(j.n which KCI into the niouiu. ' i An exhibit ••now being planned , by (lie. Ueltcr,, Housing Cumpiilgu - committee of Washington, D. ,C., will show home owners Ihe newest. possibilities In home . building und sliliiR. Tim- subdued ' moilern style will pi'ciloiulnalc - in both furnishing.* and archileclure. I •Inchi'tfcl '•llBhtlii", •stViilglil' lliie anil vilnljl.y of enlbi-' \vlll lie fea- Uired. • -j The present vogue' for modern built-in features will be i-cco'sni?.-' cd .in Die exhibit where Ihe most' rcrolutlonnry items will bu shown. Those novel "itjoni coolers" nml : 'room wnrmprs" which may mllh- in u fe yems lie as common as elctirlc ll|;liiinn; olectrlo, : billll-ln dishwashers, biilll-over chosi.s of draweis to cIL^uIsc the rnillnlor In Add C'loscl Suace Nobotly ever heard of a house Unit had too.many clbseus. on lite contrary, most homo owners are painfully conscious of the inadequacy of their'supply, .nut practically every home has some waste space that could he. converted into closets. Tho .spnce under » slnlr- vtny ; is n possibility, for Instance. Closet space can also be litilncd by l/ullillit£ ctiblnets. In any ronm. r.KT'HS C,\Vfi YOU AN KSTIMATM ON A lleat Prnident Rolutlnn Nothing' Is more unpleasant (linn .1 room that can' not. be healed in winter. Often (his Is tho frxnli, not of. Ihe furnace, hut of the windows nnd doors or the walls which can \K corrected by applyin;; wealhcrslrlppinr; or insuhtlnt! material. CHE.M'KK THAN'ltrtfCK Honulifiil . Everlasting H.G.HALSELL I-I flli W. Ash If you own your home and arc not in arrears on taxes or mortgage payments and are in position to make monthly payments you can paint, re-roof and make general' repairs inside and out ancf pay over a period of 36 months with 5'- interest and no mortgage required. CONSULT US for estimates and information E.C.ROBINSON (i LUMBER CO. *«, PHONE IOO We Do The R est COMMUNITY- ••••-prosperity ;tncl happiness can be altamed only by n willingness on llie parl of every individual to cooperate in all worth-while local undertakings and''enterprises. —Well furnished homes and comfortable, pleasant surroundings in • '.which llie occupants lake, pride, help, lo make possible a disposition lo work together, the result being a greater degree of Civic Loyally. CHARLES S. LEMONS , lfmis%*h(il(|-Fl!llNlTl]UK : ;ni(itlflrnlcly Priced " COLEMAP^ Water Heaters •irmTT.T 1,1 'nli • Most dependable and qirickesi action water heater made. Ifuilt- to awe lotif/.'-'service Ash for a demonstration HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. I'lionc32 S.1II AkM COAL "Whew! DESERT AM HOT » iromlvr they named after that K<»rf ««HOT AS TOE IIFSFIIT-* ffrtifieil, SAHARA $ COAL at E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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